Coming to Terms Ch. 03

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The following story is about a man coming to terms with his sexual orientation, as well as his feelings for his best friend. Characters are 18+ and any similarity to other characters or people is purely coincidental and not intended. Please feel free to leave any questions, comments, or concerns, as they will be greatly appreciated.


“That was nice.” Amber said when Oliver walked her up to her front door after their date.” I had a really good time.”

“Me too.” Oliver told her, then was greeted by a kiss.

Oliver and Amber had been on a couple dates, but it always felt more casual, like it was two friends hanging out after work. They usually went to the movies or for dinner, nothing real intimate, but still fun.

“So, feel like coming in for a drink?” Amber asked, in a very suggestive voice.

“Sure.” Oliver said, then followed her in.

Amber had a decent apartment, one bedroom and one bathroom, and cleaner than Oliver’s. Oliver had never been invited inside, usually because they spent the night at his place, so he thought that Amber was really opening up to him.

“Here you go.” Amber said, handing him a beer before she sat down next to him on the couch.

“Your place is nice.” Oliver told her.

“Thanks, I just moved in a couple weeks ago, which is also when we met at the bar.” Amber said, playing with Oliver’s dark brown hair. “You should come by my salon tomorrow and get a quick trim.”

“Alright, I think I have time tomorrow afternoon, since school’s out now.” Oliver told her.

“Oh wait, not tomorrow afternoon, I have my appointment at 1:30.” She said before taking a drink of her wine.

“What appointment?” Oliver asked, hoping it wasn’t something she told him and he forgot about.

“I’m seeing a psychiatrist.” Amber said, before quickly adding. “Not for anything serious, I’ve just been anxious a lot lately and have no idea why.”

“A, um, psychiatrist?” Oliver asked, thinking about Noah, who had a clinic in town.

“Yeah, it’s with a new guy, Dr. Larson” Amber said. “Wait, isn’t that the name of your friend I met a couple weeks ago?”

“Crap!” Oliver wanted to yell. It felt no matter how hard he tried to forget about Noah, he just kept coming up in Oliver’s life. “Yeah I think it is him.” Oliver told her.

The rest of the evening was ruined at that point, for Oliver at least. He felt angry, and quickly made an excuse to leave so Amber didn’t ask why he was so upset all of a sudden.

When he got home, he immediately went to the phone and scrolled through his contacts until he found Noah’s number, even though Oliver knew it by heart, since he stared at it for days, contemplating calling it. Oliver had kept it when Noah called a couple weeks ago when he and Amber first met, hoping one day he’d be able to call and have a civil conversation. Today was NOT that day.

“What the fuck Noah?!” Oliver yelled once Noah answered.

“Well, good evening to you too Noah.” Noah said sarcastically.

“Why did you agree to take Amber as a patient?!” Oliver asked.

“Because I want to use her to get close to you ” Noah said, then scoffed, which let Oliver know that he was being facetious. “Or that’s what you think I guess.”

Oliver didn’t know why Noah was treating the situation as a joke. He was really upset that Noah would agree to meet with his girlfriend without asking Oliver if he was okay with the situation.

“Listen Oliver, I have to go, but before I do, I should let you know something.” Noah said in a very serious voice before yelling really loudly into the phone. “STOP ACTING LIKE AN ASS AND THINKING EVERYTHING I DO IS TO GET YOU!”

Oliver set down the phone when Noah hung up. Oliver thought about what Noah told him, and began to wonder if that’s why he was upset, that he thought Noah would try to undermine his relationship with Amber. Oliver began to chuckle when he heard it out loud, it did sound ridiculous. Oliver knew that he needed to get his feelings under control.

The next day Oliver practically stalked his phone, hoping to hear from either Noah or Amber, but never did. He felt worried for some reason, casino siteleri even though he doubted they would even talk about the night of the reunion.

When the phone rang, Oliver practically pounced, answering the phone on the first ring.

“Hey.” Oliver answered.

“Hey Oliver, we need to talk. Can we meet at my work tomorrow?” Amber asked in a weak voice.

“Sure, is noon fine?” Oliver asked, feeling nervous.

“Yeah, sounds good, bye.” Amber said before hanging up.

Oliver felt sick to his stomach, Amber sounded like she had been crying on the phone, which was never a good sign. He layed awake wondering what Amber wanted to talk about, and why they couldn’t do it over the phone.

Oliver got to the salon early, about an hour early, and waited. Amber had one of her friends trim his hair while he waited. Eventually, Oliver’s hair looked amazing, and Amber took her lunch. They walked next door to the little sandwich shop and got something to eat before they sat down.

“What’s going on Amber, you sounded serious on the phone.” Oliver asked.

“Well, I guess there’s no beating around the bush.” Amber sighed. “I’ve been seeing someone else, a couple people actually.”

Oliver just sat there, not knowing what to say. He and Amber had dated a few weeks, but were never exclusive, although they never specified that they were free to date other people either.

“Okay.” Oliver said, letting Amber finish talking.

“Well, I was wondering what you wanted out of this relationship. My psychiatrist said I was anxious because I was afraid to ask where this was going.” Amber told him.

“You fucking bastard.” Oliver thought. He knew Noah would undermine his relationship, but not how Oliver had thought. He looked at Amber, wanting to tell her the truth, but something worse slipped out, something he tried to stop as he said it, but couldn’t. “Let’s be exclusive.”

“Okay Oliver.” Amber said, then kissed him. “I’m glad we had this talk, let’s plan something this weekend, but I have to get back to work.”

Oliver sat there in disbelief, wondering why he said what he said. He couldn’t belief that Amber wanted something serious, but what he couldn’t believe more was that Noah pushed her into talking about it, knowing that Oliver was confused about things with Noah.

Oliver headed to the bar, hoping the answer to his problem was at the bottom of a beer. When that failed, he looked for the answer at the bottom of a glass of Scotch. Oliver could feel the alcohol hot him after a having more alcohol in one sitting than he normally did in an entire week.

Oliver pulled out his keys and headed to the door, wanting to go home and yell at Noah for messing up his relationship, but the bartender stopped him. He was a handsome guy, probably 30 or so with dirty blond hair and brown eyes.

“Dude, you aren’t driving home like this.” He told Oliver, making him sit at the bar. “Did you wanna call someone to pick you up or did you want me to get you a cab?”

“I’ll call someone.” Oliver slurred.

Oliver called someone, he wasn’t sure who, but it was the only number he had memorized beside his own. He left a drunk message asking if he could ‘get a apartment back to his ride.’ The bartender had to translate a little for him on the message.

“Uh, yeah, I’m here to pick up Oliver Lovelace.” A voice asked the bartender. Oliver turned to find Noah at the other end of the bar.

“Hey!” Oliver shouted as Noah rolled up to Oliver. “I know you, you are the son of a bitch who wrecked things with Amber!”

“Come on, you can yell at me in the car.” Noah said.

The bouncer of the club helped Oliver to Noah’s BMW parked on the side of the bar. Oliver waited until Noah was situated in the car before he started yelling again.

“Why did you have to tell Amber that bullshit earlier?!” Oliver slurred.

“I was doing my job, I treated her like I would treat any other one of my patients.” Noah said as he started up the car.

“Yeah right! You knew that I am not into the relationship as much as she is!” Oliver yelled. “You couldn’t stand to see me with someone else. Oh wait, canlı casino I forgot, you can’t stand at all!”

Sober Oliver would’ve definitely punched drunk Oliver for saying that, so he wasn’t surprised when Noah stopped the car and decked him in the face. Oliver began to feel dizzy, like the world was spinning. He was half aware of what was going on around him, until he layed down on the couch and passed out.

