My life’s cruise part 1

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My life’s cruise part 1My life’s cruise part 1It all started on a boat to Riga. It was a three day cruise. I went on a boat in Stockholm Free Port. After throwing up my bag in the cab. I take dinner and took a few glasses of wine. I wondered if I would go to bed or take a round at the bar. I decided on the latter option when they had a show where the bar was. I took a drink from the bar and sat down at a round table.It was hot so I took off my jacket. It was now things start to happen. A woman aged between 30 and 40 came up to my table. She was wearing a black dress. Held a small black handbag in her hand. She looked me straight in the eye.She opened her mouth and she asked if she could sit her? My answer was yes. When she sat down she introduced herself as Ulrika. She said that she sat and looked at me. Without warning, she said she had seen a single person in me. I replied that I was alone on my way to a business meeting in Riga.Now she asked straight out if I could think of to help her with something. I replied what it was she wanted help with. She said me she was married and had three c***dren. But she always dreamed of and fantasized about dominating a man. She said that her husband did not have this dream.So the thing she wants help with was to dominate me and live out her dream and fantasies. I had never received such a proposal before. I thought that such a proposal, I will never have again, so I said yes.I saw that a relief spread over her. Ok, she said we’ll start with you to give me your hands. She took from her purse two white cable ties. Before I was thinking about what she would use these to, she had put one around each wrist to me. She then told me to put my hands under the table. I did it and in a flash she had taken a third cable ties and locked it around the table leg. The table was bolted to the floor so I was stuck.My position was that I was sitting on a sofa in the bar on the boat and was firmly locked at the table. I started thinking about my situation but now she pulled down my zipper of my pants. She leaned over and whispered in my ear that she wants us to have some names of different things. That thing grew in my pants was a little man her said hers was great sister, and she also had a little sister behind.All I could said was yoke. Her hand now went into my pants and pulled out little man out of the pants. She slowly began to jerk off him. I felt I was red in the face and it was about to explode for me. But suddenly she quit. She leaned forward and said that she must go to the toilet.She stood up and walked a way. I panicked I was stuck at a table with the little man out in the open. The woman that got me in this situation will be gone. I was hoping that she would come back soon.Suddenly stood in front of me, a woman of 35 years of age with a glass of champagne in her hand. She had a large bust was dressed in a tight-fitting red dress. Without question, she sat down beside me. She said she had been looking at me and my girlfriend. She had seen what we did. She now took up a ring with a small padlock.She took the ring. But before I could ask what she would do, she put it round little man, and locked it. She took the key from the lock and stuffed canlı bahis it between her breasts. She leaned over and whispered in my ear that she had the cab number 6006 and that I and my girlfriend were welcome there to solve the problem that I now have. She now took a big gulp of champagne and leaned forward and brought his lips to my mouth. With her tongue she open my lips and sprayed the champagne in my mouth. She entourage after in with her tongue as she swirled my tongue The treatment made sure everything was spinning for me my little man was about to explode. Before I say anything, she disappeared.I sat for a while and longed for Ulrika iwould she come back or not. I saw with relief that she appear behind the bar. When she sat down, I stammered out what happened to me. Ulrika laughed and said I had a vivid imagination. I told her to feel under the table if she did not believe me. She did that and got a little upset and said we will fix it in the cab.She cut off my hand from the table. She looked me deep in the eyes and asked if I still wanted to be with it. I felt that I had no allternativ than to say yes.She then took my free hand fastened it with a plastic strip (cable ties) in my pants at the back where the belt went through. She did the same with the other hand. Now she asked if we would go to her cabin. I asked if she had not forgotten anything, and nodded with my head down.Oops, she said, and took down her hands and forced the little man in his pants. She now laid my jacket over my shoulders so no one could see my hands. I rose from the table with no hassle. She straightened my jacket and we went to her cabin.She pushed me into the cab. I got a shock when I got into the cab. She had not the cabin alone, I looked at the bags and the four beds. She now took off my jacket and took up a chain from one of the bags. She put the chain as a necklace around my neck. Then she took out a long chain that she put it into one of the headboards which consisted of an iron pipe. Now she drew the other end of the chain of my necklace around his neck.My position was that I was dressed with my hands locked on my back and firmly chained in a bed. She freed my hands and sate down on the little chair in the cabin.Undress yourself it’s one of my dreams to see a man that is in my power to undress. I had never in this way undressed before in front of a woman but that was just to start. She sucked every move I made and it appeared that she became more and more excited.I come now to my underwear when I pulled down them the little man popped up with his ring. She stood up and turned to me. She pressed her whole body toward me and whispered, kissing my neck. I leaned gently back and lightly moistened my lips lightly touching her neck hair. The reaction of her did not fail. I continued with my kisses on her neck. She became more and more excited Her next order was for me to undress her.I continued with my treatment of her neck while I slowly pulled down the zipper of her dress The dress fell like a feather to the floor. I now took my hands up to her shoulder and began to gently give her a gentle massage while followed my kisses her spine down. I bet now grab her bra hooks and bahis siteleri loosen those one at a time. Now I held out my hands to bra straps fell down over her shoulders. My hands found their way down to her shapely breasts Hands gently hugged each breast. Fingertips on closed her nipples now had stiffened. Of her sighs, I realized that the treatment was right.My kisses continued down the spine. She smelled new showered woman with a faint scent of suntan lotion. Now approaching my kisses her little sister. I took new hold of her panties with my teeth and pulled them down. She now took my hand and down to big sister. My finger went to the magical point of big sister. I began to slowly massage the point. After a moment she machining explode in an orgasm. The orgasm was so strong that she fainted. I had to set me up quickly and catch her in my arms. She hung u*********s in my grasp.I blow her gently in the ear so she will come back to consciousness. She woke up and turned around. She was hazy in her eyes, she sat on the chair in the cabin. I brought my hand down to the little man he was about to explode, she got up quickly and went behind my back. She took my hands and tied them together with cable ties behind my back. She took a new strap around my elbows. Then she shoved me forward until my neck chain stop its. She told me that I should go down on my knees. When I made it, she brought together my feet with an additional strap she finished it all by pulling a strap between my feet and hands. This meant that I was on my knees with a very limited freedom of movement.She now mount a chain up to my neck chain. This new chain drew her around the leg of a table in the cabin and locked. She pulled the table and chain in a way that my chin ended up on the edge of the table. I now had even less opportunity to move. If she lay down on the table, my mouth and nose end up straight in her big sister. She disappeared into the shower room of the cabin. I heard the water in the shower ran. After a while she came back. She now took a pillow and lay down on the table. But not that I thought the big sister up but with little sister in my direction. She order me to bring my nose in little sister’s mouth. My thought was that this would not work. But she had smeared herself with suntan lotion so after a few times it was all over my nose inside her. I continued reading and understood by her moaning that it was done correctly.Now, she whispered that I would bring my tongue instead. I made as I was ordered. First gently, then farther and farther. When I was like along the inside she closed her mouth and my tongue stuck helplessly there. Now, she said that I would touch his tongue like a butterfly in her I made it, and the effect did not fail. She reared against an orgasm as she exploded. I thought I continue giving her another orgasm even stronger one first. She fainted again.Luckily for me, opened her little sister mouth when she fainted and I got back my tongue. I was sitting on my knees on the floor, my hands and elbows were firmly bound together. My feet also and joined with my hands. My necklace was at one end moored in the cab headboards and other end until I was docked at the table.I bahis şirketleri could basically do not move me. How would I get life in her, I made an attempt to bite her in the buttocks and luckily it work. She stood up and turned around itself sat in front of me on the table. Her eyes were too watery, she was red on the cheeks.She got up and went behind me, I heard how she came up with something out of a bag. Then I felt her body against my back and tieds arms and hands. Before I blink, she had put a mask over my head as she pulled back with a zipper. The only thing that is not enclosed by the mask was my mouth and nose. I was completely blind, and did not hear so much more than my blood in my head. I heard the click of a padlock and realized she snapped the mask in the neck so that it could not take off.She unleashed my bonds except my arms and hands they were bound behind my back. Now she tied my legs to the bed ends so that I was kneeling with bone apart. She also my waist band in the same way. So, I would tip forward would my legs and waist to remain in the kneeling.I was careful not to tip the upper body forward. She now put a rope in my arms so that I could tip forward. Now, she put another rope in my hood. Then she lay on her back on the table and pulled the rope in my hood with the consequence of my nose and mouth ended up in the middle of her big sister.I said that she wants me to start using my tongue over big sister sensitive. Each time well used my tongue I get more and more of her taste in my mouth.It made the little man became harder with every touch.When I touched my tongue too fast, she pulled the rope so I lost touch. This happened a few times before I got into the right rhythm.After a while I felt how she approached an explosion. I stopped moving my tongue. The effect did not materialize unless she moaned and pressed herself against me, I now had her juices both in the nose and mouth they were lovely. I must now put an end to her suffering. I start moving the tongue very slowly the effect did not materialize unless she exploded in orgasm straight into my mouth and nose. I continued reading, and she burst into a triple orgasm. She fainted again when she did, she pulled out of pure reflex in the rope so my head disappeared from her big sister. So I hung in the ropes without being able to wake her.After a while it felt like an eternity she woke up, I heard. He said this was one of the most fantastic sex experiences she has had.She further said that she had lied to me. She was not alone on the boat, but had three female friends with her. But she told me that they all had the same interests as her. They were all married but want to try something new and exciting in the sex-way. They had promised each other that the one who first got hold of a man would share him with the other.So now she asked if it was ok that she shared me with the other. It was a rhetorical question. For she said she would now go get one of her friends. But you should know that they can not see your face when the mask sitting on, I’ve locked it with a combination lock that only I know the combination to.I looked at my situation I had a padlock around the little man and naked without being able to unlock mysel. Ulrika was liberated my from my situation. So when she left the cabin, I sat on one of the beds free hand and foot, but still my neck chain firmly chained to the headboard and the mask sitting on.

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DVD Scene part 2

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DVD Scene part 2One Friday night after a lovely dinner and a few drinks my hubby and I decided to act out another sex scene from a dvd. We sat in the lounge with a glass of wine each and watched scene 2 of the dvd. It was a naughty school girl scene, where she gets punished by the headmaster for bunking class. We decided to act it out in the lounge. Come to my office young girl.Yes sirI’m putting you on 2 friday detentions for bunking class.No sir please don’t, my parents will ground me.Well you need to be punished as this is unexceptible!Please sir, I’ll do anything.Like what are you referring young lady? Hmm maybe I can suck your dick? Are you now bribing me with sexual favours? I can expell you for that.No please sir. It will be our little secret.Ok then stand up and take off your dress!Standing in front of my husband just in my underwear, he ran his right hand up my inner thighs, he moved my G string canlı bahis aside and started rubbing my wet pussy. He fingered me while standing up and then moved his hands up, taking my bra off, exposing my hard nipples. He started massaging my boobs and pinching my nipples as I softly moaned, before taking his pants off. His cock was hard and he told me to kneel down and suck it. I started blowing him sucking his cock with passion, before he told me to stop and sit on the couch. He kneeled down and spread my legs, moving my G string aside with his hand, his tounge started licking up my wet pussy to my clit. Sticking it in and out and up and down my pussy while massaging my clit in a circular motion. I moaned as he made my cum. He pulled my G string off after I had orgasmed and told me to kneel on the floor with my hands on the coffee table. He kneeled behind me, soon shoving his hard cock into my pussy. Making bahis siteleri me scream from pleasure as he fucked me hard in doggy style. He pulled out as he neared coming and sat on the couch, telling me to sit on top of him facing away. I started riding him in reverse cowgirl when he stopped and pulled my back to rest on his chest. He placed his left hand around my throat, gently choking me while his other was massaging my clit again. I slowly started coming near to orgasmning again and started moving my hips back and forth with his cock still in me. My body started to tense as I neared climax, he rubbed harder on my clit and tightened his grip around my throat as I started moaning from pleasure as I orgasmed again. He removed his hands and I sat up. I bounced up and down on his cock as he started to moan. His cum shot into my pussy as I bounce. Once he had finished cumming, I leaned back once more. bahis şirketleri He removed his cock from my pussy and his cum slowly leaked out onto him, I turned my head to kiss him.After a passionate kiss we got up and went upstairs to shower and clean ourselves. I was soon in his arms again, our lips together as we kissed. He picked me up and his cock entered my pussy again. He fucked me while standing, his hands placed on my ass squeezing as he lifted me up and down. He came near to cumming when to put me down and told me to kneel down. He then started jerking himself off and said he is going to cum over my face. He started moaning as I closed my eyes and soon I felt his hot cum landing on my face. Once he had finished i stood up and washed my face. He could tell I wasn’t to impressed as I didn’t enjoy that. But he said I was being punished for bunking class. I said really as I grabbed his balls and pulled him nearer giving him a kiss. I told him he was lucky I wasn’t the teacher punishing him.We soon got out the shower and dried off. And soon headed to bed to cuddle.That was part 2 of acting out a scene from a porn dvd

