Reverend Bob Ch. 03

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Rev. Bob had barely got his pants up and his belt buckled when he heard someone come in the side entrance of the church.

“Hello? Reverend Bob? Are you there?” A pretty young blonde teen came around the corner and stood in Bob’s office door, “Oh hi Reverend Bob, I just dropped by on the off chance you were here.”

It was Anna, a tall 19 year old who had graduated from the High School the year before.

A daughter of one of his long time members Bob had known her for many years, first as a member of his Junior Choir and Youth Group and now as a member of his Mom’s and Tot’s group. Anna had the bad luck to get pregnant on the night of her Senior Prom. Her date, John Walsh, was the Football team’s Captain and star Quarterback during Anna’s graduating year. Walsh cut a swath through the young women in the Grade 12 class and was considered a real cocksman. Impregnating the young Anna had not been his intention and in fact he denied that the child was his and refused to pay any kind of support or even talk to Anna.

Anna had been a challenge for the young stud. He had bedded just about every girl worth bedding in the Senior class by year end except for the lovely young Anna. Anna was a fairly serious student, a non drinker and non partier. She was tall and lovely and she had even been considered by a modelling agency for work in the fashion industry. She was what some men would call “a real spinner.” Slim and shapely she probably weighed no more than 110 pounds wringing wet. Her perky little B cup breasts did not require a bra for support and she rarely wore one at all. She had a flat tummy, full thighs and a delectable little bubble butt that also defied gravity. She was a natural blonde with little hair on her arms and legs and what there was of it was also blonde. Bob imagined the hair on her pussy was likely blonde as well, although he thought, most girls her age now shaved their vaginas, a trend that Bob very much approved of.

Anna was not a girl who ran around sleeping with every Tom, Dick and Harry. She was what would have been called “a good girl,” in Bob’s day. She considered herself lucky at the time that John had invited her to the Prom and had not intended to have sex that night. However, after a few too many drinks and some slow grinds on the dance floor the feel of John’s hard cock through his tuxedo pants had inflamed her libido. One thing led to another and she and John got a motel room after the Prom and fucked and sucked most of the early morning hours away. John hated condoms and never wore them if he didn’t have to. Girls that John hung out with were on the pill so he just assumed that Anna was too. He was angry when she told him she was pregnant and refused to acknowledge the child as his own. She had been a lot of fun to fuck, he told the guys on the football team, but he certainly wasn’t ready to be a father.

Anna had been coming to see Rev. Bob for support and counsel for many months now as she struggled with being a single teen parent and it seemed that every new day brought new challenges for the young Mom. Almost in defiance of the deadbeat Dad she had named the child, John, a fact that angered John Walsh all the more.

It was now mid afternoon and the lovely young blonde sat in one of the guest chairs in Rev Bob’s office pouring out her heart and her latest woes. Bob knew a lot about the young woman sitting in front of him. She was an intelligent person with the normal desires of a young teenage woman, but she was no slut. Penny, he’d come to learn earlier that day, was a real hard core little slut who had no compunctions about seducing an older man and making him pleasure her as she saw fit. Anna, on the other hand, was a passionate young woman who needed an emotional connection before she could have sex with a man. She’d been in a long term “high school sweetheart” relationship for most of her early and middle high school years and certainly knew about sex and how to not only please a boy but also how to make sure he pleasured her and didn’t leave her hanging. She and her high school sweetie had explored each others bodies on many occasions and she missed that intimacy, especially now that she had a child and no partner to share her life with.

“I just hate the fact that John won’t acknowledge little Johnny,” she said, “he’s the spitting image of him and he really is a very good baby.” Bob nodded and made encouraging noises to urge the young woman to speak further.

“He’s 4 months now and he’s really got ataşehir escort bayan a voracious appetite!” she exclaimed, “he just fastens on to the boob and wants to nurse all the time.”

Bob’s eyes automatically went to the young woman’s chest as she spoke of Johnny’s appetite for her teats and he had to admit that now that she was lactating there was almost a doubling in size of Anna’s boobs. She was wearing a loose top in order to better facilitate breast feeding and even though it was loose he could make out the swell of her milk filled tits through the sheer material. Bob remembered how gorgeous his wife Katy’s tits were when they had their children. They aroused him in a spectacular way and the boner he used to get looking at her tits and then sucking them was a true diamond cutter. He’d never felt his cock so hard as when he sucked warm breast milk from Katy’s lactating titties.

Anna squirmed a little in the chair and winced slightly.

“What’s wrong Anna?” Bob said, “are you in pain?”

“Ya actually a little,” she said “I haven’t been home since breakfast. I left my Mom with some breast milk I pumped before I left so she could feed Johnny but my boobs are engorged and really starting to hurt me. I’ll probably have to get home soon and get Johnny to nurse in order to relieve the pressure.” She squirmed again and arched her back out so the milk filled orbs pressed against her shirt front. A tiny wet spot appeared as her left nipple met the material. “Oh darn, I’m starting to leak,I hope I’m not embarrassing you!”

“Oh my no, Anna, I”m not embarrassed this is very natural. I’m just concerned that you are uncomfortable.” Bob replied huskily.

Bob’s cock had a mind of it’s own. It started to grow and thicken in his pants as he observed the young woman’s delicious tits leaking on her shirt front. He once again remembered the times he sucked sweet breast milk from Katy’s tits and how she stroked his cock with her soft little hand until he exploded in her hand and all over his belly.

“I’m really in pain here, Reverend. It’s quite intense.” she spoke between clenched teeth.

“Geez I wish I could help you Anna, I feel a little helpless here, although… I might be able to help you if you’re ok with it.” he said.

She looked at him quizzically and raised an eyebrow, “What you got in mind? I really do need some immediate relief.”

“Well,” said Bob as he began to blush, ” When my wife was nursing our babies she had the same problem from time to time and I would substitute for the baby…you know…nursing on her breasts to relieve the pressure…it’s a solution we used fairly often actually and it certainly did the trick.”

“Wow! I mean that’s awesome, Reverend Bob, said the young woman enthusiastically, “I wouldn’t have presumed to ask you but it certainly would help me out right now. I’m very comfortable with my body, I’m not shy so if you don’t mind I’d like to take you up on that. We know each other well and I really like you Reverend.”

Bob’s cock was rock hard now and starting to throb in his pants. His long thick cock was at full growth and maybe a little added. He could hardly believe that he’d offered to suck the surplus milk out of this young woman’s tits never mind believe that she was actually accepting his offer!

“I think it’s easier if we move over to the couch,” she said nonchalantly, as she quickly stood and walked over to the sofa. She crossed her arms in front of herself grasping the hem of her shirt in both hands and peeled the garment up and over her head in one quick fluid movement. Bob couldn’t help but stare at her perfect boobs. They were firm and perky, the nipples were large and no doubt due to nursing they had become large and pointy. The aerolas were silver dollar size and a lovely dark brown hue. They were quite a sight to behold and he began to salivate as he anticipated capturing a leaky nipple in his mouth. Her left breast was leaking noticeably now and tiny drops of milk formed on the end of her nipple and dripped onto the floor. No doubt the anticipation of letting her milk down was already forcing the milk from her swollen teat. Her tits were so engorged they simply couldn’t hold any more!

Anna sat on the couch and scootched forward so her pretty bubble butt was perched on the edge of the seat cushion. She was wearing only a pair of tight gym shorts now and she spread her knees and invited Bob to kneel in between her legs so that his mouth would be at the escort kadıköy right height to render her the promised relief. Bob knelt down and the irony of the position was not lost on the randy Minister. There were worse places to pray than between the legs of a half naked young woman he thought to himself.

Anna cupped her firm left breast by placing her left hand under the round melon and with her right hand she gripped the top of her breast and stroked down toward her nipple in an effort to make her milk flow freely. Instantly a thin jet of mother’s milk sprayed from her taut nipple and Bob, whose mouth was open in anticipation of suckling her lovely tit received a squirt of warm sweet milk. The sensation was electric for Bob. He felt his cock twitch as if an electric probe had just been applied to his throbbing fuck stick. His left hand moved to rub his cock through his pants as he moved his right to the lovely milk filled orb in an effort to guide the nipple into his eager mouth.

Anna sighed deeply as she felt his mouth close around her engorged nipple. She hadn’t had a grown man suck her highly sensitive tits since the night John Walsh fucked and impregnated her. She missed the intimacy of sexual contact that she had not had for nearly 16 months. Reverend Bob’s lips and mouth sucking her young milk filled tit was a very welcome thing. As she squeezed her teat to release more milk into Bob’s willing mouth she gazed down between her legs at the kneeling supplicant and noticed the hard protrusion in his pants. “Geez” she thought, “He is well hung by the look of it and maybe this is going to be even better than just some temporary relief to my swollen breasts!”

Bob continued to nurse at Anna’s beautiful left boob. She was feeling better already and she moaned deeply as the sucking at her tit began to stir sensations that ran down her belly and made her clitoris twitch and tingle with delight. She could feel her slit starting to moisten and the beginnings of sexual desire started to course through her neglected fuck hole. She gripped Bob’s head with both hands and moved them through his hair as he sucked the nipple and part of her breast deeply into his mouth. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she was panting audibly as her Pastor slurped and sucked the mother’s milk from her rigid nipple.

Bob removed his mouth and looked up at her, “Now the other one? he asked.

“oh yes please!” she moaned as she moved his head with her hands and positioned his mouth close to her right breast. The milk was now flowing freely out of her rigid right nipple, forming large droplets on the end of it. Her nipples resembled two large pencil erasers and the sight of the milk leakage made Bob’s cock throb painfully in his pants. Without thinking he unzipped his pants and pulled them off his hips. His large thick penis came into view and he gripped it with his right hand and began to stroke it slowly up and down. Anna guided his head to her right nipple and he opened his mouth and began to relieve the milk pressure on her remaining tit.

Anna stared, mesmerized at Bob’s large cock as he ran his hand up and down the shaft. She had no idea he had such a thick, delicious tool and the sight of him jerking his penis while he sucked her milk filled titty caused her slit to moisten even more. She took her left hand from behind his head and ran it lightly over her covered vagina. The gym shorts were thin and she could already feel her slick pussy juice starting to leak through the material. She rubbed in a slow circle around her hard little clit and soon found herself slipping her hand through a leg hole to close in on her naked love button. The sensation of Bob sucking her tit, her rubbing her hard clit combined with the visual of Bob wanking his cock was almost too much for the young mother. The heat of the encounter was certainly having it’s effects on Bob too and his senses were enflamed with lust as he sucked the milk filled orb and stroked his throbbing cock.

By now the relief that she sought had been achieved. Her breasts were feeling much better and she had transitioned from feeling pain to feeling extreme lust for the man sucking and slurping the milk from her swollen breasts. Even though less than an hour ago Bob had fucked the horny young Penny he was as hard as a rock and ready for another round with this excited young Mom. He moved his hand from his cock and grabbed the top of her gym shorts with both hands. She lifted her ass cheeks bostancı escort off the seat cushion as he skimmed the shorts off her hips, down her thighs and off her feet in a quick motion that left her totally naked.

Bob marvelled at the fact that she had recovered her figure so quickly after giving birth to Johnny. Her tummy was flat and there were no signs of stretch marks or cellulite. her thighs were smooth and lovely and her cute rounded ass cheeks perched on the edge of the seat cushion were a lovely sight to behold. As he suspected Anna’s pussy was totally devoid of hair. The lovely teen had shaved it bald. Her labia lips were swollen with desire and her clit peeked out from under her clitoral hood in a most inviting way. Still on his knees Bob slid a hand under each butt cheek and lifting her cute little ass off the cushion as he raised her sweet pussy to his mouth. He ran his tongue softly over each lip of her womanhood and came to rest with his tongue lightly flicking her clit. he sucked the rigid little organ into his mouth and started to suckle it in much the way he had sucked her hardened nipples. Her reaction was instant. She stiffened her back and ground her pussy into his mouth. As his tongue swirled and danced around her clit and her juicy pink fuck hole she moaned and sighed with delight.

Although Bob enjoyed the oral delights of sucking her tits and licking her pussy his cock needed some relief. He longed to slide his hard tool into her juicy slippery hole. She was certainly ready for him and he knew that since her baby’s birth she had gone on the pill. He had no impediment to stop him from stuffing his cock into her and fucking her as hard as he desired. Raising his head from her glistening crotch he straightened up and fastened his lips onto hers. She could taste her milk and cunt juice all mixed together as he pushed his tongue into her mouth, at the same time he guided his thick pole to the eager entrance of her slick little pussy and with one smooth motion he sank his pole all the way into her. She was fairly tight for a woman who had given birth only a few months ago and he enjoyed the sensation of her slick velvety cunt closing like a fist around his pulsing prick. She gasped for breath as he slid into her so quickly without warning and then adjusted her hips on the seat cushion to facilitate the thrilling thrusts that she knew would soon follow. He wasn’t taking his time with her. They were both overly eager to get on with the push and shove, and get on with it he did. He slid his hands onto her hips and started to slam his meat in and out of her with long hard strokes. The slapping noises of flesh on flesh filled the office and the sheer animal intensity of their coupling enflamed him to pound into her harder and faster.

Anna began coming within the first few hard thrusts. She hadn’t felt a man’s cock in her pussy for way too long and the intensity of this situation after the long months of deprivation had taken their toll. Her first orgasm shook her from deep inside to the end of her clitoris. Writhing her hips and coming on his hard cock she twisted and moaned but he didn’t ease his grip on her hips and he continued to pound his tool into her with a relentless fever. She felt another orgasm rip through her delighted snatch and then another. Her pussy gripped his cock tighter and tighter with each orgasm and soon the pressure in Bob’s nuts let go like a dam bursting. He felt his cock twitch and he unleashed a hot jet of gooey spunk into her tight little hole. He plunged all the way into her and held her firmly against his pelvis as his cock spewed it’s sticky hot load deep in her love tunnel. It surprised him that after fucking Penny earlier in the afternoon he was capable of dumping another copious load into another hot young pussy, but he wasn’t about to complain about the pleasure that coursed through his body at this point in the day.

