A Big Ole’ Gal

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I like big women so I am surprised that I didn’t notice her when I first walked into the bar at the country club. I eased into the only empty stool and became aware of the loud discussion between her and the man seated next to me on my right.

Suddenly, she stood up, knocking her barstool over backwards and shouted, “You no good lying, cheating, two-faced son-of-a-bitch! Screw this, you bastard!”

Her roundhouse right barely missed me and caught him high on the left jaw, knocking him backwards off his stool, to land flat on his ass on the floor.

She was standing over him when she yelled, “I hope screwing her felt as good to you as this does to me!” and she kicked him in the balls, very hard.

He let out a scream then curled into the fetal position with his back to her, moaning.

“Think of me and think of this the next time you fuck her!” and she kicked him again, this time even harder, right in the crotch from behind.

He was whimpering and trying to protect his manhood from another attack when she reached down and pulled the wallet out of his back pocket. She took out a credit card and turned to the bartender. The bar was deathly quiet and everybody was watching her when she said, “Drinks for the house on him. Give me a vodka rocks, double and be sure to add a big tip for yourself barman.”

“Lady, that’s his credit card….”

“Fuck him, it’s a corporate card and I can sign for it too. I still work there or at least I will until Monday morning.”

She turned around to throw his wallet at him but he was gone. She took the cash (three twenty dollar bills) out and gave it to the bartender, then reached across the bar and tossed the wallet in a garbage can by the sink. To no one in particular she said, “He’ll have fun canceling those cards and getting a new drivers license.”

She picked up the stool, sat down on it and signed the bar tab. Then she seemed to notice me for the first time. There was only the stool recently vacated by her ex-lover or whatever he was between us. She was nursing her drink and her voice had almost returned to normal when she said, “Sorry about that, I hate to air dirty laundry in public but he had that coming.”

I guessed her to be in her mid to late twenties, twenty-five or so years younger than me. She was dressed in a tennis outfit that showed off her long, tan, well shaped, legs. She was a big gal and appeared to be almost my height. I would estimate she was a solid 160 lbs and built like an athlete with strong, arms. Her breasts were not large but in perfect proportion to the rest of her body. Brilliant blue eyes complemented the aura of her short, light hazel hair with blond sun streaks. All in all, she was a very attractive woman.

“From what I heard I guess he did. Hi, I’m Ed, and you are…?”

She chuckled a little, slid into the empty seat and said, “Hi Ed, I’m Pam and that slime that just left was Walter. I guess I’m also homeless, after that,” she said.”

“Oh… what was that all about? If you don’t mind telling me,” I asked, moving closer to her, and noticing the perfume she wore.

She eyed me up and down before she said, “Are you alone?”

“Just here by myself.”


“No. I’m single.”


I had to suppress a laugh because I was getting an erection. “Not on your life.”

“Well, I lived with that guy, and I can’t go there alone now… Where do you live?”

“I have an apartment in one of the country club condos right here on the property.”

“Can I get you to take me to my apartment to pick up some things?”

“Sure, I even have a spare bedroom if you need a place to crash for a couple of days.”

“She gave me a funny little sideways look and said, “How big is your spare bed?”

“Just a twin bed. Might be kind of tight for you.”

“No problem. Give me a couple of minutes to get back into my street clothes and I’ll be right with you. I’ll meet you back here shortly.”

I couldn’t help but admire her perfect ass as she swished away from me, her mini tennis skirt losing the battle to keep her bottom covered. She went into the ladies locker room, just to the left of the bar.

Willie, the bartender said, “Boy what a babe. I don’t know if I ever met a gal that strong. That guy she clobbered is the manager for Salvador Zitti’s travel agency. You know Sal, he’s on the country club’s board of directors with you.”

I did know Sal. He was our local emissary from the Mafia. He had friends bayraklı escort in all the wrong places although he seemed to lead a very peaceful, normal life.

Five minutes later she was back, now dressed in short shorts and a halter-top that hid even less than the tennis skirt and top did.

I think I must have been drooling or ogling at her because she said, “You like?”

“Very much.”

“Good, I like you too. Lets go and I’ll give you directions.”

I dropped her off at the apartment and she told me to wait outside. I waited far too long, but I thought it might be worth it

An hour later, about three o’clock, we pulled away from her apartment, the rear and back seat of my SUV full of her stuff. I even had a suitcase tied to the rooftop luggage rack.

“He wasn’t there so there’s no problem. I hope he stays away for a couple of days. I called the time of day machine in Cyprus and left his phone off the hook. Wait till he gets that bill. I’ll come back and get my car from the parking lot later.”

On the way back to my place she filled me in on her background. She worked for The Tuscan Travel agency that specialized in Mediterranean tours, especially the northern coast. The owner, Salvador Zitti, had recently taken a young, trophy wife, and turned the day-to-day operation of the agency over to Walter to manage. Today, Pam found out that Walter had been cheating on her with Sal’s wife. That’s when I came in.

