22yo Bottom Plowed in the Hottub

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Last Friday Kip and I had an awesome day snowboarding (blue skies no wind, although we could do with a little more snow). After riding until four o’clock, we rode down the run called Four O’Clock here at Breckenridge then we jumped on one of the local buses and went down to one of the local breweries for a beer.

While sitting at the bar I checked some emails and Kip checked the online gay hookup app Grindr and saw that we had a message. Kip showed me the message and the photo of the very cute 22yo guy who is on vacation with his family and looking for some NSA (no strings attached) fun with another guy, guys or group. The 22yo’s profile name was “Easy Bottom” which is how I’ll refer to him.

It goes without question that Kip had my approval to reply to this guy and see if he wanted to come over for some speedo hottub fun.

We had another beer as Kip and Easy Bottom exchanged a few messages back and forth. Then about half way through our 2nd beer of the apres session Kip announced (not to the entire bar, just to me) that it is setup and Easy Bottom would be at his place in 45 minutes. Just enough time for us to finish our beer and get the bus back to Kip’s.

Kip and I had gotten home, stripped out of our snowboarding gear down to our speedos when the door bell rang. I went to the door wearing nothing but my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.

Easy Bottom got a wonderful surprise when I opened the door and I was just as pleased seeing how cute he was, you just never know if a casual online hookup is really a 70yo, 400lb guy instead. After shaking hands and introducing ourselves I walked Easy Bottom into the kitchen where Kip was pouring a drink. Again, Kip was wearing nothing but a pair of speedos, güvenilir bahis this time he was wearing my favourite AussieBum Portsea’s (the AussieBum Portsea’s and I have long history which includes my first ever threesome).

Can you imagine being this 22yo guy standing there fully clothed between two guys wearing nothing but speedos?

Since Easy Bottom didn’t have any speedos with him, Kip said that he’d have to hottub nude. Not that it would matter very much because he’d be nude quick enough. Easy Bottom stripped right there in front of us and he just got cuter and cuter with each piece of clothing he took off. Kip handed him his drink and the three of us headed to the outdoor hottub.

Thankfully Kip’s hottub is private and only three steps from his back door. On our way out I grabbed the little bag which had our little sex kit in it… condoms and lube. The main sex kit has handcuffs, gag, rope, well you know what I mean.

Once the three of us were submerged all of our hands started wandering.

All three of us were hard in no time at all.

While I’m a huge fan of speedos, they were starting to get in the way so I stood up out of the water and asked Easy Bottom to take mine off which he did. I was going to put my cock in his mouth but Kip thought it was a good idea and stood up and asked/ordered Easy Bottom to take his speedos off as well.

Now, Easy Bottom was at eye height of both Kip’s cock and my cock. He didn’t need instructions and started alternating them inside his mouth.

Of course this was a super turn on, so Kip and I started making out while Easy Bottom went to work on our cocks.

This couldn’t last long though, despite being a nice day the temperature türkçe bahis was still -10C (low teens F), in the end Kip and I had to break Easy Bottom away from our cocks and slide back into the water to warm up.

Six hands resumed their underwater exploring and we had not touched our drinks since we got into the hottub. I was thinking that it was time that we found out just how good a bottom, Easy Bottom was. I expressed this to Kip and he agreed and Easy Bottom agreed as well. Since both Kip and I were 100% hard and eager to fuck this 22yo arse we decided to scissors, paper, rock for who got to fuck him first.

Kip beat my scissors with rock.

While Kip got a condom on, I bent Easy Bottom over and started lubing his arse for the pounding it was going to get over the next half hour. He said that he had been fucked two days ago and I slid two lubed up fingers inside him easily enough.

Then it was time for Kip’s cock. Watching these two hot, fit young guys fucking within an arms reach of me was pretty amazing. Kip started slowly but was driving his cock deep inside Easy Bottom.

After a couple of dozen deep strokes, Easy Bottom was taking it but moaning in pleasure. Kip told me that he was close but didn’t want to cum and told me to get ready to take over. I grabbed a condom, put it on as quickly as I good, took a handful of lube and smothered it on my cock. Kip pulled out slowly and before Easy Bottom’s had realized a cock had been removed, the head of my cock was entering it.

Easy Bottom didn’t have the tightest arse I’ve ever fucked but that might be because Kip had already loosened it up for me.

Like Kip I took it slow but took it deep. Easy Bottom was moaning louder güvenilir bahis siteleri and louder.

I lasted a couple of dozen strokes and could feel myself getting closer so I told Kip to get ready to take over again. Kip replaced his condom with a fresh one and while I didn’t want to stop sliding my cock in and out of Easy Bottom, I pulled out and Kip had his cock inside Easy Bottom before he knew it. Well, I think he knew it because he moaned even louder when Kip slid his cock in all the way to his balls.

This time Kip was going hard at the finish line. He was plowing Easy Bottom. Water was splashing everywhere, Easy Bottom was moaning, Kip was grunting and it wasn’t going to be long. I got myself ready with a fresh condom because this wasn’t going to last long. It didn’t.

I could tell that Kip was getting close and with a trust that took the head of his cock all the way out and then all the way in Kip’s butt cheeks flexed as he started cumming. I wanted Kip to hurry up and after half a dozen spasms he pulled out and I started plowing Easy Bottom. By now we had been double teaming Easy Bottom for more than 10 minutes. That is one hell of a work out for any arse. Kip cleaned himself up and then made Easy Bottom stand up so that he could have access to his cock.

Kip put Easy Bottom’s cock in his mouth and went about sucking his cock like the expert I know Kip to be.

Easy Bottom was getting close, really close and then I felt his arsehole tighten around my cock and within two strokes I was as deep as I had been in his arse and orgasming (is that a word?).

Totally out of breath, Easy Bottom and I sunk back into the hottub spent. Kip had taken Easy Bottom’s entire load down his throat and there were four used condoms on the ground beside the hottub.

Finally we all had a well deserved drink.

Even if Easy Bottom wanted some more, I don’t think his arse could have handled another round like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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