Bob’s cock was still buried in her cunt and he gazed down at her. Her tits were still leaking milk and her juicy pussy was oozing girly goo all over his fat dick…it was a hot sight to behold and he savoured it with delight. She looked up at him with gratefulness and sighed softly.

“Oh my that’s what I’ve been missing! That was a relief in so many ways!” she said.

“That was amazing Anna,” Bob replied, “but we have to keep this little event to ourselves…it never happened.”

“Oh I totally get it Reverend, it’s our little secret, don’t you worry. We might have to do that again sometime though, I’m thinking, ” she winked and slipped her shirt over her head and pulled up her gym shorts.

After she left Bob sat in wonderment and contemplated his day of carnal delight.

“Well,” he thought, “it never rains but it pours.”

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Philanthropy Pt. 02

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Philanthropy Part Two

This is the continuing story of Peter Chase, self-made billionaire, and a selfish prick most of the time. He’s used to getting anything he wants in life until he encounters something much more sinister and is swept into danger and intrigue. This style of writing and topic is new to me. I’ve also never written a protagonist who lacks empathy and compassion. I’m already starting to make him more likeable… dammit! I hope you enjoy.

You’ll need to read Part One: The Carvers, first. Go on. I’ll wait.

Constructive comments always appreciated.

Part Two: Building the Case

I parked in a handicap spot and exited my Hyundai Elantra. Two chirps later, I pocketed my keys and walked up to the condo entrance. Inside, I buzzed condo 1213 and an elderly female voice I recognised as that of Alice Cartwell spoke loudly out of the speaker in the entrance.


“Hi, Alice Cartwell? This is Peter Chase. We spoke on the phone?”

“Ah, yes. The poor man who was beat up in the park. I wasn’t expecting you this soon.”

“Yes, well. I had some free time, and I was in the neighbourhood.”

“In the neighbourhood? Young man, I live outside the city.”

I grinned. “True. Okay, I lied. I couldn’t wait to speak to you. Is now a good time?”

She didn’t release the intercom button, and I heard her exasperated sigh. “May as well. Come on up. Condo 1213…”

In a moment, the door buzzed angrily, and I pulled it open and walked toward the elevators. I looked around the condo entrance and saw the terrible state of maintenance. It looked run down like a cheap public housing complex. Garbage was piled up in a corner and the one waste basket was overflowing with fast food wrappers and what looked like Diaper Genie bags. The entrance stunk to high heaven, and I found myself holding my breath as I pressed the up button.

This place was a shithole, and it stunned me. The condo building had been one of the best in the city some years back. This was before the Carvers had lived here. When my former lawyer Amber had told me the Carvers had sued the shit out of this place, I could see they had salted the earth, too. I was angry seeing the disrepair. This was an area outside the city that boasted the highest realty costs in the city and surrounding area. From outside, the building had looked spectacular—not as nice as mine, but pretty close. Inside, it was… I shuddered.

The elevator dinged, and the doors pulled open, making a dry rasping sound. I was standing right at the door split and surprised a young man holding a small furry animal that looked similar to a dog, but I had never seen one so small or so shaky before. The dog suddenly was snarling and yapping and struggling to get free of the man’s arms, and I resisted the urge to grab it and throw it across the entranceway.

I grimaced and stepped back to give the man and the small angry thing room to get past me. The dude didn’t seem to care his little shit was an annoyance and sauntered past me toward the front doors to the condo.

I stepped inside the elevator car and immediately spied the small pile of dogshit in the corner soaking in what looked like dog piss.

“Hey!” I shouted at the back of the departing man. The elevator doors started to slide shut. “Did your fucking rat shit and piss in here?”

I caught the smirk on the guy’s face as he looked back at me and then the doors closed.

“What a fucking asshole…” I grumbled and pressed floor twelve.

I held my nose and felt the elevator shudder and struggle to rise. In moments, the elevator sped up, and I watched the floor count rise. The car slowed and stopped at twelve with a loud ding and the doors opened. I stepped out and was once again hit with the smell of decay. White kitchen garbage bags were piled up next to the waste shoot leaking fluids into the carpet.

“Jesus Fucking Christ,” I muttered and saw the sign indicating condo 1213 was to my left. I quickly turned left and strode down the corridor. I tested the air, and the smell got less abrasive, and at the end of the corridor I spotted door 1213. I gave it a quick knock and heard a muffled voice inside.

I waited and heard someone on the other side of the door struggling with the security chain. I heard a rasp, a soft click, and then the door opened to reveal an elderly grey-haired lady, hunched over with some sort of back problem. She had to strain to look up at me and adjusted her shawl.

She sized me up quickly and then stood back and beckoned for me to enter. “Well, don’t just stand there, get in here before the stink follows you…”

I smiled at her and moved past her and turned to watch her close her door. She twisted the deadlock and then reached up with a trembling hand to put the security chain back on. I suppose I could have helped her, but it didn’t seem prudent. I could hear her breathing with effort, but she finally slid the chain on and then shuffled to turn around. She started when she found me still standing there.

“Jesus!” ataşehir escort bayan she squawked. “What are you doing standing there? Get inside. Take your shoes off. Hang your jacket in the closet.”

With surprising speed, she moved past me and disappeared around the corner.

“I suppose you want coffee?”

I shucked my loafers and started to remove my black Crombie overcoat. I opened the closet and noted it only contained two jackets for women. A summer one and a poor winter one. I hung up the jacket, closed the closet door, and adjusted my sweater before retracing the steps Alice had taken.

As soon as I turned the corner, I could see her condo. It was decorated exactly like you would expect an elderly lady to decorate her living space. Doilies were everywhere. The couch had an Afghan blanket thrown over it. Flowerpots and plants covered every place you looked. A small flat-screen TV was mounted over the gas fireplace. I noticed the fireplace wasn’t on and even with my sweater on I felt the chill in the air.

I sniffed the air but couldn’t smell any cat shit, but I knew they had to be here somewhere. This was a cat paradise. I hated fucking cats. I looked for signs of cats but found nothing.

The condo layout was not too bad. I looked around quickly and could see the severe state of disrepair. The walls needed repainting and the hardware floors looked abused. The windows barely let any light in from outside. I had a flash of memory of my parents’ place shortly before they passed away. They couldn’t keep up with the cleaning of their place with their age. Poor eyesight led to other issues like hygiene. Alice was living in squalor.

“Um, nice place you have here?” I said a bit loudly, sure she was probably deaf, too.

“You don’t have to yell!” she yelled back, and I followed her voice into the kitchen.

She was adding boiling water from a kettle to two mugs. I spied the instant coffee container and repressed another shudder.

She looked up at me as I enter and put the kettle down. “Cream? Sugar?”

“Yes, please.”

She pointed at the fridge. “In there.”

I opened the fridge and was shocked to see it barely had anything in it. Half a loaf of bread, an old jar of yellowed mayonnaise, a small tub of margarine, some other condiment bottles and a jar of pickles. There was a milk container with a bag of milk and a small container of cream. I picked up the cream and casually looked at the best before date. Now, best before dates don’t mean bad after, but when I saw the date had expired a month ago, I took the container of cream and held it up.

“Your garbage?”

She frowned at me and pointed at the cupboard below the sink.

I opened the cupboard, spotted the garbage, and tossed the cream in.

“What did you do that for?” she raged and moved toward the garbage.

I closed the door and blocked her. “It went bad a month ago, Alice.”

She looked confused but stopped and looked up at me. “A month ago?”

“Yeah. Just sugar will be fine.”

She looked like she wanted to argue, but then I saw her face fall and she turned back to the mugs. With a shaking hand, she opened a sugar jar and spooned sugar into her cup. She looked at me and I held up two fingers, then changed my mind and held up one. She nodded and spooned in a small amount of sugar.

I looked around her kitchen and identified all her kitchen stuff was from that large box store chain. She bought cheap. She had no money. That was clear.

I bit my tongue when my first instinct was to say something snarky. I needed information from this lonely old woman, so I smiled at her when she handed me a lukewarm cup of instant coffee. I took a sip and hid the grimace.

She was watching me like a hawk, and so I smiled brighter.

She snorted and shook her head. “You aren’t fooling me, buster…” was all she said and left the kitchen.

My smile turned real, and I followed her.

She was sitting down in the living room on the couch with the Afghan rug. I selected the armchair and settled down on the edge of the seat and placed my coffee on the table.

She was watching me the whole time, and I felt self-conscious.

“So, you’re friends with Amber?”

I nodded. “Yes. We’re good friends.” I lifted my coffee cup and took a small sip.

“Have you ever fucked her?”

I almost spewed my coffee and stared at her in shock.

She laughed out loud. A genuine belly laugh. I stared at her as she laughed and watched as she wiped her eyes dry. “Oh dear, that was priceless. Amber was right. She said that would shock you.”

I tried to process that and failed.

“She told me all about you, Peter Chase. No secrets here,” and she laughed again.

“You have me at a disadvantage…”

“That I surely do. Feels good for a woman my age.”

I looked around the condo. “So where are your fucking cats? There has to be at least three of them around here somewhere…”

She froze and stared at me with her mouth open and then threw her head back and escort kadıköy really laughed.

She laughed for far too long and my joke started to feel stale to me. Finally, she stopped and pulled a Kleenex out of her shirt sleeve at the wrist and dabbed at her eyes before tucking it away again.

“That, Mr Peter Chase, was funny. Cats. I suppose you’re not wrong to suspect cats, but between me and you I hate the damn things.”

For a moment, I felt a kindred spirit. Then she spoke again.

“So, you want to talk about the Carvers. That about right?”


“Well, I can’t.”

I blinked at her.

“Blink those pretty blues at me all you want. I signed an NDA. Tighter than my asshole, that thing.”

I absorbed her words again and waited. This was not looking promising.

She looked around her condo for a moment. I realised then with her back and neck she couldn’t look up properly. I glanced at the TV and then spied the remote sitting on the mantle over the fireplace. It was covered in dust.

She muttered something under her breath. “I suppose my condo looks like a mess…”

I opened my mouth to say something, but she kept talking.

“Like the entrance to this place. A true shit pit. The whole building is like that. Condo fees keep going up and nothing gets done. The residents of the building have nothing, you see. It wasn’t always like this. I bought this place shortly after my husband died. The big C. It was bad. But he took care of me and left me solid financially. I used to have a girl who cleaned this place for me. Cooked my meals. It was lovely. We all knew each other in the building and threw parties in the common rooms down on the first floor. I rubbed elbows with some prominent people in this city. It was a wonderful time. Then the Carvers moved in.”

She stopped there and sipped her coffee in silence. I waited for her to say more, but she sat in stoic silence.

I cleared my throat. “And?”

She looked sharply at me.

“And, what?”

I stared at her. “Is there nothing else to say?”

“NDA. Can’t.”

“So, the Carvers moved in. When did the condo building start to run down?”

She looked thoughtful for a moment. “I guess you could say it was soon after they vacated the building. The condo owner was suddenly out of money. So were most of the residents. Did you see the news about it?”

I nodded. I had read all there was to read about it. I even reached out to the newspaper reporter who had covered the story. She lived in another city now and had hung up on me as soon as I mentioned the Carvers. “Yeah, I did. I even tried to contact the reporter.”

Alice flinched for a moment. “Katherine Crosby. She was kind. Shame what happened to her.”

“What happened to her?”

“Car accident. T-boned by a guy running a red-light that was an old red light.”

“Old red light?”

“Yeah. Old as in no way they didn’t see it was red.”

“Is she okay?”

Alice shook her head. “Paralysed from the waste down. Two young kids to raise by herself.”

I waited, but Alice said nothing else. “Who hit her?”

“Hit and run. Well, the guy who hit her ran, leaving his car buried into the driver’s door. Never found him. Car was stolen. No one to sue. She’s penniless and writing for anyone who’ll hire her.”

I absorbed that for a moment, my mind grinding the data. “The Carvers…”

Alice said nothing.

A small light turned on in my head. “Was anyone else in the building hurt?”

Alice smiled at me for the first time. “Amber said you were smart. You might want to look into that. By my count, at least six families were hurt or killed outright over the period of two months.”

I gawked at her. “Did you say killed?”

“Accidents. All of them. Investigated by the police and all deemed accidents. Like how your car suddenly has no brake fluid kind of accident.” She glanced at me. “Please tell me the Carvers have no idea you are here?”

I was deep in thought and then heard her last question. I looked up to see the genuine fear there. I shook my head. “No. Rest assured, they have no idea.”

Alice seemed to relax. “You must NEVER, and I mean NEVER, tell them you spoke to me.”

I nodded and then promised her out loud. “You’re struggling here, aren’t you?”

She looked away and didn’t answer me.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that. Why don’t you move? Find a better place? Less expensive?”

She laughed again, but I heard a note of despair in it. “Do you know who now owns this building?”

Another light turned on. “The Carvers,” I said, and she nodded. “You’re locked in here with the NDA, aren’t you?”

She nodded. “Like a vice grip. There are words people don’t say anymore. Old words that people may know the meaning of, but never see anymore. Certainly not in Canada or down south. Look up the word indentured.”

“You’re kidding me? Indentured? That’s not possible! That’s illegal!”

She chuckled in a mournful way, and it sent chills down my spine. “You might think so. There are bostancı escort many ways to be indentured to someone. Ask Amber, she knows what’s going on. I hear she’s gunning for the Crown Attorney job. Is that true?”