Oliver woke up in a very unfamiliar looking house. It was very modern, like out of a magazine, and very open. From the couch in what appeared to be the living room, he could see the very nice kitchen, the dining room, and the glass back doors that lead out to a deck.

“And he lives.” Noah said. Oliver looked to find him getting a book from the bookshelves.

“Where am I?” Oliver asked. “What happened?”

“This is my house, and you’re here because you got drunk at the bar.” Noah said.

Oliver slowly began to remember what happened at the bar and in the car. He felt his eye, and it stung when he touched it.

“Don’t worry, it won’t show.” Noah smirked. “Too badly at least.”

“Please, I deserve it.” Oliver said, feeling ashamed. Noah nodded in agreement. “So, care to give me a quick tour while I sober up?”

Noah’s house was amazing. He had a master suite, two guest bedrooms, an office, home gym, and a pool and hot tub out back. Oliver felt a little twinge of jealousy, but he also felt happy that Noah had done well for himself.

“So, care to tell me what’s going on with you lately Oliver?” Noah asked once they settled back in the living room. “First you try to put the moves on me, then you start seeing a woman, and now you think I’m jealous.”

Oliver tried to think about how to explain it, but it was hard, since he knew there was no real logic regarding the events leading up to now.

“I don’t know Noah, I’ve just been confused lately.” Oliver admitted. “It’s hard to explain, sober at least.”

“Remember when you ask why I wasn’t drinking at the reunion?” Noah asked. Oliver nodded his head. “It’s because things were rough when you rejected me, but they got worse when my ex was thrown in.”

“What do you mean?” Oliver asked. He always knew Noah as the goddie goodie at school, so he couldn’t imagine Noah with some dark past.

“We. mainly me, would drink every day, a lot every day. It numbed me, which felt good at first, but when my ex started getting into harder stuff, I knew I needed to straighten up.” Noah admitted. “It was hard, but I still loved him, which was harder. I knew though that we’d never work, at least like that.”

“Oh, I didn’t even know that.” Oliver said, surprised to hear Noah talk about something so personal.

“Yeah, well I hide it pretty good.” Noah smiled. “The point is, you may care about a person, but it will never work if you both aren’t committed to making it work. It takes more than one person to run a relationship, which helped me get over you, or so I thought.”

Oliver was speechless at this point, he was glad to hear that Noah still had feelings for him. It took all the muscles in his body not to reach over and take him then and there. He knew he stood a chance, but he had to end things with Amber first.

“Noah, I have to go home and do something, but after that, maybe we could talk.” Oliver told him.

“Sure, I’m free tomorrow after work, around 5 if you feel like talking ” Noah said, before quickly adding. “As ling as you aren’t drunk this time.”

“Great.” Oliver said as they headed for the front door. “Oh, and I’m sorry for what I said in the car, you have to know I didn’t mean it.”

“I know.” Noah said before punching Oliver in the balls, which hurt a lot. “And now I forgive you.”

The air blowing into the car, alongside the conversation he had with Noah quickly sobered Oliver up. He knew that he had a chance with Noah, but he had to tell Amber that things were off. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow when he could tell Noah that he was single and wanted to be serious with Noah, but he decided to keep his plan a secret until after Oliver completed the first part of the plan.

“See ya later Noah.” kaçak casino He said when Noah dropped him off at the bar to pick up his car.

“Tomorrow around five?” Noah asked.

“Yeah, at the diner across the street.” Oliver pointed to the small diner across the street.

When Oliver got back to his apartment, he was surprised to to find Amber there waiting for him. He thought it was a good time to end things, rather than wait and risk not doing it.

“Amber, we need to talk.” Oliver said.

“I know, but let’s do it inside.” Amber said, which threw Oliver for a loop. He thought she had told him everything over lunch.

“What’s going on?” Oliver asked once they sat down.

“Well, I was glad when you said you wanted to be in a serious relationship with me, I want you to know that above all else.” Amber said. Tears started forming in her eyes, which made Oliver wonder if she planned on dumping him, which he was hoping for.

“I know, now go on.” Oliver encouraged Amber, figuring he wouldn’t be the bad guy if she ended things.

“Well Oliver, I hope this doesn’t change how you see me.” Amber said. Oliver was sure that it was a break up. “I’m, I’m pregnant.”

“Crap!” Oliver thought. Amber started happy crying, then hugged Oliver. He felt like crying, but not happy crying like Amber was.

“You’re happy?” Oliver asked.

“Yes. Why, are you not?” Amber asked, looking almost heart broken. “I know it’s early in our relationship, but we just made a person!”

“Yeah.” Oliver said, although he knew it wasn’t true.

“So what did you want to tell me?” Amber asked.

Oliver felt on the spot, he didn’t know how to tell a woman he impregnated that he wanted to break up.

“I’m having lunch with a friend tomorrow after work.” Oliver told her.

The rest of the evening was spent with Amber, listening to tell her family that she was pregnant. They seemed happy, which both made things worse and seemed a little weird.

He dreaded meeting up with Noah, but since he didn’t answer his phone all day, Oliver knew he had to go. He waited until Noah showed up, and felt sick to his stomach.

“Hey Oliver, glad to see you.” Noah said as he rolled under the table Oliver was at.

“You too .” Oliver said.

“So what’s good here, I’m starving.” Noah joked.

Oliver managed to make decent chit chat while they ate, but couldn’t get excited about being with Noah. It felt nice, sitting with him, being with him, but now that Amber was pregnant, he didn’t see how it could be possible to be with Noah.

“What’s the matter, you’ve looked upset since I got here Oliver.” Noah mentioned.

“Well, I guess there’s no point hiding it, you’ll find out when you see Amber for her next appointment.” Oliver said, knowing once he said it, it could ruin things between him and Noah. “Amber is pregnant.”

“Wow, uh, okay.” Noah said, looking a little saddened. “Congrats man.”

“Hey, it’s the drunk from yesterday!” Said a voice from behind Oliver. It was the bartender from yesterday, Oliver vaguely remembered him, recognizing his dirty blond hair, brown eyes, and good looks.

“Yeah, and it’s Oliver by the way.” Oliver told him.

“I’m just kidding man, I’m Scott.” He said, shaking Oliver’s, then Noah’s hand. “Looks like you two are on a date so I’ll leave you two be.”

“Oh no, we aren’t on a date.” Noah told Scott. “He actually just got his girlfriend pregnant.”

“Congrats Oliver, now I see why you decided to go on a drinking binge yesterday.” Scott laughed, then turned to Noah. “So, he’s taken, how about you?”

Noah looked at Oliver, which made Oliver sad. He wanted Noah, he knew that now, but since Amber was pregnant, he knew that he didn’t stand a chance. He nodded at Noah, which made him look even more hurt.

“Guess I’m not.” Noah told Scott. “So would you like to have dinner sometime?”

Oliver got up and left after that and headed to Amber’s apartment. He knew no amount of alcohol would help, so instead, he decided to try something else. He decided to take Noah’s advice from yesterday. and readied himself, since he knew if he wanted to not end up dying alone, Amber was his best chance. Part of him didn’t want to go in, the part that wanted Noah, but he had no choice, he got Amber pregnant, and now he had to deal with the consequences.

To be continued…

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Coming for the Honey Man

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I’d read the item in the “Intelligencer” social section incorrectly. It had been the first time I’d made this mistake, which led to the other mistakes. I made my living by playing the local newspapers on the Internet, figuring out where the rich suburbs were and something about the people living there, and watching for coming wedding announcements and evidence that there’d be empty houses stuffed with new wedding gifts as couples honeymooned far away. The Internet was a real blessing for this; it let me quickly pull together a long hit list of possibilities for any given area. A long list was necessary because all of the needed elements—absent owners, an unguarded house, and a big-pay stash—didn’t come together that often.

