A Favor Returned…

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Author’s Note: I’ve had quite a few requests to continue this story… so here is the sequel to Best Christmas Present Ever featuring the characters of Amy and Laurel and what happened after the conference… All characters and events are fictional.

Of course this story includes sexually explicit material and is intended for adults, so if you are not at least 18 years of age or are offended by sexual material, well, you know the drill…for the rest of you, I hope you enjoy!


A Favor Returned…

A Sequel to Best Christmas Present Ever

“The person who receives the most favors is the one who knows how to return them.” – Publilius Syrus

Amy slowed her pace as she walked up to the wall of glass entrance and paused a moment with her hand on the door so she could down the last little bit of her protein shake. Swallowing with a grimace, she readjusted the shoulder strap on her bag and pulled the heavy glass door open of the main building of the company she worked for. She made a slight detour to toss the small cardboard container in a trashcan and then veered back to take the familiar left out of the lobby towards the company fitness center.

She fought back a yawn as she walked. After six months of dedication, it had become part of her normal routine to be up and about well before the sun in order to be into her work-out by 5:30am. It was a part of her day that she had grown to actually look forward to. That didn’t mean she’d conquered the struggle with early morning fatigue. She was just used to it.

However, today definitely felt different, but different in a good way. Amy wore a silly little grin as she stowed her bag in one of the lockers. For only the hundredth time that morning since waking up she reminded herself that today was the day – her best friend was coming back to work. She headed back out to the gym area with a little more enthusiasm than normal and stepped onto one of the treadmills. She set the controls and began her leisurely pace to warm up. She was in such a good mood that she couldn’t help but smile. Laurel was finally coming back to work today! Yes!

Amy was almost embarrassed by how much she had been missing her best friend. Her smile faltered for just an instant as those same thoughts of the tall auburn-haired woman also happened to remind her (again for like the hundredth time that morning) that they still needed to have a talk. Amy felt like it needed to be in private, face to face. It was something that was long overdue and she was a little nervous to finally ‘talk-talk’ about what had happened between them in California.

Yeah. California. The conference…

It was funny how memories worked. The more time that passed the more it seemed a person’s brain had a tendency to give them a dreamlike quality. But there were some events that were so significant that your brain went out of its way to put them in their own special little mental box. That way when your mind started rummaging around and opened that box, those particular memories remained incredibly vivid. Amy’s brain had made it a point to develop a very special box indeed for the incredible memories from that work conference, the one she and Laurel had attended a little less than two months ago.

It’s not like she obsessed over that box or anything. She had eagerly come back to the normal routine of her life with her husband and kids. She honestly could not be happier…but every now and then she couldn’t help but mentally peek inside that special box. The fact that every time she did meant that she found herself savoring those memories didn’t mean that she wanted to relive them or anything like that. It had been a one-time thing and she had come to terms with the fact that they were just that now – memories.

Amy had done a lot of soul searching about what had happened and came to the personal conclusion that she didn’t regret it one bit. She really hoped Laurel felt the same way. Amy was actually thankful it happened because she honestly felt like she was a better person for it. That was evidenced by the fact that her relationship with her husband was stronger and healthier than it had ever been. But sometimes…just every now and then, she would sometimes wonder if she would ever feel quite the same way she had felt on that trip with Laurel.

At the time of their trip, Amy had no idea that it would be so memorable. She was completely unaware that Laurel had a secret agenda for their little business vacation. It seems that after some intimate conversations wherein Amy had confessed to a real hang-up about masturbation, her best friend had decided that she was going to help Amy get over her “issues” with self-love. Apparently this work conference getaway presented itself as the perfect opportunity to spend some time together without the usual distractions. Laurel’s goals had been pretty straightforward: get Amy to loosen up and let go of her inhibitions while learning van escort how to appreciate her own body.

Seemed simple enough and everything had gone according to Laurel’s plan. Things had started out rather innocently with lots of girl-talk and relaxing friend-time without the chaos of family demands and hectic schedules. It had really been nothing more than best friends having fun, flirting a little and just being silly…but that had escalated into some rather risqué exhibitionism in the back of the lecture hall on the second day of the conference. Looking back, it seemed funny how quickly the ante kept being raised between the two women. What started out as a challenge to go braless turned into outright flashing, but overall, it had still been fun and felt pretty harmless.

Then the two of them eventually ended up back in their hotel room for an incredibly intimate masturbation session…which had also been part of Laurel’s secret plan. It had also been amazing. Having Laurel there beside her, guiding and encouraging Amy while she was touching herself had made the whole experience so much easier. All that mental baggage Amy had been carrying around about touching her own body just sort of went away in that hotel room. It had been a healing experience for Amy. Laurel had been so supportive and loving that Amy actually had an orgasm by her own hand for the very first time. Well, there might have been some assistance from her friend. Just a little bit.

For Amy that afternoon had been a revelation. For the first time in her life she was able to completely forget about all the junk she was told about masturbation when she was growing up. She was able to really understand the meaning behind Laurel’s compliments and encouraging words. It had just finally clicked and Amy could not have been more indebted to her friend. The gratitude she felt for Laurel helping her work through and get past such a very personal issue was something she couldn’t possibly express in words. Amy felt truly beautiful and sexy like she never had before and she also felt closer to Laurel than she had ever felt to another woman…

It had been life changing.

But then something else just sort of happened as they tended to do in those types of situations. Basically in the heat of the moment and kind of on a whim, Laurel had ended up going down on Amy. It definitely wasn’t something that had been planned…but it did introduce Amy to the most mind-blowing orgasm she’d ever experienced in her life. At the time Amy didn’t have time to think and admittedly didn’t want to – it was a one-of-a-kind moment that no one else in the world could have possibly comprehended but them. What they had shared had been special and beautiful.

In fact, Amy had just been about to return “the favor” – something that would have never even crossed her mind as a possibility just 48 hours ago – when they had been interrupted by an urgent phone call from the front desk. Neither of them had given their phones a second thought or bothered to take them off silent mode. They had missed quite a few messages.

The messages were not good.

Laurel’s youngest son had taken a spill off his bike and ended up severely breaking his arm. When Laurel’s husband informed her that everything was going to be fine, but their boy was going to have to have surgery, Laurel immediately hung up and started getting dressed. Amy helped her pack and then began to pack her own suitcase as she already had it set in her mind that they were leaving. She would be there for her friend to help out in any way that she could – whatever Laurel needed.

Laurel had stopped and smiled at her. She took Amy in a warm embrace, whispered “thank you” in Amy’s ear, kissed her gently on the lips and then again on the forehead…and then totally surprised Amy by telling her no. Amy couldn’t understand why Laurel wouldn’t want her there until her friend had pointed out that she would have loved nothing more than to have Amy’s help, but this was in fact a work conference on the company’s dime.

Amy’s heart fell when she realized that Laurel was right. Their employer was picking up the tab for this trip, so Amy really didn’t have a legitimate excuse to leave early. She sent a text to her supervisor just to be sure there wasn’t a loophole or maybe a chance they might allow her to leave with Laurel, but no. Since the two women weren’t related Amy had to stay and finish the conference. Either that or she would have to reimburse the company for the expenses.

So Amy stayed and Laurel left. As luxurious as the hotel had been with the beach within walking distance, the incredible spa that was available and not to mention the shopping – the last day of the conference had pretty much sucked. Amy hadn’t felt like enjoying any of the hotel’s amenities and she couldn’t concentrate on any of the presentations. She was worried about her best friend and her son…and there was also a escort van little part of her brain that couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened the day before.

“What’s up?” Laurel greeted her through a yawn as she casually leaned on the front of the treadmill Amy was using. The auburn-haired woman looked around the gym as she took another long drink from her Starbucks cup and then turned her gaze back to Amy.

“What?” Amy had been so lost in her own thoughts that she hadn’t been paying attention to anything else going on around her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Laurel was actually here…at the gym…at 5:45am. “Laurel?”

“Bingo,” Laurel tipped her chin. “You are correct.”

“What are you doing here?” Amy sputtered.

“And good morning to you too, sunshine.”

Amy shook her head and killed the power switch on the treadmill. Finally coming to grips with the fact Laurel was actually here Amy jumped off the treadmill with a squeal of excitement and rushed around the piece of exercise equipment to grab her best friend in a big hug. “You know that’s not what I meant.”

“I know,” Laurel’s flawless face broke into a broad smile and she hugged Amy back.

“I have to say I never thought I’d see you in here this early,” Amy laughed and squeezed Laurel a little tighter. She closed her eyes and breathed in the faint traces of that familiar vanilla fragrance.

“Yeah, me either,” Laurel replied as she enjoyed the embrace every bit as much as Amy.

“So what’s the deal?” Amy asked. She was absolutely overjoyed at seeing Laurel unexpectedly early, but knew she just had to give her friend a hard time. “You have to be lost, right?”

“Apparently,” Laurel laughed and the two women finally let go of each other. Laurel took the time to drain the last swallow from her five dollar java. “I guess I should have taken that right turn at Albuquerque.”

“And she went old school,” Amy grinned and glanced at the large clock on the wall. She needed to get a move on so she walked over to the nearby mats and began stretching. “I have to say, seeing your smiling face sure is a nice way to start my day.”

“Just don’t get used to it,” Laurel grumbled as she threw her coffee cup in the trash and pulled a water bottle out of her bag. “This is like a one-time thing or whatever.”

“Okay,” Amy shrugged with a smile and moved on to her next stretch. “I’m not complaining. I’ll take what I can get… but seriously, is everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine. I just couldn’t sleep through all the lovely coughing and sneezing at my house,” Laurel shrugged and quickly explained that a nasty virus was starting to run the gamut at her house. Her husband had come down with it last night, so he was staying home today. “Figured I might as well keep you company and pretend to exercise.”

“I’m sorry your family isn’t feeling well,” Amy was finished warming up and moved over to the first exercise machine to work on her shoulders, “but I’m glad you came. I’ve really missed you.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Laurel continued to pretend to be as grumpy as possible before admitting, “I missed you too.”

Amy sat down on the little bench seat of the shoulder press machine and started on her first set. It seemed surreal that after looking forward to seeing her best friend back at work at some point today, Laurel was actually here. This was awesome! Amy was pushing the handles of the machine up for the third time when Laurel came around to stand beside her and talk. As Laurel continued to chat, she unzipped and then took her jacket off to reveal a sleek sports bra that of course matched the waistband design on her yoga pants.

Amy focused on counting her reps as Laurel turned around and bent over to set her water bottle down. Amy happened to glance over and before she realized it she was ogling her friend’s perfect ass. Amy forced her gaze away as Laurel stood up straight which proved extremely difficult to do considering how amazing her butt looked in those yoga pants.

Amy shook her head. Why am I staring at my best friend’s butt?

Laurel continued chatting as Amy tried to focus on her reps. The redhead turned back around and proceeded to stretch her arms over her head, those lean, almost six-pack abs practically right in front of Amy’s face. Amy literally closed her eyes as she finished up the last few reps of her set. She stood up and wiped her face on the little hand towel she carried around as Laurel took her turn on the shoulder machine.

Amy purposely chose to dress in layers for her daily trip to the company gym: number one to downplay her chest so people didn’t stare at her boobs while she trained and number two, as gross as it sounded, to promote as much sweat as she could. Amy wasn’t there to look good – she was trying to get in better shape. Her best friend’s gym attire was a completely different story. Not that Laurel did it on purpose or could help van escort bayan it – she was a stunningly beautiful woman and she could have worn a potato sack and turned heads.

Laurel decided to actually participate in the entire workout to some degree and Amy was glad for the company. They chatted some between exercises, but Amy pushed to keep up her usual intense pace. Amy was a little annoyed with herself when she kept getting distracted by Laurel’s physical presence. The auburn haired beauty complained that her legs were achy and sore from overdoing it in the yard over the weekend, so she would bend over and stretch every so often. Which shouldn’t have been a big deal, but what threw Amy off-balance was when she caught herself looking at Laurel’s ass again as she stretched…more than once.

Amy would have wagered cash money that Laurel performing leg stretches in those skin-tight pants could have easily been sold on some porno pay-per-view website. Even more embarrassing was that towards the end of the work-out when Laurel had assumed some awkward yoga pose, Amy actually found herself staring directly at her friend’s most intimate place. Even worse, she had stared long enough to see that at that current angle, the seam of the crotch of Laurel’s pants was pulled tight enough to part the lips of her vagina quite clearly.

Amy shook her head and wiped the sweat off of her face. She couldn’t understand what was wrong with her brain this morning, gawking at Laurel like some teenage boy. She glanced at the large clock on the wall and saw that it was time to take a shower and get ready for work. She gathered up her gear and wiped down the mat she’d been using to warm down on as Laurel did the same. Amy trailed behind Laurel as they made their way to the women’s locker room. She was racking her brain trying to figure out why she had been so distracted by Laurel when that little voice in her head pointed out the fact that she was doing it again. She came to the realization that she’d been watching the magnificent globes of Laurel’s ass move up and down and back and forth as they walked towards the women’s locker room.

Laurel entered the locker room ahead of Amy and opened her locker. She was still just a little bit tired, but as much as she hated to admit it she actually felt pretty good after half-ass working out. The thought briefly crossed her mind that if she could manage to get up this early every morning – and that wasn’t going to happen – then this wasn’t the worst way she could start her day. She smiled to herself as she peeled off the yoga pants and dropped them into her bag. Tired or not, she was really glad she’d decided to pop in and visit Amy.

On the other side of the row of lockers Amy was lost in thought, questioning her motives once again. She simply had no explanation for why she’d been staring that way at her friend this morning. She shrugged and finally chalked it up to the fact that not only had she been really missing Laurel, but she had also been thinking about the work conference. She shook her head with a grin as she wrapped her favorite oversized towel around her body and tucked it in at the top. With images like that bouncing around in her head, it was no wonder she was having such provocative thoughts. Determined to get a grip, she slipped on her flip flops and grabbed her shower bucket. When Amy stepped around the end of the row of lockers towards the showers, she stopped short and froze.

Laurel was standing in front of her locker fidgeting to get her sports bra off which happened to be the last stitch of clothing she had on. The fluorescent lights were on in the bathroom area, but the ones directly above the lockers were turned off so Laurel was backlit which provided a perfect profile silhouette of her spectacular ass and her perfect tear-drop shaped breasts. Amy just stood there and stared – what else could she do? Laurel happened to be standing directly between her and the shower area with no room to squeeze by her without coming into very close contact.

Laurel finally got the Lycra bra untangled from her hair and turned towards Amy. “Hey, I forgot to bring my shampoo and conditioner. Can I borrow some of yours?”

“Huh?” Amy snapped out of her daze and looked at the shower bucket in her hand. “Yeah…sure, of course you can.”

“Thanks,” Laurel smiled, grabbed her body wash, threw her towel over her shoulder and turned to walk confidently to the shower stalls.

Amy kept her head down as she entered the stall next to Laurel and turned on the water. The showers didn’t have doors or curtains on them, so it had a very ‘high school locker room’ feel to it and not a lot of privacy. Amy adjusted the temperature, hung up her towel on the hook and stepped under the spray, sighing as the hot water flowed over her shoulders and neck. She turned around and ran her hands through her hair and then let them rest on the back of her neck as she leaned back further under the pulse of the hot water. She almost jumped out of her skin at the sound of a wolf whistle.

“Lookin’ good,” Laurel convincingly imitated a guy’s voice as she leaned her head and shoulder around the corner in front of Amy’s stall. They both laughed. “Yo, can I get me some shampoo?”

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‘Braska Ch. 02: Hustlin’

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Big Dick

I had been quite determined to stay out of trouble, and for a nearly a month after the fight at the bar I did. Actually, I didn’t even find more trouble, but I suppose it sort of found me. It wasn’t supposed to lead me becoming acquainted with Cole’s paddle that hung on the wall of her bar. It didn’t even start in the bar.

It started at the cafe ‘Round the Corner. Yeah, that’s what’s called. I’d been in Apostrophe, Nebraska for nearly six months and had come to realize that the wild-west-esque town had some sort of unwritten rule that all businesses have an apostrophe in them. All nine businesses. Not really a tourist attraction, but a cute quirk all the same.

My goals of hiding from life were going swimmingly. I rented a room from O’er the Barrel Tavern, they had an inn on the second floor that consisted of six rooms. One through three were storage, room number 4 was mine, room five was in disrepair, and room six at end of the hall I’d never seen, though I come to realize the bartender, Collete “Cole” Summers likely slept there.

It wasn’t a bad set up over-all. I was getting to know the town better since Cole stressed the importance of doing so after I’d gotten into a fight with a local good ol’ boy a couple months prior.

“People don’t know you, Cat.” She’d said to me as we’d emerged from her back room behind the bar the morning after the fight, a sort of cross between an office and a living room that she rarely invited guests too. I’d been sent back there to cool down after the fight, and she’d kicked the guy, whose name I don’t remember, out the front door onto his ass and 86’d him for the week.

Since I was a paying tenant, she didn’t kick me out. But after closing time, she come to the back room and had left my backside bruised and smarting for days after. The following morning she’d brought me back in there to inspect the damage and gave me some arnica oil that was supposed to help the welts ease up a bit.

“Well, I’m new!” I’d replied defensively, tucking my shirt into my jeans.

“You’ve been here five months,” Cole had said, folding her arms and giving me a stern look, and people see you reading your books over a beer, and that’s endearing, sometimes you hustle them at pool, which they find annoying or hilarious, depending on who they bet on. But you don’t dance, you don’t do karaoke, you don’t work locally, and you don’t hang out with anyone.”

“I hang out with you.” I’d pouted, jamming my hands into my pockets.