“Yes, she’s leaving her firm and accepting a position with the city.”

“Tell her to watch herself. Hire a bodyguard. Watch her back. If you’re somehow involved with the Carvers, I would suggest the same. You know they were the ones behind your attack in the park, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am. One of my assailants said as much before I blacked out.”

“Watch your back, but by the look of you, you know how to take care of yourself. My husband worked out and took all sorts of martial arts. You have the same look. Amber must love being with you.” She looked away. “I miss my John.”

“John was your husband?”

“Yes, the love of my life.”

I had no concept of love but understood the sentiment. Alice was looking at me now and saw my calm look back at her.

“Ah, I know that look,” she said.

“What look?”

“The look of a player. Are you a player, Peter?”

I knew what she meant but never considered myself one. I shook my head.

She snorted. “You’re a fucking liar.”

I had nothing to say to that and wasn’t remotely offended.

She sighed deeply and rose, and I sensed our time was up.

She walked me to the door and watched me pull on my overcoat and slip my feet into my loafers.

“You’re going after them, aren’t you?” she said as she opened the door.

“Yes, I fucking am.”

I moved toward the door when she held up a hand to stop me. “Do you know what LockSur is?”

This startled me. LockSur was a relatively new Internet start-up that provided secure end-to-end encrypted file transfer. What startled me was this elderly woman knew what LockSur was. “Ah, yeah, I do, but to be honest, I’m surprised you do.”

She chuckled. “Peter Chase, you underestimate people. You underestimate the Carvers and they will have you for lunch and put you in the ground.” She looked down at my expensive overcoat and shoes. “Money will not buy you safety.”

“Fair warning. What about LockSur?”

“Give me an email address. One no one knows about. One that can’t be traced to you. Do you have one?”

I nodded and gave her one.

She nodded and gestured toward the door opening, and I walked out.

“Thank you, Alice.”

“Thank me by doing something about them.” She shut the door behind me.

* * *

Later that night my phone dinged, and I opened my phone and saw I had a single notification from LockSur. I opened the application and saw Alice had sent me two files. I opened the first one and saw a spreadsheet filled with names and comments. It was a list of all the condo residents from Alice’s condo. It also identified dollar amounts and had hyperlinks to archived newspaper articles.

I looked at the next file and saw it was an MP3 audio file. I opened it and put my phone on speaker. It started with a lot of scraping noises, and then the audio went dead quiet. I looked at the phone and saw the MP3 was still playing, and so I waited. After about ten seconds, I looked down and saw the recording was over six hours long. I fast forwarded and heard nothing. I tried again with the same results.

Frustrated, I went to my iMac and opened the same app and downloaded the audio file and the spreadsheet. I opened my audio editing software, converted the MP3 file over, and opened it. Once I could see the spikes in the recording, I moved to them and pressed play.

The first voice I heard was Brad Carver mid-sentence.

“… it’s all good. We’ll own the building in no time.” He paused for a moment. “Uh-huh, that’s right…” He paused again, and I realised he must be speaking on a phone to someone.

“Who’s that on the phone, hon?” said the unmistakeable voice of Karen Carver.

“It’s Ron, hold on hon.”

“Yeah, Ron. It’s Karen… calm down… do you think I’m stupid? It’s just her and me in our condo… Ron, don’t ever take that fucking tone with me! I’ll fucking dump your sorry ass in the river, you know I will… That’s better. Some fucking respect! You hear?”

Karen spoke again. “Ask him if he took care of the Browns…”

“Did you hear her? Did you? How? Actually, never mind how. They’re dealt with? Good. Hurt or… Dead? Wow. Okay. All of them? Kids too? Good job. Who’s next? The Dixons. Good. They’re fucking lawyer is a right fucking pain in the ass. Sooner the better… what’s that? Dead, of course! Jesus fuck, are you stupid? Get it done fast. Has to be an accident, I don’t want this coming back to me. Get it done… bye.”

The recorded went quiet then Karen spoke really loudly, and I scrambled to turn my speakers down.

“So, all good? Nothing to worry about?” she said, and I realised she had to be next to whatever recorded this conversation.

“Yeah, Karen. All good. Ron is on it. Half gone already. We’re already getting people to close out our suits with generous amounts. We’ll own the fucking building in no time. We’ll put it under Slice Realty this time.”

“The Cayman one?”


I could hear hands rubbing together. “Perfect. We’ll be out of here in a year, tops,” laughed Karen, and her voice was truly starting to grate against my nerves.

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Administrative Discipline

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Maria Sanchez sat in the guest chair, huddled in on herself defensively. Her normally stern face was drained of the strength and surety it normally wore and her body language spoke of a naughty child awaiting an audience with the principal. This was far more serious.

Across the ornate, oversized desk sat Mr. Harrison. His wire rimmed glasses did little to hide the anger and disappointment in his old, brown eyes. He was tall even in the deep leather chair and his authority filled the corner office. His long brown fingers had been tapping slowly on the desk for what seemed like hours as he regarded the woman across from him.

“Miss Sanchez,” he began in his strong, gravelly voice, “I find myself at a crossroad. You have put me there through your incompetence.” She shied away from him as if hit by the word. “How many times have I stood up for you? How many times have I swept a fiasco like this under the rug?” She dared not meet his gaze. She knew his eyes were boring in on her like weapons. She felt a deep shame at letting him down. Again.

He removed his glasses and rubbed his weary eyes.

“The damage was minimal this time. We reacted with enough alacrity to minimize the impact of your poor decisions, but this could have been disastrous. The only reason we were able to staunch the bleeding was because I have learned that you need to be watched. Miss Sanchez, the firm cannot continue to pay both your salary and that of a babysitter for you.”

Her head snapped up, her eyes wide with fright.

“No! I can’t lose this job, sir!” Her heart beat as if electrified, threatening to burst out of her chest. This couldn’t be happening!

“If you cannot fulfill the needs of this position then you certainly can lose it. I had faith in you and I went out on a limb for you too many times. Each time you failed. I took you under my wing and gave you the best assignments, and still you continued to fail!” Anger was rising in his voice and he let it cut through the young woman. She needed to understand. “I could delay the inevitable and hide another example of your incompetence, but to what end? We both know you will wind up here again in the same situation.”

A shred of hope seemed to fall from the old man’s lips and she grasped at it like a life preserver.

“If you could just give me one more chance…” His raised hand should have silenced her, but even his incredible weight of authority failed to dissuade her. “…I swear I can do better! Please, Mr. Harrison! I’m in debt; I’ll lose my condo, my car…” She finally did stop as his raised hand slammed down on the desk. He rose, fury burning in his eyes.

“Enough!” She cringed and folded back in on herself, once again cowed by his presence as he towered over her. “Miss Sanchez, I see no reason to prolong this charade. This pitiful little circus has gone on long enough.”

“Please, sir.” Her voice was barely audible. She turned her tear streaked face up to him in supplication. “Please! I’ll do anything to keep this job. Anything.” The last word trailed off, signaling complete defeat. Harrison considered the gently weeping woman in front of him for a moment, then lifted a manila folder from the desk.

“This contains your letter of resignation and your terms of release. I am willing to let you leave of your own accord instead of suffering ataşehir escort the humiliation of being dismissed. You may sign these papers, or…” His eyes were old, but sharp. He had noticed the hard body beneath the business suits, the shapely legs snapping through the company’s halls on high heels. He knew he was in complete control now, and he knew she must obey his every word.

She looked up again, unsure of her place. He had offered and retracted the life preserver enough to completely confuse her. She knew she was beaten.


“Or, you may step out of that skirt and bend over the desk.” The outrageous demand struck her like a physical blow. How dare he? The fear and pity she felt vanished in a wave of anger and revulsion at this shocking statement.

“I certainly will not! You have no right…”

“You have no right to this job, Miss Sanchez!” he snapped. “Also in this folder are your termination papers, already signed and dated. Perhaps I should just call security and have you escorted from the building.” He lifted the receiver and began to type in the number.

Maria was near panic. He was serious! And no one would ever suspect this stern elder of such a horror. It would be her word against his. And she so desperately needed the job.

“Stop! Stop. I’ll…I’ll do it.” Her anger was quelled nearly as quickly as it flared, giving way to complete surrender. The phone returned to its cradle. Harrison crossed his arms across his chest.

Maria’s trembling hands went to the zipper at her side. The room seemed to spin as she gave in to his lecherous demands. The zipper fell, she undid the hook, and her grey skirt fell to the floor.

“Take off the blouse as well.” His voice was law. Fire burned through her veins as she undid the buttons on the cream colored silk, slowly baring herself in the cold room. Her delicate white bra and panties were now her only physical defense against his wandering eyes. She shook in fear, anger and guilt under that steady gaze.

“Bend over the desk.” He commanded. She stepped up to the large wooden table and bent over, noticing the oddest things– the grain on the wood, the smell of the polish, the uneven wear on the pen holder. She dared not think of what would come next. She heard him move around the desk, his footsteps on the heavy carpet. She heard his belt buckle clink, and then the rasp of leather on fabric as he whisked it through the belt loops. She tensed herself for his touch.


She nearly jumped out of her skin at the shock and pain of the belt across her buttocks. He was spanking her! Her mind reeled but she had little time to react.

Thwack! Another blow landed on her backside, then another, and another.

Tom Harrison stopped after 4 blows to watch her flesh redden in thin bands across her olive skin. He watched her tremble and flinch from the next expected assault, but he waited. He wanted her to look up first. It only took a few moments. As her face turned toward him he landed another savage blow, this one causing her to squeal in surprise and pain.

“I have tried to talk to you; I have tried to encourage you.” Another slap of leather on skin forced a gasp out of her red lips. “I have tried to cajole you, to entice you, even to scare you, and nothing seems to work.” Another kadıköy escort blow; another muffled cry. “If I am to give you one more chance, you must understand the depth!’ Another blow. ‘And severity!” Another. “Of my resolve to mold you into a good and obedient!” Another. “Employee.”

He stood back, breathing hard now. Her white cotton panties were askew now and her skin glowed red from his belt. She sobbed quietly on his desk as he watched, allowing his climbing heart rate to subside a bit. He dropped his belt to the floor and moved toward her, a gentle tone replacing the anger of a moment before.

“You must understand, Maria.” His hand touched her ass gently, yet she jumped as if struck again. “You must understand that I can no longer afford to indulge you.” He tugged at her panties, pulling them down off her abused ass. She offered no resistance as he eased them down to her knees, leaving her tattered ass completely bare. He brushed his fingers across her smooth, painful skin, gently caressing the red lines he had just created. “You are too wild, too undisciplined. You must learn to obey me, Maria. Can you do that?”

“Yes,” she replied meekly, then yelped as his strong hand landed a swift smack to her ass.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir. I will obey you.” She tensed for another blow, but his hand retuned to its soft caress, across her buttocks, down her thighs, and finally toward her exposed pussy. He probed her briefly, slipping his fingers amongst her moist, tender folds. He played her like an instrument, wiggling a finger against her clit while pushing two others into her body. She shuddered now for a different reason, pleasure slowly replacing pain.

“Very good. You’ve learned to relax and obey.” He pulled his fingers away from her and stepped back, placing is hands on his hips. “Now get on your knees, girl.” She pushed herself up from the desk, moving slowly and trying to keep from aggravating her pain. His purpose was clear, as was her response. She had to. No matter what he said, she had to do it. She fell to her knees, wincing slightly as the battered skin pulled tight, and lifted her hands to his fly.

She could feel his cock beneath the fabric, already swollen and eager. She pulled down the zipper and reached inside, quickly pulling out the long black prick. She let it swing there in front of her face for a moment, hesitating just long enough for him to raise his hand. She wanted no more of that, and quickly she took his growing member into her mouth.

Tom replaced his hand on his hip and watched the pretty young Latina face split around his growing erection. Her lipstick smeared on his dark flesh and on her lips, ruining her perfectly made up doll face. She was a pretty one, he thought. Her mouth worked slowly and well on his flesh and he reveled in the glow of her attentions. He couldn’t decide which he preferred, the view or the feel. As he reached full erection he took control. He ran his fingers through her dark hair, gaining a confident grip on her skull.

“You must learn to accept what I give you,” he said as he pushed his cock into her lovely face. She gagged as he pushed her tonsils aside but he finished his advance anyway, pressing her nose against his pubic bone before backing off. She coughed and gasped for breath, just enough for him to repeat his bostancı escort bayan invasion of her throat. Again she gagged on him, and again he backed off to let her recover briefly. He continued to fuck her face until her chin was covered in spit. He pulled all the way out, his slimy cock wagging in front of her ruined face.

“Get up. Get back on the desk.” She reacted more quickly now, rising to her feet and wiping her mouth on her arm. She bent over the desk and spread her legs, awaiting his next move. He spared no speed in mounting her from behind, thrusting his prick into her fiery depths.

Lust now ran through Maria’s veins, lust and the feeling of complete submission to this powerful man’s will. She was his toy, his property, his dirty slut, and she would do anything he demanded. His word was her command. Released of her responsibility, with no choice but to submit, she let herself go to the filthy lust as his cock plunged into her again and again.

A fistful of her hair pulled her head back so he could see her face as he fucked her.

“Good girl!” He said through clenched teeth. “Good, dirty girl!” Again and again the older man threw himself into her, sweat rolling off his brow. He started grunting as his orgasm approached, and in moments he was wildly humping the girl, dumping his cum in her depths, thrusting his cock ever deeper into her little body. His cock spat and jerked in her pussy as he held on with all his might, groaning in pleasure at the feeling of her slick, willing depths filling with his seed.

As the spasms passed, he stumbled back. He saw his ejaculate drip from her livid red pussy and he collapsed in the chair, his lungs heaving like bellows. He was exhausted, but so very content. As the room grew cloudy and indistinct, all he could think about was how he would never have been so tired after so short a session in his youth. His eyelids fluttered once, twice, then fell.

