Surprise Family Affair Ch. 02

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Summation of part One: Bob and Betty planned to be married. Betty’s parents, Susan and Sam wanted to test Bob’s sexual ability before the marriage. Susan lured Bob to her house for sex. After Bob made love to his future mother-in-law, she explained to Bob that their family shared sex. Their college daughter, Barbara, was included. After he married Betty, he could have sex with Susan, Betty, and Barbara. Of course, Betty would be available for her father and Barbara’s future husband, too. Bob was very surprised, but ready to be married and share sex with the family.


Bob and Betty were married and went away for the honeymoon. When they returned home, they were greeted by Susan and Sam. After dinner that evening while having a drink, the subject of sex came up.

Sam said, “I assume you two love birds are very sexually satisfied after being gone a week.”

Bob was a little cautious about commenting, but Betty quickly said, “Oh, Yes, we did enjoy our time together. How did you two get along while we were gone?”

Susan spoke up, “We didn’t do much. I think your dad was waiting for you to get back home. You know he really likes to be in bed with you.”

Betty then responded, “Sorry dad that I was gone so long. I’ll make it up to you tonight.”

That brought a big smile to Sam’s face. He was hoping he would have a chance to be in bed with his daughter. Sex with his wife was good, but sex with his daughter was always so invigorating and his cock seemed to get extra hard.

Bob then realized his bride would be fucked by her father tonight. However, he thought his mother-in-law was very sexy even though she was much older. It had been several weeks since Susan had tested him for his sex stamina and suitability to become a member of the family. He had been in bed with her only that one time and the thought of fucking her was now causing his cock to get stiff.

Betty got up and went over to sit down by her husband. They hugged and kissed.

Betty said, “Bob, I wanted to kiss you before I go to bed with dad. You are now in the family and you know our family shares sex. I love you very much and I love my parents too. I’ll be with dad while you and my mom enjoy each other.”

Bob responded, “That’s alright with me. I’m sure Susan and I will get along just fine.”

Betty got up to take her father’s hand and said, “Come on Dad, let’s go in my bedroom. They can have the master bedroom.”

Betty glanced back at Bob and blew a kiss at him as she and her dad went down the hallway toward her room. Bob blew a kiss right back to Betty. He watched them walk down the hallway and disappear into her bedroom. Bob knew her dad was going to get his thrills from her tonight. While on their honeymoon, Betty had told him her dad really liked the blow jobs she gave him.

Susan then turned to Bob, “Well, it’s us again. Help me carry these glasses to the kitchen and clean up a little before we go down the hall.”

Both Bob and Susan picked up the glasses and went into the kitchen. Bob could see Susan’s breasts jiggle and assumed she did not have on a bra. After depositing the glasses in the dishwasher, Bob took Susan in his arms and shared a very sexy kiss.

Susan said, “Your kisses are very sexy. I assume Betty enjoyed your kisses and sex all week long.”

From the sound of Susan’s voice when she said that, Bob thought she was a little envious that Bob and Betty had a good time while she and Sam stayed home and had routine sex one time.

Bob and Susan entered the master bedroom. Bob kept looking at Susan as they were undressing. Susan chuckled and said, “You keep looking at my breasts. Would you like to kiss them?”

Bob quickly responded and took Susan in his arms for a sexy kiss. Then he bent down to take a nipple in his mouth.

Susan took a deep breath, then said, “Let’s get in bed. You’re really turning me on.”

By now Bob had a very hard erection. Susan put her hand on it as they walked toward the bed.

Once on the bed, they kissed as Bob’s hand roamed over her breasts and body. Then Bob moved to nuzzle and kiss her breasts. After a little of that, Bob kissed her body all the way down to her pussy. Susan spread her legs giving him access. He could hear Susan lightly moan with pleasure as his tongue caressed her pussy. By now Bob’s cock was rock hard waiting for Susan’s caresses.

Bob turned around in bed so that his cock would be near Susan’s mouth. He rolled her up on top in a six nine position. Now his tongue was going up and down her pussy lips stopping each time long enough to suck on her clit. He could feel Susan’s mouth slowly going up and down on his cock.

Bob could feel Susan’s body begin to sexually surge and her breathing became labored. He vigorously used his tongue on her clit to assure she would have a good orgasm. She became very vocal as her orgasm came on strong. Bob’s cock was near an canlı bahis explosion in her mouth but decided to wait until he could fuck her. He had been fucking his bride so much during the past week, he didn’t know if he could cum twice tonight. He was able to control himself and held back an orgasm.

After Susan’s body began to relax, she rolled off of Bob and laid by his side. She finally had the energy to say, “That was very good. You did that so much better than Sam. I’ve been looking forward to having sex with you, although Sam is my husband and I love him. He is older and his sex drive is not as strong as it used to be. I think it’s wonderful for our family to share sex.”

Bob decided to comment about Sam and Betty, “I wonder how Sam and Betty are getting along. I know Betty had lots of sex last week, so she is probably trying to give Sam a good time and not be too concerned about herself.”

Susan cut in, “I think Sam has been waiting all week for Betty to return so he could fuck her. The last time he had sex with her was about two weeks ago. We three were in bed together. I watched as he fucked her. When his cock started gushing cum in her pussy, he was very vocal. He was loudly groaning and yelled some. Then when he pulled out, Betty quickly took it in her mouth and sucked on it until it was very small and plopped out of her mouth. He really enjoyed it.”

Bob began to feel a little jealousy. A description of how his bride of one week had sex with her father was a little upsetting, but he had agreed to share family sex. Right now he was getting the benefits of fucking her mother. He decided family sharing was not a problem but a good thing. So let his bride give her father sexual thrills now and in the future. He could have sex with Susan and with the beautiful Barbara sometime soon.

Bob could only say, “Sounds as if he really liked it. I wonder what they are doing now. I think their bedroom door is open and ours is open a little, too. Have you heard anything?”

“Yes, I’ve heard a little bit, but I don’t know what they have been doing. By the way, you still have a very stiff erection. You didn’t cum in my mouth, why?”

“I wanted to I fuck you.”

“I would like that. What position do you want?”

“I want you to sit on my cock and ride me.”

Susan moved up to straddle Bob’s body preparing to sit down on his cock. She held her hand on his cock to guide it in her pussy. Her juices had been flowing when Bob brought her to an orgasm with his tongue, so she easily sat fully down on his cock.

Susan softly said, “That really feels good in me. Sam’s cock never gets this stiff anymore.”

Bob started pushing up to her as she started small up and down movements. Then Susan thought she heard some noises from the other bedroom.

Susan stopped her movements and said, “Wait a minute, I think I hear Sam.”

Bob commented, “Yes, I think I heard groans. I wonder if he is about to cum.”

Bob and Susan stayed very quiet as they heard Sam’s vocal noises increase in volume.

Susan said, “I wonder if Betty is sucking him off or is he fucking her. Sam really likes his daughter to give him a blow job.”

Bob answered, “It’s difficult to know, but it sounds as if he is about to cum. No doubt Betty is giving him a thrill from the sounds he is making.”

Then Sam’s loud vocal sounds could easily be heard.

Susan said, “Guess Sam is finished for the night. I’m glad he had a chance to be in bed with Betty since he has been looking forward to it.”

Bob couldn’t help but comment, “You don’t seem to have any jealousy at all when he fucks your daughters.”

She responded, “None at all. This has been going on ever since our daughters became adults. They love their father so much they are willing to please him. I’ve been looking forward to having sons-in-laws to join in the sharing. Up until now, I haven’t had anyone else. Now I have you. Barbara will soon be married to a nice sexy looking guy and I’ll have another son-in-law.”

“Have you had sex with Barbara’s future husband?”

“No, not yet. But I’m going to test him like I did you a few weeks ago. Betty has volunteered to test him, but I told her I would rather do it.”

Bob was surprised to hear that his bride, Betty, had volunteered to test Barbara’s future husband. He was glad to know Susan would fuck him first instead of Betty. Once they were married, he knew the guy would be fucking both Betty and Susan. Susan seemed to be so pleased to have Bob and a future son-in-law in the family. There was no doubt in Bob’s mind that Susan really liked sex.

Bob and Susan decided to quit talking and start movements again. Susan leaned forward to share a very sexy, open mouth kiss with Bob. Bob thought her kisses were very good especially while his cock was deeply moving in her pussy. Bob wanted to hold back long enough for Susan to build up to another orgasm. bahis siteleri

After a little while, Susan said, “I’m not sure I can have another orgasm this quick, so go ahead and cum.”

Bob assured her, “I think I can hold it a little longer to give you a chance.”

She responded, “You sure are very stiff and it feels good. Maybe I’ll make it.”

A few minutes later, Bob could feel Susan’s body beginning to respond. She started faster movements causing him to nearly explode. Bob was able to hold back until he knew she was starting her orgasm and then he let go. His cock was gushing and spurting in her pussy as it jerked. Her gyrations on him became more violent as she became very vocal. Finally when her body began to relax, she fell forward on his chest.

They laid very still while their breathing was beginning to become normal again. Bob still had his eyes closed when Susan looked up. She saw Sam and Betty standing beside the bed.

Susan said in a startled voice, “Oh…. you startled me. I didn’t know you were in here with us.”

Sam spoke, “Yes, we just finished in our bedroom and saw your door open. We stepped in and have been watching you for a little bit. We didn’t say anything because we didn’t want to disturbed you.”

Betty then spoke, “I see you two had a good time. Dad and I did too.”

Bob and Susan got up. Susan headed for the bathroom to clean up. Bob went to his bride to hug and kiss her. When he kissed her, he thought her kiss tasted a little different. Did she suck off her dad? Maybe so.

Everyone put on their night clothes and gathered to sit in the living room.

Bob wanted to get the subject out in the open, “I hear Barbara may be getting married, and that Susan is going to test her future husband for sex.”

Sam spoke, “Yes, that is true. Barbara tells us that he doesn’t have to be tested because he is a good lover, but Susan insists. We have to be sure he will agree to share sex with the family. If he is willing to have sex with Barbara’s mother, then that will be the main test.”

Susan commented, “Betty thought it would be more exciting for him if she had sex with him. I am as old as his mother and he might not be as excited about sex with me.”

Betty said, “I still think I should be the one to test him.”

Susan then decided to compromise, “You have a good thought there, but let’s wait and ask Barbara. She is bringing her boyfriend, Bruce, home with her this weekend.”

Later in the week each night while Bob and Betty were having sex, Bob wondered what it would be like to watch Bruce fuck his wife. He intended to hide in the closet like Sam did. Before he was married to Betty, Susan enticed him to fuck her to test his sexuality. Sam had hidden to watch his wife seduce Bob. Now he was going to do the same thing.

The weekend came for Barbara and Bruce to visit her parents. Barbara had already agreed it might be better for Betty to test him, then maybe Susan could test him too.

Friday night Barbara and Bruce arrived at her parents home. After dinner they talked to get acquainted with Bruce. Bob keep looking at Bruce and tried to visualize Bruce pounding his cock in Betty. He was a little jealous, but he would go along with it. Betty was wearing a short skirt and he thought she was trying to give Bruce a show since her legs were not crossed and were pointing in his direction.

The next day, plans had already been made for Betty to seduce Bruce. Sam had gone to play golf and Barbara and her mother, Susan, wanted to go shopping.

Betty and Bob were in their apartment. Betty phoned for Bruce, “Bruce, why don’t you come over here while the gals go shopping.”

Bruce responded, “Guess I might as well, everyone here is gone. I’ll be right over.”

Betty opened the front door when he arrived.

Betty invited him in, “Bruce, have a seat while I fix a glass of wine for us or would you prefer coffee?”

“Wine or something stronger would be fine.”

Betty fixed a strong drink since she felt it would help make her calmer.

Bruce hadn’t seen Bob, so he asked, “Where’s Bob?”

“He went to play golf with Sam.”

Betty was still wearing the short skirt and gave Bruce plenty of chances to view between her legs. She noticed he was looking.

Betty finally got around to say, “Bruce, you need to know something about our family. First, I have a question. Do you find me attractive?”

“Yes very much so.”

“Do you think I am sexy?”

“Sure do, very much.”

“Would you like to take me to bed?”

Betty could see Bruce was a little confused. He said, “I don’t know if we should. It’s very enticing. What would Barbara say if she found out?”

“Barbara isn’t here right now. It’s just you and me.”

Bruce didn’t know what to say or do. Betty got up and urged Bruce to stand up.

She said, “Kiss me to see if you like it.”

Bruce bahis şirketleri couldn’t resist any longer and held her tight as their mouths opened and meshed in a long kiss.

Betty then said, “Come on in the bedroom with me.”

Bruce followed her to the bedroom where she started undressing.

Betty then urged Bruce, “Come on, get out of those clothes and get in bed with me.”

Bruce quickly undressed as he watched her shapely naked body gradually appear with each item of clothing discarded. His cock was very hard and could hardly wait.

They kissed some more before she moved on down to take his cock in her mouth. He started moaning and quickly exploded in her mouth.

Bob was peeking out of the closet. When he saw Bruce shooting cum in Betty’s mouth, he nearly cum without touching his own cock.

Bruce apologized, “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t hold back.”

Betty commented, “That’s OK, when you get hard again, you can fuck me and I’ll probably have my orgasm.”

Betty kept playing with his cock while they made small talk about the coming wedding and his relationship with Barbara.

A little later, Bruce was ready. Bob watched Betty spread her legs to allow Bruce to get on top, He watched Betty reached down between their bodies to guide his cock in her hole. Bob knew the feeling Bruce was getting as his cock slowly slid all the way in her pussy. Betty usually pulsated her pussy muscles on Bob’s cock when in this position. Now he knew Bruce was receiving the same thrills.

Bob watched as Bruce started back and forth movements. He could see Betty’s butt push up to receive his thrusts. Bob could hardly restrain himself from masturbating. However, he wanted to wait until Bruce finished. There was no doubt in his mind that he was going to fuck his own wife when Bruce finished.

Bob watched as both Betty and Bruce had their orgasms. Bruce had filled Betty’s pussy with cum.

Betty got up with tissues plugging her hole. She walked over to the closet door and opened it wide.

“Bob, you can come out now.”

Bruce panicked as expected. Betty looked at Bruce and gave him a quick kiss.

Bob said, “Don’t be alarmed. As soon as I get through fucking my wife, we’ll sit in the front room and talk.”

Bruce didn’t know what to say or do. He just stared at Betty as she sat on the commode to let the cum drain out. Bob went to her.

Bob said, “That’s drained enough. I’m ready.”

Betty could see that Bob was in dire need of relief. They both got on the bed. Betty laid on her back and spread her legs. Bruce was in a position to see directly at her swollen pussy lips where he had just fucked her. Now her husband was getting on top of her.

Bob plunged his cock into Betty’s very juicy pussy for sloppy seconds. After a few plunges, Bob added his cum to what was left of Bruce’s cum.

Betty cleaned up in the bathroom and then all three went into the living room to talk. Bruce was wondering what was going on.

Betty and Bob took turns explaining about the family sharing sex. Barbara’s father had sex with her in the past and would continue to do so in the future. Also, Barbara would have sex with Bob sometime in the future whether Bruce married into the family or not. Bruce could have sex with Susan, Betty, and with Barbara, his own wife if they married.

Bruce finally said something, “Sex with Betty was fantastic and I think my sex life with Barbara will be good too. I’ve never had sex with a lady as old as my mother before, but Susan looks and acts very sexy. I’ll look forward to be in bed with her.”

Betty then commented, “If you think you are up to it, I believe Susan will be willing to go to bed with you tonight before you leave tomorrow.”

That night the family gathered at Sam and Susan’s home. Dinner was prepared, served and eaten. Susan, Betty and Barbara where in the kitchen cleaning up.

Susan asked, “Betty, did you test Bruce today at your apartment?”

Betty responded, “Of course. He was like putty in my presence. I didn’t have to do much to entice him into my bed.”

Barbara looked up to say, “You mean he quickly took the chance to jump in your bed. I don’t know if I can trust him after we are married.”

Susan cut in, “Girls, it’s a good thing we share sex in this family. The men in our lives are just like many men, they want a variety. That’s what we will give them, a variety. They have the three of us to choose from. We will make them happy and that should keep them from straying.”

