A Cat among Pigeons Ch. 01

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Karan Shastri, a man in his early 30s, IT graduate from IIT, with honors and made a big in road in the rising IT industry of India, he worked few years in California with Microsoft and now working as cyber security consultant with Indian Ministry of Defense. He is brilliant, loving, earn well and always lavish and careless about, where money goes.

An odd thing though, about Shastri is his family background; his father was a religious figure, respected a lot for his spiritual attributes. So Karan was raised in pure religious environment and thought of Brahman Bigotry and pureness is what define him most. Each year he takes time to go on Yatras and even in his corporate offices, Hindu statues were in his office. It was like even in USA, he could not get out of that typical past and in his thoughts he was living in Kashi.

Another fact that defines him most is the family obsession to serve for Hindutva cause and Muslim specially Pakistani are never adored by him. He even refuses a good scholarship in USA, just because he had to share his room with a Pakistani Muslim student. But despite these things, there was nothing of MAN in him. He always suffered with respiratory diseases and his health could never allow him to grow as strong built man. But God had gifted him a brilliant head.

In California, he meets a dream girl Aditi Sharma and lost his heart there and then. Aditi is a daughter of Indian Foreign Service officer Mr Ajeet Mishra who served in various countries as Indian diplomat and got retired as a senior diplomat. So Aditi, yes an Indian girl but being raised in different countries has various cultural influences.

But her looks are typical Indian, tall, cute lovely face and a perfect body. Though at early age, she carried a little excess weight but this only enhanced her look to the eighteen menderes escort and nineteen year old boys in her class. It gave her a big round ass and big tits. She flirted like crazy and got a lot of attention; she loved it. As she grew , she found the cause of her nagging nature, She was a Nymphomaniac. Someone who need sex, as oxygen to live. She picked one or two guys a week. By the time she had graduated she had fucked over 20 men and no count of fucks.

Another thing which defines her is thrill and adventure, she loved spy movies and always wanted to be someone who do adventure oriented things, but could never get a real chance.

One incident that even which changed her life was a day when they were living in California and she and her dad returned home, from a cancel party. They were supposed to return late, but due to party cancelation, they reached home early and watched her mother Pooja Mishara (44) fucking with two black men, like a slut.

Father throw Aditi’s mom out of house right there divorcing her and suffered a severe heart attack. The event took Aditi at core. Her entire life was shaken. She became angry on all, she hated her mother for fucking and cheating her father, but since she too was a nymphomaniac, so fucking was not a big deal for her. And this made her hate her father too, but he was dying and needed her help.

So the event changed her life, she decide one thing there, she will do anything in her life but wont cheat her husband. Though her cock seeking cunt made it so hard for her, always broke her will , but she remained determinant. She was 22 at that time, when she meet Karan, it was more like her dad introduced her to Karan, as his father is a spiritual followers of Karan’s father.

They dated for three months. Restaurants, escort menderes bars, cinemas, walk in the park. It was romantic and lovely. They kissed quite a lot but he never pushed his luck and Aditi to test her resolve never encouraged him.

On one fine weekend night Karan ask her out on a lavish date and when he proposed her , she told him the truth, Karan I am not virgin, I have FUCKED MANY (44) men. Karan was like hit by two bombs, and he could not figure out, which one is lethal. But she told him that her life had changed now, that was all in her past. He accepted it because he knew it was true. She said that she wanted to wait to have sex until she was with her life partner.

It was a simple Yes and No for Karan, should he marry a girl who has fucked MANY boys, who is a slut, or should he refuse the most beautiful girl he ever meet , who is so honest to tell this. Karan’s temptation took over his anger and he just tell her…if past is not meant to be repeated, it’s good to forget it. I will be always loyal to you and you should be with me and let’s not talk about the past.

Aditi, though ask him about his trust, and he tell he has been with two woman, both prostitutes. While admiring that Raj really loves her, she also got turned on by the fact that she had been with so many more people than him and that all of those people had seen her naked and he never had. And they got married.

They got married and settled back in India, but it was like living another cultural shock, Karan’s family was all conservative, wearing saree, covering body properly, no partying, no get together where strangers are allowed. Her old father in law use to still have some visitors on daily basis for Pooja and holly treatment. But place is getting painful for him, as he watch menderes escort bayan her bachu walking in shorts and bikinis and almost measuring every cock with her eyes.

They are live in big house. A very big house on the outskirts of Delhi, since Pandit Gi need large place. They have a big garden , a big swimming pool for AShnan, a Mandir, a separate living space for overnight visitors. A few servants but Aditi was the only woman in house, the house, which she never found why have so many hiding places.

A recent twist in life was , Karan was assigned to work on a highly confidential cyber security project of Ministry of Defense. Aditi noticed Brigadier Robin Singh a Sikh man in his late 40s, visiting Karan late nights and they have long discussion. The project was breaking cyber security of Pakistan and Brigadier was Karan to train few Pakistani double agents to learn the art of cyber war and launch a new attack on Pakistan while staying there in Pakistani army head quarter, embassies and other places. The operation sensitivity required that training should be conducted secretly and Karan’s house was perfect for this.

The idea of allowing Pakistani Muslims and Sikh officers at house is as painful for Karan’s father and exciting for Aditi, who was living as so loyal wife in past five years. It’s something she always wanted, playing as spy.

The cleaver Brigadier, convince Karan and his Pandit father that they should not look at the cost of providing shelter to few Paki man, but they should look at the bigger reward, as they will be serving to cause of Hindutva…and destroying Pakistan, Brigadier even promised that both son and father will be honored by Indian army. And soon this place start giving a different look. Sikh army officer, guarding Muslim Terrorists, in A Brahmin Pandit’s house.

Aditi, now secretly listen their talks, and she to come up with a great plan, with the help of Paki trainee, to help Karan, working as Indian Spy to penetrate into Paki embassy Delhi, without realizing that it will awaken the slut in her shy was all trying hard to bury…!!


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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