A Country Visit

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Big Tits

This is a work of fiction very, very loosely based on a few facts. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


When I was 21, I was sent to a country town to help out at the branch while a guy was on holidays, and I had been booked in at the old local pub, which only had rooms on the first floor, along with communal toilets and showers. My room was at the end of the hallway, and the rooms had two entrances, one from the hallway, and the other from a verandah, which ran around the top of the courtyard, so that all the rooms were connected by the verandah.

The first night that I got there from work, I turned on the main light, and the small light near the handbasin, and opened the nearby small window and the verandah doors to let some air in, and then went and had a shower. I got into the habit of coming back from a shower, with just a towel around me, and I would dry off and toss the towel away as soon as I got into my room, and just walk around nude, and tonight, being in a strange place, I looked out the window into the courtyard below, and carefully checked out the verandah, while drying my body, and looked at myself in the old, cracked wall mirror. I turned off the lights, before I hopped into bed in the nude. I was pretty tired, because I had been awake for the last 36 hours, and I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I was dreaming… I had to be… I could feel this lovely warmth on my penis, and it seemed to be moving up and down my shaft… but NO… as I slowly returned to semi-consciousness, and revelled in the feeling of the warm mouth and tongue that was doing such a wonderful job on my cock. I realized that one of my hands was already resting on the head of the cocksucker, and I clenched my fingers as though I was doing it in my sleep, and opened my eyes just a little, and saw a blonde head of hair… and smelled a female’s perfume. I moved my other hand very slowly and carefully into position, and as I placed it on her head, I bucked my hips and thrust my 9 inch cock up into her mouth, and started to give her mouth the proper fucking it deserved. Of course, she realized that I had woken up, but resolutely continued with her task, and it wasn’t long before I shot load after load of my cum into her mouth and down her throat as she greedily swallowed every drop, and kept her face down… and I was asleep again in seconds…

When I woke in the morning, I wasn’t sure if that had really happened, or if it had been a very vivid dream, as I hadn’t been getting any real sex for a while. Mrs Palmer and her 5 daughters were the only sex that I had enjoyed for a few months, but I do know that I felt refreshed from the much-needed sleep that I’d had, and my cock felt pretty normal, so I crossed my fingers and hoped to meet a sexy blonde at breakfast that would be my willing sexual partner for the next few weeks while I was in town. I was a bit late for breakfast, and I started chatting to Rita, the redheaded cook, who was a nice looking 35 year old 36C busty lady with long legs, and a trim arse.

“I’m sorry I slept in… I was very tired,” I said to her.

“Oh, that’s alright, Jack,” she said. “It’s a pity that you missed seeing Kathy. She thinks that you’re very handsome,” she giggled.

“Is Kathy a blonde?” I asked her hopefully.

No, she’s a brunette… why do you ask?”

“Oh, no particular reason,” I lied to her. Damn!

“By the way, the manager canlı bahis said that they will be replacing the cracked mirror in your room today,” she said, as she walked off into the kitchen.

That night, I turned on the lights, and opened the window and the verandah door, and I returned from the showers about 7pm, with just a towel around me, looked at myself in the new mirror, admiring the hang of my cock, turning this way and that, and I had just about finished drying myself with the towel in front of my body, when a teen-aged girl wearing cotton pyjamas, suddenly appeared near the open door. She was about 18 or 19, with dark hair, a nice set of perky 34B boobs, and a very nice arse as well, and she said, “I’m Kathy.”

To say that I was surprised is an understatement, but what surprised me most was the completely automatic reaction of my cock, which immediately rose to full mast position without any conscious thought on my part, making a very obvious tent in the towel as I looked at her. She just gaped at my towel-covered cock and said, ” I think I’d better go” and turned and was out the door onto the verandah before I could say a word.

I waited until she had moved away from the door, and then I moved over to see where the hell she had come from, and I saw that she had walked to a room diagonally opposite from mine. I turned the main light off, and got up on a chair, and looked over the top of the door so that she couldn’t see me. Now I could see right into her room, and saw that she now lying on her bed, and looking in my direction. I moved over to where my handbasin and small window were, and turning my back to her, I deliberately moved my towel so that she could see my naked bum and made out as though I was drying myself for a couple of minutes, never looking in her direction, before I moved away.

I got into my “spy” position, to see that she had come out onto the verandah in front of her room, and knelt down behind the railing to look over at me, and it looked like she had one hand down the front of her pyjamas touching herself up.

Aha… so now that I knew she was perving on me, I decided to put on a show for her, so for the next 30 minutes or so, I went backwards and forwards in front of the small window, and past the open verandah door, and carefully draped myself with the towel in such a way that she could see my hips and bum, but couldn’t see my penis at all in the light, and I moved my arms in such a way, that it looked as though I was jerking myself off. I even went out onto the verandah where there wasn’t much light when I was completely nude with my cock poking out in front of me and walked around out there, before deciding to have another shower and go to bed.

I took my room key and made my way to the shower room, and went into the shower cubicle. I turned the water on, and just relaxed, and soaped my face and body, and was washing the soap off my face when I felt a naked full-breasted female body pressed firmly into my back, with both of her arms around my waist pulling me back into her, and with her hands cupping the head of my cock, and jerking on my erection.

“Did I walk into the wrong shower room?” I quietly asked.