Cole shook her head. “After closing, when no one else is around, sure.” She reached out and pressed two fingers under my chin, tipping my face up so I was meeting her eye instead of staring at my scuffed cowboy boots. “Look, Cat, this is a small town, people are going notice anyone. Particularly a pretty lady like yourself, you’ve got curls, curves, dimples, gorgeous green eyes, and to top it off freckles on dark skin…you stand out up here. You’re not white, you’re not Cheyenne or Sioux, people don’t know what to make of you. Standing out is fine, but you also need to learn to fit in. All it takes is letting people know you.”

“I am Cheyenne.” I answered. “You know I’m Cheyenne on my dad’s side, Moroccan on my mom’s.”

“Okay, see, I know that, but you look like your mama. If other people knew that,” Cole had told me, “They’d know you a bit better and be less likely to start fights with you. Think on it. At least make some local friends. Besides me.”

And I had thought on it. A friend. I’d thought. The café, aptly named, ‘Round the Corner, served excellent coffee and traditional American eats, so when I’d ordered my usual that morning, black coffee and eggs bene, I’d decided to strike up conversation with the server. She was a tall Lakota woman near my own age, (mid to late 20s) whose grandmother owned the shop, and she made my gaydar ping. She was also well known and liked around the town, and an ideal candidate for a friend. Her name tag read “Kim”.

“Is your name short for something?” I’d asked as she slid my plate in front of me on the booth table.

“Kimimela.” She said with a grin, then she winced, “Means butterfly. Girly, I know, but I like my name.”

“Were you Kimi as a kid?”

“To my gran and to any other kid who wanted a swift kick to the shins.” Kim replied with a laugh that sprang out of her so readily it had me smiling.

“Your name is Cat Bashara right?” Kim asked, leaning against the table as I sipped my coffee. “Cat short for Catherine?”

I nodded as I set down my cup and began to heavily pepper my eggs.

“What kinda last name is that, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“It’s a pretty common Muslim name.” I pitched my voice low. I wasn’t ashamed of my heritage, but I was smart enough not to advertise it too openly in the States. “Many North Africans have Muslim surnames.”

“I figured you were mixed, black and white, like a southerner.” Kim admitted, she peered at the mostly fed customers in the café, then slid into the booth across from me. She was taller than me, less feminine, with shortish hair that had that mussed look that trabzon escort seemed natural but was probably styled. It was dark, but a bit sun bleached in the highlights. She was quite attractive, with cheekbones to die for, and a little androgynous, but feminine enough that she’d not likely be mistaken for a man.

“I’m mixed, but not with white.” I said, then changed the subject. “What do folks do for fun around here, besides play pool at O’er the Barrel.”

“Well, the Barrel is the nightlife in these parts unless someone is throwing a party,” Kim explained. “But I ride, camp a little. Nothin’ beats nature ’round here.”

“You have horses?” I asked. “Or are you talking motorcycles?”

“I have a horse,” Kim said, “My brother has a ranch so he keeps her for me. You ride?”

“I have, but I’m not great at it.” I said. “Better on motorcycles actually.”

“Wanna come riding with me sometime?” Kim asked looking at me, appraising. I wasn’t sure what I was being appraised for, but if my goal was making friends, I seemed to be on the right track.

“Sure, that’d be great.” I started to cut into my food, and Kim gave a sort of surprised laugh/grunt.

“What?” I asked, peering at her raised eyebrows as I shoved a bite into my mouth.

“You’ve been here since mid-winter and have yet to make any friends.” She said. “I didn’t expect you to say yes.”

“I’m friends with Cole.” I protested, hand over my mouth, which was still full.

“That’s not common knowledge.”

I swallowed, and set my fork down, staring at my plate in embarrassment. “Cole suggested that I might get in less fights if I let people know me, and maybe make a friend people actually know about.”

“Ahhh, so you’re just talking to me out of self-preservation.” Kim teased, “Not that you can’t hold your own in a scrap from what I hear. Richard Fellows is nursing a busted nose and black eye and you look no worse for the wear.

That’s ’cause I’m sitting on my bruises, I thought but kept silent. I decided I liked Kim though.

Kim and I hung out several times, though we didn’t go riding due to the rainy spring weather. We went to local markets, a street fair in Valentine, and on a couple hikes.

“Okay Cat,” Kim said one day as we were driving back from swimming the river, “I’ve been thinking about your goal of being more accepted by the locals. I think you need to lose at something, publicly.”

I laughed as I pushed my curls out of my face. “What?” I questioned, “All right, give me your logic.”

“Well, first people need to actually see us hanging out. I don’t really go the Barrel that much in the warm months, but we could go there, be seen. And you could lose a game to me.”

“I don’t lose at pool.” I said. “You want me to throw a game? People will see through that.”

“Nah, just let me worry about that. You go on and do your best.” Kim reached a long arm across the bench seat of my Ford pick-up and gave my cheek a pinch. I slapped at her hand and a short scuffle ensued. Our camaraderie had gotten a bit more physical over the month we’d been hanging out, but other me gazing longingly at her when she wasn’t paying attention, nothing had happened between us.

“We’ll see who loses publicly.” I shot back good naturedly.

“We will, short stuff.” She said. I pouted, biting back a protest at being called short. I was 5’5! Just because she was freakishly tall…okay maybe 5’10 wasn’t freakishly tall, just runway model tall. No taller than Cole, but Cole had broad shoulders and bulk that was 100% muscle. She looked more proportionate. Kim was toned, but she was lean.

She led me back into the café for lunch BLT’s. After she fixed our sandwiches she announced, “This Friday night I’m gonna beat you ass at the pool table.”

I smirked but didn’t reply, preferring to let my skills speak for themselves.

So it was, that after I wiped the floor with her at pool that Friday night, she conceded the loss and paid up. She’d insisted on betting on the game, getting the locals interested in the outcome by promising that the loser would buy a round of dollar shots on the house.

After choking down my cheap whiskey shot and chasing it with my beer, a locally brewed red ale, Kim surprised me by calling a rematch.

“All right, all right, apparently I should have been hanging out here more before putting my money on this.” Kim said loudly, acting a bit more drunk than she was, as she’d only finished a single beer before taking her whiskey shot. “But I’m warmed up now, I want round two!” She insisted, slamming her shot glass down on the table. A few cheers went up, and someone shouted, “Another free round?”

Kim shook her head. “Well, in case I lose, I don’t wanna be out another thirty bucks!” She said, “But how ’bout this, loser takes a dare from the winner. Nothing that costs money or is illegal. ‘Least not too illegal.”

Hoots and hollers rang out. I had spent a year in Vegas as professional pool shark. Even if Kim was trying to hustle me by playing down her trabzon escort bayan skills, she hadn’t seen my best game either. “I start the game!” Kim added after I shook her hand in agreement. I started chalking my cue.

Kim racked the balls, but to my surprise she turned away from the pool table, handing her cue to a guy in a classic cowboy hat who chewed a toothpick like he was in an old western flick.

“Hold this for me, partner.” Kim said. The man took the cue and winked at her.

“My pleasure, darlin'” He drawled.

Kim strode over to the dartboard on the wall and started pulling off darts.

“Wait!” I called after her, in a slight panic, “I didn’t agree to darts!”

A few laughs rang out and someone whistled.

“I believe, Kitten,” Kim drawled, her voice taunting as she tried out the nickname for the first time, “that you should have paid more attention before shaking on our deal. I didn’t specify the game, I just said I got to start it. I’m starting darts.” Kim walked backward a dozen paces and folks moved out of her way. I raised my hands and conceded; my mind more stuck on her calling me “kitten” than the upcoming competition.

I don’t usually play games I don’t have at least a chance of winning, but I remembered what Kim had said, that I needed to lose in front of folks. I figured if it made me more approachable in their books, it was a win of its own. Kim’s first dart hit the bullseye and I realized as she pulled back to throw her second, that I’d been hustled. Cole had been teaching me darts, and I wasn’t half bad, by Kim laid all six of hers in a tight circle in the middle of the board.

I took up the darts, pointing at Kim with a good-natured scowl before I took up my place where she’d been standing. I landed two on the bullseye, which was the best game I’d ever thrown, and rest were at least on the board. I’d thrown a good game, but I’d sorely lost.

Cheers went up, and few people slapped my back in condolence. “All right!” I said, taking Kim’s offered hand, “I lost fair and square, what do I have to do?” I asked.

Kim smirked. “I dare you, Cat, to bend over the pool table and take a dozen with Cole’s frat paddle.” She nodded towards the imposing paddle that hung on the wall, I sputtered at her, but she squeezed my hand, preventing me from pulling away “Four on your jeans, four on your undies, four on the bare.” The cheers that went up at that were almost deafening. I glanced around, there were over two dozen people in the bar, all who’d witnessed me take the bet and lose it. Most who were grinning broadly at the prospect of my very public upcoming humiliation.

“Damn it, Kim, really?” I said through gritted teeth.

“What the hell’s going on over here?” Cole’s voice rang out as she strode across the room, bar towel over her strong shoulder. “Eddie, get your hands off that thing.” Cole scolded a man who was leaning over a table, already reaching for the paddle.

“Kim hustled the new kid.” Someone called out, and I felt myself flush in embarrassment.

“I did not!” Kim protested, letting go of my hand and wilting a little as Cole glowered at her. I felt a little better with Cole protecting me, but I doubted she would get me out of this with any sort of face saved. Kim explained our games, the bets, and repeated the dare when Cole asked her. I confirmed the truth.

“She takes a dozen with the paddle, four on her jeans, four on her underwear, four on the bare.”

Cole glowered at Kim. “New rule!” She announced to a chorus of groans. “All bets must be fully outlined before the games begin. Kim,” Cole took a menacing step forward and Kim seemed to struggle to hold her ground. “You straight up hustled that girl,” then Cole turned her gaze on me. “But Cat, you hustled Kim first, along with the other folks in here at some point, so you’ve got this one coming. It’s a clean bet.”

Kim beamed, saucily raising an eyebrow at me. “Bend over the table, Kitten.” She practically purred, pointing at the pool table. Laughs and shouts rang out around us.

“May as well.” I said, projecting my voice and hiding my nerves behind the biggest grin I could summon, “It’s only way you’ll ever beat my ass at pool!”

A series of loud, “Ooooooh’s” and “Burned!” rang out with a significantly amount of laughter. Like I said, I’d spent a year on the Vegas scene. Just because I’m naturally quiet and introverted, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to work a crowd when I need to.

Cheers went up, then died down as Cole raised on hand. “But!” she added, “My house, my paddle, no one wields it but me.”

Kim looked disappointed.

“Oh, damn.” Someone nearby mumbled. “I wouldn’t want to be you right now, Cat!”

I’d been on the receiving end of Cole’s punishing hand once before, though nobody knew that, and I wasn’t too keen on it again. The last time had left me a crying mess. I knew I’d need to bite the bullet on this one and keep my tears in check to be sure the mood stayed light and fun, even if my backside was already tensing in protest. escort trabzon Kim, not to be entirely left out, took me by the arm, and pulled me to the pool table.

I stumbled along after her, a little reluctant now that I knew Cole would be wielding the paddle. Kim would have made it look good, and it would have smarted like hell, but it would have been mostly for show.

“Okay, now you can bring it over Eddie.” Cole’s voice said from somewhere behind me. Kim untucked my plaid button up shirt from the back of my jeans and unbuckled my belt, looking me in the eye the whole time. Her brows gave a slight lift when I glared at her, her giving me the facial equivalent of a shrug. She leaned in and whispered, “Think of it like a frat initiation.” Her breath tickled the tip of my ear. “take your licks, be a champ about it, earn a little more street cred with the locals.”

“You planned this.” I said, just loud enough for her to hear me.

“You asked for it.” She said. “Don’t be mad.”

I wasn’t mad, but I wasn’t happy either. She pushed me down over the table, my unbuckled belt between my hips and wooden edge. I leaned forward on my elbows, and felt Kim kick my feet apart until they were just about shoulder width. I looked over my shoulder in time to see Cole finish rolling up her sleeves, tattoos on her tanned arms shifting in the multicolored lights of the bar as her muscles flexed. She took the paddle from someone. I turned back and fixed my eyes on the cue ball, which sat a foot or so in front of my face and slightly to the left, ignoring the cat calls and whistles.

I felt the paddle, cool even through my jeans, brush against my ass cheeks. It was solid inch thick, oak, with holes drilled into it, probably 18 inches long in total. I wriggled a bit in fearful anticipation, the slight pressure lessened, and I forced myself not to tense.

The paddle cracked across the seat of my bottom and I winced, rocking forward against the table and clenching my fists. A few people shouted out, “One! That’s one!”

I struggled to keep my hands in place, knowing better than to risk whatever punishment Cole might devise for breaking position. I’d learned that lesson the hard way.

The crowd counted the next three strokes, and I struggled to not cry out. My face was nearly as hot as my ass, from embarrassment in part, but also from desperately trying to keep control of my features. It was Kim’s hands that hauled me up and unbuttoned my jeans. She leaned in close and murmured, “I’d have made it six if I knew Cole was going to do it.” Her tone was apologetic and her touch gentle.

“Don’t try to be nice now.” I growled at her and regretted the hurt look that passed over her face. I really wasn’t upset with her, not very anyway. I just couldn’t handle her gentle touch and words when I was trying to keep composure. I could hear bets being made as to how long I’d go before yelling, before crying, whether I’d beg for Cole to stop.

I knew I’d probably holler. Probably cry at least a little. But I had taken a real punishment from Cole that had been far more severe than this and hadn’t begged. I don’t beg unless a lover tells me to. And for all that I’d let Cole fuck me a week prior, I didn’t consider her my lover, and she sure as hell wasn’t telling me to do a damn thing other than shut up and take my licks, which I was doing my best to do.

Kim pushed me down onto the table, a little rougher than necessary, and cat calls rang out about my undies. They were wonder woman cheekies. When I looked up, I noticed more than one flushed face in the crowd. Great. At least a bunch of guys…and a few girls, were getting off on this. I sure as hell wasn’t.

The paddle rested against my panty clad ass, the bottom of it cool where it touched heated bare skin. I focused on the cue ball again just as the paddle cracked against my ass. It had a slight upward swing to it that set me up on my toes. I grunted in pain, biting my lip as the second stroke followed quickly, the crowd was counting again.

“Seven!” They called out and a small chocked cry escaped my lips. I was on my toes still, and sure that my ass was literally on fire. I wanted nothing more than to reach back and put that fire out. I knew better.

The eighth stroke was harder than the previous ones, and for a second I hated Cole a little bit. Why couldn’t she have gone a little easier on me? Everyone was drunk, no-one would notice. But that wasn’t like Cole, she didn’t do anything half-assed, so to speak.

Even though it wasn’t a punishment, it hard far more than the belt had, though I’d taken way more licks than 12 that time.

My left leg kicked up a little as the eighth count rang out, but my jeans around my knees prevented it from going far.

Kim hauled me up again, rough and brusque, an unreadable expression on her face as she met my eyes briefly before tugging my undies down. Luckily there weren’t that many people in a position to get a full view of my neatly trimmed pussy, which would be on display since my legs were as far apart as the jeans around my knees would allow. Kim met my eyes again. Did she feel guilty? Was she upset with me for my angry words? I gave her a little nod, not sure what I was trying to convey, and she looked away, something flickering over her face I couldn’t read, but just before she shoved me back down, I saw the blush creeping up her neck.

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A Day at the Seaside

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Female Ejaculation

I’m going to the seaside. You probably wonder why I, a forty-five year old widow, find this so exciting, but I haven’t been for years, not since my husband died ten years ago. I don’t know why, just never did. We never had children, who would no doubt have taken me there, so I suppose that’s at least part of the reason.

My name is Lydia. As I’ve already mentioned, I’m forty-five, blonde, with a bit of help from a bottle, considered pleasing to look at and a widow for ten years now. I live on my own in a condo in the middle of the city and apart from still missing John desperately am relatively satisfied with life. Quite a few men have made advances to me over the the last ten years but I haven’t been able to bring myself to even go on a date. My friends think I’m strange! They may be right!

So today I’m going to the seaside. On the train, yet, which is something else I haven’t done in years. I’m so excited when I climb onto the train and find my reserved window seat for the two hour journey that I’m almost wetting myself. I get comfortable, settle back and from my purse take a book, something I’m never without.

My reading is interrupted by the arrival of my seat mate and I look up. It’s a young woman, early twenties I would imagine, with shoulder length black hair and a gorgeous figure, absolutely devastating. We smile at each other then settle back into our seats. I continue reading, she takes out a book and begins to read as well.

Half an our into the journey she taps me on the arm and says “I hope I’m not intruding but would you like a candy?” holding out a packet of fruit gums.

“Why thank you.” I reply, taking a gum from the packet. We introduce ourselves and I learn that she’s Elizabeth, Liz, twenty-one years old and is going to the seaside for pretty much the same reason that I am – no reason at all apart from just wanting to go! She’s just separated from her boyfriend of two years but I don’t quite understand the reason why.

By the time we get there, we’re chatting as if we’d known each other for ever and find that we have so much in common that, as we have no plans to the contrary, we decide to spend the day together.

We leave the train and walk to the sea front. The day’s beautiful and we’re both wearing comfortable shoes so walking is a pleasure, and we’re soon oohing and ahing at all the things that a little seaside town has to offer and that we haven’t seen in a long while.

Lunchtime approaches and we find a lovely little fish restaurant on the seafront where we fill ourselves to bursting, myself with fish and chips, my favorite, Liz with an enormous dish of shrimps and scallops. Two glasses of wine help everything down very nicely and prepare us for the rest of the afternoon.

We’re so full that we decide to find somewhere comfortable to sit and there, on the beach, are a couple of beach chairs just waiting for our bums. We sit, and before we know it doze off, waking to find that the sea is now lapping at our feet and we’ve missed the last train back to the city! What a pain!

