A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 60

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This chapter was finally finished at the urging of several readers. Chapter 58 leads into this Chapter. Reading or re-reading 58 will enhance reading this tale.

The following chapter is part of a single novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery, and growth involving a small group of people. This story should read fairly well all alone, but…

By clicking on a blue Wm_Sexspear, you’ll be taken to my Profile; at the bottom of the page you’ll find a list of all the currently available chapters. THIS SHOULD MAKE IT EASY TO READ THEM ALL, IN SEQUENCE, WHICH IS HEARTILY SUGGESTED so the reader can follow the story line, character development, and catch the inside jokes.

Many of these chapters could go into several different Literotica story categories. Many chapters could go into either First Time, Erotic Couplings, Lesbian, OR Incest, for example.

Specific example: in Chapter 1 there’s a small amount of male-male sex. Yet the sex comes about in reaction to female induced arousal. A number of ladies have said it turns them on to picture two guys, just like the idea of girl-girl sex is arousing to many males. Yet Chapter 1’s purpose is to supply important background regarding the heterosexual development of 2 young men, so I’d hope a straight, bi, or gay reader could relate to and enjoy that chapter.

Thank you. W_S

* * * * *

Chapter 60 – Mom Opens Up For Larry

We needed food. The sex was outstanding, but unless we rested and ate a bit, we’d soon be too pooped to pop. Food prepared and served by a topless waitress is the greatest! During lunch I made Mom laugh a continually. Feeling so good about everything, being so relaxed, brought out my sense of humor, as well as Mom’s.

When I grabbed her teats a couple times while pretending to reach for something else, she squealed like a school girl. Any dropped food was an excuse for us to giggle. Sight gags involving our bodies were also the order of the day. A few times we even fed each other. Pure and simple, we had fun.

By the time we finished dining I had a boner. While Mom washed dishes, I was supposed to dry. I did, but I made this routine chore a little more fun. Without too much effort, I got Mom to bend over the sink enough for me to worm my penis into her from behind. While it was awkward as hell for both of us, if we took our time, we still managed to wash, dry and screw without breaking anything but a mild sweat.

The sex felt fantastic, but it was also funny, not to mention hard to perform. Neither of us came, but we both needed to by the time we finished the dishes.

As soon as I could, I led Mom up to my room where I asked her to lie on her tummy with her legs pressed together. Like a slithering snake, I slid up her back until I was covering her body with mine. Following a series of gentle penile probings into the unseen warm moistness between her legs, I mounted my mother, keeping my legs on the outside of hers.

Just laying there for a time, I savored the warmth of her skin against mine. Whispering into her ear, I asked Mom to help me get my hands under her breasts; I wanted to fondle them while feeling her thick nipples poke into my palms.

Uummmm, how good it felt knowing my penis was plugged into her body through the tiny gap at the top of her pressed together thighs defies description. Mom’s buns began to roll as she signaled her need to feel my cock moving within her. Certainly I was more than ready myself for the exquisite sensations of intercourse.

Unable to wait a moment longer, my hips began the rise and fall of coital bliss. Withdrawing my erection until only the glans was barely canlı bahis touching her, I’d slowly allow my cock to sink back into her steamy depths. Slowly, but steadily, I humped Mom for as long as I could hold out before it felt so wonderful that I had to come.

Mom was great, she made her ass push up into my groin perfectly. The obvious joy her body exuded left me feeling so glad she was enjoying making love with me; I was counting on a whole lot more sex with this incredible women who just happened to be my mother.

When I had fully drained the very last of my ejaculate into her still grasping pussy, I rolled off of her back. We cuddled, fondled or kissed for quite a while.

When I asked her if she felt like being eaten again, her enthusiastic “YES!” prompted a short discussion about her preferences. Seems Mom really, really, enjoyed being eaten. As it dawned upon me how little about her I actually knew, I decided to satisfy my curiosity about a few more things.

Under what other circumstances could I have learned that she’d never shaved her pussy for fun. She’d been shaved twice for my and Carly’s deliveries, but since Dad never wanted to eat her, she’d never thought much about her bush. Sporting a lecherous grin, I told her how much fun it was eating Carly after she’d shaved her young pussy.