Betty looked at her mother, “Mom, I believe you are right. I don’t mind sharing Bob if that will help us all. The family that fucks together will stay together. Bruce is a very good lover and I fully approve of his marriage to Barbara. However, do you want to test him? If so, this is his last night here.”

“Yes, I would like to test him. Is that alright with you, Barbara?”

“Sure is. Once we’re married, you have a right to have sex with him.”

“OK, then lets go in the living room with the men and start some action.”

The three ladies went into the living room to join the men.

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Leslie’s Drive Home

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Leslie looked up at the clock. Almost 5, time for the end of the workday. She began rifling through her papers on her desk, shuffling them until they were neatly piled, and ready for the assault the next morning. I’m beat, she thought, and I do my best work first thing in the morning anyway. These can wait until then. She stood up, and took her styrofoam cup over to her rubber plant on the window sill, emptying the remaining water into it. She looked through her office door, and saw that the associates were all packing up to leave for the day as well. They would be surprised to see her leaving too, as she normally stayed until after 7 in an effort to keep the billable hours up. To hell with the billables tonight, She rebelled quietly. I’m going home to enjoy the evening.

The sun lurked briefly behind a patch of cloud, playing hide and seek with the ground. Leslie took note of this, and decided to walk out without wearing her navy blazer. She had unbuttoned the top button of her white satin blouse earlier in the day due to the sun’s warmth that had greeted her in her office after lunch. It always got hot in the summer months in her office. It was one of the minor disadvantages to being a partner in the firm, but one that she readily accepted. She looked forward to being able to change into her comfortable clothes and sit on the deck with a Tanqueray and tonic, the Pacific breeze in her long blonde hair, and watch the waves collide with the rocks that jutted their chin out defiantly.

The phone chirped just as Leslie was picking up her briefcase to make her early exit. She frowned, then noticed that it was her home number. The frown didn’t subside initially, because that meant that Mike was home early. The only time he arrived home before she did was if some catastrophe had taken place in the house. The last time it had been the pipe that had erupted all over the kitchen floor during that monstrous cold snap in January. Water had been everywhere when she got home. The northwest had such surprising weather changes.


“Hey Honey,” Mike’s low voice murmured in her ear. Leslie loved that low, sultry voice.

“Hi Baby. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing Baby. Just missing you.” Mike’s voice was even huskier than normal.

Leslie knew that tone of voice, and she replaced the frown with a smile. Mike only used that voice when he wanted intimacy, which was often. She felt the tingle between her thighs as she remembered when he had awakened her after attending the dinner meeting last night. He had kept her on the verge of euphoria for what seemed like days before making the mad rush to orgasm with her. The marathon session had become a frantic race to the finish in which they both crossed the line simultaneously.

“Why are you home so early?”

“Don’t worry about it Sweetie,” he whispered. “Just come home. Is your cell phone with you?”

Leslie cast a quizzical look down into the phone and answered, “Yes, why?”

“Just keep it on Baby…k? I’ll talk to you in a bit.”

They exchanged goodbyes, and Leslie put the phone gently in its cradle. She was pleasantly impatient to find out why Mike was home early, like a child waiting on her birthday to open her gifts. It certainly sounded positive. She reached for her burnished leather briefcase, tossed her coat over her arm, and started for the door. She checked herself, and put down her case for a moment, snapping open the top and peering into it. She sighted her cell phone, pulled it out, and snapped the case shut. She then picked up the case and headed toward the door.

She walked to the elevator doors and stood with other employees from the ninth floor, waiting for it to ascend, when her cell phone emitted a soft beep. She looked at the phone in her hand. Just as she said hello into the phone, the elevator doors opened, and she walked in, stepping into the very back of the car.

“Hey Baby. Where are you?” It was Mike, with that same husky whisper.

“Heading to my car. I’m in the elevator.”

“I can’t wait until you get home Baby. I’m sitting here in those black silk boxers you got me, and I’m teasing my cock through the material, just thinking about you.”

Leslie let out a slight moan before catching herself. She looked around the elevator, and was relieved to see that nobody was turning to look at her. She hoped that it meant that they didn’t hear the noise escape from deep in her throat. Some were discussing daily events, and she hoped they had drowned her out.

Mike continued. “Baby, unbutton one button on your blouse.”

Leslie was shocked, and extremely nervous, but also getting very aroused at the thought. “Ok,” she quivered, trying to sound professional. She looked around the elevator, then very casually put her hand to her chest, and slowly coaxed the second button through its loop. Her chest was now bare to her cleavage, just covering her white lace 36d bra that hid her nipples, which were becoming erect. She crossed her arms over her chest, using her canlı bahis coat to cover them.

“Did you do it baby?” Mike teased.

“Yes,” she replied unevenly, not wanting anyone in the elevator to look at her. Although she was scared to death that someone would know, she was also exhilarated. Her pussy was beginning to moisten, and she was glad that she had worn the panties with the white thigh high stockings today. She could feel her panties getting wet, and couldn’t wait to get outside to feel the breeze blow teasingly under her skirt as she walked to the car.

“Ok Baby. I’ll let you go for now. Talk to you in a bit. Oh, and by the way, I’m stroking my cock through the boxers now.”

The phone clicked in Leslie’s ear. Damn him, she thought. He’s already driving me wild, and he isn’t even here. She tightened her hold on her coat and her briefcase, and waited for the elevator to complete its descent. When it did, she waited until everyone had exited before slipping out of the door. She crossed the large atrium foyer, and pushed herself through the revolving door to the sidewalk, the coat crossed over her left arm and held tightly against her cleavage.

The walk to her car seemed like miles. The breeze was just strong enough to playfully tickle her under her skirt, and Leslie felt herself getting even more turned on. She was so glad that she had not worn the full pantyhose today. They would have stifled her. She turned the corner and stepped into the parking lot, finding her pearl ’99 Lexus LS400 in her private parking spot, marked ” L. O’Brien, Partner”, against the building’s side. She unlocked the door, tossed the briefcase and the blazer into the passenger seat, and bent down to settle into the driver’s side. Her cell phone chirped once more.


“Where are you now?” It was Mike.

Leslie’s voice quivered. “I’m in my car, getting ready to pull out of my parking space.”

“Remove your shoes Baby. Drive in just your hose. And pull your skirt up so you can see your pussy.”

“Ok. Hold on.” Leslie did as she was told. She pushed off the blue 3″ pumps, revealing her size 6 feet, her toes painted a dusky pink and visible through the gauzy material of the hose. The cool air from the air conditioner blew on them, causing goosebumps on her calves. She then raised herself just a bit, and pulled her navy skirt up until she could see the white lace French-cut bikini against the leather seat. It was now becoming quite soaked from Mike’s teasing.

“Did you do it?” Mike asked in a low voice.

Leslie could barely whisper. “Yes.”

“Mmmm. Good. I’ve got to tell you something. I’ve taken my cock out. I’m stroking it, imagining how sexy you look right now. I can’t wait until you get home Baby. Talk to you in a bit.”


DAMN! He did it again.

Leslie could feel her nipples becoming fully erect now, and she ached to touch them. Her pussy was throbbing, and her right hand shook so much that she could barely put the car into reverse. She put the car into drive and pulled slowly out of the lot, and onto the street. Her mind barely remained on the traffic. She drove three blocks to the first stoplight.


The phone again. Leslie looked at it, her pussy reacting much like Pavlov’s theory had proven before. She picked it up, barely registering a soft “Hello” into it.

“Leslie? Is that you?”

“Mother?” Leslie’s mother’s voice shocked her back to reality. She sat up straighter in the seat, and tried to regain her composure.

“Leslie, is something wrong? You sound out of breath.”

“No Mother. I’m fine. I’ve just had a stressful day, and traffic is horrible” Leslie lied, hoping to get her mom off the phone as quickly as possible. At this point, she would agree to almost anything her mother asked, which was quite a concession given the controlling personality her mother possessed.

“Oh, ok. Well, your father and I were wondering if you and Mike were still coming over for dinner this Friday.”

Oh god. Not dinner. “Sure Mom. We’ll be there” Leslie grimaced, knowing that Mike really wanted to get away for the weekend.

“Ok. Then come over at around 7, and we’ll cook out. And have Mike bring the wine. He always does such a wonderful job picking it out.”

“Ok Mother. Ooops. I have to go. I’ve got another call.” The phone beeped in Leslie’s ear.

“Ok. Love you Honey. See you Friday.”

Leslie barely said goodbye before switching to the other call.


“Hey Baby. I’m sitting here just stroking this rock hard cock, just thinking of my Sweetie. There is precum glistening on the head just for you Honey. I need you so bad right now.”

Oh God, Leslie thought. I’ll have a wreck before I get home if he keeps this up.

“Baby, are your nipples hard?”

“Yes, very,” she replied.

“Reach up and tease them for me. Tell me how hard they are. Pull on them one at a time.” Mike’s voice was getting throaty. She could hear the heat bahis siteleri in his voice.

“Mmmmmm. Very hard,” she replied as her left hand reached under the silk blouse and her bra, pinching her nipple slightly and pulling on it. The pressure sent a sensation coursing through her body, causing her to press her left foot against the floorboard of the car. She was driving with her knees right now, and trying to stay in the middle of her lane, with minimal success. She continued to pull on the nipple, and both began showing clearly through the bra and blouse, visible proof of her lust for Mike at that moment. She put her right foot on the brake, and slowed for the stoplight just ahead, which had just turned red. She pulled her hand from her breast.

“Baby, how wet are you? Tell me. Put your hand on your pussy. Tease it for me.”

Mike’s voice was killing her. She imagined him sitting on the leather sofa, his cock rigid and swollen, his left hand sliding up and down the stiff shaft as his thumb teased the slit on the head. She stopped completely at the light, and looked next to her. A couple was in an old sedan to her left, and they were staring at her. Her lips parted as she placed her hand between her legs, rubbing her clit through the panties before dipping under them to press her finger into her now soaked pussy. Her lips separated and accepted her finger readily. Her legs opened wider for her to insert her finger even further. She began to stroke it in and out. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back.

“Oh God Mike. I’m so damn wet. You’re driving me crazy.”

“Mmmmm. I want you Leslie. Hurry up and get home. I need to taste that sweet pussy.”

Click. He hung up again.


Once again , Leslie was jolted out of her fantasy as the driver behind her honked his horn. She looked up sheepishly, and noticed the light was green, and nobody was on either side of her. She put her bare right foot on the accelerator, and started off. Her finger did not stop its movement in her pussy, however, as she continued to fuck herself as she drove. Her panties were drenched, and her seat was beginning to show signs of her excitement as well. She wiggled her hips and felt her ass getting wet from her own juices.

Leslie drove for almost 15 minutes, and was nearing the turn for her home when the phone chirped again. She had kept her finger inside of her pussy throughout the drive, and had to remove it to answer the phone. She knew this had to be Mike. It better not be anyone else.


“It’s me Baby. Are you almost home?”

“Mmmmm. Almost. Making the turn into the neighborhood now.”

“Good. Are you touching your pussy?”


“Taste yourself. Tell me how you taste.” Mike was getting a sense of urgency in his voice.

Leslie removed her finger from her pussy and inserted it between her lips. Her tongue circled over the tip, tasting the musky juices. She sucked greedily, letting Mike hear the noises as she pushed all four fingers into her mouth. She heard him moan into the phone as he listened, his breathing interrupted in spurts by his persistant stroking on his throbbing member. Her nipples strained against the material of her bra, begging to be sucked and nibbled.

Leslie removed her fingers from her mouth. “Oh God Mike. I’m getting so fucking hot. I taste so good right now. I need your tongue on my pussy now.”

Click. The phone went dead.

Leslie drove faster than normal down her street. She hit the garage door opener and wheeled aggressively into the drive. Her mind was bouncing, a pinball veering against the sides of her brain. As she drove into the garage, she noticed the door to the house ajar. Her foot hit the brake and she quickly placed the car in park. The garage door slowly closed behind her.

As soon as she stepped from the car, the door to the house swung open. Mike stepped out clad only in his black silk boxers, his cock swaying angrily in front of him. He pressed Leslie against the front quarterpanel of the Lexus, bending her backwards as he kissed her hungrily, his deep brown eyes wild with passion. His cock was hot against her leg, and his hands clawed at her breasts, trying to unhook the bra to free them. Leslie’s skirt remained hiked over her ass as it flattened against the car, and her hands were pulling frantically at Mike’s hips to grind herself into him.

Mike undid the bra, then trailed his lips to Leslie’s chin, and down her neck to her aching breasts. He lapped at her nipples, sucking and biting as his hands worked themselves lower. His right hand found her panties, and he pulled them down in one motion. He rubbed her clit rapidly with the fingers from his left hand, and his mouth trailed down in a race to beat them to her pussy lips. He removed his fingers just as his lips found her clit, and he pressed her onto the top of the Lexus, her legs now raising to rest on his shoulders.

“Yes Mike! Do it! Fuck me with your tongue!”

Mike’s bahis şirketleri tongue dived further into Leslie’s pussy. He removed it, and began flicking it rapidly over her clit while he pushed two fingers into her, curling them to reach for her G-spot. Leslie grabbed the back of his neck, and held him down, feeling the building pressure, knowing that she was near the point of cumming. She could feel the intensity of Mike’s movements as he greedily worked at her clit. His little finger circled the rim of her ass, probing around it and propelling her closer to the edge. . She put her arms behind her on the car’s hood and threw her head back in anticipation of the climactic explosion.

Mike’s little finger pressed against Leslie’s ass, entering her only slightly as his tongue continued its frantic pace. He sucked her swollen clit into his mouth, his cheeks sunken against his jaw. He could feel her reaching that point when she clapped her thighs against both ears and grabbed his head to hold it tightly against her.


As Leslie began to tighten her legs even more, Mike sucked her clit into his mouth. He could feel her pussy spasm and then release, tasting her precious juices on his lips and tongue. He continued to suck on her now sensitive clit, listening to her moaning as she thrashed about on the car’s hood. Leslie was over the edge now. She shoved her pussy toward Mike’s lips, and bucked her hips up and down to meet his darting tongue. She could feel another orgasm raising up, growing, and she tried to hurry it to its highest peak.


She came again, wailing, moaning, releasing the pent up emotions that Mike had cultivated in her as she had driven from work. Her orgasm came in waves, rushing over her time and again like the waves that crashed behind their home. She could feel the heat and passion seeping from her body, sensing that sweet moment when she became sated.

Mike pulled his lips from Leslie’s pussy, and begin kissing the inside of her thigh. He licked the remaining juices from her legs in ravenous fashion, then stood up in front of her and picked her up, newlywed style, and carried her into the house. Leslie put her head against his left shoulder, her arms around his neck. She breathed deeply of his cologne as he walked through the dining room and into the kitchen. Once there, he gently put her feet on the floor, and turned her around to face the window that overlooked the ocean. She knew what he wanted. Leslie felt him raise her skirt from behind, and slide his 7 inch cock between her ass cheeks. He teased the rim of her ass with the head before guiding the head between her legs. She caught her breath as he inserted the head just between her swollen lips.

“God Baby. I’ve wanted you all fucking day.” Leslie could feel Mike’s thick member part her lips and begin entering her. He held it there for just a moment, teasing her.

“No Mike. Come on Baby. Put it in me. Fuck me Honey. Fuck me now.”

He needed no further encouragement. Mike plunged his cock deep within her tight pussy muscles, driving it to the hilt, then grinding against her to rub his balls against her smooth shaved pussy. He began pumping, piston-like, pounding into her faster and faster. Leslie loved the feeling of him taking complete control, and she offered herself up to him by standing on her toes and reaching back to separate her asscheeks.

“Watch me Baby. Watch me take your cock into my pussy.” She teased, knowing the impact it had on Mike’s lust. He groaned and fucked her harder, deeper, his balls keeping the steady rhythm on her pussy like a metronome. Leslie lifted her entire 5’6″ body up on her toes, and looked back to see Mike’s face twist and contort as he fought off the urge to explode for as long as possible. She could feel another orgasm rise inside of her loins as well, and she pushed her hips back impatiently to meet Mike’s thrusts .



Mike grunted and slammed his cock fully into Leslie’s waiting love hole. He erupted, spewing his hot, sticky seed deep inside of her, sending Leslie’s pussy into convulsions. Her orgasm countered his, and she tightened around his cock, extracting every ounce of cum from his raging cock. He pressed hard against her and felt her juices mingling with his, rolling down over his shaved balls as he filled her with everything she could manage.