And I needed a big-pay stash every couple of weeks, because I was high maintenance. I had a big appetite for fucking guys—a different guy each time—and they didn’t come cheap.

I thought I’d hit pay dirt this time. Several months earlier I’d seen in the “Bucks County Intelligencer” what looked like several good prospects in a gentleman farmer county south of Philadelphia, an area that was just dripping in cash. I could usually count on snobby places like this putting in announcements in their local papers at every step of the wedding ritual, and the “Intelligencer” hadn’t disappointed me. I found engagement announcements that pinned down nearly a dozen weddings set for the time frame I was going to be in the Mid-Atlantic region. And using other articles in the on-line paper’s business and social sections, I was able to pare these down to four possibilities for a big payoff. The engagement announcements for three of those had been kind enough to let me know not only that the blissful couple already had a house to settle in, but also that they’d be honeymooning outside the States right after their wedding. Just a little more research and I’d picked out the wealthiest of these and had my target in sight, filed away my research, and went about my current business in the winter wedding wonderland of Aspen, Colorado.

* * *

I parked my pickup truck in the dark shadow of some trees half a block away from the entrance into a tree-lined street of hulky gray-stone mansions, with DuPont green shutters. They were set comfortably apart from each other and the winding avenue, and I walked up to the house without anyone getting their feathers ruffled. I’d arrived the previous night and was staying at a motel in the suburbs of Wilmington, Delaware, just over the Pennsylvania line. If the caper was sniffed out before I managed to get out of the area altogether, I thought they’d be looking for me in Philadelphia rather than down there.

Although I was here in search of an empty house, as I stealthily approached, my thoughts went to what I had unexpectedly found here the previous day, the day of the wedding, when I had cased the house. I always like to get a sense of the layout of the target in daylight before I hit the house—and I’d found through experience that the second night was the best opportunity. On the day of the wedding, they usually thought well enough of the possibilities to station someone in the house during the ceremony and reception, and by the time everyone had recovered from the party, someone often came back to house sit. The night after the wedding, statistically, was always the best opportunity.

As I approached the house that night my thoughts went ahead to the pleasantries of spending the money I planned to start earning. Which led me to thoughts of the honey man. The warm June night was ideal for some action, and I was humming to myself and remembering his hair-rimmed left nipple and the casino siteleri way he had run his right hand around and across it as we had talked about the bees nesting on the house’s wall. That memory, and my hand stroking over my dick through my pants, had me growing happily.

The previous day I had arrived early at the big stone house so typical of this area of Pennsylvania, and getting no answer after ringing the bell at the front door, had gone around to the side gate. I always approached the house in my casings openly and with a story I could tell if I unexpectedly found someone home. When I got to the side gate, I saw a head bobbing in the pool and called out, and the swimmer moved to the edge of the pool and lifted himself up out of the water.

“Ooohhheeeee.” I whistled silently. The man was a real honey. I lifted the clipboard with the fake papers on it, ready to launch into my spiel about notification of delayed delivery on a wedding gift, when he made all of that unnecessary.

“So, are you the guy here about the bee hive Marion and Jim need to get rid of?”

“Ummm,” I answered, not being quick on the uptake.

“I certainly hope you are,” the honey man said. “Because I can’t really stay waiting for this to be taken care of longer than tomorrow night. I need to be in Boston.” All the time he was saying this, he was looking me up and down real carefully. I knew that look. He was interested. And I must say, he looked quite interesting to me too. Honey blond, honey lips, and a great swimmer’s body.

“Sure, let me see the hive,” I said.

He led me around to the side of the house, and sure enough, there was this large hive hanging off the side of the building slightly above head level, with a swarm of bees madly buzzing around it. I was about to say the wrong thing, when the honey man saved me again.

“It’s a pity we can’t just knock the hive off,” he said. “But, with them being protected in this state, Marion and Jim had been looking all over for a bee keeper who would know how to move the hive away altogether. They’re afraid the bees will get into the walls and then into the house.”

“Yes, you have to handle them very carefully,” I said wisely, giving the honey man the most welcome smile I could muster—and looking him up and down in that little Speedo of his so that he knew I was interested in more than the bees. “I have just what we need back in my truck. I got the address wrong; I’ll have to go back down the street for it. But if you’ll go back in the house, I’ll get my equipment and have that hive away from here and going to a better place in no time.”

“Oh good,” he said. “And then come on into the house afterward.” And the look he gave me told me I was as good as home as far as he and his type of honey was concerned.

I went back for the truck, and when I’d returned, I parked in the shadows near the side of the house, where there weren’t any windows overlooking what I was doing. Then I took a baseball bat out of the back of the truck. I had the hive down and half way into the bushes at the side with one big swing. I retreated to the truck and waited for the bees to exhaust their anger, and then I came back and batted the hive deep into the undergrowth.

After being done with the bees, I went and rang the front doorbell again.

“All taken care of?” the honey man asked with his honey-mouthed smile when he answered the door. I’d thought he might have changed out of his Speedo while I was playing bee keeper. And he had, but he’d only changed into a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Yes, yes,” I answered. “The little dears are all set up in a special compartment canlı casino in my truck, all ready for a comfortable ride to their new home in a safer place with a great meadow full of pollen-filled flowers.”

He was still giving me that lopsided grin ten minutes later when I had his back on the kitchen table and was grabbing his thighs and spooning my dipper inside his honey bucket. He was a little kinky and said he loved being surprised and wanted to be “taken,” so I had his wrists bound with one tea towel over his head and around a table leg and his cries of passion muffled with another tea towel gagging his mouth. I fucked him hard for nearly a half hour, and he enjoyed it so much that he asked me to come back the next night. And, again, he set up the whole caper for me. This was the least amount of work I had to do and risk I had to take on a wedding burglary.

“I have to leave right afterward, though,” he said at the door after one last kiss. “I’ve got to be back in Boston by the next morning.” Perfect, I thought. Some entertainment and then he’ll be gone and I can go about my intended business.

And then I was standing on the porch outside the front door, still holding the tea towels. My only regret was, that with the honey man right there all the time I was in the house, I didn’t have an opportunity to scan and inventory the loot I’d be hauling in the next night after he took off for Boston.

* * *

Now it was dark and I was early again. As the honey man had whispered in his instructions, I obediently walked up the long tree shaded driveway toward the large attached garage. Now that it was night it was rather spooky. The trees made the drive black as black, in spite of the moon that was out, and in the background owls hooted. And things occasionally scuttled and rustled the vegetation. I hurried on with my attention to my cock slackening off in the surroundings.

Then I saw with relief that the garage was not far away, situated right at the end of the cream gravel. I saw a figure moving about, going from the house to the garage. I smiled to myself at how eager the honey man was—that he’d wanted to have me inside him again even when he was so anxious to get off to Boston. I hurried on as quietly as I could and moved in to the partly open door of the garage and saw him open the Mercedes door, lighting up the interior, and leaning into the car, doing something inside. I moved in quietly to surprise him from behind, just as he told me he liked.

I pushed him forward and stripped his cotton pants down before kicking his legs apart, at the same time using one of the tea towels I’d brought back to gag him again. He was wriggling about but unable to cry out and wake the neighborhood. I held him down with a hand planted firmly between his shoulder blades and jerked my huge throbbing cock free and slid it back and forth over his entrance, my precum wetting it, but not enough for what I had in mind. But now I was just desperate to have him and didn’t care about anything else. I added some spit and worked myself into his protesting honey pot of a hole, as he kicked uselessly and tried to worm his way free.

He had no luck. I was determined. I leaned in and fucked into him, finally making my limit inside his channel, my balls touching his butt. Then he was lying half in the car and half out, me bent kneed and standing outside the door and fucking into his tight passage, deep and hard.