Since it would allow me to use my tongue all the better, and in more places, Mom decided “What the hell.” Before I knew what was happening, she was up and running with me in tow.

Into the bathroom we went. Within minutes she was sitting on the edge of the tub, ready to clear-cut the forest. To make her sexual adventure all the more fun, she had me trim her bush, then lather and shave her. It was so cool! You can’t believe how careful I was, but having the whole thing take a long time was no problem at all to me! When she was finally clean as a whistle, I used a warm wash cloth to remove any traces of soap. At last I was able to give her a big slurp or two, but it was very awkward in the tub.

Like a flash we were back on my bed in a passionate 69; I ate her bald pussy like she was my last meal. As my tongue burrowed throughout her slit, Mom was coming left and right. My tongue spent considerable time probing into her hole, plus I was now able to seriously lick and suck her vaginal lips.

I found her pussy to be amazingly beautiful, I couldn’t resist her. Wow, I loved it that her clit was easy to suck on when she got excited; it puffed out when it became engorged until I could suck it like it was a little cock. Boy did she come hard when I did that for her.

Certainly Mom seemed to love having my cock in her mouth. She didn’t just suck me, she made love to my penis. Her tongue was constantly busy; she’d lave the shaft then caress every part of the glans with the tip or flat part of her tongue. She was especially adept at working the underside of my glans.

Nearly passing out from ecstasy overload, I learned that she definitely was able to take me down her throat. Sometimes Mom liked for me to come so I’d splash onto her tongue; sometimes down her throat like it was a vagina. Anything and everything she did made my penis feel like it was well loved and well cared for.

Another thing we both adored about 69’ing; we loved having a handful of each other buns. Mom’s ass was so soft, but I adored feeling her strong muscles contracting when we made each other come. The way her hands kneaded my buns, the way her fingers dug into my flesh, never failed to add to my excitement and pleasure.

My next orgasm just plain happened. I knew I no longer had to warn her, in fact her mouth knew when I was about to send it a gift. God, it was sheer bahis siteleri bliss the way she’d suck every drop out of me.

When we finally took a break I resumed my questioning. Eventually, I got her to tell me about her experience with oral sex. Apparently she had blown my Dad a few times before they’d ever had intercourse, but mine was only the second penis she’d ever sucked. Mom had been an only child. Like me she’d had few playmates growing up, plus it sounded like her folks had been even more sexually severe. Apologizing in advance because I really didn’t want to embarrass her, I explained that I was curious if she’d ever thought about fooling around with a girl since she seemed to enjoy being eaten so much.

To my great surprise, after a lengthy pause, Mom at long last confessed that her first sexual experience had with a cousin name Sue who lived in New Jersey. Being so far away she had rarely seen Sue while growing up, but once in a while her folks sent Sue for a visit to the country. They had always gotten along like best friends, but my mother had been especially thankful for the albeit brief companionship. When Sue and Mom were both 18, they were just starting to fully blossom; at that point it had been three years since they’d last spent time together.

Mom recalled they’d been playing in her room while still in their Sunday School dresses as they waited for Sunday dinner. They’d been teasing each other about God knows what, when a tickle fight had broken out. Both being fairly ticklish, they were soon laughing like maniacs as each girl managed to break though the other’s defenses, thus reaching their main objective: the sensitive rib areas.

As their bodies continually rubbed together, Mom recounted her surprise when she had fleetingly felt Sue’s breasts several times as they vied for position. Managing to grab one of Mom’s wrists, Sue shoved it between hers legs to trap that arm while she used her now two free hands to Mom’s one to trap Mom’s remaining free hand. Now having an edge, Sue began tickling Mom mercilessly.

As Mom struggled to free herself, her arm worked upward until the wrist began to slid out, but her hand became lodged in the gap at the top of Sue’s thighs. Still struggling, Mom’s hand got pressed against Sue’s panties. Since Mom’s hand had been trying to tickle any part of Sue she could reach, she was feeling up Sue without meaning to. She recalled the changing expressions on Sue’s face as Mom’s fingers worked their magic on Sue’s panty covered pussy.

Only after Sue had stopped tickling her for a time did it finally sink in just where her hand was, and just what it was doing to Sue. Instantly Mom stopped moving her fingers.