As we’re totally stranded and as evening is approaching rapidly we’ve little choice but to find a room for the night so we wander along the seafront until we find a cute little hotel that attracts us. We enter and guess what, they only have one room left, a double room with a queen size bed. We look at each other questioningly and as neither of us seems to have a major problem with the arrangement, take it.

We have absolutely no luggage, of course so our first trip is to the nearest drugstore for toothbrushes and toothpaste. We also find a clothing store where we each buy a pair of panties. Obviously we like clean. As we’re still tired we have an early supper so that we don’t have to come out again. More food, more wine.

The room is very pleasant, with a private bathroom. The bed is extremely comfortable and we both test it out, bouncing up and down, giggling like schoolgirls.

I don’t embarrass easily, but I’m getting a little nervous at the thought of sharing a bed with another woman. Liz is in the bathroom so I take off my blouse and skirt and slide between the cool sheets. I keep my underwear on and hope Liz does too.

She doesn’t! I try uşak escort not to watch her undress, but my curiosity gets the better of me and through half open eyes I watch her remove her blouse, peel off her slacks and put them neatly on a chair. She reaches behind her, unfastens her bra, takes it off and places it on top of her slacks and blouse. Her breasts are medium size, firm and high with broad, pink areolas and long, pointed nipples, hard in the cool air. I’m attracted, though I don’t understand why. She slowly slides her panties down over her hips and places them on top of her other clothes. As she walks to the bed I see that she is totally shaved, the top of the slit between her distended lips clearly visible.

She slides into bed, turns the light out and stretches.

“You were watching, weren’t you?” she whispers, chuckling, turning towards me and I feel myself blush, not just my face, but my whole chest. I’m amazed that the room isn’t bathed in a red glow.

“Yes” I whisper. “I’m so sorry, I really shouldn’t have.”

“Why not?” she asks “I’m not that hard to look at, am I?”

“Of course not, you’re beautiful, but you’re the first girl I’ve seen naked since the school showers and that was a very long time ago.”

“Not that long, Lydia. I know it’s a very rude question but how old are you?”

“Forty-five.” I reply

“Lydia, no, I don’t believe it! I’d have said mid-thirties at most! And I’m totally serious!”

“Thank you Liz, that’s very, very kind of you, but you haven’t seen where gravity is slowly taking over. Not completely gone yet, but getting there.”

“I still don’t believe it. You obviously don’t think so but you’re beautiful, Lydia. Darn, I wish I’d watched you undress, but you were too quick for me.”

“Hah, you didn’t miss anything! I still have my bra and panties on, was too shy to take them off. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed me blushing, flashing in the dark.”

“Aw honey, you don’t need to be shy with me. I’d love to see you naked, I bet you look wonderful.” She reaches out and gently touches me on a bra-covered breast which makes me practically leap out of bed.

“I’m sorry, Lydia, I’m so sorry, please forgive me!” she cries, jumping up, obviously distraught at my reaction.

I reach over, take her in my arms and we hug each other. “It’s alright, Liz,” I whisper. “I didn’t mean to react as I did, but you did make me jump. It’s been a long time since anyone touched my breast.”

“My fault” whispers Liz back, anxiously. “I really shouldn’t have. Forgive me?”

“Of course, Liz, of course, I’m such a silly!” I say, hugging her tightly. She feels so soft, so good.

Liz looks at me “So how long ago is it since someone touched your breasts, if that isn’t too personal a question?”

“More than ten years, more like twelve. The last one would be my late husband, John and he was so sick for the last two years of our marriage.”

“Oh you poor dear,” exclaimed Liz “how on earth have you managed without sex for that long? You must be ready to explode! Do you masturbate?”

“I do, a lot, but it’s not the same, is it!”

“No it’s not! I’m so sorry, Lydia. Come here and have a hug.” and with that Liz holds me tight, covering my neck and shoulders with soft kisses.

I begin to cry, to sob, and Liz holds me tighter, continuing to softly kiss me. It feels so good, she feels so good, tears flow down my face. I bury my face in the softness of her neck, my nose in her beautiful, clean-smelling hair. God this feels good. Why am I enjoying this so much?

I raise my head and Liz lowers her soft lips to mine. She’s kissing me, on my lips, which I part, her tongue snaking into my mouth to meet my tongue, which pushes back against it. I can’t help myself, I suck her tongue further into my mouth, nibble gently on it

Liz reaches round behind me and unfastens my bra. I feel the tightness slacken on my back and my breasts and as I pull back a little I feel them fall out of their cups, my nipples scraping the cups and pressing into the softness of her breasts. I moan and feel my juices begin to flow. What am I doing? Why does this feel so wonderful?

I move back uşak escort bayan further, untangling from Liz and take my bra off completely, tossing it onto the floor. She stares at my breasts in the light coming through the window and cups them, one in each hand. “Lydia, they’re so big, so beautiful and so very, very heavy. Whatever gravity’s done hasn’t hurt them one little bit.” She closes her lips over a big, hard, pointed nipple, sucks it, making me whimper, a slow fire beginning to burn in the pit of my stomach.

Liz stops, looks at me and asks “Lydia, am I doing any thing that you don’t feel comfortable with? Please tell me because I plan on doing much more to you, make beautiful love to you, take you over the top and down the other side. Do you want me to stop? Please say no, honey.”

“I couldn’t stop you now if I wanted to, Liz. I feel as if I’m waking up to something I’ve never experienced before, and I’m loving it.”

Liz throws the bedclothes back, pushes me back, reaches down and begins to pull off my now soaking panties. I raise my hips and bottom from the bed, she slides them off and puts them into her mouth, sucking the juices from the dripping crotch, her eyes on mine the whole time, as if to dare me.

She throws them to the floor and lowers herself onto my body, her mouth closing over mine which I open, sucking her tongue and my juices. I’m amazed at the rawness of this sex, something I’ve never experienced before, never dreamed of, but I’m ecstatic, loving it, wanting more.

Liz kisses me deeply, trails her mouth and tongue over my jaw, my neck to my breast, sucking in a hard nipple, caressing it with her insistent tongue then down, over my belly button, down to my hair, sucking the juices from it, slipping her tongue into the deep slit between my slick, distended lips, finding my clit, sucking it, licking it until my back arches and I shudder and shake. I scream at the sensations radiating from my clitoris then her tongue slides down, further, licking the feathery inner lips to the deep, dark wet hole, tongue inserting, rotating, sensations I have never, ever felt before, Liz is a maestro, back to my clit, sucking it again into her soft, wet mouth, tongue flicking faster and faster until I explode in a massive orgasm, cum spurting into Liz’s face, my arms flailing, my screams echoing around the room. I’m destroyed! I love it!

We close our arms around each other. I’m shaking, trembling, sobbing but Liz is holding me so tight, whispering endearments into my ear, kissing me until I calm down, relax, flop, lie there boneless, my mind working overtime, what did I just do, what the hell did I just do?

I don’t care, I loved it, really loved it, really, really loved it and I’m going to do it again and again and again.

I reach up, take Liz’s wet face in my hands, look into her eyes and say “Thank you, Liz, thank you so very, very much. I’ve just experienced something I never even knew existed and I’ll never be able to thank you enough.”

We’re both crying, so happy. “Well”, I sob, “I never expected this when I left home this morning! I guess traveling really is dangerous!” the sob turning into a giggle. “But such sweet danger. Now, can I try doing it to you? Seems only fair, after all.”

“I’d love that” whispers Liz and I feel her spreading her legs in preparation. I reach down, fascinated at the feel of a totally shaved mound, smooth, wet, slick and slip a finger into the slit until I find her clitoris and she draws in a breath.

“Oh yes, you’re doing fine so far” she whispers in my ear, “don’t stop now.”

I try to remember everything that Liz did, beginning by sucking a nipple into my mouth, caressing it with my tongue, hearing her whimper, begin to squirm under me. My finger is still in her slit, drawing little circles around her clitoris.

Her nipple tastes so good as I suck it deep, feels so hard as I caress it with my tongue. I love feeling her squirm under me, sending me the signal that I am doing it right. I want this to be so good for her, I want to hear her scream for me.

As much as I am enjoying her nipple I want her, dare I say it, her cunt, there I said it, more, much more escort uşak so I move down until I am lying between her spread legs, my arms under her raised thighs and I am looking at it, smelling it, savoring it, the first cunt I have ever seen in my life. I fall deeply in love with it immediately, the softness, the pinkness, the feathery little wings inside the distended outer wings, the fine folds of flesh surrounding the hole, the clitoris extending from under its hood at the top of the slit and everything wet, so wet. Do I dare poke my tongue out, into that wetness, feel how soft the flesh really is, taste it, suck it, fill my mouth with it? Of course I do, of course I will, of course I am, plunging my mouth and nose into its depths, sucking its juices, inserting my tongue as far as it will go, oh how I’m loving this, I can’t breathe, my mouth and nose are full of Liz’s juice but who the hell cares.

Now I want her clit, the clit I’ve been fingering for the last five minutes, I want that hard, wet, little knob in my mouth where I can caress it with my tongue so I can make Liz explode in orgasm, spray my face with her cum as I did to her, She’s so close, I can feel it, she’s shuddering, shaking, my arms under her thighs have reached her breasts and I’m rolling her hard nipples and that does it! Blastoff! A gush of liquid strikes me in the face as she screams loudly, arcs her back and shakes and quivers as if possessed. I climb quickly up her body, take her in my arms and hold her tightly until she stops shaking. She’s crying and I hold her so tenderly as she comes down from her high, comforting her, kissing her.

After a few minutes she gasps “Well you’re a quick study aren’t you! That was the best fuck I’ve ever had and I think the reason it was so good was that you were really, really enjoying it.”

I look into her eyes and whisper “I was, oh I was, there’s absolutely no doubt about that. You’ve created a monster!”

We lie there looking at each other until we slowly drift off into a deep and dreamless sleep, happiness on our messy faces, to wake after the best sleep we have had in a long time but with bladders on the point of exploding.

I leap out of bed, dash into the bathroom and sit on the toilet, feeling great relief as I spill a long, yellow stream of pee. I wipe myself, wash my hands and Liz hurries in to go through exactly the same procedure.

We shower together, washing each other then drying each other with great enjoyment before dressing, not forgetting our new panties, checking out and looking for a restaurant for breakfast. This proves to be a simple chore and we’re soon sitting down to heaping plates of bacon, eggs and sausage with mugs of steaming coffee, diets be damned. The next train doesn’t leave for two hours so when we finish eating we hold hands and talk about what has happened.

“Liz, I have so much to thank you for, you’ve opened up a whole new world for me and now I’ve discovered it I’m not going back to the boring life I had before I met you. You’re a beautiful, wonderful girl and I want dearly to be your friend, even your lover but you must never forget that I’m more than twice your age. I want to see more and more of you but I’ll completely understand if you want to treat this episode as ships that pass in the night. I’ll be terribly disappointed, but I’ll understand.” As I say this I have tears in my eyes, something I didn’t want to happen but I just can’t help it.

I look up to see that Liz is crying as well. She holds my hands very tightly and says, in a low voice, “You’re not going to get rid of me as easily as that Lydia. I’m so glad I’ve met you and I too want to be your friend and spend time with you, so please don’t bring up age. If it ever does become a problem, we’ll face it as friends and lovers do. In the meantime I want to hug you and kiss you, so let’s pay and get the hell out of here”

We do just that and as soon as we get outside we fall into each other’s arms and kiss deeply. I’m more relieved than I let on. It would be no fun at all to lose such a wonderful new friend and lover so soon after meeting.

We get to the train in plenty of time, find our carriage and stay cuddled up together in our seats all the way to the city where we climb out at the end of what was a most wonderful and memorable day at the seaside. As it’s a Sunday morning I invite Liz to come home with me so that we can spend the rest of the day together, in bed, practicing what we enjoyed last night. We do, but that’s for another story.

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A Horny Woman Ch. 04: With the Girls

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Big Tits

Um, this is the fourth chapter so far. If you need some context for this story, go back and read the previous chapters. I typed my fingers to the bone. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration – but I hate repeating myself. If you need to know more, it’s there.


After our group night out, we dropped all pretenses in the suite. It started when Mary Sue came home from classes on Monday and simply stripped naked and sat on the couch, legs splayed and her fingers busy with her pussy. It was as if it didn’t matter who saw her – and actually, the only one pussy I hadn’t seen in the group was Sheila’s. But that was going to happen soon anyway.

“Mary Sue,” I asked. “What’s gotten into you?”

“Technically, nothing so far! If you’re asking how come I’m playing with myself and simply skirting the issue, it’s because I’ve been so fucking horny for the past two hours, I thought I’d explode! It seems my American Studies professor has a habit of going commando, and sitting up front on her desk. I thought you had stones, the way you dressed this past weekend – well, she’s got bigger ones. She basically tried to teach 20 students about the history of the Grand Canyon while showing off her own valley. I know I wasn’t the only one who it got to – I saw at least three girls fingering themselves, and I’d swear a couple of the guys were jerking off. I held back – but now I’m home and letting loose.”

“Dayam! That’s amazing. I wonder how long she’s been doing that?” I asked.

“From what I was told, since about mid-way through last year. It started as soon as enrollment for her class ended. I bet that if the word gets out her next semester will be standing room only! Now either let me alone so I can finish, or get over here and help!”

Ever the friendly one, I chose to assist. I got naked as well, moved between her legs, pulled her forwards so her pussy was at the edge and moved her fingers aside with my head. I took a deep breath and inhaled the smell of her musk, then bent to taste her. I used my tongue to try to reach every inch of her pussy before shifting to her clit.

“If you’re going to suck my clit, then you better use your hands to fill my cunt!”

“Yes, ma’am.” I purred. And with that I worked three fingers up inside her, searching for her g-spot. I heard the door open and started to turn, but her hand on my head prevented that.

“Gwen, get over here and work on my nipples. They are dying to be squeezed and twisted. Hard! Oh, and take off your clothes as well!” The sound of clothing hitting the floor came next, and then I felt a body next to us. That had to be Gwen obeying. I still had one free hand, and used it to find her pussy. I heard a gasp, a giggle and then a moan as I got to work with it.

Mary Sue, meanwhile, was beginning to sound like a cat in heat. She was breathing hard, making mewing sounds, and otherwise letting the world know she was getting close to coming. I sped up my tongue on her clit, and reached the letter T when she finally let loose. As she did her pussy grabbed my fingers and held them deep inside as she shuddered with her release. As soon as she relaxed enough to let me go, I shifted my attention to Gwen. I sat her down next to Mary Sue and spread her legs. My hand was already three fingers deep in yozgat escort her slit, so all I needed to do was reposition her so her clit was accessible and soon I was once again tonguing the alphabet where it mattered most.

I can tell you definitively that all pussy does NOT taste the same! My side by side taste testing revealed some fascinating, subtle differences that I enjoyed. They were the same and yet different. It was cool! And, once again, as I was sucking a clit, I heard the door open. This time I didn’t even try to turn – I just kept at it.

“Sheila, get naked and get over here. You need to have Paula eat your pussy. She’s got a magical tongue.” Again, I heard clothes hit the floor. Mary Sue got up and Sheila took her place. Mary Sue’s hands rested on my shoulders as if she was trying to guide my mouth. When that didn’t work, she switched gears and reached around to play with my tits, stroking them. Lightly rubbing them. Teasing my nipples, which were beginning to ache with desire. I could hear the squishy sounds of fingers in a pussy and figured it was Sheila. I adjusted my hands so one was still in Gwen and reached for Sheila with the other.

Not sure what actually triggered Gwen’s orgasm – but all of a sudden, she was bucking and shrieking and twitching. It was awesome – I had now made two of my roommates come and I knew what kind of pleasure it was. I was feeling extremely powerful and so I very quickly moved to Sheila’s pussy. What a surprise – I had never encountered so much hair in my life! Her mound was covered with tangled, black curls. It didn’t turn me off, but it was so unusual. Beneath it all, she had the same equipment we all did, so I went back to what I knew to do. I was surprised, thought, by the size of her clit – it was a lot bigger than mine or the other girls. It was almost like a mini-penis. I treated it like one as my fingers moved inside her.

“Yes!” I heard her say. “Somebody squeeze my tits! Pull my nipples!” I could tell by the movement around me that both Gwen and Mary Sue responded, and seconds later Sheila was squirting in my face!

“Some body get me a towel!” I said, laughing. “That was amazing. Did you know you each taste different?”

“Never thought about it before, but that makes sense.” Laughed Gwen. “But what about you? Seems like we ought to find a way to return the favor.”

“Oh, I have just the thing for Paula.” Said Sheila. “I know she’s going to like it. I can tell.”

This left me curious, but I trusted them, right?

Sheila got up and went into her room, coming back out with a black bag. She took my hand and led me over to the ottoman in the room. “Lie on it, face down.”

When I did the three of them suddenly had rope in their hands and I found myself being fastened to the ottoman. I was held securely at each arm and leg, my legs spread wide and my pussy and ass on full display. That wasn’t really a problem, just different. As I began to wonder what they had in mind, my pussy, already wet from my subservience, now was almost gushing. Liquid was actually running down my leg. I heard a noise behind me – a buzzing sound. And then another. Oh boy!

Each of them took a minute to kiss me deeply. Then Mary Sue stood in front of me with my Jeff yozgat escort bayan Stryker dildo on a belt – she had herself a cock! And she held it in her hand and brought it to my lips.

“Go on, slut. Here’s a cock for you to suck!” With that I opened my mouth and she thrust her hips forwards. I had a good six inches in when she held still and began to pull back.