Mike shuddered as he felt the last bit of cum being squeezed from his balls. His body relaxed, and he leaned over Leslie, putting his arms around her and pressing his face to her back. Leslie lowered herself from her toes, and wrapped her arms around the outside of Mike’s, standing both of them up and pulling closer to his chest. She turned her head and raised up her lips, kissing him softly. She tasted herself on his lips and tongue, savoring the flavor as he offered it to her. He slowly withdrew from her and turned her around, looking deeply into her emerald eyes with his own.

“God I love you Baby,” Mike whispered tenderly, holding her close to his 6′ frame.

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Lessons Learned Ch. 01

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This is the first chapter of a series of stories based on some real-life experiences of mine. The names of those involved have been changed for a number of reasons, but the events themselves are unaltered. I hope you enjoy these pieces, and feel free to comment as you see fit.


Lizzy and I met on Halloween. My friend Joe and I had decided to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve by dressing up as Jay and Silent Bob. As the taller and decidedly more slender of the two, I was going to be Jay. This meant shaving off my brown goatee and buying a blonde wig, while all my portly friend had to do to play Silent Bob was buy a mullet wig and borrow my trenchcoat.

Joe and I were taking a break from our daily rounds. We’d been touring the local college campus in our costumes all day, posing with interested students for pictures and spending an hour or so actually hanging outside a convenience store (in which a man actually asked me to perform the Jay rap from the beginning of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back; I gladly obliged).

When Lizzy walked through the door, while I was in the middle of a round of Guitar Hero III, I was instantly struck by how tall she was. I stand a little over 6-foot-1, and without the black high-heel leather boots she fancied, Lizzy matched that height.

Her black hair flowed well below her shoulders, and as she stood at the door in her white and purple medieval dress, I was drawn to her considerable cleavage. It was obvious Lizzy had a rack on her, and even though I was trying not to look at her breasts as they nestled together in her top, I couldn’t really help it.

Lizzy noticed immediately, smiling at me before sitting on the couch next to Joe. She’d been friends with Joe for roughly three years, but this was the first I’d seen her. Lizzy wasn’t on the skinny side, but she wasn’t really fat, either. She had nice curves – even in that dress – and sported a spread-wings tattoo across her shoulder blades. Her green eyes were striking in their intensity, and at that moment, in the middle of fucking up “My Name is Jonas” on expert, I knew I had to fuck this girl.

Nothing happened for much of the night outside of flirting. She was spending most of the night catching up with Joe, whom she hadn’t seen in a few months, and talking to me. Still a smoker back then, I coaxed her outside whenever I wanted to take a smoke break, trying to gauge her interest through our conversations.

The second time we went outside for my cigarette break, I didn’t even light up. We were so engrossed in whatever it was we were talking about that I’d simply forgotten to strike one. And though I never once made a conscious decision to give up cigarettes, I never had another one after that instant.

“One thing I absolutely love,” Lizzy told me matter-of-factly, “is when a guy stands behind me and kisses along the side of my neck. Just drives me up the wall.”

“Like this?” I asked with a grin, taking off my blond wig before standing directly behind Lizzy. Pressing my chest to her back, I rest my right hand on her hip as my tongue softly glided along her pulse line. With a soft groan, my left hand grabbed and squeezed her left breast, and as I felt the firmness and the weight in my palm, I felt her hips swivel against my crotch.

Lizzy was moaning, my lips wrapping around the spot I just licked to suck lightly. illegal bahis I was throbbing in my sweatpants, silently cursing the fact that we couldn’t duck into the back seat of my Pontiac for a good fuck. We’d have to be quick, and I wanted desperately to take my time.

By the time I broke the embrace to go back inside, Lizzy’s face was flushed, and the smile she gave me told me I’d already hit the right buttons. We talked and flirted for the rest of the night, which included an en masse trip to IHOP, which ultimately included roughly 10 people. We ate, talked and laughed – and I performed Jay’s rap again before leaving the restaurant.

Before heading home for the night, and watching Lizzy leave so she could make it to her job delivering newspapers, she gave me her number. I started driving the 30 minutes it took for me to get from Joe’s apartment to my place, and Lizzy called.

“Pleasant surprise,” was my greeting.

“You missed out,” the husky voice replied on the other end. “I was getting changed. You could’ve seen me in my bra and panties.”

I laughed a little. “Doesn’t mean I won’t get the chance again.”

Lizzy chuckled before letting out a soft moan. “The way you made me feel outside earlier?” she shot back. “Most definitely. I’m still wet from that, you know.”

I choked back a groan as I felt my cock lurch in my pants. “Really now …”

“It’s all I can do not to shove my hand down my pants while I’m driving.”

Again, I laughed. “That … doesn’t sound like it’d be too safe.” Never mind the fact that I was starting to fight that very temptation myself.

“Oh, I’ve done it before.”

My mouth hung open in stunned silence. I could feel the head of my cock throbbing against my seatbelt at this point, and I wanted to pull over and whip it out right at that moment. I heard Lizzy laugh at my silence. “What’s the matter?” she asked coyly. “Was it something I said?”

I cleared my throat before speaking again. “If I was over there, you wouldn’t need to take such dangerous measures.”

“Really. And what would you be doing?”

“Well,” I began, wishing I had a hands-free set for my phone. This hard-on was almost getting unbearable and I still had about 20 minutes to go before I got home. “I’d start with that neck thing. You seemed to like that.

“Then, while I’m doing the neck thing, I’d slowly take off all your clothes … that way, when I’m fondling those tits of yours, I can pinch the nipple and my other hand can slide between your legs and play with your hot pussy. Make you cum before I ever fuck you.”

There was a silence on the other end for a split second before I heard Lizzy moan softly. The noise sent another jolt to my rigid shaft and even if I couldn’t stroke it right at this moment, I at least had to free it. So I undid the tie on the front of my sweatpants and pulled them down to let my cock free, glancing down to see precum dotting the head as I sat at a red light.

“Mmmm, do that and I might have to reward you. Push you onto the couch before getting on my knees and swallowing your shaft. Take you all the way in … I wondered how you tasted when you were pressed against me.”

Pulling onto the interstate, I licked my lips and groaned. I’d been wondering nearly the same thing, only on my end it was how my shaft would feel surrounded by her warm, moist lips. And illegal bahis siteleri what her tits would look like covered in my release.

I was determined to find out, too.

“Bet you’re hard, aren’t you?” she asked with a little bit of a smirk in her voice, almost like she knew what she was doing to me. I heard her let out a soft moan, telling me she did indeed have a hand down her pants while she was driving. “Can’t wait to grab that shaft and tug on it, jack off thinking of fucking me until you blow?”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” was honestly the only thing I could say at this point.

Lizzy chuckled, her laugh darker than before. It wasn’t a dangerous laugh, just one that told me the right buttons were being pushed. I could tell without seeing her she was wet, and somehow I just knew that as she flew down the interstate, she had one hand working her sweet little clit.

“I would,” she finally said with a sharp gasp. She was getting closer. “I want you lying on your bed tonight, completely naked. I want that shaft throbbing in your hand, I want you spitting on it, making it nice and wet – but not nearly as wet as my pussy would make it. Stroke, stroke, just stroke that fucking cock until you blow your load.

“I want you pasted in your own cum … all because of me.”

I was speechless. I was glad I decided not to touch my throbbing member yet, because if I had, I would’ve likely lost control and swerved a bit. And considering I passed a state trooper on the side of the road at that moment, I was thankful for my restraint – even if it was becoming almost impossible.

“I think I’d like it better if your tits were pasted in my cum,” I managed through a husky voice. Breathing was difficult and I could feel it getting warmer in my car. My body was on fire, all from the mere words she spoke. If it was this intense now, what would the real thing be like?

“Mmmmmm,” I heard her coo. “We might have to try that.”

“What do you mean ‘might’?” I quipped, just in time to hear another soft moan on the other end. This one dragged out a bit, with a sharp increase in pitch at the end, and if sound were any indication, Lizzy was writhing in the seat of her car.

It was almost like something out of a porn movie, and certainly kinkier than anything I’d ever experienced outside a chat room. I’d had my fair share of sex, but nothing anywhere near this raw.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how long I would make it – and I wasn’t even touching myself yet.

I could feel the precum leaking down my shaft as I reached my exit, pulling off to the right with the phone stuck to my ear. Again, I cursed my lack of hands-free set, listening to the moans and sighs on the other end. Lizzy moaned my name once, telling me she had two fingers buried in her warm slit before apparently lowering her phone for me to hear.

I could tell because for about 15 seconds I could hear nothing but soft slurping sounds. One moan was audible in the background, but that wet pussy was all I could hear. My cock jumped in excitement, and I thought I was gonna blow right then.

But I didn’t, and Lizzy brought the phone back to her ear. “Now imagine your cock in there instead of my fingers … I’d push you down onto the bed, get on top and show you a world you could only dream of … mmmmmmmmmmmmm.”

“Flip you over,” I began, my canlı bahis siteleri voice showing obvious signs of struggle as I fought with my arousal – or rather, my inability to act on it at the moment, “fuck your warm snatch, pound that hot little pussy and pull on your hair … you’d like that, wouldn’t you?

“You’d like being my cumslut.”

“Yes I would,” she whispered before another gasp filled my head. She moaned long and low in her throat, the sound building until she let out a yelp. “Oh god! I’m gonna cum!”

Pulling off into a dark parking lot, empty and with no lights, I undid my seat belt and put Lizzy on speaker phone. I groaned with release once I was finally able to wrap my hand fully around my cock, my thumb coated in precum.

“Cum for me, Lizzy … tell me how bad you want it.”

I’d worked my shirt over my head, so when I finally blew, I wouldn’t make a mess all over my clothes. I panted with each furious stroke of my wrist, my ears hanging on every word and moan coming from my phone.

Lizzy never really got to speaking any coherent words; rather, she filled my phone with unintelligible groans and heavy breathing before she screamed in a crescendo, and I could’ve sworn as my hand worked furiously over my shaft that I could hear the contractions in her pussy muscles.

It was one thing to hear Lizzy cum, but I almost felt as if I could feel her orgasm, even as she caught her breath, groaned and begged for me to cum next.

“Cum for me,” she cooed. “Cum for me and you get to lick my fingers clean.”

I licked my lips at the thought of what her juices tasted like, and before I knew it, the moment had finally arrived. I didn’t even get to announce it, but my release finally took over. My thighs quivered and with a groan so loud it surprised even me, my cock shot all its juices. My chest and the steering wheel took the brunt of my load as I came, my body shaking as I slowed my strokes, eventually just sitting in the seat trying to catch my breath.

As my breathing returned to normal, so did my sense of hearing. I heard Lizzy chuckle to herself over the phone before she added a “Mmmmmmmmmmm” to it.

“Bet you made quite the mess,” she said as I turned off speaker phone.

“My poor steering wheel,” I whispered into the phone, still struggling to find oxygen.

“Well,” Lizzy answered in her husky voice, “tomorrow night you can cum all over my tits. When you get off work, come to my place.”

I was again left speechless. Did Lizzy just tell me to go to her place to fuck her? And ask me to cum on those considerable tits, to boot? It took me a moment to realize it was real – one of the side effects of a four-year dry spell – but once I came to, I hastily agreed.

“We’ll have all night, too,” she offered. “But for now, I need to let you go, cause I just got to work.

“Get your rest, okay?”

Before I could answer the line went dead, and I was left by myself in the car with no shirt on and a steering wheel covered in jizz. I grabbed a napkin out of the glove box to clean up the mess before driving the five minutes I had left to get home, where I was sure I would promptly fall asleep.

How could I not after an orgasm that intense?

But when I got home and into bed, I realized I couldn’t sleep; I was too busy thinking of the night ahead, what it would be like to slide into Lizzy’s moist cavern for the first time. Before I knew it, I was hard again, and I tugged one last shot out before finally drifting off to sleep.

The first day of November was going to be one hell of a ride.

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Lenna – English Version

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WARNING: English is NOT my first language – I have learned it in school and practiced it a lot in trading, but this is (even though pornographic) supposed to be literature.

So please bear with me, or, if not, just read something else.

I also need to mention that the story is true, only depicting my personal experience(s).

All the names and/or places may have nothing to do with the reality…


So, it’s been a really beautiful, but somewhat too hot summer day…

Coming back from work, I take a shower, then, since I’ve been missing watching a movie, I decide to get dressed and go at the cinema in the neighborhood and see if it has something to offer…

So, wearing a short sleeved shirt and a pair of summer trousers, I go at the cinema…

Gosh! What the heck is happening?!?

All of a sudden, the temperature goes down, the sky is being clouded as I haven’t seen it in a very long time, then, when I am almost at the entrance of the cinema hall, the sky starts pouring!

No, I’m not exaggerating!

It’s like someone has started pouring buckets of water from the sky, all around!

It only takes seconds before I am completely wet, as if I would have jumped into a pool!

Gosh! This is really scary!

Also, the wind!

Finally, I reach in front of the cinema, where, to my surprise, I find hundreds of people, trying, one way or another, to hide from the pouring rain and the wind, since… the cinema is closed!

I have to mention that that cinema isn’t an usual one.

It has a huge capacity – more than three thousand seats – and, from time to time, it’s being used by Ceausescu for his congresses…

Due to reasons I cannot tell, the secret services have decided that, since a few days later, there will be a political congress here, the movie night is… canceled!

No worries, if you’ve had the bad luck to have bought a ticket, if you take care and check, in probably ten days from now, you’ll have the chance to come back and watch the movie – that one, or another movie!

Who cares? They surely don’t!

Now, as a good citizen, you are simply supposed to go fucking home and… make no comments!…

Well, since it so happens that I do live in the fucking exquisite area, I do have a habit, since childhood, to do not buy a ticket.

Either I find someone who has an extra ticket, so that I buy it from them, either I just give a tip to the guy or lady at the entrance…

Anyway, now, everybody is looking around, trying to find an escape from the rain and the wind, which… just don’t seem to stop!

Suddenly, my eyes focus on a pair of gorgeous tits, with very hardened nipples, under a very thin white laced blouse.

Gosh! What a pair of balconies she’s got!

And the water has made them be so… exposed!

I immediately start looking for the guy accompanying this beautiful pair of tits, but, to my surprise, it’s clear that she’s… alone!

I also sense that her face is not only wet from the rain drops, but from the tears provoked by the comments of some punks, who are joking, in a real loud voice, making the girl feel… embarrassed, to say the least…

It so happens that the punks know me, and I also know them.

They aren’t really bad guys, but, just imagine, a single girl, in front of closed and locked doors, with a pouring rain exposing your tits…

It so happens that I have learned, since very very many years ago, that whistling and making fun of a girl will never give you the chance for some real pussy…

I don’t think too much.

I go, take the young beauty’s hand, kiss it, then ask her, whispering, to try to do not act as if being surprised, then, smiling like at a parade, with her hand in my hand, we leave the premises…

No need to hide from the rain and wind, since they have already trashed our clothes and souls…

I keep on walking, confronting the storm, until I reach inside the hall of the entrance of my block of flats, holding the hand of the lady…

The moment we enter the hall, I stop, let her hand go, then introduce myself.

She’s Lenna.

“Now, Lenna, since those punks won’t be bothering you anymore, you can choose to go at the nearby bus station, or, if it doesn’t seem too awkward to you, I can take you with me upstairs, at my apartment, and let you refresh a little, while waiting for this deluge to stop”…

I cannot tell, even today, after so many years, what has made her burst into tears again, but… I simply grab her by her hand again, and lead her towards the elevator.

The moment we enter my cozy room, I switch on some dim lights, then some good music, then quickly bring a bottle of whiskey and two glasses, then two large towels that I lay on the arm chairs, since we really are wet!…

Now, just a few words about the lady – I’ve never been good at describing women’s features – even today, after soooo many years, in fact, twenty five, I still have no idea about the sizes of my wife’s balconies, or other parts of her beloved body…

I canlı bahis simply ignore this “department”…

She’s slim, reaching, when raised, somewhere to my chin, with a beautiful, but very wet now, black hair, her boobs, as already described, are gorgeous, while her ass and her legs are something to remember…

So, I pour some whiskey in the glasses, say cheers, and we drink it.

“Now, Lenna, if you feel like it, you can go and take a hot shower – the bathroom door does have a locking system, so… no worries!”