When I’d come I lay across the delicious honey man’s back briefly, kissing his neck and shoulders while recovering my breath, as he moaned and mumbled inside his muffling gag. As I pulled back and withdrew kaçak casino from him and stood, he turned himself over and I found myself looking down at a stranger’s face. I was too shocked to do anything as he wrapped his legs about my hips, and I felt him pulling me back toward him. I was stunned. The man was not honey man. This new man was younger and more muscular. Now I thought he was going to trap me somehow to keep me there for some reason, maybe till the police came. Maybe he was a burglar, I suddenly thought. But no, I realized he had been wearing pajamas, and I had seen him myself, moving from the house to the garage. So he had to live there. I was the burglar, not him.

And now he was smiling up at me and drawing me toward him. He took my hand and led it down to his swollen cock. As I stroked him, and discovered he was trapping me so I had long enough for my tool to reengorge, so I could fuck him again. He wrapped a hand around me and I bent over and kissed him on the eyelids and in the hollow of his neck. His other hand wrapping itself about my neck and pulling me in further, so that our half-hard cocks were stroking against each other and he moved his hand and held them like that, touching. I had my hands wrapped around his ass. Then I rose up and lifted his legs one at a time up so they rested on my shoulders and I had a good view of his puckered rim. He lifted one leg and braced himself against the interior roof of the car as his other leg continued to rest on my shoulder.

I had one finger at his entrance and worked it in as he arched and moaned. He watched me then and I had to sink another, then a third one, before he began to pant behind his gag. His dick lay down his belly hard and jumpy and he played with the slit in his cap as I played inside his passage and my other hand stroked inside his thighs and over his belly and cupped his balls. I finger fucked him until he cried out in a muffled sound, shooting off up his belly and chest, and sending gobs on to the dashboard. Then as he went limp I fed his hole my cock. He moaned and was watching me again as I fed it in and twisted and turned it as it went deeper. He moaned and whimpered and arched his back and widened his legs as I bottomed again inside him. This time I started slowly, with short fucks into the first few inches of his passage.

Our eyes were almost immediately locked and I was completely lost in the fuck.

The sudden turning on of the garage lights shocked me again. I turned around with my cock still buried up the ass of the man lying half in, and half out of the car. He seemed completely unconcerned about the sudden illumination and just kept moving his hips in rhythm with my stalled fucking.

Turning, I saw that it was the honey man himself, standing there just inside the half open garage door with his hand on the light switch. The previous day’s fuck had been so fast that I hadn’t memorized his look. Still these two must at least be brothers.

“Marion,” he was saying, not yet focusing on the Mercedes. “Since you and Jim are back early, I’d better be . . .”

And then he stood still in his tracks, taking my mistake completely in, his jaw dropped down to his chin.

Marion, I thought. Not Marian. Marion and Jim were both men.

I heard the gasping breathing from Marion as he jerked off the tea towel gag. He hadn’t stopped the rhythm of his hips, fucking himself on my tool, however.

“You . . . go on . . . to Boston, Greg,” he said in a hoarse voice. “Jim and I’ll take care of this . . . intruder.”

I’d never been fucked before like Jim then took care of me while I continued plowing Marion and a disappoint honey man took his honey jar off to Boston. And it was several exhausting hours later that I discovered what my first mistake had been. I’d read the address wrong in the newspaper article. The wedding couple I had targeted lived in the next block.

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Fake News

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“Police say the suspect is a 5’10, 165 pound white male, and was last seen fleeing from the Greenville Wal-Mart, heading east on State Route 45. Now let’s check in with Leticia Guerrero for this weekend’s forecast,” as I spoke, I turned my head slightly towards the green screen to the left of my desk, my plastic smile remained plastered to my face until I was sure that the camera was no longer on me. The smile died instantly, and I looked back down at my notes. I crumpled up the story about the Greenville Wal-Mart flasher and tossed it under my desk, sighing. More nonsense stories that no one cared about.

“Thanks Brooke, well everyone if you thought last weekend was unseasonably cold, you aren’t going to like what I have to tell you next…” began Leticia, the new meteorologist at my station, KQTV, Channel 10-Fairview. I wasn’t really listening anymore, I knew I had a couple of minutes before Leticia threw back to me and Karl Fowler, my co-anchor.

Instead I was thinking about the phone call I’d had three hours earlier from another ABC affiliate in Tucson, Arizona letting me know that they were going to go another way for their morning news anchor. They thanked me for my interest. I was thinking that at the age of 33, my chances of leaving Channel 10 were basically non-existent. Tucson was my last chance. I was doomed to spend the next 15years of my life as the female anchor for the Channel 10 Action Evening News at 6 o’clock, the third-ranked local afternoon news broadcast in America’s 191st-largest media market. That is, in a city with a grand total of 90,000 men, women, children, and houseplants, two other local stations got more eyeballs. Essentially, no one watched my broadcast. When I started getting close to 50 years old, KQTV would give me a minuscule raise and an office job to keep my old face off the air. Then I’d retire and, later, die. It was all planned out.

And as I organized my papers for the next segment, I thought again about how deeply unfair it was. I was a good journalist. I mean, I wasn’t just some news reader. Karl, sitting next to me, he was essentially Ron Burgundy come to life, right down to the miserable mustache. But I had earned my spot at this desk. I cut my teeth at KQTV after college; interviewing public officials, following viewer tips, digging through records, and earnestly asking questions in an attempt to educate the people of Fairview about the matters of local concern. I put in 12-14 hours days every day. I was the closest thing to a real investigator that this town had ever seen on TV (the local newspaper was actually pretty good, before it was shuttered). And I brought the same devotion to the anchor chair that I’d shown in the field.

Further, to be even more frank, I was damn good looking. At 33 I was 5’4 and no more than 115 pounds. I had long, straight (naturally) blonde hair and big green eyes. My nose was small, my cheek bones defined (but not too defined), I had a long elegant throat, high firm breasts, a flat stomach, an hourglass frame, and slender legs that looked incredible in a miniskirt. I looked like the kind of woman who got picked up by Fox News to keep the old men interested.

I’d gotten into the anchor chair early; I was only 27 when I got promoted. I saw myself advancing up the ladder. Going to bigger and better cities, maybe New York or LA, before getting picked up by a national broadcast. I saw myself doing fluff pieces on Good Morning America, before rotating up to the evening news. Maybe switching over to a cable station and having my own show. But somehow, things had never taken off for me. I’d worked harder and harder every year, perfecting my craft and trying to think of new things I could do to improve the broadcast. But, I’d never shown an ability to actually pull up viewership on my own. In fact, KQTV’s ratings had declined 2% across the board since I became anchor. New York and LA didn’t want me and that meant the national broadcasts would never want me. Hell, a mid-sized city like Tucson didn’t even want me.

I’d given everything I had to my career. I’d missed important family events like my sister’s wedding and my grandmother’s funeral. I’d foregone all of the normal aspects of a personal life. I’d never had anything even approaching a serious, adult relationship. Hell, I didn’t even dare adopt an animal because I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to take care of it. I’d done everything in my power to become a success in my chosen field and it wasn’t enough. I was 33 years old, single, and I wasn’t going anywhere.

“Brooke,” I heard Leticia finish up. My smile instantly returned as the light on the camera in front of me signaled that the weather report was over. I didn’t think I’d ever been more miserable in my life than I had been in that moment. But regardless of what Tucson thought, I was a professional. I would keep doing what I was doing. I didn’t know how to do anything else.

“Thanks, Leticia,” I said, “When we come back, Kyle Schrader will have a report on Superintendent Clinton’s controversial remarks on the upcoming school casino oyna board election. Some people are asking: did he cross the line? Please stick with us.” And the cameras went dark.