She took her time moving in and out, and I decided to treat it like a real one. I was getting into it when I felt some cold liquid between my ass cheeks, and fingers working it into my ass hole. It took some work to relax my back door while dealing with a big cock in my mouth, but I managed. Now there were fingers in and out of my ass as I felt another set of them working on my pussy. Someone’s thumb ran up and down the slit, slipped between the lips and began to work them. Another hand was at my clit, teasing and withdrawing, then pinching and squeezing.

As Mary Sue began a steady in and out rhythm, the fingers in my butt withdrew and a larger object was pressed against the tiny opening. It didn’t take much and I was soon filled with what was obviously another dildo, slowly working its way up inside my ass. As if that weren’t enough, the fingers in my pussy were replaced by yet a third dildo, this one the biggest of them all (or so it felt). The interesting part was how easily that big boy slid all the way in.

“Damn, she must sure like big cock.”

“Yeah, she seems to fit it really easily.”

I moaned an agreement, but it probably just came out as a moan.

“One, two, three” said the voices at my back, and on three they turned on the vibrators they had impaled me with, shoving them as deep into me as they could. I started coming immediately. I saw stars. Galaxies. I felt torn apart and put back together again. I probably bit down on the cock in my mouth – good thing it wasn’t real! And I passed out.

I woke a few minutes later (I found out afterwards), flat on my back on the couch with the three of them crowding around me, seemingly worried.

“You passed out. Are you okay?” Asked Mary Sue.

“We were going to call 911, but then we thought about how we could explain it and decided not to.” Gwen started the laughter.

I joined in. “Er, the patient blacked out due to multiple injections of penile substitute. There was electricity involved. Maybe that had something to do with it.” I was hysterically laughing.

“Dildo overdose!” Shrieked Gwen!

“Sheila, what made you so sure I’d like that?” I asked.

“Simple – all the stories you guys told us about your Saturday night adventure. I took a chance.”

“Well, it isn’t something I’d do all the time, but I now can highly recommend it if any of you are up for it.” I responded. There were no immediate takers, but at least two “maybe laters”.

“Okay, I need a shower – I’ve been bathed in pussy juices and sweat, so I’m going to get clean. But from now on, I’m letting y’all know that I consider clothing optional. And know that if you are bringing folks back here. If you don’t want them to see that, warn me, okay?” I got up to head to the shower.

“I like the idea too. Same goes for me.” Said Mary Sue.

“Same here.”

“Me too.”

And escort yozgat from then on, we hung out naked. Initially, it seemed to invite a lot of erotic behavior. For the first two weeks or so it seemed like someone was always coming, whether by themselves or with others. We established a group toy collection – dildos, butt plugs and more. If you think coming up with rules around house cleaning and doing the dishes was tough, coming up with them around sex toys was even weirder. Who cleans them? Who is responsible for batteries? Where do we keep them? It was actually funny.

At some point, it just became about hanging out naked. We were even known in the rest of the dorm – going to visit Paula, Mary Sue, Gwen or Sheila? Then be prepared to either get naked and join them, or deal with them being naked. A bunch of girls got rid of their body hang ups by visiting us. Naked is naked. Flesh is flesh. Granted, Gwen and I had really good figures, Sheila’s body was a temple of development as an athlete, and Mary Sue was really ordinary – we passed no judgements on our friends, fat, skinny, tall or short.

We did see some amazing boobs – there were a couple of girls who’d gotten enhancements and we had a blast when they showed us how they’d done it – and one of the other women just simply had massive natural boobs. She was nervous to be seen naked at first, but we made it safe and comfortable for her, and she eventually revealed an enormous pair of boobs. We all just talked at that point – and discussed teasing, jealousy, annoyance at juvenile males, and we all learned that she was in constant pain carrying those melons around. She’s still one of my dearest friends, and, I’m happy to report, she eventually got them reduced in size. I went to visit her two weeks after it was done, and I’ve never met a happier woman! Some of it was due to little things like being able to see her feet when standing up, to no longer suffering excruciating back aches. Two weeks later she let me know how much her sex life had improved as well.

As you might imagine, we discovered (and encouraged) more than a few women who visited to participate in the joys of sapphic love. We were written up in at least one lesbian magazine for our openness on the subject. We all debated long and hard about whether we’d let ourselves be identified – only Mary Sue did.

Once a month we played our Wicked game. We all kept lists, throughout the month, of wicked things we thought of. On game day, each of us would go through the lists, write a bunch of our ideas on slips of paper, and then put them in a bowl. While at first it was just the four of us, by the second month there were half a dozen new players. It was simple – you drew a card and had to let the other players know what it was by demonstrating. And yes, everything that just flashed through your mind as you read that and more was part of it. Add liquor (and occasionally pot) and it was where our dirty minds took flight. I was introduced to fisting. Among other things. If I could find a market beyond horny women, I’d consider marketing it. Might not make a lot of money, but the user testimonials would be killer!

In any case, none of the four of us was ever horny for any protracted length of time. And we grew as close as could be. Ever since, we get together for a weekend together at a private cabin. Now it’s just three of us – we lost Mary Sue to breast cancer three years after we graduated. Her wife Neelam has taken her place so it’s still a foursome.

I highly recommend college!

[Continued in A Horny Woman:Ch05 – Subbing]

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A Cold Dish Ch. 01

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They say revenge is a dish best served cold… And I can’t say I disagree with that sentiment.

Rebecca Richmond was a slim redhead, weighing about 150 pounds soaking wet. She’d been somewhat of an awkward child at school, with several skin conditions and a few mental tics, but she never let these hinder her aggression. I really couldn’t believe that in five years, this arrogant, awkward bitch who had ruined my childhood had become a beautiful young woman, with pale skin and big eyes that would just suck you in. She’d dyed her hair blonde, which suited her, in my opinion. She would always be, to me, an airhead. But hey, that was just my thoughts on the matter.

Rebecca was not a nice person. I knew that there were excuses, but I never really cared for them, because they didn’t make up for what she’d done. I was the active, friendly, ADHD kid that everyone knew. I came with my own set of issues, true, but nothing I did warranted the cruelty she heaped on me. And oh, she did. This young woman had little ambition in her younger years except to rule the small private school we went to, and she did it well. Of course, this meant I had to end up at the bottom. And so I became her personal target, and ended up damaged from her constant abuse. When we all graduated that school, I swore, I would get revenge on her, by going further than she ever did. But, as most of these stories go, I barely went anywhere at all. Crippling social phobias and a complete lack of understanding when it came to societal norms really aren’t your best bets for making new friends and soaring among the stars.

But I wasn’t the only one who screwed up. I stayed in school, stayed clean, and got out with average grades that hardly represented the near-MENSA level of intellect I apparently possessed. She, on the other hand, was forced to drop out during a drinking fiasco before finals during sophomore year, and ended up being tossed into the local private school, full of uniforms and religion, where they’d keep a closer eye on her. Me, I was free to wander the halls of the public high school, enjoying almost every second of my liberation. No longer did I worry about the snide whispers behind my back, or the mockery in the wake of my footsteps. Sure, her cronies were still there, but she was gone, and without her, they were limited to small little jokes that soon got boring, and some meaningless gossip. I, on the other hand, was not so confined.

Whilst Rebecca was away, I’d been barely surviving school, yes, and dealing with a host of mental problems, but one thing I never forgot was my childhood. I never forgot how I came to fear her face and her words… And also came to desire them. See, in my later years of high school, I began to realize I had a crush on Rebecca, the girl who I could single-handedly blame for messing me up so badly. That topic certainly was avoided in therapy. I wasn’t about to admit my thoughts about her, not to anyone! But as I grew, so did these thoughts, blossoming from a bud of an idea into a full-fledged fantasy, becoming so prominent in my mind, I could not shake them. So when I ran into Rebecca again, I wasn’t entirely urfa escort sure what I was going to do.

I never moved away from the town we grew up in, and it was only inevitable that we cross paths sometime. For me, it was at Rose’s, the local (and only) sex shop in town. I’d been there a couple times, being a single pansexual with a healthy sex drive, but never without friends. So when I stepped out of the busy street and into the cool, AC’ed store, I never expected to see a certain long-haired bitch across the store from me. And I certainly never expected to see her at the rack for remote-controlled sex toys, specifically the kind for subtle public play. My first instinct was to leave. Heaven forbid she catch me here! But my second one was to snap a picture of her, which I promptly did. Slipping my phone back into my pocket, and tugging my hat low over my face, I let my hair down and began to browse the wares I knew all too well.

But, before I give you the tantalizing details of what happened next, I should tell you what I look like, no? I’m about 5’5″, of average height and slim build. I weigh no more than 130 pounds on a good day, and have medium-length dark brown hair. My skin is relatively pale, dotted with scars, and I have deep hazel eyes, which can appear to change color, depending on my mood. I’m a bit of a dyke, and prefer boyish clothing. You won’t catch me wearing dresses or skirts, and make-up is pointless to me. I just don’t like such things. I ever wore a suit to prom. I’m almost always found wearing a baseball cap, though, it’s my favorite accessory. I practice martial arts (a habit picked up from the days I knew Rebecca in), walk several miles daily, and exercise. So, I am in relatively good shape. A bit of a change from the slim, gawky kid people knew growing up. No doubt she’d be hard-pressed to recognize me now. But that wasn’t something I was willing to bet on.

As it was, my luck wasn’t strong. She turned as I walked closer to her, heading for the rack of vibrators. It took her a moment, and I saw her do a double-take, before finally, she realized who she was looking at.


I grimaced under my hat, and looked up at her, tilting the brim back from my face. “Rebecca. Hey.”

“Wow, what are you doing here? Still can’t get a guy to go for all that psycho?”

“Real mature, Becca. Reaaaaal mature.” I drew out the first word, letting the scorn sink in. She still hadn’t grown up. What a shock.

“So, what is it you do for a living now, Sam? Hrm?” She put a specific emphasis on my name, with that same mocking edge that still made me cringe after all these years. How I hated it.

“If you must know, I’m a freelance writer.”

“Oh, so you’re unemployed, hrm?” That tone. I swear, I was allergic to that tone, it drove me mad. And that little giggle of hers, so frustrating. It made me want to slap her. “I’ve been published a few times. Carrying on my family tradition. I hear you tried to do that. Tell me, did it sting, getting kicked out of college? I bet they hoisted you out by your rear. No one wants trash like you in their urfa escort bayan halls.”

She reared up at that. She didn’t like having the tables turned, not one bit. For Rebecca, it was about complete control. If she didn’t have it, you did not want to be in her way. She could make a class five hurricane look like a puff of air. Normally, I would have backed down, but I wasn’t that shy little kid anymore. I had changed, and running was no longer something I did. Watching her drag herself back to the shores of her control was a satisfying experience, I must say. She certainly was having a hard time. Not enough anger management classes, I supposed. There was a reason I kept up with mine, after all.

“Actually, I left because I didn’t feel like I wanted to pursue that career path. You’d know all about that, wouldn’t you? You flunked out of community college. That must have been humiliating.” Ouch. Well, she sure knew how to hit the right buttons, but I wasn’t the sort to let that get to me, not anymore. I wasn’t her easy target nowadays.

“Mrm, I did. I made a mistake and went into it for a degree I was fairly uneasy about. Now I simply freelance, do what makes me happy. I may not be rich-” I put a mocking emphasis on that word “-but I know how to be happy. And it doesn’t involve sex and booze.”

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. “Like you even know what sex is! I bet you’ve never even had a boyfriend, let alone fucked anyone!”

“Actually, I’ve had two boyfriends-“

“And both were scrawny geeks, I remember them! Victor the retard and Matt the chicken farmer! Was he even a boy? Hard to tell with his long hair!”

I cleared my throat softly, looking at her. “As I was saying, I’ve had two boyfriends, and a grand total of seven girlfriends. I’ve slept with a few girls in my time, and retained my hymen to this day. Unlike you, who drinks and fucks like there’s no tomorrow.”

There was dead silence in the store for a moment. I could clearly hear a mother scolding a child outside, as the little boy wanted to go in and “See the cool toys!”. In this time, Rebecca’s face went from rage to shock, to mild surprise, to disgust, then finally made it’s way up to glee. I calmly waited for those triumphant words to make their way free from her throat. It was like watching a volcano explode, to be honest.

“I KNEW IT! I knew you were a lesbian! I was right! Always checking us out, staring at us while we changed… You’re such a perv! Oh Em Gee. I cannot wait to tell everyone. What a huge fucking dyke!” It was amusing to listen to her spout this homophobic crap in a town that was so liberal, no one gave two shits. Still, in her long-winded rant, she crossed a line, and at that point, something had to be done.

“I bet you have to rape girls just to get them to sleep with you!”

My eyes flew open when she said that. I had begun to close them, bored with her incessant talking. But when she decided to throw that one out there, she triggered something I didn’t even realize I had been burying. Something so powerful, so out of my control, I barely even escort urfa realized what I was saying before I said it.

“I’d sleep with you, if you weren’t such a trashy whore.”

A moment of silence, then all hell broke loose. She spewed out a torrent of names, calling me everything in the book. Homo, gaytard, pervert, sex addict, hooker, anything and everything to get my dander up. I hardly gave two shits. High school and a year clubbing down in the South had hardened me to comments about my sexual preferences. As I watched her lips form the frenzied words, I felt something in me click. Suddenly, I was stepping forward. I’m quite certain she asked me what I was doing, but I didn’t care at that point. Gripping both her wrists, I slammed us into the wall, and shut her mouth with my own, pressing my lips to hers. She fought like a hellion. I swear, in those few seconds, I tasted semen on her lips, that salty tinge making me want to laugh. To avoid attracting attention, I let her go, sated for the time being. Looking her over, she stood there, flushed red with rage. She was shaking, and her blond hair, what she was so damn proud of, was disheveled, making her look like she’d just finished sucking a cock. And her eyes… Beneath the anger, I saw a twinge of something, something I hadn’t seen in a while. It caught me off guard for a moment. Before I could react, she reared up, and slapped me clear across the jaw.

“Fucking PERVERT! What the HELL is your issue! I should call the cops on you! My parents are lawyers, you know, you’ll be out on the streets befo-“

“I know what your parents are, Rebecca, it’s why they never gave two shits about you and always left you on your own. It’s why you have so many Mommy and Daddy issues.”

That earned me another slap. By now, I was surprised that the owner hadn’t come out. But Rosa knew me well enough, I suppose, and knew I could handle my own shit. I’d never made trouble for her before, after all. Listening to Rebecca rant on again about how I knew nothing, how much trouble I was in, etc, I sighed.

“Look. Either you can shut up, or I’ll show everyone this lovely little picture I have of you looking at a rather kinky sex toy. I bet Mommy and Daddy would LOVE to know what you want to do with a vibrator for public play, specifically marked “For the kinky little girl in you!”. I’ll be sure to e-mail them a copy.”

She spluttered with fury. “How DARE you! I’ll sue for stalking! Delete that photo!”

“Why? As you can clearly see, I’m just taking a picture of a sex toy. It’s unfortunate you were in the frame, Becca dear.”

“BITCH!” She was about to slap me again, but this time, I caught her hand, and pressed a kiss to the back of her fingers before letting them go. Just to add to the mockery. I did like taunting her far too much. She pulled her hand back like it was on fire, then turned and stalked out of the store, looking furious. She knew there was nothing she could do.

Me? I just laughed. Shrugging to myself, I went and strolled back out onto the street. Already, she was nowhere to be found. Funny how fast she could move when she wanted to. Whistling a tune to myself, I tucked my hat low over my eyes once more, and strolled down the street into a brisk New England evening.

I’d see her again. I knew that look in her eyes, sure enough. It was curiosity, and it was lust, a combination that always kept them coming back for more.

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A Girl Called Sami Ch. 08

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Halloween was a couple of weeks off yet, and the fall semester was going well for both Bonnie and Sami; oh, they had tons of homework that kept them super busy, make no mistake, but they also found the time to scoot around the City, the two of them a common sight in the Garden district on Sami’s motor scooter.

Sami started shooting a lot in the French Quarters, whenever she could steal an hour or two from her day to do so. Bonnie went with her often, at first just because she had nothing else going on, but recently it had been because Sami would use her in some of her shots.

The camera lens liked Bonnie, Sami saw after the first couple of times she had shot her, and Sami thought it a good idea to explore that a bit more.

“How ’bout tilting your head just a smidge downward, yeah, like that; now, lower your eyelids just a tad, okay….hold that, baby, just…like…that,” Sami said, squeezing off two quick shots.

Sami had placed Bonnie sitting on a stone bench in Jackson Square, a huge Magnolia bush as a background.

“That was great, Bonnie, I’ll make a model of you yet,” joked Sami while packing her camera away in her gadget bag.

“You’ll make a silk purse out a sow’s ear, first,” Bonnie joked back with her.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Sami replied, “you’ll see Bonnie-girl, you’ll see; now, ready to head back to campus?”

“Do we have time for coffee and beignets?” Bonnie asked hopefully.

“Always time for that, girlfriend,” the idea hitting Sami’s hot-button.

They chose to sit outside, on the patio of Café Du Monde, a well-known and popular coffee shop in the French Quarters. Though it was fall, it was Louisiana and people were still in shorts and tees, like Sami and Bonnie wore today.

Their order of beignets and café au lait arrived, and the delicious aroma assaulted their senses; to say the girls attacked the plate of light, fluffy pastries covered with powdered sugar would be an understatement.

They laughed at each other’s faces, covered with the powdery sugar, which had also gotten on their hands, as well as their tees. They brushed off what they could and decided to let the wind take care of the rest on the scooter ride back to campus.

“Hang on Bonnie-baby, you’ll get run over if you fall of the back,” joked Sami, and purposefully popping the clutch for a quick start, Sami laughed when Bonnie yelped and grabbed onto Sami’s waist to prevent her from falling off as they rocketed down the narrow, French Quarter street.

