A Costume Party

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The party was starting to wind down as the midnight hour was fast approaching. Looking around I can see that most of the guest have clustered up in groups around the room. Walking through the room I see the lady who I have found myself watching through the night sitting up at the bar alone. Making my way to the bar I grab the arm of a guy who had just left it and stop him.

“Hey Joe. Are you having a good time tonight?”

“I sure am, just hate that my night is ending since Cheryl told me this was my night cap and then we were going to head home.”

“To bad, but maybe she has some after party plans to make it all better for you.”

“That is what she has been hinting at. In fact I can see her doing a foot taps now so I had better scoot along. Thanks again for putting this party on, everybody seem to have enjoyed themselves.”

“It has been a treat for me Joe. Before you run of, who it the nun?” Joe looks towards the bar where I am watching and sees who I mean.

“That is Katherine, she is executive computer administrator, have you not met her?” I shake my head no for an answer. “Oh yeah, when you first came around she was gone to learn about a new computer system we have since swapped to. If you haven’t seen her since she has been back then you haven’t made it to the computer floor cause she has been there getting all the kinks worked out there before working in the offices upstairs.”

“I guess now is as good a time to meet her as any then” I say and start to walk towards the bar. “Slow down there Casanova” Joe says taking me by the arm. “Katherine is the best at what she does but she is not the most popular one or much of a social butterfly. She is nice and all and everyone enjoy working with her but to be honest I am surprised she made it to this, she usually skips.”

“I understand what you are saying but for some reason she has intrigued me so if you will excuse me I believe I need a drink and looks as if she could stand a refill” I say as I pull my mask down over my eyes and nose.

“Well you have been warned and now I am going to go home and do my best to end this night on a high note.” I smiled as Joe walked to join his wife and took her by the arm leading her out the room. I make my way to the bar and take the stool to the back of Katherine.

“Can I get a jack and coke and would you please give the lovely nun a refill of her drink?”

Katherine swiveled on her stool to face me as I sat there waiting for my drink.

“Thank you but you didn’t have to do that” she said in an almost angelic voice, soft with and hint of southern drawl.

“Oh it is my pleasure. To be honest it has always been a fantasy of mine to buy a nun a drink. Especially one that is wearing sexy high heels” I say with a laugh looking at her feet on the barstool.

“Well thank you then” she says with a smile as our drinks arrive and we both pause to take a drink.

“Are you having a good time tonight?”

“Yes, I am. I have been swamped under at work for about the past month and felt I was due for a night out to enjoy.” She looked up at my face as she took another sip of her drink. Normally I would have had a hundred reasons not to come but for a change I thought of enjoying myself.”

I swivel on my stool so that I am facing her more now and my knees brush against hers lightly.

“Forgive me for my lack of manners please, I am Evan” I say while extending my hand towards her.

“Katherine, and before you can ask, no not Sister Katherine” she said with light laugh. With her hand in mine I pulled it up and softly kissed the back of her left hand. “A pleasure to meet you.”

“I was about to go and explore some outside while everyone seems to be content in here, would you care to join me Katherine?”

“I think I had told myself it was time to go home after this drink” she said as she held the nearly empty glass in her hand.

“I see, well how about getting some fresh air before making your way home? Come on” I say with gentle prodding, “I promise not to let anything get you” I assure her with a broad smile.

“Here I thought the Phantom was a bad guy.”

“Maybe, but you can think of me as his good twin brother” I say standing and offering her my hand in assistance off the stool. After a minute of thought she takes her last drink and takes my hand and slips off the stool. Before leaving I pay for our drinks and leave a tip.

“Follow me” I say and lead her out through a set of double doors to the side of the bar. “That sounded like something the devil would have said to Eve” Katherine said as she fell in step behind me out the door. As we made our way down the path I slowed down so I could walk beside her. “It seems as if you know your way around here, even at night.”

“I have been here a few other times for social functions and some were during the day so I got to know the lay out of the grounds then” I tell her” but I have also learned a lot of the scenery is much prettier under a full moon like we have tonight.”

