A Break In The Work Day

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She woke up from another dream about him. This one left her dripping like the other ones had but more excited than she had been before. She sat up in bed and ran her fingers through her hair. Groaning inwardly she got up and made her way to the shower. She let the cold water wash over her trying to clear her mind of the images from the dream that were staying with her. She knew she couldn’t go into work feeling this frustrated and still be able to concentrate on her job. The water calmed her down but nothing could get the images from the dream out of her mind. She left her house that morning picturing him lightly slapping her breasts.

She got into work and for once he was there before she was. She smiled a good morning as she walked by him to her desk. She stole another glance at him as she sat down. He had on the blue button down shirt that did wonders with accentuating his eyes and black dress pants. Her mind wandered back to her dream and she could see herself trailing her fingers down his chest through the opening of his shirt. She pulled herself back to the present just in time to see him walk by and stick out his tongue at her. She laughed and said,

“I’m going to start keeping count of how many times you do that you know.”

Then he was gone, leaving behind only the delicious smell of his cologne.

The day’s work began and as was normal, she started conversing with him through IM. He asked how she slept and she let slip that she had dreamed about him again. The conversation took a turn in content and she felt herself start to blush. Images of the dream came back to her, her hands tied above her head, lying naked on the bed with him standing over her trailing the ends of a leather whip across her stomach and reddened breasts. She tried canlı bahis to change the topic but a part of her wanted to relive and add to the dream and he wasn’t letting the topic go that easily.

She couldn’t concentrate on work anymore as images from the dream were flashing in her head full force. She had to get away from the smell of him because it was driving her insane. She stood up to go for a walk and he watched her go. She found a private conference room that wasn’t being used and closed the door behind her. With the lights off, she sat in a chair at the end of the table and ran her hands over her breasts.

She sighed deeply as she undid her pants and slipped her hand in and under the band of the thong she was wearing. She started sliding her fingers in and out while picturing him touching her. She froze as she head the door click open a bit and a sliver of light spilled through as someone came in and locked the door behind then. She could hear them walking towards her and the smell that preceded them let her know it was him.

He had to have seen where she was when he came in the room. He made his way directly over to where she was and pinched her nipples through her shirt and bra.

“Did you think it was fair to start telling me that and then disappear?” he asked her.

His hand trailed down to her lace thong underwear, “starting without me?”

She hung her head for a moment then raised it with deviance flashing in her eyes, “I’m sure I could make it up to you.”

She got out of the chair she was in, removed his belt and unbuttoned his pants with her hands before taking the zipper pull between her teeth and unzipping his pants. She slid them and the boxers under them down and released his already aroused 8inch cock. She bahis siteleri licked the tip while pulling air into her mouth around the head then slowly licked around it as she steadily brought it into her mouth. She sucked on his cock with slow, steady back and forth motions while she stroked it with her tongue and groaned softly around it.

The taste was delicious and she could feel the tiny pre-cum drops hitting her tongue. She sucked harder and felt him release her hair from the clip and run his hands through it. His legs started to shake with the first orgasm and he sat in the chair moments before he exploded in her mouth. She ran her tongue along the bottom of his tip as she swallowed his cum in hungry gulps. Her arms were resting on his thighs now and she continued to suck on him, slurping at the wetness there. She stopped only after he had spent himself in her mouth four more times. Slowly sliding him out of her mouth, she licked away the remaining drops.

“That wasn’t in my dream … but hopefully it was ok with you,” she said with a sly smile.

She was still kneeling in front of him as he lowered his head to look at her. She stood up and sat on the table in front of him. He turned towards her and weakly pulled at her pants. She let them drop to the floor and he hooked his thumbs under the band of her thong and pulled it away from her. She lay back on the table as he slid her down closer to the edge. He dragged his hand down her stomach and over her smooth, hairless pussy.

“You shave??” he asked her.

He could feel the heat in her body rise with the answer.

“At least twice a week.”

He kissed down the smooth skin and opened her swollen lips with his fingers. He softly blew air on her before lowering his head and licking bahis şirketleri across the surface of her cleft and lips. She gyrated her hips towards him before he pressed his face into her sex. His tongue delved into her and she raised her hips to open her pussy to him more. He licked her clitoris and swollen lips, slowly moving his head from side to side. He slid two of his fingers into her, pumping in and out of her. Then added another while licking and gently biting her clitoris. She raised her backside off the table and he pinched her ass with his free hand. Her breathing came more rapidly as the combination of his tongue and fingers created waves of pleasure rushing her to orgasm. When she came, he removed his fingers and she could feel him licking and sucking her cum into his mouth.

She lay on the table for a few minutes catching her breath.

“Well, that was a nice break in the day. We should both really get back though. Someone is going to wonder where we both disappeared to.”

She stood up and started to put her clothes back on and he did the same. Once they were both dressed, she stepped up to him and pressed herself against him. She licked a trail of her cum off his lips.

“Too bad I couldn’t go more into my dream. That will have to wait though,” she coyly said as she lowered her eyes and turned away from him.

She left the room first and about three minutes later he did the same, stopping in the restroom to clean up a little. No one in the office seemed to have noticed that they had both been gone for any period of time. She was sitting at her desk when he walked by and stuck out his tongue at her again.

She sent him a message – ‘you know what that will lead to’ – and continued with her daily work. The rest of the conversation between the two of them kept going back to her dream but she refused to tell him about it … insisting that showing what she dreamed would be better for both of them. But that would have to wait for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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