A Chance Encounter

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Thank you all for your patience with this incredible period of story famine I’ve been experiencing. I hope this submission will be worth the wait. It’s a little different for me. Enjoy! ~Copperbutterfly~

Talking to Mike online Amanda learned quickly of fantasies that they shared. One night as they voice-chatted online he shared with her his current favorite.

“I think about sharing my lady with another man,” he said. “I get so incredibly hard just thinking about what it might be like, that it’s become almost an obsession to try it.”

Surprised she asked, “Oh, really? Tell me, baby, what the scenario might be like?”

“I’d love to take you out on the town. You are dressed to be shown off. Short skirt, heels, and your top is something stretchy and low cut and of course, you are not wearing panties. We would go dancing in a small club, dark with soft low lights; the music throbbing and sensual, more feeling than hearing. All of the men in the club would vie for a chance to dance with you. As you dance in the center of the floor, your hips sway erotically; your body moving in its sensual dance. Before long, one of the men shows a whole lot of interest. He asks you to dance several times.”

“Hmmmm, you know I love to dance, baby. My body feels music and responds to its summoning,” Amanda responds.

“After one particularly heated dance, you would invite him to join us. As you return to sit at our table, he manages to get a glimpse of what’s under the skirt. You can see from the surprised expression on his face that he is wondering what our intentions are. He’s not quite sure that our intentions are innocent.”

She laughs as she responds, “Hardly innocent, my love!”

“He might not be sure. You teased him so much while you were dancing.”

“But you know how I love to flirt, baby. And I do so mercilessly with him and with you,” she answers in her most sensual voice, then hears Mike chuckle through the headset.

“You are such a flirt and a tease” he answers, his voice tightening.

Mike went on describing his fantasy and he and Amanda found it so hot, they decided to make it a reality. After many long months online they decided to take the plunge and meet. During their first meeting a few weeks later, after a tumultuous night of just the two of them, they sought out the right man for them both. In a club near downtown, they found him.

Just as they did in their fantasy, the men lined up to dance with Amanda. One in particular kept coming back. He filled the fantasy stranger character perfectly and was invited to the table, continuing along with their now mutual fantasy. It became real as Mike leaned in to the stranger and said, “Doesn’t she have great legs?”

Amanda smiled and said to the stranger, “I think maybe you saw more than my legs” as she lifted her eyes up to his and then placed her heeled foot on the chair between his legs. She heard Mike groan as the image filtered through his mind sending strong signals directly to his crotch.

“Well, now, baby, that should do it!” Mike says, “What do you think? She looks good, huh?” Eyes wide with astonishment, the stranger can only nod. “It feels even better. What do you say we get a booth at the back?”

As they all moved to the darkest part of the club, Amanda took the stranger’s arm, wrapped it around her back and placed his hand on her hip. “That is Mike and I’m Amanda,” she said by way of an introduction. “What’s your name?”

“I’m called Chance” the stranger answered his voice deep and throaty with excitement.

Mike turned to Amanda and said, “Baby, do you want to take a chance tonight? This might be my chance to fulfill my fantasy, I think.”

As they approached a dark booth in the back corner, both Amanda and Chance looked to Mike for his choice of seating arrangements. Mike said, “I want to sit across from both of you. I think that maybe Chance might need some room to be comfortable, baby, and I want to see him play with your pussy.”

As Amanda slid into the booth clutching Chance’s hand she pulled him in beside her. Her skirt rode up so high on her legs both men could see her glistening with excitement. “Will you tell him he can touch, or should I?” Mike asked.

“If I tell him he might still look to you for approval,” Amanda answered.

Mike gave his consent with a nod. Then he watched as he began to explore. Watching for a reaction from Amanda, Mike smiled and watched as Amanda ran her tongue across her lips and looked into his eyes.

Mike whispered “I see your legs spread for him…and your hand caressing his arm. Does it feel good?”

Amanda’s answer was a purring whisper, “It feels wonderful.” Mike couldn’t miss the lust in her eyes.

Mike asked, “Do you feel naughty?”

Amanda began to tell Mike how Chance’s hand was caressing the insides of her thighs and how naughty it was making her feel.

The waiter appeared and he was ignored. After taking in the view of Chance running his hand up and along canlı bahis Amanda’s inner thighs, the waiter shook himself and announced that he would give them some more time to decide. No one seemed to notice.