* * * * *

“Well I mean, I agree that it is good news. But it is weird,” I heard my producer, Gary, saying to one of his assistants. It was about two weeks after I’d gotten the word from Tucson and I was walking through the newsroom. I was on my way to make-up, in preparation for the night’s broadcast. Gary was hunched up over his assistant’s desk (I think the assistant was named Carla?) rubbing his chin with his thumb and forefinger. I wondered if something was breaking, whether I’d need to make some changes to my notes while I was in the make-up chair. I got the sort of tingling feeling I always got when there was a hint of a new story to cover. Even if I was stuck in Fairview forever, the rush of that feeling would never get old.

“What’s up? Something about the Mayor?” I asked, stopping next to the desk. Councilman Gillman had recently accused Mayor Tester of abusing his position to assist his brother in obtaining the sole city license to collect garbage. As of yet, it was just an unsubstantiated Facebook post by the councilman, but I had been trying to dig in to whether there was some basis for it. The bidding process had been closed, I needed documents showing there’d only been one accepted bid. “Good news” might mean a break in the story.

“No,” Gary said, distractedly, and I am sure the disappointment showed on my face. Gary looked up at me and smiled, something he never did, “Better!” he finished. Now my instincts were really thrumming.

“What is it then,” I said, walking around behind the desk and looked up at the computer screen. Before I had a chance to see what it was, Gary filled me in.

“It’s the latest ratings,” He said, “Viewership is up one percent compared to this month last year.” The sense of excitement I’d had quickly disappeared.

“Oh,” I said, nonplussed, “That’s a rounding error. We are still in third place, right?” I asked. Gary laughed a little, which was very strange, and nodded.

“Yeah, by a good margin,” He said. Now I was thoroughly confused. This was good news how? “Its not the overall amount that matters. In fact, in a couple of our strongest demographics we are down a bit. But that loss, and then more is totally made up with men 18-25.”

“Men 18-25?” I said, more confused than ever.

“Well, 18-49 males broadly, but 18-25 even more so. Up 12%” he explained.

“Did you check to make sure there wasn’t an error on the report?” I asked. I simply rejected the ratings out of hand. A 12% jump in any demographic after flat-lining for so long was unlikely, but men age 18-25 simply did not watch the local news. Anywhere. A 12% increase was impossible because 12% of 0 is still 0. They were the great white whale of local news: the most coveted demographic for advertisers generally and no way to reach it. “Lightning must’ve struck someone’s computer or something.”

“That’s what I said,” Gary replied, “I got Carol,” he gestured to his assistant (I was close), “to call over. They double checked the numbers. It’s right. I don’t claim to understand it. It is weird. But good.” Now it was my turn to laugh. I smiled at Gary and we just stared at each other like we were moonstruck kids. This didn’t make any sense. But I liked it.

“What did we do?” I asked, thinking back on the programming for the previous month. Stories whirred through my mind, but nothing stood out.

“I don’t know. I’ve been trying to figure it out. Nothing comes to mind. Maybe it is finally sticking. We wanted to be the most substantive local news in the market. Maybe people are catching on?” Gary suggested.

“You think 18-25 year old males are concerned with substance,” Carol said, incredulously. But I ignored the comment. I thought about what Gary said. Maybe he was right. There was no reason he couldn’t be right. Right? I mean, I prided myself on doing the news well. Was it so crazy to think that it actually worked?

“There isn’t any gimmick or anything I can think of. We have just been doing our show. We just keep doing that,” Gary said and it was like music to my ears. That was the dream, wasn’t it?

“I think we can handle that,” I said lightly.

“Then let’s go do it,” Gary said, and he looked back down at the computer screen. I essentially floated down the hallway to make-up. For the next several hours, I was getting ready for the broadcast. The routine was so familiar that I didn’t have to think about it. I was on autopilot. And that freed me up to think about the the ratings. The surprise was wearing off, but the excitement wasn’t. Ratings were up. And in a key demo. THE key demo. And we had just been doing my show. The disappointment from Tucson began to fade, for the first time in weeks. I remembered when I’d first taken the anchor chair. My immediate goal then hadn’t been to leave. Not for New York and definitely not for Tucson. No, the goal then was to be number canlı casino one in Fairview. I’d given up on that a long time ago, just trying desperately to get out. But maybe this disappointment was just what I needed. I needed to accept that I was going to be in Fairview so that I could do the job here to the degree it deserved to be done. Maybe my horizons were shorter now as I aged, but that didn’t mean there weren’t any goals worth pursuing. I could still be the best in Fairview. And I could do it by grabbing the adman’s favorite eyeballs.

These thoughts flittered through my brain over and over again as I got my make-up done, checked my notes, looked at reports, and made my way to the studio. For the first time in…years, I was excited as I completed these tasks. I sat down at my desk next to Karl and looked at the cameramen getting into position. This was it. This was why I wanted to do this in the first place. I was still doing the job I loved. Every day was an opportunity to live my dream. I didn’t even have to fake a smile as we counted down to airtime.

“Good evening, I am Brooke Middleton. Welcome to Action Evening News at 6 o’clock. Our top story tonight…” And I performed flawlessly.

* * * * *

Three days later, I floated into Gary’s corner office. He’d called a staff meeting and I was sure it was about the ratings. Of course, the ratings had been making the rounds around the office. Everyone knew about it. Everyone was excited. I felt that the two previous broadcasts since I’d learned the news were the strongest of my careers. There was no place else to go but up from this point. If anything, I was happier than I’d been when I first got the news.

When I stepped into Gary’s office I was a little bit surprised to see that the full staff wasn’t assembled. I was, as usual, a little late to the meeting. I’d been finishing up a report on the Mayor and figured everyone would be alright with it. But when I stepped in, the only people present were Gary, his assistant Carol (knew it this time), our script writer (the guy who filled in the banter and the fluff in our broadcasts) and the new meteorologist, Leticia Guerrero. I closed the door behind me and sat down at the chair in front of the desk. Carol and the writer, Mike, were standing next to Gary.

“Thanks for being here,” Gary said, sounding more subdued than he had in the last few days.

“I thought this was a staff meeting. Where is the staff?’ I asked. Gary grimaced like he was in physical pain.

“I’m sorry Brooke. You must’ve missed the followup e-mail. I canceled the staff meeting. This is a smaller meeting. I didn’t want everyone here,” He said. For a moment, I felt a hot stab of panic. Was I being fired or something? What was the number for my union rep? Only the fact that Leticia was here made me realize that wasn’t the case. Still, this whole procedure was very strange. We didn’t do secretive little meetings.

“Ok,” I said, drawing out the word.

“The initial meeting was called to crow a little about our ratings, to reward everyone. But…well this meeting is still about the ratings…but…” Gary was indecisive in his speech and he wasn’t meeting my eyes. Neither of those things were like him. I felt my heart fall into my stomach.

“The ratings were wrong?” I asked, subdued. Gary looked up and shook his head quickly.

“No, they are accurate,” He said. I furrowed my brow.

“So what’s wrong?” I asked. Then, I turned and looked at Leticia. She was looking intently at Gary. She didn’t seem to know anything more than me, “And why is Leticia here? I mean, no offense, but I am trying to figure out what is going on here.”

“None taken,” Leticia said, “I want to know too.”

“Okay, those are fair questions. I want everyone here to understand what is going on. That’s why I called you in…” Gary began to drone on, not reaching the point. With each word, I grew more and more uncomfortable.

“We figured out why the ratings went up,” Carol said sharply, interrupting her boss. Gary sighed and shrugged.

“We think we figured out why the ratings went up,” Gary confirmed. How was that bad news? And what did Leticia have to do with it? My reporter instincts were activated: I had questions.

