A Conversation with Rodney Ch. 02

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Rodney’s attempt to seduce his Auntie Sally

Hi Sarah.

I spoke with mom to try and figure out what she had told my aunt. She’d told her that I kissed her when she was upset, and for some reason I slipped my tongue in her mouth. My aunt Sally was flabbergasted. She jokingly asked my mom if I was a good kisser. Mom said she smiled and said yes. I don’t think she told her that I fucked her, at least from what she’s told me.

I’m not quite sure how to go about it. I know I plan on giving her a call and asking her if she needed any help around the house. Maybe make a visit over and go from there.

I sure hope your home today Sarah

Rodney xox

Good idea Rod!

Well, you know all the tricks of seduction now. They worked with Mum, so maybe Aunt Sally will succumb as well! Perhaps you can stay over?? Is she married? Good Luck. Let me know how you get on.


She is married Sarah. The difficult part of the equation again. I’m not sure if I did, but I want to thank you for helping me to re-enter my ma. Being able to cum in her blew my mind, and I wouldn’t take it back for the world. It’s change our relationship, for the good. I feel closer to her now, albeit she’s on my mind a lot now.

I plan to give Sally a call here in a little bit, and see what I can do. I’ll keep you updated. I don’t know if I know all the tricks to seduction yet, any tips you can give I’m all ears.


Sarah, So I’ve called my aunt and told her I have some free time and asked if she needed help with anything. I usually see her at least once a month, so I’m familiar with her and her husband. She told me she’s been trying to get Rick her hubby to move some boxes from the attic to the garage for awhile now. Turns out the boxes are things her now adult kids left when they moved out. She said its not that important but I told her I’d be happy to help out. I plan on arriving later in the evening that way I can ask if I can stay over so I don’t have to drive late at night. I plan on using a similar method I used to seduce mom. If I’m lucky I’ll have her to myself. But that’s uncertain at this point. I’ll be going over there in a couple of days so I’m kinda excited to see how this unfolds. Rod.

Me again Sarah, So I’m currently staying the night at my aunt’s house. (I got my laptop) As I’m typing her and her hubby are in their room. Sally and I took care of the boxes and afterwards we had lunch and started gabbing. I started mentioning my mom cause I wanted to see where that would lead. Overtime my aunt mentioned my mom telling her I kissed her and she was wondering what brought that up, she found it kind of odd.

I began to tell her what happened between mom and me. I told her mom and I were talking and having a few drinks. I was telling mom about how difficult it was not having a girlfriend, and not having a woman to have sex with, at which time she conceded that her hubby has difficulty getting an erection so she understands. I told my mom ” we have each other” and leaned in gave her a hug, then gave her a kiss. I wanted to comfort mom so in my current state I tongued her mouth.

Sally replied ” I know your mom told me you’re a good kisser” and started giggling. I then told her I have a thing for the older women. I’m just hoping she picks up on the clue! From there we went about the day and I asked to stay over and that’s where I am now. Talk with ya later!


Sounds promising Rodney.

She’s missing having sex I guess. So … play it cool as they say! And tell me how it goes please!! Wow!

Sarah xx


When I awoke at my lovely aunts house I looked around to see where they had gone off to. There was a note “Rodney I’m going to run errands I’ll be back in a couple of hours” So being the horny guy that I am I looked around in her bedroom to see if there were any sexy items. I did find a couple pieces of sexy underwear along with a porn video that I didn’t have time to watch. I pocketed the sexy underwear for later use. I stuck around wanting to say goodbye. She arrived and I told her I’d be taking off. I gave her a hug and felt myself melt into her. While doing so I have to admit the curves on her body looked and felt amazing. I let her know to call me if she needs help with anything.

How do you think I should handle seducing her? Do I let her know I had sex with my mom? How should I go about letting her know I’m attracted to her, without her husband knowing?


Sorry for the delay Rod

But I have been thinking about you! I think your mom has already told your aunt about the two of you, in spite of her denial to you. She thought you might be embarrassed or cross – so you must tell her that you wouldn’t mind in the least if she told her and suggested to her reading my conversations on Literotica and getting in touch if she wishes. Fucking her son was the most thrilling thing in your mom’s life – she wouldn’t be able to keep it to herself, so who better than to share her excitement canlı bahis şirketleri with than her sister!