Amanda’s fingers ran along Chance’s neck, tracing a line across his jaw. His hand moved and his fingers slipped into her slick wet pussy. A quick catch of breath and a sigh escaped her lips.

“I can see your wetness covering his fingers as they slip out,” Mike whispered. Mike looked over at Chance. “I believe he is enjoying his exploration of you, baby.”

Amanda whispered to Chance, “Do you like this?

A shudder rippled through his body and escaped as a “YESSSSSSSS.”

She looked over at Mike. He could see the lust in her eyes. She asked, “Mike, do you like this?”

“YESSSSSSS” was Mikes’ answer as well.

Both men heard the quickening of her breath. Chance could feel her excitement and Mike could see it as well.

Mike smiled and said, “I can tell you are enjoying this.”

Smiling, she answered, “And I can tell that both of you have incredible hard-ons.”

Mike and Chance looked at each other and a silent communication passed between them. Mike leaned in to Amanda and asked, “Would you like to fuck both of us?”

She had but one answer, “YESSSSSSSSS.”

Both men smiled at that simple answer and Mike said to Chance, “She gives great head too!” She laughed deep and throaty as she looked at both men. Mike smiled after looking at Chance and said to her “I can see the readiness in him.”

Amanda looked at both men. “I have only one question for both of you. Do you both want to fuck me?”

“YESSSSSSSSSSS” is the answer came in harmony. “YESSSSSSSSSS”

“Then perhaps we should find a place to take this that is more private” Amanda replied.

“Good idea” said Mike. Amanda straightened…tugged at her skirt…gathered her things and then slipped out of the booth. Turning to glance over her shoulder, she smiled. Smiling back, Mike said, “Do you want to get a room or do you feel really naughty?”

Amanda leaned over the edge of the table and laughed. “Baby, you know that I always feel naughty. The two of you have taken me to a new level tonight!”

“Well, we don’t want to get arrested!” Mike said.

“What do you have in mind love?” she whispered leaning in and kissing Mike on the lips. Straightening up, she turned to Chance, placing her lips against his neck, kissing and nibbling.

“Let’s at least go to the car,” Mike whispered low and throaty.

She smiled and answered, “I think I deserve a room, baby. Perhaps I’ll just be naughty on the way to the room.”

“Good, I feel the same way; we need to have some room and more time.” Mike answered as he pushed out of the booth. Amanda turned and headed for the door, knowing that they would follow.

At the car, Mike opened the door and she slipped into the middle of the front seat as both men climb in. She nestled between them. To fit his 6’3″ frame, the seat was set back all the way. As Mike turned the key, he couldn’t help but notice that she had one hand in each of their laps.

When they pulled out of the lot, the sound of a zipper was loud in the quiet of the car. Then into that quiet, a sigh was followed by the echo of a second zipper. As Amanda turned her attention to Chance, Mike watched while she began to stroke Chance’s cock. Her small hand slid around it then slipped up to wrap over the tip.

Into the quiet they heard her soft whisper, “How fast can you recover, Chance?” followed by a quick inhale of air and Mike went instantly hard. Her hand slid slowly down Chance’s shaft. “He’s young, Mike, and he’s very hard. He won’t last long, I think.” She glanced over to Mike’s lap. His cock stood solid and rigid; at attention. She placed both hands on the stranger.

“I can tell you want to suck him,” Mike said as her right hand descended to the base and the left hand smoothed over the wet tip. When Amanda wiggled out from between the two, Mike said, “I know he wants you to suck him.” She slipped to the floor between Chance’s legs giving Mike an excellent view…. “YESSS” they hear Mike hiss…..of her lips as they open. Amanda began to nibble, tease and lick. Mike told him, “You are going to enjoy this, Chance. My lady really likes to suck cock.”

Chance looked at Amanda, “Is that so?” They had reached the motel but Mike continued circling the block not wanting to stop. Amanda turned her head to the side and pressed Chance’s hard cock to closed lips, opened and descended on him all at once, taking him to the back of her throat. His hands clasped her head, his fingers entangled in her hair and they all know that he couldn’t last long after all that had been happening.

He cried out, “Oh, my god….” She slipped up his hard shaft and popped him out. Her tongue flicked out, licking and sliding over him, around and then under. Mike watched as Chance thrust his hips uncontrollably. Her lips climbed to the tip again and bahis siteleri she took him in, just under the tip, locking lips under it, pressing the tip to the roof of her mouth, holding him hard and sucking. Mike saw him stiffen. Amanda felt him swell and his groans filled the car.