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My Big Cock Cravings Gay PT1

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My Big Cock Cravings Gay PT1I had just gotten out of a long relationship with my ex girlfriend and had moved into a nice townhouse in another town. In the past I had sex with a few guys and I knew from these encounters that I really enjoy servicing men. There is something about the power that a hard cock projects that get’s me on my knees and begging. For years, I kept these thoughts and memories tucked away inside my head. I would fantasize about it often, but never act and was a completely straight acting, masculine guy… with a secret craving. Now that I had the freedom and my own place to entertain, I decided that it was time to act on these cravings and see where they led. Little did I know that it would uncover an insatiable lust for hard, dominant men and a considerable amount of kink!After a few months of being alone and satisfying myself with my hand, anal toys, and internet porn, I decided to place an online add and meet a few guys to service. It didn’t take long before I had sucked a few guys and remembered how much I enjoyed it. It was clear that I loved having a cock in my mouth and having my ass played and now I wanted more. Just as I was craving a hung stud to come work me over, a hot top guy answered my ad who was just what I was looking for. His screen name was BigDickDad and the pic he had of his cock had me drooling. So after exchanging more emails, pictures, we decided to meet the next day at my place. He said he wanted a bottom who could take every inch of his cock and I promised that I could even though I was nervous because it looked pretty dam big in the pics… at least 8 or 9 inches and very thick. I went to bed thinking about his cock, impatiently waiting for the next day when we would meet.The next morning I took my time getting ready for our meeting. I cleaned myself up inside and out and shaved my legs and ass nice and smooth. He emailed that he was on the way and would be there in 20 min. I used that time to work my larger butt plug in and put on some shorts and a tee shirt.The next thing I knew I was nervously answering the door and letting him into my place. He was about 5 foot 10, muscled, fit, and looked me up and down like I was a piece of meat, with a smirk on his lips. I told him my name and asked his and he just said “just call me sir”. I led him into the living room and asked him if he wanted a drink or anything, he sat on the couch and just said “strip”. My heart was pounding and my 6 inch cock was growing as I nervously pulled off my shirt and shorts in front of this complete stranger as he sat there watching. Once naked, he told to come closer and to turn around. I felt his hands run over my thighs from behind and he bent me over and told me to put my hands on the coffee table. He squeezed my ass cheeks and spread them and saw the plug in my ass. “Getting ready for my big cock I see” he said. “Yes” I replied. He slapped my ass with the palm of his hand… “What did you say?”I barely croaked out the words “yes sir”, when he slapped my ass again then turned me around. By now my cock was rock hard, he looked up at me and smirked knowing he had full control. “You ready to be my bitch?””Yes sir”, I replied.”Ok faggot, time for you to earn my affection.”I dropped to my knees in front of him as he sat there with his legs spread on the couch. I ran my hands up his thighs and felt the heat from the growing bulge in his jeans. I lowered my face to his crotch and mouthed the outline of his cock through his jeans while I reached up and un fastened his belt. I pulled off his shoes and socks then returned to the growing bulge and slowly opened up the fly of his pants. I worked my hand inside and pulled his growing cock free of his jeans. I felt the heat of his cock and balls, smelling him, the musky scent of his manhood. I lightly slid the tip of my tongue over the exposed portion of his cock. he lifted his ass up and I pulled his jeans down and watched as more and more of his cock was exposed… down to his smooth shaven balls that hung low between his legs and were resting on the couch. With the jeans gone, he pulled off his shirt and I knelt between his legs, transfixed on his tool.”You like what you see slut?” he asked.”Yes sir I do, you’re cock looks amazing!” I submissively said.”Well get to work then faggot, it’s not going to suck itself.”I leaned down and put my nose and face in his crotch, smelling his musky balls and feeling the heat on my face. I slowly kissed and licked his smooth balls and gently sucked each of them into my hungry mouth. He moaned and seemed to being enjoying himself so far and this is one of my favorite things about sucking a mans cock. It’s the instant feedback, every groan and twitch or throb tells you that your doing the right thing and pleasing the other man properly.I slowly ran my tongue up canlı bahis from his balls and up his shaft until I was at the tip. I licked around the head of his cock before parting my lips and taking the head in my mouth. He had a really nicely shaped and large cock head that was now filling my mouth. I worked my lips down his shaft and began moving my mouth up and down, licking and sucking his cock that was growing larger every moment. I felt his hand on my head and he began to push my mouth further and further down on his cock. I could feel his swollen cock head pressing against my tonsils and forcing it’s way into my throat. I took a deep breath and tried to open my throat and deep throat his cock but it was nearly nine inches long now and very thick and I began to gag. I came up for air gasping but went right back down on him. He forced my head down and his cock stretched my throat. He held me there, gagging on his massive cock with his hand firmly on the back of my head. He released his grip and I gasped for air leaving his now glistening cock covered with my throat slime!”Again” he commanded, “and look me in the eyes this time.”I stared into his eyes as his cock slid past my lips and into my throat, my lips stretched around the shaft. With my nose almost touching his belly he said;”Lick my balls now.”I struggled to open my mouth further and stretched my tongue out to lick his balls, all the while looking at him with my watering eyes and now coughing on his cock.”That is how you will service me cocksucker, all the way down, tongue my balls, and back up” He said. “Get my cock nice and wet with your throat slime, believe me, you’re gonna want it as wet as possible.”Without a word, I did as he directed and my mouth bobbed up and down on his huge cock, licking his balls, and making his shaft glisten with my spit. I was becoming drunk on his cock, his powerful tool pounding my face, my own cock rock hard and dripping pre-cum, him looking down at me… it was all I wanted to do and I was so turned on by this hung studs cock, but he had other other plans.I stopped for a moment to catch my breath, and he told me to stand up again and turn around.”I want to look at that tight ass of yours.”I stood up to turn around and he grabbed my hard cock and balls, and collected my pre-cum with his finger.”You are one cock loving faggot aren’t you? look at all the cum your leaking!”He pushed his fingers into my mouth and smeared my lips with my pre-cum. He then spun me around and slapped my ass cheek.”Bend over and put your hands back on the table.”I was bent at the waist and felt him squeezing my ass cheeks, spreading them, and smacking them so hard that I would gasp and groan in pain. He kicked my legs further apart and began playing with the butt plug that was in my ass. He twisted it and pushed and pulled it, my ass was gripping onto it so tight as he played with it. He then pulled it out of my ass and started fucking me with it. I could feel my ass starting to gape as he would remove it and then push it back in. I was groaning with pleasure as he probed my ass and he seemed to enjoy it as I would look back and see him smiling as he played with my ass.”You like that boy, you want daddy to fuck your hole with his big cock?””Yes” I groaned.”Yes what faggot? he yelled as he smacked my ass so hard it brought me to my knees!’Yes sir, please fuck me.” I moaned… I was beginning to worry that the neighbors might hear us and was wanting him to be more quiet. “You better say it louder bitch, I can’t fucking hear you!”I said it a little louder and explained that I didn’t want the neighbors to hear.”Well then we better shut you up COCKSUCKER.” he said loudly. He pulled the plug out of my ass and placed it on the coffee table in front of me, shiny and covered with my ass juice.”Pick it up with your mouth.”I hesitated for an instant and was instantly smacked on the ass, my ass cheek quivering with the sting from his hand. “You better follow my directions if you want my cock boy or I’ll whip your ass and leave.””Now do it!”I leaned forward and took the butt plug into my mouth, It was very warm from being in my ass and tasted like lube and was a little bitter from my ass juice. I was really thankful that I had taken then time to really clean my self out. I looked back over my shoulder a showed him the plug was in my mouth. He smirked and told me was a nasty slut I was.”Keep that in your mouth, maybe the neighbors won’t hear you scream.” He told me to stand again with my back to him and put his big hands on my waist. He began to pull me down onto his lap but stopped me when the tip of his cock touched my ass. He grabbed his cock with one hand and held my ass with the other and began to rub his hard cock over my hole. I was so turned on feeling the head of his cock near my hole, my legs bahis siteleri were shaking as he teased my hole, making me want it more and more. The hand on my waist was pulling me down and his big cock head was pressing against my hole, pushing it’s way in. Luckily the plug had loosed me up and his cock slowly began to fill me. I was groaning, spit running down my lips and chin from the plug in my mouth. His cock was splitting me in half as the big head made it’s way in. With the tip of his cock planted in my ass, both hands now grabbed my waist and he pulled me down. I could feel every thick inch of his cock sliding slowly into my ass. With my legs shaking, I reached back and put my hands on his chest for stability and slid down onto his cock… I tried to relax and take him but my ass would clinch down tight and it would burn and I would have to relax again to minimize the pain. He was almost all the way in me when I felt intense pressure inside. I had never had a cock this deep in my ass and thought that this was a deep as he could go.He raised my ass up and my sphincter clung tightly around his shaft, pulling his cock. He groaned and pulled me back down and I felt his cock head push through deeper into my ass. It was painful, and I was moaning, afraid that he may have torn something inside me. Every inch of his cock was buried inside me, his balls firmly against my still stinging ass cheeks. I leaned back onto his chest a tried to catch my breath for a moment. He reached up and took the plug out of my mouth and pinched my nipples really hard. I let out a yelp and my hole clamped down on the base of his cock and it felt like my ass was on fire. He laughed as I sat there, unable to move, panting, impaled on his nine inch cock.”You like that big cock in your ass boy? You’ve got every inch in that tight boy pussy of yours.””It’s so fucking big… I can feel it throbbing so deep in me” I said.”Fuck yeah you slut, I felt my cock head pop through your second sphincter.” he whispered in my ear. “Now ride my cock pussy boy.”I slowly leaned forward and started to pull his cock out of my ass, inch by inch with my tight anus clinging to his shaft. I took slow, short strokes at first as my ass adjusted to his cock. Each time I took him all the way deep, I could feel his cock head push through deep inside me and he would groan. Soon I was slowly stroking his entire cock with my ass and just leaving the head inside. It felt amazing and I was now beginning to enjoy the feeling of being stuffed by his huge cock. My cock was rock hard and dripping pre-cum everywhere, I was moaning and groaning like some bitch in heat and really getting into it. On the next upstroke, he pulled me off his cock and I could feel my pussy close up. I looked down at his rock hard cock and couldn’t believe that It had just been buried to the hilt in my ass! I was so over come with lust and the need to please this gorgeous cock, that I just dropped to my knees and shoved it into my mouth.His cock was covered with my spit, ass juice, and his pre cum, and it tasted delicious, I don’t know what came over me but I was overcome with desire to suck every inch of his cock. It was so warm too, like my ass had made it warm and hard and now I couldn’t keep it out of my mouth.”You are one nasty faggot aren’t you? You can’t get enough of this big cock!”I was back to deep throating his cock and getting it all nice and wet to re-enter my ass when he pulled me up and put me on my back on the couch. I was worried about making a mess on the couch so I suggested we go upstairs to the bedroom. He agreed and followed me up the stairs while slipping two fingers into my ass along the way. He pushed me face first onto the bed and spanked me until my ass was red and I was begging him to stop. He pulled my ass up and pushed my head into the bed saying:”Keep that back arched faggot, I’m going to fuck you like a bitch now.”He slapped my hole with his cock, I could feel the heat and the hardness with each slap and then he spit on it and started pushing. His throbbing head forced me open and it stung as he re-entered my ass. I gasped and groaned and he slid his cock back into me, my fingers gripping the sheets, my head spinning.”That’s it faggot, arch that back while I fuck your hole.”Quickly the sting of pain became the burn of pleasure as my ass adjusted to the massive cock pumping in and out. First he started with shorter strokes, leaving the tip in and working my hole. I began to move with him ass he fucked my ass, grinding my ass around and working his cock. It was so amazing, his strokes got longer until he was deep stroking his cock into my ass. I could hear the suction from my ass and his sloppy wet cock as his balls smacked into mine with each stroke. With the goo running down my thighs, he pulled his cock out, bahis şirketleri spun me around and shoved his slimy cock into my mouth. I hungrily sucked the slime off his cock being completely overcome with cock lust. This mans cock completely transformed me into a cock crazed slut who couldn’t get enough. ‘Back on your knees bitch, time for some real fucking.”I didn’t know what to expect next as I removed his cock from my mouth leaving it nice and slippery, I turned around and got back on my knees. He reached between my legs and pulled my cock and balls back and then pushed my legs together so my thighs were holding them in place. He then mounted me, up high with his feet on the bed and my ass in the air. I felt the warm drop of his spit on my hole and his cock pushing in. He didn’t slide it in, he shoved it in one hard stroke and his big, heavy balls slammed into mine. I gripped the sheets and bit into the mattress to stifle my screams. Then it started, the pounding, the unrelenting fucking. I groaned into the sheets and he plowed into my ass… Hard! His cock pounded into my hole in full nine inch strokes. There was nothing gentle about it as his balls slapped into mine over and over with a loud smacking sound. I could hear his cock head pop out of my gaping hole before he would shove it back in. I could barely take the weight of him pounding into me as I grunted into the bed. “You like this faggot?” he would ask.”Yes”-slam”Please”-slam”Fuck”-slam “Me..” -slamHe was grunting with every stroke and I thought he was going to cum then he slowed the pace, and pulled his dripping cock out of my wasted hole. He spread my cheeks and would punch his cock into my hole and then pull it out and watch it gape… I could feel the cool air inside my fucked out ass as he played with it.He flipped my onto my back and pulled my head over the edge of the bed. The wet tip of his cock entered my mouth and I tasted his jucies and mine as he fucked my face, the slime from his balls covering my forehead. “Ok you slut, now I’m gonna fuck you on your back so I can see how much you love my cock.”With my head back on the bed, he pushed my legs up over his shoulders until my knees were next to my head. My gaping ass was throbbing, winking at him as he pushed his cock head against my hole and then in one slow stroke, he was in balls deep. In this position I could feel him even deeper and he ground his cock and balls into me. His fingers found my face and were soon in my mouth, I sucked and tongued them as he stroked his cock in my ass. His abb’s were also grinding into my cock and balls and with every stroke, his swollen cock head would rub my prostrate. I was very close to shooting and I told him this. “You will cum in your own face and mouth faggot.” He shoved my legs up even further and short stroked my hole, pounding my prostrate sending me past the point of no return. He grabbed my cock and with one stroke, I released my huge load. My boy pussy quivered as I shot load after load of hot cum right into my mouth and onto my face. I don’t think I’ve ever came so much and so hard. He smeared the cum on my face and pushed it into my mouth while still pumping away at my ass.He was staring down at my sticky face when I felt him tighten up and his pace increased. “You’re gonna swallow every drop of my load bitch, every drop!””Yes sir, feed me your cum!””Open up boy!”He pulled his cock from my ass and brought it to my face, sticky and wet from from my ass, I tasted the juice on my tongue and then he groaned and erupted.His cock gushed thick, creamy, sticky, hot cum. Shot after powerful shot squirted from his cock and into the back of my mouth, onto my lips, off my teeth, and one right into my nose. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked for every last drop and licked his big sexy cock clean. I showed him that huge load in my mouth and swirled it around my tongue, tasting and savoring it before gulping it down and licking my lips. He collapsed onto the bed next to me and I moved down and rested my head on his stomach and licked and stroked his softening cock. He reached around and shoved his fingers into my used up hole and stroked and probed it for a while before putting them in my mouth to suck them clean.”You are quite the slut boy, I’m surprised you could take all that cock.” he said. “Not, many can.””I couldn’t help myself, your cock is amazing! I would love to do this again sometime.””Yeah, lets plan on it, maybe we can find another guy and DP that ass next time.”After that, we got cleaned up, I wiped the dried cum from my face, and went down stairs to get dressed. With a handshake and thank you at the door, he turned and was gone. I was left alone to contemplate the level of depravity I had sunk to with this guy. It really hit home how powerless I become when it comes cock. I felt like this was a turning point and I realized that when it come’s to men and their powerful cocks, I just lose my mind and can’t get enough. I was already looking forward to the next time with him… or some other man.