A funny expression came over Sue’s face, Mom recalled. For what seemed like a lifetime, Sue stared into Mom’s eyes. Slowly Sue’s free hand slid down Mom’s tummy until it was below her hemline. She felt Sue’s palm press against her thigh, then tentatively travel upwards until her palm cupped Mom’s pussy. Silently, Sue began feeling up Mom the way Mom had inadvertently done to her.

“It felt better than anything I’d ever known, anything I’d ever imagined. I closed my eyes, allowing the waves of pleasure to wash over me. As it dawned upon me how good I must have been making Sue feel, I started to return the favor by intentionally massaging her warm pussy once again.”

“Sue was the first to say she’d wanted to see my…see me down there. She released my hand, yet widened her legs. So I kept feeling her up as she lowered my panties to near my knees. Eagerly I opened my legs, I wanted her to touch me again, as soon as possible. It seemed like an eternity before I felt her fingers bahis şirketleri gliding through my sparse fur, I recall moaning when I felt her fingers discover my naked pussy.

When Sue resumed the circular massaging motion, I fought not to faint. Since Sue was making me feel so utterly awesome, I simply had to do as much for her. Also, I wanted very much at that point to see between her legs. We didn’t have girls sports back then, there were no girl’s shower rooms; I’d never seen another girl naked.”

“Sue lifted herself so I could lower her panties. Switching my position so my head was very close to her pussy, I slid her panties all the way off. Opening her legs freely, Sue invited my close examination.”

“After staring a while, I used both my hands to play with her or open her up so I could study her hidden beauty. Following my lead, Sue removed my panties, then laid her head on my thigh so she could see everything as she did sexy things to my pussy. Lord, I don’t know how long we kept at it before I heard Sue say…I’m going to do something I did to a boy a couple times, he really, really liked it, so I’m betting you will to.”

“I hadn’t a clue what she was talking about, but a moment later when her mouth began sucking my pussy I sure knew. Before I’d even begun to recover from the pleasant shock of being sucked, her tongue started worming around between my lips. Sue soon located my clit. Bang, I was having my first orgasm from real sex.”

“Oh God baby, it was awesome. My body shook like a leaf. I knew I had to immediately eat Sue. Guess I was a little unsure just how to start, but I made up for ignorance with enthusiasm. Instantly I was relieved to learn she tasted wonderful to me. I loved her scent, I loved her pussy. Sue got eaten like she deserved to be for having gotten me off so wonderfully.”

“Sue was just about there when my mother shouted from downstairs that dinner was on the table.”

“Coming!” “Sue shouted at the top of her lungs, and boy was she ever. She buried her face between my legs again. We both got off again a moment later because we were each so excited by seeing someone else have an orgasm.”

“We weren’t ready to stop, but we had to lest my folks come to check up on us. Understand, I was never allowed to lock my door.”

“Basking in my orgasmic afterglow, I confided to Sue I’d never had a date. Shyly I asked if she would mind being my date that night. I wanted to be kissed, I wanted to feel someone’s hand fondle my breasts, and I especially wanted to have my pussy eaten a lot more. Sue never said yes or no, instead she pulled me to her and gave me a French kiss that left my head spinning.”

“I’ve never kissed a girl before, not bad!” she said. Sue had to pull me to my feet, I was too weak to stand. At last, off to dinner we went.”

“Mom, did you and Sue have your date?”

“Thank God, yes. I still get shivers when I remember it. I probably shouldn’t be this honest with you about it, but I’ve had to masturbate most of my life when I needed some relief. More often than not, my first ‘date’ with Sue especially is what I used to think about to push myself over the edge.”

Obviously Mom had grown terribly excited by recalling her times with her cousin; she spun around into a 69 position, then engulfed my bouncing erection. As I observed her eager beaver from inches away, the twitching and spasms of her vaginal muscles proclaimed her arousal, clearly her pussy was begging for penetration. My penis was tortured by the need to decide whether come in the perfect feel of Mom’s silky mouth, or the perfect sight of her ever widening pussy.

As I drifted deeper into the dreamy world of sexual bliss, my lust driven mind began picturing Carly and Mom eating each other while I screwed them both. “How would I decide which one to nail first?” was my last thought before losing myself in making love to Mom.

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