We pulled up in front of my apartment and she said, “I’m glad I met you. I need to unwind. I need to get my mind off all this shit.”

I never had a woman say anything like that to me before so I just said, “Sure.”

We both took an armload of her stuff in and I showed her the empty closet to stow it in. I started to get another load and she said, “Be a dear and bring up the rest while I have a bath. I’m still sweaty and stinky from the tennis court.”

It took me five more trips to get all her stuff in. By the time I finished I was hot and sweaty too. She came out of the bathroom with a towel, far too short, wrapped around her. While it covered just enough of her breasts to hide the nipples, I could see soft, light brown hair peeking out the bottom.

She said, “If you want to collect what I owe you, you better shower too.”

A couple of minutes later, I was standing under the warm shower, my mind contemplating what had happened so far that day and the pleasant things that could happen in the immediate future when the shower door opened and I felt her ease in behind me.

“I thought you might like to have your back washed. How about this?”

At first, I really couldn’t tell what she was doing but it felt like she was rubbing her soapy boobs against my back. A moment later, I was sure of it because both of her hands snaked around me from behind to stroke my chest. Slowly, she let her hands wander downward until they came into contact with my rapidly hardening cock.

She gave it a light squeeze and said, “Ummmm….soooo nice…”

When I turned, she put her arms around my neck and pushed her hot wet body against mine, shoving me against the wall of the shower, capturing my hard dick between us. I had forgotten how pleasant it was to hold a woman that filled my arms. Her face was just a little below mine so that I didn’t even have to bend to kiss her. Her mouth was soft and very wet and she eagerly accepted my tongue when I slipped it between her lips. I savored the sweetness of her and the feeling of her ripe breasts mashed against my chest.

She tilted her head back, smiled and said, “You’re poking me. I hope that means what I think it does. Do you find me attractive?”

“Yes, very much so.”

She tilted her head back, smiled and said, “Do you want it?”

“Yea, I really want it. I want everything you’ve got.”

“You’ll get everything, baby. Everything I have.”

She led me to my bedroom, holding my hand. We were both dripping wet, but we did not mind that at all.

“Do you really like me or are you just horny?”

I was horny as hell but I said, “I really like you. I like tall, solid women. I hate these scrawny little scarecrows. I don’t know where they get the idea that skinny is sexy. I am horny, but I would find you attractive and sexy even if I wasn’t.”

“Well, lets do something about it. For some reason, violence makes me hot. My juices were running when I went to the ladies locker room at the country club.”

She escort bayraklı maneuvered me around so that I was sitting on the edge of the bed when she said, “I hope you like oral sex. I going to give you the best blow job you ever had.”

With her knees on the floor, she dipped her head and took my hard dick into her mouth.

I’ve never had a bad blowjob, but some are just better than others. On a scale of one to ten this was a twenty. When I looked down I couldn’t see what she was doing but I could feel it. She would use her tongue to outline the tip then plunge her mouth so far down on it that I couldn’t understand how she could take it all. Every now and then she would stop and look up at me and smile as she licked at it like an ice cream cone.

Finally I said. “I got to fuck you. If I cum while you’re doing that it will be hours before I can get hard again.

“OK, how about this.” She climbed up on the bed on her hands and knees with her ass high in the air, her legs spread a little and her wet snatch winking at me, inviting me in.

I got behind her and pushed into her wetness slowly, steadily, until my cock was as deep in her as it could go. For a few seconds I just held still, relishing the warm sensation of her body welcoming my invasion. Slowly I withdrew until I could feel her pussy lips at the rim on the head of my penis and then pushed into her again.

I did this about fifteen or twenty times speeding up with each successive stroke. Finally she said, “Easy big boy, you’re not hammering nails. Why don’t you lay down and let me take you for a ride.”

My fifty-five year old body was panting for breath and welcomed the chance for her to do the work and let me reap the benefits. I lay down and she eased her pussy onto my dick, slowly riding up and down, all the while smiling down at me.

Her voice was husky when she whispered, “I like this, being in control.”

I was slowly regaining my breath when I panted, “I like for you to be in control too.”

Now she was sliding back and forth in addition to riding up and down. “Mmm this feels so good with your cock rubbing my clitoris. Many men don’t like to give up being in charge, even for a good piece of ass.”

She continued this cadence until she finally looked down at me and recognized the glaze in my eyes as the omen of my impending climax. She quickly renewed her efforts to drop me into the chasm of orgasmic bliss and just as I reached the pinnacle of sensation, she joined me and tasted the ecstasy of coitus, shivering in orgasm as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her. Her head was bowed, her mouth was open, her eyes were glassy and it looked like she was having trouble supporting herself with her hands on my chest. Her entire body was quivering from the culmination of her climax.

Slowly she allowed herself to ease sideways onto the bed alongside of me as my spent, cum coated dick slid out of her pussy.

It was dark when I woke up to find her curled into a fetal ball, snoring softly. I took advantage of the alone time to call my friend, Sal, and fill him in on what was going on.