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Swingers Club Dark Room – Part 2

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Big Dick

Swingers Club Dark Room – Part 2Five minutes later Matthew steps aside and makes Carla stand with her back to the wall. He is still playing with the woman of the couple on their right side, while Carla stands there alone with a guy she cannot see, but only feels. While Matthew moves away the stranger moves towards Carla and he stops right in front of her. He starts to play with her pussy with one hand and the other hand moves towards her breasts. Carla’s pussy is getting so wet.Carla starts to move her hand towards the guy and finds his chest. From there she moves slowly down until she finds a very large, swollen cock. She wraps her hand around it and starts to move up and down, making the cock even bigger. The man starts to pant and his hand moves faster on her pussy. He moves his other hand from her breasts to her ass. His firm grip squeezes her left cheek and stays there while he starts to finger her pussy.Next to Carla Matthew is still playing with the other woman. She strands next to Carla against the wall and by the sound of it she likes what Matthew is doing. She is moaning very loudly and so is Matthew. Carla has no idea what they are doing, but she can feel the woman’s shoulder next to hers.Carla feels she has lost control and allows herself to enjoy every second of this strange, new feeling. The feeling of pure delight. It is not about love anymore, but only about the pure pleasure of sex. She notices that all anxiety she had is gone. All of a sudden she feels the breath of the stranger in her neck. He has moved towards her and starts to kiss her neck. She gets goosebumps all over her body. He starts to move down while he keeps on kissing her. He stops at her left breasts and licks her hard nipple. All the while he is still fingering her pussy and stroking her ass. Carla starts to moan even harder and she knows Matthew can hear it.Carla grabs the head of the stranger and pushes his face on her breast to show him to play with her nipple. He gets the hint and starts sucking and biting on her nipple more and more. She moves her head backwards and enjoys this feeling. She slowly pushes his face to the other breast, because that one needs attention too. He starts to kiss and lick the other one and moves his hand to her now free breast and plays with her hard nipple.All of a sudden he stops and pulls his head and hands back. Carla has no idea what is about to happen, but the man gently forces her to sit on her knees. She does so and waits for what happens next, but she can already guess and she doesn’t mind. She feels the man’s hard cock on her lips and she opens her mouth so he can slide it in. While he slides it in she starts canlı bahis to move her head up and down on this hard, swollen cock. With a free hand she starts to play with his balls, which are nice and smooth. He grabs her head and helps her to suck his dick. He has a fierce grip, but Carla doesn’t mind. While she is sitting here she feels the hand of the other women playfully on her shoulders and on her back. She keeps sucking and the man really likes it. Matthew always tells her she is the best when it comes to a blow job.After a while Carla has had enough and gets up. The stranger turns her around, with her side to the wall facing the other woman. She moves closer to Carla and starts to touch her. The man stands behind Carla, feeling her up by her breasts and pussy, which is soaking wet. She feels Matthew is standing behind the woman and doing the same thing. The woman kisses Carla’s’ neck and moves to the cheek, while she folds her arms around Carla. She goes from her cheek to her mouth and starts kissing her lips. Carla answers this with kissing her too and licks the woman’s lips with her tongue. All of a sudden she hears the woman breath much heavier and starts to shock a bit. What is happening there? The woman is breathing harder and harder and she moves to Carla’s’ ear and whispers:“It feels so nice having your man inside of me.”So Matthew is fucking her? Carla did not see that coming since they both agreed not to do that, not yet. While Carla thinks about what to do she feels the stranger is removing his hands from her tits and pussy. He lays his hands on her thighs and next she feels his hard dick between her ass cheeks. It is very hard and big. He moves up and down and Carla really likes it. But she is so turned on now that she doesn’t mind Matthew fucking the other woman from behind. She is still holding on to the other woman to help keep her balance while she is bending over. She feels her body moving and imagines it’s because Matthew is shoving his cock in her pussy.The stranger behind Carla moves the tip of his cock across her asshole towards her wet pussy. When his cock arrives there he pokes her clit with it. Clara closes her eyes and enjoys the feeling. All of a sudden he shoves his cock deep in her pussy. She opens her eyes wide open but there is only darkness. He starts to pound her while she starts to breath heavier in the face of the other woman.While she is being fucked by a total stranger she starts to kiss the woman again. Her lips are so soft and nice. Carla also starts to play with the woman’s breasts. They are big, but not as big as her own. She fondles the nipples and moves her head forward to lick the bahis siteleri nipple. She moves her tongue around the nipple and sucks it all in her mouth. The woman seems to like that.With one hand Carla moves to the pussy of the woman and starts to play with her clit. She can actually feel Matthews dick pounding the woman’s pussy. The woman starts to do the same with Carla’s pussy. The idea of Matthew fucking the woman and Carla being fucked by a total stranger wasn’t exactly what she had in mind after entering the dark room, but Carla really likes it now. She wants more!The woman suddenly starts to moan even harder and Carla figures the woman is about to have an orgasm. She feels that Matthew notices it too and starts pounding harder and starts to play with the woman’s breasts. Carla continues to play with the woman’s pussy and makes sure to touch her clit the most. The woman starts to shake all over her body when she comes. She is almost screaming from pleasure. Meanwhile the man is still fucking Carla from behind and seems to enjoy the things happening in front of him.Then the woman is quiet, but still breathing loudly. She really needs to have some rest and she gently pushes Matthew aside. She moves Matthew in front of her, facing Carla. She then starts to give a hand job to Matthew so he stays hard. Then she finds Carla’s head and make her bend over to put Matthews’ still swollen cock in her mouth.Carla is now getting fucked from behind by a stranger while giving a blow job to her boyfriend. She sucks Matthew the way he likes it and he starts to breath harder and harder. “I’m about to come!” Matthew yells all of a sudden.And before she knows it Matthews comes and fills her mouth with his sperm. She keeps sucking because she knows Matthew likes that. He starts to jerk off so he can fill her mouth with as much sperm as he can. When he is done he pulls back his dick and Carla swallows most of his sperm. Now she wants to enjoy this very nice, big dick that is still in her pussy.She is still getting fucked from behind and the stranger doesn’t seem to get tired yet. Carla feels the hands of the woman on her face and after that she feels the lips of the woman on hers. They start to make out again. The woman also touches Carla’s breasts. The man behind her starts to pound harder and harder and Carla starts to moan harder and harder.“I think he is about to come too,” the woman said.“Let him come in my pussy!” Carla answered. The woman lets her go and moves away from her to go over to the stranger. Carla can hear her whisper to him.“Come in her pussy, dear. Fill her with everything you have, ” the woman says to her man.He starts bahis şirketleri pounding even harder and grabs her ass more tight than before. All of a sudden he stops and moves slowly. Carla can feel he is coming in her and his cock is throbbing inside her. He pushes his cock deep inside of her, making sure he fills her up completely.When he is done he pulls out and kisses her back. Carla is surprised and confused. Because everybody came, except her. The woman grabs her hand and then she feels Matthew pushing her more inside the dark room.“The woman said there are some beds here, “ he explained.So she keeps on walking. Guided by Matthew and the woman. The man is gone, or at least she has no idea where he is. Then she feels something that feels like a bed. Matthew and the woman lay her down on her back on the bed. Matthew is aside her and starts to kiss her. The woman opens up Carla’s legs and starts to kiss her inner thighs, moving slowly to her pussy. And when she arrives there she starts to lick Carla’s pussy with everything she has.The feeling overwhelms Carla for a moment. It is wonderful. She never thought that being licked by a woman would be so good! Matthew is still kissing her and playing with her breasts. The woman gets a hand under Carla’s butt and starts to squeeze her butt cheek. She used the other hand to finger Carla’s pussy and all the while she is still licking her.This wild licking and the fact that it isn’t Matthew doing it makes Carla feel like she is about to come. She grabs the woman’s head and pushes her on her pussy more. She starts to moan and breath heavily before releasing one of the best orgasms she ever had. She comes so hard that people in the bar below can hear it. She screams of pleasure while still holding the woman’s head tightly to her pussy. And then she releases her and falls down on the bed. Still breathing heavily and smiling, but nobody can see that.The woman crawls onto Carla, covering her whole body.“I hope you enjoyed that, “ she said, “Well, at least I did.” She kisses Carla on the lips and crawls back. Only Matthew is next to her now. The woman is gone and the man too. She sees the second curtain move and two people leave the dark room. But Carla can only see the silhouettes of the two people. Around her she still hears people moan, scream of pleasure, wet pussies being fingered and bodies slamming into each other. Honestly this is Carla’s best experience in the swingers club ever. “Thank you for bringing me in her, “ she said to Matthew.“I’m glad you had a good time. Why don’t we go down for a drink?”Carla stands up and feels the pain in her knees. This is a good pain, because she only has it after great sex. They both struggle to find the exit. When they finally find the second curtain they go through it. The only thing the people inside the dark room see are two silhouettes of people leaving the dark room.