I smile at her.

I cannot tell if the cat has eaten her tongue, but she simply raises and goes towards the bathroom, leaving the purse beside her chair.

While she’s gone, I’m wondering how come that she’s not afraid that I would take advantage of her, or something, including the eventuality to steal her money, if she has any…

Or, maybe, just maybe, she’s seen that the luxury of my apartment does not make me fit into a category of guys who may be doing such things…

Coming back from the bathroom, she’s wearing my bathrobe, nonchalantly, if I may say so, with a towel covering her hair…

Gosh! What a family like scene!…

She simply excuses herself of taking advantage of my bathrobe, but… as she mentioned, the clothes she’s been wearing are… really too wet! Almost impossible to get dressed with…

She also mentions that she has found my drying system, so that she’s taken the liberty to put her clothes there, hoping that they will get dry after some time…

Then, she looks at me, inspecting me:

“Now, you look like you should also need a hot shower, not to mention some other clothes”…

No way!

I simply cannot leave this girl alone into my apartment, and get a shower…

It might be paranoia, I agree, but… this won’t happen!

So, I simply tell her that my body is usually so hot, that it will dry my clothes while I’m wearing them…

She looks a little bit bewildered, but… makes no comments.

I just pour some more whiskey into our glasses, and drink.

I’ve forgotten to mention that while she was having her shower, the rain has stopped.

We keep on listening to some music, for an hour or so, until she raises and goes to the bathroom.

In a few minutes, she comes back, fully dressed, and, smiling at me, she asks:

“Now, would it be a huge trouble for you if you accompany me at the nearby bus station?”

I’m a little bit surprised, so I ask:

“Are you leaving so soon?”

She simply shows me the clock on the wall:

“If the cinema would have been open, at about this time, the movie should be finished.

My folks know that I’ve left for the movie, so, I don’t want them to worry”…

“But… you can also make a call, to tell them that you are all right”…

She simply waves her hand…

OK, I take her to the bus station, and wait with her there, until the bus arrives, in less than five minutes…

The idea is that when the cinema hall will be open again, she will come at my place and take me to the movie…

To be very honest, from the way she has avoided to give me her telephone number, or any information about the area where she lives, I suspect that she’s only thanking God that she has escaped in one piece from this “adventure”, and probably forget all about those punks and me…

In fact, maybe it was my mistake, telling her that I happen to know those guys, and, honestly, that they are not as bad as they try to look like…

Since, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have the habit to buy tickets at that cinema, I have simply forgotten to check if it has opened again, or not – those times, they were simply advertising the reopening, with some ads exposed on some large windows at the entrance – no newspaper ads, or something…

So, it’s half past four, in the afternoon, when I hear the door bell ring.

I open the door, and, to my surprise, I see a beautiful brunette, exquisitely dressed, carrying a bag.

It’s Lenna!

I invite her in, thanking God that I am alone, meaning that there is no fuck buddy of mine present, and she hands me the bag, asking me to put the wine and the sweets into the fridge, so that everything will be ready and cool after we come back from the movie.

I go to the kitchen, see that there are two bottles of a really good wine, but white demisweet wine, while I use to drink dark red dry wine, four bottles of Pepsi-cola, which, those days, were really hard to find, a cartoon with some sweets and another cartoon, with something still warm.

I open it – steaks and fried potatoes…

Gosh! With such a treat, we could have gone to a restaurant!

Oh, I’ve forgotten to mention: even the bread rolls are there!…

I must admit that I am a little unbalanced by all this treat, since I’m not really used with girls, or women, coming to my apartment with food – some of them use to bring some beverages – a bottle of good wine, or something…

I bring a bottle of whiskey and two bahis siteleri glasses, pour a bit, since we need to hurry, to go to the cinema…

Now, if you ask me what the movie’s name was, or what the fucking action was about, after so many years, I can simply swear to you that you may even torture me, but I won’t remember…

Fact is that I have very easy found a ticket to buy, and in the cinema hall, we have very easily found two chairs, one beside the other, so that we didn’t have to stay separate during the movie.

Please don’t think that we’ve been staying hand in hand, that she has groped my dick, that I have caressed her hair, or boobs, or things like that, taking advantage of the darkness.

It’s not my style, and it has never been…

Our hands have touched, from time to time, but only casual.

No embracing, or other shit…

Back home, Lenna asks me to let her take care of the food, putting it in the oven to make sure that it’s warm again, while I arrange the table in the kitchen with plates, cutlery, and everything…

I ask her if it’s all right if we eat in the kitchen – she rapidly inspects the place, then “criticizes” me for forgetting the candles…

I smile, open a drawer, take two large shaped candles and the supports, and install them on the table, lighting them…

We start eating, and I simply ask:

“Now, Lenna, why did you do this?”

She smiles:

“It’s simply a way to thank you for saving me when I was in a very real distress”…

“Now, really, you didn’t have to bother, really!”

The only answer is a smile…

After we eat the main meal, and sip some of that demisweet wine, PLUS Pepsi!!

We go into my room, taking the sweets and the wine with us…

I simply thank God that the bottle of whiskey is still on the table…

I look at the clock, and see that it’s already half past ten in the evening, so, with a worried face, I ask Lenna at what time she’s being expected to arrive back home…

She gives me a deep look into my eyes, sips some wine, then some Pepsi, and, finally, after more than a half of a minute, she decides to answer:

“… Err, who has mentioned anything about me, being expected to go back home tonight?”…

Gosh! This changes completely the whole situation!

Should I tell you that I am REALLY delighted?!?

YESSSS! I really am!

“Well, Lenna, if that is the case, what would you say if I put some different music and we dance for a while?”

She nods, affirmatively, so that I put some tape with blues only, then invite her to dance with me…

And… we do dance for a while, meaning a minute or two, until Lenna starts unbuttoning my shirt, kissing my bare chest, flicking her tongue against my nipples, kissing my neck, approaching with her open mouth, to my mouth…

We’re still dancing, but our mouths are busy – for real!

She has eaten, she has drunk her wine, but, still, she seems to be really hungry and thirsty!

I obviously am in the same situation, so that in… let’s say, a half of an hour, we’re both stark naked, but still dancing…

The only problem between us, while dancing, seems to be my throbbing dick, fully hard, shoving towards her belly, smearing it with my abundant precum…

She simply doesn’t care, to say the least, since it seems that my body reaction makes her happy…

The bed is nearby, so that I lead her there, and make her lay on it, while I grab her by her legs, opening them, and… letting my dick start it’s journey inside her wet cunt…

Gosh! The music is great – of course, it’s me the one who has selected the tunes, see how modest I can be?!? – her cunt is great, milking me as a hoover, while her hands are caressing my hair, my back, my ass cheeks…

I keep on stretching her for a while, until she grabs me and forces herself to make me lay on my back, while she stays in the reverse cowgirl position, leading the action…

The orgasms, her whole body is full of perspiration, and the waves of pleasure sent to me by her trembling and shivering while orgasming, almost make me go over the edge…

Still, after more than an hour, she is still working hard…

I ask her:

“Now, baby, when the time comes, where shall it be?”

“You tell me when you are ready! Anyway, not inside me! Not there!”

After asking her, she seems to be working even harder…

I haven’t told her, yet, that if I lay on my back, her chances to make me cum are close to zero, since I really do like the way she’s treating my fucking dick…

I haven’t visited a shrink, so that I cannot tell if my attitude is of a sadist, or just the attitude of a sex starved guy, who really enjoys what he’s receiving from this beauty…

Anyway, by now, my balls are coated with her juices, and I can also feel moisture between my legs, at the crack of my ass…

I simply enjoy it!

Can you blame me?

The moment I decide to free her from her “ordeal” coincides with Donna Summer’s tune “I’d love to love bahis şirketleri you baby”, when I make her roll and lay on her back.

I start pumping her like there is no tomorrow, and, in a minute, while she’s orgasming, again, I simply cannot keep it inside me anymore, so that I pull my dick out and let the seeds spray on her belly…

She simply grabs me by my ass cheeks, making me come closer to her mouth, and… she cleans me with an expert mouth, lips and tongue…

Gosh! If I only knew it!

She refuses to take a shower, using only the napkin that I’ve provided, then she cuddles towards me, with her head on my shoulder, and we take a nap…

It’s almost five o’clock in the morning when I feel two things: one side tells me that I need to pee, while the other signals me that some strange hand is playing with my already throbbing dick…

Finally, it seems that my sexual lust fades my urge to pee…

I crawl a little in the bed, still refusing to open my eyes, when I feel a wetness on the head of my dick…

She’s doing a real good job, with her lips and her tongue, sucking gently from time to time, perfectly synchronized with her hand strokes…

I let her do me for a few minutes, until I feel awake for real, then guide her to sit on her elbows and knees, and start pumping…

It’s really good, in the morning, for my spine, to do such a pleasant exercise…

I cannot tell how much it takes me, before I feel the need to explode – the only thing that I know for sure is that Lenna has already orgasmed four times, and that now she’s embracing the pillow as it would be her lover…

The room is surrounded with silence, the only thing that I can hear being our breaths, her breaths being accelerated from time to time, synchronized with her tremblings and shivers, letting me know that she’s being orgasming…

I’ve learned my lesson, by now, so that, when I’m really close, I withdraw my dick from her cunt and… let her take it into her mouth…

Not only that she gets all my jets, but she also swallows all my jizz, making me feel, I really don’t know why, good!

After she swallows my sperm, she starts licking my dick and balls, plus the crack of my ass, so that I’m wondering why would I need a shower…

The peeing sensation is dead, so that I lay on my back…

Lenna, with the head on my shoulder, while I’m gently caressing her hair, whispers to me that, in a very short time, she needs to go home and prepare herself for going to work…

This reminds me that I’m also supposed to go to work, so that I invite her to have a quick shower together…

She’s clearly not happy at all with the idea that she has to go to work, but, before letting her have other initiatives, I explain to her that I really need to go to work, since I do have a project that I need to follow up…

Anyway, at five o’clock in the afternoon, I meet Lenna at the bus station, and we both come at my place…

At five fifteen, latest, my dick is already pumping her cunt, but not for long, since we both feel that we need to do something different…

This time, she straddles me in the cowgirl position, looking deep into my eyes, while she’s guiding my dick towards the entrance of her ass…

The way she makes her sphincter play with my throbbing dick tells me that she’s not taking it up there for the first time…

She does me good! Real good! And, after a while, breathing desperately, she starts stroking her clit with the fingers of her hand, then, in less than a minute, she orgasms again, letting her body fall on my chest…

I hold her, embrace her, kiss her, then make her turn on her back, putting her legs on my shoulders, and start pumping her fucking ass…

After some minutes, ten or so, I start worrying, since I don’t feel like cumming, and, meanwhile, I don’t want to ruin such a beautiful and willing woman…

Remembering what she’s done the first time, I put my thumb on her clit, and start caressing it.

After less than a minute, she waves my thumb away, taking the initiative…

She orgasms again, this time even harder…

We are full of perspiration, but I haven’t ejaculated yet…

I take off the dick from her fucking ass, excuse myself, go to the bathroom, thoroughly washing my dick, then, finally, peeing…

I cannot tell why, but, for me, at least, it’s quite hard to be erect and pee at the same time…

Back into my room, I straddle Lenna’s chest and give her access to my semi erect dick…

She sucks it like there is no tomorrow, but, still, I don’t feel like cumming…

Good! No problem!

I enter, again, between her legs, this time penetrating her fucking vagina…

She’s orgasming again, while breathing as if someone has cut the oxygen, until I feel that I’m really close to explode…

I go back, up her ass…

Gosh! Her ass feels so wonderful!

Especially when I fill it with my fucking jizz!…

We are both really happy, so that we take a shower together, while I simply ignore the farts that she’s having while washing the sperm out of her ass…

We sip some well deserved whiskey…

At around ten o’clock, in the evening, she simply tells me that she needs to go home…

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Summer’s Dream

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Rex stood looking at his new boat, they were just putting it the water.

“What are you going to name it Daddy?” His daughter of 19 years ask.

“I’m naming it, ‘Summer’s Dream’. What do you think?” he ask. She told him she thought it was great. They left shortly there after, looking at his watch he saw that they had an half hour before dinner. Him and his wife weren’t getting along well. She was always running off to work early or staying late, except on Wednesday’s. She came home at 5. With five minutes to go, they made it home in time.

Dinner was stressful as usual lately. Brandi couldn’t take it anymore today, she went to her room. Rex and his wife went into his Study to talk.

“Beth, we need to take a vacation, we have to work on our marriage.” he said.

“I don’t have time for this right now Rex, The company is in the middle of a hostile take over, and I have to leave on Friday to meet with the people in Boston.” she told him.

“WHAT! We due to leave on our Family Vacation then.” he said.

“I’m sorry, you can still leave I’ll join you on Monday.” she said. He told her Okay.

The next morning he got up late. Still half asleep he walk out into the bathroom and froze, his daughter was taking a shower. He stood there looking at her.

“Hey Daddy, go ahead and use the tolet, I’m going to be awhile.” she said. In a daze he pulled his pants down and Brandi was treated to a view of his enormous hard cock. She went back to her shower, and he watch. He followed her soapy hands running over her wet body.

“Daddy would you hand me that bottle there?” she ask. His foggy brain clear and he gave her the bottle and left quickly.

He sat on his bed and look down to see he was still holding his cock. That made him think about what had happen. He closed his eyes and jerk off, pretending his daughter was sucking his cock. He was on the verge of cumming, when a picture flash in his mind of her laying on the floor with her legs spread. His cock erupted, and his cum wet everywhere. When his shuddering body subsided, guilt set in.

The car was pack and ready and ready to leave. He was just getting in, when his daughter ran out. They stop at the Hotel, and left the bags. Once in the store, he went to pick up his order. Brandi pick up blankets and sheets for the beds, Grabbing the food too. She was on her way to checkout, when she spotted bikinis. Stopping she look thru them. Among them she found a sexy little number, putting it her cart she wet to checkout. At the checkout, the lady told her that the bikini when wet was sheer.

“That’s even better.” she told the clerk.

Loading everything on the boat, ad wet back to the hotel to eat. After eating he ask her if she wanted to go dancing. Later o the dance floor, they dance to fast tunes. When a slow tune came on she ask him to dance one last time. Dancing tightly together, their bodies rubbing together, he was in ecstasy, having her close. Walking back to the Hotel they wee stop.

“Would you allow me to draw you and your wife sir?” a man said. he was getting ready to say something when she stop him.

“That would be wonderful.” she said. They sat for about 10 minutes.

Back in their room she look at the picture and was shock to see she was naked, sitting on his lap. She look at the paper she had pick up when it fell.

“When I notice your husband’s hard bulge in his pants, I thought he would like a picture of you naked.” she read. She left the picture laying on the bed and went to shower. The picture was gone when she came out. canlı bahis

“Your turn.” she said coming out. Trying to sleep she toss and turn for hours, getting up she went to get a drink. Walking by his room she saw that the sheet had been kick off, and his cock was laying on the bed.

Wanting a closer look she went up to the bed. Sitting on the bed she lean over to see better. Her tongue came out and she lick his cockhead.

“What, Brandi, we can’t, it’s incest, it’s wrong.” he said.

“Everybody here thinks I’m your wife, who’s going to know. I’m not telling.” she said. ‘That doesn’t matter, your my daughter.” he said.

“Yes, I’m your daughter, and I want to suck your cock, and I want you inside me.” she told him.

She walk around the room naked, laying on the bed she spread her legs giving him a view of her pussy. When she walk up to him to hug him he close his eyes.

“Baby you have to stop, it’s been a long time for. Have mercy Honey.” he told her. She kiss his forehead and went to dress. They check out of the Hotel and went to the boat. They sail along the coast, stopping at a private cove to have lunch. In the afternoon she decided to sun bathe. Up on deck she went looking for her Dad.

“Daddy come swimming with me?” she ask. They swam for an hour.

“We have to go.” he told her. He pull his self up and turning to help her up, he saw that her suit was nothing. He could see her big, dark, round nipples. As his eyes travel down he saw her hairy pussy. His eyes followed her as she walk away.

“Daddy put some sun screen on me please.” she ask.

She layed on her back and he pour some on his hand. rubbing it in at her shoulders. He slowly work his way down her body, when he reach her ass cheeks. Brandi pull her suit down.

