A Christmas Wish

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The year 2005 had been hectic and full of many disappointments for Deana. The man she thought she would spend forever with her, suddenly becomes distant, withdrawn and uncaring. He spent long days at work, was always busy during his time off and never seemed to care if she was even living in the same house. She was believed nothing could help her disastrous marriage.

You see her marriage was slowing down and beginning to become a boring hum drum sexless relationship. No matter what she did or said, there was no sex, no love and certainly no communication. She loved him dearly and did not want to give up, but she was running out of ideas.

One day she went out to lunch with a girlfriend, LeAnn. Deana played with her food and barely uttered a word. LeAnn, asked her if everything was ok. She held back the tears and told her friend that her marriage was no better. Adding that since the last time they talked, her sex life had been virtually nil. Deana could count the times she was fucked last year on one hand.

LeAnn, ordered them a couple of drinks. Then she looked Deana straight in the eyes and said, “Honey, you cannot go on like this, it will make you sick! I know what you need and that is some hot sex. You know the kind that leaves you breathless wanting more? Hey, I have an idea, why don’t you go online to one of those dating sites and look for a sex starved male in the same predicament as you and go have yourself some sexy fun? I joined one of those sites and I love it. You can join free and have fun getting what that deadbeat hubby is not giving you.”

Deana replied, I thought about it, but I am just too shy. I could never do that. Beside that, if hubby found out he would kill me.”

LeAnn replied, “Honey, he would even know who it is. Let me help you with your profile, we can spice it up so it don’t even sound like you. Come on, you have to get out of that house. Let your hair down and get laid!”

Deana agreed she had to do something. She would tell her hubby that she was going over to her girlfriend’s house to help her plan a surprise dinner for her son in law that Saturday.

It seemed like Saturday would never get there. Finally she was at LeAnn’s house on her computer, joining the date-swinging website.

She started chatting with the people there and they convinced her to confront hubby and ask him what was going on. So, one day she did just that and asked him what was wrong. She almost passed out when her hubby told her he did not love her anymore and only married her because his mother thought he was gay. Now how good is that for breaking Deana’s spirit, she felt like her world just came to an end.

However, as her confidence grew, Deana slowly began to see her life could be better. She had to be the one to change things and improve herself, no one would do that for her. As for the deadbeat hubby, she divorced him.

A couple years had passed since then and Deana chatted more and even dated a few men off of the website. Some of the men even had sex with her, like she never had before. She even had a couple of relationships with men which she thought could be long term. However, they turned out to be brainless wonders who would not know a good woman if it was pointed out to them by their mom.

She thought seriously about deleting her profile, because she was not getting much of a response anymore. Then she remembered how fake most of it was and decided to update it. After all, deep down she knew she had done the right thing. Not only had the website kept her from going insane, it kept her body well primed for sexy pleasures.

Deana also tried her hand at writing erotica. The responses to her stories told her she had made the right decision. She still immersed herself in her work and spent most Christmas holiday’s, working so others could spend the time with their loved ones.

Then her life changed again. Not only did she move out of state, she got a different job. Deana acquired a whole new mental attitude and outlook on life. She has a new life, a healed heart and a kinky sexual attitude.

Deana’s new rule for life is; “Why not have fun? Life is too short to sit and whine about the “what ifs.” To her the size of a person did not matter. It is what is on the inside that counts.

She also feels that if the man needs to boast about the size of their cock, it’s not worth talking about. It is what you do with your cock that matters.

Deana went into things with an open mind and felt she was a sexy full figured woman. She wanted a man who was honest, had a sense of humor, plus a strong but gentle hand. Oh hell let’s face it, Deana wanted to have sex with the right kind of man now. She even contemplated calling the local fire department and yelling, “Are there any males there that can light my fire?”

Deana continued to chat, cybered, and even went out with a few good men,but nothing ever became serious. Until one day when this guy named John, emailed her.

Meet John, a lonely man in his fifties. Since the death of his wife, all he escort izmit does is sit around the house, thinking about how bad his life has become. He thought the woman he married would spend all eternity with him. But after four short years of wedded bliss, she died of a massive heart attack. So to occupy his time, he joined an online dating-swinging site.

