A Capitol Couple Pt. 03

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It was Thursday, almost the weekend. For Jake, the weekend couldn’t come soon enough. He was sick of the faculty meetings and professors using the meetings to play politics and push their agendas. Fortunately, he had only one more day to endure, then the torture would be over. The university had provided lunch today, and after he’d gotten his food — an egg salad sandwich, pasta salad, chips, and a bottle of water — returned to his office for some peace and quiet. He had just taken a bite of his sandwich when his cell phone rang. He didn’t recognize the number. He swallowed his food and answered.


“Jake! It’s Melvin Tomlinson, how are you, mate?” a British voice asked.

Jake’s jaw nearly hit the floor. Melvin Tomlinson had been one of Jake’s history professors at Georgetown. He had been “on loan” — as the university put it — from Cambridge University in England, and Jake had been one of his best — and favorite — students.

“Professor, this is unexpected!” Jake said.

“Please, Jake, call me Melvin, or I’ll start calling you Professor Smith,” Melvin said.

“Okay,” Jake laughed. “I’m great. How are you?”

“Doing wonderful, thank you. Back at Cambridge now, teaching colonial-era European history.”

“One of my favorite classes,” Jake said.

“You aced it,” Melvin said. “Now, you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m doing calling like this.”

“The thought had crossed my mind,” Jake said.

“Well, mate, this weekend we’re hosting a round-table discussion on the lasting effects of European colonialism on Africa. It’s being sponsored by the university. Unfortunately, one of our panelists had to back out due to a family emergency. I thought you might like to join us in her place.”

“I’d be honored, professor, um, Melvin,” Jake replied.

“Will your lovely wife be joining us?”

“I am sure she will be able to get away.”

“Good. I’ll have my secretary transfer the tickets. You leave tonight. Overnight flight, you know. The university will cover your travel.”

“Doesn’t matter to me, Melvin,” Jake said. “As long as I can get there.”

“Good man. The confirmation will be emailed to you within the hour. The symposium starts Friday night and goes all day Saturday. I’ll pick you up from Heathrow tomorrow then. Cheers!”

“Cheers!” Jake said.

Stephanie was at her desk when her office phone rang.

“Hello?” she answered.

“It’s Jake. You’re never going to believe who I just talked to.”

“Who?” Stephanie asked.

“My old professor, Melvin Tomlinson. He’s hosting a round-table discussion having to do with Africa. He’s asked me to come. Cambridge University is paying for the flight.”

“That’s amazing!” Stephanie said. “Are you going to go?”

“No,” Jake said. “We are going to go.”

Stephanie nearly squealed with joy. It had been a few years since their last vacation, and she could use some time off.

“Now, it’s just for the weekend. I thought you’d want to join the discussion because we’re discussing the effects of European colonialism canlı bahis on Africa. I know you’d have some valuable input on that. And it might look good for a UNICEF rep to participate.”

It wasn’t exactly what she had in mind, but it was time with Jake, and it was a free trip. How could she say no?

“Sounds amazing,” she said. “When do we leave?”

“Tonight,” Jake said. “I just got the itinerary email. We fly out of Dulles at ten. Leave early if you can, get home, and get packed.”

“Ok. I should be able to leave early. Anything special you want me to pack you?”

“It’s somewhat formal, so make sure you have a nice outfit. I just need dress pants and dress shirt. Throw in a tie, just in case.”

“Sounds good,” Stephanie said. “See you soon, love.”

She hung up and finished the review she was working on. She emailed it to her regional director, shut down her computer, and grabbed her tote. She locked her office door and walked to the elevators.

“I’m taking the rest of today and tomorrow off,” she said to Rachel the receptionist. “Personal time.”

“Where you going?” Rachel asked.

“London. Just for the weekend. My husband’s been asked to speak at Cambridge.”

“I wish my husband would take me to London,” Rachel said. “Have a good trip. See you Monday.”

Stephanie rode the elevator to the ground floor and walked briskly to Farragut West Station. She didn’t have long to wait. She had just finished changing into her tennis shoes when the Orange Line train pulled in. She boarded and took a seat. She couldn’t wait to get home and pack. The fifteen minute ride seemed more like an hour. The train finally pulled to a stop at East Falls Church Station. She nearly jogged home. Once inside her house, Stephanie quickly changed into shorts and a tank top and began to pack. She packed Jake’s suitcase first; she finished in five minutes. Then she went to pack hers. She picked out a cute outfit for the symposium and other comfortable clothes. Then she had an idea. She went to her lingerie drawer and picked out a few things and buried them in her suitcase.

Jake finished his last meeting at three. He went to his office, grabbed his stuff, and, after locking his door, quickly headed for the exit. He made his way to the Metro station and boarded the first train that came along, in this case the Blue Line train. He’d have to transfer to the Orange Line at the very next stop, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to get home. The train pulled into the station and Jake boarded, glad he got to start the weekend early.

Three hours later, Jake and Stephanie parked in the long-term parking garage at Washington Dulles International Airport. Jake grabbed their suitcases, and they headed inside to the British Airways counter. Jake scanned the barcode on email at the self check-in kiosk. After scanning his and Stephanie’s passports, the tickets printed.

“Steph, you’re not going to believe this,” Jake smiled, handing Stephanie her ticket.

Stephanie’s eyes went wide.

“Business class?!?”

“I knew Melvin had some pull, bahis siteleri but I didn’t know he had that much pull,” Jake said.