“No, this is the men’s shower room, and I know how you’ve been tormenting that poor innocent young girl… you motherfucking teaser… you and that big monster cock of yours… you sex maniac… you pussyfucker,” she whispered softly into my ear. “I saw everything bahis siteleri that happened in your room, and unless you let me suck you off right now, I’ll tell everyone how you tried to seduce her… you sexual pervert… and then (as she squeezed the head of my cock)… how you held me down and forced that big monster cock of yours with it’s big mushroom-head right up my poor little pussy and how you nearly fucked the life out of me, and how you fucked and raped my little pussy repeatedly… you sex-crazed animal… and then… you forced your big monster cock right up my arse and blew your hot cum right up into my bowels, and you raped me there too… you monster-cocked fucker… you big monster-cocked sex-crazed fucking animal … do you get the message? You DO understand what I’m saying, don’t you?” she hissed, as she kept jerking on my cock.

She grabbed my hand and frantically pushed three of my fingers up into her, and in and out of her shuddering wet pussy hole, while I quickly washed the soap off my face and out of my eyes with my other hand, and turned around to face this sex-hungry female. I saw that it was Rita, the pretty, red haired cook… just a little on the plump side, which I didn’t mind at all… with her very nice arse, a completely hairless pussy, and a fantastic set of perky breasts, (my favorite part of the female anatomy) with large nipples that stood out about half an inch or more from her body … just as I liked them.

I eagerly grabbed her full nippled breast, which was what I really enjoyed playing with most, figuring that she wouldn’t be about to object when she wanted me to fuck her, as I bent my head and suckled hard on her, which made her gasp a little. I slid my free hand down her belly, and played with her little man at the front of her pussy, while my fingers on the hand that she was controlling, were almost in perpetual motion madly fucking her pussy. She gripped my cock harder and wanked me faster, causing me to grunt, “OK, I promise to do whatever you want me to… I’ll push my cock into whatever hole you want me to fuck… until you tell me to stop… OK?”

I turned the water off, stepped out of the cubicle, and grabbed my towel to dry my body, but she wasn’t having any of that, as she dropped to her knees and practically gulped my 9 inch cock down her throat, and started to suck me with abandon.

“Oh my god, I think that you’ve done this before, haven’t you?” I groaned. “I won’t last very long at this rate, but so we won’t run the risk of being disturbed let’s get comfortable and go to your room,” I suggested.

“OK, come into my room,” she said, and I looked into the hallway to make sure that the coast was clear, and she grabbed my cock to lead me to her room, which was right next to mine?

How the hell could she have seen what was happening in my room, I thought to myself, because I was absolutely sure that no-one had been outside my room on the verandah. As if she read my mind, after she shut her door, she grinned at me, and said, “Besides Kathy telling me all about what she saw of you last night, and how your cock was a big monster, I could see for myself tonight. Here, have a look at this,” and she went to a large photo hanging on her wall, and pushed it to one side, and I could clearly see everything in my room!!!

“Crikey, you’ve got one of those two-way mirrors that you can see through,” I said, as I realized she had seen everything that I had been doing bahis şirketleri earlier in my room, when I had been doing a tease for that girl!!!

“You perved on me, you wonderful piece of sexy cunt on two legs, and because you did that, I will have to fuck every hole in your body… at least twice, or maybe 3 times… or maybe more,” I said laughingly, as she dragged me to her bed and took my cock down her throat again, and started working her tongue magic on me, which sort of, seemed to be familiar in some way.

I started to cup her lovely big breasts, and gently squeeze her nipples between my fingers… which made my cock feel as though it had got 2 inches bigger… and also got me extremely horny. I took my cock out of her mouth as I said, “Let me try this”, and I got her to lay down and straddled her upper body, with my wet cock up between her breasts, and got her to push her breasts and engorged nipples towards the middle of her chest. My cock was now touching her big nipples all the time, and so I breastnipple fucked her, with her nipples and breasts pressed hard against my cock, and she seemed to be enjoying it.

With my balls rubbing on her chest, her nipples and breasts in constant contact with my cock, and with my cock going into her mouth at the top of each stroke, it wasn’t very long before I could feel my balls start to churn, and I held her head firmly and ploughed my cock right up into her hot mouth, and I felt as though I was in heaven, as I blew all of the hot cum I had in my balls down her throat.

“That would be the best breastnipple fuck I’ve ever had in my life… considering that it was the first time I’ve ever tried it… and it was fucking awesome,” I said, as I lay down to rest, while she licked along the underside of my cock, and grabbed my hand and pushed as many fingers as she could fit right up her pussy, and she shuddered into continuous mind-blowing orgasms, one after another, as she virtually fucked herself with my fingers, and I just laid back and enjoyed how she was getting herself off with my fingers in her pussy.

With her other hand on my cock, and her tongue licking my cock, I came back to life very quickly, and I pushed her down on her bed and spread her legs and let my cock find it’s own way into her very wet pussy, as she started shivering into more orgasms as soon as I entered her. I climbed up onto and into her body and enjoyed the lushness of her full nippled breasts pushing into my chest for a few minutes, before I started to gently slide my whole 9 inches in and out of her pussy and up into her wetness, which was very exciting to me, encountering nothing but firmness and warmth, until the head of my cock was met by the mouth of her womb, and finally slid into it, when I gave an extra push into her. I relished that wonderful sensation when my cock was completely inside her snatch, and she giggled with satisfaction as I began to pump my cock in and out of her.

“Come on big boy, you sex maniac, you big monster-cocked sex crazed motherfucker, you sex pervert, shove that big monster cock of yours right up me and fuck me, and rape my poor little pussy, before you stick your big monster cock right up my other hole and ravish my poor little arsehole.” (Wow…I think I may have struck gold here…she had to be a fucking nympho!!!) I looked over her head at her dressing table, and saw some familiar (?) looking blonde hair over there… where had I seen that hair before? Of course, last night… or early this morning… (as the penny dropped)… when this redhead that I was going to fuck until she cried “Uncle” was wearing a blonde wig and had sucked me off… hahahaha… and she’d called ME a pervert?…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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