2035 – The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 07

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The day finally arrived that my wife and that bully were due to arrive. There I stood in the hall awaiting their arrival. To save my wife from being anally destroyed by that bully I stood in my new uniform like he demanded in exchange to protect her virginity in that department.

I looked so silly. And frilly. I had heard stories of some chastised husbands going down this route whether it was their own desires, their wives way of keeping them under their thumbs or their alpha male lovers way of emasculating the husbands in front of their wives. Patrick was definitely marking his territory and I was losing all credibility. I loved Rebecca so so much but by locking up my penis, I was now going down the route of not being a man at all.

I was completely hairless upon the instructions in the box. I had a milk white make up, pink coated lips and an amber red wig. My clothes were as bad. I had sheer stockings on, silk white panties, a frilly French maid dress with pinny at the front and women’s heels. Thankfully they weren’t too high.

What would Rebecca think when she walked in with him? I was still scared for my wife as Patrick seemed to have turned into a real bully with her in Paris and she was turning submissive herself. That was not the woman I married. She controlled everything and I loved her for that. I felt I couldn’t protect her around this asshole and that scared me to the core.

The car came speeding up the driveway and I heard the clip clop of her heels coming running for the door.

She burst in and without even taking in her feminized husband in her hall, she threw her arms around me and started to cry into my shoulder.

“He’s such a pig, my love”, she cried. “It’s over, I don’t want to see him ever again. I don’t care how great his cock is, we don’t need that kind of thing in our lives baby.”

She kissed me and told me all about his brutish behaviour. I was so happy to have her back safe and away from him. I also felt so silly dressed head to toe in this feminized garb but Rebecca grabbed me into the living room to keep talking and stopped me every time I tried to excuse myself to go change.

Later on she even jokily insisted I cook dinner dressed like that as long as I didn’t get any of it on my new dress.

Afterwards as I was doing the dishes, she came up behind me and started to feel me up in my feminine clothes.

“oh baby, you really are a little sexy wife dressed like this”, she started to kiss my neck and rub my nipples. “Do you like dressing up like a woman?” I bowed my head and shook in the negative. “That’s ok pet, you don’t have to lie to me. How long has it been since you came? Two weeks? You must be bursting? I’ve all dirty after all the journey, run me a bath and we can have some fun”

In my heels, I clipped and clopped as fast as I could to the bathroom to run her bath.

She had me undress her and asked me to remove me clothes except the white panties I had on as I washed her. I lathered up her breasts and washed her back, ass and legs as she turned in various positions like a spoilt princess. She climbed out and I dried her delicately as usual.

Once in the bedroom, there was no need for her getting dressed again. She grabbed my head and fell back onto the bed where she pushed me between her legs. There I lay between her with my make up getting smudged, canlı bahis my cock still locked in its prison and held together with my white silk panties. She was totally naked and cooing her pleasure.

“Oh baby, I love you so much,” she said softly. I continued to kiss her down there with passion and sensitivity for what she must have endured. I slowed down as my tongue swirled along her pressure points. She hummed her approval and let out a little delicate orgasm on my face. I kept licking not sure when I could broach the subject of releasing my penis. Before I knew it her hums and turned to heavy breathing.

She had fallen asleep. Jet lag had set in. I could have cried. My aching member had no chance of escape tonight now. I dared not to wake her. I just threw the covers over her and lay down beside her and took in her fragrance.

Sunday is fun day

The next day she apologised and said she was sorry I never got to cum. She then dropped a bomb by saying we had to keep to Sunday releases which meant three weeks without cumming. How could I possibly last? The week went without incident. I never went near my sissy attire or make up and she never commented. She had her period Tuesday through Friday so really sexual contact was out and we lived the life or a normal boring couple. I of course was still going through her panties in the laundry and smelling her aroma and thinking about sex about oh every six seconds but bar that I was fine and really looking forward to Sunday night. Patrick was never talked about and from what I could gather was out of the picture.

Sunday evening came and I was like a kid at Christmas awaiting unwrapping my penis and sticking it inside my wife. She came into the bedroom in one of her new Paris bought matching lingerie pieces. I could have stopped and thought about that prick fucking her in it and making her buy if for him to demean her but I was too horny for that. She crawled on the bed to me with that key bouncing off her breasts as she moved to my crotch. She placed the key into the slot and turned it so slowly to draw out the suspense.

“oh baby. I bet this little boy has been waiting to get outside to play for so long. How many weeks is it now since I let you out? Three whole weeks. Ohhh that’s so cruel”. I laid there not wanting to get overexcited and cum all over myself without being touched (again). She went to the drawer and removed some gels and condoms. I looked at her. We never wore condoms. She grabbed my throbbing penis and began to smear the gel all over my member. Soon it transpired what she was doing. It was a numbing cream. She then proceeded to wrap my penis in a condom and then put another condom over the top of that.

“I don’t want you cumming too quickly baby. I want to enjoy this too.” She then went back to the drawer and pulled out a black dildo. But it wasn’t a normal dildo. It was hollow inside She started to put it on top of my penis and then I figured out what it was. It was a type of penis extension. It fit me well and extended my penis by a few inches. It still couldn’t compete with Patrick but it looked a very respectable seven inches. She put another condom on the dildo and grabbed it firmly in her hand. I couldn’t feel a thing.

“sorry sweety, that bad man is no longer allowed to fuck your gorgeous queen and I really want to have sex with my attentive bahis siteleri husband but I’m afraid after he’s stretched me out I wouldn’t be able to feel your little penis inside me anymore.”