They heard his gasp and knew he was cumming as she deep throated him again, clamping her throat muscles tight, milking him as he fed her. When she swallowed and gulped he cried out, “Oh, my god, you are fucking incredible.” He shot rope after rope of creamy cum down the back of her throat. Amanda glanced up into Mike’s eyes and saw his excitement barely contained. He could tell that she was getting a huge amount of cum. As she slipped up, some of it dribbled down her chin; she licked and cleaned his cock. She watched Mike as he watched her.

“I can’t believe how turned on I am from watching a stranger feed his cum to my lady; and seeing her relish it” Mike whispered out loud to no one in particular. Amanda slipped up from the floorboard, knelt at the edge of the seat, took her finger and wiped Chance’s cum off her cheek and chin. As Mike stopped the car, she leaned over to kiss him and he heard Chance tell him how incredible that was.

Amanda responded to Chance, “It was my pleasure” and turned to Mike and whispered, “Baby, can we go inside, please?” As soon as they entered the room, Mike took her into his arms, kissing her deeply, then backed her to the dresser; turning and bending her over. Chance pressed the door closed and locked it.

“You are so wet, baby.” He pulled up her skirt and slid in easily in one thrust. He felt her squeeze down around his rock hard cock. The muscles tightened as he plunged in and out fast; fucking her hard and deep.

“Yesssss” she cried out as Chance seated himself to watch… she could feel Mike’s excitement. He was harder than she’d ever felt him. Looking over her shoulder she asked, “Did that turn you on, baby, seeing me suck off Chance?”

“God, YESSSS!” Mike told her…. “And I think Chance is enjoying watching me fucking you. I can see that he is getting hard again.” Amanda looked over to see Chance sitting beside the table stroking his stiff cock, watching while she was pleasured by her man. He was waiting for his turn. “He’s waiting for his chance to plunge into your wet tight pussy, baby.” Mike gasped, “Oh, god, baby, I can’t last…” She pushed back hard on his cock, her ass tight up against him, his balls slapping loudly. She felt him convulse and tense. Arching her back, she felt him shoot, taking her deep. Mike’s cum was hot and hit her hard, pushing her over the edge. Her orgasm slammed into her as his cum washed back over his cock, churning as he continued to pump.

“Yess” Mike said, “I love it creamy and it’s gonna get creamier!

“Are you thinking of adding more, baby?” She giggled as she gasped for air.

“He will. He’s ready again.” Mike said.

“I need to lie on the bed, love; my knees are weak and my legs too,” Amanda cried. Mike picked her up into his arms and carried her to the bed. He laid her gently in the center, and moved aside as Chance crawled up onto the bed. Pushing her legs up, he climbed between them. Mike could see his cum spilling from her sloppy pussy as Chance slipped in. His cock pushed it out, so much of it. She was so slick and he was so very hard.

Mike saw her eyes glaze over. Her hands clasped the sheets at her side and Chance heard her gasp, “Fuck me hard.” Both heard him growl. He thrust deep. He pulled almost out and plunged in fast. He was in such a state, out of control, full of animal lust. He pounded her harder and faster, fucking her deep. She could barely breathe. Mike could hear her groan and knew she was about to cum.

They heard Chance growl deep and low. Amanda tensed, her muscles locked up, clamped down on him, her pussy squeezed him and he cried out that he’s there. That pushed her over the edge again; her body shook as wave after wave of sensation flooded up and through her. While he came, the sounds as his cock pumped her juicy pussy were loud. When she bucked and jerked, her muscles convulsed around his cock, milking it. So much cum, she was flooded. It was dripping out under her, spilling out and running down her legs, puddling under her ass.

The room was filled with the smell of sex. Chance pulled out, rolling to the side; her legs gave out and she collapsed on the bed. As she lay gasping for air, her chest heaving, she tugged Mike to her. Pulling him down beside her, she whispered in his ear, “Did you like that, baby?”

“Oh, my god, yesssssssss” was Mike’s answer.

“Thank you for fulfilling my fantasy, Amanda. We should say thanks to Chance too, but I think he fell asleep.”

As they lay together whispering about the excitement this fantasy inspired, their hands gently explored. This sharing of the experience was almost as erotic as the event for Mike. Amanda had discovered over the last several months of online relationship…his love bahis şirketleri of dialog, inter-action, the visual painting of the scene….how all of it heightened his pleasure.

