A Boy and His Mom Part 1

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A Boy and His Mom Part 1
A Boy and His Mom PT 1

It had been a hard work out for Lily. By the time she came up out of the basement, she was a wet mess, in more ways than one! She was 39 with a better body than she had had at 22 when she met her husband and father of their teenage son. Tim looked a lot like her husband. They both had that dark brown wavy hair, broad build and eyes that seemed to see everything and miss nothing. She smiled at that thought as she looked down at her shirt that now clung to her chest like a second skin. Hell, she could tell where even her areolas were!!! They got that way when she thought about how much alike the two were.

As she closed the door to the basement she saw Tim at the kitchen table with his camera, a birthday gift from a few weeks before. He had been wanting a car, but that was not going to happen! He had seemed happy with the camera. She smiled as he aimed it at her and started shooting a whole string of photos of her. “Stop, I look a mess!” Lily laughed as she shook her head and walked past the table where he was sitting. He kept shooting and she had to resist the urge to reach back and pull the shorts out of her butt crack. She wickedly considered just pulling her shorts and underwear down and mooning him to stop him, but instead she flipped the faucet to filter and poured herself a large glass of water and turned around and talked to Tim about what he had to do that day … as if her nipples were not hard as Geometry done in Roman Numerals and her pussy was not wet as she watched him reviewing pictures he had just shot of her!

She needed to get her shower and get to the grocery. She also needed to get her mind out of the gutter and stop looking at her son like a piece of meat!!! She set her glass on the counter. I’m going to take a shower. Are you riding the bus to school?”

“School ended yesterday, remember?” her son said. I’m just going to hang around the house this morning and then this afternoon take the gator down and fix the fence that Dad said the cows pushed down a couple of days ago.” He aimed the camera at his mother once again as she walked by and started shooting frame after frame of her as she walked by shaking her head.

“Come on girl, get control of yourself!! You gave birth to that boy, cleaned his diaper and gave him baths!” she said under her breath to herself. She pealed her shirt off of her and tossed it in the hamper, wet and sticky and gross with her sweat. She looked in the mirror and smiled. “He is the same age I was when I lost my virginity, only I had had a dozen boyfriends. He has yet to go on his first date! So just because he is behind the curve, you think he needs to be fucked? By his own Mom?!?!?” She laughed and watched her full firm tits bounce a little before turning and walking over to the shower and starting the water.

Lily worked hard to stay fit and was in better in shape today than she was when she was 23! She had tits now, thanks to her son, she thought as she washed under her full firm C-cup tits. She had fit snugly into an A-cup when she got married. Not only had breast-feeding Tim gotten her boobs to finally grow, it had also helped her to flatten her belly…and gotten her husband hooked on sucking on her sensitive nipples! That was when she realized she was no longer truly washing herself, but her finger was almost lazily circling her hard pleasure button at the top of the petals of her pussy.

She closed her eyes and the face of her son came into focus as her finger bahis siteleri likewise began to focus. She raised her other arm up across her body imagining pulling him against her she squeezed her own breast hard, the way she wanted him to do. She wanted him to be clumsy and rough. Her husband was a passionate, sweet and considerate lover… and that was good, even great most days. But she imagined Tim pulling her nipples as his bony pubic bone rubbed hard against her nub. “Oh God, I can’t believe I am thinking this!” she whispered to herself. Even she was stunned by how quickly she was plunging down the rabbit hole of desire and need! She imagined him biting her nipples as she dug her fingernails into the base of the now long, hard and desperate nipple. Her hips were dancing in the lewd dance of grinding as if she were riding him now. In her mind, his narrow thighs were there, between her thighs, his young hard and eager dick was just entering into her juicy cunt.

Oh she felt like such a whore. She was a slut, she was his slut! She wanted to give to him all that he would ever need to know about sex. She also wanted him to give her everything that she was lacking! She wanted the feel of his athletic body, the hard erect cock she saw growing in his pants from time to time as she walked around the house. She wanted to taste the cum that she knew he wasted so often into her panties that he borrowed from the hamper. Yes, she wanted him to take her and use her and discover all of the joys that a woman could give him….and she wanted to experience again the pleasures of a man in the prime of his virility!

She shuddered and felt the warm fluids from within her cascade down her legs onto the floor of the shower. Her flesh and bone seemed to almost dissolve and threatened to allow her to fall to the floor to spin around and around before going down the drain. She was breathing hard… no she was panting! Now that she was no longer biting her lip to keep herself from crying out, her heart was pounding and she could feel her own pulse pounding in her temples. Every move of her fingers now sent waves of lurid pleasure washing through her conscious, washing away any traces of shame or guilt over having cum while thinking of her sone! It was such a decadent thought! She shuddered and smiled.

She thought she heard something and she opened her eyes! It was almost as if there had been someone on the other side of the sliding glass door into the shower. Someone had been watching, but how could that be? Tim was the only one at home besides Lily! And surely her boy would not sneak in and steal a peak of his mother!! Then a chill ran down her spine as she thought, “What if he was doing more? What if he had taken a picture of her???

She came again, this time without more than a slight touch of her finger tips and the idea that her own son may have just watched her masturbate as she thought about him!!!

She finally turned the water off and began to dry herself off. As she wrapped a towel around her hair and put it up on top of her head like a turban, she noticed a piece of grass on the floor just inside of the doorway to the hall. That grass had not been there when she came into the bathroom for her shower; she would have seen it and picked it up. Had Tim really been watching her, sneaking around spying on her? Had he taken pictures of her as she excited herself in ways no man had ever taken the time to learn to do. Had he realized that it was him that she was thinking asyabahis about as she unapologetically gave herself a very hot orgasm!