“Well?” I asked, knowing that those questions were so obvious I didn’t have to ask. Gary looked at me now, almost pleading with his eyes, not to have to speak. Finally, he turned to Mike and shrugged.

“In addition to writing for you,” Mike started, speaking like he had already said the exact words before, when he told Gary, “Gary asks me to keep tabs on social media and…audience reaction. So last night I was looking on Reddit, seeing what people were saying about the broadcast,” Mike sounded apologetic.

“Good,” I said.

“Well…” Mike said and laughed uncomfortably, “The thing is…I’ve never seen anything on Reddit about us before. Mostly I just find Facebook posts from locals who don’t understand privacy settings. But last night there was stuff. A lot of stuff,” I felt a little excited. kaçak casino

“That was good news, right? What story were they talking about?” I asked. Gary sighed again and Mike shook his head.

“Not a story,” he explained, “I’ve been writing your banter with the other members of the crew for all the years you’ve been in the anchor chair.” I didn’t understand why we were suddenly switching gears, “Back when Jack was the meteorologist, you were both young and attractive, an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. I’d include a little flirtation in the script. Nothing major. Just a comment that could be construed as vaguely charged. Viewers like that stuff, they like to feel that they are looking in on our lives.”

“Okay,” I said, tilting my head to the side. I guess I hadn’t ever really noticed that. Not that I cared. The fluff between stories didn’t tend to engage my interest. And what did this have to do with anything.

“Well when Jack left and we brought Leticia on, I mean, I was just used to writing the way I did. I didn’t change anything. Same sort of banter, just a new weatherperson,” Mike said, growing uncomfortable.

“Yeah, it seems like the same stuff to me,” I said, and the comment hung in the air. Try as I might, I couldn’t figure out what the point of this was. I looked at Mike, but he was staring at Gary. Gary was looking at his desk. Finally, Carol stepped in and, finally, cleared the air.

“Mike saw a conversation on Reddit. A new tiny subreddit dedicated to our show. I guess some of the guys there think you and Leticia are flirting with one another. People are watching the show to see if you’re having a lesbian relationship, then they get online and swap theories,” Carol explained. I snorted and looked over at Leticia. She squirmed a little in her chair, didn’t look at me.

“Wait, what?” I asked, the full meaning of the conversation dawning on me. Carol had been right the first day. Men aged 18-25 didn’t care about substantive news. They cared about the possibility that two beautiful women might be sleeping with one another. There was nothing but news and cable re-runs on at 6 o’clock, so they tuned in to jerk off before primetime programming kicked in. I felt my cheeks get red. I didn’t even bother to wonder if this theory was confirmed. I could feel that it was true.

“Jesus, and I thought…” I started, but was too embarrassed to finish, “So what, we are changing the scripting up and backing away from this mess? Is that what this meeting is about.” What else could we do but beat a hasty retreat? We were the news, after all. Gary and Mike turned instantly to look at one another. Gary turned back to me, shrugging.

“When Mike made his discovery, he e-mailed me. But he CC’d the ownership as well.”

“And?” I asked, though I already had a sneaking suspicion where this was going.

“Well, they heard that we were up in the key demos as well. They don’t think we should be too hasty in changing (and I did suggest changing our scripts). They think we shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Ad revenue…”

“What are we talking about doing here Gary?” I asked sharply. It was one thing, embarrassing though it may be, to have this…accident occur. But once we knew what was happening…

“They think we should lean into this,” Gary said, completing his thought quickly and turning away.

“Lean into it?” I asked.

“Nothing… racy or anything like that. But if people like a little romance and mystery…ownership thinks we should give that to them,” Gary said, uncomfortable. I stood up quickly from my chair, shaking my head.

“You’re not just talking about leaving the scripts the same, you’re talking about taking advantage of this misconception. Lying to our audience,” I said, growing angrier. For the first time, I really thought about the content of what our new viewers were actually saying and I felt a chill run down my spine. We were catering to a perverted little fringe for a tiny uptick in our ratings. And we were doing it based on my looks. And Leticia’s. It was disgusting, “Not to mention that you’re essentially asking me to be some sort of softcore porn actress…”

“That’s overstating it, don’t you think,” Gary said, getting a little angry too, “I didn’t want this. But I am not asking you to kiss each other on camera. We are talking about…just more openly flirty banter in between stories. It is basically nothing. We could have done it without telling you and you wouldn’t even have noticed.” I was struck by the fact that Gary was probably right. I wouldn’t have noticed. But that was beside the point. Now I knew. How could I pretend I didn’t?

‘Gary, I am not doing this. I am a journalist. A professional. I am not here to titillate internet perverts. I am going to be reading my notes. I don’t want any of this shit.”

“Brooke!” Gary started. But I was already out the door.

* * * * *

An hour before broadcast, and I was brooding in the make-up room. The make-up artist was gone and I was by myself. I was shaking my head slowly and replaying the meeting with Gary over and over again in my mind. I thought of it from every angle and I knew I was right. This was disgusting. But as I was thinking, there was a gentle knock at the door.

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Angela’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 01

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Aria Rae

18-year-old Angelica Starr was angry. She’d broken another bra at School today. She attended a prestigious Private School, which adhered to a very strict Dress Code, including School Uniforms. She tried to adhere to it, as well, but her breasts were growing so fast recently that she kept snapping bras. They were up to a 36-DD now, and showed no signs of stopping. The Headmistress had caught her not wearing the now-useless garment, and had Suspended her for 3 days. Now she was driving home, tears streaming down her beautiful cheeks. She just knew Daddy would be disappointed in her.

Angelica and her Father, Michael, lived alone in a large Mansion just outside of Town. Angelica’s Mother had walked out on them when Angel was 5 years old. Michael had come home from work one day and found Angel at the Babysitter’s and a Note from his Wife on his pillow. “I’m leaving.”, it read. “I just can’t take this life any more. Don’t bother looking for me, you won’t find me. I love you, and our little Angel, but I just can’t stay here any longer. Good bye.” She’d left all of her belongings behind, and never returned for them. Michael hired Private Investigators to find her. The last he’d heard, she’d joined some Hippie Commune out in California, and disavowed any knowledge of the existence of the Family she’d abandoned. After 3 years, Michael had had the Marriage Annulled. Her possessions had gone into an empty room in the Mansion, should she ever decide to return, but that didn’t seem likely.

So, Angel had been raised by her Daddy, and under his care she had grown into a beautiful and intelligent young lady. She was short and slender, 5 foot 3 inches tall and weighing in at a mere 97 pounds. She took after her Mother physically, casino oyna having an extremely pale complexion, long straight flame-red hair, deep violet eyes, and magnificent breasts. Her facial features were exotic, with almond-shaped eyes, slanted elegant cheekbones, and her ears seemed to almost come to points as they often protruded up through her hair. In Intelligence and Temperament, however, she’d taken after her Father. She shared all of his interests (plus a few of her own), and it had quickly become apparent that she was not only a Genius, but a Prodigy as well, with an avid interest in the fields of Neurochemistry and Parapsychology.

Angel drove up to driveway to her home, her tears having abated for the moment. She knew her Daddy would be home, he’d inherited several million dollars from his Parents, along with the Family Estate, so he didn’t have to work unless he wanted to. Chances were good that the School had already called him. She only hoped her Daddy was already napping, he usually did in the afternoons. She entered the front door quietly, if he was napping, she didn’t want to wake him. She stepped silently up the stairs to her Bedroom, making as little noise as possible as she walked down the hall. She was passing the Upstairs Library when she heard strange sounds coming from inside. She stopped walking and crept closer to the partially opened door, from which she heard moans and voices. She snuck up to the door and peered inside. The sight that met her eyes made her gasp silently. There was 18-year-old Anna, one of the Housekeepers, completely naked and bent over the Library Table! Daddy was behind her, naked from the waist down, his large and hard dick pounding into Anna’s hairy cunt, her ankles locked awkwardly canlı casino around his waist. “Yes! Yes, Mr. Starr, fuck me! Slam your big, hard cock into my tight little pussy! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

Daddy moaned, humping balls-deep into Anna from behind. “Yes, Baby, you’re so tight and wet….”