He awoke a short time later, feeling discomfort as he sat awkwardly in the hard chair. He had to get up or his back would hurt for days. As he shifted, he found Maria’s face in his lap, resting on his thigh. She smiled at him.

“Tom, what am I going to do with you?”

“What do you mean, ma’am?” He sat up, regretting that the motion forced the junior partner of the law firm to raise her pretty face from his leg. She sat back on the floor, still naked except for her bra. She smiled sweetly as she spoke.

“I can’t have you killing yourself in my office, Tom.” The old janitor returned the smile, his white dentures gleaming.

“I can’t imagine a finer way to go, ma’am. You just tell them my heart gave out.”

Maria rose and started pulling her clothes back on. Tom watched, the smile still etched on his face. When she was finished she sat behind her desk and brought out a mirror and some makeup. Back in her seat of power, she seemed to visibly rise above him, back into her ivory tower of money and power. Tom sighed and pushed himself out of the chair, then put himself back together. He stretched, picked up the envelope she always had for him on the edge of the desk, and headed for the door. It felt a little thicker this time, he thought.

He glanced back at her as he left the office, but she had turned away from him and was busy with something he was sure he wouldn’t understand. He closed the door and flipped through the envelope, filled with cash. Sure enough, there was a little bonus on top of his bonus tonight. He whistled a happy tune as he headed for the utility closet, preparing to wax the floors for the next few hours.

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Ad Infinitum

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I crawl out of the mangled remains of my BMW Z3, winded and bruised, swirling shapes of colors dancing outrageously upon the blackness of the night sky. I can hear her whimpering and moaning; can smell her fear and helplessness, and begin to drag my ungainly body around the front of the overturned car towards her intermittent gasps. Brambles and twigs snag my clothes and skin as i work my way into the brilliant and rich glow of headlights, feeling a tender throb in my blue jeans as my 7.5 inch penis awakens from its slumber, uncoiling into a rock hard serpent of bilious vengeance.

I claw my way towards the pathetic sounds of Gwyneth, who, silly wench, was not wearing a seatbelt and was therefore thrown through the windshield, rudely interrupted from her reverential redlipstick application, when I spun out on a slick turn and sent us careening over an embankment and into the woods.

As my head clears of the insane menagerie her feet and legs inch into view: one foot is bare, shining in the light like carved marble, while the other is contorted into some bloody alien appendage, still strapped to a broken black stiletto. The tip of my aching cock creeps out from between my waistband and stomach, taking in a full waft of the fragrant, summer night and releasing a single drop of its pearl poison. I work my way up her smooth, glorious legs, now adorned with cuts and thorns, until my body lies cruelly upon them. She kicks softly beneath me and a tremor rises from her toes deep into her thighs. I swear i see a ripple of emotion roll through her fabric-draped pubic triangle. I look down and desire overcomes me. Godlike desire. An epiphany of primal lust that courses from my loins into my brain. I pull myself up to her using my arms (the feeling in my legs is gone) and drag my chest over hers, until our chins meet. I feel her soft moaning like a purr, it electrifies and sickens me.

Gwyneth is a beautiful woman: long jet black hair and girlish blue eyes set in ataşehir escort a perfectly contoured face, 5’7″ with firm, supple breasts. Her hindquarters, while not especially large, are a revelation, though i have only beheld their naked glory a handful of times. Something indefinable about their proportions and shape is both uncanny and supremely desirable, as though they were a sacred temple, built eons ago by a forgotten race; a portal into their eldritch past. When I think of her ass i think of the fairy mounds of Ireland, of things now dimly remembered and misunderstood and feel myself a part of that mythical past, a pagan deity seeking its sacred portal.

I feel the hardness of my cock. I feel it push further towards my navel. I feel it burst majestically towards some unrealized immanence. My balls suck up into my body, my anus pulses in anticipation. I take in the deep whiteness of her supple thighs, inhaling the aroma of her enflamed sex. The pungent odor awakens my deeper yearning, my striving reaches new heights of sexual fulfillment. I wallow in our degadation and am thankfully protected from thought. I am not this body. I am not this cock. Yet I feel myself filling you up, again and again.

I don’t recall pulling her panties aside and pushing it in. Nonetheless i am balls deep, ramming my turgid member into her chronically contracting vagina. I feel myself scream and lose control, but i do not cum. I feel the tight smoothness of her womb. Her moans and sobs. Her flailing awakens a primordial lust I have never known. I focus upon her nether regions entirely. I refine my godlike will into a pinpoint of dazzling brilliance and energy, shooting it forth into the profound darkness that is her. I plumb the ancient wellspring of humanity, explore the primeval caverns from whence first crawled our sodden ancestors. I expose and conquer her abyss, wrenching its mystery in my mighty fist and crushing it with utter ruthlessness.

Her violet kadıköy escort miniskirt is pushed up around her waist as I pump rhythmically into her and ravenously gnaw a pink nipple through a tear in her tattered silk blouse. Looking up from my mammarian meal, i wonder at that distinguished chin glareimg white hot in the headlights. Her lips open and close faintly, as though she is whispering her catechism. Her eyelids flutter deliciously over the gleaming whites of eyeballs rolled far back in her head. Her long black hair is thrown about her head like a large halo, glinting razor sharp shards of obsidian.

Snapping out of my reveries, I come to, reality clarifies tenfold and I take control of the situation. I pull up her heavy legs and spread them to the breaking point, slamming into her with force and remaining inside for a few moments. The head of my wrathful scepter lodges comfortably inside her cervix. I gradually work up speed, moving my hands down her thighs and onto her asscheeks, pushing my fingers under her until they meet at the crevasse. Enflamed with creative omnipotence I bellow and let the middle finger of my right hand enter her awaiting asshole, pushing it in to the first knuckle and pulling my hands apart. Her tight aperture first contracts then opens up, allowing me to press on in my maddening quest, until the entire digit is engulfed in her. Through the thin walls of her rectum I can feel my thick penis which impossibly seems to have grown even larger.

With the proverbial meathooks in her I begin to fuck in earnest, playing her as a virtuoso might play a violin. I work upon her expertly, reaching my absolute potential in every movement I make. We have now become one; I am no longer aware of any difference between us, of any barrier separating our bodies and souls, reunited after an eternity of longing. Our bodies move in tandem one and I reach a state of nirvana, a warm sensation flooding me and drowning all else out.

I bostancı escort bayan push a second finger into her welcoming asshole in preparation of the inevitable finale. Somewhere far off what was once my mind meditates abstractly. How time passes so quickly and rarely are we able to fully appreciate our experiences before they are so crudely ripped from our clutches. As my pleasure transcends the knowable, a wave of nausea rises from the deep. I am no longer in control of my actions. A higher power controls my body and I exhaustedly surrender the reigns to this overriding force.

From within my corporeal prison I feel my pelvis pull back and unsheathe my glorious tool from its nesting place, lowering it to its burial ground. Gwyn offers no resistance as I enter her anal passage with my purple, distended penis. Without hesitation my hijacked body begins to plough away, and I am sent reeling by a second wave of ecstatic nausea and a return of the colorful blotches that cloud my sight. I know there is no return from this place and that in reality no other place exists. We gyrate and groan together like the gears of some long abandoned cosmic machinery. With one final violent propulsion into her, I simultaneously release my noxious venom and am released from my bondage. I explode within Gwyneth’s bowels and gnash my teeth, feeling a molar crack. I disgorge the warm substance and feel it fill her, sealing the holy covenant between us forever.

Collapsing upon her I am unable to move for a time, during which my mind drifts into a liminal peace. My consciousness consists solely of the cicada’s whooping chorus which enthralls us in the hot night. As my breath returns to me so does thought, and I remember that we are lying amongst the trees, tangled in the creepers and tall grass, rolling in bits of broken glass from my demolished car. I become aware of Gwyneth’s little choked sobs and realize I am smothering her. I pull out of her and roll over. The lights flit mischievously over me, speaking to me in a language I have long forgotten. I try to remember something important, something vital, and I do for a moment as understanding flashes across my consciousness, before the cicadas’ susurrations drown me in their oblivion.

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The Degrading of Patricia Ch. 12

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The Degrading of Patricia — ch 12

“I love you so much!” Patricia said as she threw her arms around her son’s neck, crushing her bare breasts against his chest before he had a chance to close the door behind him. Johnny slammed the door behind him and wrapped her arms around his mom’s body, lifting her off the floor.

“I love you too.” He said almost laughing at her. Mother and son shared a passionate kiss before Johnny loosened his grip on her, allowing her to slide down his body. “You can show me how much you love me later.”

The horror of her last day with Larry felt like a distant memory, even though it had just been a few days before. She was starting a new life with the man who owned her body and heart. She had never felt as safe as she did at this moment. “You hungry? Can I make you some dinner?” She asked Johnny as they walked into the living room, arm in arm.

“I am hungry!” He was flying high after his encounter with Larry. He looked down at his mother’s glistening nipples. “Do you need to be milked?”

“I do baby!” Patricia replied as she squeezed his arm into her engorged breast. She had grown to love every aspect of their relationship. But the times they spent together as her son nursed from her breasts were her favorite ones. “Mama needs some relief.”

Johnny looked forward to those times as well. But he’d noticed his weight dropping as he consistently filled his belly with his mom’s milk. It was a true liquid diet. “After you make some dinner. I’ve lost enough weight just feeding on you.” He cupped one of her tits and lifted it. “I’ll have these for dessert.”

Patricia threw her arms around his neck again. “Sure I couldn’t interest you in an appetizer?” She asked with a sparkle in her eyes.

Johnny looked down between their bodies. Her breasts were like two bowling balls between them. “It’s a good whore that knows her son’s weakness.”

She smiled up at him. “This whore wants to be whatever her baby needs.”

Johnny hugged her tight. “You know what your boy needs mom.”

Patricia pushed herself free from his hug, looking up at him seductively. “Yes I do baby!” She said as she pushed him back until his legs hit the couch. He fell backwards onto the couch. She straddled his lap. Then lifted her two tits with her hands, offering them to him as a gift. “My baby needs his mama to be his whore.”

Johnny stared at her nipples as she pinched them, squeezing her milk out. He reached up with both hands and slapped her hands away. He then wrapped his hands around the sides of her tits. He rolled her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers, pinching them harder and harder. He looked up at her with the same lust she was looking at him with. “What do you need?”

Patricia knew where this was heading. She moaned with need. “You know what I need baby.”

“Tell me.” He said pinching her nipples harder.

She gasped from the stinging pain. “Baby, you know I need you to treat me like a whore.” She felt that euphoria rising in her as her own son pushed her in a way no other man had. She stared into her son’s eyes both hating and craving the way he made her feel. Reminding her she was his mom and whore at the same time.

He dug his fingers into her tit flesh. “I know you need to be treated like a whore, MOM! Now I want to hear you beg for it. Beg your son to treat you like a whore. I want to hear my mom beg me to treat her like a cheap whore.”

Patricia felt herself falling down that rabbit hole again. She wanted to resist, because she bristled against his demand as his mother, but the whore in her didn’t have the willpower. Every time she thought she couldn’t be brought any lower and humiliated, her son came up with a new way of striping her of what little bit of dignity she had left. She groaned as she humiliated herself. “Oh Johnny, your mama needs you to treat her like a whore. Please baby! Please treat me like the worthless whore I am. I’m begging you baby! Humiliate me! Degrade me!” Patricia felt the craving within her growing deeper even as she begged for it. “Oh baby! I can’t get enough of it. Please!” She began to sob softly, her emotions overpowering her. “Oh sweetie! I know I’m your mom! But you know how I need to be taken and used. I’m begging you to use me however you want.”

Johnny saw the vulnerability of the woman straddling his lap. She needed his love. But in her own perverse way, she needed her son to be the man his dad had never been for her. Instead of finding her confession of her need to be humiliated and degraded as disgusting, he found it both erotic and intimate. He felt himself torn between taking her like a whore and holding her like the vulnerable woman she was. She’d just laid bare her soul to him. He had to do both, because she needed both.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his body, filling his mouth with one of her engorged tits. Patricia wrapped her arms around his head as he nursed on her, loving the intimacy of this daily act between them. ataşehir escort Johnny drank in her sweet milk as his hands stroked up and down her back, his right hand trailing down to her ass. He smiled to himself when he heard her gasp as he played with the rosebud of her ass.

“Oh fuck baby!” Patricia moaned softly. She began to squirm as the sensations in her body collided. “UGH!” She grunted when she felt him shove his middle finger in her ass. Her body shuddered as he slowly inserted it. She squeezed his head as tight as she could as her body exploded with new sensations. She began to whimper. “I am such a whore for you baby! Please don’t stop loving me! Please!”

Johnny reached for the back of her head with his other hand and pulled her back, pulling his mouth off her breast. Mother and son looked at each other in a way most would see as perverse. The love and lust Patricia felt towards her son at that moment was deeper than anything she’d ever felt before. “You never have to beg for that mom.” Johnny said to her tenderly. Then he smiled. “But everything else . . . you’re going to have to beg like the cheap whore you are for it.”

Patricia pulled his head back into her chest to nurse on her other breast as she smiled. This was all she ever wanted from a man. The man she was finally receiving it from was her son. She watched him suckle on her breast as she cradled his head. “I belong to you baby!” She whispered softly. “For as long as you want me.”

Johnny pulled his mouth off her breast long enough to say, “For the rest of your life.” Then returned to her breast.

She cradled his head again. The depth of love she had for her son was beyond anything she could have ever imagined. She began trying to think of ways to please him and make him happy. Then her mind drifted toward all the obstacles they would face as mother and son. The looks they would get from people. The condemnation. The ostracism. The jokes. She was brought back to reality when her son pulled his mouth off her tit again.