She climbed up to impale herself on my plastic penis and quickly I held her by her buttocks. She started to rock the pace up and down but even though I couldn’t feel my own penis, the fake penis felt secure and I could fuck her with it and establish a rhythm. I bounced underneath her and started to work my fake penis in and out of her to her great pleasure.

“Fuck me you son of a bitch…fuck me like the whore I am!”

I grabbed her and pulled her into me and worked my fake penis for all its worth. Even though I couldn’t feel it the sweat began to drip as I pounded in and out of my wife. She was now in heaven and suddenly I felt like a stud myself fucking her for all I was worth. We banged away for an eternity until she reached a crescendo and came on top of my plastic penis. She lay down on my chest and even though I didn’t get myself off I had the widest smile on my face as I felt like a man again even if it was a little aided by the fact I had a penis extension attached. She was glowing on top of me and soon spotted my happiness.

“How was that baby? Did you cum?” she asked.

“No darling but it was great to fuck you like a stud. I feel like a proper man again and it feels wonderful to be able to boss you like that other prick now and again.”

Her face turned cold in an instant, “Boss? I’m the boss around here sunshine, you didn’t even have a proper cock to fuck me with and I had had to get that contraption for you…HUH! now go run my bath and put that lovely bvlgari fragrance in as well”, she snapped at me.

I scuffed off and did as I was told and suddenly didn’t feel as manly again. She entered the bathroom once I was done and climbed straight in. It was a perfect temperature and the bath fragrance always made her smell so sweet and feminine.

“Ok Mister Man, come here”. She motioned for me to climb into out giant bath with her. I thought here we go. She wants me to bathe her and was happy to grab her luffah and began to soap up her breasts. She responded and removed my plastic penis and tossed it aside. My normal little penis looked even smaller now but stood to attention. Was she going to make me cum on her in the bath? That would be fantastic. She started to clean me too with her luffah but suddenly I started to smell of the fragrance and knew I’d smell just like her. Why did she want to make me smell like a woman?

We finished the bath and I dried her in our traditional manner on my knees making sure to just blot very gently every area of her body with the soft towel. She wrapped another soft towel around me and proceeded to dry my back. She never did this before and as she dried around my penis region my cock ached to be touched.

Next she had me moisture her with the bvlgari moisturiser carefully before taking it in her hand and doing the same to me. Now I really smelt like a woman.

We walked hand in hand to the bedroom with my cock aching to erupt after three weeks in the cage.

Lying on the bed were two silk negligee nighties and matching panties. Also lying there was my amber red wig

“You need to remember that I didn’t marry a big cocked dickhead who was going to show bahis şirketleri me whose boss with his big cock. I married you because you will love me, look after me and never question me or my motives. You will always put my needs above your own and will take happiness that I can get pleasure from your tongue or hands or toys or… a cock outside this marriage. I have no interest in letting that little boy think he’s bigger than he is and he should remember his place. Remember you are not the boss here. Forget that and your little boy won’t get to cum every Sunday. It’s been three weeks and I think it would be unhealthy at this time to deny you another week so we’re going to let you cum but it will be my way…now put on that wig and put on those panties and silk nightie.”

I did as I was told and she got dressed in her matching outfit. If lesbian sex was the way I was going to cum tonight so be it. We embraced on the bed but she really was the dominant and acted more masculine kissing me on my perfumed neck. She asked me to turn around and we lay down in the spoon position

“remember that time I found out you had sensitive nipples?”, she began to massage my nipples through the silk top. I started to get even more aroused and shuddered as I got lost in the pleasure. I pushed my bum into her and started to act more feminine. We’d reversed this role before but now it was like she was the man and I the woman and she was teasing my A cup breasts.

“Who’s the boss?”

“you are”.

“who likes having their little breasts played with?”

“I do”, I murmed.

“that doesn’t sound like a manly man does it? …Are you a little bitch on heat.”

I said nothing and just enjoyed her playing with my nipples.


“Yes”, I moaned.

“does my little bitch want me to play with her pussy?”

“Yes”, I cried.

“Yeah pussy because you don’t have a cock do you…say it, Say you have a pussy!”

“I don’t have a cock…I have a pussy.”

“yeah lets rub that little pussy.”

She put her hand in between my legs and I expected her to start to rub my hard cock in the panties but she ignored my actual schlong and concentrated on my balls. She massaged my balls through the silk panties. All the time she kissed my neck and told me what a little whore I was with my pussy

“Who’s your boss?”

I replied she was.

“Who likes having her pussy played with?”

Again I told her it was me.

“Cum for me! cum in your silky panties whilst I play with your pussy.”

She started to rub hard as my balls flicked all over the place in those panties. I grew closer and closer. I had lost all manliness now as she played me like the bitch I am.

Suddenly I began to jerk violently as I reached the boiling point

“that’s it cum for your wife , cum for your boss…cum like a woman.”

Three weeks of semen spilled out the top of my penis and into the silk panties. I spilled out the side and onto the bed sheets. I was spent and now felt the shame of what I had subjected myself to just for that pleasure. Rebecca rolled over, turned off the light and fell asleep.

I lay in the sticky panties and beside the cum covered bed sheets. Half an hour later when I heard her fast asleep. I pulled my penis out and started to think about all the crazy stuff Rebecca, Patrick and myself had done since we got married.

I came again all over the sheets. In for a penny, in for a pound and who knows when she’ll allow me to sleep without my cage again. I slept well after that.

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