“Yes! Oh, God, Yes! God, I’m gonna cum! Fuck me! Fuck me faster! I’m gonna cum! Fuck me, make me cum on your dick! Ohhhhhhhh, Goooooooood….I’m cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! Uhhhhhhhhnnn! Yes! I’m Cumming so goooooooooooodd….” Anna screamed as she came, Daddy’s rock-hard pole still rutting in her pussy, as he began fingering her ass. “Yes!” she screamed. “Yes! Finger my ass! Oh, God, fuck my hot young ass! Do it! Shove your big fat dick all the way up my ass!”

“You want it? You want me to fuck your dirty little ass?” Daddy slid his cock out of her soaking pussy and rubbed it in the crack of her ass as she wiggled back at him.

“Yes! Fuck my ass! I need it, I need it so bad! Do it, please! Please, fuck my ass!” She wriggled her ass at him, trying to capture his stiff meat between her cheeks.

Daddy slid the head of his cock up to the opening of her ass and pushed, sliding easily into her upturned butt. He moaned as she flexed her ass-muscles around his throbbing shaft. She pushed back, engulfing his cock deep in her young ass. “God, yes! All the way, give me all of your cock! God, you feel so good in my ass! Fuck me! Fuck my ass hard and fast! Slam your cock in my ass! Please! Fuck my ass!”

Daddy began to pump deep into her ass as she reached back and pulled his hips roughly into hers. She screamed in ecstasy, begging him to fuck her harder. Angel had by now gotten over her shock, and was well kaçak casino into horny. She reached under her skirt and pulled her panties aside, fingering her clit madly as she watched her Daddy fuck this young slut’s ass. She fingered her pussy, and as she watched Anna’s face contort in obvious pleasure, she began for the first time to also finger her ass. She gently inserted one, then two fingers into her butt, and the increase to her ecstasy nearly made her fall over.

Anna was writhing madly on the table, urging Daddy on at the top of her lungs. “Yes! Oh, God! Fuck my ass! God, your cock feels so good in my ass! Fuck it! Fuck my ass! Oh, God, I’m gonna cum again! Fuck my ass! Make me cum, Baby, fuck me! Fuck me hard in my ass!”

Daddy reached around and mauled her bouncing tits as she slammed her ass back to meet his savage thrusts. “Fuck me! Fuck my ass! God, I’m cumming! I’m cumming nice and hard with your big hard cock in my ass! Oh, shit! Oh, God, fuck my aaaaaaaaaass! I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnn! God! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeee! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeee haaaaarrrrrrrd!”

Daddy’s faced winced up tight. “Uhhhh, I’m gonna cum!” He thrust deep into her ass, mashing his hips against her buttocks as he buried himself to the root and quivered there, unmoving.

Anna screamed through her own shattering orgasm. “Yes! Do it! Shoot your cum all the way up in my ass! Do it, cum in my ass! Oh, shit, I’m cumming again! Fuck! Fuuuuuuuuuck! I’m cummmmmmmmmiiiiiiinnnng!”

Angel’s knees nearly buckled as she had her own mind-blowing orgasm. She leaned against the wall gasping for breath. When she heard Daddy and Anna begin speaking softly, she quickly rearranged her clothes and crept down the hall back to the front door. She opened and closed the door loudly and stomped back up the stairs and down the hall into her Bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

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Angel’s Birthday Ch. 1

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*Author’s note: This story is dedicated to a very special person who was my inspiration for this story. XO

Chapter 1 –

It was Angel’s 18th birthday and she was very excited because her father told her he had a very big surprise for her. She had no idea what it was and when she tried to guess she told him she couldn’t come up with anything. “Oh you will come up with it alright when you get it”, her father smiled. He told her to have a nice relaxing bubble bath and to get comfortable and he would see her when he got home from work. Angel got out of the tub and put on her tshirt and pj bottoms. She had her blonde hair up in a ponytail. As she looked in the mirror, she saw how she had developed lately. Her breasts were 40D and she was very curvy. At 5’5″ she was a knockout!

Daddy came home about 20 minutes later and walked in the door with take out, a bag full of presents, and some flowers. Angel was sitting on the couch when her father walked over to her, bent down on one knee and handed her the flowers. “Beautiful flowers for my beautiful Angel.” They sat at the table, ate their dinner and chatted and laughed away. They had always had such a special relationship. Angel’s father reached his hand across the table and held hers with a glazed look in his eyes. He pulled her up and taking her by the hand led her back into the living room on the couch.

“Wait here a minute hun.” He went to the kitchen and returned with two glasses of wine. “I want to toast my incredible daughter on your 18th birthday. I hope it’s one you will never forget.” After they each took a sip, he leaned over and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “Angel, you know that I love you more than anything in the world. I want nothing but the very best for you and for you to be totally happy. I would never do anything to hurt you in any way. You have grown into a very beautiful young woman. I see the way that boys and men look at you. You will be dating soon and I would never want anyone to hurt you or take advantage of you. This is the reason that for your 18th birthday I want to introduce you to the pleasures of sex so that you will know that you are never to settle for anything less than what you deserve. Do you understand what I am saying?” Angel was really surprised and a little nervous casino siteleri that her father was talking about this. Even though she was blushing, she looked at him and nodded in agreement. She trusted her Daddy more than anyone else in the whole world.

Angel sat so still as her father reached his hand up to her face and leaned in to kiss her once more on the lips. This time though the kiss was longer and with more passion. She was feeling so good and wrapped her arms around his neck. Daddy’s lips were moist and she felt his tongue run over them and then slip inside them. Angel’s first reaction was to touch it with hers and then she started to suck on it. He moaned and pulled her tighter to him and felt her warm and soft body close to him. She felt incredible and her body was responding to him in every way. he kissed her neck and slid his hand down her back and under her shirt. She shivered from his touch and his fingers moved up to the sides of her breasts. He moved under them and cupped them while his thumbs rubbed over her hard nipples. She could feel the pleasure of this shoot down into her private area. Her breathing was quickening and she started to grind her hips. “Daddy, I am feeling so good and I have a funny feeling down in my privates.” He smiled at her innocence. “That feeling means you are getting aroused and your private area that feels funny is called your pussy. It’s very natural for you to feel this way. Don’t be afraid and just enjoy the feelings and relax baby. Let’s go upstairs where we can be more comfortable.”

Daddy was behind her with his hands on her breasts as they walked up into the bedroom. “Stand here for a minute and close your eyes.” She heard him moving around the room and when he told her to open her eyes she saw that he had lit candles all around the room. It was so romantic and soothing. Pulling her to him he hugged her tightly and backed her to the bed. He gripped the bottom of her tshirt and slowly lifted it over her head. My God she was absolutely stunning! He put his hands on her hips and leaned down and took her right nipple into his mouth. She gasped and let her head fall back with her eyes closed. Angel wanted him to never stop making her feel the way she was feeling. He moved over to the left one and licked all around it and canlı casino sucked the nipple into his mouth. She was taking short breaths running her tongue over her lips. Her body was responding to her father’s every touch.