If I’m right, then you can mention to your aunt that you are aware that she knows, and that you’re relaxed about it. That should open a dialogue allowing you to explore your aunt’s interest, mentioning how you got the confidence to do it from reading my conversations. See how it goes from there. And of course, the same tactics of cuddles and pressing erections against her groin. Do you think she’ll respond? Does she still have sex with hubby? If not, she’ll be keen to be fucked again!


Thanks for the response Sarah,

I’ve been being a bad boy lately. I hope your enjoying the way my life has been unfolding lately, if you get off on this as much as I am I can try to add more detail if you’d like. I can easily oblige. But getting back to what I’ve been up to.

After reading your reply this morning I got to work. What you said really got me thinking too, would my mom really just tell her I just kissed her. If I know my aunt as well as I do, she would have egged her on to reveal more if there was more to reveal. I just thought that considering what mom and I did, maybe she would try and keep some of it to herself. But as I’m about to explain it looks like she didn’t.

I have to admit I’m glad she shared more with her. And I was getting turned on as Shirley was describing what went down between us. Mom told Sally “Rodney kissed me” that part we already knew. What she didn’t mention is Sally said “Is there something your not telling me baby sis”?

“Sally you can’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you”

“Shirley what happened, you’ve got to tell me I’m dying to know, I swear I won’t tell anyone, come on with it”

“When he (mom’s husband) went to bed I snuck into the room Rodney was sleeping in and asked him how far he wanted to take this” Rodney pulled down his pants and told me “all the way” She told Sally that she felt an overwhelming love & lust for me and wanted to give me everything. “He looked me in the eye told me how much he loved me while his cock was desperately searching for my pussy” Once he found my hole he grabbed onto my shoulders and jammed himself into me like this is what he’s been looking for all his life.

She went on describing to her what went down, and I was hard as a rock recalling the sex we had. She told me they discussed it a great deal. Mom told me they talked about Literotica as well, and my aunt said as soon as her hubby left for work tonight she was considering sending you an email. I told mom that I wanted to talk to my aunt about it, because I was interested in hearing her opinion.

Mom said “so you want to fuck your aunt too, now? Is your mom’s pussy not good enough for you?” I told her “I can’t always be here to fuck you mom. I love your pussy and I’m not sure if I want to fuck Sally or not” (which isn’t true because I really do want to fuck my aunt!) Mom told me she wants me to spend more time with her and I’d be happy if I did.

I think Sally’ll respond favorably. My mom told me how they have been having pRodlems with her hubby spending too much time at the pub. And one time she had to pick him up at jail cause he was put in the drunk tank for the night. From what mom tells me is she withholds sex with him until he cleans up his act, but occasionally she does give in due to having needs herself.

Let me know what you think sexy Sarah, and if you have any more photos of yourself I’d love to see, maybe give me a little more motivation to try and see this through. I was surprised to hear my aunt was intrigued by the site and wanted to contact you and let you know how your stories affected her. My aunt has always been the most religious in the family, so I’m not positive on how this will go. Anymore encouragement you have for me or questions fire them at me.

Talk with you later!


(And, sure enough, there was a ‘feedback’ waiting for me from Sally.)

Hello Sarah,

How are you? My name is Sally. I am 46 and a mom of 2 children a son and daughter. My baby sis recommended this site and said I should take a look at your page. WOW I had no idea there were mothers out there similar to me. I got so wet reading your conversations, and have to admit to having some mother-son fantasies. Though my boy is in college I would love to talk with you sometime, Shirley told me you were oh so helpful.


Hello Sally.

Thank you for writing to me. I’m glad my conversations get you nice and wet. Did you orgasm as well?? Rod told me you might be getting in touch with me. I understand Shirley has told you everything! Well, Rodney has been lusting after his mom for many years! He finally plucked up courage to seduce her – well, she ended up fucking him I think! And to be honest, I think he fancies you as well Sally! But, from what you tell me, it’s your own son you’d like to take to bed! Are you close enough for you to chat about sex canlı kaçak iddaa with him when he’s home from college? If so, then I think there’s a good chance you might actually live out your fantasy.