We canlı bahis talked about different things as we wound around the buildings on a path that I knew led to the rose garden and where a lot of fall flowers would be on display. Making our way to the hothouse I hold the door open for her.

“After you.”

“Thank you” she says and stops in her tracks once she sees where we have ventured to. “It is very beautiful in here and such lovely roses” Katherine said as she moved in close to some pink ones and deeply inhales their sweet aroma. Quietly I walk up behind her and place my hand in the small of her back to gently urge her to move on. Slowly we make our way through all the pretty flowers that are glistening in the moonlight as we talk. The winding path leads us to yet another passage way and once again I step to the side and motion for her to take the lead. I follow and stop just short of bumping into her as she stops just inside the other room.

“Oh my goodness” Katherine exclaimed in surprise.

“What do you think of this little hideaway?”

“You knew about this, how?”

“Like I said I have explored these grounds before and one time just happened to have been a beach party for one of my nieces.”

“I see, so does that make you a man of secrets” she said jokingly, “are you another James Bond?”

“No, afraid not anything on that level. Let’s take off our shoes so we can explore a little.”

I took a chance and went to take her hand into mine. After a moment hesitation I felt her relax and let me take it we moved around feeling the sand between our toes. The sand beach was as wide as the room and went about twenty feet till it reached the waters edge. Palm trees stood tall in different corners and a volley ball net was stretched out ready and waiting for a game. To the left on the beach there is a concrete pad with lounge chairs and tables with a bar off in the corner for drinks. The pool water is a sparkling blue and reflects the moonlight that shines down through the clear roof. It starts off shallow on the near end then as it goes towards the back wall it gets deeper till it reaches the back wall. Two empty lifeguard chairs stand on each corner of the deep in.

“This is all breathtaking and it feels so warm in here too, is the water?”

“Yes, everything here is climate controlled to keep it at a constant temperature, usually around 78 for the water and about the same for the surroundings, that way feel like you are actually in the sun on a warm beach.”

“You just impress me with your vast knowledge” Katherine says while pushing the hood of her habit back off her head.

“I am glad you seem to be enjoying it all. So what would you say to take a moonlight swim to help shake off the drinks before going home?

“Do you think a bathing suit is what is worn under this by nuns? I am afraid not” Katherine said batting her eyelashes and smiling.

“Just so happens I ma without one too, so guess that makes us even.” I raise my eyebrows a few times and give a wind to show my playfulness.

“You are something else Mister. First of all you get a nun a drink and then you bring her here to a little late night skinny dipping.”

“Now I didn’t say that did me? I will leave on my boxer shorts and I am sure you have on something under there you could keep on too to keep some modesty right?”

I could see her blushing at my mention of her undergarments but she also seemed to be thinking over the offer.

“Okay, and offer to tempting for me to resist. But if you would be so kind as to turn around and wait till I am in the water I would appreciate that.”

“Fair enough” I say as I turn around to face away from you. I can hear the rustling of clothes behind me as you get out of your outfit. After a moment or two I can hear you splashing lightly as you enter the water. As tempted as I may be to turn around and peek I hold my ground and don’t.

“Okay, you can turn around now I am in the water. Hurry up and get in, the water is fine.”

Not turning around I undo my pants and push them down and step out from them while I am unbuttoning my shirt. Taking the shirt off I roll them up in my pants and remember to untie and take off the cape. I start to make my way towards the inviting water.

“Excuse me, but you might want to take off your socks too before walking in the water.”

“Good idea” I say stopping to bend over and remove my socks and toss them back towards my pile of clothes.

“You know when you pull them like that you stretch the bands of those socks” Katherine says teasing me as she moved off into deeper water.

Once I get in I had straight towards her as she laughs and tries to get away from me. After giving a little chase I manage to catch up with her. On instinct I tickle her sides and she burst out laughing and wiggling to get away.

“Stop it, stop it! Have mercy on me please” Katherine pleaded between breaths.

“I quit tickling her but left my hands on her sides holding bahis siteleri on to her lightly. The moon came out from behind some clouds and shone brightly through the glass building. As we stood facing each other in the water gentle waves lapped against our bodies.