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The Caller 06 – a new number My Blog : bit ly /

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The Caller 06 – a new number My Blog : bit ly /Even though I do most of my work from home, I’ve got a small office in an office condo downtown from where I’m living, mainly to have a place to meet clients and store papers. It was a few days after my night out in Denver, when I was sitting there with a couple, going over the estimate of their property and what the best price to set it would be, when the phone rang again. THE phone. The OTHER phone, Missy’s phone. I stared at it for a moment, and then smiled at them embarrassed as I excused myself, having to take “an important call” and went, maybe a little too hurriedly, out into my entrance area, leaving them for a moment with the photos and numbers on my desk. My heart was beating harder than I had expected and I was still in an emotional upheaval from what I had done that night, what I had become, swinging from exuberant confidence in myself and my newfound sexual freedoms to crushing self-doubt and painful revision of my own self-image. “H-hello,” said a voice on the other end, that didn’t sound like Missy at all. “Uh, hi,” I answered. “Who is this?” “Ahm… you gave me your card, remember?” the voice said. “I’m Kaylee.” Kaylee, I thought. Was that the name of the girl on the train? Or the girl in the garden? “I… Kaylee, yes,” I replied, faking recognition. “What can I do for you?” She sighed deeply, sounding quite nervous and meek. “I just, ever since we… you know… met, I can’t get you out of my mind any more, and so I wondered if we could, like, meet somewhere, …or something?” “Sure,” I said more confident now. “You want to come by or…?” “Uhm, I don’t have a car,” she said shyly. “Ah, no problem then,” I said smiling. “I can come by your place. What about in an hour?” I asked, checking my wrist watch. “Sure. Yes, that would be great,” she answered. “You know where it is still?” She must be the girl from the garden, since she was the only one whose place I’ve been at before. I probably still had that file around somewhere on the property next door I was selling at the time. “I’m sure I’ll find it again,” I said confidently. “Great,” she said relieved. “In an hour then.” I hung up and held the phone to my chest for a moment, breathing deeply. What am I getting myself canlı bahis into? And what am I getting that girl into? What was happening to me? I would have to contact Missy before that meeting, if only to see if she approved of me meeting with someone. Ten minutes later, and I had wrapped up the couple in my office, trying to get them out quickly so I had still time to get prepared and, hopefully, get another call. Just as they had left, I sent an email to Missy, telling her about the girl that called and asking what she thought about it. It didn’t take long for my phone to ring again. “So,” Missy said when I answered, “you found a little slut for yourself?” I paused, not knowing what to say. Was that what Kaylee was to me? I had no clue how to define our relationship; we only met once, briefly, after all. “Uh,” I said finally, “I… I don’t know. Actually, that’s why I wrote. What should I do with her?” Through the phone I heard her laugh. “Well, what do you want to do with her?” Missy asked. “This one is your slut, not mine.” “I… I kinda thought it… she… is ours,” I replied, confused and a little hurt that she didn’t think of us as a unit. “Hmm,” Missy said. “Maybe. But as part of your own training, you’ll now have to learn how to use someone yourself. Make her yours. Tell her what you want. Get her to do it. You might learn something about yourself, and maybe even about her.” She had hung up and I stared at the wall of my office with the phone still at my ear. Thinking about Missy, about Kaylee and about being with that girl and having her stirred something in me, and to my surprise I noticed that tingling sensation between my legs. I lifted them up on my desk as I was reclining my chair, starting to play with my clit as my mind was racing through all the possibilities, all the dirty, naughty things I wanted to do. Fuck her ass again, harder this time, with something bigger. My fingers moved to my own anus and slipped inside, giving me that stinging, stretched feeling. Fuck her pussy, I thought. Fuck her pussy hard, see how much she can take. I rubbed harder, faster, my labia starting to water as I moaned. And then tie her up, I imagined. Make her get down between my knees and just serve me there forever, with her bahis siteleri mouth, her fingers, everything. To my own surprise, the thought made me cum, hard and …loud, and I froze for a moment, listening intently if anyone was around who might have heard me. Finally, I put down my legs and straightened my clothes again, getting out of the office and into my car. I had found Kaylee’s address in my contacts and was parked in front of her house 30 minutes later. While I was still wondering if I should go out and ring the door, she suddenly came out, peeking at my car and walking over to it cautiously. When she could see me sitting inside, she smiled and waved. She looked good, better than I remembered her. Her hair was blonde now, and about shoulder long, falling down on a light blue jersey sweat jacket, matching her pants. She wore some pink tennis shoes with it and had a similarly pink handbag slung around her shoulder. I unlocked the door for her. “Hey,” she said quietly as she opened the door. “Can I get in?” “Sure,” I replied smiling. She climbed into the car and I slowly drove off. “So, where are we going?” she asked. I shrugged. “Well, you wanted to meet,” I answered. “I thought you might want to tell me first why.” She stared for a moment quietly ahead through the windshield. “I just…,” she started, then paused again. “What we did there, back in the garden,” she sighed, “I’ve never done anything. Never done anything like that with a woman. With anyone. I mean, I’ve had… boyfriends… but not like that. And I thought, maybe there could be more.” She looked at me sideways, smiling shyly. I drove quietly and slowly, just straight …ahead but my mind was racing. I knew what I would want from that girl. I knew about some of my fantasies. But the one thing I didn’t know, the thing I tried to figure out and should have had figured out way before I picked her up, was: What role would I want to play with her? Who would I want to be in that relationship? We came to a halt at a stop light when a sudden calm came over me, and I began to speak not knowing where my words came from. “We’re women,” I said. “We’re women and we live our whole lives as women, but we still don’t know what it means to be a woman.” I turned my head and bahis şirketleri looked at her. “Maybe all we need is each other to figure it out. Maybe all we need is to come together, women, young and old, and figure out what we are.” She stared back surprised, not knowing what to make of it. “What do you mean?” she asked confused. “I mean, we always have someone else to tell us what we are. When we’re with a man, we look to him for guidance. When we’re out, society tells us, in no uncertain terms, even without words, what we’re supposed to be like. When we’re by ourselves, we’re still judging us through the eyes of others. Even now, here, between the two of us, you’re looking for me to tell you what we should do, and I’m waiting for you to explain a relationship, a mutual feeling, that maybe can’t be explained. And I want to find out what all of that is.” She nodded, slowly. “I think I understand,” she said. “Not, like, math or something. I think I feel the same …way. Maybe everyone feels the same way? I don’t know, but yeah… I think I understand.” The light must’ve turned back to green but the angry honking of the cars behind us sounded far away and irrelevant as we looked into each other’s eyes. “Let’s make some rules, for this,” I said finally, remembering my relationship with Missy, remembering especially how her rules gave me some sense of security and reassurance. Rules were important, I had learned. Rules may be wrong or right, but they provide a fence, a balustrade, on which one can lean onto. Kaylee nodded. “Yes Ma’am,” she replied, her voice no longer that of a bored young girl, but of someone… different. I closed my eyes. “Number one,” I said. “No more underwear. You are to be prepared at all times.” “No more underwear,” she repeated. I opened my eyes and looked at her. “Well…” I said, expectantly. She stared back, her mouth slightly open, looking embarrassed out the window where cars passed us left and right. With shaking hands she unzipped her jacket and pulled up a t-shirt she was wearing underneath, trying to unhook her bra. “Number two,” I continued. “You are to keep a toy on you at all times.” “Always keep a toy on me,” Kaylee said, finally able to open the bra and started to strip it off, her small round breasts barely visible under the shirt. “Number three…” I paused. One and two were easy, they were Missy’s rules. What would my own be? Do as you’re told? Would that not make me her Missy? Would that not make me …

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Weekend with Mr. Scott

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Weekend with Mr. ScottWe went inside and he offered me a beer,I said yes please. He came back and handed it to me. I told him I missed him, he said me too.He said we should go swimming and relax in the sun,I smiled and said good idea. I headed to the bathroom and stripped down. Coming back he hugged ment and reached down and cupped my dick and balls. I missed you the most to them.I smiled and said they missed you too. We went outside and he dove in the pool, I finished my beer and dove in and swam up next to him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me tight.He pushed his hips forward and rocked, I followed suit. We swam for a while then he said we should get out of sun before I burned. We climbed out he rubbing my butt. He asked if I wanted another beer,I said sure.When he came back I was laying on the lounge chair. He handed me the beer and sat next to me. After a few minutes he asked if I wanted him to rub some lotion on my back, I said yes and rolled over. He rubbed my shoulders and back, then the back of my legs . He massaged the lotion into my butt cheeks and spread my legs. As he massaged he slid his hand between my canlı bahis cheeks and ran a finger around my hole. I let out a soft moan, he asked if I liked it, I said yes. He circled around it a few times, then said to roll over. He rubbed my chest and stomach, then the front of my legs. When he came up to my groin he softly rubbed my balls, which made me hard. He laughed and said I miss you too,and leaned over and kissed the head. He stroked my dick for a few minutes and said we should go inside for a while. We went in and he laid a towel on the couch. I sat down and he sat next to me. He asked if I wanted to try something different, I said yes, anything you like. He smiled and said don’t tempt me. He said to sit on his lap with my legs across the back of the couch. I moved over,climbed on his lap with my legs on either side of him and let them hang over the back.He took my head and kissed my lips, I kissed him back. He reached down and stroked my now raging hard dick. He took my hands and told me to lay back. As I did I felt his dick press against my butt and my dick fully exposed. He stroked my dick and squeezed my balls. I could bahis siteleri feel my cum building up from the new experience. I said I was close to cumming, he said not yet and wrapped her fingers around the base of my dick. After a few minutes he started again. It was a strange feeling, upside down and getting stroked. He asked if I liked it, I said it was alright. He said to let him know when I was ready to cum. I said ok. After a few minutes I said I was ready, he reached between us and took his dick. Holding them together he stroked us. I started to cum, he put a hand over my dick, guiding my cum back down and covering us. Then he came. Our juices flowing together and being rubbed into our dicks. It felt so good. He cleaned us up and said I did good. I rolled back landing on the floor, my semi hard swaying in front of him. He grabbed it and pulled me to him.He ran his tongue up the bottom side of my dick and sucked the head,getting the last out of me. I went to the kitchen and grabbed two more beers,and sat next to him with my head on his shoulder. We sat there for a while then he said we should eat. I couldn’t believe I was here bahis şirketleri doing this. Two weeks ago I never thought that I’d be in someone’s house naked letting him do what he wanted. I never even looked at an other guy in the shower at school. He finished cooking and we sat outside under the umbrella naked and relaxed. It started getting dark and he asked if I was sure I wouldn’t be missed tonight. I said yes, no one knows where I am.He asked where I wanted to sleep tonight, I said with you if you don’t mind, he smiled and said great idea.We swam for a while then he said we should go in and get ready for bed. I took a shower, while washing my butt I wondered what it would feel like getting fucked by him. I dried off, wrapped a towel around my waist and came out.He had a bottle of wine on the table next to the couch and two glasses. He poured a glass and handed it to me. We sat watching a movie and sipped the wine. After my second glass I found the courage to ask him what it felt like being fucked. He nearly chocked on his drink. He said it’s hard to explain. With some it’s great and others it hurts terrible. I said I noticed how he liked rubbing my butt hole, and asked if he would like who more. He smiled and said yes I’d be honored to be the one to brake your cherry. I had a shiver come over me. We finished the bottle and opened an other.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Digital Sin

Diafon çaldığında apartmanın bahçesini sulamak için dışarı çıkacaktı.

– Ben 17 numaradan Aslı. Sana zahmet olmazsa bizim musluğa bakmaya gelebilir misin?

– Tamam abla. 5 dakikaya ordayım.

Aslı apartmanın diğer sakinleri gibi oldukça zengin, 30 yaşlarında bir kadındı. O evde kocasıyla birlikte oturuyordu.

O çağırınca Ahmet işini gücünü bırakıp, kendine biraz çeki düzen verdikten sonra koşa koşa yukarı çıktı. Başkası olsa bu kadar acele etmezdi; ama Aslı baş döndürücü bir kadındı. Minyon, düzgün fiziği olan çok güzel bir kadındı. Bu yetmezmiş gibi sürekli dekolte giyiniyor, çevresindeki herkesi deli ediyordu. Ahmet onu her gördüğünde içinden sikme isteği geçiyordu; fakat bu imkansızdı. Onun gibi bir kadın Ahmet’e niye bakacaktı ki? Öncelikle aralarında sınıf farkı vardı. Sonra kız gencecikti; aralarında nereden baksan 20 yaş vardı. Ayrıca Ahmet esk**en sporcu olmasına rağmen artık formdan düşmüş, kocaman göbeği çıkmıştı.