“Get it every where I don’t want to get burn.” she said. His cock was rock hard, and he needed relief soon. Finishing what he was doing he went below and jerk off. He started the boat and sail to the port where they would pick up Beth. They needed this time to work on their marriage. He was waiting to come into the harbor, when his cell phone rang.

“Hello, Yes, What do you mean you can’t make it, I told you that you had better be here. Your sleeping with him, why you Bitch, you slut ass whore, forget you, and forget our marriage it’s over.” he said.

Looking over to see Brandi was still on the deck, and hadn’t heard what he’d said. He pulled away and drop achkor in a secluded cove. Sitting in his chair, he look at his loving daughter, his cock was getting hard again. Stroking his cock.

“Brandi, would you come here please?” he call to her. He watch her get up leaving her suit undone. He pull his hand away.

“Your mother called and said she wasn’t coming out. And she is leaving us for Bill.” he said, his eyes looking at her titties.

“Oh yuck, That’s almost as bad as the day I walk into her office and caught them fucking on her desk, last month.” she told him.

“Lets go below I’m giving in, and if you to suck my cock, I want you to.” he said.

“Why not here on deck?” she ask.

“Maybe later if you want to.” he said. She smile, her persistent was paying off. She went down the steps and he followed, she stops and turns around.

“Are you sure Daddy? I don’t want to get started, then you pull away from me.” she ask.

“I’m very sure, I’ve been fighting this for sometime. With your mother and I not doing it in the last six months, I’ve been jerking off more, and more to the idea of you sucking my cock.” he told her. bahis siteleri She step away from the last step and waited for him to sat down on the bed. As she walk over to him, she took off her bathing suit.

“Oh God Baby, your so beautiful.” he told her. She push his shoulders back, and he layed back. She crawled up his legs, nudging them apart she layed down with her face at his crotch. She lick his cockhead.

“Mmmmm, good.” she said. She kiss his inner thigh, using her tongue she lick circles, and figure eights, licking her way to his balls. His erection stood up, making it easy to lick, and suck on his balls.

“Aaaaaagggghhhh!!!! God Baby that feels so fucking good. Suck my balls Baby. OOOOOOOO, yes that’s it.” he groaned. She move away from his balls and lick her way up his cock. Not touching his cockhead, she gave his cock, and balls a wonderful tongue bath. Taking her time she waited for him to tell her he wanted his cock suck.


She took his cock in her mouth and push till he was at the back of her throat. He put his hands in her hair, holding her face.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!” he grunted. Slowly she move her mouth up and down on his cock. He held her face and stop her, and he move his cock in her mouth. With each move forward he move deeper down her throat. She felt his body stiffen, and she knew he was on the verge of cumming. She pulled his ass closer to buried his cock deep in her throat.

“OH GOD BABY, I’M CUMMMMMINGGGG!!!” he screamed.`Waiting for his shuddering body to subside, he watch her lay down next to him.

He roll over to his side.

“Brandi I’ve never had an orgasm that intense or as earth shattering. Now I want to give you what you just gave me. Put your head up to the headboard.” he said. He sat up, lifting her leg and placing it on his shoulders. He scooted over and she place her other leg on him too. Holding her ass he pushes his face into her pussy. using his long nose he rubs her her little nub, as his tongue licks and fucks her pussy hole. Working his tongue in and out, he slips a finger up her asshole too.

“OH YES DADDY I LOVE IT SUCK ME SUCK YOUR LITTLE GIRL, YES THAT’S IT, OH GOD YES SUCK ME.” she cried out shaking her head back and forth on the bed. Pulling her closer he buries his tongue inside.

“OH GOD DADDY, I’M GOING TO CUM, OOOOHHH, YES, HERE I CUM.” she screams. He climbs up and lays next to her pulling her closer, holding her till her shaking body stop.

Back on deck, they sat talking.

“What happens when we get back?’ she asks.

” Your mom and I are going our separate ways. Your choice will be who you stay with.” he told her.

“If I stay with you, can we still have sex with each other?” she ask.

“If you decide to stay with me, Baby you wont leave my bed for any other.” he said.

“I’m staying with you.” she told him. He looked at her, he saw the smoldering look in her eyes, he could feel his cock throbbing. Wanting to inside her again.

“Lets got in the water.” he said. She followed him into the water.

“Come with me.” he told her. They went on the beach, finding a secluded spot he told her to get on her hands and knees. With his knees in the sand, he spread her ass cheeks and push his cock in. He reach under her and squeezed her titties.

“Finger your pussy for me Baby.” he said. Holding her tits he plunge his cock in over and over again. He pull out and plunge into her pussy. She met him stroke bahis şirketleri for stroke. Their bodies were in ecstasy. He was pounding her pussy, nailing her body into the sand. He knew that the position she was in, she could get pregnant easyer. That thought alone, sent him over the edge.


Back home now they haven’t gotten together much. She hope that tonight that he would let her in his bed. The last three weeks have been rough. Mom move her stuff out. And now there is an empty room, When he left for wok this morning she redid the room and order a new bed. She move some of her nighties into the room. And got matching silk robes for her and him. She gave him a kiss when he came home.

“I have a surprise for you I hope you like it.” she told him. She took him upstairs.

” now close your eyes. good now you can open them.” she told him.

“Oh Baby you’ve wipe her out of this room completely.” he said. Walking around the room he saw that she had some of her things already in the drawers. That was good, she still wanted him. With his back to her he unzip his pants and pull out his cock. Stroking it.

“Go find the big picture of your mother and bring it up here.” he told her. She did as he ask.

“Here it is where do you want it?” she ask.

“Close your eyes. Good now come with me. Stand there for a minute.” he said. He place the picture leaning on the dresser.

“Now turn facing this way. Good now I want you to pretend your mother’s there, mmmm, you can open your eyes.” he said.

She saw the picture leaning there. He stood behind her.

“That’s right my dear slut of a wife, see how you much our little girl has grown, it’s she the most beautiful lady you’ve ever seen. Her titties are ripe, and oh they taste so good, and her pussy is the tightest hole I’ve ever fuck, not like yours. And her mouth, mmmm, she can suck my cock better than you ever could. Come here baby and suck Daddy’s cock, show your slut mother how good you can take care of me. oh good, yes suck me baby, suck Daddy’s cock, ooooooo, yes, take your mouth off baby I’m going to cum.” he said. He shot his cum all over the picture, then he took a knife to it and cut it up.

“Thank you baby for that.” he said.

“I kinda enjoyed that Daddy.” she told him. He told her he’d be back in a minute, and left the room.

“We have company, Baby I want you to go down stairs and bring him up here.” he said. She went down and open the door to find her the man who lives next door. His wife’s out of town for the weekend.

” Come in Daddy said for you to come up.” she told him. Locking the door she took him upstairs.

“Come in, come in Eddie.” he said. Eddie came in and stood at the foot of the bed.

” Come up here and sit on Daddy’s cock Baby, While Eddie watches. She slip her pussy onto his cock and Eddie watch her ass bouncing up and down. His cock was getting hard and he fish it out. When She saw Eddies cock she gasp.

“Oh wow Daddy he’s huge bigger than you.” she said.

“Yes I know baby. Would you like to ride Eddies cock Baby?’ he ask.

“Oh yes please Daddy can I?’ she ask.

“Eddie would you like her on top riding your cock?” he ask him. Eddie nodded his head yes. She ease down on his monstrous cock, and Eddie took her mouth in a mind blowing kiss, with their lips still kissing. She felt her Daddy’s cock slamming into her ass. Daddy pounded her asshole, not stopping till the three of them climax together. Just before Eddie went home She suck his cock, licking the last drop of cum. Her Daddy told him he was welcome to come over anytime his wife was out of town as long as he told no one what happen here tonight.

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Lee’s Birthday

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*Readers Note: Hello again! Thank you to everyone by the way who sent me an email giving me criticism or even just compliments! I have been extremely busy with work, studying, and life in general, so it is a bit hard to find time to write these but here I am! As always, I am completely open to constructive criticism so feel free to send me some! Thanks for reading!*



“You know, I feel bad not getting you anything.”

“Why? I just want time with you I don’t need anything.”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want anything.”

Lee was so weird about gifts. He would always get me something for my birthday, even when I begged him not to. So I felt awful when he told me that he didn’t want me to get him anything this year.

“I want you. That’s it. You’ve been so busy lately and I never see you.”

He was right. I had been getting everything ready for my first demonstration. Since I was at the top of my class, the head surgeon decided it would be a good idea for me to show the new residency students the basics of a knee replacement. I was nervous as hell and I wanted everything to go perfectly. So, I had been reading up and studying every possible complication that can occur during surgery and how to fix it. I would be at the school for hours studying and reading. Drawing diagrams, making notes, and highlighting into the late hours of the night. By the time I got home, it would almost be time for me to go back to school and start my day all over again. And I would be up, showered, and gone before he even thought about getting up for work at 7:00 AM.

This morning was the first time I had really seen him in days. And it was the day of my demonstration. The head surgeon told me that since I had been working so hard to make everything go so smoothly, (as he had literally caught me asleep in the study lounge with a pencil in hand several times) he thought it would be a good idea if I just took the day off afterward. Since it was Lee’s birthday and I had some prepping to do, I took him up on his offer.

“At least let me make you dinner.”

Lee let out a slightly annoyed sigh.

“Fine. But nothing too fancy.”

I lit up with excitement. I love to cook and at least I was able to do something for his birthday.

“What would you like? I’ll make whatever you want.”

Lee rolled his eyes at me.

“I don’t care just make anything. You know I’ll eat it.”

This was true, Lee loves my cooking. But I wanted tonight to be at least a little bit special.

“Ugh. Just tell me what you want. You don’t have to be such a hardass.”

Exasperated, I rolled my eyes at him and walked toward the kitchen. I was a little annoyed that it was so hard for him to just let me do something special for him.

Lee followed me into the kitchen. As I opened the fridge to grab my lunch he wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his chin gently on my right shoulder.

“Ok. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be a hardass I just miss you. You know I hate sharing you, even just with school. I really do just want time with you.”

I turned around and he put his hands on the counter behind me, trapping me there and leaning toward me. His gaze met mine and we weren’t even inches apart. I cupped his face gently and whispered against his lips,

“Apology accepted. Now what would you like for dinner birthday boy?”

A grin quickly spread across his lips. He moved his hands from the counter to my hips and he whispered back,


I giggled.

“Yes, yes besides that. What would you like to eat?”

He smirked again, wider this time.


I rolled my eyes and asked him,

“How does pepperoni pizza sound? With extra sauce just how you like it?”

“Sounds delicious, but I like my idea better. You’re a lot more appetizing than pizza.”

I giggled and leaned in. He met me halfway but to his surprise I bit his lip for a quick moment and let it snap back. He let out a low groan.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish. You wouldn’t want to be late for your demonstration.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

I grabbed my keys, my lunch, my bookbag, and headed out the door. Before I left I stopped and looked at him.

Lee was extremely handsome. He was tall with lustrous dark brown eyes, thick dark brown hair, and a trimmed jawline. He had strong hands and a well trimmed body as he worked out during his free time. The only thing he was wearing was a pair of black boxers. He was quite an impressive sight. I looked his body up and down, and a feeling of desire started to overtake me. I hadn’t noticed that he was hard until now- and it took every ounce of self control to not drop all of my stuff, tackle him to the floor, and wrap my mouth around his cock right then and there.

He noticed I was staring and slyly walked over to me with a grin on his face. Now inches away from me, he ran his fingertips down my arms. His touch sent chills down my spine. Everything I had in my hands fell to the floor- like magic.

He pressed canlı bahis his hips against mine and raised a playful eyebrow at me. I could feel him oozing precum through his underwear.

“You’re gonna get precum on my scrubs.”

“Is that really what’s on your mind right now?”

I looked down and blushed. He knew I was trying to distract myself from the fact that he was pressing his hard cock against me and he was having none of it.

I reached into his underwear and planted soft kisses on his chest. I could hear him smile as he gently caressed the back of my head, and kissed my forehead. I began to stroke him slowly, first starting at the tip and sliding the precum all over his cock- using it as lube. I focused more toward the tip and he let out a quiet groan. I then slid my other hand in his underwear and started using both hands to stroke him.

It drove him wild. As I was stroking him, I began to leave small love bites all over his chest, forming small hickeys. I smirked as the combination of the bites and both of my hands on his cock had gotten him close to cumming already.


Lee bit his lip as he looked down and saw both of my hands on his cock. He then looked me in the eyes and gave me a smoldering look. He grabbed my hips and gently kissed my neck. I enjoyed it a little too much and almost gave in. I wanted nothing more at that moment than to take all of my clothes off and let him fuck me against the wall. I wanted to feel his hard cock deep inside me, ramming into me with each stroke. My pussy was begging for it and the ache was almost unbearable, but I kept my composure. Lee leaned up against me and whispered in my ear,

“I’m gonna cum. Get on your knees.”

It took every ounce of my self control to not be obedient and let every drop of his delicious cum shoot down my throat. But just as I had timed it, my phone alarm went off. Signaling that it was time for me to go. I smiled a huge cheesy grin and looked him in his eyes and said,

“I need to go.”

Lee gave me a shocked and desperate look. However, as he realized the game I just played, the look turned into one of extreme annoyance and impatience.

I picked up my bookbag, my keys, and my lunchbox, and started to turn toward the door. Just as I thought I had gotten away with it, Lee grabbed me by my waist and pulled me up against him. I could feel his cock pressing up against my ass. He bit the back of my shoulder and I couldn’t help but let out a small moan.

“You know I’m not a very patient man.”

I smiled. Lee began to slide his hands up my body and placed his index finger on my bottom lip as he delicately wrapped his large fingers around my chin. I opened my mouth and he slid his finger inside it. I gave him a playful but hard bite and he quickly removed his finger from my mouth. I whipped around and gave him a playful grin.

“Unfortunately for you, it looks like you’ll have to be for now. I have to go. It’s not optional.”

Lee gave me a frustrated eyeroll. Then gave me a look full of a mix of extreme desire, annoyance, and exasperation. He took a step back and came to terms with the fact that unfortunately, he would have to wait. He kissed my forehead and stepped back to pull his boxers up.

“Okay, okay fine. But you’re finishing this tonight, fucking brat.”

He yet again raised another playful eyebrow and smiled at me.

“I plan to.”

With that, I headed out the door, threw my stuff in my car, and drove off.

By the time I had gotten to the hospital I was more than flustered. I still had an extremely long day ahead of me before I could even think about getting home, and all I could think about was Lee. I could feel how wet I was through my underwear and I was just praying that it wouldn’t soak through. I definitely missed Lee these past few days and his touch always makes me unimaginably horny. Everything about him turns me on. Not even just the way he looks. It was his personality, his voice, even the smallest things like the way he runs his fingers through his hair. I was so hot for him. And the fact that he was hot for me too in the exact same ways made our passion for each other indescribable. We were both desperately in love, and lust.

I walked in and went to the surgical wing of the hospital to meet the head surgeon. When he saw me he gave me an odd smile.

“Are you nervous?”

“No not at all. I am actually extremely confident that this will go quicker than anticipated. Why?”

“You’re flushed. So I just assumed you were nervous. No matter! If you think that this will go quicker than expected there is no reason to wait. Are you sure you’re ready?”


“Let’s get you scrubbed up then.”

Little did he know the reason I was flushed was because by now I am sure I would need a new pair of underwear by the end of the surgery. Lee was occupying most of my thoughts. And every single time he crossed my mind I was spread against a wall, bent over a couch, laid on a bed etc. And I could barely contain myself. However I had to force those thoughts bahis siteleri aside for now or else I wouldn’t be able to focus. I took a deep breath, rolled up my sleeves, and went to go get scrubbed up.


Finally. The surgery was over. The patient was doing extremely well and the head surgeon was impressed. I even cut the expected time by twenty minutes. Before I left the head surgeon congratulated me on my demonstration.

“You did extremely well. I am thoroughly impressed. You didn’t even so much as throw me a glance of confusion or doubt. Your execution was perfect and even your interaction with the younger residency students was impressive.”

“Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Though I will say I have a great teacher.”

The head surgeon smiled.

“I agree.”

He chuckled.

“Now you should go and get some rest. You most definitely deserve it.”

“Thank you so much I will!”