“Get up.” He said as he looked at her. Patricia gave him a pouting look as she slowly stood from straddling his lap. He stood and quickly undressed.

Patricia couldn’t resist the chance to tease him. “I thought you were hungry.” She said smiling.

He returned her grin. “I am. Hungry to hear you beg more.” He laid down on the couch, his cock rock hard. “Straddle that.”

Patricia became giddy as she straddled his cock, thinking she was going for a ride. She lowered herself till her dripping pussy was directly above his cock. She grabbed it gently and began to guide it into her.

“That’s low enough.” Johnny said with one arm tucked behind his head watching the show with a grin on his face.

Patricia’s head shot up as she moaned in disappointment. “Don’t make me wait baby. Don’t tease me!” She was almost pleading.

He couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m not going to tease you mom.” He enjoyed keeping her mindful of every role she played. He knew it stroked that need for humiliation in her. “You’re going to tease yourself. Now take my cock and rub the head on your clit and lips.”

Patricia obeyed as she plead with him. “Oh baby! Why are you doing this to me?” She knew why, and she loved it. She stroked the head of his cock over her swollen clit, back and forth, till she was on the verge of cumming. “I’m going to cum baby. I’m going to cum.”

“Stop now!” He almost shouted. Patricia stopped. Her body hovering over his manhood. She began to shake from the tension in her muscles holding her over his body. She looked at him. The need on her face almost made Johnny laugh. “I think my mom is the horniest slut there’s ever been.” He reached up and slapped her tit. “I know you need to cum mom. But the problem is, I don’t think you need it bad enough yet.”

“Ooohhh, but I do baby. I need it so bad. You have no idea what you do to me. The need you’ve created in me.” He could feel her body trembling as she plead her case. “Please baby! Give it to me.”

“Hold still and be quiet.” He told her. Patricia held herself, suspended over his body, for almost five minutes before Johnny gave her permission to move again. “OK. Start rubbing again.”

Patricia looked down the valley between her tits at his throbbing cock. The head was smeared with his pre-cum and her juices. She guided it between her legs again and began to stroke her clit again. Her clit was so sensitive it didn’t take but a couple minutes before she was panting again that she was going to cum. Once again, he made her quit and hold still, till her excitement had passed. He made her repeat this process six times.

Patricia was almost in tears. The emotions mingling with the overwhelming sexual need for release. “Please baby! Please! I can’t take anymore! Your mama is a whore that needs her baby’s cock inside her.” She leaned on his chest with one hand to steady herself. “Please baby! I’m begging you.” Then her voice changed as though she were possessed. She looked kadıköy escort at him with pure lust in her eyes. “Please baby. Make your mama your whore. Fuck me like the whore I am.”

Johnny just smiled. “OK! Time for my whore to take a ride.”

Patricia dropped onto his ten inches of manhood with one movement. She was so turned on, she needed it hard and deep. Her head dropped back as she let out a shriek. Then she looked down at her son. “Fuck me baby! Fuck your whore!”

“No! You want it whore? Work for it! Ride that cock!”

Patricia sat straight up trying to get as much of his cock inside her as she could and began a frenzied humping of his shaft. Johnny laid there enjoying the show. HIs mom’s hair thrashing back and forth, her tits bouncing up and down, the whole time grunting and squealing. Every few humps he’d slap a tit and taunt her. “Ride it bitch! My mother is a fucking whore!”

Patricia screamed as her orgasm slammed into her, then began grunting with every thrust of her pelvis down on his cock. Within seconds he felt his cock being showered in her juices. The sloshing noise of her pussy riding his cock filled the living room.

Johnny tried to hold off as long as he could, but the sensations of her pussy squeezing and milking his cock, coupled with the eroticism of watching his mom give herself over to her wanton desires was just too much. He lifted her off the couch as he bucked his pelvis up, matching her humping. In the frenzy of their two bodies slamming together he reached up with both hands and squeezed her tits, digging his fingers into her flesh like they were two huge lumps of dough.

What little bit of self-control Patricia had left was completely lost when she felt her son filling her womb with his seed. “Fuck me baby! Fuck your whore!” She squealed, almost in tears from the intensity of the moment. Her body was shaking as she leaned into his hands. The pain of his fingers digging into her tit flesh combined with the pleasure of his cock filling her sent her over the edge for a second orgasm.

Mother and son humped each other for what seemed like forever. Both became completely lost in the euphoria and eroticism of the perverse act, grunting and panting as both worked their way through their orgasms. When Johnny finally released his grip on her breasts, Patricia dropped onto his body and lay on top of him. Both their bodies glistened with sweat. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight as the lovers panted, slowly bringing their breathing under control.

Patricia lay with her face buried in his neck, breathing in his smell. She had always loved the smell of a man. Knowing this smell belonged to her son only made it that much more intoxicating. She began to kiss his neck softly as he ran his fingers up and down her spine, exploring the crack in her ass with every downward stroke. She found herself becoming aroused again, feeling his hard manhood still inside her. ‘Oh I do love the virility of youth.’ She thought to herself.

Johnny rolled his mom off his body, to the side, pinning her between his body and the back of the couch. The lovers held each other, enjoying the intimacy and feel of the other’s body. Each sighed and smiled, their hands fondling and caressing the other. “Now I am hungry.” Johnny mumbled, his face inches from his mom’s.

“Mmmm.” Patricia purred. “Me too!” She smiled. “Want to go again?”

Johnny lay there amazed at his mom’s sexual appetite. “Your appetite is insatiable.”

“It is baby. I can’t help it. It’s not helping with your cock still buried inside me.” She added teasingly. Patricia could go all day with her son. She leaned forward and kissed him, running her fingers through his hair. She pulled back after breaking the kiss.

“We’ll do another round later.” He shoved his hand between them and fondled her tit with the back of it. His hand was soaked in her milk within seconds. “Let me remind you. You’re my whore. I’ll shove my cock anywhere I want in you and leave it there for as long as I want.” As much as he wanted to fuck her again, they were starting a new life together and wanted to remind her of her role. They might have been mother and son biologically. But he was going to keep her as his personal whore. He was going to use her love and appetite for him to keep her compliant and under his control. He knew how this would make him look to the outsider looking in on their relationship. He really didn’t care what they thought. This woman had failed him as a mother. Now she was going to serve him as his whore. “Your role as mom and whore go hand-in-hand.” He felt that rush coming over him again as he exercised his dominance over her. He watched her countenance change as he reminded her what she was. “You belong to me now. Completely! You’ll do as I say from now on! Understand?”

“Yes baby!” Patricia responded as she felt her own arousal climbing again. Her son knew how to take control of her and exploit her mind and body for his pleasure. That’s bostancı escort bayan all she ever wanted in a man.

“I know you love this place. But we need to make some changes. Between the two of us, we have enough money to make a new start. With what you’ve got in equity from this place, plus what I have invested from what granddad left me when he died, we’ll be alright. I’m going to start looking for a new place. You get this place listed. With the market the way it is right now, I’m guessing this place will sell fast.”

Patricia listened quietly as he laid out his plan for them. She still didn’t like the idea of giving up her condo. She was glad to end that chapter in her life and begin a new one with her son. But this was her first place she could call her own. Even though she knew what it had cost her. Her excitement grew as she thought about what life would be like with her son.

“Any questions?” He asked.

“No baby. I understand everything you’re doing and why. As much as I love this place, I’ll be glad to put what it reminds me of behind me.” She leaned into him and kissed him passionately. “I’m so excited for what the future holds for us baby.”

He looked at her wondering how he was going to keep that need in her both fed and craving more. He knew it was going to be an ongoing challenge. “Me too!” He slapped her ass as he shoved his cock inside her. Patricia moaned as she felt his cock filling her. “You like the feel of this inside you?”

“You know I do baby.” She moaned. “You know I do.”

“Tell me what you’ll do to get it.” He felt her body shake slightly as he slowly withdrew it, then shoved it in again. This was a sensation he would never tire of. “Tell your son what you’ll do so you can service his cock like the dirty whore you are.” As his mom lay next to him, her body and mind responding to the control he was exercising over her, he realized he was beginning to crave it as much as she was. He wasn’t just meeting a need in her anymore. He felt the need to dominate and control her deepening in his own psyche. He had been trying to maintain a balance in his own mind how he saw and related to this woman lying next to him. He was a fool to think he could see her as both his mom and his whore. His desire for her as his personal whore to serve him as he wanted was slowly taking over. He knew every time his conscience kicked in, convicting him of the perversity of their relationship, all he had to do was look at her. She was a voluptuous woman that he wanted in every perverse way he could think of.

Patricia knew this was a wrestling match they would be playing out time and time again. Their relationship would never again be a typical mother/son relationship. That ship had sailed. But every time she reached for it, her son pulled the carpet out from under her, forcing her to face the reality of how he saw her. The sadness of losing her son was overtaken by the excitement of gaining him as a lover. “I’ll do anything you want baby.” She kissed him passionately. “I’ll service your cock anyway you want me to. I’m just a whore for you baby.”

“I know you are.” He thought of a new way to humiliate her. “Get dressed. We’re going out to eat. I’ve got a taste for Chinese.” He pulled his cock out of her body and rolled off the couch. “Wear the sluttiest dress you’ve got. It’ll be fun putting you on display.”

Patricia’s pulse quickened as she slipped on the sleaziest dress she had. A black glitter mini dress with a neckline that plunged almost to her belly. It had no back. Two pieces of cloth draped over her tits held up by a gold chain around her neck. Her tits more exposed than what was covered. She already felt self-conscious just wearing it in the bedroom as she looked at herself in the mirror. Larry had purchased it for her shortly after he’d taken control of her. She’d only worn it twice before. Both times when he took her to a party. He liked showing her off in public too. She put on her four-inch black heels to compliment the dress, then walked out to the living room for Johnny’s inspection.

“Damn!” Was all he could think of when he looked up at her. Her tits were so exposed, it looked like they were trying to escape what little bit of cloth covered them. The hem of the skirt came half-way up her thighs, hugging her hips and accentuating her ass. “You do look good.” He complimented her as he stood.

In spite of her self-consciousness, Patricia smiled at the compliment. “Thank you.”

He stood in front of her eyeing her from head to foot. “Turn around.”

She turned slowly. “I feel like a piece of meat.” She giggled.

“You are. Get used to it.” When she was facing him again he reached up with both hands and caressed the sides of her tits. Then he slipped his hands inside the cloth covering them and caressed her nipples with the back of his fingers. Patricia gasped at his soft touch. “Now for one more reminder.” He pulled a leather dog collar out of his pocket and clasped it around her neck. It had two D rings on it. “I know this detracts from the beauty of the dress. But it does speak to what you are. A bitch in heat.” He got a serious look on his face. “Be a good whore for me while we’re out and I’ll leave the leash in the car. Otherwise . . . “

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Peggy’s Real Life Confessions Ch. 02

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Writing a narrative about one’s personal adventures and posting them on a website for the world to see and read certainly takes a bit of courage, I’ll have to say. But, the resulting e-mails and the very heated responses have certainly made it worthwhile.

As mentioned in my posting here, I am a very married working mom of 47. My husband is now 70, and as a result of age, his interests have turned from sex to those of work and golf. Although he was a wonderful sex partner during the early years of our marriage, I found my sexual drive and interests have increased since age 40, just as his have decreased. This true confession deals with a real life sexual event that took place right after we were first married.

I landed a job as a flight attendant a few years after we were married. The job offered an extra income around the house, one that was not only needed, but most welcome back in those days. It was in my flight attendant career that I discovered my absolute delight with girl-girl sex, as living and working together on the four and five day airline trips, and rooming two to a hotel room didn’t give one much privacy. But, that is another story for a future real life confession or two.

One day early in my flight attendant career, as I arrived in Miami and had only a few minute to run and get something to eat, and then make my way down to the next out-bound gate. I knew my husband was coming to the airport to pickup a client from South America, and thought perhaps I would have a few minute to meet him, get a kiss, and before leaving on my outbound trip.

As luck would have it, we were a bit late arriving, and there was no time to grab a quick sandwich before we were to be at the outbound gate, ready to board the next flight.

Running down the concourse, I saw my husband in the distance, already in the airport and with his new South American client. We were too far apart to talk or even yell a greeting at each other in passing. He waved and I waved back, and was quickly down the jetway and on my next flight.

This is where the situation for this confession starts. As I waved, the man from South America, who did not know me and who did not have a clue that my husband and I were married, must have been impressed with me. He turns to my husband and says, “These American women are so pretty and sexy! I’d give a thousand dollars for a piece of that!” My husband, not wanting to make the new customer at all uncomfortable, smiled and made no comment about me being his wife.

Several days later, once I had finished my trip and returned home, my husband and I were talking while making love. In a joking comment, he told me about the customer’s comment of wanting to pay a thousand dollars for a piece of me. We talked a bit further, and as the conversation progressed, it became quite obvious that just the thought of me fucking another man was very much of a turn on for us both. And, too, once we were finished fucking, the subject did not go away.

As we sat at the breakfast table the next morning, I looked at my husband and said, “You know, this “other man” thing is obviously turning us both on, and you and I both know we could use the money. Do you want me to do it?”

“What? Fuck this guy for a thousand bucks?”

“Yes… “, I replied. “He is good looking!” Then, I laughed.

My husband didn’t say much more that morning, but I knew it was on his mind all day. It was on mine too. When he arrived home that night, he no sooner had hit the door and we were fucking like minks, and again talking about the “fantasy” of me actually doing it. Later, as we were having dinner, he turned and looked at me, and said, “Would you really do it?”

“Yes, if you wanted me to, I would. Does that surprise you?”, I responded.