As it turns out, it is the same site that Deana is on. John was surfing through the new profiles of women who joined the site, when a sexy full figured redhead caught his eye. Her shoulder length hair, her luscious rose colored lips and seductive green eyes, seemed to say, “Kiss me, if you dare.”

As he continued to read her profile, he felt a stir in his crotch he had not felt since god knows how long. He then said, “Hot-damn, she is as pretty as a picture.” John immediately sent her an email, hoping she would agree to at least talk to him.

As Deana sat at computer reading her email, she received one from a man named John, in the back of her mind she said, “Here we go again! Time to paste on a smile as I bet this is another wanna be phony!”

Deana went on at looked up the guy’s profile. It sounded to her like he was trying to impress the dead poetry society. When she looked at his picture it left a lot to be desired, not only could she not see his face, his body filled the whole thumbnail picture.

She snickered and uttered to myself, “Oh god, Baby Huey has joined the same adult dating sight as me!” She did not even know where that town in Tennessee was. She figured it was probably some redneck with a mean streak. She emailed John back.

“Dear John, Thanks for writing me. First of all let me tell you a thing or two, I have been through hell and do not want a serious relationship at all. So please if you don’t mind, do not even mention about meeting me, in your next email. As I never go out with guys that I do not know. I could only get to know them through email, then I decide from there. Mainly, because all the previous ones I have met online were phony. Feel free to write me back if you dare. Deana.”

You see, she loves giving a guy a hard time to see if he has the balls to handle a real relationship. If he replied after that, then maybe he might be worth getting to know. One thing she was never in the mood for was, momma’s boys, immature men, or those caring a truckload of emotions everywhere they go. If John wanted to, he could email her, but I doubted he would because like 80% of the men online, he is a phony. I can just bet that John will be like all the rest of the men and run with his tail between his legs.

John was speechless, how can such a sexy thing write those hateful words. In his mind he decided someone must have really hurt this woman. That was really uncalled for, because women were made to be loved, not to hurt. So he took a deep breath and wrote her again sealing the email with a kiss and a prayer. He hoped this time, she would reply with a kind word and at least get to know him better before passing judgment.

“Dear Deana, I assure you honey, I am no phony. However, you will not know that for sure unless we chat and get to know one another. In my opinion, you cannot know someone through email either. It is rather impersonal. Talking by phone is a nice way to break the ice, but still you will not see the real person. You will not be able to get to know them for real, unless you meet them face to face. Email me, chat with me and give me a chance to prove it. I promise I wont bite. What harm can it do? Write me back and I swear you will not be disappointed. Sincerely John.”

Deana giggled when she read John’s reply then said, ” Hot-Damn, I think I found a man with balls! Someone who is not afraid to voice their opinion or hear me voice mine.”

This time when Deana replied, she said they could email each other, but that was all. For some reason she still did not trust John. Little by little they communicated by email.

John finally broke through the stiff outer layers of her resentment. As it turned out, Deana had been hurt by one too many people and worst of all by the men she loved. So it was only natural that she found trusting anyone hard.

The two of then ended up chatting and even talking for hours on the phone. John discovered that she lived 40 miles from him. In the back of his mind he wondered if the sexy redhead would go out with him for dinner. So he wrote her.

“Dear Deana, Would you please give me the pleasure of joining me for dinner a week from Friday. I wont make any demands on you at all. Gentle hugs and kisses. John.”

Deana usually did not meet anyone until they had emailed each other a few more times. Her intuition told her to go out to dinner with John. What harm could it do, after all I need to get out of that apartment and see the real world and it beats cooking. Besides it was near Christmas and she did not want to spend another holiday alone. So she wrote John.

“Dear John I would be honored to meet you for dinner. If dinner is goes well and we see a spark izmit darıca escort of desire, we could go from there and plan a second meeting. Meet me online tonight and we will discuss the details. Hugs, Deana.”

John met Deana online and they decided on a mutual restaurant to go to. He then chuckled and typed, “If we hit it off honey, how would you like to be my dessert?”