Bonnie loved these romps with Sami, she loved the wind slipping by them as they rode through the city on Sami’s scooter; of course, for Bonnie, any time spent with Sami, just the two of them, she loved, if she were to be truthful.

Moving her hands from Sami’s waist, she brought them around to place them on the insides of Sami’s thighs, her thumbs brushing against Sami’s crotch. Squeezing the inside of Sami’s thighs and laying her head against Sami’s back, she relived that night at the end of the summer, when she and Sami made love that first time, really made love….


“Sami! Girl, I was starting to worry about you,” Bonnie said when Sami returned to their dorm room after the night with the M&M girls.

“Like I told you last night, Bonnie,” Sami lied, “the shrimp didn’t really agree with me and it was best that I stayed at Marcia’s until my upset stomach quieted down.”

“Well, I hope she took good care of you,” Bonnie said, truly concerned about Sami.

“Yep, don’t worry about that; Marcia took very good care of me,” Sami answered truthfully.

Two days later, she and Sami were getting dressed yalova escort bayan so that they could grab a bite and see a movie. It was Friday, and they had decided to eat a late lunch/early dinner and catch the 6 o’clock showing of a movie they both wanted to see.

The scooted over to Mother’s for Po-Boys on Sami’s Honda, and finished with food, headed for the theater.

“Upstairs in the balcony section or downstairs with the masses,” Sami asked when they walked up to the ticket window.

“Upstairs,” Bonnie chose, “it’s cheaper.”

They decided to forego the popcorn and just get a coke instead. Finding their way to the balcony, they had it damned near to themselves, since only three other people were up there.

Following Bonnie’s head-nod, Sami mounted the steps until they were at the back row, under the projection booth, and chose seats in the middle of the row. The other three patrons were sitting several rows below them, near the first row which overlooked the downstairs of the theater.

They settled into their seats and made soft chit-chat about nothing important until the movie started. For whatever reason and Bonnie really doesn’t know why, she took Sami’s arm and put it around her, and leaned against Sami’s shoulder to watch the movie.

Sami was a bit surprised, but pleased, when Bonnie did that and squeezing Bonnie’s arm with her hand, she leaned her head against Bonnie’s to watch the movie as well.

They stayed like that, heads against each other’s for about a half-hour of the movie when Bonnie surprised herself, as well as Sami.

Giving in to the impulse that showed up out of nowhere, Bonnie reached across with her hand and started fondling and feeling Sami’s breasts; no kissing or anything, just stroking her hand slowly and softly across her breasts, feeling her up.

Sami enjoyed Bonnie’s caresses to her tits, loved the fact that Bonnie made that move on her own; slipping her hand under Bonnie’s arm, Sami began fondling Bonnie’s breasts as well, loving the fullness of her tits.

Neither said a word, there was no need to. They were both lost in the moment, both letting the sensuousness of the moment take them where it will. Moving her hand and head in concert, Bonnie lifted a corner of Sami’s tee, exposing her breast and lowering her head, she began to slowly suck and lick Sami’s nipple.

Sami leaned against the back of her seat and scooted herself a bit forward in her seat, closing her eyes to enjoy Bonnie’s suckling. Moving her hand down as she relished the feel of her tongue’s touches to Sami’s nipple, Bonnie cupped Sami’s crotch with her hand, over her shorts, and slowly began to rub and squeeze.

Sami didn’t last long under this welcomed-unexpected-but welcomed, sexual assault by Bonnie. She somehow managed to keep her moans silent as she quickly approached orgasm, and when she came, Bonnie squeezed Sami’s pussy tightly, as if to contain the bursting climax.

Sami was breathing hard, trying to get her breathing under control when, with a final suck of her nipple, Bonnie lifted her head and pulled Sami’s tee back down, covering up Sami-girl’s, now- wet, breast and nipple

Bonnie put her lips to Sami’s ear, nibbled a bit on the lobe, then whispering, she asked, “Let’s go home, Sami, please?”

Sami’s answer was to kiss Bonnie’s full and luscious lips softly, tenderly, lovingly.

The ride back to the dorm seemed as if it were in slow motion, like each second took a minute. Both were quiet as Sami maneuvered them through the nighttime traffic on St. Charles Avenue; reaching the campus and finally their dorm, yalova escort Bonnie stood, eyeing Sami as she went about the business of securing and locking her scooter to a cycle rack.

Once in their room, without either saying a word to the other about it, they grabbed their shower gear and walked to the showers. Stranger still was the fact that they chose separate showers, almost as if it were a bride and groom obeying the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony.

After returning to their room, Bonnie lit a few candles, setting them on the window sill, and turned off the overhead lights. Sami had reached into her secret place and retrieved the joint that Marcia had given her earlier in the week.

Sami walked over to double-check that their door was locked and turning, she took both of their mattresses from the beds, arranging them on the floor, next to the other. She and Bonnie then quickly secured the sheets and somewhat ‘made up’ the beds so that they could mess it up later.

“You look good in that,” Sami commented, her eyes enjoying the simple jockey short-panties and cut-off top that Bonnie had on. Sami was just in panties and, for a change, also a cut-off top.

“Thanks, you do too; but, you always look hot,” Bonnie replied, and then sitting down on the bedding, she held her hand out to Sami in invitation.

“Have you ever smoked?” Sami asked as she held the doobie up for Bonnie to see.

Laughing, Bonnie said that Roy always had weed nearby and she had, indeed, smoked on several occasions, just not every day, like some do.

“Good,” was Sami’s only comment, then firing up, she took a small hit and passed it to Bonnie.

“Why now? Why tonight?” Sami asked.

Inhaling and holding her breath for a bit to let the smoke go down, Bonnie said, “I don’t really know; I can tell you that I’ve been thinking about it all summer long, and that each time we’ve made out, that I’ve wished that you would make that move,” and with that said, she passed the doob back to Sami.

“Are you sure about this?” Sami pressed the issue a bit further.

“Don’t you want to?” Bonnie replied.

“More than you know,” Sami asked after taking a hit, “I’ve masturbated thinking about that with you.”

“Me too,” Bonnie said, after taking her own hit.

Sami put the doobie out, and getting up, she returned it to her secret place. Turning around and looking down to Bonnie, Sami pulled off her shirt, then her panties; walking back to join Bonnie, her pubes glistened in the soft glow of the candle light, wet from arousal.

Kneeling in front of Bonnie, Sami lifted her top off of her, and then laid Bonnie on her back; she slowly pulled Bonnie’s panties from her body, kissing her flat stomach as she did so.

Sami’s lips teased the crooks of Bonnie’s legs where it joined her body as she pulled the panties from Bonnie’s feet. Moving so that her leg was against Bonnie’s pussy, she lay on top of Bonnie, kissing her lustfully while her hand filled itself with Bonnie’s full breast.

There no words between them, but there was plenty of communication.

Bonnie held Sami tightly with her hands, rubbing them up and down Sami’s body while Sami took a deliciously long time kissing and tonguing Bonnie’s body; Sami’s mouth and tongue were turning Bonnie into a pool of carnality.

When Sami moved to suck Bonnie’s breasts, her hand was cupping Bonnie’s very wet pussy; slipping two fingers into Bonnie’s pussy, she slowly fingered Bonnie while trying, at the same time, to swallow Bonnie’s right breast.

When Sami pulled her lips from Bonnie’s tit, Bonnie’s escort yalova head followed, trying to kiss Sami. Feeling Sami’s lips travel over her nipples, pausing to suck each in turn, Bonnie laid her head back onto her pillow, surrendering her entire body to whatever Sami wanted to do to her.

As Sami’s mouth moved closer and closer to her pussy, Bonnie was about to jump out of her skin from the excitement that Sami was causing her. But, when she felt Sami move between her legs, nibbling at her skin just above her pubes, Bonnie wanted to feel Sami’s tongue on her, in her, in a most desperate way; gently pushing Sami downward with her hands on Sami’s head, Bonnie moaned her pleasure when she felt Sami’s lips surround her clitoris.

Raising her head from Bonnie’s clit, Sami said to Bonnie, “Baby, I’m going to get you off quickly, a fast one; then, I’ll take my time for your next one so that you can really enjoy it.”

And Bonnie did get off quickly, no more than two minutes after Sami began eating and tonguing Bonnie Sue Madison’s pussy. It can’t possibly feel this good, thought Bonnie, there’s no way anything can feel this good.

But it did feel this good, and Bonnie let Sami’s love-making take her to the mountaintop for the next hour, over and over again; and when Sami stopped and crawled up to lay next to Bonnie, she sucked on Sami’s tongue, loving the taste of her own pussy juices on Sami’s mouth and tongue.

They lay against each other, silent, enjoying the feel of each other’s naked body next their own.

“That was indescribably delicious, Sami; nothing has ever felt that good to me before,” Bonnie said, breaking the silence.

“You taste good, baby, every bit as good as I knew you would,” was Sami’s reply as she stroked Bonnie’s back and ass with her fingertips.

“You just lay back, Sami, I’ve been dreaming about doing this for so long, so fucking long…” Bonnie’s voice cried softly, just as she took Sami’s breast into her mouth.

It wasn’t as hard or strange as Bonnie had thought it would be; her wanton desire to pleasure Sami was driving her, leading her mouth and hands to do things that she had never ever done before. But it was as she lowered her head to Sami’s pussy, when she caught Sami’s scent with her nose, that she went totally fucking crazy with lustful desires.

Sami was off on another planet of pleasure when Bonnie’s mouth on her pussy sent her out of the galaxy; Bonnie’s tongue, when it slipped into Sami’s love-box, touched every nerve ending that Sami had, sending her into climax mode complete with skyrockets, stars, and was that a fucking comet?

For her part, if Bonnie died at this moment with her mouth on Sami’s box, she’d be fine with that; she’d go out with a smile on her face…


The jolt of the motor scooter, crossing over a curb, brought Bonnie out of her reverie, and back to the here and now.

It was early, but Sami had to go to work at the Grille tonight, but she wasn’t closing, so that meant she’d be back to the room around 10’ish or so.

“Want to go out for a bit when you get off work?” Bonnie asked as she lay naked on her bed, her pubes freshly licked by Sami-girl, watching Sami get dressed.

“What’s the alternative, if I don’t feel like it,” Sami asked as she shimmied into her jeans.

“We get naked and fuck each other to sleep,” Bonnie said, serious, not joking.

“Sounds like a plan,” and with an air kiss to Bonnie, Sami left for work.

After Sami had gone to work, Bonnie stayed naked, lying in her bed with her hands stroking her freshly licked love-box, her fingers pulling on her slick lips, lightly but with purpose.

Bonnie thought about the pleasures that she had discovered because of Sami, with Sami, and wondered why, oh why, hadn’t she found Sami sooner, in her life?

But, I’ve found her now, thought Bonnie, and for Bonnie Sue Madison of Gulfport, Mississippi that was enough; for now, anyway.

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A Baumgartner Reunion Ch. 03

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If I thought I’d been unprepared for seeing Gretchen again, nothing could have prepared me for walking back into the house I’d shared with the Baumgartners that week and seeing Mrs. B in her black bikini, smiling warmly and opening the door to my tentative knock.

I’d spent the whole flight remembering that week in December, as I watched the snow covered ground give way to the clouds and then eventually descend into sand. Of course, they must have planned it. I knew that now, although I hadn’t consciously realized it then. They asked me to come under the pretense of babysitting the kids, but that isn’t really why I’d been invited along. It had been planned from the beginning.

How young I had been—how naïve. Mrs. B’s slow seduction had worked like a charm—sunbathing topless and encouraging me to do so, too; letting me borrow one of her micro-bikinis and offering to shave me down there so nothing would show. How had they known I would slowly acquiesce the way I did, unable to resist her softness, both of them keeping me curious and on-edge about Doc until just the right moment when he finally came in between us, as if it were meant to be?

It wasn’t until after it was all over, of course, that I felt manipulated. It wasn’t until after Gretchen and I had parted, looking back on that week in Key West, when I realized I’d been used. The reality was Doc wanted a young, nineteen-year-old piece of ass, and his wife planned the seduction. So why, then, was I sitting on a plane, flying out to Key West once again, to stay with the Baumgartners?

The thought went through my mind as I stood in front of their door, waiting for someone to answer. The truth was, I didn’t want to believe it was true. I wanted to think the Baumgartners really cared about me and what happened was as sweetly exciting and spontaneous as it felt—we were all swept away in the passion of it. Some part of me must have still believed that, because there I stood, knocking on the Baumgartners’ door, and when Mrs. B answered, squealing and putting her arms around me, I leaned into her and sighed, and almost felt like crying.

“Oh Veronica, it’s so good to see you!” Mrs. B kissed my cheek, her lips full and soft, catching the corner of my mouth as she turned her head. “Doc! She’s here!” Mrs. B hadn’t changed at all—the same honey-colored hair falling over her tanned shoulders, the same lush curves. I swallowed hard when she turned, holding my hand and leading me down the hall, seeing that her bikini was a thong, as usual, and she was completely exposed from behind.

“Look at you.” Doc grinned as he came down the stairs, shaking his head. Doc was a little grayer around the temples, his dark curls a little less thick, but his smile was infectious, and his eyes swept over me, just like they always did, making me tingle. “Come here, girl!”

He swept me into his arms and squeezed, reminding me how big he was. I felt tiny in his arms, in spite of the ten extra pounds I’d put on since I had Beth. He kissed the top of my head and smiled down at me, his eyes sweeping over my outfit. I was dressed for a Michigan winter—long, gray wool skirt and a light pink sweater with soft brown suede boots.

“Did you bring your own bikini, or are you going to have to borrow Carrie’s?”

I smiled—I couldn’t help it. “I’ve got my own suit, Doc.”

“Well, then, let’s see it!” He winked at his wife. “Everyone else is out swimming and we were just about to join them.”

Everyone else. Doc pulled his shirt off and headed toward the door wall that opened up to the private beach in back. I couldn’t help but notice his broad, tanned back, the thick muscles in his arms, and wondered how old he was now. My god, how old had he been back then? I heard Gretchen’s voice the minute he pulled open the door.

“Janie, can I listen to your Ipod?”

Everyone else included Janie and Henry, all grown up. I couldn’t even imagine what they would look like. Would they even remember me? I was suddenly scared to find out.

“Come.” Mrs. B took my hand and started leading me toward the stairs. “Let’s get you settled in your room so you can change.” I followed her up the stairs and down the hallway, a strange sense of deja-vu washing over me. The doors to what had been Janie and Henry’s rooms when I stayed with them last were closed, but the three doors at the end of the hall were open, and I remembered those rooms very well—the bathroom, Mr. and Mrs. B’s room, and what had been my room. Mrs. B stopped outside the junction of the three doors, as if we were at some crossroads, and glanced back at me.

“Gretchen normally sleeps here.” She nodded at the room I had once occupied. “But she insisted on sleeping on the sofa bed downstairs so you could have this room.”

“No.” I shook my head, hefting my bag up over my shoulder. From this angle I could see into all three rooms—the huge Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom; the vanity with the tall mirror where I had watched Mr. and Mrs. B have sex; the bed I had slept tunceli escort in, often tossing and turning as I listened to the sounds of their lovemaking—and it really did feel like some sort of crossroads now. I had a decision to make, and it was suddenly clear to me. “I’m sorry, Mrs. B, but I can’t do that. This is Gretchen’s room. I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

She frowned, showing the lines around her eyes and her mouth more clearly than I remembered. “Are you sure?”

“Positive.” Our eyes met and I saw disappointment in them. “I’ll change in the bathroom and meet you out on the beach, okay?”

She nodded, turning and starting down the hall. I didn’t watch her, but I was aware of her curves, the soft sway of her hips as she went down the stairs. In the bathroom, I made sure to lock the door behind me before I began to undress. I was Michigan-winter pale, but I didn’t have any ambitions of getting a tan this time. Now I was old enough to concern myself about things like skin cancer and wrinkles and instead of lathering myself with baby oil, I slathered SPF 15 all over my nude body before pulling my suit out of the bag.

In spite of what I’d said to Doc, I didn’t wear a bikini anymore. It had a low back and the front was an X that tied up around my neck, but it was a rather sedate brown one-piece that thankfully covered any hint of my stretch marks. I pulled my long, dark hair back into a ponytail with a Scrunchie and took a long look at myself in the mirror. The woman standing in the mirror was ten years older and wiser than the young girl who had once stood here in Mrs. B’s borrowed orange bikini.

“Here goes nothing,” I said to no one at all, shoving my discarded clothes back into my bag and carrying it downstairs. I left it at the end of the sofa along with my purse, like an announcement. I stood at the door wall for a moment, knowing the sun glinting off the glass would shield me from their sight, allowing me to watch unnoticed until I could get up my nerve to go out there.

Gretchen, wearing headphones and sunglasses, was stretched out on her back on a big beach blanket. Mrs. B had undone the straps to her bikini top and stretched out on her stomach beside her. I saw Doc wading out into the surf in the distance, and there was a young couple laughing and splashing each other down at the other end of the beach. I shivered in the air conditioning, pressing my hand to the glass, which was warm to the touch, wondering if I was ever going to gather enough nerve to open the door.

I wondered where Janie and Henry were when the young couple stopped their play and began running down the beach toward Doc. The woman was blonde, her hair almost the color of Gretchen’s, but with a little more warmth, like honey. The way she moved, her hips swaying, her body’s gentle curves, reminded me so much of—

“Janie!” I whispered, pressing my forehead to the glass. And behind her, of course, was Henry, tall and dark and broad like his father, with those same disarming curls. It can’t be—even as my mind denied it, I knew it was them—even before Janie threw her arms around her father’s neck and he swung her around, tossing her into the waves. I could hear her squeal, even through the glass. Both Doc and Henry laughed as she came up sputtering and wet, eyes blazing at her father.