With that response, he surprised me by saying, “He’ll be back in town this Thursday, to, hopefully wrap up this contract. ataşehir escort You’re off Thursday night. I’ll set it up. If he wants you all night, are you game? Can you do this without any damage to us or our relationship? After all, you are my wife.”

I replied, “He must never know we are married. Is that going to be a problem down the road?”

“I don’t think so.” he responded.

During the next couple of days, we nearly ate each other alive we were so turned-on over having a real life fantasy come to life. During the week, my husband went with me to buy a really sexy nighty and some really exciting undies and a very sexy dress. I was ready. I was no virgin and certainly not an innocent wife by any means. Before we were married, I had been with several men and loved each and every experience. But, the thought of being a “whore for the night” and having to do everything and anything this man wanted, well… it was something that sent cold chills all over me. I would not have the option of saying, “No…stop!” if I took this to his hotel room, and we both knew it.

On Tuesday, the man called and confirmed his arrival. My husband told him that he would pick him up at the airport. They would go to the sales meeting, and then my husband would drop him off for the night at one of the Miami Beach hotels before he headed back to South America the next morning. All went well at the meeting, and my husband landed the contract in question.

On the way to the hotel, my husband told the man that he had arranged for a visitor to come by his room around 8PM, and mentioned that it was the “stewardess” that they had seen in the airport that afternoon. He told the client that he had met me on a quick business flight a week after their initial meeting, and when I commented about remembering them both from the concourse wave, he had jokingly responded about the “I’d give a thousand dollars for a piece of that…”, comment.

My husband then added, “I don’t know if she’ll fuck you for a thousand dollars, but I have paid her a hundred just to come by and have dinner with you. You are on your own after that.”

They laughed and soon my husband let the man out at his hotel, wishing him a good journey back to his country in the morning, and jokingly wishing him well for the evening ahead. The man smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will, and thank you for the introduction to such a beautiful American lady!”

When my husband arrived home, it was close to 7PM and I was still fussing with my hair. Nothing was going right, and I had then become beside-myself with anxiety over what I might be doing over the next few hours.

I drove over to the beach, had the valet park my car, and with feelings that everybody was looking at me, made my way up to room 13072. Yes, I still remember the room number. I didn’t need to look at the note my husband had given me again.

As I knocked on the door, I suddenly had a huge panic attack, and wondered if I could still run before the door opened. My legs were actually shaking as he opened the door and said, “Come in…”

As I walked into the room, the bed was already turned back. There was a bottle of something on the dresser with some ice in the bucket. “Pour us both something.”, he said in a rather direct manner. “You are even more beautiful than I remembered. This is going to be a very nice evening. Undress. Tell me your name while you’re taking your clothes off.”

I was rather taken back by his directness. But, obviously too, I realized I wasn’t there for romance. I was a piece of flesh that he, hopefully, was going to pay for, and that I would have to produce for him during the next few hours! I answered, “I’m Peggy.”

As I started to undress, I turned by back to him. “No… Peggy, turn this way. I want to watch you.”, he commented. There was something about this man that haunted me, yet excited kadıköy escort me beyond words. But, as you ladies can imagine, just undressing in front of a total stranger can leave your mind whirling and your body wondering about what is coming next.

“Forget the bottle and getting a little drunk”, I thought as I slipped my dress off and stood there briefly in just my bra, panties, and garter belt, hose, and heels.

He was a big man. I would venture to say maybe 6’3″ or better. He did have a nice build, and really wasn’t all that bad looking. He watched closely as I slipped down my sheer white bikini panties, and then unhooked my bra. He commented, “Why do women leave their bra til last? You have nice tits and I can’t wait to see them, my dear. I also love your ass! It’s exceptional, my dear! Is it fuckable?”

Once I was down to just my garter belt, heels and hose, he motioned me to come over to him. Performing my most sexual walk in my 5″ heels, I crossed the room, truly feeling like a piece of meat, ready to be eaten. His hands reached out and cupped my breasts as his eyes focused on the bush covering my pussy. My heart was racing.

“You are everything I knew you would be!”, he said as his hands explored by body. Then… as his hands reached down and grabbed mine, he pulled me close to him and kissed me. I could feel his cock pressing against my pubic area as he pulled me closer.

“What do we have here, Mrs Peggy????” He reached down and pulled my left hand up to where he could see it! I felt a panic attack seize my mind and body as I suddenly realized I was still wearing my wedding rings! I had meant to take them off, but had just forgotten! Then, as he wrapped his arms around me, my hands still captives of his large hands, he looked into my eyes and said, “Is the man I came here to business with your husband?”

I nodded my head, “Yes…”, wondering what was going to happen next! Was he going to pat me on the fanny and send me home?

“Call your husband, Peggy, and tell him that you are going to be here all night, and for him not to worry, I’m going to send you home very well fucked, my dear.”

“He hasn’t had time to get home yet.”, I replied.

“Even better… call him and leave a message. Don’t let on that I know you are his wife. Just tell him that I want you all night, and you didn’t want him to worry, then hang up.”

I did as he asked.

“Put your dress on. We’re going to go have some dinner. Leave your bra and panties off. You are worth every penny of the thousand dollars, my sweet, but you are going to have to earn every penny of it, and we’re both going to enjoy every minute of it.”

Before I could start dressing, he walked over to me and kissed me again. It was a long, wet kiss, and as he slipped his tongue in my mouth, his hands explored every inch of my fanny, and all in between. I jumped a mile as his fingers caressed my most private spot of all. Having a perfect stranger undress me, then kiss me as I stand there almost nude is one thing, but having him hold me in his arms and slip a finger between my cheeks and touch my asshole really caught me off guard!

He held me really tight. I couldn’t move. My arms held him too. After all, what was I going to do with them? To drop them to my side wasn’t something I was use to.

As he continued to kiss me, his finger slipped down to the juices of my pussy, and yes, I was very wet. Don’t ask me why. I was scared to death about what was coming, and yet somewhere in my subconscious, I was very turned on by what was happening.

Then, as the kiss continued, he again slipped his hands over my cheeks, and before I could blink, his finger, now wet with my pussy juice, slipped again to my asshole and pressed inside. At this point in my life, I had never had anal sex. During masturbation, I had open touched myself there, but never to the point of penetration! bostancı escort bayan It was a new feeling. Although I was feeling somewhat violated by the presents of a strange man’s finger in my anus, I was very turned-on by what was happening too!

I could also feel his cock as it was growing larger and larger. In a reactive motion, my arm dropped to my side and without thinking I was caressing his firmness through his pants. When I realized what I was doing, it startled me! I couldn’t believe what I was doing.

He kissed me even harder, then with a muffled speech, he said, “Take it out.”

I did… it took a minute, but I did get it out. He was longer and thicker than my husband. My husband is probably five inches at best, when he is hard. I had been with enough men to know the hardening cock that I had in my hands was thicker and longer than any I had touched. Although I know there is no real relation between a man’s size, height and build, and his cock size, I was now very turned on by the enormous cock that was now filling my hand!

He pushed me back a bit and guided me to my knees! Oh my, was I going to have to suck him? The answer quickly came as he guided my head to where my mouth was at the tip of his cock. I reached up and held him in both hands! I couldn’t believe it! I was holding this man’s cock in both of my hands, and his length was so extensive that there was cock left over! As I tried to take him in my mouth, it stretched my mouth to the maximum to just get the head and an inch in my mouth! I thought I was going to gag as he pushed into my mouth, guiding his cock further and further into my mouth!

Clearly, he was getting very turned on. All I could think about was the massive size of his cock and how he was truly about to make me strangle if he pushed in any more! I knew if he were to cum in my mouth, I would probably not be able to handle it!

This went on for a few minutes and then he stopped. I could hardly move my mouth. He had been a mouth full, to say the least! “Stand up and turn around.”, he instructed. With that, he pushed me towards the bed, and then said, “Stand up, Peggy. Put your arms on the bed and spread your legs!”

Oh oh… I knew what was coming next! With one adjustment between his position and mine, I felt the large head of his cock pressing against my pussy. Then, he pushed full length between my pussy lips and deep in my cunt! He was huge! I never dreamed I could take him, just his thickness, much less his length! But, he felt good, I’ll also openly admit! He fucked me maybe twenty strokes, full in and full out, and when he was fully in, I could feel the heat from his full, massive balls slapping against my bare fanny! This clearly wasn’t romance. It was sex and I was being fucked!

On one outward stroke, I felt him slip out of my pussy and between the cheeks of my very bare and totally exposed fanny. He had come close to doing this in the earlier strokes, but NOW, he was OUT and BETWEEN my cheeks. I remember thinking, “He’ll slip right back in…” Wrong!

He pressed the head of this monstrous cock against my undefiled asshole. I was starting to panic, as I knew he would split me open if he tried to fuck me there! Then, as he learned over me, he whispered in my ear, “You’re about to earn that thousand dollars, my dear!” And, with that, and the pain that quickly followed, he pushed past my tightness and into my ass! Without concern for my feelings or how much he was hurting me, he proceeded to fuck my ass like there was no tomorrow. All I could do was submit and hope that he would cum quickly and all of this would be over! It seemed to last forever! His cock felt more massive with every stroke! Thank goodness, I was lubricated somewhat from the pussy juice that covered his cock and all in between my cheeks! When he came, I again thought I would explode! His cum was massive and filled my ass with a warmth I had never known!

As soon as he finished, he pressed me to the bed and kissed my neck, saying, “You have great ass, Mrs. Peggy! I’ll have more of you, my thousand dollar whore, when we get back from dinner!”

To be continued…

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Absolute Devotion Ch. 08

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It was a moment of truth. I took a deep breath and walked purposefully down the hallway to the bathroom. Shirtless and focused, I came up on Ray, who was still talking through the door to Jimmy. All the evidence available told me Jimmy was still crying and babbling. He was apparently convinced he was gay. This had somehow been brought on by his belief that he had gotten very turned on when Ray was about to take his pants off.

“You need to leave,” I told Ray.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Ray told me as he turned to face me. “I haven’t fucked your girlfriend yet.”

“And you’re not going to,” I told him calmly. “Get the fuck out of my apartment. I’ll deal with Jimmy. He’s my friend and I know how to talk to him.”

“No,” spat Ray. “Now fuck off so I can talk to Jimmy.”

I pushed Ray up against the wall. He pushed me back hard enough to send me sprawling into the laundry room. Luckily, I landed on a pile of sheets I hadn’t yet gotten around to washing, and was able to hop back up on my feet with relative ease.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” I said, gritting my teeth.

I pulled my right arm back, almost dislocating my shoulder in the process, let out a bloodcurdling yell, and punched Ray in the face as hard as I could.

“Fuck, dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?” he yelled as he fell back against the wall, blood pouring out of his nose.

“I asked you nicely to get out of my apartment. The party is over and you are no longer wanted here.”

“I brought pizza,” he said.

“Yeah, and no one actually ate any of it. Take your stupid cheese slides off the slice too easily pizza and GET OUT!”

Muttering obscenities, Ray stood up and started walking back to the living room. He looked at Erica, still naked on the couch. She stretched out her arm and pointed towards the door while glaring at him.

“This shit is fucked up,” he said. “I’m done with you weird ass fucking people.”

“Good,” I said with my strongest tone of voice. “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

“My hero,” Erica said with a smile as she looked at me.

“One down, one to go,” I said after Ray walked out and slammed the door hard behind him.

I walked back to the bathroom door and knocked on it.

“Who is it?” replied Jimmy’s voice.

“It’s Keith. Are you okay in there?”

“I think I’m gay, man. I can’t deal with that shit.”

“Well, you need to go try to deal with it somewhere else. I think you’re just freaking out and if you go home and go to sleep you will wake up tomorrow morning and realize you just had some kind of panic attack because you’re homophobic. Now, open the door before I kick it down and have to send you the bill for the time and materials it will take to repair it.”

Jimmy was silent for a minute or two. I waited patiently, hoping he would do the right thing, and slowly the doorknob began to turn. The door popped open and Jimmy gradually pulled it open.

“You don’t think I’m gay?” Jimmy asked.

“First of all, it isn’t that big of a deal if you are. So what if you’re gay. Second of all, I know I’m your best friend, but I really need you to leave so Erica and I can deal with some shit of our own.”

“You’re being like weirdly assertive, man. Are you on drugs?”

“No, I’m not on drugs. Now, please collect your shit and leave. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“I don’t want to be gay,” Jimmy cried. “I’m not attracted to men.”

“Are you even aware of what being gay means?” I sighed. “Just go home, please.”

Jimmy nodded quietly and walked out to the living room. He collected his belongings and slowly walked out to the door. He opened it, looked out, and then turned around.

“Um, I came with Ray and he’s gone.”

“Well, he couldn’t have gotten far. Call him on your cell phone or get a cab or something,” I told him as I pushed him out the door, closed it behind him, then locked it and set the deadbolt.

“Wow,” Erica said. Her eyes had lit up and she was smiling at me in a way she’d never smiled at me before. “You can do things when you’re properly motived, can’t you?”

“I didn’t want you to be unhappy,” I told her as I looked down at the floor. “They were making you unhappy, so they had to leave.”

“Is your hand okay?” she asked as she got up, still completely naked, and cautiously took my right hand in her hands. “It is swelling up big time, and two of your fingers look all twisted. I think you broke your hand.”

I looked down at it, felt woozy, and passed out.

When I came to in the emergency room, a man who didn’t appear to be an employee of the hospital was hovering over me, leaning over my hospital bed, his face no more than three feet away from mine.

“Hello! I’m glad you’re awake! You broke two fingers in your hand and your wrist and we’re going to have to take you in for surgery!”

“Get out of the way, Linus,” someone else’s voice said. A man in a lab coat with a stethoscope around his neck appeared. Behind him, two men in scrubs were grabbing the arms ataşehir escort of the man who had been hovering over me and forcefully leading him out of the room.