He already knew part of it. “That shit-head was here crying about what she did to him. He’s got a shiner the size of a dinner plate. He wanted to fire her but I told him to fuck off and get over it. She is one of my best agents and if I didn’t have a new wife, I’d try to get in her pants myself.”

I had neglected to tell him about the happening of late this afternoon with Pam in my apartment, and I had to assume that he still didn’t know the part his wife played in this little drama.

I woke her and we went out for dinner. Over a couple of excellent steaks I told her a little about myself. I worked hard and had a knack with computers. In the mid eighties, I started a dot/com business. My wife couldn’t stand the long hours and low pay and found herself another man, divorced me and married him. When I sold the company in 2000 for a bundle, I sent her a brand new Mercedes out of spite, and retired at age 48. I bought the 4000 sq ft condo Pam had seen, another smaller one in New York and a nice 55 foot sport fisherman boat down at the marina.

Since I had a dozen raw oysters as an appetizer, we made love again when we got back to the condo.

It was about nine o’clock the following morning when someone pounding on my door awakened us. Since it was Sunday and I wasn’t expecting anyone, I checked the front door security camera. bayraklı escort bayan It was Walter, his clothes disheveled and his left eye black and swollen shut.

I nudged her. “Hey Pam, Its for you!

I followed her out of the bedroom. She was groggy eyed and wearing a short, baby doll, nightgown. I knew from experience that she wasn’t wearing panties.

When she opened the door, Walter glowered at her, “You no good fucking bitch,” he shouted. “I spent the night in the fucking hospital. You called Sal and told him I was sleeping with his wife didn’t you? When I got back to the apartment this morning there were a couple of his goons waiting to ‘take care’ of me. I just barely got away with my fucking life.”

He took a step into the doorway and I was about to intercede when she punched him. I was a short jab, straight from the shoulder with all of her might, directly into his nose. It was as if she had squished a ripe tomato between her fist and a brick wall. Blood splattered everywhere and he fell backward into the corridor with his hands over his face, sobbing. I know he couldn’t see, but he should have known what was coming next. Her foot with the soft bedroom slipper couldn’t do too much damage to his balls but they must have still been tender from yesterday. When she kicked him, he let out a scream that could be heard for miles.

He rolled over and took off down the hall with her, still in her teddy, in hot pursuit. I couldn’t see what happened after they rounded the corner but I heard him scream again. In just a few moments, she came back with a smile on her face.

I was sitting on a little chair in my hallway by the front door when she came back, obviously winded from her exertions. She came up to me and I put my arms around her waist. She clinched my head against her tummy and said, “God that makes me horny! I almost had an orgasm when I threw his sorry ass down the stairs.”

“Let me see ” and I pushed her nightgown up to reveal her pussy wet and hot. When I touched it, shivers ran through her body and she squeezed my head even harder. When I put my finger in it and began to work it back and forth, she had an orgasm. I wanted to put my tongue in it but she wouldn’t let me.

“After I clean up a little you can eat me all you want.”

So, after we both cleaned up, I ate her and she was delicious. I did it my favorite position, laying half off the bed with my head between her legs while she lay back with her knees bent slightly and her snatch wide open to me. As I nibbled away, I could snake my arms under her legs and up alongside her body to play with her tits. Wide open like that, by moving my head back and forth, I could massage her clit with my nose while plunging my tongue into the depths of her cunt. It usually doesn’t take long and, true to form, she was writhing in the throes of a climax in just a few minutes.

Before she had a chance to recover, I quickly mounted her in the missionary position and plunged my hard cock into her sweet pussy. I think she had multiple orgasms while I was fucking her but I was so lost in my own sensations I couldn’t be sure. I know I was so aroused that I came almost immediately. My climax was so quick and so complete that it left me weak and gasping for breath. As she had done to me yesterday, I collapsed by her side.

Later she said, “You sure are a good lover. I never met a man that could make me cum as hard and as often as you do. Are all of you old farts that good?”

“Naw, I’m the only one like that.”

We were almost asleep when the phone rang. I picked it up and it was Sal. Without preamble he said, “Why didn’t you tell me that fuck head, Walter, was sleeping with my wife. Well, it really doesn’t matter, I got it out of her and I’ve taken care of that. My boys tell me that Pam is with you. You also forgot to tell me you were fucking her. Well, enjoy it; she sure looks like a good piece of ass. Tell her to get into the office a little earlier on Monday; she’s my new manager. Oh, by the way, Walter wanted to file assault charges against her but some of my boys talked him out of it. Tell Pam not to worry; I think he went away somewhere, far away. If he ever comes back, it won’t be before the statute of limitations runs out on the assault. See you at the club later.”

It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I became a father of twins at fifty-eight years of age and, the following year, bought Pam the travel agency from Sal as a wedding gift. She arranged our honeymoon in Rome.


Copyright © 09-12-2007 by E. J. Sheeran. All rights reserved. This work, in part, or whole, is not to be distributed, reproduced, transmitted or posted, in any manner, without the express written permission of the author.

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