( 3 ) Our caravan holiday gets better

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We must have slept soundly, Gretchen was still in my arms when I woke, my morning woody slide effortlessly into her pussy and slowly woke her, but I needed to pee, so after a good snuggle, I went for a walk, Sue joined me as I headed off, she had a very short shirt on, her bare ass and huge tits feeling the morning air.

Being a gentleman I let her go in first, she used the douche as we spoke though the walls, I told her that I had to go to town, our large picnic blanket we had been fucking on was covered in dry cum, and we needed more water for the showers, she said she would like to go with me and get a few things too, so once we both had cleaned our anus’s we walked back, the rest now sitting having a cuppa.

After breakfast I told Lyn, I was going to town and chucked the blanket in the caravan, Sue grabbed a pull up dress, and jumped in, we took off to town, first port of call laundry mat, then a short walk to the super market, Sue got lots of looks in her near see though dress, her huge tits jiggling nicely as she walked.
No sooner had I moved away from Sue, she had guys trying to help her, or ask her for advice where things were, of course all they were doing was perving on her tits, but she was lapping it up, I paid for my stuff and waited, Sue eventually walked out of the shop with her arms full of shopping, the guys still hanging around her, talking to her about where she was going etc,

Her dress was now so low, you could nearly see her nipples, the guys standing watching her every move, she winked at me then moved her body so her tits did fall out, the guys eyes lit up like never before, Sue asked me to pull her dress up, I laughed, my hands also full, and said no chance, you need to ask someone else, well three guys nearly fell over trying to help her, all three had their hands on her dress, kind of, most were feeling her tits up, as they slowly pulled it up, she laughed and said thank you.

Even as we went back to get our blanket and then put it in the dryer, the guys still hung around, Sue liked one in particular, and asked if I had the caravan keys, she needed to show him something in the caravan, she walked off with him, and some 10 minutes later they stepped out of the caravan, she was wiping her lips and he had the biggest smile ever.

On our way back to camp, Dave rang, saying he had forgotten it was Friday night and the guys played darts tonight canlı bahis at a pub in teams, and the other guys from the teams would be pissed off if they didn’t turn up, I asked how many, he said all up 12 guys, Sue said without any hesitation, bring them along too.

Dave went silent, then asked if she was serious or not, she told him, yes she was, he said he would call back and confirm either way, Sue told me the guy she blew was also coming along for more tonight too, once back in camp, Sue told the others, both woman smiled Gretchen looked to Lou and said” I’ve already been fucked by more men here than ever before”, Lou said looks like you’re going to get a lot more too, Rick said same goes for Sue.

For some reason they then looked at Lyn, and asked her, she said at least 700 guys or more, and 20 plus in one session, boy you could see the woman thinking about that one, they then looked at me, I told them some 300 woman plus and around 350 plus guys now, the guys mouths dropped with that answer. Then Sue asked, what’s the most in one session, I told her don’t really know, longest session was from mid day to 2 am, in a men’s club, with little rest, Lyn then said ” he leaked cum for 2 days too”.

Later the girls went for a walk onto the rock, all naked of course, when Dave rang, he told us only two backed out, so around 10 guys wanted to meet us, I told him they must be tidy and respect the girls, he said he would make sure they were, and any time after 6 pm to start, also bring their own drinks etc, or food.
It was smiles all round when we told the girls, they all went off to the toilet for extra attention to detail, we got things set up, Rick seemed a bit on edge about Sue being fucked by so many, I told him, he or she only has to say ‘enough’ and we will make sure that the guys leave her alone, but more likely the guys would be crying wolf before Sue gave up.

Well sure enough at 6pm, the guys arrived, the ones who had been with us before were stripped and into the girls as their cocks got sucked or they went straight into a waiting hole, the others stood back and watched for a while, their cocks growing as their mates fucked our women, I saw the guy from the shops fuck Sue, he must have brought some friends too, as all up around 18 guys or so were here.

We all got into the fun, every girl with more cocks than she could use at the same time, but none seemed to worry, bahis siteleri Gretchen really going wild with guys tag teaming her fucking her fast and hard, then swapping to another guy to keep up the assault.