Aslı kapıyı açtığında karşısında soluk soluğa, kan ter içinde kalmış Ahmet’i gördü. Kıyafetleri pis, suratı şekilsiz, çirkin bir adamdı. Bu adamı her gördüğünde içini bir tiksinti kaplardı. Ama yine de adamın karşına incecik siyah bir gecelikle çıkmıştı. Geceliğin göğüslerinin üzerine gelen kısmı dantellerle kaplıydı, bu yüzden de silikonlu göğüsleri tamamen ortadaydı. Geceliğin boyu ise kalçalarının hemen altında bitiyor, o dolgun kalçalarını zar zor örtüyordu.

Tabi ki bu adamla sevişmek gibi bir fantezisi yoktu. Ne kadar iğrenç olurdu böyle bir şey! Ama oldum olası erkekleri deli etmeyi, özellikle de onlara asla sahip olamayacakları şeyleri göstermeye bayılırdı. Her seferinde de işe yarardı bu. Yine yaramıştı; adamın gözleri onun memelerine kilitlenip kalmıştı.

– Mutfağa geçelim istersen?

– Tt..ta..tabi abla.

Ahmet’in nutku tutulmuştu. Daha önce de dekolte kıyafetlerle görmüştü; ama hiç böylesini değil. O kocaman memeleri direk ortadaydı. Şimdi önünde yürürken de her adımında kıçının yuvarlaklarının birazı görünüyordu. O memelerin arasını sikmek ne güzel olur diye düşündü. Kendine gel Ahmet, dedi. Haddini bil ki sorun çıkmasın! Kadın orospuluk yapıyor diye ona uyup işinden filan olma sakın!

Musluğun altındaki borular su sızdırıyordu. Ahmet’in buna yapabileceği fazla bir şey yoktu. Muslukçu çağırmak lazımdı. Sadece ortalık kirlenmesin diye altına koymak için bir kap istedi. Kadın onu bile akıl etmemişti. Zengin ve güzel olunca akla ihtiyacı olmuyor insanın diye düşündü.

Onun istediği kabı almak için yukarıdaki dolapları karıştırdı Aslı. Tam o sırada plastik kaplardan birisi yere düştü. Onu almak için yere eğilirken ayaklarını bükmemişti. Arkası tam Ahmet’e dönüktü. Bu pozisyonda kısacık geceliği sıyrılmış, kıçını ortada bırakmıştı. Adam hayatında sahip olamayacağı bir götle burun burnaydı şimdi. Bu Aslı’nın çok hoşuna gidiyordu: gösterip de vermemek! Neredeyse orgazm olabilirdi.

Ahmet artık kontrolünü kaybetmişti. Elinde olmadan kadının burnunun dibindeki o müthiş kalçalarına dokundu. Bunun üzerine kadın sertçe dönerek;

– Napıyorsun sen be adam!

– Pardon abla. Çok özür dilerim.

– “Çok özür dilerim.”miş. Seni gidi kapıcı parçası! Aklından ne geçiyor senin ha? Ağzın koka koka benimle birlikte olabileceğini mi sanıyorsun? Ben istemesem on kilometre yanıma bile yaklaşamazsın. Üç paralık adam seni. Adi herif! Sen anca benim çöplerimi karıştırırsın. Bittin sen. Seni bu apartmandan attıracağım. Yalvarıp yakaracaksın bana. Ayaklarımın altını yalayacaksın. Görürsün sen. Hele kocam gelsin de.

– Sen ne diyosun be kadın? Her tarafın ortada. Bi de yetmezmiş gibi kıçını burnumun dibine sokuyorsun!

Bu sözün üzerine kadın büyük bir sinirle Ahmet’e tokat attı. Tokat Ahmet’i çıldırtmıştı. Aslında Ahmet efendi bir adamdı, eğer kadın sadece onu azarlasaydı çekip giderdi; ama artık ipin ucu kaçmış, gözü dönmüştü.

Onun attığının on katı şiddette bir tokat attı. O kadar şiddetliydi ki kadın yere kapaklandı. Saçlarına kökünden yapışıp çığlıklarına, çaresizce çırpınmalarına aldırmaksızın onu dizlerinin üzerine çöktürdü. Bir eliyle saçlarını kurtarmaya çalışan ellerini bileklerinden yakalayıp diğeriyle suratına iki tokat daha patlattı.

– Şimdi aradığın yarağı yiyeceksin amına koduğumun orospusu! Sana göstericem kapıcı parçasını.

– Bırak beni hayvan herif! Piç! Orospu çocuğu!

– Sus lan kaltak, sus yoksa keserim seni!

Bunu derken mutfak tezgahının üzerinde duran bıçağı eline almıştı. Bıçağı görünce Aslı işin ciddiyetini anlamıştı: bu adam bir güzel sikmeden bırakmayacaktı onu. İğrendiği, aşağıladığı bu adam ona tecavüz edecekti birazdan. İçini büyük bir korku kaplamıştı. Şimdi bu adamın elinde çaresiz kaderine razı beklemekten başka yapacağı bir şey yoktu. Ne de olsa fiziksel olarak ona karşı çıkması mümkün değildi. Bağırmaya da korktuğu için tek yapabildiği şey ağlamaktı. Sessizce ağlıyor, kendi başına açtığı durumu kara kara düşünüyordu.

Adam bir yandan hoyratça bileklerini tutarken bir yandan da pantolonunu çözüp sikini dışarı çıkarmıştı. Kazık kadar bir siki vardı adamın; üstelik daha tam kalkmamıştı bile. Kocasının siki kalkıkken bile bu kadar büyük değildi. Bununla onu sikmeye çalışırsa her tarafını dağıtırdı herhalde. Yoksa daha önce hiç tatmadığı bir zevk mi olurdu bu? Meraklanmıştı. Bir an durup adam bana tecavüz edecek ben burda ne düşünüyorum dedi. Ama bir taraftan da aklına “Tecavüz kaçınılmazsa zevk almaya bak.” sözü geldi. Karışık duygular içindeydi.

– Aç ağzını orospu. Bana bak ısırmaya filan kalkarsan seni önce tüm mahalleye siktirir sonra da lime lime doğrarım anladın mı?

Anladım anlamında başını salladıktan sonra uslu bir kız gibi ağzını açıp o devasa siki beklemeye başladı. Yarağını büyük bir hırsla ağzına soktu adam. O kadar uzundu ki ancak yarısı sığdı. Aslı öğürmeye başlamıştı; ama o bunu zerre umursamıyor ağzının içinde sürekli büyüyen yarağının daha fazlasını sokmaya çalışıyordu. En sonunda daha fazla girmeyeceğini anlayınca sikini çıkardı. Çıkarmasıyla birlikte Aslı ağzında biriken, çenesinden süzülen salyaları kusarcasına tükürdü.

– Bi siki alamadın ağzına haa. Ben de seni bi şey sanmıştım. Geçen siktiğim ucuz orospu bile senden daha becerikliydi.

Ağzından akan salyalarla ve gözyaşlarından bozulmuş makyajıyla çok seksiydi. Bunca zamandır bu karıyı hayal ediyordum şimdi istediğim gibi sikebilirim diye düşündü Ahmet. Saçına asılmış kafasını sabit tutarken sikini sokup çıkarıyordu. Her seferinde sokabildiği kadar derine sokuyor, deyim yerindeyse kafatasını sikiyordu. Kısa bir süre gidip geldikten sonra sikini boğazının en derin yerine kadar sokup boşalmaya başladı.

– Hepsini yut onların yoksa karışmam!

Adam hayvan gibi böğürerek boşalıyordu. Zaten siki ağzına zor sığıyorken dölleri nasıl sığacaktı? Neyse ki boğazının tam dibindeki yarağın ucundan çıkan yakıcı döller sindirim borusunu yakarak geçip direk midesine gidiyordu da fazla bir çaba sarfetmesine gerek kalmıyordu. Yapması gereken sadece öğürme refleksiyle başa çıkmaya çalışmaktı.

Son spermleri de midesine yolladıktan sonra sikini ağzından çıkardı adam. Onu sertçe yere yatırıp üstüne çıkmıştı şimdi. O kocaman sikiyle sikecekti onu! Bu düşünce içinde bir şeylerin kıpırdanmasına sebep oldu. Adam şimdi onun o dantelli sabahlığını yırtmaya çalışıyordu. Bunu yapmaya çalışırken bileklerindeki baskı azalmıştı. Ama Aslı’nın içinden karşı koymak gelmiyordu. İçten içe kapıcının onu vahşice sikmesini istiyordu. Karşı koymadığını anlayınca adam onun ellerini bırakıp sabahlığını parçalayarak çıkardı.

– Karşı koymadığına göre sen de istiyorsun bu koca yarağı demek. Haklısın zaten bugüne kadar bunun yiyen her kadın müptelası oldu bu yarağın. Seni de bundan sonra başka yarak kesmeyecek; beni çağıracaksın sürekli, benim o sosyetik deliklerimi o koca yarağınla dağıt diyeceksin bana.

– Hayvan herif bitir işini de beni rahat bırak! Git başımdan.

– Demek zor elde edilen orospuyu oynamak istiyorsun ha? Tamam ben de çok severim o oyunu zaten.

Şimdi kadının o kocaman, silikonlu göğüsleri karşısındaydı. Üstelik ilk kez arada bir kumaş parçası olmadan. Bugüne kadar gördüğü en iyi memelerdi bunlar. Şu zengin karılar kendilerine bakmayı çok iyi biliyorlar gerçekten diye düşündü. Şimdi o hayalindeki şeyi yapabilir, bu karpuz gibi memelerin arasına sikini istediği gibi sokabilirdi. Vahşice saldırdı heyecandan uçları sertleşmiş bu memelere. Avuçluyor, sıkıştırıyor, ısırıyor, yalıyordu. Çok sertti, kadının canını acıtıyordu. Bunu kadının çığlıklarından anlıyordu ve böyle olması çok hoşuna gitmişti. Bu sosyete karısına hayatının dersini verecekti.

Adam onun narin, fazla el değmemiş vücuduna bir yamyam gibi saldırmıştı. Canını yakıyor, ona bir et parçası muamelesi yapıyordu. Zaten söyledikleriyle de onu sürekli aşağılıyordu. Ve bu Aslı’nın çok hoşuna gitmişti. Kendine inanamıyordu; aşağılanmaktan tahrik oluyordu! Adam aşağılara indi; şimdi nefesini kasıklarında hissedebiliyordu, tıraşlanmış, pürüzsüz kasıklarında. Bu onu daha da heyecanlandırmıştı; boşalmak üzereydi. İnanılmaz bir şeydi bu, tecavüze uğrarken boşalmak üzereydi! Üstelik adam daha onu sikmemişti bile. Adamın dilini amında hissettiğinde irkildi. Dilini büyük bir ustalıkla kullanıyor, onu çılgına çeviriyordu. Bu nasıl mümkün olabilirdi? Bu adam gibi kara cahil bir adam ona nasıl bu duyguları yaşatabilirdi? Aklı almıyordu bir türlü. Bir anda boşalmaya başladı. Deli gibi boşalıyordu, am suları sel gibi akıyordu. Ve adam hepsini içiyordu. Boşalması bitince kafasını kaldırdı;

– Bakıyorum senin de hoşuna gitti. Sen bi de sikince gör. Bu arada am sularında çok lezzetliymiş, hiç böylesini tatmadıydım. İstiyor musun sikimi?

– Napacaksan yap da bitsin bu iş!

– Hahaha sen de amma inatçısın valla ya. Şelale gibi boşalıyorsun; ama hala o zengin gururundan milim inmiyor aşağı. Ama ben onu indirmesini bilirim merak etme sen.

Adam tekrar onun amına yumuldu. Klitorisini emiyor, parmaklarını büyük bir hızla sokup çıkarıyordu amına. Tekrar boşalıyordu! Kendisine inanamıyordu. Bu iğrenç adamın, tecavüzcüsünün altında ucuz bir orospu gibi zevkten kıvranıyordu. Ne hale getirmişti bu adam onu? Şimdi içinde inanılmaz bir sikilme isteği vardı. O adamın azman sikini içinde istiyordu bir an önce. Onun içini dağıtacağını bilerek.

– Hala istemiyor musun sikimi içinde?

– Siktir git!

– Ama böyle yaparsan sikmem seni haberin olsun. Hayallerinin sikini sokmam amına.

– …

– Yavaş yavaş kıvama geliyorsun sanki. Söyle sikimi istiyor musun?

– Evet.

– Bağır biraz!

– Evet.

– Daha yüksek!

– Eveeeettt!

– Evet ne? Ne istiyorsun? Söyle bakalım küçük orospu.

– Sik beni orospu çocuğu sik beni! Sok o yarağını içime. Dağıt amımı adi herif!

– Hah işte ben de bundan bahsediyordum haha.