In a way she was upset with her son. They had always been close. She had told him about sex and had made it very clear to him that she was willing to talk to him about sex or any other topic that parents seemed to avoid talking to their k**s about! If he was curious about what she looked like…. Would she really have been willing to show him her body for “purely academic” reasons? It had not been long enough for her to forget the mental images she had had only a few minutes earlier. She also remembered how he had asked her to pose in several provocative pictures “for a project at school” he had claimed. She had blushed red as she locked her knees and bent over in her running shorts for him, her nipples hard. She had hid her face so none of the teachers would know his model was his Mom!!! She had even agreed to let him take a picture of her in a black mini dress, fishnet stockings and heels. He kept having her raise the skirt higher and higher until she had been certain her whole ass was on display!!!

Yes, it had been flattering. Yes, that made her long for him in sexual ways. But until now she had told herself it had all be for the sake of art and getting a good grade. She had convinced herself that the attraction was all only from her to her son. Surely he was not attracted to….

She was staring at herself in the mirror and she did not look 39. She let her eyes travel down from her blue eye to her lips and the striking strong profile of her jaw. Her long neck did not show any age and flowed out to her strong shoulders…. She unwrapped her towel from around her body, slowly revealing to her own eyes the full round breasts capped with her large dark areolas and nipples that seemed to be perpetually on alert these days. Her flat stomach looked like it belonged to a teenager instead of the mother of one and the way her hips flared out was in a word – sexy.

She kept her pussy trimmed closely but had never like having to shave herself. Besides, she liked the look of the auburn brown triangle shadowing her region that was for her pleasure! She could see the pink lips wet and glistening for her. She was not certain whether it was from shower water or … from her own making, but she was wet and it made her smile. Her legs were shapely. They were not the toothpicks of teens, but they were strong from carrying her 2 to 5 miles a day on a treadmill. She enjoyed wearing heels when out in public. The height gave her the sense of power while the stares and near collisions the sight of her legs caused made her smile!

“Maybe he is … maybe he did sneak in and take a picture.” She quietly murmured as she slowly turned side to side, gazing at her image. Then the realization that if he had taken such pictures without her permission, he might also be posting them out on the web!!! It did not matter where, once they were on the web, they were out there for any pervert anyplace in the country to find and she would never be safe! One of the girls at work had found that out the hard way. Her ex-husband had posted her pictures, both porn and non on the internet and when she had been out at a concert a drunk had stumbled up to her grabbed her ass!!! She had slapped him and he had pulled out his phone and shown her pictures she thought had been deleted years before. He had said he had been chatting with her for weeks about asyabahis giriş meeting her at the concert.

Lily wrapped her towel around her body with a sudden shudder and marched down the hall to confront Tim. If he wanted something from her, well maybe they could talk about that but… She had to put an end to him taking pictures of her or at least not allow him to post them on the internet!

Tim was not in his room and he did not answer her calls for him. His camera was gone as well, so he was probably off trying some new technique of photography. But his computer was still on and unlocked. He must have left in a hurry. Lily did not like spying on her son. But then the realization that he was almost spying on her hit her and she decided that taking a quick look at his computer or at least his internet browser would not be too out of line.

There above the icon to launch the browser was a folder. “Moms” was all it said. It was all that it took for Lily to draw a deep breath to try and stop a surge of panic. She clicked it open and there were 5 folders inside. There were the names of four of his friend’s moms… and then her name. She clicked on the folder and there were all of the pictures he had shot of her. Many she remembered him taking, though she had not thought she had shown that much flesh…. Then there were others of her getting out of the pool, tanning by the pool…. It had to have been just two days before because she did not remember taking her top off any time outside except for then. But she thought he was at school!!!

She clicked to go back up and then clicked into the folder named “Sherree”. Sherree was her friend and she had a son the same age as Tim. In fact, Tim hung out a lot over at their house. There were only 12 pictures in the folder but each one was like a punch to the stomach. There was her little boy, between the chocolate brown thighs of Sherree, fucking her, sucking on her tits, slapping her tits… licking up her pink pussy….and Sherree’s son getting his cock sucked by his mother and in another the two boys had her sandwiched between them. Tim’s white cock disappeared into the cleft of her ass! “Oh my God!”

Each of the other folders had pictures of the moms of some of his other friends. All of them had nudes, but none of them were hardcore. Sherree was the only one that he had photographs of himself fucking. But there were nudes of each of the other women and a couple of them had been posed on their knees holding a cock near their lips. The cock looked very similar to the long white rod sliding into Sherree’s ass.

Lily closed the folders and the reopened the one of her son fucking Sherree. Sherre was 47, a proud professional African American with big breasts and a shapely body. Lots of extra curves. And she appeared to enjoy Tim. A lot. Lily loosened her towel and found her pussy already wet and tingling before she touched it. As she scrolled through the pictures over and over again she found herself both jealous of her friend and turned on by the thought that her son was a real honest to god mother-fucker! He was screwing mature women, even older than she was…and those women were enjoying the hell out of at least posing for him and in at least Sherree’s case, riding his cock to what appeared to be wonderful orgasms!!!

She pushed her towel down between her legs as she began to shudder and tense. If she began to squirt, she did not want it going everywhere!!! The orgasm was not huge, but after everything else it left her limp and smiling. It was then that she had an idea. It was devious. It was perfect.

She ran to her room to grab her phone and a couple of other things.

If you read all of this then you need to look for the next story on my page!!!

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