Rest was the last thing on my mind. In spite of getting very little sleep for the past week I was wide awake and extremely excited for tonight.

I got to the store and started picking up everything I needed: pizza dough, four cans of sauce, pepperoni, etc. I just needed a couple more things. I headed to the dried herbs and spices isle. I stopped and stared at the Italian seasoning mix and zoned out for a moment. I started thinking about this morning. I couldn’t get the image of Lee being inches away from me out of my mind.

The feeling of Lee’s lips on mine was intoxicating. And I was getting tipsy just thinking about it. His kisses could be so soft but so passionate. The way he would intertwine his mouth with mine while he slid his hands down my back sent chills down my spine. It made me wonder what this morning could’ve been like had I not had to promptly leave for my demonstration.

I would’ve happily gotten on my knees and wrapped my lips around his cock. Looking straight up into his eyes, I would’ve slid his entire cock down my throat letting the drool from my mouth slide all the way down to his balls.

Before I could even think about his warm cum shooting into my mouth, my thoughts were rudely interrupted by a small pinch on my ass. Annoyed, I snapped out of my thoughts.

“Hey fuck off I have a boyfriend!”

I spun around and to my utter surprise, standing there with a cheeky grin on his face, was Lee.

“I hope you’re talking about me.”

I giggled.

“Dammit you better be careful! You were about two seconds away from a punch in the face!”

“Sorry I couldn’t help myself. I saw you walk in so I followed you over here after I grabbed this.”

Lee held up a bottle of red wine. I chuckled.

“Is that why you’re here? Did you leave early?”

“Yeah I just wanted to grab this because I knew I wouldn’t want to after work. I’m on my lunch.”

Suddenly Lee put his free hand on the small of my back and pushed me closer to him. I looked up at him and he had a serious, lustful look in his dark eyes. He leaned down to whisper in my ear,

“You don’t think you’re going to get away with that stunt you pulled this morning do you?”

“I sure hope not. That’d be no fun.”

Lee chuckled. He leaned in to kiss me and I put my index finger up to his lips. He stopped and gave me a deep gaze.


“Not here. We are in the middle of the grocery store.”

Lee rolled his eyes at me and gave me an annoyed sigh.

“Since when are you so prude?”

“Hey I’m not prude! I just don’t feel like getting arrested for public nudity in a grocery store.”

Lee pushed me gently with his hips so my back was up against the wall of spices. I could feel that he was rock hard and it once again took every ounce of self control I had, to not do something that I might get arrested for.

Lee half whispered half growled against my lips,

“Forgive me but my patience is wearing a bit thin.”

I wanted to drop my basket full of items, grab him, and crash my lips against his. I desperately missed his touch. The feeling of his warm hands on my body turned me on. I couldn’t help it. I bucked my hips just a bit against his and he sucked in a breath of air through his teeth. I moved my had away from his mouth and placed it gently on the side of his face.

“Not here. You know I want to just as bad as you do. But we both have to wait. Plus you’ll be late for work if you don’t leave soon.”

Lee nuzzled his face into the palm of my hand and let out an exasperated and disappointed sigh.

“I know.”

I kissed his forehead and gave him a quick peck on the lips. They were so inviting I had to stop myself from wanting more.

“I’ll see you at home. I love you.”

With that I turned around to leave, thankful that I would be leaving the store before I lost my sense of self control. I took about five steps and suddenly felt someone grab me by the arm. Shocked, I gasped and they quickly turned me around and pulled me toward them. It was Lee. Before I could say anything he pressed his lips against mine and kissed me.

The bahis şirketleri kiss was full of lust and need. There was no part of him that didn’t want to bend me over right then and there and fuck me in the middle of the isle. At this point I was shaking from excitement and Lee noticed. He gently pushed his hips against mine and murmured in a low, deep voice,

“I can take the rest of the day off.”

I murmured back,

“No, I can’t let you do that.”

“I want to.”

“I know you do.”

Lee lifted my gently shaking hand and locked our fingers together. I kissed the intersection between our fingers. I let out a deep sigh and attempted to regain my composure. I whispered against his chest,

“You need to go. You’re going to be late.”

“One of the things I’ve always admired about you is your self control. I have no idea how you do it.”

“It isn’t easy. Especially with you. Now go before I lose every bit of it.”

Lee chuckled.

“Alright, alright fine. I’ll go. I can’t wait to see you tonight. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

We both walked to the checkout and paid for our items in hand. We walked outside and thankfully went our separate ways for now. I was glad. I don’t think I could handle another heavy interaction with him like that again. I wouldn’t have been able to resist.

When I got home I quickly got undressed, showered, moisturized and put on some sweats and a t shirt. I realized that Lee wouldn’t be home until six. It was only two and it wouldn’t take me four hours to make the pizza. I figured I may as well nap until four so I could have plenty of time to cook the sauce and make the pizza.

I went upstairs, got undressed and lied down. I didn’t realize how tired I was until my head hit the cool pillow. I immediately fell asleep.

Lee walked in while I was asleep. I could hear him open the door but I was too tired to get up. I hugged the warm pillow beneath my head. A moment passed. Just as I thought I was about to fall back asleep, I was startled by a hand gently touching my back. I knew it was Lee. The warm hand left my back and I groaned. I was naked and my body missed the warm touch. I eventually turned over and pulled the covers over my body. I opened my eyes to meet his gaze.

Lee was looking at me in longing. I could tell what had been on his mind all day and that he wouldn’t be patient for much longer. I opened my mouth to say something but Lee took that opportunity to bend down and pressed his lips against mine. The kiss was extremely heavy and I could feel the need coming from Lee through his lips. He swiftly moved to get on top of me and started to slide the covers off of my naked body. I stopped him and he reluctantly complied. I smirked into the kiss then bit his lip and he instantly knew what I wanted.

He sat up for a moment still looking down at me with an intense stare. I usually was never shy with him but something about that look gave me chills. I blushed and looked away. Lee chuckled softly and leaned back down after throwing his shirt off to the side. He went straight for my neck and trailed gentle kisses from the side of my neck all the way down to my collar bone. I giggled and reached for Lee’s belt to level the playing field.

I sat up, making sure the duvet still covered my body, and undid his belt. I unzipped his pants and slid them down and he took them off. Finally I saw those black boxers again. This time, with more precum leaking out of them. Feeling playful, I dropped the blanket and placed my hands on Lee’s hips and licked over the spot oozing precum. Lee sucked in air through his teeth and I could feel him looking down at me. So I looked up and licked over the same spot again. This time, pressing my tongue harder against his hard cock and taking my time. I could feel Lee starting to shake and I thought he would cum right there. I slid his boxers down and eyed his large cock for a moment.

It was massive and the tip was covered in precum. I looked up at him and he looked back- flushed. I smirked and slid his entire cock down my throat at once. Then I slowly slid it back out and sucked the precum off of his tip just before it left my mouth. Just as I was about to wrap my hands around it, Lee aggressively pinned me down to the bed and bit my neck. I gasped out of at first shock, then pleasure. He slid his warm hands down my body and I shivered. He reached my navel but I wasn’t about to let him finger me if I couldn’t have the pleasure of fully sucking his cock first. So I slid from beneath him and straddled him all in one move.

He was shocked- I could tell by his face. I had never done that before and I was always very submissive. I giggled and before he could put me back underneath him, I grabbed his cock and slid it inside of me. Lee let out a deep sigh of relief. I leaned down and brushed my lips against his before kissing him. He sat up and put his hands on my ass and I started bouncing up and down on his cock. He leaned back against the headboard and bit his lip. I placed my hands on his shoulders for support and watched as Lee’s eyes rolled to the back of his head in pleasure. I could feel him getting closer and closer to cumming. The feeling of his cock throbbing inside my pussy drove me wild and I was close to cumming too.

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Samantha’s Christmas with Daddy

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My daughter Samantha messaged me that she was just pulling off Highway 12 onto Perkins side road. I put on a pot of coffee and threw another log on the fire. I had spent three days at the cabin prepping for our Christmas together. I dragged the old box of decorations out of the tool shed and chopped and trimmed a scotch pine… a bit of a Charlie Brown effort.

I admit to downing a few too many scotch and sodas as I readied the place but it was certainly homesy, certainly me. Samantha and I had not spent a Christmas up here since my wife Darlene passed. It was too painful for either of us. This spring, however, Sam got married and I wanted to revive the family tradition and include her husband. Our fondest times and memories were linked with Christmas at this cabin. Someday, I dreamed, my grandkids would be joining us as well. I could picture them bursting in wrapped in scarves, mits, gloves and kicking off snow boots, as excited to be at Lake Taronga as Samantha had always been.

I vowed to get closer to David, Samantha’s husband, this weekend. To date we had eyed each other with suspicion. I think he was jealous of the relationship Samantha and I had always shared. And, to be fair, I resented that he took my baby girl away from home. I heard their Bronco crunch up the winding driveway and a few minutes later, Sam backed through the door completely loaded down with a bag slung over each shoulder and her arms full of parcels.

“Here’s my baby girl.” I crossed over to her and relieved her of her luggage loading her boxes and shopping onto the harvest table. She was silent. She had that famous Samantha tight lipped expression which always indicated that she was seething.

“Oh, oh” I quipped. “Looks like a rough car trip. Were you two squabbling the entire way? Don’t let it spoil the weekend honey. It’s Christmas. Let it go.”

Samantha remained tight lipped. She ripped off her winter jacket and threw it on the couch. She grabbed three of the Christmas presents that she had just lugged into the cabin, strode mechanically across the room and tossed them one by one into the fire. She watched them burn and I said nothing. I know my daughter well enough to give her time, time and space. I studied her back as she stared into the fire: anger, sorrow, resentment.

“Oh Daddy, David’s not here. He isn’t coming.” As she spoke she whirled and ran into my arms. She broke into deep sobs as she buried her face in my chest.”He… he’s having an affair. He is spending Christmas with her. He confessed everything to me two days ago. I refuse to see him again, ever. He’s a bastard and a fucking prick and a complete asshole. Oh Daddy.” As she cried he body molded pendik escort into me. Her splendid tits, so reminiscent of her mother’s rubbed up and down against my chest and her pubic mound pressed into my crotch. Long suppressed desires shot instantly from my guts, to my nuts and into my swelling prick.

My wife Darlene had been sick for three years before she died so that masturbation was my only sexual release. And, throughout those years Samantha had pranced about the house often only in panties and a bra, often wrapped only in a towel, often in skimpy cut offs or yoga pants. We also spent hours cuddling and wrapped in each other’s arms for consolation. I have no idea how I resisted the urge and the call of her compact young body. I suspect it was for love of my wife who lay only steps away in our bedroom. The closest we came to making out were mock tickling and wrestling matches which we sometimes engaged in. Often I sported an erection as we got into these bouts but neither of us ever mentioned it. We each knew, however, that the other was conscious of my aroused cock. Our tickling also got closer and closer to each other’s privates, brushing pubic hair, sliding under a breast, glancing over my shaft. I always felt shame after these encounters but still would jerk off ferociously after each session.

I felt that same shame now. Now that Sam cried in my arms and my cock grew laying hard and swollen against my daughter’s tummy. She could not miss my erection and may have even pressed herself more tightly into me. She did eventually break off the hug and announced. “I’m getting us both a drink, Dad. And, we are going to get pissed. I deserve it. You deserve it. We deserve it. I sat in my easy chair staring at the fire. My prick remained stiff as a broom handle.

I stayed silent, Samantha would tell the tale in her own time and in her own way. The only time Sam ever got mad at Darlene was when my wife would ply her with questions. I learned long ago to let the girl vent and then her entire tale would unravel. Samantha brought two drinks over to my chair. She paced them on the side table and sat on my lap. Something she had not done since she and David got serious. She snuggled into my chest and played with my shirt collar. My raging hard-on pressed into her taut ass. She looked whimsically at the framed photo of her mother which also sat on the end table..

“Sometimes, I feel like I’m looking into a mirror when I see her.”

“You are Sammy. She was your age when I met her. Same red hair curled in a thick lion’s mane. Same green eyes. Same build exactly… exactly,” I thought about Darlene’s chiselled ass and spectacular conical tits and knew precisely escort pendik what Smantha looked like naked.

“I thought David and I would have a life like you and mom shared. I tried to model it after you guys. When I was little I’d hear you two going at it like rabbits in your bedroom. Don’t deny it. At first I thought you were hurting mommy. You two were so sexual with each other, weren’t you daddy? I often caught the pair of you fucking or worse. Then I learned to hide and enjoy the whole show.” I reddened and was about to speak when she placed a hand over my mouth. “Admit it. You were always boffing each other…”

“Well we were highly sexed people Samantha, who were very much in love..” My cock twitched as we spoke of sex and I felt the weight of her firm ass press down upon it.

“Well, David and I fucked almost every night sometimes twice a night when we got married. I wanted what you two had. I gave him handjobs and blowjobs and anal sex… still… still he sought out that fucking cunt at work. He’s with her now…fucking…fucking her now. Spending Christmas with that bitch. I want to go out and spread my legs from wall to wall and get fucked by everyone we know, everyone of his friends. I want him to hear about it I …I him to watch it.” Again she started to cry into my chest. I stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head.

For two months, daddy, he hasn’t fucked me for two months. Hasn’t laid a hand on me. That’s how I know how long they have been screwing each other. Two fucking months and he throws me over for her. And…and she’s ten years older than me, eight years older than David.” I let her run out of steam and cry it all out. She played with my top shirt button, doing and undoing it as she snivelled.

She got up several times to replenish our drinks always railing about David and the whore at work. Her rant swung from tears to rage and back to tears again. Eventually, we were both tipsy and stared into the embers of the fire. Then, Samantha threw her arms around my neck and kissed me hard on the lips, groaning as she did so. I tried to pull back but she ground her mouth against mine. I relented and inspite of the taboo I cradled her neck in my hand and began to make love to her mouth. Our tongues found each other and we sank into a deep lover’s kiss.

Between pants and moans she breathed. “Daddy, make me feel desired… Make me feel wanted…make me feel seductive…Make love to me daddy.” She wore a loose shaggy, ski lodge sweater. She took my right hand by the wrist and slid my palm up her stomach,

Until I felt the electrifying contact with firm breast. Instinctively I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger pendik escort bayan and kneaded the flesh of her tit. My head swam at the awe of fondling my daughter’s breast. She responded by sucking on my tongue ardently. She shifted my fondling hand to the other breast.

Samantha felt the occasional reticence on my part, a half pulling away, a less intrusive invasion of my tongue,moments of realization that I was doing this with my daughter…My daughter who was on the rebound. She reacted by increasing her lust and rolling her ass against my straining cock. “Fuck me, Daddy…Fuck me… I want you to Fuck me… Stick your cock into me… I want you to do it…I need you to fuck me.”

“But baby, it’s not right. It’s incest…” I whispered.

“What’s not right is what he and that slut are up to. I decided that you would fuck me as I drove up here. I’ve wanted you to fuck me for years but I didn’t have the nerve. I’d tease you relentlessly but neither of us would take the final jump into the abyss. Well, now I want it. I only wish David were here to watch it.”

Samantha twisted about on my lap and straddled me in the chair. She pulled the loose sweater over her head and her defiant tits bouned freely before my eyes. They were the image of her mother’s with a light dusting of freckles and a puffy areolae. The nipples themselves were long and extended. I began to suck on first one then the other as she cradled my head like a babe. Meanwhile her pussy rode back and forth along my swollen cock. The taboo nature of our actions inflamed rather than doused my lust.

Samantha stood and peeled off her stretch pants. She unzipped my fly and yanked my trousers down. “Get your shirt off Daddy. I want us naked for our first fuck.” We tossed all our clothing in heaps on the floor and Samantha once again straddled my thighs. She reached between her legs with both hans and splayed her cunt wide. “Put it in, Daddy. You put it in. Stick your cock in your daughter’s cunt.”

I was a slave to her passion. I probed about her cunt till I found her sensitive opening and as I thrust up she slammed herself down, ramming my prick inside her upto the pubic bone. She threw back her head and moaned. Then, together we began to fuck. Harsh. Fierce. Animal fucking. We cursed. We prayed. We begged. When we came we thrashed about with long gut wrenching spasms. For a full minute we drove each other. Then we collapsed. Her flopped over me.

I kept my flaccid cock inside her as we recovered.