As they discussed the evening’s events, she could feel Mike beginning to tighten up. His muscles tensed, as her hand brushed lightly over his cock. It jumped and began to rise. When she told Mike how she felt as she sucked on Chance’s hard cock in the car, she could see his breath quicken. Her hand continued its soothing and smoothing over Mike’s body while they replayed this night’s pleasurable moments. She reminded him of the excitement he created with his encouragement; that memory triggered an identical physical response. Mike’s cock jumped and slapped the palm of her caressing hand. Amanda said, “I remember, Mike, how incredibly hard you got, sitting in the front seat of the car, watching pleasure being given by your lady. You are almost that hard right now just thinking about it.”

Mike’s hand soothed over the tops of her legs, circling closer and tighter. “You love doing this to me, don’t you?” Mike whispered.

“Mike, I do love doing this to you. I get hot when I excite you. I get wet watching you swell and grow. When we do this online, I imagine you sitting in front of me stroking your cock as visions of my dripping pussy dance in your head,” Amanda said as she reached out and slipped 2 fingers between her slit, just far enough in to wet them….then raised them to Mike’s lips for him to taste the sweet juice he created.

“Every time we talk I get such vivid pictures of you. My mind races whenever you describe things to me. When we relive a particularly hot encounter, I cum so hard, I practically explode.” Mike said.

“Oh, baby, I hear that tingle of excitement in your voice as you build; like now, you start to breathe short and quick; your voice drops several octaves. It’s so sexy,” was her throaty answer.

“Amanda, baby, when you reach that level in your excitement, you get this little quiver in your voice. I don’t know how to describe it other than, fucking sexy. It sets me off and there is nothing I’d rather do than fuck you.” Mike whispered, barely able to speak.

“Like now, baby? Can you feel the excitement in me? You are vibrating with it. I can feel it through the bed.” Taking her hand away from Mike’s cock, she sat up and faced his hard body. She leaned over and traced her tongue down the side of his shaft. Behind him Chance stirred and opened heavy eyes to see her tongue disappear between Mike’s balls. They both heard his groan and felt him shift on the bed. As Amanda continued to lap at Mike, Chance rolled to his side, raised his head to rest on his arm and softly stroked his stiffening cock as he watched her pleasure Mike in the same manner that she pleasured him earlier. To Mike she whispered, “This is how it felt to Chance.” To Chance she whispered, “Remember this, baby? Remember how it felt, having my lips on you? My tongue flicking across your wet tip; my lips nibbling up and down the sides?”

Lying between Mike’s spread legs, she took his balls in the palm of one hand, rolling them, caressing them, while her lips slipped between, finding their way up that path to encounter that puckered little hole. Her tongue circled and licked. Pressing and teasing, Mike began to writhe on the bed beneath her. With each moan, he got closer to that edge. Chance exhaled a moan to rival Mike.

Pulling Mike’s ass up off the bed, she pushed her tongue all the way into that little brown hole. Chance gasped as Mike cried out loudly, “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”. And she continued to plunge in and out, fucking his ass with lightening fast flicks of her tongue. It was taking both her hands to hold his ass to her mouth, her lips locked around him as she sucked; licked and then plunged her tongue back in again. Up onto her knees, holding Mike to her face, she felt Chance’s hand slide under her and 3 fingers slammed into her dripping pussy.

She rocked back onto his hand and all but sucked his whole hand into her. She was so wet that part of his fist spread her wide as she rode his hand. She slipped her tongue out of Mike’s ass and caught his throbbing cock with her mouth; swallowing him down the back of her throat. She gulped and swallowed as he pulsed harder edging closer to climax.

Chance finger fucked her over the edge and she screamed, “Oh, my god, I’m cumming.” Mike tightened up and thrust one last time into her mouth to explode down her throat. Chance pumped his cock one last time and he exploded over her back and ass, covering her with hot cream. She felt Chance lean into her and he pushed her down onto Mike. They all lay still, panting, in a tangle of naked bodies. “Can we just stay here tonight, Mike? I’m not sure any of us is capable of driving right now.” Amanda gasped.

Mike chuckled, “I’m not sure I can even walk. What about you, Chance? You need to be somewhere?”

As Chance rolled off Amanda’s back, tugging her close to him, she snuggled her back up to his front and pulled Mike to her. They lay together spooning while Chance answered, “Do you think they will tow my truck at the bar before tomorrow?” Those were the last words spoken as they drifted off to sleep.

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