“If I would have been thinking I would have turned on the radio before coming in the water and we could be dancing right now.”

“Who says you have to hear the music to dance” Katherine says smiling up at me. I hear humming and feel her starting to lead me as if we were out on a dance floor. I fall into her lead as we move and sway in a small circle. I pull her close to me as we move in more shallow water now. The soft material of her bra rubs against my lower chest and I look down to find her gazing up at me. Moving my hands from her sides I place them on her lower back, just above the band of her panties.

“I really do like what you are wearing under the nun’s habit.”

You blush and look down, then rest your head on my chest. I move my hands, running them up and down along her back. Bringing my left arm to your front I tilt her head up towards me. Slowly I lean down until our lips press softly together. Tenderly my lips move along hers until I feel her relax against me and return the kiss. My hands lay open on her smooth back as the kiss becomes more intense. Softly I run out my tongue and trace her lips with it. I feel her breath escape between her open lips as her tongue finds mine. My hands roam freely along her smooth back until I can cup her round bottom encased in wet panties, giving a gentle squeeze. I sigh as I feel her soft tongue dance along my lips and the tip of my tongue.

Slowly I pull back and look down, searching for consent to carry on and I gaze down over Katherine’s glistening body as her breast are now exposed from the water and drops of water splash back in the pool. Her nipples are pressed hard against the restraining material of the bra showing her arousal. As if reading my mind she reaches behind and unhooks the bra. My cock grows as the once binding garment hangs loosely on her body. Moving back against her lips crush against hers again and my tongue is quick to explore and this time I can taste some of the apple martini she had before we came out here. Shifting I move to her right kissing across her cheek until I come to her ear. Softly I kiss her earlobe and run my tongue along the edges of it and then flick around the edge of the small diamond earring.

I move from her tender ear and start kissing my way down her smooth neck. She rolls her head in the opposite direction totally exposing her warm flesh to my searching lips. Slowly I come to the bra strap that is barely hanging on. Reaching up I take a hold with two finger tips and start pulling it off your shoulder, kissing the skin it passes over. Slowly I kiss my way across the top of her chest over to the other side until I have worked that side down also. Now the only thing holding her bra up is that our bodies are still pressed together. Slowly I move back and watch as she rolls her shoulders and the bra falls, exposing her round breasts.

This time Katherine steps to me and pulls me to her, cocking my head for her sweet kiss. I feel her tongue teasing along my lips outer edges sending a shiver down my spine. I feel her naked flesh pressing against mine while she pushes me back to more shallow water. Stopping when it is about waist deep she takes a step back, cups her lovely tits and offers them to me.

“My pleasure” I say licking my lips and bending over. I move to the left breast first and suck as much in my mouth I can. I start to swirl my tongue all around while pulling my head back until just her hard nipple is in my mouth, trapped between my teeth and lips. I flick my tongue all around the tight nub as I suck on it gently. Her hand is on the back of my head now encouraging me, guiding me to her other breast. I kiss my way across your valley and move to the right breast. Her moans are sweet music to my ears. Tenderly I kiss and suck all over her other breast, my tongue leaving a trail with the water.

My own arousal is now at full mast and is poking out my fly. I sigh when her soft hand move down and slowly run the length of what is exposed. I feel the tips of her fingers teasing the tip, running back and forth. While her hand is touching me I kiss my way back up her neck to her earlobe.

“I want to have that inside of your, to feel your soft hand as it guides me inside of your warm, slippery slit.” I can feel the shiver that runs through her body. “I’ll get out of my undies if you come out of yours too” I say teasingly as I toy with her stiff wet nipples. I step back and take hold of my boxers and wiggle my eyebrows at her, teasing her. Katherine moves and I can see that her panties are being pushed down so I do the same with my boxers. Before I can move I feel her wet panties splat against my chest as she has thrown them at me.

“Your turn now.”

Quickly I push my boxers down from my waist bahis şirketleri and step back up close to her, my hands on her round bottom, my hardness resting against her legs. As my hands cup her ass I pick up, lifting you out of the water more and I feel her legs instantly wrap around my waist. Now my hard cock is nestled between her legs up against her exposed pussy.