“Daddy!” It was her voice, still, but different, older. Both Gretchen and Mrs. B looked up as I opened the door and stepped out onto the hot sand. “I didn’t want to go in yet!”

“Too late!” Henry grabbed his sister by the waist and wrestled her back into the surf as she howled in protest.

“There you are!” Gretchen stood and held a hand out as I advanced. I took it, letting her kiss me, but turning at the last moment, so that her lips landed on my cheek instead of my mouth. She raised her eyebrows and then glanced down at my suit. She was wearing a black thong and matching bikini top, very like Mrs. B’s. “Ugh, what’s with the granny suit? How are you going to get a tan?”

I shrugged. “It’s serviceable.”

Mrs. B shaded her eyes, looking up at us. “You look pretty, Veronica.” Her words sounded hollow to me, though, and she closed her eyes again.

“Come on, let’s go in.” Gretchen led me over the hot sand toward Doc and the kids. The kids—ha. Except they weren’t such kids anymore. Henry was almost nineteen, and Janie had to be drinking age now, although just barely. “Guess who’s here!?” Gretchen’s announcement was full of excitement, and I waited as they turned toward us, sure for a moment that neither of them would recognize me, or remember.

“Ronnie!” Henry exclaimed, his grin very like his father’s. I smiled back at him, relieved.

When I turned to meet Janie’s eyes, her mouth smiled, but her eyes didn’t. She gave a little nod and just said, “Hi.” It had to have been at least ninety out there on the beach, but I suddenly felt cold. Gretchen squeezed my hand and I looked at her, puzzled, but there was no time tunceli escort bayan for any communication.

“Hop on babysitter!” Henry announced, lunging for me. I squealed and ran, going purely on instinct and habit, and just barely escaping the hand that grazed my arm. Unfortunately, he was taller and stronger than I was now, and caught up with me easily, wrestling me to the sand and pinning me under his big body.

“Good Lord, what have they been feeding you?” I gasped, barely able to breathe, but I was laughing, and so was he. The game was over much quicker than I anticipated as he rolled off me, sitting up and hanging his arms over his knees and smiling down at me. I saw Gretchen, back on the blanket with Mrs. B, and Janie and Doc in the water.

“How ya been?” Henry asked, nudging me with his toe. “How come you never called us or wrote or came to see us or anything?”

Breathless, I half sat, looking over at where Janie was wading further out into the water away from us. Because of Henry’s characteristic bluntness, which he clearly hadn’t grown out of, it dawned on me why Janie’s reception had been less than enthusiastic. I felt a twinge of guilt, biting my lip as I watched her dive beneath the waves.

“I…” My words felt caught in my throat and when I looked over at him and saw the confusion and hurt on his face, my heart lurched in my chest. “Oh Henry, I’m so sorry. I meant to, but… well, my life has been kind of… complicated… and very busy… since you were little…”

“Yeah?” He picked up a stick and started drawing circles in the sand. It reminded me of when they were little and we’d spent hours making sand castles.

“I guess you’re not so little anymore.” I knew I was stating the obvious.

“Mom said you got married and had a kid?”

I nodded, thinking of TJ and Beth for the first time since the plane had landed and I’d called to let them know I was safe. “She’s five now.”

“I guess kids make your life pretty complicated?” It was half question, half statement, and I didn’t know how to tell him the truth, how to even begin.

I just shrugged. “Sometimes…” We were quiet for a while, watching Doc and Janie swimming, listening to the sound of the waves. All the time I’d stayed away, it had never occurred to me what they would think, how they would feel… I’d been too concerned with how slighted I felt.

“I’m glad you’re here.” The pressure of Henry’s hand on mine surprised me. His hand was big, his fingers long, like his father’s.

I smiled back at him. “I am, too.” Even as I said it, I knew it was true.

“Last one in’s a rotten egg!” Henry was racing toward the water before I could even take another breath and I swore softly, stumbling to stand in the sand.

“No fair!” I called after him, but he was already halfway to the water’s edge, laughing over his shoulder at me.

The water was so much warmer than I expected and I groaned as I rolled to my back and floated in the waves. If nothing else, it was nice to float along with nothing to do. It had been years since TJ and I had gone away somewhere together—since before Beth was born—and we never could have afforded something like this, a private beach on Key West.

“I miss that orange bikini…”

I opened my eyes to see Doc swimming toward me. I quickly stood, the water coming to my navel here.

“I’m too old to wear a bikini.” I smoothed my hair back.

He gave a little laugh. “With a body like yours, sweetheart, you’ll never be too old to wear a bikini.”

The way he looked at me brought back the memory and the feeling of that week so long ago. I felt a slow heat spreading through my middle. Part of me wanted to be insulted by his comment, but another part of me was both flattered and excited by it.

“I guess I’m more self-conscious now than I was… then.”

He raised his eyebrows, his eyes dark and knowing. “Well, we’ll have to fix that then, won’t we?”

“Hey, let’s play a game!” Henry called over to us from where he was periodically splashing his sister just to annoy her. Janie had retrieved one of the floats and was sunbathing on it.

“I’m not it!” I called immediately, out of habit.

“Me, either!” Doc chimed in, winking at me.

Janie lifted her head, shading her eyes and looking toward me and her father. “I don’t feel like playing.” She rolled off the float and started wading toward shore, dragging it behind her.

Henry frowned as he watched her go, swimming over to us. “Maybe Mom and Gretchen want to play?”

I sighed, watching Janie open the door wall and go into the house. “Maybe tomorrow, Henry.” My eyes met Doc’s and I looked quickly away. I didn’t like the look in them, the questions or the knowing. “I think I’m going to go take a shower—wash off the jetlag and the salt water.”

I didn’t look at either of them as I began to swim toward shore, although I felt their eyes on me and was glad that my suit was escort tunceli so unrevealing. Gretchen lifted her sunglasses as I passed her and Mrs. B shaded her eyes.

“Where are you going?” Gretchen asked, propping herself up on her elbows.

“Shower.” I opened the door wall, glancing back at them. “I’m tired.”

I stopped at the top of the stairs, hearing music coming from Janie’s room. I thought about going in and talking to her, explaining… but what would I say? I knew I would have to address it at some point this week, probably soon, but I felt suddenly exhausted and overwhelmed.

I took a towel out of the linen closet and went into the bathroom. I intended to take a shower, but the big tub looked so inviting that I started to run the water in it, peeling off my wet suit and tossing it into the sink.

When the water was high enough, I turned on the jets and slid in, groaning as the water churned around me. I was tired, although less from the plane trip than from the anxiety and tension of the past few days. It had felt as if I were holding my breath, waiting for the moment when I saw the Baumgartners again, and now I felt deflated, like an empty balloon.

I floated in the warm water, closing my eyes and trying to block out my thoughts. But I was alone with them, and they were insistent. I couldn’t help but wonder what might happen this week—or next, when TJ finally arrived. Mr. and Mrs. B’s lifestyle clearly hadn’t changed, and Gretchen… I remembered the way she looked at me, the comment she had made about Doc still “making a great sandwich.” I knew all I had to do was ask—not even ask—just hinting or suggesting an interest would be enough to get the ball rolling.

I remembered the excitement in TJ’s eyes when I talked about a threesome and I knew he wanted it. Maybe… I sighed, rolling my head around the back of the tub. I knew TJ loved me. I knew he wasn’t going anywhere—he’d said so. What was I so afraid of? Opportunities like this one didn’t present themselves every day. Maybe, I reasoned, we should just take advantage of it this once. Part of me believed that it might be enough to just… get it out of his system. Then we could go back to the way we were.

But could we?

The idea of opening my marriage scared the hell out of me, although I didn’t want to admit it. Being part of a threesome, the way things had happened with Mr. and Mrs. B… it was different. I was young and single. I’d had nothing to lose then. Who was it going to hurt? But now…

I sat up in the tub, eyes wide. What about Mrs. B? Was she ever jealous? Did she worry that Doc was going to fall in love with the nineteen year old babysitter and leave her? The thought startled me, and had honestly never occurred to me. How had she reconciled it in their marriage? I wondered if I’d been the first girl they’d ever seduced. How many others had there been? They were obviously still together, and they still cared about each other.

Confused, I leaned back in the tub, closing my eyes again. I couldn’t imagine how I would feel, seeing TJ with another woman. But how had Mrs. B felt, seeing me with her husband?

I jumped when a knock sounded at the door. “Veronica?” It was Mrs. B, her voice concerned. “Can I come in?”

I glanced down, seeing the water churning around my breasts, my rosy nipples floating in the water, and smiled to myself. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t seen it before.

“Sure,” I called.

She was still wearing her bikini, her body slick with oil as she came in and leaned against the sink. “Are you okay?”

I shrugged and nodded. “I’m fine.”

Frowning, she cocked her head, her brow knitted. “Are you sure?”

I nodded again, not looking into her eyes. “Yeah. Just tired from the plane ride, I guess.”

Mrs. B shook her head, coming over to the tub. She threw a towel down on the floor and knelt, leaning against the edge. I still didn’t look at her, but I felt her eyes on me, searching. She rested her chin on her folded arms with a sigh.

“I don’t think you’re okay.” Her voice was insistent and I swallowed when she touched my hair, smoothing it back from my face. “I think you are most definitely not okay.”

I shook my head, denying it, a lump growing in my throat so I couldn’t say the words.

“Hey…” Her voice was soft and kind, as it always had been, just like I’d remembered it. “It’s me… you can talk to me…”

I shook my head again, blinking back tears. “No… Mrs. B… I…”

“Oh for Christ’s sake, can’t you finally call me Carrie?”

Startled, I looked up at her, meeting her eyes. They were teasing, but serious, too. I laughed, I couldn’t help it, and she laughed with me.

“I mean, come on…” She smiled, cocking her head again. “We’re both big girls, now, right?”

“Right.” I laughed again, shaking my head. “Okay… Carrie…” Her name felt odd in my mouth, but somehow it was right. “I’m fine. Really.”

We looked at each other and both burst out laughing at once, knowing it was the biggest lie in the world. And before I knew it, I was crying instead of laughing, tears streaming down my face, and Mrs. B—Carrie—was leaning into the tub to hug me.

“Oh sweetheart, it’s okay,” she murmured, stroking my hair. “Whatever it is, it’s going to be okay.”

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Lost Creek Wives’ Club Pt. 09

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The following is obviously a continuation of the Lost Creek Wives’ Club (LCWC) series, and as always, I highly recommend reading the prior chapter first as an introduction. And as mentioned before, this is my first fictional erotic story. Everyone depicted in it is purely fictitious, as well as the story line except for yours truly, which I took the liberty to use myself in an imaginary role as the lead character based on my own experiences and fantasies. And it’s a long story with multiple parts in varying lengths, so please bear with it.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive. Thank you.


After I finished sucking John’s cock to a very satisfying conclusion for both of us, it was time for Maureen to finish with my husband Jim’s blow job, which she paused temporarily to watch me. Something I enjoyed because of my exhibitionist tendencies, and the thrill it gave me having an audience. It also gave Jim the opportunity to fulfill his long time fantasy of seeing me suck someone else’s cock for the first time.

Soon as Jim repositioned himself with his butt on the edge of the sofa, Maureen knelt between his legs before she reached for his cock. She held it by the base and was barely able to wrap her fingers around it. She then lowered her head to take the first few inches extending above her hand in her mouth. After pausing to adjust to its girth, she started bobbing up and down. Slowly at first, then more rapidly as her head motion increased significantly.

Unlike me where my mouth does all the work, Maureen used her hand to stroke his cock in sync with hers. A much different technique, where she was all but masturbating him by using her hand in conjunction with her mouth versus sucking him off. And not much actual sucking either, which she only did intermittently. It’s the same kind of blow job you often see in truly “amateur” videos online where women tend to use their hands more so than their mouths. But what she seemed to lack in style, she most definitely made up for in enthusiasm. And although I wasn’t impressed with her technique, the only thing that mattered was how much Jim was enjoying it.

After about five minutes of some well coordinated manipulation between her hand and mouth, Jim began humping up towards Maureen very subtly before he announced he was going to cum. Not knowing if they discussed it earlier about where he would when the time came, I was anxious to see if Maureen was going to take it in her mouth in spite of her distaste for it.

As though reading my mind, Maureen released his dick with her hand and plunged down on it further before sucking like crazy finally. Soon as she did, Jim let loose with a loud groan and ejaculated. And as with John’s cumload, it seemed to be a big one. Jim twitched and groaned a good six or seven times, of which Maureen took it all in her mouth and never lost a drop. You could easily see by the movement of her throat, she swallowed the entire load. And very willingly it seemed.

Soon as Jim finished ejaculating, Maureen sucked his cock for a good minute or more until it began to shrink. For someone who didn’t like the taste of semen, she did a damn good job of sucking it dry. Not that I like the taste of it either. If you don’t, you either have to block it from your mind, or acquire a taste for it, of which I do the prior.

While I wasn’t impressed with the way she sucked cock, I was with how she took and swallowed his entire load. But it made me wonder why the sudden change of heart. She did say she would if she ever gave Jim a blow job because of her obsession with a big cock, but she seemed to do it with a lot more zeal than I expected.

As soon as Jim’s shrinking dick slipped from her mouth…”Way to go Maureen. That was awesome, but if I didn’t know better, I’d swear you enjoyed taking Jim’s cumload in your mouth. And before you ask Jim, unlike me, Maureen normally doesn’t.”

After she cleaned her lips with the back of her hand and tongue…”I did enjoy it Lacey, but I can’t say I’m fond of the taste of semen suddenly. But after watching you, I decided to bear with it since I know Jim routinely does in yours. I also have a much better appreciation of why after seeing how much John enjoyed it with you. Most likely because you did it so eagerly compared to me with a frowny face the few times I have. Now before you ask John, yes it does mean you can merrily cum in my mouth in the future. And without the unpleasant look on my part. Now be sure to thank Lacey for it.”

Just as he was about to…”No need to thank me John. I’m just thrilled if we didn’t achieve everything we wanted by having a foursome, we did accomplish one thing.” After which I addressed everyone in general…”Now I don’t know about anyone else, but I desperately need to use the bathroom, after which I’d like another wine cooler while Jim and John recharge their batteries.”

Jim laughed first before saying…”I sivas escort didn’t think we’d get away with just a blow job. But if we did, I’d be very content with it. And before I forget Maureen, it was excellent. Different than Lacey, but still excellent. Now I need to use the bathroom too. And after you two ladies do, John and I will be sure to have your wine coolers ready for you.

Maureen and I used the same bathroom together, being the one upstairs in the master suite. Maureen used the toilet first, then as I was I noticed her looking at me kind of funny.

“What’s with the strange look Maureen?”

“Don’t ask me why, but hearing you pee kind of turns me on.”

“It did me too when you peed, but I thought it was just me. And if it wasn’t for the fact you have a bidet, I think I would have asked to wipe you clean when you finished. I know, kind of kinky, but it did cross my mind.”

“Not kinky at all compared to what crossed mine. I was thinking about what it would be like to have you pee on me.”

“That is kinky.” Then with a big smile…”But I wouldn’t mind obliging you whenever you like.” And I would, although I’ve never done anything like it. But with Maureen, I was willing to try anything once.

“I’m going to give your offer some serious consideration, so don’t be surprised if I take you up on it.”

After I used the bidet, which was kind of a turn-on too, we both checked ourselves in the mirror. Once satisfied how we looked in spite of having no make-up on…”Do I need to ask what’s next on your agenda Maureen. Or can I safely assume you want Jim to fuck you vaginally?”

“With my obsession about a big cock, there’s no way he’s leaving without fucking me first. What about you and John?”

Not being in a rush to answer, I kissed her first while feeling her delectable ass…”As for me, there’s nothing I’d like more than John to fuck me here.” And patted her ass.

“I figured as much, and I’m sure John will be pleased. More than pleased since he’s thought about nothing but since seeing the photo of your anus.”

We kissed again, but a little more lovingly and a lot longer as we wrapped our arms around each other and pawed each other’s ass. As our kissing became more heated, one of our hands found its way to each other’s pussy. When they did, our love nobs were very aroused and big as could be. I have a slightly bigger clit than Maureen, but we both have unusually large ones, and are a pleasure to suck and be sucked. But for now, the best we could do without getting carried away was finger each other…and very vigorously.

It didn’t take long between some intense kissing and fingering before we both cummed. Not intense orgasms where we became weak kneed and barely remained standing, but strong enough where we thrusted our pussies against each other as love juice flowed freely out our cunts. As it did, we both wet our fingers with our own vaginal secretions before inserting them into each other’s mouth. One of the most erotic thing two woman can do, and it caused my vagina to spasm as I sucked her fingers clean. And her mine, as we fed each other our love cream at least a half dozen times.

Afterwards, we held each other until the euphoria of our mini-orgasms passed and an incredible feeling came over me. Other than my husband, I never felt closer to anyone and began to realize how fond I was of her. And in a way I never thought possible with another woman. Sexually as well as emotionally.

Even though we didn’t cum a whole lot, it was still enough where we both gave the bidet a good workout. And thankfully it’s one where the water is heated.

Soon as we finish cleaning ourselves we grab four pillows off the master bed, a couple of bath towels and some lubricant before heading downstairs. Once in the living room we placed everything on the mattresses before heading for the kitchen.

When we arrived, we noticed through the sliding glass door, Jim and John were out on the patio minus their shorts. Just as were about to join them…”Do you think we should put something on like a robe Maureen? While no one can see they’re bare-ass because they’re sitting down, it’ll be obvious with us being topless.”

“Not unless you want to. With the privacy fence and the trees around our lot, no one can see us. That’s unless someone unexpectedly makes an appearance through the back gate, which is unlikely without us knowing it because of our new security system.”