Meantime, do you fancy Rod at all? I’m not sure how Shirley would feel about that. Perhaps you ought to ask her.

As you can see from my conversations on line, there are a lot of moms out there fucking their sons – even grandsons! And daughters as well. In fact, there one schoolteacher mom who has sex with both son and daughter. Quite a family affair.

Tell me how I can help you Sally.


(Meantime I emailed Rodney.)

Hi Rod.

Well your aunt did sent me a message and I replied. She is eager for sex it seems, but her fantasies seem to be centred on your cousin! Anyway, I mentioned that you might be interested in taking her to bed. But no response from her so far! How are things at your end? Still fucking you mum? Would she jealous if you were to fuck her sister?


(Then a message from the Aunt.)

Hi Sarah. I can’t wait for any help you can provide. Like I mentioned before, my boy being away at college, bless his heart. His father hasn’t been paying me any attention, like he use to. My sister and my husbands have the same issue where they can’t get hard if they want to sometimes. On occasion, the Viagra works, but then am I really in the mood? But now with my son out of the picture for awhile I really don’t have anyone to fantasize about. I know for sure my sis and nephew have been fooling around, I watch them sometimes where they’ll look at each other him smiling and her blushing like she has a thing for him. She told me they did a few things.

It’s just so difficult being out here with a husband who can’t fuck me. It makes me kind of sad.

Look forward to your response.

That’s a shame Sally.

Yes, Shirley told me about her pRodlem with hubby, but it seems that Rod has solved that one! Shirley’s really nuts about him as a sexual partner. I understood she’d told you all about it in graphic detail!? Perhaps not, but they fuck at every opportunity. I know that Rod would love to get between your legs as well, but maybe Shirley would object!! Would you fancy Ron fucking you I wonder??

How about your son? Is her aware of your attraction and fantasies? Have you watched him masturbate and splash his chest? Do you talk about sex with him? That would be a good start. How often do you masturbate? I do it most days – sometimes two or three times! I have a some revealing pics of my girlfriend to help my imagination. I also watch xhamster now and again.

On the other hand, do you fancy making love with another woman. Believe me, they can give you wonderful orgasms. My g/f makes me explode far more than hubby does. But then, he is getting on a bit and not as active of course, but still enjoys a blow job now and again. When he does fuck me, I always have to finish myself off though.

It’s as curse of nature that just as men begin to lose interest or ability, their wives need more sex than ever. I know you’ve talked to Shirley about it. What does she advise?

Rodney actually sent me a photo of his erection some time ago. It looks a very useful weapon! Tell me more darling – if I could visit I would love to play with your body!!


(There was no response for several days, so I sent an email to see if she was ok, and if I could help.)

Hi there Sarah,

I’ve been with my husband for several years now and I also have a boy from the father. I do have interest with my son but that seems far fetched as of today with him being in college at this time. I do have my nephew who has been coming around recently and he appears to be a bit of a player a woman’s man, but I’m not sure what to do. There’s more to the story. I just want to know initially what you thought in this predicament.

Hello Sally

Thanks for the message. Perhaps you didn’t receive my response, in which case you wouldn’t be aware that I had got yours! Anyway, if that’s the case, this is what I wrote, after you said “It’s just so difficult being out here with a husband who can’t fuck me. It makes me kind of sad.” (I added a copy of my email “That’s a shame.”)

So… what can I add? If you’re happy thinking about having sex with your nephew, then you know already that he’s more than willing to make you ‘happy’. He’s almost said as much to you. But it depends on whether you feel you can have fun with him without your sister knowing. I think she’d most likely be jealous. If you want to set up another meeting with Rod, and think I can help with that, let me know. I can then advise you on what to do to have him press his cock against your belly and squeeze your bottom. And, of course, ejaculate over your belly if that’s what you’d like him to do.

Do please let me know your thoughts on sex with Rodney.


Hi there Sarah,

Oh my sister lol. She has told me about it in detail, canlı kaçak bahis my jaw dropped when she explained during intercourse he came inside her. I said “Shirley your not on the pill why would you do something so crazy, what if he knocks you up what then?”