“Are you the doctor?” I asked.

“Yes, I am. Sorry about Linus, he gets out of the psych ward a little too often for my tastes. Now, he was right, you did break two fingers and your wrist. We’ll have you patched up in no time.”

After they brought me into another room and set my broken bones and gave me copious amounts of prescription painkillers, they put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me out to the waiting area where Erica was flirting with a male nurse. She was dressed relatively conservatively, with sweatpants and a sweatshirt and sneakers, but she exchanged phone numbers with the male nurse regardless.

“Hey!” she said when she saw me. “You lived!”

I held up the cast on my right hand and shrugged. “They put me back together.”

“My hero,” she said as she stood up and kissed me on the forehead, making me blush. “How about we celebrate on the way home? Maybe stop for ice cream… or something else?”


We got into Erica’s car and started back towards the apartment.

“So, not too much pain?”

“They gave me a big bottle of painkillers,” I told her. “Were you flirting with that nurse?”

“Freddy? Is that any of your business, monkey boy?”

I started stuttering my response. “I… didn’t mean… um… I didn’t…”

She reached over and put her hand on my knee and gently patted it. “It’s okay, sweetie, it’s good to know you care. I actually was talking to him about a group I used to belong to. I met Freddy there a couple of years ago. He’s still part of the group and was trying to convince me to come back.”

“What kind of group? A rock group? Are you like Stevie Nicks or something?”

She laughed. “No, not that kind of group; this was a sex addicts anonymous group. I was in it for about a month at the urging of my then boyfriend Gil. He thought I was a nymphomaniac for some reason and, well, as you can see, Gil and I are no longer together.”

“Maybe it would… you know… help?”

“Help with what?”

“Maybe you are… you know… a sex addict.”

“Excuse me? The sick little monkey who jacks off thinking about my feet ten times a day thinks I’m a sex addict? Are you serious?”

“I didn’t mean… well, I just meant, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to…”

Erica pulled the car over and stopped by the side of the road. It wasn’t a very busy street. An occasional car drove by but it was late and there was very little traffic. She told me to get out of the car.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say…”

“Shut up and get out of the car,” she said sternly.

I swallowed hard and got out of the car, trying not to bang my cast in the process. I was stuttering and shaking, not knowing what was going on and afraid she was going to leave me by the side of the road and I’d never see her again.

She got out of the car as well and stood by the driver’s side door after closing it. I closed the passenger side door and looked over at her with trepidation in my eyes.

“Come around this side,” she said.

I walked around the front of the car, paused as a car went by, and slowly walked towards her. She was standing there glaring at me, and then put on a pair of dark sunglasses, pulled up the hood of her sweatshirt and pointed down at the ground by her feet.

Her right sneaker was off and her foot was bare. She had her heel off the ground and her toes firmly pressed against the concrete. The street lights gave a dim, almost movie theatre quality to the scene, and in that lighting her high arch looked like the divine gateway to heaven.

I needed no further encouragement. I got down on my knees, put the heel of my left hand on the ground for support, and tried my best not to lose balance on account of the cast on my right hand.

“Start kissing,” she told me with a sigh.

My trembling lips found the side of her heel. As I kissed a trail from one side of her heel around the back and to the other side, I could see and taste every line, every crease. Her foot glistened under the streetlights, and when I found her arch I moaned. The flesh inside her beautiful high arch was so soft, so much softer than any other part of her foot, and I ravaged it with my lips and tongue, hoping she would appreciate my efforts. An occasional car drove by, and sometimes they slowed down as they passed, but I tried not to pay them any mind.

My erection was rubbing against the inside of my pants, making me wonder what had happened to the underwear I had been wearing earlier. The friction from the head of my stiff cock rubbing rhythmically against the fabric of my pants was making me moan almost as much as the overwhelming sensations that shook my body any time I made love to Erica’s feet with my mouth.

My orgasm ran up on me quickly, and once I knew there was nothing I could do to stop it, that it was going to erupt, I began feverously licking kadıköy escort the bottom of Erica’s foot. I began as low as I could get before my face hit the concrete of the roadway, along her arch, over her heel, around her heel again, and then down along the outer edge, over the top of her foot and then back down along her arch from a new direction.

I moaned very loudly and my body shook. With my right hand in a cast I had to try to grab onto Erica’s leg for support. I moaned, I whined, I panted and when I caught my breath I found my hand sliding down her leg, trying to grab onto the sweatpants she was wearing, but I slid haplessly all the way back down to her foot.

She slipped her right foot back into the sneaker and then pulled of her left sneaker and stood up on her toes like she was wearing six inch heels.

“Show this foot the same kind of love you showed the other one,” she said.

I started over again with her left foot the same way I had with the right. Kissing my way around her heel from one side to the other, tracing the lines and the creases in her skin behind her heel, trying to show my love for every beautiful detail before making my way down to her arch and lapping feverously at it, my body shuddering and my erection again brushing back and forth uncontrollably against the fabric of my pants.

“I love your feet so much, Miss Erica,” I breathed out between long licks of her soft and smooth arch. I then moved across the bottom of her foot before losing my balance and falling on my side. She lifted her foot up from the ground and over my face. I turned as it hovered in the air above me, her long and succulent toes right over my hungry lips.

I started to lick each of her toes in slow, deliberate succession. My breathing was once again deep and fast. I tried to ignore the sound of my own panting, my very audible moans, as I moved towards her big toe. I admired, as I always did, her beautiful toenails, always manicured so perfectly. They were a light pink color now, and as her big toe slid into my mouth I ran my tongue around it, trying to pull her toe deeper into my mouth.

I sucked back and forth on her toe, my eyes open wide as I looked up and admired the full length of her foot, from the base of her toes all the way up to her ankles. They were pronounced, like tiny handles for the most beautiful foot in all creation, but neither swollen nor bony, just somewhere between that made them a work of art in and of themselves.

I came again, trembling and crying, knowing that my time with her feet was over, at least for the night. I closed my eyes and dreamed of the night I would have this opportunity again to make love to her beautiful feet.

She slid her foot back into her sneaker and then crouched down to offer me her hand. She helped me to get up on my feet and then opened the driver’s side door.

“That was my way of thanking you for standing up for me tonight,” she told me as I staggered and stumbled over to the other side of the car. “Now, if you are interested in joining the sex addict recovery group, I’ll give you Freddy’s number.”

“I’m very happy, Miss Erica,” I told her as I opened the passenger side door. “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Good. I had a feeling you’d say that.”

We drove back to the apartment. It was almost three o’clock in the morning and I was extremely tired. I’d already gone one night with barely any sleep and I was about to have another night with little rest.

“Goodnight, my love,” she said with a smile before walking into her bedroom and closing the door.

I put on clean pajamas and jumped into bed. I was happy to get four hours sleep before I needed to get up and prepare for work. After a quick shower and a bowl of Lucky Charms, which truly are magically delicious, I got into my car and went to work.

Because it was difficult for me to shred documents with two broken fingers and a fractured wrist, not to mention the bulky cast I had to wear, the company hired a temp to assist me in my work.

Cat was young, in her early twenties, and when I met her I was unable to understand, for the first time, what people meant by “bright eyed and bushy tailed.” She was that. She came to my little room with the paper shredder full of excitement and energy. She had big brown eyes like a rabbit, hopped around excitedly, and thanked me for trusting her to do mundane tasks like cleaning the top of the paper shredder with a commercial grade cleaning product.

She would have been a model employee, if perhaps a bit too hyperactive, except for the truly strange thing about her. She was wearing pants, casual type women’s business pants, and they had some kind of fluffy white bunny tail attached to the back of them.

From what I could tell, this bunny tail wasn’t part of her anatomy. It had been glued, or sewn onto her pants for some purpose I could not ascertain. It was hypnotic, and although I made every effort not to stare, it was at times very hard not to.

Just before lunch she very casually bostancı escort bayan said, “You want to know about my tail, don’t you?”

I had to be careful with my answer, because the wrong combination of words used in a response to her question could lead me down the road to an affair. The tail was intriguing and I couldn’t help wanting to know more about it.

“It is not something I have seen before,” I told her. “There isn’t anything wrong with that, and I am fully aware that curiosity has killed many cats, but I would like to know more if you are willing to share.”

“Well, I have a really nice ass, which I’m sure you’ve realized, and I like to give people an excuse to stare at it. And I like that I’m never really sure if men are looking at my ass or my bunny tail. It is like a little riddle every time.”

“I don’t think that qualifies as a ‘riddle,’ and I am sure they are usually looking at your tail. Your ass really isn’t that nice.”

“Wow. Seriously?”

“Maybe it would be nicer if you didn’t have that bushy white bunny tail, because that distracts people from noticing anything else about your ass. It is hard for me to say, but I shouldn’t be looking anyway. I have a girlfriend.”

“Do you ever cheat on her?”


“You know, just something she never finds out about and stays a nasty little secret forever?”

“No. That kind of thing leads to pizza parties and people questioning their sexual orientation. Secrets never stay secret. The mayonnaise always leaks out of the sandwich.”

“I never knew that,” Cat said, looking bewildered.

“Know what?”

“I never knew… about anything you said there. Cheating leads to pizza parties and questioning your sexual orientation? Wow, dude.”

“They don’t lead to me questioning my sexual orientation. They lead to other people questioning their sexual orientation,” I said in order to clarify.

“So, you’ve never questioned your sexual orientation?”

“Someone tried to fix me up with a man once at a dinner party. It wasn’t much of a dinner party, just an excuse to introduce me to this single gay man who this guy and his girlfriend wanted me to meet. I ended up stealing the guy’s girlfriend, the one who owned the house the dinner party was at, and the guy went out for drinks with his gay friend.”

“Wow… um, that is, um, interesting…”

“So, I’m not gay, otherwise I would have left the dinner party with the gay man and not the host’s girlfriend. Although, to be honest, the gay guy was kind of a jerk, so even if I was gay I don’t think I would have been interested in him.”

“So, what happened when you stole this guy’s girlfriend away? How did that turn out?”

“We live together now and we’re very happy.”

“So, you were getting set up on a date with a man by this couple. You went over to their house for dinner and instead of hitting it off with the guy, you hooked up with the guy’s wife?”

“They weren’t married. They weren’t even engaged. He didn’t appreciate her. He didn’t love her.”

“You don’t seem like the type of guy who would swoop in and steal a woman away like that.”

“I’m full of surprises,” I told her. “I’m sort of like this paper shredder. You put a piece of paper into it, with all kinds of sensitive information on it, the machine shreds it and keeps the little strips inside of it until it is emptied.”

“I don’t understand how you’re like that at all.”

“Erica and I connected on a different level than most people. We fulfill needs the other has in ways that aren’t at all easy to come by. We push each other, we challenge each other, and we become more together than we ever were apart.”

“How is that anything like a paper shredder?”

“Why do you sew a bunny tail onto the back of your pants?”

“To draw attention to my ass.”

“That’s absurd.”

“I don’t care what you say, I have a great ass. I mean, look how round and full and perfect it is. The thing is, men weren’t looking at my ass. They were looking at other women’s asses, but not mine. So I had to do something to get them to look at my ass.”

“That’s like me saying, ‘Gosh, women never look at my face so I’m going to splash acid all over my face and burn it and that way women will start looking at my face.’ They are looking at your ass not because they think it is cute and they want to hold onto it while fucking you. They are looking at it because you have a fucking bunny tail glued to it. That is two totally different things.”

“Don’t you have something that really floats your boat that you’d do just about anything to do or have or experience?”

“Well… yes, you could say that.”

“I like when men check out my ass. It does something to me. I get a boost of confidence and excitement and it helps me get through the day. So what if they are just looking at the bunny tail? I forget I’m wearing it and then a guy looks at my ass and smiles and I get all giddy and start walking on air. What’s wrong with that?”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jimmy, walking past my shredder room with his head hung low. He looked very sad, so I told Cat to hold on for a moment and rushed out into the hallway and called out to Jimmy.

“Could you come into my shredder room for a minute?” I asked him.

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ayaklarına masaj yapayım dedi. Kırmadım ayaklarıma masaj aypmaya başladı. Ayakkabılarımı çıkardı yere oturarak çoraplı ve ojeli ayaklarımı ovuyordu yalıyordu. İyice

gevşemiştim. Bende boşte kalan ayağımla sikine masaj yapmaya başladım. Sonra zafer bey daha yalayarak daha yukarılara çıktı. Kilodumun üzerinden sikimi yalamaya ısırmaya başladı. Nihayet çorabımı ve kilodumu sıyırarak sikimi dışarı çıkardı. Onuda yaladı emdi kaldırdı. Zaten kalkınca 5-6 cm oluyordu. götüme parmağını sokarak alıştırdı. Artık ben kendime hakim olamıyordum bende onun sikini dışarı çıkararak yalamaya başladım. Çok büyüktü 20 cm

uzunluğunda 4cm kalınlığında idi. Halam müdahele etti hepsini alabilecekmisin bir yerin yırtılmasın sonra kız dedi. Selma paniklemişti hemen çantasından krem çıkartıp götüme sürdü. Ben arkamı zafer beye dönmüştüm. O da sikini halamın nezaretinde götüme sokmaya başladı. Zorlanıyordum canım

yanıyordu ama devam ettim. Kafası girmişti beynim zonklamaya başlamıştı. Zafer .

bey sert bir hamleyle sikini sonuna kadar soktu. Bağırıyordum ama nafile. Kaçmaya çalışıyordum fakat ne mümkün. Çoraplarım kilodum hep yırtılmıştı. Sonra yavaş yavaş pompalamaya başladı alışmıştım. Zevklenmeye başlamıştım. Artık git

geller hızlanmıştı. Benimde aldığım zevk daha artmıştı. Beni öylece 15-20 dakika sikti. Ben 2 kere boşalmama rağmen o kendini tutuyordu. .