Since she also sunbathes nude occasionally, I felt comfortable with it and proceeded out onto the patio naked with her right behind me. Once we sat next to our husbands, who both gave us admiring looks, Jim asked me what took us so long.

“You should know by now how involved women get with things when they use the bathroom together. Plus we wanted to make sure you two had enough time to recuperate.”

“I can assure you we have.” After which he looked at Maureen…”While I know I mentioned it sivas escort bayan earlier, that was a very different blow job Maureen. At least for me. And John and I were just discussing how different you two are when it comes to one. Oral sex is the one thing that can be totally different from one individual to another. And between sexes. If you don’t mind me asking, is it true when it comes to cunnilingus, nobody does it better than a woman?”

I took the liberty to answer for Maureen…”While I’m not as experienced as Maureen, I can say without any hesitation, the answer is yes. As good as you are Jim, you’re not in the same class.”

Maureen then jumped in…”Listen to you Lacey. Experienced or not, you’re pretty damn good. Awesome actually, so don’t dare you try to downplay your oral skills. And from what I observed with you and John, you’re equally good at fellatio.”

Not wanting it to become a conversation about what it’s like for Maureen and I to go down on each other…”Enough about who eats pussy better since it’s time for you two to take care of Maureen and I. Or do you think we should eat first since it’s close to dinner time?”

Jim answered first…”As for me, there’s nothing worse than having sex on a full stomach.”

John answered next…”I agree, so why don’t we wait until afterwards to eat.”

“With that being the case, give Maureen and I a head start with things before you join us.”

After which we both headed for the living room. Once there…”So there’s no mystery as to what we want as far as sex, let’s get positioned on the mattresses.”

And we did with us both on our backs with a pillow under our ass and heads. We also made sure we were close enough to each other so we could hold hands when we wanted, albeit at arm’s length. And we made sure to place the towels on the mattresses so we wouldn’t make a mess when we cummed.

“I thought you wanted John to fuck you anally Lacey?”

“I do, but with his short cock, he’ll be able to penetrate me deeper in a missionary position. Speaking of which, what did you do with the lubricant.”

“I put it on the coffee table.” After which she was nice enough to get it for me.

Soon as she was on the mattress again, Jim and John made an appearance and unlike earlier before our little strip tease, both had very erect cocks.

“Nice to see you two are raring to go this time.”

Jim replied first…”Hard not to be, no pun intended, with us discussing what you girls might have in mind. And before I forget. You two have made our first foursome go a hell of a lot better than anticipated by taking the initiative with everything. It sure has eliminated a lot of potential fumbling around. More so with John and me.”

“Jim’s right, you have made it all but stress free from your opening act, and we can’t thank you two enough.”

I replied again for both Maureen and I…”You’re very welcome, but it was purely for selfish reasons. The last thing we wanted was for you two to be so nervous you wouldn’t perform very well. Would have been a disaster if you didn’t…and maybe our one and only attempt at a foursome.”

After I paused for a second…”So you’ll know Jim, Maureen expects you to fuck her vaginally while I want you to do me in the ass John. But before you both do, we expect some oral foreplay first. Vaginally for Maureen, and anilingus for me John. There’s nothing I’d like more than you to pleasure my asshole with your tongue before you fuck it.”

Neither one of them wasted any time before they were on their knees between our widely spread legs. Soon as they were, both Maureen and I raised our legs and held them back towards our breasts. With our asses raised on the pillows, they both had a view neither of them probably ever thought they’d get to see, along with easy access to things.

As soon as John took in the view…”I didn’t think it’d be possible, but your asshole looks better in person than in the photo. It’s about as perfect as one can be.” While I was flattered, it dawned on me it was the first time he mentioned anything about the photo.

“Thank you John, and I’m surprised it is as much as Jim’s sodomized it. And as for the photo, I hope when the time comes you’ll enjoy seeing your cum oozing out of it instead of Jim’s.”

His only response was, ‘I’m sure I will’, before he bent over and began licking it. Felt like he poked me with a cattle prod the second his tongue made contact as it sent a jolt straight to my clit and caused me to groan. After first swirling his tongue around my anal ridges he began lapping up and down over it with very stiff tongue strokes. The sand papery texture of his tongue felt heavenly and caused my clit to continually tingle, and swell more than it already was. It even started throbbing from swelling so much, and felt like it was going to burst.

In the meantime, Jim was lapping up and down Maureen’s slit like a dog would a beef bone before devouring escort sivas it. And much to her liking from the way she was moaning.

As John continued to lap my anus, I became impressed with his oral skills when it came to anilingus. Maureen taught him well and could even give Jim a lesson or two on how to lick someone’s asshole. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I felt the tip of his tongue pressing against my anal opening. Slowly he inserted it with an in and out darting motion, and while it was hard to be sure, it felt like the longest and fattest tongue ever to do my backdoor. Not that many have, and I made a mental note to ask him later to show me his tongue to confirm it.

Once inserted as far as it would go he proceeded to literally tongue fuck it using his head. Felt heavenly as he did, but I can’t imagine anyone tonguing your asshole and it feeling otherwise.

I took another quick look over at Jim and Maureen, and found Jim equally busy tonguing her fuck hole. It made me wish we had a camera set-up to video us being orally pleasured. It would have made for a nice video to masturbate to when alone and horny, which I’ve been a lot of the latter lately.

As much as I was enjoying John’s anilingus skills…”I hate for you to stop John, but I’m dying to be fucked. And with your fat cock, be sure to use some lubricant.” Which I handed to him.

After he lubricated my asshole and his dick, he placed his cockhead against my now very relaxed anal opening and pushed gently against it. Being as primed and greased as it was, it slipped in easily. But I was also able to accommodate it easily because of how conditioned my asshole is to Jim’s much bigger cockhead. And soon as it was, he paused for a second before he drove the rest of his dick balls deep in one smooth motion.

Soon as he bottomed out against me…”It’s time for you to hold my legs John, and to fuck my ass silly. And don’t dare cum until I do.”

“Be my pleasure Lacey, and I’ll try my best to hold off until you’re ready.”

I checked on Jim and Maureen once again, and just as I did, she orgasmed from Jim sucking on her love nob. A pretty intense one too as she let loose with a loud screech as her whole body stiffened as it usually does when she climaxes. As she did, I reached for her outstretched hand and soon as I grabbed it she squeezed it so hard it nearly caused me to yelp.

Once John was comfortable with holding my legs he began a slow but steady humping motion. Gradually it became faster, and his cock felt like it was electrified the way my asshole tingled. And since he ejaculated earlier, I was anticipating a long and satisfying ass-fucking before he did again.

As his pace became faster and more deliberate, I reached for my throbbing clit and began rubbing it in small circles while I pulled and pinched my nipples.

Wasn’t long before I began to feel the delicious first wave of an orgasm building deep in my vagina. “Don’t even think about stopping or pausing John, as I’m close to cumming. And fuck me hard and deep until I do.”

“I’m about ready to cum also Lacey.”

Almost immediately he began fucking me harder and faster, which soon had me on the edge of what I could feel was about to be a very explosive orgasm. As when I sucked his cock earlier, it was simply divine to be ass-fucked by a cock other than my husband’s, and very pleasurable because of it. And what made it even more pleasurable was Maureen being fucked right beside me. The smell and sounds of us copulating together were enough to bring me over the top.

About thirty seconds later after some intense fingering of my clit, my orgasm began washing over me like a tsunami. Just as it was, John let loose with a loud groan and plowed his dick deep in my ass as his huge balls slammed against me. So hard, I thought for sure they’d be sore. Just as he did, I felt the first load of hot cum shoot into my rectum and let loose with a loud scream. Us climaxing together couldn’t have been more perfect.

As he continued to shoot his load in me, I arched my back and all but exploded. Felt like a water main burst as a huge stream of vaginal fluids squirted out my cunt and all over John’s chest and abdomen. A near endless stream, and I could have doused a house fire from how long it lasted. While it soaked poor John, it made me thankful we thought to put towels on the mattresses.

Unconsciously I reached for Maureen’s hand and when I found it, I squeezed it hard as she did mine. Soon as John finished ejaculating I tightened my anal ring around his cock and put a stranglehold on it.

“Don’t you dare pull out John. I want to enjoy your cock in my ass for as long as I can.”

Eventually it began to shrink and couldn’t grip it any longer. After it slid out, I made it a point to discharge his cumload right behind it by using the same rectal muscles you would when taking a bowel movement. It oozed out like ketchup from a squeeze bottle. The entire load all at once, which left a thick gooey white trail from my gaping asshole down onto the pillow.

“Wow! That was pretty incredible the way you ejected my cumload out your ass.”

“I’ve had a lot of practice with Jim’s, and for some reason he gets a thrill out of it so I thought you might too.”

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Family Friend in Need

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Bonnie was a longtime family friend, growing up next door to my Dad. She was just a couple years younger than he was but had always been close from the time that they were kids, all the way up through school and was a bridesmaid when my Mom and Dad had gotten married. She stayed close to my family over the years, spending many days with me and my sister as we grew up, so it was a given that she would be invited to my graduation party.

Since we had a small farm, there was plenty of room to have a small party outside with a nice bonfire, lots of food and a keg of beer, and being that this was back in the early 80’s, it was legal for us 18-year-old young adults to drink beer, at least in my state. We also had a few tents set up with sleeping bags just in case anyone was too drunk to drive after the party.

I was especially happy that Bonnie had been able to come because it was looking like she was not going to make it. She and her husband had just split up and was going through a pretty rough time because of it. I remember her coming over to our house just a few days prior to my party and seeing her crying while talking to my Dad and Mom, really just broke my heart for her. She had found her husband, Bud, in bed with another woman, and it had pretty much destroyed her.

I could not understand it, either, because Bonnie was amazing, at age 35, and one of the nicest women I have ever met in my life. She was not what most would consider hot or gorgeous, being kind of a plain Jane of sorts. She never wore a lot of makeup, and kept her poker straight, brown hair, at shoulder length. She was a little soft around the middle after having two kids, but still had a nice curvy figure. Maybe she did not fit the description of what most would find beautiful, but I sure thought she was.

The day of the party came, and it was a blast. Everyone had a great time, including Bonnie, but as the evening wore down and people started to filter off and leave, there was just Bonnie and I left, sitting there on a bench, at the fire, talking and sharing stories. Bonnie had gotten quiet after a little and I looked over at her as she stared into the fire. I then noticed that she was trying desperately to keep from crying, but the tears the welled up in her eyes and start to fall down her cheeks, she was failing.

I knew in my heart what was wrong, but as a dumb 18-year-old, I asked anyway, “Bonnie, are you okay? I’m sorry if I said anything that may have brought back any painful memories for you.”

Bonnie looked at me, wiped her tears away, smiled and said, “Ah, it’s nothing you said, Ricky. You are such a sweet young man for caring though. I was just remembering how Bud used to be nice and charming like you. Whatever you do, do not ever change being that way, especially to your girl. If you find a time where you do not appreciate her anymore, just be honest, okay?”

I nodded with a smile and said, “Well, I promise when the time comes that I get married, I will always be just that to my girl, especially if she is as sweet and pretty as you are.”

Bonnie laughed and said, “You’re such a sweetheart and flattery will get you everywhere.”

She paused after saying that, as we just shot glances at one another, grinning, and not saying a word for a few moments. I did not have much experience with women, but after Bonnie said that I had the feeling that something was about to happen. I really began to see Bonnie in a new light, too. I could not help but start to think of her as more than just our family friend, but as an incredibly attractive and sexy woman.

It may have been the beer talking, but to be honest, I had only drunk about 5 cups, and that was spread out over the entire night, so I had a nice, pleasant buzz going and that was it. The buzz I was feeling now, seemed to compound though, as my desire for Bonnie traveled through my entire body, especially in my groin area.

I glanced over at Bonnie again, and she was looking up at the stars, but still had a grin on her face as if she were thinking about something. My mind began to race as I wondered if she felt what I was feeling in that moment, the feeling of desire, the feeling of wanting to be closer to the person next to you and forget any age difference between you.

I felt that familiar surge begin to happen inside my shorts as I leaned back and looked up at the stars with Bonnie. I was getting more and more turned on just sitting there, with only a foot of space between us on that bench. I was looking at the sky, but my mind was looking at her, trying to peer into her soul to see if she was feeling the same energy that I was.

That question was answered in the next moment when Bonnie said to me, “Would you like to kiss me?”

My head turned like a shot to her as my eyes grew wide. Bonnie was smiling and looking at me, waiting for me to respond to her. I felt the nervousness begin to take over and you would have thought that I had never kissed a girl before. I had kissed quite a few girls through tekirdağ escort my high school years, but I had never kissed a woman. A real woman like Bonnie.

“Yes, I would love to kiss you,” my mouth just said as if it had a mind of its own.

Bonnie smiled even more, then leaned towards me. I moved closer to her and leaned in to meet her, as our lips touched, sending waves of electrical impulses shooting all through me. Her mouth opened just slightly as we softly explored one another’s lips. I felt her tongue slip into my mouth, to meet my own, and start a slow erotic dance as our kiss deepened and grew more passionate.

I had never felt the intense energy, that I was experiencing at that moment from a kiss before, and that energy shot right to my crotch, as my cock grew quickly to its full mast, pushing hard against the inside of my shorts and underwear. I wrapped my arms around Bonnie and pulled her closer, our kissing becoming even more intense, almost to the point of unadulterated hunger.

I wanted to touch her in intimate places, but there was a small bit of apprehension in the back of my mind. I did not want to do something that might make her want to stop, something that might make her regret kissing me. Again, it was if she had a window inside my mind because in the next instant, I felt her hand travel down the front of me and come to rest on my throbbing erection.

Bonnie squeezed my flesh through my shorts, let out a slight moan, and kissed me even harder for several moments, then pulled back, looking at me with half closed eyes and said to me, “Ricky, which tent are you sleeping in?”

I could not even speak at that point, so all I could do was point to one of the tents. Bonnie stood up, took me by the hand and led me to my tent. We climbed inside and she closed the zipper while I turned on the small lantern on the tent floor. It was not much light, but it was enough that I could see her standing there at the foot of the sleeping bags, starting to undress.

I was frozen to the spot as I watched her, transfixed on her every movement. Bonnie peeled off her top, revealing her slightly round soft middle-aged tummy, then reached back and unsnapped her bra releasing her two beautiful D-cup sized tits. They were as perfect as any set of breasts that I had ever seen. Milky white globes tipped with large thumb sized hard nipples, surrounded by an even larger areola.

Bonnie paused, standing there in just her shorts now, with a grin on her face and said in a soft whisper, “I think you should get undressed, too.”

I nodded with a smile, then quickly began taking my close off, too. In no time at all I was standing there completely naked, with my cock sticking straight out, like a steel beam. Bonnie grinned again, then unbuttoned her shorts, then slowly pushed them down along with her white cotton panties until they hit the floor of the tent.

She stepped out of them, looking at me with a smile, and I could not help but stare once more at her magnificent beauty. Her beautiful curves entranced me once again. Looking down her body, across her soft tits, across her soft round tummy and now focused on her thick dark bush, covering her most intimate area.

Bonnie did a little twirl, showing me her meaty ass, then moved towards me, wrapped her hand around my hard cock and pressed her naked body against mine, then looked up into my face and said, “Ricky, I need you. I need to feel loved and desired again.”

I nodded and kissed her passionately again as we stood there for several minutes while we touched each other all over. My hands gently squeezed her soft breasts and massaged her nipples, causing her to moan deeply into our kissing, then I moved one hand down across her soft tummy until my fingers buried into her soft thick pubic hair. Bonnie spread her legs just enough, so my hand had open access to her sex, as my fingers had found her slit and parted her puffy lips.

She was soaking wet as her juices flooded my exploring fingers and when they brushed against her swollen clitoris, her body jerked, and she groaned even harder. Bonnie squeezed my hard shaft in her hand with each jerk of her body as I massaged her little button between two fingers. Her body began to shake and in no time at all, she convulsed against me, flooding my hand with more of her sweet juices as she came violently.

Wow, I could tell right away just how sensitive her body was, as Bonnie broke away from our kiss and trembled hard against me, burying her face into my chest to keep from crying out as she climaxed. As soon as her spasms subsided, she kissed me again for a moment, smiled as she pulled back, then bent over and engulfed my hard cock into her mouth.

I could not believe how wonderful her mouth felt on me as she took my firm flesh in as deep as she could before stopping at her gag reflex with about half my cock inside her hungry lips. Bonnie then moved up and down on me, taking me in just a bit further tekirdağ escort bayan as she did. I had gotten blowjobs from a few girls in the past, but they were amateurs compared to the mature experience that Bonnie possessed, and just as I thought I would blow my load right there, she stopped and stood back up to kiss me some more.

“Make love to me, Ricky,” Bonnie said in a sweet low seductive voice, as she lowered herself down onto the sleeping bags, pulling me by the hand with her.

Bonnie laid back as I kneeled beside her, spreading her legs to invite me in. I wasted no time moving down between her parted legs, taking in her glorious sex as it now spread like a flower before me, wet and glistening. I paused for a moment then looked up at her with nothing but pure adoration for her. Bonnie smiled and motioned me closer.

I climbed between her legs and kissed up her soft tummy until I reached her breasts, taking a nipple into my mouth and sucking on it, then moving to the other as she moaned for me. Bonnie reached down and grabbed my cock, pulling it towards her sweet sex. She made no bones about it, she wanted me inside her, and I was not going to disappoint her.

My cock touched her soaking wet pussy lips as she moved it around to get the head lubricated in her juices then pulled me with her hand, and moving her hips up a little, causing me to slip just inside her. Bonnie then put her hands to my sides and pulled at me. I took her cues and slowly pushed further inside her, feeling her amazingly tight pussy wrap itself around me in its incredible wet velvety heat.