Şimdi daha milim inmemiş sikinin başını kadının amına dayamıştı. Sikinin hiç inmediğini görünce kadının gözündeki şaşkınlık ifadesi Ahmet’i gururlandırdı. Bir postayla inmezdi siki hiçbir zaman. İnmesi için en az iki posta gerekliydi, bazen de üç. Kadının hiç beklemediği bir anda dibine kadar kökledi sikini. Kadın acı bir çığlık atmıştı.

– Yavaş ol hayvan herif!

– Alışırsın bebeğim. Alışınca da hep böyle istersin.

Adam tüm gücüyle onu sikiyordu. O kadar hızlıydı ki neye uğradığını şaşırmıştı Aslı. Vahşi bir hayvandan hiçbir farkı yoktu adamın. Onu eze eze sikiyordu. Başı dönmeye başlamıştı tempodan. Biraz zaman geçtikten sonra alışmaya hatta hoşuna gitmeye başlamıştı bu sikiş. Daha önce hiç böyle sikilmemişti. Farkında olmadan elleriyle göğüslerini okşamaya, uçlarını sıkıştırmaya başladı.

– Ohoo sen de bu anı mı bekliyordun be güzelim. Senin gibi zengin bir orospunun amını sikmekte bir başka oluyor valla.

Bu sözü duyunca utançtan kızarmıştı; ama göğüslerini okşamaya devam ediyordu. Adamın dedikleri umrunda değildi, muazzam zevk alıyordu. Aslında adamın dedikleriydi belki de ona en çok zevk veren. Normal şartlarda adam yerine koymayacağı, kendine denk tutmayacağı birisi ona vahşice tecavüz ediyor, bir yandan da onu aşağılıyordu. Ve o bundan daha önce hiç almadığı kadar haz duyuyordu. Belki de adam haklıydı: o zengin bir sosyete orospusundan başka bir şey değildi! İstemsizce;

– Sik beni! Kimsenin sikmediği gibi sik! Adi bir orospu gibi sik!

– Sen de amma çabuk alıştın orospuluğa valla.

– Sen getirdin beni bu hale. Orospun yaptın beni!

– İyi yaptım ama di mi?

– Evettt!

Bir 20 dakika sonra Ahmet temposunu düşürdü. Boşalmak üzereydi. Normalde daha uzun dayanırdı; ama hayallerinin kadının sikmesi yetmiyormuş gibi bu karının amı daracıktı. Tam boşalmak üzereyken sikinin kasılmalarından bunu anlayan kadın;

– Nolur içime boşalma. Lütfen.

– Noldu benim piçimi doğurmaktan mı korkuyorsun? Al sana o zaman sosyete fahişesi.

Adam onunla dalga geçer gibi sikini sonuna kadar sokup boşalmaya başladı. Bu sefer öncek**en daha fazla boşalıyordu. Spermlerin ardı arkası kesilmiyordu. İçi adamın dölleriyle dolmuş, fazlası amının dudaklarından kenara süzülüyordu. Adam sikini çıkarıp;

– Nasıl beğendin mi bakalım?

– Yeter artık istediğini aldın bırak beni.

– Aa daha işimiz bitmedi. Bütün deliklerinin tadına bakmadan bırakmam. Hem sen hala neden zor kadını oynuyorsun? Gerçek duygularını söylemen için illa içinde sikimin olması mı lazım?

– Yalvarırım bırak beni. Ne istersen yaparım. Ağzımı, amımı istediğin gibi sik: ama götüme dokunma nolur. Daha önce hiç sikilmedi götüm. Almaz senin sikini, parçalarsın.

– Madem o kadar istiyorsun gene sikerim ağzınla amını; ama önce götün. Demek götünün bekaretini alma şerefi benim gibi küçük bir kapıcı parçasına düştü. Ayrıca parçalanırsa parçalansın, sonuçta göt senin götün, benim değil!

Adam o muazzam yarağıyla götünü sikecekti. Çok korkuyordu. Daha önce hiç sikilmemişti götünden. Bir an adam bacaklarının arasına eğilip amını emmeye başladı. Kendi spermlerini emiyordu! O böyle emerken Aslı boşalmaya başladı. Şimdi spermleriyle birlikte onun zevk sularını da emiyordu. Daha sonra onun dudaklarına yapışarak emdiği sıvıları Aslı’nın ağzına aktardı. Ahmet’in spermleri, tükürüğü ve kendi am sularından oluşan sıcacık karışım ağzının içindeydi şimdi. Başdöndürücü bir tadı vardı. Adamın bir şey demesine gerek kalmadan hepsini iştahla yuttu.

– Götünden önce şu hormonlu memelerini sikmek istiyorum bebeğim.

Şimdi dizlerinin üzerinde göğüslerinin üzerinde duruyordu. Birden memelerini sertçe sıkıştırdı. Canı yanmıştı Aslı’nın. Adam o kadar sıkıştırmıştı ki aralarındaki boşluk amından daha dar olmuştu neredeyse. O devasa yarağını memelerinin arasına soktu. Am suları ve spermlerle iyice ıslanmış, kolayca gidip geliyordu memelerinin arasında. Oldum olası severdi göğüs arasının sikilmesini, zaten silikon yaptırmaktaki esas amacı da buydu. Ama bu seferki bir başkaydı. Hiç bu kadar zevk almamıştı daha önce. Zevkten kendinden geçmiş bir şekilde elleriyle memelerini sıkıştırıp adama yardım etmeye başladı.

– Oo demek sen de seviyorsun.

– Mmm…

Adam birden ona doğru eğilip, suratına yavaş yavaş okkalı bir tükürük bıraktı. Aslı kendinden geçmişti artık; hiç düşünmeden o tükürüğü yutabilmek için ağzını açtı. Erkeğinin, efendisinin balgamlı tükürüğünü yutabilmek için çaba harcıyordu. Adam bu halini gördükçe acayip zevkleniyor daha hızlı sikiyordu o güzelim memelerini. Bir yandan da sürekli tükürüyor, tükürükleri suratının her yerini kaplıyordu.

Daha sonra Aslı’nın hiç beklemediği bir anda tokat attı suratına. Bir taraftan inanılmaz aşağılanmış hissederken bir taraftan da acayip tahrik olmuştu. Suratına pis bir orospu gibi tükürmek yetmemiş şimdi tokatlıyordu onu adam. Dur durak bilmeden, aralıksız tokatlıyordu. Artık nevri dönmüştü Aslı’nın gözünü açamıyordu. Ahmet ise sürekli daha hızla tokatlıyordu onu. Bu artık masum bir oyun olmaktan çıkmıştı; resmen dövüyordu onu. Kafasında bu düşünceler varken Aslı birden boşalmaya başladı. Boşaldığını görünce adam kahkahalarla gülmeye başladı.

– Valla beni erken boşaltacaksın haa. Ne biçim karıymışsın sen. Karının suratına tükürüyoruz, dövüyoruz boşalıyor. Sen ne haysiyetsiz bi karısın be.

Gerçekten de kadının bu durumda boşalması Ahmet’i etkilemişti. Biraz daha gidip geldikten sonra memelerini iyice sıkıştırıp boşalmaya başladı. Dölleri kadının çenesine çarpıyor oradan memelerinin üstüne sekiyordu. Bir kısmı ise tokatlanmaktan kıpkırmızı olmuş suratına gelmişti. Bu haliyle acayip seksiydi. Kırk yıl düşünse bırak onu bu hale getireceğine, göreceğini bile inanmazdı. Üzerinde kalktığında siki hala dimdikti. Kadın bunu görünce:

– Oooff… Ne biçim bi sikin var öyle. Hala dimdik.

– Sen bi de şimdi onu götünde gör bak. İstiyorsun di mi?

– Evettt… Sik götümü dağıt. O kılıbık kocamın daha önce hiç dokunmadığı, el değmemiş daracık götümü parçala.

Adam onu yüzüstü çevirdikten sonra kalçalarına yumuldu. Bakımlı kalçalarını hoyratça yoğuruyor, yer yer ısırıyordu. O usta dili bu sefer göt deliğinin etrafında dolaşıyor, yavaş yavaş o küçük pembe deliğe yaklaşıyordu. Aniden ilk darbe geldi. Artık diliyle göt deliğine darbeler atıyordu. İyice alıştırdıktan sonra dilini minyatür bir sik gibi sokup çıkarmaya başladı o deliğe. Artık Aslı’nın götü sikilmek için kıvama gelmişti. Birden kafasını kaldırıp;

– Götünü biraz açmak lazım çok dar. Şimdi senin birinci kalite sızma zeytinyağın da vardır. Nerede söyle bakalım.

Kadın kendinden geçmiş bir şekilde dolaplardan birini gösterdi. Uzanıp aldığı yağdan eline bolca döktü. Önce göt deliğinin çevresini yağladı, daha sonra parmaklarından birisini soktu. Kadından derin bir inleme geldi. Sokup çıkararak iyice alıştırdıktan sonra ikinci parmağı da soktu, daha sonra da üçüncüsünü. Şimdi üç parmağı rahatça gidip geliyordu. Artık hazırdı kadının götü. Bunun üzerine parmaklarını çıkarıp sikini hazırladı.

– Hazır mısın bakalım?

Bunu duyunca iki eliyle kalçalarına yapışıp yana ayırmaya çalıştı.

– Yavaş ol lütfen.

– Senin canın da pek tatlıymış; ama hala anlamadığın nokta ne kadar canın yanarsa ben o kadar zevk alıcam. Buna alışsan iyi edersin!

Bu söz yine başını döndürmüştü. Adam onu insan yerine koymuyor sikilesi bir mal gibi görüyor, sadistçe canını yakmaya çalışıyordu. Bu ise Aslı’yı uçuruyordu. Bunun üzerine fazla düşünme şansı bulamadan adam sikini sapladı o daracık göte. Çok canı yanmıştı. Çığlıklar atıyordu; ama adam hiç oralı değildi. Hızla sikiyordu. Sanki yılların acısını çıkarıyor gibi bir hali vardı. Kendisini yıllarca ezen zenginlere karşı olan içindeki nefreti onun götünden çıkarıyordu. Saçlarına asılmış, suratını iyice yaklaştırmıştı. Nefesini enfesinde hissediyordu.

– Al bakalım orospu, al! Bundan sonra her ekmek istediğinde sikicem seni. Aynen böyle. Evin her köşesinde, istediğim her zaman. Yalvaracaksın beni sik diye. Kölem olacaksın. Canım ne zaman isterse sikicem.

Cevap verecek hali yoktu. Bu sözler orgazma yaklaştırmıştı onu. Nasıl olabilirdi bu? Götünden bu kadar acımasızca sikilirken nasıl boşalabilirdi bir insan? Boşalmaya başladı birden hem de öncekinden daha da şiddetli. Götü daralmış içindeki sikin etrafını onu sağmak ister gibi sarmıştı. Ama adam temposunu hiç düşürmeden sikini sokup çıkarıyordu.

– Demek hoşuna gitti. Tahmin ettiğimden daha da adi bir orospusun sen. Seni arkadaşlarıma da tavsiye etmeliyim. Her akşam gelip seni sikmeliyiz. Sana böylesi layık. Hem para da kazanırsın, ne dersin ha?

– Sik götümü, parçala. İstediğini yap, istediğine sat; ama yeter ki sik beni. Konuşma sadece sik. Aaaahhh…

– Konuşmazsam olmaz ama; o zaman nasıl bir orospu olduğunu anlayamazsın. Zaten şu anda sana en çok zevki dediklerim vermiyor mu?

– Ne hale getirdin beni orospu çocuğu? Naptın bana böyle? Orospun ettin beni.

– İçindeki orospuyu dışarı çıkardım ben sadece.

– Oooohhhh…

Bir an durup sikini çıkardı Ahmet. Sonra tekrar bir hamlede sonuna kadar sapladı. Kadın çığlık attı. Onun çığlığı hoşuna gitmişti. Normal şartlarda ona bakmayacak bir kadın altında çığlık çığlığa onun insafına kalmış bir şekilde inliyordu. Ne isterse yapabilirdi ona; istediği gibi sikebilir, istediğine siktirebilirdi. Bu fikirlerle sikini sokup çıkarmaya devam etti. Tamamen çıkarıyor sonra tamamen sokuyordu. Bunu biraz da yaptıktan sonra boşalacağını hissedip sikini çıkardı. Kadının saçlarına asılıp;

– Kalk bakalım orospu. Bu sefer götünün tadına bakacaksın.

Şimdi oturmuş adamın, götünden yeni çıkmış sikinin ağzına girmesini bekliyordu. Başkası böyle bir şey istese kıyameti koparırdı herhalde. Düşüncesi bile iğrençti. Ama şu an tecavüzcüsünün istediği her şeyi yapabilirdi. Adam sikini sokmadan öylece bekliyordu. Sikinin üzerinde kan damlaları gördü. Götünü kanatmıştı adam, kimsenin sikmesine izin vermediği o küçücük deliğini parçalamıştı. Umrunda olmadığını söylemişti. Ama umrundaydı; suratındaki sırıtıştan bunun hoşuna gittiği anlaşılıyordu.