Bu arada halamıda engin sikiyordu. Hala yeğen zevklerin doruğuna tırmanıyorduk. Sonunda büyük bir haşmetle zafer bey içime boşaldı. İkimizde rahatlamıştık

engine dönerek gerçekten çok iyiydi verdğim paraya değdi dedi. Şok olmuştum engin beni satmıştı. Sonra içeri gitti elinde gecelik jartiyer ve çorapla geri geldi. Bunları giy seni sabaha kadar sikicem dedi. Bende halamın ısrarıyla giyindim. Sonra beni kucaklayıp yatak odasına

götürdü. Ellerimden yatağa kelepçeledi. O gece sabaha kadar canı isteyince beni sikti. aslında benim için bulunmaz fırsattı.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Plajdaki Röntgenci Genç! (Ecemsu 30 Y., Hannover /

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Plajdaki Röntgenci Genç! (Ecemsu 30 Y., Hannover /
Selamlar, ben Almanya’dan Ecemsu, 30 yaşındayım. Kocam 36 yaşında, 6 senelik evliyiz. Ben ana okulu öğretmeniyim, kocam ise kuaför. Kocamla izinlerimiz denk gelirse hemen hemen her sene tatil için Türkiye’ye (bazen Muğla tarafına, bazen Antalya tarafına) gideriz. Bu sene kocamın isteği üzerine İtalya’da bir sahil kasabasına gitmeye karar verdik…

Kaldığımız otelde genelde yerli halk, kısmen de bizim gibi Almanya’dan gelme turistler vardı. Yabancı bir ülkede olmak bizi psikolojik olarak rahatlatmış, bana ve kocama daha bir güven gelmişti. Türkiye’de hayatta yapamayacacağım bir şeyi yapıp, burada Topless (göğüslerim açık) güneşlenebiliyordum. Kocamla daha ilk günde, gerek otelin havuzunda, gerekse sahil kenarına inip, göğüslerim açık denizde cilveleşiyor, oyunlar oynuyorduk. Kimsenin aldırmayışı bizim daha da serbest davranmamıza imkan tanıyordu. Tabii tek tük de olsa, bazen abazan gözler üzerimde olabiliyordu. Ama kocam yanımda olduğundan fazla da umursamıyor, rahat davranıyor, kocamla cilveleşmeye devam ediyordum….

Tatilimizin ikinci gününde, öğlen üzeri deniz kıyısında tenha bir yerde gezerken, yine göğüslerim açıktı ve altımda Tanga benzeri ipli bir bikini vardı. Kocamın üzerinde ise sadece şortu vardı. Denize girdik, suyun içinde şakalaşıp birbirimize su atarken, suyun içinde kocamın sikini tuttum. Tutmamla beraber hemen siki şahlandı. Elimi şortunun içine sokup sikini okşamaya başladım. Kocam biraz çevreye bakındıktan sonra o da suyun altından elini bikinimin içine sokup, amımı okşamaya, bir yandan da açıkta olan mememin birini yalamaya başladı. Kocamın dudakları kah sağ mememde, kah sol mememde geziniyor, meme uçlarımı öpüyor, bazen de ısırıyordu. Hatta bir ısırışında canım çok yandı, ama müthiş zevke gelmiştim. Kocamın amımı okşaması, parmaklarının amımın içinde gidip gelmesi hızlanmıştı. Zevkten dudaklarımı ısırıyordum, Orgazm olmak, boşalmak üzereydim. Kocam da aynı durumdaydı. İkimiz de suyun içine ellerimizi daha hızlandırarak aynı anda boşaldık. Rahatlamıştık.

Çevreye bakarken, plajın arka kısımlarındadaki otların arasından bizi gözetleyen 25 yaşlarında bir genç gördüm. Kocam genci görmemişti, ben de nedense kocama söylemedim röntgenlendiğimizi. Genç halen arada sırada bize bakıyordu. Kocamla denizden çıkıp, plajda tenha bir yerde kurulandık ve kendimizi güneşlenmeye bıraktık. Ben güneş yağını çıkardım, “Sana da süreyim kocacığım, ya değilse yanacaksın!” dedim. Kocam herzamanki inatçılığı ile, “Bana birşey olmaz!” diyerek istemedi. Ben göğüslerime güneş yağı sürerken, biryandan da kocama çaktırmadan arada sırada gence bakıyordum, evet halen gözü bizdeydi…

Bana ne olduysa artık, birden azmıştım yine. Elimi kocamın şortundan içeri sokup sikini okşamaya başladım. Kocam kafasını kaldırıp çevreyi kontrol etti, baktı kimse ilgilenmiyor, şortunu çıkarıp yeniden yattı. Oysaki genç halen bizi gözetliyordu. Ben de o gence nispet yaparcasına kocamın sikini ağzıma aldım yalamaya başladım. Yan gözle de o gence bakıyorum, bizi dikizliyor mu diye. Genç şortundan sikini çıkarmış, sanki pørnø seyreder gibi bizi izleyerek sikini okşuyordu. Otlardan dolayı sikinin boyutları tam olarak seçilmiyordu, fakat görebildiğim kadarıyla kocamın sikinden biraz daha uzun ve kalındı…

Kocamın siki ağzımda iyice büyüyünce, hemen bir hamlede bikinimin altını yana çekip, kocamın üstüne çıktım, sikini amıma aldım. Kocamın siki üstünde zıplarken çıldırmış gibiydim. Zevkten uçmuş bir halde zıplarken biryandan da gence bakıyordum. Gencin de el hareketleri hızlanmıştı, sanırım boşalmaya yaklaşmıştı. Birinin bana bakarak 31 çekmesi beni acaip azdırmıştı. Kocamın siki üstünde zıplarken biryandan da göğüslerimi avuçluyordum…

Sonunda ben Orgazm olduğumda, kocam da daha fazla dayanamadı ve içime boşaldı. Sıcacık dölleri amımı doldurmuş, bir kısmı da dışarı taşmıştı. O anda gözüm gence takıldı, o da bizim gibi boşalmış, yüzü gülüyordu. Amımdan akan döllerden elimle biraz alarak dudağıma götürdüm ve kocama çaktırmadan gence elimdeki dölü göstererek bir öpücük yolladım. Genç de gülerek sikinde kalmış son damla dölü parmağıyla alıp bana gösterdi ve bir öpücük yolladı…

Kocamla yeniden denize girip temizlendik. Denizden çıktığımızda genç ortadan kaybolmuştu. Akşama kadar güneşlenip otele döndük. Ama aklım o gençte kalmıştı. Akşam yemeğinden sonra odamıza çıktık, erkenden yattık, uyuduk…

Ertesi gün kalktığımızda kocam kendini iyi hissetmiyordu. Otelin doktorunu çağırdım, muayene etti. Kocamı güneş çarpmış. Birkaç tane ilaç verdi, 3-4 gün güneşe çıkmaması gerektiğini söyleyip gitti. Kocama her nekadar, “Ben sana bakarım, iyileşene kadar yanından ayrılmam!” desem de, “Benim yüzümden sen de denizden, güneşten mahrum kalma! Havuza gir, plaja git, denize gir, güneşlen, tatilin tadını çıkar!” diye ısrar etti. Ben yine de kocamın yanında kaldım. Öğlen olduğunda yemeği odaya istedim. Yemekten sonra kocam, “Hayatım üzülüyorum sana, benim yüzümden odaya kapanıp kalma!” diye ısrar edince, “Peki, biraz denize girer, güneşlenir gelirim!” deyip, hazırlandım ve çıktım.

Plaja indim. Yürürken ayaklarım beni yine dün kocamla sikiştiğimiz o tenha yere götürdü. Aynı yere havluyu serip, bikinimin üstünü çıkardım. Gözlerim dünkü genci arıyordu, ama görünürlerde yoktu. Kocamın durumunu unutmuş, gencin olmayışına üzülmüş gibiydim. Denize girip biraz yüzdüm. Suyun içinde biraz serinleyip tekrar çıktım. Kurulanıp, göğüslerime, kollarıma ve bacaklarıma güneş yağı sürdüm. Elimin yettiği yere kadar sırtıma da sürerken, o genci farkettim ve müthiş heyecanlandım. Yine otların arasında sikini şortundan çıkarmış, bana bakarak sıvazlıyordu…

İlkin ne yapacağımı bilemesem de, sonra şeytan dürttü, genci biraz azdırmak istedim. Elimdeki güneş yağı şişesini gence gösterip, el işareti ile sırtıma sürmesini istediğimi anlatmaya çalıştım. Genç sıvazladığı sikini şortuna sokup, etrafa bakına bakına yanıma geldi. Önümde dikildiğinde kalkık siki şortunu delecekmiş gibi duruyordu. Bana İtalyanca birşeyler söyledi. Ama ben malesef (Günaydın, Teşekkür ederim, Afiyet olsun, Evet, Hayır gibi çok bilinen sözcükler dışında) İtalyanca bilmiyordum. Ona Almanca bilip bimediğini sordum, ama o da Almanca bilmiyormuş. İster istemez gülüştük. Tarzanca, el kol hareketleriyle ismini sordum. İsmi Alberto imiş.

Alberto’ya güneş yağını verdim ve havluya yüzüstü uzandım. Omuzbaşlarımdan ve ensemden başladı yağlamaya. Sırtımı ve belimi de yağladıktan sonra İtalyanca birşey söyleyip, “Si Sinyora?” diye sordu. Herhalde ‘Bu kadar yeterli mi?’ diye soruyordu. “Si, Grazie!” diyerek teşekkür etmemle birlikte bikini altımın yanlardaki bağcıklarını çözüp açtı ve popomu yağlamaya başladı. Önce itiraz etmeyi düşündüm, ama Alberto’nun eli götümün yanakları arasında gezinmeye başlayınca içim bir tuhaf oldu ve sesimi çıkarmadım…

Parmakları bazen amımın dudakları ve göt deliğimin etrafında dolanıyordu. O anda okadar azmıştım ki, parmaklarını deliklerime sokmasını bekler olmuştum. Daha rahat olması için bikinimin altını komple çekip çıkardım ve bacaklarımı biraz aralayıp popomu yükselttim. Alberto, “Bellissimo! Bellissimo!” diyerek birden götümün yanaklarını ayırıp yüzünü gömdü. Amımın dudaklarını ve götümün deliğini yalamaya başladığında bende filim koptu. Aldığım zevkle yüksek sesle inliyordum. Çok geçmeden ben ilk Orgazmımı oldum.

Hemen doğrulup Alberto’nun şortunu indirdim, sikine yumuldum. Deli gibi yalıyordum sünnetsiz sikini. Tahmin ettiğim gibi kocamınkinden uzun ve kalın bir siki vardı. Biraz daha yalayıp, sırtüstü yattım, bacaklarımı ayırdım, artık o siki yemenin zamanı gelmişti. Alberto bacaklarımın arasına yanaştı. Sikini amımın ağzına yerleştirip hepsini birden soktuğunda, “Ohhhh!” diye inledim. Uzun ve kalın siki amımı boşluk bırakmadan doldurmuştu. Hiç beklemeden pompalamaya başladı. İtalyanca birşeyler söyleyerek bacaklarımı omzuna almış, habire hızlı hızlı pompalıyordu. Kocamla sikişirken de çabuk Orgazm olurdum, ama hiç bukadar kısa sürede Orgazm olduğumu hatırlamıyorum. Kısa bir aralıkla ikinci kez Orgazm olmuştum…

Alberto yine İtalyanca birşeyler söyleyip, el işaretleriyle arkamı dönmemi istedi. Domalmamı istiyordu galiba. Hemen arkamı dönüp domaldım. Arkadan amıma geçirip sikmeye devam etti. Bir süre sonra hareketleri iyice hızlandı, sanırım boşalmak üzereydi. İşin tuhaf tarafı ise ben de yeniden Orgazm olmaya yaklaşmıştım. Çok geçmeden Alberto birşeyler söyledi ve “Si, Sinyora?” diye sordu. Ne dediğini anlamadım, ama o anda ne dediği önemli değildi. Ben üçüncü kez Orgazm olurken, “Si Alberto, Si!” diye inleyince, Alberto böğürerek arkama kenetlendi ve içime boşaldı. Sıcacık dölleri kesik kesik amıma fışkırırken, benimse heyecandan, zevkten ve yaşadığım Orgazmın etkisinden dizlerim titriyordu…

Kendimize gelince denize girdik, temizlendik. Tekrar plaja çıkıp kurulandık. Alberto saatini gösterip birşeyler söyledi, ben tabii yine anlamadım. Dudaklarımı öpüp, “Ciao!” diyerek gittiğinde ise üzülmüştüm. Ben biraz daha güneşlenip otele döndüm. Odaya girdiğimde kocam uyuyordu, halen yüksek ateşi vardı. Kocamı uyandırmadım, duş alıp yanına uzandım. Gözlerimi kapamış, Alberto’nun beni sikişini düşünürken uykuya dalmışım…

Akşama doğru uyandığımda, kocam uyanıktı ve kendini biraz daha iyi hissediyordu. Neler yaptığımı sorduğunda, plaja gittiğimi, denize girdiğimi ve güneşlendiğimi anlattım ve “Kocacığım, iyi ki tatil için burayı seçmişiz! Ben burayı çok sevdim! Plajda üstsüz geziyorsun, üstsüz denize giriyorsun, üstsüz güneşleniyorsun, valla dönüp bakan erkek sinek bile yok!” dedim. Tabii ki Alberto’yla sikiştiğimden ve beni üç kez Orgazm ettiğinden bahsetmedim 🙂


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32