That night Samantha and I slept together. The alcohol and the unbridled sex made us comatose in each other’s arms. I was awoken by her mouth warm and sucking on my extended cock. That weekend we rewrote the Kama Sutra together, taxing both of our imaginations in our depraved sex.

It was a Christmas which marked and stamped our insatiable hunger for incestuous sex…A hunger which we never sated…

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Sam and Jake

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Big Tits

Sam and Jake

Jake was a normal teenage boy. He’d just turned 18 and pretty much everything caused him to think of sex. If he wasn’t thinking of sex, he was on his way to it. He jerked off a fair amount because it was fun and he could. He was usually left to his own devices when at home, and so had time to experiment with anything that turned him on…which was most anything. This week his Mom had been home from work on vacation, so his windows of opportunity to play outside of his room were almost non-existent.

Jake was a good looking kid – ‘man’, he thought to himself – and while he wasn’t a jock, he thought that he had a good combo of muscles and height to attract women. Put that with sandy blond hair, a cheerful smile and good attitude, he was a real catch. At least that’s what he told himself. His Mom agreed, and of course all Moms were unbiased, so it had to be true.

Jake was at this moment thinking of Susan, the girl he liked at school, stroking his dick while laying in bed. She was probably the hottest girl at school, which was a healthy part of why he liked her, but she seemed nice. He’d never talked to her of course, but talking was overrated. Speaking of hot, his bedroom was stifling. It was on the second floor where the heat seemed to collect any time it was hot. Stroking himself when sticky with sweat was not that fun, and he didn’t have any lube so while his dick was hard, the wank session wasn’t really working for him.

He gave up and put his swimsuit on. Better to get in the pool and swim some laps to cool off than frustrate himself with a substandard orgasm. Walking downstairs he looked for Sam, his Mom. She usually puttered around in the afternoon when she was off, but he couldn’t see her anywhere. She’d probably gone out to run some errands. He smiled. That meant he had the whole house to himself.

Walking out the patio doors, he pushed his swim shorts down to his ankles and flipped them away with one foot. Skinny dipping was something he had recently discovered. Feeling the water caress his dick and balls as he swam was so refreshing and freeing he doubted it would ever get old.

The water was so cool as he dove in that it took his thoughts completely away from the frustrated jerkoff he’d abandoned in his room. As he lazily swam laps, the sun beating down on him, he thought of the last time he’d seen Susan at school.

He didn’t share any classes with her, so he relied on spotting her in the halls between classes. A week ago he had seen her walking with some friends about 15 feet ahead of him. He couldn’t help but stare at her butt, which was contained in a form fitting short skirt, and it took almost running into another student to wake him up. He had hoped no one saw him staring, but he doubted anyone would blame him. Her butt wasn’t even her best feature.

Thinking of Susan’s ass as she walked had the usual effect. Jake turned on his back to float and smiled and compared himself to a raft with a mast. Or a shark with a fin. Deserted island with one tree? There was no way he was going to miss out on a chance to jerk off in the pool. Not sanitary but that’s what filters were for. He slowly slid his hand from the base of his dick to the tip, slowing down the further up he got. The water didn’t make his dick any slippier but if he went slow it felt pretty good. He continued to dream of Susan, floating and stroking.


Sam pulled her Volvo into the garage and jumped out. She was done running her errands and was looking forward to a quick dip in the pool before thinking about dinner for herself and her son, Jake. The afternoons got hot at this time of the year and keeping cool was a fight in and of itself. Grabbing her shopping bags from the trunk, she made her way through the garage into the kitchen and started putting groceries away.

She hummed as she went, trying to go quick. She was on vacation for a week before the real heat of the summer hit, which was working out well for relaxation time but not for intimacy time. She had intended to have the time off with her husband, Bill, but he had been called away on a last minute work trip. The trip wasn’t unusual, but the timing sure did suck. It had only been two days and she was already missing him in every way.

Finishing up with the groceries, she went to her bedroom to change into a swimsuit. Just a modest one piece that was super comfortable and worn in. As she stripped her shorts off and unbuttoned her blouse, she glanced in the full length mirror mounted on the back of the closet door. She tried not to check herself out too often but the mirror made it hard not to. She’d just hit 42 last month and was starting to see some signs of her age. Her butt was bigger than it used to be but the shape was pleasing, at least Bill said so. She took off her bra, letting it fall off her arms into the laundry hamper. She massaged the underside of her breasts where they came into contact with the underwire in her bra. She hated bras but couldn’t leave the house without wearing one, she’d pendik escort put someone’s eye out or cause a crash. Another Bill comment. He did like her breasts, and really, Sam couldn’t blame him. They were a full, perky C cup but with nipples that resembled erasers when they got hard.

She pulled on her swimsuit and grabbed a towel from the closet. At the patio door she could see that her son was in the pool, but she didn’t look very closely. Smiling, she put on sandals and sunglasses and grabbed the book she was currently reading.

As she stepped out of the house she called out, “Hi Jake, no school this afternoon?”


Jake was panicking. He’d only just rolled over a minute ago after cumming in the pool when he heard his Mom call out to him. Had she seen him? Did he have to leave town in a fog of disgrace? His Mom was the last person he’d imagine to be okay with him jerking off where anyone could see. They had tall fences around the property so the neighbours weren’t going to see anything but it wasn’t the neighbours he was concerned about. He could never live it down if his mother had seen him. He floated and watched as she walked to a lounger and put her book, towel and sunglasses down. Was she mad? She didn’t look mad.

“How’s the water?” she called out, sunnily.

He breathed out a sigh of relief, she didn’t sound mad either. But that didn’t really let him off the hook. He glanced at his swim shorts a full 6 feet away from the pool edge where he’d sent them flying. “Nice!” he called back, while internally cursing his complacence in not keeping them in the pool with him at least. That way he could have just put them back on under the water and no one the wiser.

He watched as she kicked her sandals off and skipped to the water to dive in. Now was his chance. As she dove in Jake swam to the edge of the pool and climbed out while his Mom was still under water. He grabbed his shorts and stepped into them as fast as he could. His Mom usually did a few laps to start off with as well, so he should have time. As he finished pulling them up he turned around and was relieved to see her swimming overhand, almost to the other end. Heart beating in his chest he grabbed a towel and retreated to the house. She’d pick up on his awkwardness if he stuck around.

“Bye Mom,” he called back, drying his hair.


Sam didn’t hear her son call out but did see him leave as she swam back. It was unusual for him to leave so quick, they liked to hang out in the pool together on hot afternoons. It wasn’t yet as hot as it would become in a month, so she supposed he might not need to cool down as much yet.

As she did another lap she noticed something sticking to her arm. Moving over to the edge of the pool to hang on she lifted her arm closer to see what it was. Something stringy and white? What on earth. She used her other hand to wipe it off and it stuck to her hand as well. Shuddering in revulsion, she ducked under the water to give it a real rinse. What could it be? Having had a pool for a long time she thought she’d seen pretty much everything that ended up in it, but this was new. Coming back to the surface she saw one last string between her thumb and forefinger. She paused and brought it up to her nose to sniff. It smelled familiar but she couldn’t place it. Flipping the sticky string off her hand, she lifted herself out of the pool. No sense in getting it on her suit.

As she padded back to her towel she pondered what it could be. Had Jake gotten some on him as well? Is that why he left? Why didn’t he say anything about it? She dried off and sat down on the lounger to enjoy her book for a while.

As she sat and read, the smell of the strange substance in the pool kept coming back to her. She knew what it was, but for the life of her it escaped her memory. It was just on the tip of her tongue. Tongue! That jogged another surge of memory but it still didn’t quite surface. Shaking her head she went back to her book.


Jake hung his suit up to dry and threw himself down onto his bed. His heart was still racing at the narrow miss in the pool. As much as his orgasm into the pool had felt good it wasn’t worth getting caught by his Mom. He’d stick to his bedroom from now on. Or the shower.

The next day Jake got home from school at 3pm to find his Mom was out again. He checked the garage to make sure she was actually gone and then went to have a shower. He’d had track as last period but didn’t bother showering at school when he could do it at home and take his time.

He shucked his clothes off and started the water in his bathroom. He had a separate bath next to his room which was on the opposite side of the house from his parents’ room and bath. The water temperature had to be a little warm so he took a piss while waiting. Jake hated cold showers even on hot days. Shaking his dick to get the last drops off, Jake thought of the other reason he didn’t like to shower at school: the other guys made comments about the size of his escort pendik dick once, calling him Hoss. Thankfully the name didn’t stick but he was still wary about people seeing him naked. He knew he was bigger than average, that didn’t mean he had to show it off.

A quick wash of his torso was followed by a nice liberal soaping up of his dick. Followed by a more thorough massage. Followed by a steady jerking. As he was stroking his fist up and down Jake recalled the freedom he’d felt yesterday in the pool, drifting around and slowly pleasuring himself. Why was he thinking about that? He’d almost gotten caught. Oh. He’d almost gotten caught. He stopped stroking and turned the water off. If he was going to take advantage of the pool he’d have to hurry before his Mom got home.

He grabbed his suit from his room and ran down stairs to the pool. He ran and dove into the water, his cock sticking out like a third leg. This time he held on to his suit and let it float in the water. Flipping onto his back he started the same slow stroke he used yesterday only this time he was imagining his Mom walking through the patio doors and catching him. It worked wonders and before long his cock was spewing cum everywhere, arcing into the air and splashing around him. He floated in place for a while, pearly strings across his chest, and just stared up at the sky enjoying the post-orgasm glow. This might turn into a habit.


Sam walked through the front door at home and called out for her son to come help bring in the bags she’d brought home. He didn’t answer. Where was he? She could see his coat and shoes by the door so he was definitely home. Struggling with the two bags while holding her purse and keys she managed to dump it all on the kitchen counter. Where was that boy?

Walking through the house she came to the patio door and looked out to the pool to see him just climbing out. She should have known. Sam headed upstairs to gather laundry, first gathering her clothes and then Jake’s. He obviously hadn’t done any in a while as his hamper was overflowing. What did he do, change clothes twice a day? She swore he had done laundry just last weekend.

Down in the basement she started to sort by darks and lights and delicates. Once she was done she had a pile of her pantries and bras to go in but it was a small pile. She could add to it with some of Jake’s stuff. Pulling his clothes out to find small items to add she came across some of his underwear. As she threw them into the pile with her stuff she happened to notice some white stains on them. Oh. Jake had been doing his own laundry for so long she had forgotten about the stains.

She shrugged. It was only to be expected, teenage boys were cum machines for many years, and it wasn’t any of her business. As long as he did it in the privacy of his bedroom there was no harm. Opening the washer Sam picked up the pile and threw it in. As she did do an aroma wafted out that was unmistakable. Semen. Instantly she recalled the stringy white substance on her arm and hand yesterday. She had been slimed by her son’s cum. She had swam through it. Now she knew why he had left the pool so quickly, he didn’t want to get caught. That little bastard.

Masturbating in his room was one thing but in the pool? That was just unsanitary.

It was too late to call him on it, and she had no proof, so she had to let it lie. Hopefully it was a one time thing, but if she ever caught him she’d give him a piece of her mind. The whole family used that pool!

Fuming a bit, Sam tried to put the new knowledge that she’d been swimming in Jake’s ejaculate out of her mind to concentrate on dinner. Maybe she’d do a little fishing and see how he reacted at dinner.


Jake was finishing up some homework when he heard his Mom call from downstairs.

“Jake, dinner’s ready!” she said.

“Coming!” he called back and headed down to the dining room. His Mom was just putting down some plates on the table.

“Smells delicious,” he said. “What are we having?”

“Just some pork chops and rice,” his Mom replied. “How was school today?” she asked as she sat down at the table with a glass of wine.

“Fine,” he replied. It was always fine. Why did she ask if he gave the same answer every time?

“How was your day?” he sent back.

“Fine,” she said back with a smirk. “Actually I’m glad I took the week off, I’m finally relaxed enough to enjoy it.”

Jake mumbled, “That’s good.” His mouth was full so it wasn’t very clear.

“Have you been enjoying your swims lately?”

Jake almost choked on his mouthful of rice, spraying some of it on the table. “Um, yeah..I guess so, why do you ask?”

His Mom put on a concerned expression. “Are you alright? I was just curious, I think the filter might need cleaning, I swam through some slime yesterday.”

Jake swallowed the rice painfully and tried to look like he was thinking. “No it’s seemed fine to me.”

“Okay we’ll keep an eye on it, if something is getting pendik escort bayan into the pool we don’t want to be swimming in it.”

“Yeah, definitely. I’ll watch out.”

“See that you do,” his Mom said while giving a slight arch of her eyebrow.

Did she know? She would have said something if she knew. Maybe she suspected! Jake finished his dinner hurriedly and kissed his Mom on the cheek.

“Thanks for dinner, Mom,” he said, and retreated to his bedroom for the night.


Sam took her time eating dinner and enjoying her wine. She was in no hurry. Clearly her son had cum in the pool or he wouldn’t have reacted that way. Hopefully her bringing it up was enough to get him to stop it.

She took a sip of wine and pondered why he would jerk off in the pool. Was it a whim? Was he an exhibitionist? Had he been doing it for long? The thought of her son jerking off in the pool wasn’t something she was going to dwell on any more, she thought, and put it out of her mind. Although….maybe there was a purely physical reason to masturbate in the pool. She’d never done anything of the sort herself.

Sam took her plate and glass to the kitchen sink and gave them a rinse. Jake could wash them later.

She walked to the patio door and stared out into the dark at the pool. She turned on the poolside lights and watched the water shimmer for a while, letting her imagination wander.

Her husband had been gone for several days. She hadn’t had sex for several days before that, as they’d been busy with work. She was starting to get a little…pent up. Shaking her head, Sam headed to the living room to watch some TV. She browsed channels for a bit and then checked some of the streaming services. Nothing jumped out at her.

Walking past the patio doors again she saw she’d forgotten the lights. Just as she was going to turn them off she looked out and paused. Jake was probably in his room for the night. Maybe she could go for a late night swim.

Grabbing her suit from her room, she padded downstairs quietly, even though Jake’s room was down the hall. She didn’t want to advertise that she was going swimming, she wanted some alone time.

She changed in the bathroom downstairs and headed out to the pool. It was very peaceful. She walked in on the shallow end, slowly letting her body acclimatize to the temperature. The water tended to warm up in the day but it could cool down fairly quickly.

She sat down on a bench against the side, the water coming up to her belly. She put her head back and just soaked in the silence, listening to the water lap up against the walls.

There wasn’t anything especially sexy about the pool. Did he end up with a hardon and just wanted to take care of it? Couldn’t he have waited for it to go away? A hard penis wasn’t a one-use item, she was sure. A hard penis. Sam let her mind wander, thinking of her husband’s penis. It was a very nice cock, and it made her very happy. Mind you, there has been less and less time for that sort of stuff lately. Work for both her and Bill was really getting in the way.

Sam sighed and looked down at her chest. Her nipples were hard, mostly from the cool water but also from thoughts of her husband. She brought a hand up and gave one of her nipples a pinch, holding it tightly as long as she could stand, and then letting go.

She let her hand drift down further caressing her stomach all the way down to the gap between her thighs. Her fingers lightly caressed her material-covered slit, not pushing hard. Just feeling for a response. She got the response when a jolt spiked from her pussy to her nipples to her brain.

Sam let her head fall back on the side of the pool and kept gently caressing herself. The serenity outside, plus the thrill of knowing she could be caught, combined to form a wonderful aphrodisiac. She moved her hand to the right and slipped a finger under the edge of her suit, just enough to be able to get a grip and pull it over. Her other hand joined the first and so with her pussy exposed in the water under the lights Sam started to see why her son jerked off in the pool.

She moved a hand down and pushed one finger inside of herself. Just a dip to the first knuckle. Despite the water she could feel her body’s natural lubricant and smiled. A second finger joined the first and she moved them both in a circle. Her cheeks flushed as the pleasure started to build. The mother who had just a couple hours ago been disturbed by her son pleasuring himself in the pool was now doing the same thing. She closed her eyes and tried not to think of Jake. He wasn’t relevant right now.

Pulling her fingers free of her pussy, Sam slowly dragged them both up her slit, pushing firmly when she arrived at her clit. She used one finger to pull back the hood covering it and then used her other finger to lightly stimulate her clit in small circles. The kind of motion she could keep up for hours if need be, and had before. But she didn’t want to be in the pool for hours and so she sped up the finger. After another minute she started using all four fingers to rub her clit, slowly pushing harder. Her face flushed and her mouth gaped open, saliva gathering as she gasped with the increased pleasure.