She smiled ear to ear and said “I took the morning after pill silly.”

When she first confessed to me I was speechless, I couldn’t believe she actually let her sweet son stick his tongue in her puss and make out with her, then to top it off, plough her with his cock.

When I went home I started to think about it more, and I did start to get wet, which led me to playing with myself, thinking about it. At first I didn’t know what to think, but the more I thought about, it I became more curious. I’ve considered fucking him, but I don’t know how Shirley would take it, she may become upset.

My son isn’t aware of my fantasies, and at least for now I|’d like to keep that a secret. I have discussed sex with my son when he was younger explaining the birds and the bees, not too graphically mind you. I do tend to masturbate frequently, more so now that Shirley loves to tell me about her relations with Bobby.

I can’t quite say I fancy women all that much. I do love a good penis though. You told me you received a photo of his cock, yummy. I don’t want to see the photo only because, if I intend on going through with it, I’d rather be surprised. Could you describe it for me, talking about a hard cock makes me hotter than looking at a pic. Heck if you could get him to send you more photos and tell me about them I would be really turned on. I’m getting hot thinking about it. If you could do that, I’d love it.

I’ll talk with Shirley and see what she says. I hope to talk with you again soon Sarah


Hi Rod.

I found an email from Sally in my other mailbox! I think she’s ready for you! As I said, it needs a little time yet. But she has asked if I can get photos of your erect penis and describe it to her. This what she said!

“You told me you received a photo of his cock, yummy. I don’t want to see the photo only because if I intend on going through with it I’d rather be surprised. Could you describe it for me, talking about a hard cock makes me hotter than looking at a pic. Heck if you could get him to send you more photos and tell me about them I would be really turned on. I’m getting hot thinking about it. If you could do that I’d love it.”

So … by return if you can – keep her horny! Notice she said ‘if I intend going through with it I’d rather be surprised.’ I think sher will, eventually, once she has descriptions from me! Shall I ask for photos of hers, to describe to you??

Sally’s not into other women, but has a yen for the penis! The mentioned having a word with Shirley about it. I’ll keep you posted.

Heck! as she says!

Sarah xx

Well Sally,

I don’t have that photo any more, but I have asked Rod for some more, in graphic detail. As soon as I get them, I’ll describe his cock for you, and what it’s like to stroke it and kiss it. And how it ejaculates. That’s what I really love – watching a cock spurt it’s precious seed! Perhaps you’d like to send me photos of yours, to describe to Rod!! But not if you’d rather not. Having said that, you’d better have one of mine, though I know vulvas don’t excite you. When you’ve got the details, you can decide whether or not you’d like to feel it penetrating your pussy and filling you with cum! From what I remember, it’s a smooth, handsome cock – pale shaft with a nice foreskin, I guess about 6″ long. But more when I can see it in front of my eyes.

April 2. Hi Rod.

Sure – but I have now got a message from Sally! And from Shirley as well! Mom seems busy fucking you and sucking hubby, it seems! Anyway, having a great time with it! I hope to reply to Sally shortly – I’m not sure if she got my earlier advice, but I’ll check it out. She knows you’re interested in helping her out – would you like me to encourage her in your direction? What would Shirley think – I’d hate to cause a rift between sisters!! Sarah xx

Hey there Sarah,

I just stopped over at my aunties to check on my emails and am glad to see you responded. If you could somehow encourage her into my direction I would appreciate it. Now that I’ve been with my mother on I’d say several occasions, I’d love to try out my aunt. She told my mom she’s becoming frustrated in her marriage and if I could help I’d do so.

I think my mom may become a little upset only because I wouldn’t be able to spend as much time with her. So if you could keep her in the dark a little bit I’d appreciate it. I don’t want to cause a rift between the two, but I surely do want to get my hands all over Sally if the chance arises. Anything I can do to assist I’m here. Love ya


Apr 3 OK Rod

I’m waiting to hear a response from your Aunt. I think she’s beginning to feel that she can have sex again – just needs a little time and encouragement. With knowing you and her sister are having fun, she must be feeling that she’s missing out on something great! But I have to wait for her to come back to me.

Any chance of a photo of them both – so that I can visualise who I’m chatting with?

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