“Guide me inside of you Katherine” I growl as my cock brushes along your wet lips. I watch as her hand moves below the water surface and then I feel it wrapping around my hard cock. Squirming in my lap I feel the head slip between her folds as she grasp it and strokes it gingerly. Slowly I feel her guiding up and down her sex, teasing herself with my cock, pressing it against her clit then sliding it back down till the tip is inside of her again. I am still holding on to her ass as she moves towards me some more and more of my cock slips inside.

“Evan, please be easy on me, it has been a while for me.”

“I will be anyway you want me to be Katherine” I whisper kissing her cheeks and ear softly.

Slowly I feel her body shift and more of my cock slips inside until my full length is inside of her. I hold still and let her lie back on the water with my hands under her back for support. I start to rock gently, pushing and pulling myself in and out of her. I feel her hands holding on to my arms now as she is moving herself against me, taking all of me deep inside her now. Standing up on my feet our bodies move in unison with one another as waves ripple out away from us. My cock is so hard and feels so good surrounded by her hot wetness as I pump in and out. Her legs hold on to me tighter and we begin to move faster in the moonlight. Looking down I see her nipples standing up tall as water splashes across them.

“Stand up” I say, pulling away “move over so you can hold onto the side of the pool, I want to make love to you from behind.”

I watch her moving away from me and moving over towards the bar as if she was going to put in an order for a drink. Leaning forward against the edge she thrust her ass back towards me and looks over her shoulder, shaking her bottom invitingly. Moving to her quickly my hands are quickly on her ass, rubbing and squeezing. Stepping in close my cock slips along the outer folds of her pussy, rubbing up along her clit until I pull back then hold it and push it back inside of her hot sex. Slowly I start rocking on my heels, pulling back my cock so that just the tip stays inside her then leaning forward I push it all in till my balls rest against her lips. Setting a slow rhythm I feel her moving against me and she even straightens up and leans back to me, turning her head so we can kiss, our tongues caressing each others. My hands have found her round breast again and I cup them and squeeze them, lightly pulling on her aroused nipples. I start moving faster as she leans forward and braces herself on the concrete wall. Faster and harder I move now, my cock swelling as it plows into her. My balls get tight and I can feel my cum boiling. I roughly squeeze her wet bottom and moan loudly.

“Oh Evan, you feel so good” Katherine says between ragged breaths and soft moans while my cock is slamming deep inside of her, my balls bouncing off her clit.

“I am fixing to come” I warn her as my cock throbs with pleasure.

“Do it baby, cum for me” she said huskily.

A second later I push my cock in one last time and feel my hot cum coursing through my cock and then shoot inside of her. I can feel her own orgasm as her pussy throbs and milks at my squirting cock.

“Mmmmm” she moans “oh yes that feel so good.” I can feel her using her muscles to try and milk all my seed out of my cock before it deflates. Leaning forward I kiss across her shoulder and neck. Finally my now soft cock slips from between her puffy lips and some of our juices follow it out. Slowly I watch as she turns to face me now and I hold her in a tight embrace. My hand gently touches her face as we lean in for a deep kiss, our tongues running along each others, caressing them.

“That was wonderful” I say looking deep in her eyes.

“Oh yes, it was very wonderful, I haven’t felt so at ease and relaxed with someone in ages.”

“I guess we had better make an appearance back up at the party before we are missed for too long” Katherine says as she walks towards the beach end, moonlight shimmering on her body and water drips off.

“Yes” I agree with her and move in behind her. I manage to snag her bra and find her panties next to my boxers. “Here you go, you might want these” I say handing her wet undergarments to her.

“No thanks. I think I will just go with this slip, don’t want to have too much wet on under this costume you know.”

“Now that I know what will not be under that habit it will be hard to keep my hands to myself” I say teasing her as I help pull it down over her body.

“Better not think about it too much or you going to be showing off to who ever is left at the party.”

Laughing at her remark I finish getting dressed and we head back out the hot house and up to the main lobby where the party is down to just a few stragglers now. We stop just inside by the bar and look around.

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