I have no idea, how many guys fucked who, the whole night was one blur of cocks and cum, by now the girls were well and truly stuffed full of sperm, all three had bright red rosebuds, and puffy pussy lips, I had fisted them all, and now a few guys had fisted them too, I was lucky to grab a few loads of cum too, and like Rick had eaten heaps of cum from the girls holes.

It was late when the guys slowed, I lay down my arms up, and told the girls to pick a fist and then one to ride my cock, I had Lyn on my cock and the other two slide down my arm, both Sue and Gretchen high on poppers pushed their limits to the max, urging one another on to get my arm into their ass up to the elbow, the poppers now got used big time as the pressure on my fists grew.

I told them both I knew how to help them get more in, telling the guys to lift them by their feet and shoulders, as this was done, I told the guys to lift and lower the girls carefully onto my fists, as this was done I told them to take a lot more poppers, once done I told the guys to lift them, then let their full weight go onto me, boy did I have to hang onto my arms, as both woman were dropped Sue went down, her ass sucking my arm in, Gretchen being lighter didn’t drop as far, she then told them to lift her higher, and drop her, she screamed a bit as my arm disappeared into her body.

Now they cuddled one another tears of joy and pain in their eyes, as both were slowly lifted up and down fully causing orgasms to ring out louder than ever, my arms pinned under them both, Lyn still riding my cock, took my last load of cum for the night, Rick and Lou hugged their woman as Lyn brought my cum up for me to eat, some of the guys used the girls mouths to drop a load of cum into, the girls all happy with very contented guys with limp dicks hanging cum soaked between their legs.

When the girls were lifted off, I walked them to the grass area, they knew, this time even Gretchen lay with them, the guys that knew stood with me, then one by one, we pissed over them, washing their body with our streams of fluid, it was so hot seeing the girls kiss and rub our fluids on one another, more guys joined in, again some stood back to bahis şirketleri watch, when all the bladders were empty it was off to the shower for a cleanup.

No one seemed to be rushing of, being a Friday of course most probably didn’t have to work the next day, we all lay around talking, now and then one of the guys would slip his cock into a hole and keep it warm, but none with too much energy left to fuck now.

The girls seemed to have a bit of spare energy and soon Sue was fingering Gretchen ass, playing with her swollen rosebud, next thing Lyn moved in and the three formed a circle fingering and eating one another pussies and butt’s, this seemed to excite the guys as a few cocks filled with blood.

One thing lead to another and soon the guys filled any hole in sight, my cock went deep into Gretchen’s hot ass, while she took one in her pussy & mouth and each hand, it wasn’t long before she got topped up by us all, Sue and Lyn were doing the same, it seems everyone had found their second wind.

The new burst of energy only lasted about an hour, then once more limp cocks outnumbered the hard ones, every hole refilled by cum, I had taken Rick’s and Al’s cum and a new cock , so I was happy, then Gretchen stood and took the girls onto the grass, within seconds the guys stood over them and washed them with the piss, the girls laughing as they kissed and rubbed each other’s bodies.

Then Gretchen stood and let her piss go, Lyn and Sue took most over their faces, I moved and lay with them, her warm piss flowed over my face, then each in turn rose and repeated the act over us, it was so hot feeling the juices fall upon me, then a few other guys let a bit more piss flow, then once more we all showered off.

By now the guys were done for, laying around knackered, the girls relaxed alongside us, Sue was first to speak and ask the guys if they were up for more fun Saturday night, the night lit up with smiles all round, and lots of yes please, Gretchen and Lyn both said, bring more mates too, as they played with each other’s pussies.

The guys now seemed to be more content on leaving, kissing the girls one last time, now the girls headed for bed, Lyn sleeping with me, once in bed she knelt up, wanting my fists in her ass and pussy, they slide in easy, as I worked her up to a huge orgasm, my cock started to respond to her groans of bliss. I knew my balls were empty but with my fist still in her pussy, my cock eased open her tender rosebud for one more fuck, some 10 minutes later I had one last dry orgasm, sleep soon followed.

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