Without thinking Deana replied, “You want your dessert with whipped cream and a cherry?”

To which he replied, “No, I like my dessert al- naturale.”

Deana met John and when he pulled her into his arms and he kissed her hello, her mind screamed, “Oh my God, “Where in the hell have you been all my life?”

John then said, “Merry Christmas Deana. I hope you get what you wish for.”

She replied, “Merry Christmas to you to John. May you have a joyous holiday season.”

They ended up having a marvelous time all the way throughout dinner. For some reason Deana felt drawn to this big man, whom she now calls her teddy bear. She felt as if they have known each other a long time and were meeting each other to plan the next stage of their lives.

They both had some real bad-luck in the past. Deana reached out and took John’s hand in hers and said, “Don’t you think it about time we make our own good luck? We can start with you having me as dessert!”

After dinner, John escorted Deana to his car. Once they were inside he looked into her sexy green-eyes and asked, “Are you sure you want to do this? The thoughts of exploring Deana’s sensual side made John’s cock throb.

Deana pulled John’s head close and kissed him firmly with all the passion within her. To say the least, her mood matched his. Then she said, “Does that answer your question? From the moment you kissed me, my mind has been wondering what you are like in bed. Oh god, John it has been too damn long since I have had a sexy man to fuck!”

John kissed Deana back and held her close running his hands across her sexy back. He then started the engine and said, “Your place or mine sweety? Or we can go to a local hotel.”

Deana blushed a bit and with a twinkle in her eyes she said, “Lets go to a hotel, okay?”

John knew just the place. He drove there thinking of what would be the first thing he would do to her.

She sat in the car as he got them a room and wondered what would be the first thing she would do to John. John then returned and lead her to their room to an afternoon of endless delights.

Deana stopped at the doorway to the room and uttered, “John too bad they do not have mistletoe above the door, I’m dying to kiss you again.”

John opened the door pulled Deana into the room and said, “Who needs that damn stuff? Pucker up woman, I need some sugar!”

Deana leaned into him and kissed John and slid her tongue between his lips. Oh god, his kiss made even her toes tingle! She made a silent Christmas wish, “May this sexy man be in my life for a very long time.” His caring attitude, honesty, sense of humor, and sensuality made her realize this man was a keeper.

John was overwhelmed by this sexy green-eyed angel. The sight of her, the way she smelled, her laughter and sweetness of her kiss made Deana irresistible. When he pulled her full figured body close to his and probed her mouth with his tongue it made John go weak in the knees. Without hesitation his hands grasped her hips, and he pulled her into his chest. He uttered a silent Christmas wish, “May she be in my life forever.”

When they finally came up for air she looked John in the eyes and while running her hands across the bulge in his pants said, “Time for dessert.”

John smiled devilishly and said, “There is nothing I like better then to peel back the layers of my dessert and get to the goodness inside. If you do not mind me saying so, honey, you’re one hot baby!”

Deana told John to sit down for a moment and watched her. She slowly took her clothing off and then stood before him showing her all her charms, clad in a red teddy, red hose and heels. Her big breasts were straining the lacy cups, threatening to burst out into his hands. She then turned around and the high cut leg, framed her broad hips. Her full thighs were encased in sheer matching red nylons.

The pleasures he could feel within the curves of this luxurious sexy angel made John pant. John stood and walked over to Deana and took her in his arms and said, “You look like my Christmas wish come true darling. Oh god, I think I just might fall in love with you.”

Their lips met again and their tongues entangled in another hot luscious kiss. He felt her body shift slightly away from him, then he felt her hands unzipping his pants, then her soft fingers closed around his raging cock.

As Deana stroked his rigid cock, his hips jerked and he almost blew his load right then and there.

Deana pulled her hand from inside his pants and said, “Are you that glad to see me John, or does that cock have a hair trigger tonight?”

John grinned, blushed izmit rus escort a bit and replied, “Awww doll, I’m just happy to be with you tonight. You want to know something, I love BBW’s. I hate bony women. They are like a bar of soap, hard to hold onto and slip between your fingers.”