Bonnie let out another long soft groan then cried out softly when I had pushed all the way inside her, feeling the head of my cock nestle firmly against her cervix. Oh, dear GOD, she felt so amazing! It was at that point; I think she realized that I had never been inside a woman like this before as she looked at me with wide eyes and a grin on her face. She could see right through me.

Bonnies said between her heavy breaths, “Ricky, this is your first-time making love, isn’t it?”

I nodded with a sheepish grin as we laid there for a few moments, feeling the intensity of the joining of our bodies, as my pelvis pressed firmly against hers, with my cock buried all the way inside her fantastic cunt. I may had played with other girls before Bonnie, having the occasional heavy petting, touching and oral sex, but nothing compared to what I was experiencing now.

Bonnie coaxed me along as I began moving in and out of her and when I started thrusting just how she wanted me to, her moans of pleasure really intensified. She put her legs up and rested her feet on my ass while I deep stroked in her repeatedly, tightening her thighs a little here and there as her body trembled from excitement.

She half whispered and moaned as I worked my cock in her like a piston inside an engine, “Oh my God, Ricky, you feel so good inside me! Yes, just like that! Please do not stop, Baby, I’m going to CCUUUUMMMMMMM!”

Bonnie’s entire body went into convulsions under me, throwing herself about, writhing like a mad person, as she rode out her very intense orgasm. She was not shy about showing her pleasure and when her waves began to subside, she pulled me down into another feverish hungry kiss, devouring my tongue and lips into hers, while I continued deep fucking her hot quim, building up to my own climatic wave.

I felt the rush of cum hurl itself up from the deepest regions of my body, throwing me into a hard spasm as I slammed my entire body into her, driving my cock as deep as it would go, and unleashing a powerful torrent of cum into her amazing pussy. Over and over the spasms hit me with each giving up its own pulse of my seed inside her. Bonnie cooed her pleasure, holding me close and kissing the side of my face, wrapping her legs even tighter around me as if to pull me tighter inside her.

She whispered into my ear, “Yeah, that’s it Baby, give me all of your hot cum. Fill my pussy with it! Mmmmm, you feel so fucking good.”

I stayed like that on top of her for several minutes after I felt the last of my seed drain into her and the spasms finally began to subside. Bonnie looked at me with a smile and then we kissed very tenderly, softly exploring our mouths once again, reveling in our post orgasmic bliss. I started to go soft inside her, and I felt my cock slip out of her making a slight sucking sound as it did, then I slid off her, to lay by her side.

We laid there just looking at each other, touching softly and giving light caresses over our bodies, then I managed to say, “Bonnie, you are an incredible woman, and I cannot begin to show how much this meant to me. Yes, this was my first time, but you made it feel so natural, so beautiful and so loving.”

Bonnie’s eyes welled up with tears as she smiled and said, “Ah, Ricky, again with your sweet words. You are such an amazing young man, and you are an amazing lover, too. escort tekirdağ You don’t know how desirable and loved you made me feel, so thank you for that.”

Bonnie kissed me again and I could not help but let loose kissing her back, with more vigor and hunger than before. I moved my hands all over her, feeling her soft skin under my touch, caressing her hard nipples again, causing her to whimper once more. In no time at all, my cock had sprung back to life, and I wanted more of her.

Bonnie felt my hard prick pressing against her thigh, and she moaned as she reached down to grab it in her hand. She backed off our kiss, got up and pushed me onto my back, then straddled me, taking my cock back into her hand and guiding it inside pussy. She was still soaked from my cum and her juices, and as soon as the tip pressed against her opening, she slid firmly down, impaling herself on me in one quick move.

Bonnie threw her head back and let out a long groan of pleasure, then began grinding herself back and forth on me. I was in heaven again, feeling her heat massage my flesh with each movement of her body against my own. I never wanted this night to end.

We changed positions several times, moving from her being on top, to me getting behind her and deep thrusting inside her while she was on her all fours, and after she had powered her way through several orgasms, I moved back on top of her, and released another intense load of cum inside her, the two of us crying out in a mutual crazy climax.

The two of us had hit our exhaustion point, and as w laid there for some time, catching our breath, and thoroughly enjoying the blissful post love making euphoria, softly touching, and caressing, and getting in the occasional gentle kiss. During this, we managed to crawl inside the sleeping bags, and fall asleep, with Bonnie neatly tucked against me in a spoon fashion.

The next morning, Bonnie was still cuddled against me, but was now facing me, as I woke up to hear the birds chirping outside the tent. I leaned in and softly kissed Bonnie on the forehead just as she opened her eyes. She blinked a couple of times then smiled and said, “Good morning, lover.”

I smiled back then gave her a small kiss on the lips and of course me being your typical 18-year-old, just the touch of her lips, sent electrical impulses straight down to my cock, causing it to get hard and begin to poke against Bonnie’s leg. She grinned, looked down between us, then back at me and started to giggle.

Bonnie then hurriedly got up, threw her top and shorts on and said with another giggle, “I’ll be right back, I have to pee really bad.”

She ducked outside the tent for several minutes, then returned, stripped back down, quickly got back inside the sleeping back with me, and snuggled back against me, letting her hand slip down and wrap around my erection to softly stroke it. Bonnie closed her eyes and kissed me, a long lingering tender loving kiss that just thrilled me to the core.

I moved over on to her as she laid back, opening her legs, and inviting me in between them. I looked down between us to take in her amazing body once more, the vision of her now permanently ingrained in my head forever as my stiff cock nudged against her soft hairy mound. Bonnie looked me in the eyes with full wanton and desire, reached down and guided me once more into her heavenly pussy.

It was like the first time all over again, as I felt her heat surround me while I sunk fully into her. Bonnie moaned and pulled me down onto her, wrapping her arms tightly around me as I began moving my hips and sliding my cock in and out of her. We soon began to drown out the chirping birds outside with our sounds of lovemaking, as we ground our bodies together, feeling like we were the only two people existing in this world.

I felt my surge of climax coming on strong as my thrusts into her increased. Bonnie responded in perfect time with me, grinding her hips up with each push inside her. In the next instant, I drove hard into her, and cried out as I began pumping my hot cum deep into her incredibly hot pussy. As soon as the first stream splashed against her insides, Bonnie began to convulse right along with me, into her own very intense orgasm.

We held each other tightly for what seemed like an eternity before I felt Bonnie loosen her arms. She whispered in my ear, “Ricky, I will never forget this time as long as I live. You are such an amazing lover and such a sweet loving man, but I need to get dressed and head home now, before anyone else wakes up, okay? Believe me, if I could have it my way, I would stay in this sleeping bag and make love all day with you, but that probably would not go well with your Mom and Dad.”

I slid off to her side and kissed her sweet lips again. I did not want her to go, but I knew she was right. When we finished kissing, I said, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This time with you was the most amazing experience of my life and I will be forever grateful to you, Bonnie. I only hope that I can spend more time with you before I head off to basic training next month.”

Bonnie nodded, smiled and emphatically said, “Oh, I sure hope I get to see you a lot more, too! You know where I am staying, just come on over and I will give you a sendoff that you will never forget!”

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They Cum by Appointment Ch. 03

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Note. This is a continuation of The Clinic. Please read the six chapters of that to give you an understanding of what ‘They Cum By Appointment’ is all about. I hope that you enjoy it.

Thursday morning, Jack was surprised when he got a WhatsApp message from May. He wasn’t surprised when he saw the pictures she had sent; May had a gorgeous body. Her message read, Jack was also surprised that she had sent it at twenty to one this morning. It read, “Hi Jack, had a busy day today; I bought some gorgeous lingerie; I’ve modelled some for you in the attached pictures. I took them in the bathroom while I was bathing; I hope you like them. I also had my pussy waxed yesterday so that it will be nice and smooth for you tomorrow. If there’s any of the lingerie that you’d like me to wear today, then let me know, and I’ll wear it for you. I’ll be there at four. Love May xx.”

Jack studied the pictures; May had an incredible body and such an angelic face. There was a crotchless Basque that she looked so erotic in; Jack replied, “Dear May, thank you for the gorgeous pictures; you look fantastic in all of them. I love your long sex slit; it looks so inviting. You look so erotic in the tan Basque; maybe you should wear that. I’m looking forward to seeing you at four. Love Jack xx.”

It was just after one; Jack was in the Bistro having lunch when one of the attendants from the Spa came to his table and said, “Dr Jack, one of our members has got thigh cramp in both legs, I think that she’s also had a panic attack. Could you have a look at her?”

Jack had finished his lunch and went with her immediately. It was the first time he’d been in the Spa since the opening ceremony; he was the only man there; all the women there were naked. They had the lady on one of the loungers; they had covered her with towels; someone had also brought her a beaker of hot tea which she was drinking. Jack said, “Hi, I’m Dr Jack. Do you still have a cramp in your thighs?”

“Yes, but not as bad as before. Both my thigh muscles feel very tight. I think that I’ve overdone it today; it’s years since I last had cramped muscles.”

Jack replied, “I think that you may be a little dehydrated; this can cause cramps. Does your tea have sugar in it?”

“I usually take two teaspoons of sugar; I can put another couple of teaspoons in if you think that it would help?”

Jack replied, “That would help; let me have a look at your thighs to see how tight your muscles are but let me arrange a screen.”

Two of the attendants then brought screens, so the lounger was screened off from the rest of the area. The lady then took all the towels that were around her; she was now lying naked on top of the lounger; Jack then felt her thigh muscles; they were tight. Jack then said, “To help the blood flow, I need to massage your thighs. Which of your thigh muscles is the tightest? What’s your name?”

“My name is Edith, but my friends call me Edi; my left thigh muscles is the tightest. I would appreciate my thighs being massaged. It’s been a long time since a man has touched me.”

Jack slowly got the blood flowing in şırnak escort her left thigh. Edi had a super body for her age; her tits didn’t sag and were a good handful. Jack put her age down to her early seventies. Then Edi said, “I think that I’ve overdone it today; I swam one hundred lengths of the pool, I’m seventy-seven, I’m not getting any younger. Dr Jack, would it help if I knelt on my knees on the lounger, then I could stretch my thigh muscles, and I think it would be easier for you to massage my thighs?”

Jack replied, “Yes, that’s a good idea; I’ll check at the desk if they have anything that I can use as a lubricant.”

Jack returned a minute later with some warm massage oil; Edi was kneeling on the lounger, pushing herself up to tighten her thigh muscles. Jack liked what he saw then said as he applied the massage oil to Edi’s left thigh, “Edi, your body is remarkable for a seventy-seven-year-old woman. I feel that I know you. Have I seen you on television?”

Edi smiled then said, “That feels wonderful, the muscle is relaxing, I’m on television quite a lot, I’m a Professor in Economics, they wheel me out usually at Budget time or if they introduce any takes that affect peoples finances. I have written several books, which have been published in over thirty different languages. I am also an Actuary; I advise people on the positive and negative sides of investments. As I used the money that I earned from my writing, I am very good at that I managed to make a lot of money from investments. If you know how the game works, it’s straightforward to make money from it. That feels wonderful; my left thigh is so much better. Please do my right thigh now?”

As Edi asked, there was something about Edi that was very sexy; for her age, she was a beautiful woman. As Jack was massaging Edi’s right thigh, Edi loved it; she then said, “That’s so good, I’ve no cramp at all now. You’ve got my blood circulation back to normal. If I spread my legs a little bit for you, could you massage the inside of my thighs for me?”

Jack smiled then said, “No problem, Edi, I am glad that I’ve sorted it for you; you should take some Vitamin C every day, that’ll help your circulation. Tell me what you’d like, and I’ll do it for you; we can’t be too noisy here, which is a pity as I think that you could be very noisy.”

Edi laughed then said, “I can be very noisy, but I’ll be discreet with you here. That’s great what you’re doing; move your fingers higher, right up to the honey pot at the top. When you get there, you’ll find it hot, wet and inviting. That’s super; spread my flaps open and tease my clit with your oily finger. Keep going, finger fuck me with two fingers and use your thumb on my clit. Oh god, Jack, I’m cuming.”

Jack could feel the warmth of Edi’s cum on his fingers; he was also impressed with how tightly she was gripping his fingers with her powerful cunt muscles. Edi then adjusted herself and said, “Jack, that was wonderful; I’ve heard some rumours that you’re available privately for appointments; I’d be interested in making an appointment şırnak escort bayan with you. I’ve two questions for you, how do I make a private appointment with you, and what do I owe you for your time today?”

Jack smiled then said, “You owe me nothing for today; I am happy that I was able to give you some relief. If you go to the Reception in the Clinic and tell them that you would like to make a private appointment with me, then they’ll arrange everything. Edi, I would like you to know that I’ve enjoyed being with you today.”

Edi cuddled Jack; then, they tongue kissed for several minutes. As Jack was leaving, Edi said, “I’ll make an appointment when I leave here today. Do you do house calls?”

Jack told her to tell the receptionist that she would like a house call, then Jack left. Jack then went to the Clinic; he had a couple of letters to dictate. Mum came into his consulting room and said, “I hear that you helped Edi at the Spa today when she had cramp; you should cultivate Edi; she’s quite a character.”

Mum then told Jack all about Edi; she was a University Professor, a fascinating and intelligent woman. She had a daughter, who is a director of a large Public Company. She wrote a lot for many of the Financial media. She was divorced but has had a few lovers. She is a very wealthy woman. She has a younger sister; she is five years younger than Edi. She is an Academic too; her name is Liz. She is very similar in looks to Edi. She is not married and is very religious. She would visit the Church two or three times a day. There was a rumour that she was looking after some priests sexual needs. Then mum said, “I’ve treated her several times for STDs; on one occasion, she had infections in all three holes. I told her she must tell whoever she was with that they must see a doctor. She told me that she had been shared and had been with several men at the same time.”

Jack’s phone rang to tell him that May was now in his lounge. Then mum said, “You should spend some time with Edi; we’ll be both in a position to invest money soon. Edi can give us a lot of good advice. Mum will be over tonight; we can have a nice threesome.”

Jack went into the lounge; May was sitting on the sofa; she looked gorgeous. Jack said, “May, you are looking beautiful; how was London? Thanks so much for the pictures; you looked so good in them.”

May stood up and cuddled Jack; their mouths met, they tongue kissed for a couple of minutes, then May said, “I’ve been a good girl, I am wearing the tan Basque for you, shall we go into the bedroom and make ourselves comfortable? Jack, I’m so horny.”

They went into the bedroom; May took her clothes off, she was standing in the tan crotchless Basque, self-supporting stockings and heels. Jack was now naked; his massive stiff cock looked so impressive. May reached over and stroked it; she said, “Jack, what a magnificent cock you have; I’ve never seen one as thick and long as this beauty. Let me make him hard for you.”

May then sat on the edge of the bed; Jack stood at the bed’s side as May started escort şırnak tonguing the bulbous head of Jack’s stiff cock. May had a gentle but firm touch. She was massaging Jack’s heavy balls; then, she took the head of his cock into her mouth. Quickly, she was taking his full length, her head bobbing up and down. She was still wearing her glasses as she sucked his massive cock; the glasses gave May a very erotic look. The way that she was sucking told Jack that May loved to suck cock. Jack then took May’s tits out of her Basque; her nipples were big and hard, he finger teased them for a minute. May loved that; Jack then leaned down and put his hand on May’s swollen vulva; it felt so smooth. May opened her legs to give Jack better access. Jack spread her cunt flaps open, and out popped a huge hooded clitoris that he teased with his finger. He then teased her clit with his thumb as he slid two fingers inside May’s very wet pussy; Jack said, “You have a beautiful pussy May, lie on top of the bed so that we can 69.”

May did this very quickly; Jack started to suck May’s clit as he finger fucked her with two fingers. May was pushing her pussy against Jack’s mouth as she sucked his cock. Then May said, “Jack, I need fucked; I’m so horny; it’s been so long since I last had a cock. Take me now. Give it to me hard and deep.”

May then lay in the missionary position with her legs high in the air; she held her legs at the ankles; Jack then slid his cock inside her dripping pussy slowly and gently. Soon her pussy lips were wrapped around the base of Jack’s cock. May was a gripper; she had powerful cunt muscles. Jack soon had a powerful rhythm going as he pounded into her pussy. May said, “Jack, it’s wonderful, the head of your cock is hitting my cervix; I’ve never had that before. I’m so close; it’s so long since I’ve had this. Keep going; I’m going to cum soon.”

A couple of minutes later, May had a body-shaking orgasm; she was shaking uncontrollable for thirty seconds. Then May said, “I’m sorry if I wasted that for you. I knew that I’d cum quickly, but I didn’t think that I would cum as fast as that. All I’ve been thinking about for the last week was thinking about you fucking me. I enjoyed that so much.”

Jack kissed her then said, “May, there’s no problem, if you want, we can do it again; I’m still hard for you.”

May then kissed Jack lovingly for a couple of minutes, then said, “I’d love that, Jack, but I would love you to do me doggy style; you can go much deeper then. Your cock is still hard; thank you for doing this for me.”

May then got on to all fours on top of the bed; her massive tits looked terrific as they hung out of her Basque; the way that they swayed was incredible. As Jack slid his stiff cock inside her, May said, this is my favourite position; you can go as deep as you want; I’ll love it if you do that. My husband didn’t like doing this, all he desired was the missionary position, or when I gave him a blow job, I didn’t have an exciting sex life with him. Jack, this feels so good.”

Twenty minutes later, they both climaxed within seconds of each other. May had another massive orgasm; May was glowing when they lay on top of the bed, kissing and touching afterwards. As she left, May said, “Jack, this room is excellent; I’d like to see you three times a week. Is it possible for an appointment on Saturday afternoon? Then I would have a wonderful weekend.”

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