After checking their bags and passing through security, they headed for the British Airways lounge, located on Concourse B. After enjoying a great dinner, they relaxed in the lounge, watching the hustle and bustle of the ground crews outside. Soon it was time to board. Jake and Stephanie were among the first to board the aircraft, in this case a Boeing 777. They were shown to their seats by a very attractive flight attendant. They were in the last row of business class on the left side. Jake had the window seat, Stephanie the aisle seat. The seats were spacious and had a partition that could be raised and lowered for privacy, not to mention they could fully recline. There was also an in-flight entertainment system in the forward area of their seats.

“Would you care for a drink before we depart?” the attractive blond flight attendant asked.

“No thank you,” Jake and Stephanie answered.

Thirty minutes later the aircraft lifted off the runway and began it’s climb to 35,000 feet. A meal was served about an hour after takeoff. Jake and Stephanie wished they hadn’t eaten so much at the lounge restaurant; they were absolutely stuffed. They ordered a cheese plate, which they split, and some red wine. After the meal, the lights were turned off so the passengers could get some sleep. Jake reclined his seat, put on some soft jazz, and tried to get some sleep.

He awoke some time later to a funny sensation. The lights were still out. Stephanie was leaning over. Her hand was under Jake’s personal blanket, provided by the airline, and was caressing over the top of his shorts. Jake looked over at his wife. She kissed him sensuously on the lips.

“I’m so horny,” she whispered. “I can’t wait until we get to our hotel in London.”

“Yeah?” Jake replied in a hushed voice.

“I want you to have your way with me,” Stephanie whispered.

Jake gasped. Stephanie reached into his shorts and grabbed his manhood. It was nice and hard. She began to gently stroke.

“I want you to cum in your pants,” she whispered seductively. “Did you think that one flight attendant was hot?”

Jake nodded.

“Me too,” Stephanie said quietly, stroking a little faster. “Did you see she was wearing pantyhose? I wonder if they’re thigh-highs, and they have to wear garters with them.”

Jake stifled a moan.

“Imagine we’re all alone in business class,” Stephanie continued, stroking her husband’s erection. “She comes and asks if there’s anything we want, anything at all. We tell her we’re fine. But I notice she keeps looking at us, especially at me. She sees me in my tight t-shirt and little denim skirt. She walks up and squats down. I ask her if she’s ever been with a woman before. Her face turns a little red from embarrassment, and she says she has. I lean over and kiss her softly on the lips.”

Jake let out a soft moan. Stephanie knew it had always been a fantasy of his to see her with another woman. She continued her sexy bahis şirketleri talk as she stroked him, tightening her grip a little.

“She moans and slides her wet tongue into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around hers and pull her to me. We make out while you watch. I press my lips hard against hers, and we moan into each other’s mouths. I begin to unbutton her blouse. Soon it’s open; she’s wearing a black lace bra. I run my hands over her firm, perky breasts. She moans as I touch her through her bra. She reaches out and pulls my t-shirt off to reveal my lacy pink bra you love to see me in. She kissed my neck and begins to lick up and down it; I moan her name. ‘Oh, Amber.’ She reaches behind me and unhooks my bra. It falls to the floor. Then it’s my turn. I unhook her bra and toss it to the floor.”

Stephanie could feel Jake’s cock pulsing. Precum was dripping from him. She’d have to be careful so her stroking didn’t make too much noise.

“She unzips her skirt and lets it fall to the floor. She’s wearing black thigh-high stockings with garters. She tells me to recline my chair; I do it. I’m now laying flat. She puts her legs over me, her dripping wet mound in my face. I spread my legs and show her my wet panties. ‘See what you’ve done?’ I ask her. ‘You’ve made me so wet for you.’ She smiles and pulls them aside. She begins to lick my wet slit. I moan and start sliding my tongue up and down on her pussy lips.”

Jake was trying to not moan loudly. Stephanie was driving him wild. Stephanie was wet now. She thought she might make herself orgasm just from telling the story. She could tell her husband was close.

“I lick up and down her dripping wet pussy. She moans as she sucks my clit. It feels amazing. I slide my tongue inside of her. She groans in pleasure as I fuck her with my long tongue. I can taste her juices. They are sweet, like honey. She begins to finger me as she licks and sucks me. I moan louder. Her fingers find my g-spot and begin to stroke. I am nearly screaming as she’s touching me and licking me. She’s going to make me squirt, Jake! I start sucking hard on her clitoris. She screams on my pussy. ‘Suck my clit hard!’ she says. I suck harder, almost biting. She fingers me as fast as she can. Oh, Jake, I can’t take it anymore! I’m going to cum in her mouth! Suddenly, I feel her pulsing, and she moans my name loudly. Her cum drips into my mouth, gushing from her pussy. I lick all of it up, getting every…last…drop.”

“I’m going to cum!” Jake gasped.

Stephanie quickly moved from her seat. She pulled Jake’s cock from his shorts and began to suck hard on him. Jake’s cock began to throb hard. She saw his hands grab the arm rest, his knuckles going white. His head went back. A second later, he exploded. Stephanie felt her man’s hot thick load shooting into her mouth. She swallowed it down as it continued shooting into her mouth. Finally the pulsing stopped. Stephanie put Jake’s cock back in the shorts and returned to her seat. Two minutes later the cabin lights came on.

“Ladies and gentlemen, at this time we will be coming through the cabin with our breakfast service. Please return your seats to their upright positions at this time. Thank you.”

“Just in time,” Jake said.

“I know what gets you off. Welcome to the mile-high club, honey.”

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