Deana laughed at John’s remark as she loved his weird sense of humor, She then replied, “Well, I guess that’s just their loss. You know something I love a full figured guy too, they do not seem to be hung up on there appearance.”

She gave John a peck on the check and then said, “You know what, I am going to take advantage of your hot body all night.” Her pussy had been dripping all the way through dinner in anticipation of his hard cock and she could not wait any longer.

John looked at Deana and said, “Take me honey, I am all yours!”

Deana kicked off her heels, sat on the bed and removed her nylons. Then she climbed onto the bed and said, “Time for you to do a strip tease now and do not worry about a thing, to me the size of a man does not matter, it’s what is in his heart that counts.”

John hurriedly undressed all the way down to his sexy blue boxers then climbed on the bed with Deana. He licked his lips and ran his fingers across her breasts and said, “Is this my dessert?”

Deana cooed and said, “All of me is your dessert!” She then had John helped her take of the teddy and then he removed his boxers. John’s cock was hard and oozing precum, she closed her fingers around it and purred , “Mmmmm, yummy. ”

Deana moved until her lips came in contact with John’s cock. Placing her mouth around the glistening head, she tantalized it with her tongue.

John loved a woman who loved to suck cock and it was apparent that Deana knew what she was doing. He placed his hands on either side of her head to keep himself steady.

Deana sucked John’s cock slowly until her lips brushed against his pubic hairs. Then the more aroused he became the faster her mouth worked on his cock. She could feel the veins throbbing again her tongue and when his breathing changed and knew he would soon cum.

John could not resist much longer and when Deana reached up and squeezed his balls lightly he quivered and filled her mouth with his sweet nectar. When he regained his composure he looked down to see her grinning like the cat who just ate the canary.

Deana just batted her eyelashes and said, “I thought that we should take care of that hair trigger cock before it went off all by itself. Now we can get down to some serious fucking.”

John pulled Deana into his arms and pressed his chest against hers. Oh how he loved to feel a woman’s nipples against his hairy chest. He then leaned down and kissed her, tasting his salty cum on her tongue. His spent cock began to stir once more. He instructed Deana to lay down.

He then began kissing her, starting with her sweet lips and working his way downward. As his hands cupped her breasts his lips teased her hard nipple, one then the other. Then he left a wet trail of kisses down to her hot pussy.

His fingers moved through the silky red curls and slid beneath her puffy labia to her swollen clit. He barely had made contact with her love button when Deana began to shudder and moan.

With his other hand he slid two fingers deep inside her pussy hole and begin fingerfucking her as his mouth replaced his fingers and begin to tantalize her clit.

Deana began to shake uncontrollably and raised her hips clean off the bed and squealed, “Oooooh, I am cumming!” Her reaction was so strong she thought she might pass out.

When her shaking stopped and she slumped back onto the bed John said, “Now who has the hair trigger?”

Deana then said, “Oh baby, I haven’t cum like that in a very long time. I love the way you trip my trigger.”

John moved and laid on the king sized bed next to Deana, letting her body spoon with his. Still unable to believe his own eyes that he had actually found this sexy angel. He buried his face in her neck and begin kissing her.

Deana turned and put her arms around his head and pulled John into her. She watched as he buried his face in her soft breasts. He then took her nipple into his mouth and began suckling as if he were a baby. She closed her eyes and uttered, “Oh John, I love a titty-man!”

Using both of his hands her pulled both breasts together and then started sucking on her swollen nipples. All this action had John’s cock ready for action again. He wanted to slide his cock deep in her hot box. He stopped tantalizing her nipples and said, “Let’s fuck baby.”

Deana looked at John and said, “I thought you’d never ask. Now lay on your back honey.” She then moved her upper thighs atop of his hips straddling his hard cock. She reaching down, she guided his cock into her wanting pussy, rocking back and forth. As she moved forward her breasts were brushing his lips and he took the opportunity to suck her right nipple. She shivered and said, “Fuck me harder, John!”

John grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy down onto his cock, burying his member deep inside her. As he thrust his cock into her she began pumping her hips in unison. Since she gave him a blowjob earlier it had taken the edge off his desire and he was able to relax and enjoy the hot ride.

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