A Beautiful Mountain Morning

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A Beautiful Mountain Morning

Helena awoke to the soothing yet stimulating suckling on her breast. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled down at Isaac who was looking up adoringly at her. On seeing his goddess awake and pleased with him he slowly released her nipple from his mouth.

‘Good morning my Queen.’

‘Good morning my love.’

Isaac latched on the nipple on Helena’s other breast and started to suckle. She pulled him closer and stroked his hair. His naked body was warm against hers, even his metal cage encasing his unnecessary cock was warm against her thigh. They lay in comfortable bliss as daylight began to peek through the curtains.

Helena pulled his head gently off her breast. ‘Lick me.’

Isaac knew what this commend meant. He heard it every morning, and quite a few times throughout the day. ‘Yes Miss.’ He moved down the bed as his Goddess rolled onto her back. She opened her legs wide and even in the early rays of light could see her pussy glistening with moisture. He felt his cage tighten as his cock tried to assert itself. Positioning himself on his knees at the end of the bed he leant into position.

The fragrance of his Goddesses pussy intoxicated him and he had to concentrate hard not çeşme escort to bury his face straight into it. He knew she liked to build up to that and her pleasure was of the only importance. With his hands he parted her large plump lips and held them open while he gently started licking her clitoris. It was stiff as he licked it up and down and she made low moans as he did so. His tongue could feel her getting wetter and he lapped up the extra fluid greedily.

He paced himself with his licking, when he felt her hand on his head he knew that meant to slow down. His Goddess liked to take her time with her morning orgasms. When she placed her hand on his head he stopped licking her clit and slowly moved his tongue down into her pussy, pushing it in and massaging it’s deep walls. He pressed his face in fully, inhaling her aroma and feeling her body fight against an orgasm.

She released her hand from his head and he knew this meant to resume stimulating her clit. He slid his tongue out of her and slurped up the excess liquid. His face was moist and felt so refreshed. Moving his tongue up to her hard clitoris he started sucking it and flicking it. His Goddess groaned and arched her hips back and forth. He knew escort çeşme she was about to cum and he could feel himself dribbling from his cage.

She gave one final loud scream and squirted into his mouth. He drank and licked while she lay quivering. She touched his right ear. That meant stop, so he did. She lay still, taking deep breaths of recovery, while he remained between her legs. He kissed the inside of her thighs daintily while her breathing returned to normal.

‘Thank you.’

‘No need to thank me Miss, it’s my honour.’

‘I know.’ Helena positioned herself on her elbows to see Isaac better. ‘I thank you as I want you to know you’re doing a good job.’

‘Yes Miss.’

‘Now you can wash me in the shower before getting me breakfast.’

Isaac washed his Goddess as instructed and dried her with her favourite fluffy towel. He held her silk robe as she glided her arms in and then went to prepare her breakfast, still nude himself. He made her a mushroom omelette and served it with fresh chilled orange juice at the solid wood table, fresh carnations sat in the middle of the table along with a pot of coffee. They ate together, although Isaac wouldn’t take a bit until his Goddess had çeşme escort bayan started to eat first. He knew his place. He knew to await permission.

Isaac cleared the table and disappeared to do the washing up. When he returned his Goddess was sat on her throne. It was a large old wing back chair that Isaac had covered with purple velvet. She wasn’t holding the paddle or whip so he knew she meant to spank him today with her bare hand.

She smiled and tapped her lap. ‘Come here.’

Isaac did as he was told and walked across to her.

‘Assume the position.’

He led across her lap and braced himself. The first smack always made him jump even though it was gentle. She continued to slap his behind getting harder with each hit. It stung a little but it made Isaac feel so alive. His Goddess spanked him every day to remind him who was in control. He didn’t need reminding but was always so grateful for this ritual between them. Even when she was feeling angry and used the leather paddle to turn his backside red he was grateful to her for letting him serve her.

Helena stopped spanking Isaac. ‘Go and set my clothes out for the day.’

‘Yes Miss.’ Isaac stood up, his backside tingling and his cock throbbing in its confined space. ‘Anything in particular?’

‘Something suitable for a mountain trek. Then make us some food to take with us and pack our rucksacks.’

‘Yes Miss, will we be out all day?’

‘Yes.’ Helena’s eye sparkled mischievously. ‘We’re going on a mini adventure.’

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