750 Club – Backstage

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Big Tits

I shouldn’t want her this much, but God help me, I do. The hardon is inevitable. She’s on her knees in front of me, a hint of her deep cleavage showing. The dress she wears is long-sleeved and chaste, a chestnut thing with buttons up the front and a belt she has tied too loosely. Who could blame her? The theater’s dressing room is like a furnace. I don’t care in that moment. I watch a bead of sweat roll down her neck, down to her breasts.

Eva’s hands are on me but they’ve been on everyone. In the cast. She’s taking measurements for our costumes. Her husband, the director and an assistant professor, is out on stage talking a few actors through the last scene for the night. And I’m back here, my cock rising in my khaki shorts, his hot thirty-something wife blushing as she realizes the effect she’s having on me.

“It’s natural,” Eva murmurs. Her eyes are dark pools, unreadable.

She wraps the measuring tape around my waist again, mutters a number under her breath, uşak escort and picks up a notepad to write it down. Another bead of sweat rolls between her breasts and she notices where my eyes are fixed. Her tits are big, motherly. Fitting, since she and the professor have two kids. There’s some extra weight to her but it’s the sort that drives me wild in a woman, a fullness, a ripeness. I want to see her thick hips and big ass slamming back against me. I want to eat her for hours.

“The inside leg’s next,” she says.

I don’t know what that means until she grips one end of the tape and holds it against my ankle. Then she brings the other end up my leg, all the way to my thigh. Her knuckles brush my straining dick and I nearly lose it. We draw a sharp breath together. She laughs, and it’s that dark sound that drives me to it.

I take her hand. She’s so startled she drops the tape. I look up at the door. Still closed. She’s staring up at me, uşak escort bayan starting to say something, but I move her hand to my cock and she opens it naturally to grip me. She glances back too, then up at me, and she’s going for it, not stroking me, but undoing the button and unzipping me.

Eva’s warm, wet mouth encircles me, and I can’t fight back a minute moan as she swallows me deep. Her dark eyes go angry at the sound and I wince, but it doesn’t stop her. Her sweet motherly face is crammed full of my cock. Neither of us held anything back. I grabbed a fistful of her wavy dark hair and drive her down further, to my balls. She makes a “hurk,” and the sound drives me even more wild.

“Show me your tits,” I whisper, and she does, pulling open the first few buttons as she’s bobbing up and down on my dick. The dress spills open. Her floral push-up bra makes her big creamy tits pop, and I have to have one of them in my mouth. I pull escort uşak out of her mouth and she’s rising to meet me, our lips crushing together once before I’m pushing her back against the wall and yanking a cup down over her breast. Her tit spills out and I suck the nipple into my mouth as she’s jerking up the front of her dress.

Eva pushes me away just far enough to point me where she really wants me — her cunt. Her very happily married cunt. And God help me, I’m there, spreading her legs wide and driving up into her, an eighteen-year-old student fucking the newly slutty wife of his professor, his director. She loves it. She’s wet and ready for me and takes my hard thrusting with the darkest smile I’ve ever seen.

Outside, laughter. It should have stopped us. It didn’t. Eva breathes in my ear, “Come in me.”

“Are you safe?”


I don’t care about that either. What we’re doing is already so far over the edge of right that the thought of spilling in Eva drives me crazier. I fuck into her hard, my hands under her hips as I lift her and take her against the wall. Her eyes close and she grits her teeth. Her fingernails dig into my back and she hisses through her teeth one word. “Fuck…”

More laughter.

I come just in time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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