– Her şeyi ben mi yapacağım? Yala bakalım şu siki. Bak bakalım nasılmış tadı götünün.

Elleri başkası tarafından kontrol ediliyormuş gibi adamın sikine uzandı. Aslında başkası kontrol ediyordu onu: bilinçaltı. Bugüne kadar bastırdığı bütün duygular açığa çıkmıştı. Kafasındaki bütün tabular yıkılıyordu. Önceleri çekingence daha sonraları iştahla yalamaya başladı siki. O kadar ki artık hevesle sikini sıvazlıyor, taşaklarına masaj yapıyor, erkeğine zevk vermek için elinden geleni yapıyordu. Üstelik götünün tadı da hoşuna gitmişti. Genzini yakan tuzlu bir tattı.

Ahmet boşalmasına ramak kala saçlarından tutup geriye çekti kadını. Şimdi sikini sıvazlıyor, nişan alıyordu. En sonunda döller havada uçarak hedeflerini bulmaya başladı. Alnına, yanaklarına, iştahla açılmış ağzına, hatta gözlerine geliyordu. Kadının suratının her tarafı dölle kaplanmıştı. Ahmet karşısındaki kadınları bu şekilde dölleriyle yıkamaya bayılırdı. Bu seferki ise her zamankinden daha zevkli olmuştu onun için; sadece rüyalarında sikebileceğini sandığı bir kadını delicesine sikmişti, sonra da onun o asil suratına boşalmıştı.

Adam geriye çekilip gururla eserini izlemeye başladı. Haklı tabi diye düşündü Aslı. Asla dengi olmayan, yalnızca emrinde çalışabileceği bir kadına vahşice tecavüz etmiş, üstelik bunu yaparken de kadının ucuz bir fahişe gibi altında kıvranmasını sağlamıştı. Adam onun içindeki orospuyu ortaya çıkarmıştı. O ne isterse yapabilirdi. Onun sikini tekrar deliklerinde hissetmek, döllerini içmek için ayaklarına kapanabilirdi. Bu hislerle kendinden hiç beklemediği bir şey yaptı: elleriyle suratındaki ve göğüslerindeki bütün dölleri toplayarak ağzına götürdü. Ağzında hepsini biriktirip Ahmet’e ağzının içindekileri gösterdikten sonra bir güzel yuttu. Tıpkı porno filmlerde izlediği yapmacık, adi kadınlar gibiydi. Bütün bunları erkeğini memnun etmek için yapıyordu, onun gözüne girmek; bu sayede onun yarağıyla ödüllendirilebilmek için. Bunları yaparken bir yandan da boşalıyordu. Durduğu yerde kıvranıyor, zevk suları mutfağın fayansına damlıyordu.

– Ulan çok orospu gördüm de senin gibisini görmedim haa. Güya tecavüz ediyoruz; karı bizden çok zevk aldı. Neyse hayatım benim şimdi gitmem lazım, bensiz idare edebilecek misin?

– Ne zaman geri gelirsin?

Söylediğine kendi de inanamıyordu. Kendisini kırk yıl geçse yan yana düşünemeyeceği bir adamın yolunu gözler olmuştu. Tüm benliğiyle onu istiyordu, sadece onu.

– Hahaha hemen de müptela oldun sikime. Ben sana demiştim ama di mi? Akşam çöpleri topladıktan sonra gelirim. O zamana hazırlanıp beni bekle tamam mı?

– Tamam aşkım.

– Ha ayrıca şu boruların altına da bir kap koy. Yoksa gelince o boruları amına götüne sokarım bak! Gerçi bunun çok istersin di mi?

– Oohhh…

Bu sözün üzerine yeniden boşalıyordu. Adam onu öylece bırakıp haline gülerek evden çıktı. Kendini adi bir fahişe gibi hissediyordu; insafsızca kullanılmış, işi bitince bir köşeye fırlatılıp atılmıştı. Bacaklarında sikilmekten ve boşalmaktan güç bulabilirse kalkıp hazırlanmalı, sikicisini memnun edip kendisini sürekli sikmesini sağlamalıydı.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Hava çok soğuk ve kar yağıyordu. Elektriklerimiz kesilmiş ve ev gittikçe daha da soğuyordu. Ailece mum ışığında yemek ve çay faslından sonra ablam sıcak su torbasını alıp yatağa gitti. Regl dönemindeydi. Annemler de 5 dk sonra yatağa geçtiler. Telefonumun şarjı bitmek üzere olunca bende yatağa gittim ama bir türlü ısınamadım. Ayak uçlarımda ablamın odasına gittim. Abla.. çok üşüyorum yanına yatabilir miyim.. gel aşkım ama bak reglim ve zor ısındım sakın ilişme adam gibi yat dedi ablam. Yüzünü duvara dönüp yan yattı. Bende arkasından sarılarak yanına yattım. Elimi beline koydum ve ensesini öptüm. Arda rahat dur dedi.. tamam merak etme uyu sen dedi. Hava karanlık kapalı ve yollar karlıydı. Arabalar bile çalışmayınca ortalık çok sessizdi.

İkimizde uyumadan yan odadan yani annemlerin odasından sesler gelmeye başladı. Boğuk ve anlaşılmayan bir konuşma sesi geldi ve sonrasında annemin kısık iniltileri gelmeye başladı. Ablamla ikimizde gülmeye başladık. Başladı bizimkiler dedi. Ne yapıyolar sence dedim. Ben ce babam annemin amını yalıyor dedi. Bu beni tahrik etmişti. Sen hiç anneminkini gördün mü dedim. Evet dedi. Birkaç ay önce muayeneye geldiğinde. Nasıl peki dedim? Oha arda..benden sonra annemide mi dedi.. yok abla yaa merak ettim dedim. Yaşına göre oldukça güzel duruyor. Dedi.. biz bunları konuşurken annemin kısık iniltileri sıklaştı ve derin bir ah çekti. Evet dedim ilk orgazm.. bu esnada bende elimi ablamın eşofmanından sokup çıplak göbeğini ve sütyensiz memelerini okşamaya başladım. Bitti mi dedim. Yok daha bitmemiştir.. pozisyon değişiyorlar dedi gülerek. Sen olsan ne yapardın şimdi dedi. Ağzına verir sonra sikerdim dedim. Aynen bence de öyle yapıyolar dedi ve çok geçmeden babamın daha kuvvetli bir ah sesi geldi. Elim ablamın göbeğinden aşağılara kaymıştı. Elimi tuttu arda regliyim dedi. Biliyorum merak etme dedim. Elimi gevşetince klitorini okşamaya başladım. Kalkan sikimi iyice yasladım.

Annem ve babamın sesleri aynı anda gelmeye başladı. Hangi pozisyon sence dedi. Bence misyoner dedim. Bence de dedi. Babamınki büyük mü sence? Ortalama. Büyük olsa eşofmandan falan belli ederdi.. haklısın. İkiside inliyor ve arada şlop şlop ses geliyordu. Ama seslerini bastırmaya çalıştıkları kesindi. Ablam zevkten keyfe gelmişti. Götünü sikime yaslayıp çekiyor zaman zaman inliyordu. Duvarın öbür tarafında babam annemi sikerken bu tarafa bende ablamla oynaşıyordum. Birkaç dakika sonra annem kısık çığlıklarla ikinci orgazmını oldu aradan birkaç saniye sonra babam biraz daha gürültülü şekilde boşaldı. İyice azan ablam yüzünü bana döndü. Kaanlıkta yüzünü zor seçiyordum ama gözlerinin parlaklığı ve güzelliği ve kokusu beni benden alıyordu. Öpüşmeye başladık. Çok seviyorduk ikimizde öpüşmeyi. Ben elimi ablamın götüne atmıştım. Penye normal bir külot vardı.göt yanaklarını avuçlayıp okşuyor sıkıyordum. Sonra elim deliğine gitti. Deliğini okşadıkça ablam daha da zevke geliyor ve dudaklarımı daha ateşli öpüyordu. Parmağımı deliğinde içine sokmaya başladım. Çok istiyorum götünü dedim. Sikimi çıkarıp okşamaya başladı. Çok mu dedi. Çook dedim… çekmecede krem var al onu dedi. Komodine uzanıp kremi aldım karanlıkta. Birmiktar sikime sürdüm. Ablam arkasını dönmüştü yine. Göt deliğini parmaklayarak kremledim. Ve sikimi dayadım götüne. Yavaş hayvan dedi..zorlaya zorlaya başı girmişti. Ahh dedi ablam..şşşs sessiz ol dedim. Ben bastırdıkça ablam kaçıyordu ister istemez. Ben iyice üstüne gidince yüzükoyun yatmaya başladı. Eşofmanını biraz daha sıyırdım. Üstüne yattım. Ağırlığımı verince sikim biraz daha girdi.ablam zevk ve acıdan yastğı ısırıyordu. 15 cm lik sikimin yaklaşık 10 cm igirmişti. Ensesini öpüyor kulağına aşk sözleri fısıldıyordum. Elini amına götürüp kendini okşamaya başladı.

İlk defa mı dedim..evet dedi.. ablamın götünün ilk kocası ben olmuştum. Daha çok tahrik etti beni. Daha fazla yükleniyordum ve çok geçmeden ablam sarsılarak boşaldı. Bende hemen arkasından götüne boşaldım. Yığılıp kalmıştım. Hareket edecek durumda değildik ikimizde. Üstünden kendimi atıp yan yatınca ablam eşofmanını çekti. Ork** var nasıl olsa dedi. Bende eşofmanımı çektim. Ve ikimizde derin bir uykuya daldık.
Sabah uyandığımda elektirkler gelmişti. Ev sıcaktı. Ablam hazırlanmış işe gitmek üzereydi. Ben gözümü açınca dudaklarıma ıslak bir öpücük kondurdu. Hadi hoşça kal dedi. Çok güzel kokuyordu ablam. Biraz daha yatıktan sonra tuvalete gitmek için kalktım. Klozete oturunca gözüm kirli sepetine ilişti. Uzanıp kenime çektim. En üstte ablamın eşofmanları vardı ama hemen altında annemin külotu vardı. Elime aldım. Siyah dantelli yarı saten gibi bir kumaşı vardı. Ağ kısmı hafif kirliydi. Kokladım ablamın kokusuna benzeyen bir koku vardı. Biraz daha incelediğimde birkaç tane kıl vardı. Sikim yine kalkmıştı. Külotu sikime götürdüm ve dün hakanlarda yaptığım gibi okşamaya başladım. Ama kafam çok karışıktı.