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Sally Wants to Get Married Ch. 01

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Big Tits

The characters in this story are all imaginary creations brought to life from a dark corner of my mind.


Sally Turner is a bubbly nineteen year old girl, and like all girls she has marriage on her mind. But it just so happens that Sally’s ideal husband happens to be her dad.

Well another year goes by and project Get-Married-to-Dad has failed to yield any results. Well its not for the want of trying, I can tell you that.

My name is Sally Turner and I am nineteen years old, my dads name is Tom and he is an architect. He’s married to my mother Helen a homemaker, and they are both forty-two years old, and if I have my way that marriage will soon be a thing of the past.

Just about every little girl has at one time or another said, “When I grow up, I want to marry my daddy.” Well I did, and I meant every-word-of-it!

For the past year I have being busy scheming and plotting in my little head different ways to get, well lets face it. I want my dad to fuck-my-brains-out and I want to marry him.

I have tried practically everything like, walking in on him when he was in the shower, I was wearing very skimpy panties and a crop-top and god! He has an amazing cock. But he acted like he didn’t even see me. I tried the old trick where I pretend an earring falls out and I go down on my hands and knees to look for it.

I was wearing a very short skirt with white lace panties, and they really showed off my pussy bulge nicely when I bent over, but he just kept watching TV. I even sat down beside him in my panties and bra and chatted away with dad only to have mum come in and spoil it. God! I swear that woman is a real thorn in my side.

feeling desperate I look online and I may have found a solution. Men are really turned by a girls scent, and I don’t mean perfume. They, apparently, love the scent of pussy. Looking down at my crotch I smile to myself and say, “Bingo!”

So I decide to leave some sweetly scented bread crumbs as it were, for dad to find and hopefully when he takes a whiff he sweep me off my feet and make love to me.

So every night in bed I play with myself and just the thought of dad’s cock is enough to get me very, very wet. Each morning I wait for dad to make his way to the shower, and at the last minute when he’s just at the bathroom door I rush in past him and I say, “Sorry dad, just popping in for my washing.” He just laughs.

I have already planted some clothes there, and on my way out I carelessly, accidentally let my wet sticky panties fall to the bathroom floor. He has to pick them up right? And they are wet, so fingers crossed he gets the message.

Well two days have now gone by and nothing, each night I wait in vain for my bedroom door to open and for dad to sneak in and have his wicked-way with me. I can see I am going to have to take drastic action.

Out of the blue mom announces she is going to visit her older sister Mary, she’s about sixty-five years old and apparently, she’s got the flu.

“Hello opportunity.” I say to myself. She will be gone for three days and by-hook or by-crook I will have my way with dad.

I begin to work out a plan of action in my mind, this calls for drastic pendik escort measures. As soon as mom leaves for her sisters I go to my bedroom, I lay out all of my most scandalous undies I possess on my bed. I decide to go with a red lacy bra and matching see-thru panties, I have matching suspenders and of course black fishnet stockings and a pink garter for good measure, topped off with killer red heels!

Lets see him pass up this free lunch, I think to myself as I get ready to pounce.

Creeping down the hall I make my way to his room, and taking a deep breath I push open the door and say, “Dad I want you to…” Jesus, he’s on the bed naked, and he has my panties draped over his face, yes, yes, yesss! It worked, but I have startled him.

“Wow dad, I am pleased you like my scent.” I say.

“God, Sally I am so sorry you found me like this.”

“Dad, I must confess I planted them because I want you, I want you to fuck me!”

A big broad smile lights up his face and he says, “You look hot Sally, really hot.” He says.

Getting out of bed he walks across the room, his big hard cock is swinging to and fro as he walks, its kind of mesmerizing to be honest. I place my arms around his neck and he gives me the most erotic slow kiss, eagerly my hand seeks out his cock and I start to pump his rigid shaft. While he places kiss after soft kiss on my neck.

“So you want to fuck your dad, do you?” he says.

“Yes, oh yes,” I say, and kneeling down, I take his cock into my mouth and oh my, I let my tongue dance around the head before plunging his shaft in as deep as I can savoring the taste of his oozing pre-cum.

He gestures me to stand up, and he scoops me up in his arms and carries me to the bed. Oh-my-God, my Knight in shining Armour is going to make me his, I hug him tightly and say, “I love you dad.”

Carefully he lets me tumble onto his big soft bed, climbing in beside me he starts to kiss me passionately working his way down my body. He slips off my bra and my nipples are already hard and erect, and he starts to lick them very slowly. God, I can tell you my pussy is on fire with desire. Dad begins to lick my body all the way down to my panties.

“My, my, you are very wet, aren’t you?” he says, and starts to slide my panties off.

“Fuck me dad, fuck me, I want you in me.” I beg.

“Now there’s no rush, is there? And I do want to taste your nice honey.”

I open my legs wide inviting him to taste my wet pussy, he begins to place baby kiss after baby kiss all around my pussy lips as his fingers dance around my inner thighs. He starts to lick my swollen clit and without warning he plunges his tongue deep into my wet nest.

I gasp, “Jesus, oooh fuck, that’s amazing.”

He continues licking and sucking my pussy and I can’t hold on any longer. “Dad! Oh Jesus, I’m cumming,” I cry out.

The dam finally bursts and my pussy unleashes a torrent of cum that even surprises me. He sucks my pussy hard swallowing every drop of cum, and I have never experienced such an intense orgasm. God! What he can do with his tongue to a girls pussy is ohhhh, soooo good.

“Now my love, are you ready for me?” he says.

“Yes, take me now.”

He escort pendik positions himself between my legs, and taking his cock in-hand he moves it slowly up and down between my pussy lips. My pussy is a raging caldron of desire, and I beg him to enter me.

“Please put it in me.”

I watch as he slowly lets his cock slide in, he takes his time, and I guess he knows this is my first cock, and he does not want to hurt his lover. God he is so big inside me, I can feel his balls caressing against me, he nuzzles into me and begins to kiss my neck.

Pulling his cock almost all the way out he plunges it back in, and oh fuck, its so good, and I pull him even closer to me.

“Sally my love,” he says, “You have a very tight pussy.”

“I saved it for you dad, and only you.” I say, as I struggle to catch my breath.

He begins to increase the pace of his thrusts and it is not long before I feel his cum filling me.

“Ohh fuck baby,” he gasps, “I’m cumming.”

My pussy instinctively starts to milk his cock, it is a wonderful feeling to have his cum in me. Finally my dad has made me his girl, and what a lover he turns out to be.

We begin a long slow kiss as our passion slowly ebbs away, I speak first and say,

“That was wonderful dad. I love you so much.”

“Sally I am glad you came to my bed.” He replies, and I can see so much love in his eyes.

I have the most wonderful warm glow in my body, my pussy is full of cum, and dad and I snuggle up and we drift off to sleep. I feel like pinching myself to make sure this is real.

In the morning I wake up first, propping myself up I lie there just looking at my lover, for so long my body hungered for my dad and now he is laying naked next to me.

Slowly I lift the covers and I get a glimpse of my first morning-wood. Dad’s cock is fully erect and I begin to slowly lick from his balls along his shaft to the head. His cock starts to ooze from the attention I lavish on it, and dad soon stirs in the bed. He pops his under the covers and says,

“Good morning my love.”

“I hope you don’t mind?” I say, “I couldn’t resist it.” and I start to giggle.

“No, it’s a wonderful way to start the day.”

Suddenly without warning I hear my mothers voice saying, “Hello you two love birds.”

I am startled and think my imagination is playing tricks, I pop my head up, and fuck, she’s standing at the foot of the bed amidst my hastily cast off lingerie.

Dad props himself up, says nothing, he just lies here with a smile on his face.

“Congratulations Sally,” she says, “You passed with flying colors.”

Jesus, I never expected this, sure we got caught. But I expected my mom to go ballistic and call me a slut or a whore, and even call dad a pervert before throwing us out, and then she’d finally divorce dad. Leaving him and me free to marry, that was my plan all along, and now she robs me of that too. I am confused, totally!

Dad finally speaks and says, “We are sorry we put you through so much Sally.”

“Please understand, we did it because we love you.” Mom says.

“Will somebody please explain what-the-fuck is going on here?” I exclaim.

Dad pendik escort bayan says, “now, now, mind the language young lady.”

“Sally you are part of a very special family,” mom says, “Tom and I are twins.”

Well holy-shit! this conversation just turned left, and it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

“You and dad are brother and sister?” I say, “who are your parents then?”

“Mary our sister, and my grandfather.” Dad replies.

Both of them go on to explain to me how Mary’s dad died before he could father children with her. Her grandfather then took over his duties, as my mom put it. And Mary gave birth to twins, my mom and dad. I got to admit it takes me a minute or two to digest this, I mean for fucks-sake, I spend the night fucking my dad, and mom comes home and lays this on me. Its Mad, totally off the wall!

They explain to me that they are part of a special group, and that they were sorry they put me through so much in the last year. But they had to test my resolve, my love for my dad.

“Do you know I wanted so much to make love to you Sally during the year?” Dad asks.

“But we had to be sure,” mom says, “you had to give yourself freely to Tom.”

“I love my dad, and I want to marry him.” I reply.

They explain because of our unique blood lineage it was only a matter of time before I made a pass for my dad. We can’t help it, we are, or so it seems, biologically programmed to mate only with our own siblings, and apparently its quite common.

They say there’s a world wide network of family’s who are united in the preservation of the bloodline of Eve. They call themselves, The-Children-of-Eve.

“What now I ask of them?”

“Well do you love your dad?” mom says, “And will you marry him and bare his children?”

“Yes, Oh yes, I will,” I say, “I love him so much.”

“I love you too Sally.” Dad says, and he pulls me closer to him and kisses me. I Got to admit that feels strange with mom standing there.

“Right, you two lovers finish up, and join me for breakfast when you are ready.” Mom says, and leaves us to it!

“Well now,” dad says, “where were we?”

Yes, I know, totally weird and all that, but when in Rome!

So, sliding under the covers I get back to licking and sucking his morning-wood, its so hard and dads own scent is wonderfully overpowering. I continue to place lick after lick after lick along his cock from his balls to the tip. He begins to shift himself in the bed and I know he is close to spilling his load. I take as much of his cock into my mouth as I can and its enough to send him over the edge.

“Jesus Sally! I’m going to blow, suck me, suck me hard.” He pleads.

His delicious creamy cum fills my mouth and I swallow every sweet drop of it, I lick his cock clean and kiss the head softly. Pulling me up dad gives me another long passionate kiss and he says,

“I love you Sally, love you very much.”

“Love you too dad, I’m crazy about you.”

Pulling on a robe I join dad and mom at the table for breakfast, this is going to take a bit of getting used to. But I love dad with all my heart, and we’ll make this work, somehow. And we have our wedding to plan now too, I am so excited.

Well now, it seems we have just met some more members of our loving community, and I wonder what next for these children of love.

To be continued soon.



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Hotel Meeting

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It had been a week since that fateful day in the rain for Samantha and Daniel, and both of them had been to busy to meet up again since during their lunch. The two handled themselves really well on the Saturday when they with their respective spouses met to have thai food. A brief brush of the leg. A slightly more tender hug, but nothing more.

Finally, there was a perfect opportunity for them to meet up again. This time they had made sure that Samantha was able to take a long lunch, and Daniel had been able to score a short leave of work for a doctor’s’ appointment that was never going to happen. Daniel picked Samantha up, this time she was wearing a long white and black dress, striped and showing off just a hint of cleavage. Daniel in dress slacks and a clean top and tie. Samantha got into the car blushing, her slick legs exposed behind the dress slit.

They drove a few minutes down the main street to a small motel that would suit their needs for the remaining hour. Daniel paid the front in cash and gave fake names (Mr and Mrs Dumas) and was given a key to the quaint room 6. Both Daniel and Samantha jogged to the room, holding hands giggling like school kids, and Daniel opened the door. The room was a blend of browns and dark greens, two flat pillows lay on the bed. The floor was musty and dirty, any other day this room would be a disgrace, but today, it was a palace to them.

Samantha lead Daniel to the bed and they both fell to the hard mattress with a thud. Lips pressed against each other, pendik escort arms exploring the others in a way that just wasn’t possible in the car. Daniel pushed Samantha on to the bed, Daniel kissed down Samantha’s neck. His hands groping her full breasts, he could feel her hands going through his hair, arching back moaning as his have slides between her dress and legs.

Samantha grabbed Daniel’s hair firmly and pulled his head back. “Now if I remember correctly you were greedy last week and got everything leaving me all unsatisfied and unhappy.” Samantha said.

“You’re right Samantha. I’m so..”

Samantha slapped Daniels face. She grabbed his chin and pulled him up close.

“Today I am not Samantha, today I am Mistress Rey and you will be my obedient little slave. Understood?”

“Yes Sam…Mistress Rey.” replied Daniel.

“Good. Now be a good little boy and eat me out.” Ordered Samantha. “And I want you to get on your knees and mumble your indiscretions into a mouth full of my pussy. Got it?”

Before Daniel could comprehend what his orders were, Samantha pushed him off the bed. Falling on his knees he looked up the striped dress and could see Samantha’s wet juicy pussy before him. She apparently forgot to wear panties today. Then just as he got a good view of her shaved cunt Samantha slid down the bed. Her ankles pressed into Daniel’s back. She pulled him into her pink box.

Slowly Daniel pressed his tongue up against Samantha’s clit. Flicking the tiny little bulb with the escort pendik tip of his tongue. He moaned as she started to flow down his throat. Tasting her exquisite juices got Daniel rock hard precum dripping in his boxers.

Daniel felt Samantha’s hand caress his head. Her ankles digging into his back firmly. Daniel’s tongue swayed across her clit, feeling her pussy drip down his chin was driving him wild. Just then Samantha kicked him in the back. Pain gently seared through him.

“I thought I ordered you to mumble indiscretions into my cunt you bad boy. Don’t make me punish you.” Samantha growled.

Daniel obeyed gleefully, he started moaning into Samantha’s pussy all the thoughts he had about her, what he wanted to do to her, what he wanted to do to her. Daniel picked up speed as Samantha’s hips bucked as he forced his tongue into her clit harder, faster.

Samantha came with a fish of juices that poured into Daniel’s mouth. She held his head drop in between her legs and she squirted heavily. It had been a while since she had cum.

Samantha’s hands fell beside her. Panting, her cheeks pink, she gave out a cute giggle and but her lips. She felt Daniel move up to her. Removing his pants and unbuttoning his shirt. She looked down to his big hard cock, dripping onto her legs. It was pointing right at her wet pussy.

She stopped him from going any farther. “Now, now bad little man. You are going to have to be punished.”

Samantha reached for her purse and out fell a pair of purple pendik escort bayan panties and a small dildo, condom, and lube.

Samantha put the condom on the toy, and applied a generous amount of lube to the modest pink piece of silicone.

“Bend over.” Demanded Samantha, Daniel slowly this time obeyed. Nervous about having something enter his ass for the first time. Samantha admired the nice butt before she slowly inserted the toy into him.

Samantha slowly started to fuck Daniel seeing his cock start to really drip, small drops falling over her legs and the bedding. Daniel watched in ecstasy as Samantha wiped up some from her legs and his head and licked her finger.

Samantha picked up her speed. And while Daniel’s eyes were closed, grabbed her panties with her free hand. Daniel have it a loud “Fuck, I’m cumming!” And Samantha took her panties and placed then at the to of his cock. His cum shooting into her covered hand. She felt his huge load pound against her palm, trickling down her wrist.

Daniel watched as Samantha slid the cum drenched purple underwear up her long legs and covered her smooth dripping pussy. Daniel grabbed her wrist and licked his cum of her skin. Samantha and him exchanged a delightful grin.

They tidied up and exchanged kisses while doing so. Swapping each other’s cum in their mouths. They turned the keys to the indifferent receptionist and got back into Daniel’s car.

As he dropped Samantha off Daniel noted he is going on his yearly fishing weekend trip in a few weeks. All alone in the woods for the days. To which Samantha noted she would be free and alone herself for that very weekend. They kissed one last time and Samantha got out of the car waving bye and winking.

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