Bir dünkü görüntü geliyordu gözümün önüne bir ablam.. ablamın götünü sikmem. Annemin inleyişi .hakanla öpüşmemiz ama hepsi birbirinden daha tahrik ediciydi. Ve annemin külotuna boşaldım. Her erkek gibi boşaldıktan sonra biraz pişmanlık vardı. Hayatıma çeki düzen vermeliyim diye düşünerek banyomu yaptım. İçeri girdiğimde elim yine ablamın çekmecesine gidip beyazlı pembeli sevimli kurdaleli bir külotu giydim. Foto çekip hakana yolladım. Birkaç dakika sonra sertleşmiş sikini yolladı bana bak ne hale getirdin dedi. Sıcak yatağa yatıp biraz daha uyudum.
Çalan telefonla uyandım. Arayan hakandı. Öğlen olmuştu. Kanka hadi gel ben kuzenle sinemaya gidicem sen de gel dedi. Yapacak bir şeyim yoktu tamam dedim. Avm de buluştuk ve beni kuzeni leyla ile tanıştırdı. 155-160 boylarında 45 kilo civarında kumral minyon tipli ama çok sevimli bir kızdı. Görür görmez etkilemiştim. Gayet sıcak ve samimi karşıladı. Biraz sohbet edip yemek yedikten sonra sinemaya girdik. Hafta içi olduğu için çok kalabalık değildi. Hakan ortaya leyla sağına beni de soluna alarak oturdu. 10 dk kadar sonra hakan beni okşamaya başladı. Leyladan çekindim. Yapma derken leylanın hakana sarıldığını gördüm. Ve leylanın eli hakanın sikindeydi. Oha dedim. Leyla kafasını bana çevirip gülümsedi. Hakan bana gülümseyerek merak etme herşeyi biliyor dedi…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


ASIAN FIANCEMy name is Greg. I am 3rd generation Vietnamese American, rather small in stature at 5’4”, 120 lbs, and 19 years old. I am just starting my 2nd year at Arizona State University. All of my life, I have grown up close friends with my girlfriend Thao, and her family. They lived close by and immigrated here from Vietnam about 10 years ago, when she was 8. I have only had one girlfriend my whole life, and that is Thao. She is 4’10”, with a very thin build, but fairly large breasts for an Asian woman; she has a B cup which looks large on her thin body. She is only 83 lbs, with a very tight narrow ass, and long black hair to her back. She usually wears it in a pony tail. We have been more or less teamed up by our parents and expected to marry after college, and to keep our virginities until after college.At the start of this year Thao was starting her freshman year, and moved down to a dorm on campus and I was very excited to be seeing her all the time on campus and on the weekend. I tried to get sex from her but to no avail. She did give me blow jobs occasionally but that was it. I couldn’t get my hands down her pants even. I did see her in her underwear and I know she is by far the most perfect and hottest girl I have ever seen.I am roommates with another Asian American named Carl. Carl is about the same size as me, with little luck with women. He also has the biggest porn collection ever, and is always on the internet. We are the same age. Carl and I became close friends over the last year. He allowed me to view his porn which was almost 100% interracial with hung black guys and small Asian women. I admitted it was pretty hot to watch.When Carl first met Thao he was mesmerized by her beauty. Thao was not vain and did not dress up by any means, but her tiny perfect body was hard to conceal, and she had just turned 18 this first week of school that he met her. As soon as Thao left and we were alone Carl was goading me that she was so hot, she would be perfect with a big black stud. He kept prodding me and saying wouldn’t that be so hot? I told him there was no way she would do that, she wont have sex with me, and I’ve known her 10 years. Carl then kept bombarding me with interracial cuckold stories, and kept trying to tell me how much she would love it and would be hooked once she has a big black one, and that all girls love it.I began to develop an interracial fetish and would start to jack off every night imagining Thao getting stretched and her little pussy flooded with one of the black students’ cum. I would imagine her loving it and cumming repeatedly. I couldn’t shake the thought I admitted it was so hot of a fantasy, but there is no way she would do it, I kept it to myself. This went on for a few weeks.Around the 4th week of college I was waiting for Thao after class and noticed a black guy was waiting too, he looked about canlı bahis 6′, thin built, short cut hair. He looked like he was from Africa and a few years older than me. I went to the bathroom and came back, and when I came back he was chatting up Thao to my surprise! I tried to stay hidden and let them finish, but after 15 minutes I realized this guy was really good at this, or she was actually attracted to him. She kept laughing and engaging in conversation with him, this is rare for my very shy conservative fiance. Finally, I approached and broke it up. Thao looked up and said hi like nothing was going on. She introduced him as Kembo. Kembo said he was here from Nigeria, and told her it was nice to meet her and walked off. I asked her what that was all about, and she said he just ran into her (but I saw him waiting…) I dropped it and let it go.That night at my dorm with Carl he was talking about some hot Asian he saw on campus with a black guy, and how they loved the tiny ones like Thao. I blurted out what I saw, and he was very interested. He then began to tell me he was sure Thao would be split by that African dick before long, as she was obviously interested, he said the smaller the Asian it’s like the more they secretly crave a big nigger dick. I told him ya right I won’t see him again. Then he said, oh ya? Why was he waiting then? I told him he got me there, but she won’t cheat.That night I began to think about what he said. I did notice a lot of the black guys, especially the African exchange students loved to chase the Asian women. It was very common on campus; I had to admit a lot of our women seemed so curious about the black men. I began to wonder if Thao was really being seduced. I decided I would monitor her closer and find out.I deduced that Kembo was trying to wait for my girl after the same class I saw him at last time because it was a convenient time he could wait for her, how he knew this I do not know. I decided to wait from a distance, 2 days later, and see what happens. Sure enough I saw the son of a bitch waiting from a distance and decided to lay low. I could intervene, but my girl had to be strong and resist on her own. I saw him wait for Thao, and there she came wearing a little thin tan summer dress and black sun glasses, with sandals. She looked so pretty and talked to him for a good 15 minutes. I was thinking, what is this guy possibly saying? Then they started to walk off together! I thought, fuck this! What is going on? So I hid and called her to say hi and ask what’s up. She said nothing, just about to have lunch with a friend. I asked if I could join, and she said no my friend wants to talk to me alone, she’s having issues. I knew right then she was lying, she was walking off with this African guy. I said ok, and walked off feeling dejected. What was going on? Why was she lying to me?I decided bahis siteleri to wait a couple hours and then I texted her asking if she was still busy, she said she was at her dorm studying. I decided to come over and say hi, and she was alone and everything seemed totally cool with us, I saw no indication of cheating or her hiding anything. I walked home thinking she just must be friends with him and didn’t want to say it was a guy so I didn’t get mad.When I spoke to Carl about what I saw he grinned wide and said you know she is close to going black right? I said I wasn’t sure. Then Carl said he had a big surprise for me. He showed me his email where I saw Kembo’s face picture, and then a couple pictures of a large uncut black cock. It looked about 6” soft and thick, with a couple of heavy balls. I was shocked at how big he was and I asked how he got this? Carl said he contacted Kembo 2 weeks ago off Craig’s list and gave him pictures and information to help him seduce my girlfriend. He said Kembo loves Asians and was very excited when he learned of the situation and her virginity. I was pretty pissed and said wtf, I was about to hit him. He said calm down you know we both love interracial porn, and your girl is super-hot and perfect for big black cock stretching. He said Kembo was a real pro, promised to 3 hole her with no condoms and get her hooked. Carl then prodded me he said he thought it would be a nice surprise and I would love it.I sat in silence for a bit, and then said I like the fantasy but my Thao? I’m not sure I want her to leave me for a black. Carl assured me Kembo wouldn’t steal, just hook her and use her. That he would take pics and send to us for us to check out for fun. I grudgingly agreed feeling I had no choice, but also my dick was getting rock hard thinking of personal porno pics of my hot as shit barely 18 girlfriend would be amazing jack off material. I asked how far did he get? Carl told me Kembo got her number and was working on a date this weekend for a movie and dinner, then hopefully a nightcap at his apartment. Carl said I should get her something nice. I agreed with the suggestion, and called Thao to go shopping.The next day we bought a tight white dress that came just a few inches past her ass, and showed ample cleavage, she looked amazing. I bought her white lace panties and bra to go with it, and some high heels. We also got her hair done, she looked amazing. I spent a lot of money, and why was I doing it? So she can look better for a black stud with a 10” uncut cock? What was wrong with me?The weekend came and sure enough Thao surprised me that she was going to visit her brother on Saturday and she wouldn’t be available, I knew it was bullshit, and she would be wearing all the nice things I bought her for another man. I told Carl and he was smiling ear to ear saying almost there brother, wait bahis şirketleri until 7pm.At 7pm they must have met and Kembo sent Carl an email, sure enough there was Thao looked her best posing in his arm for a picture. My girlfriend, future wife, on a date with a skilled black stud. I felt a knot in my stomach and a hard on, thinking of her perfect tits and tight ass being fondled by this African. Next pic was of Thao’s backside showing her pert tight little ass when she wasn’t looking. The email simply said off to dinner. We sat up all night having a beer considering the possibilities.Finally around 11 I got a text from my girl, feeling guilty or something talking about nothing saying hi. I just ignored it and acted like I was asleep. Then about 1am we got an email from Kembo. This time he was at his apartment with my girl, wtf I couldn’t believe it. He had a camera set up by his computer and took a pic with her in front and him behind copping her breasts through her dress. Her eyes were closed, she looked a little drunk.We had 4 more pictures. The next, she was in her lace underwear posing for him looking very hot. The next one she was butt naked, and kneeling in front of him. God I wished I was this hung nigger. Next picture was Kembo’s huge cock hanging in my girl’s mouth, with cum leaking out the side of her mouth. I about came, I couldn’t believe this, she was so tiny and hot. The next one blew our mind; he was standing with my girl’s leg straddling him, her ass facing the camera. We could see his hefty balls hanging below her ass as her legs wrapped around him, and about half of his cock jammed in her pussy, her head was turned sideways and mouth was wide open. Carl gave me high five and we both jacked off feverishly knowing my Thao was getting three holed by a hung nigger all night and loving it.The next day we got a few more pics of Thao sleeping, leaking cum out of her stretched ass and pussy. I knew she wasn’t even on birth control, but deep down I knew her insanely hot viet pussy deserved to have a belly full of that potent black cum. I secretly hoped this stud would knock up my hot girlfriend I’ve known my whole life.I called Thao later on and she acted like everything was totally cool, and we went on like nothing was going on. Kembo kept updating us when he was going to fuck her, and one time he decided to do it at her dorm, I knew a location I could spy, and decided to go see for myself. When I got there I was in time to peak through a window blind and see tiny Thao moaning like crazy and bucking on his huge cock, I saw his 2 hefty balls moving with each of her thrusts, and what shocked me more, she had the entire thing inside to the hilt! My 83 lb girl was packed to the max with African cock and loving it. I could hear her saying how big it was and how she loved it. I saw him pump her up again, his balls pulsing as he flooded her with cum. I then left before anyone saw me.I know Thao won’t leave me for him her parents would freak out so much. I accepted my role as her future provider, and black guys as her route to sexual satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

The Final Act

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The Final Act(This is 100% true, there are more stories with this girl, I’ll post them over time. I’ll name no names, I still love the girl. This is less “story” and more art)This is the hottest sex I’ve ever had.We sat in the sleezy motel room eating our to go dinner. She smoked, so of course I got her a smoking room. I didn’t care, as long as I was with her. Once dinner was finished, she opened the Christmas presents I had brought her one by one as my cock grew harder by the minute. It was still about a week before Christmas, but two hours away from home, I had no idea when I would see her. Once we were all done and ready for bed, the excitement grew. I quickly got naked and got in bed. She took her pants off to show a pair of boy shorts I had got her months before. I could tell she hadn’t shaved, a little bush was sticking out, which was fine. She stripped her shirt off and bra and put the shirt I had just got her on. Her tit’s were amazing, probably big B’s, nice little nipples that were always hard. She climbed in bed canlı bahis with me and put her back to me and snuggled. I started kissing her neck and I ran my hand up the front of her shirt. I took her breasts in my hand and started to caress them. Soon I pulled myself on top of her and covered us with the sheets and began to kiss her. Or tongues met and we passionately kissed for at least five minutes without coming up for air. I made my way down under the sheets and pulled her boy shorts off. I was correct, she had a nice little bush. I quickly dove in and started to make love with my tongue to her pussy. She was wet already but it just got better. Before no time she had her first intense orgasm in my mouth, but I didn’t stop. We had talked about anal, which she said was a no-go, but I kept telling her I was at least going to play with her ass. So I slowly started alternating licks with my tongue on her butt hole. After I got it good and wet, I slipped a finger in. Nothing too hard, I just left it there. I felt her moans bahis siteleri get louder, and before long, she had cam again. Once the orgasm was over, she pushed my finger away, which was fine, small steps. I pulled myself up in bed and layed down beside her. She understood that meant I wanted my dick sucked and she did. She gave one of the best blow job’s ive ever gotten. She would suck you until you cam and then keep sucking. But I was a long way from cuming tonight. After about ten minutes of head, I was ready to fuck her so I pulled her back toward me. I took her in my arms and in a natural moment, she turned her back to me and spread her legs. Like it was meant to be, by cock slid right in her from behind, her pussy was so wet, it was almost effortless. I fucked her nice and slow, with slow, steady purposeful thrusts. I wanted her to feel my cock and I wanted to enjoy her pussy. I kissed her neck as I fucked her. It was so tight from behind, I almost filled her full of my cum right there, but somehow I held it in. I slid bahis şirketleri my cock out and pulled her on top of me. She kissed me all over and made her way back down to give my dick a few sucks, before moving her body back up and sliding my hard cock into her now drenched pussy.She had two orgasms on top of me, one was so violent she stopped fucking me all together and just held onto me. I could feel her cumming on my cock. We’d had sex a half dozen or more times, but this was love making. It was amazing how something that had started out as strangers had escalated to this. I flipped her over and got on top of her, this time there would be no stopping. I pounded her pussy for a good twenty minutes. We were both drenched in sweat and her cum. Finally, my cock exploded and I filled her pussy full of my cum. I looked her in the eye after the last drop entered her pussy and she smiled at me. We locked in a passionate kiss.I continued to fuck her slowly until my cock finally fell out and went limp. We had to take the sheet off the bed, it was soaked in her cum. Sadly, that’s the last night I ever fucked her, or saw her as of this writing. When my heart allows, I’ll tell the previous stories. I hope you enjoyed, please comment if you did!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32