“Lay back my Angel and totally enjoy becoming a woman today.” Daddy kissed down her stomach to her bellybutton and flicked his tongue out and stuck it inside. He was getting her ready for what was to come. He slid down her pj bottoms and panties and caught his breath again to see what a magnificent creature she really was. He moved her back until she was laying on all the pillows with her hair spilled all across them. Angel was a little nervous but her excitement was much more intense. He gently spread her legs apart and moved his face with in inches of her glistening puffy lips and noticed how wet she was getting. She could feel his hot breath on her and she had more shivers all over her. “Don’t be afraid honey. Remember to just relax and enjoy it.” He put his finger to her pussy and ran it slowly up and down. Angel squirmed and let out a tiny moan. She had herself propped up on the pillows so that she could look right down and watch every move daddy was making. Her big brown eyes stared into his as he leaned forward and kissed her pussy. A few more soft kisses and then he licked at the bottom and ever so slowly moved his tongue up.

He licked out at her labia and sucked one side into his lips and gently tugged. Angel was really getting into this and spread her legs a little farther apart. The heat that was coming from between her legs was totally incredible. Daddy’s tongue licked from bottom to top again and this time he flattened it out when he reached her clit. “Oh my God! That feels so good!” “That’s called your clit, baby. It will bring you so much intense pleasure.” He swirled his tongue around it and then softly started to suck on it. It was throbbing and causing her body to feel totally on fire. Daddy would lick then suck and lick again all over her swollen clit. Angel could feel her body feeling more and more intense like nothing she had ever felt in her life. He put a finger at the opening of her pussy and gently slid it inside to the first knuckle. Her hips started to rock just like she was fucking. His baby was going to be a natural! kaçak casino He sucked a little harder and put his finger further in to the second knuckle. He didn’t want to go too far in as he new she was still a virgin and would save that for when he could totally take her. Angel could not concentrate and was getting lost in these feelings that were so intense.

“Daddy, I am really feeling strange and I don’t know what’s happening but please don’t stop!”

“Does that feel good sweetheart?”

“Oh God please don’t stop! Keep doing what you are doing!”

“Just go with it baby and cum for daddy. I want you to cum all over my fingers and my mouth. Let it go. That’s my girl.”

With that said, he sucked on her clit very hard and moved a second finger in her wet tight pussy. She was bucking her hips and moaning so loud. Angel felt totally taken over by lust and without warning her pussy started to contract around his fingers. She felt her whole body shake as her clit throbbed and she felt warmth run out of her pussy onto her father’s fingers. She came with such intensity that she held her breath and gripped the sheets on either side of her. Nothing could have prepared her for anything like this! As her orgasm subsided and she was laying there panting, daddy licked and suck all her juices and soothingly kissed every inch of her pussy.

“Well my darling, that was your first lesson in oral sex? Did you enjoy it?”

“Daddy, it was the most wonderful thing I have ever felt in my life! I want to do this again and again. Thank you so much! I love you!”

“You are more than welcome Angel. It was my pleasure and I am so glad that I could make you feel so good. I love you with my whole heart.” He moved up beside her and kissed her on the lips so tenderly. She could taste herself on his lips and found that she really liked it and it gave her a feeling of being naughty. She flicked out her tongue and licked her juices off daddy’s lips.

“MMMMM is that from me?”

“It sure is baby. You taste so sweet. I love to lick and suck you.” He smiled at her innocent question.

“I love sex daddy. Can we do more of it?”

“That was just the beginning honey. We have lots more to explore and for me to teach you.”

“I want to learn it all! I want to know about everything!”

Her enthusiasm was refreshing and he knew at that moment that he had made the right decision to introduce his beautiful daughter to the pleasures of the flesh.

To be continued…

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Explorations Ch. 10

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Jessica Tanner sat in her dorm’s parking lot, the car engine still running. The previous evening, she had allowed herself to be seduced by her own mother. Once the dominant in their emerging sexual relationship, Jessica had found herself in the submissive role. As she sat in her car, she tried to wrap her head around what it meant – for her; her relationship with her brother; and their relationship with their mother. What, if any impact would this have on Yun, her lover who had become so much more?

When Jessica walked through the door, Yun was sitting at her desk. Almost immediately, Yun could see that something was weighing on Jessica’s mind. “Is there something wrong?” she asked as she greeted her roommate with a warm hug and kiss.

“No…I don’t know…”

Yun led her to her bed.

“My mom,” Jessica began.

Yun could see the conflict in Jessica’s eyes. “It’s okay,” she said, caressing her arm. “Just tell me.”

Jessica looked into Yun’s beautiful eyes and felt the tension slowly leave her body. They had no secrets now. She took a deep breath. “I completely submitted to her; for the first time in my life, I…”

“Are you okay? How did it feel? To not be in control, I mean,” Yun asked, unsure what else to say.

“I…I don’t know. In one way, it felt amazingly freeing, especially because it was with my mom; in another way, I felt lost.”

Yun felt like she was lost herself. Here she was in the middle of this incredibly complex situation, yet her affection for Jessica seemed to grow with intensity with each revelation. Despite being the strongest person she knew, Jessica was also vulnerable and needed her.

“It’s okay,” Yun said, “We’ll figure it out.”

After finishing their nightly routine, Yun led Jessica to her bed and slowly undressed for her as Jessica watched. She was mesmerized by Yun’s tight body. Lifting Jessica’s blouse over her head, Yun felt the weight of Jessica’s breasts in her hands as she kissed her soft skin, her lover moaning with each kiss. When Jessica was finally naked, she laid back, touching herself, watching Yun with an intensity that made the young girl feel wanted..needed.

Turning off the light, Yun crawled into bed and spooned Jessica from behind. The warmth of Yun’s smooth skin against her back coupled with the feel of her bush against her ass, sent an erotic chill down Jessica’s spine. She felt Yun’s small hands caress her breasts and glide down the side of the body. God, she felt so good, Jessica thought. Yun pulled back from her body just enough to allow her hand access to Jessica’s ass.

“I want to make you feel good,” Yun whispered in her ear.

She caressed Jessica’s round butt, kneading one of the cheeks in her hand. Her fingers slid down the crack, eliciting a moan from Jessica’s lips.

“You always make me feel good,” she whispered, as her fingers glided over Jessica’s puckered hole until they reached their destination, “tonight, let me take care of you.”

Jessica parted her legs slightly to allow Yun access. She was so wet, Yun could have easily shoved four fingers into her cunt. She parted her lips.

“Fuck,” Jessica whispered as she felt the cool air hit her pussy..

Yun kissed the back of Jessica’s neck as she began rubbing her clit in a slow, circular motion. This was what she needed, Jessica thought. Yun continued to move at a slow, steady pace as Jessica gyrated her hips.

Jessica felt Yun’s hard nipples scrape against her back as she held her tight, her fingers steady on her pussy. “Fuck, baby, I’m so close,” Jessica said in a hushed voice, surprised how quickly her orgasm was approaching. She turned her head to meet Yun’s lips, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths, probing, searching. Yun held her tight to her body as she continued her relentless rhythm. “Oh, my God; oh, my God; oh my fucking God!…Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhh,” Jessica whined.

Yun, sensing the weight of Jessica’s orgasm, increased her pace.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jessica hissed in a hoarse voice as she bucked violently in Yun’s arms.

Jessica lost control of herself as she reached back to hold Yun’s body close to hers with one hand while squeezing the bed sheet in a fist with the other. The waves of pleasure just kept coming as she closed her eyes to keep the room from spinning. There was a slight reprieve before another set of convulsions hit her. Yun slipped casino oyna a couple of fingers inside Jessica’s wet hole as her lover quickly came again.

“God damn!…Fuck!” Jessica felt another wave approach, and for a second she wondered if she could take any more.

Yun held her close as her breathing became more shallow, her squeals higher in pitch as her orgasms rolled one into another. She was banging Jessica’s pussy with her two middle fingers, the palm of her hand hitting her clit again and again as Jessica came, her body shuddering in Yun’s arms. Finally, Jessica couldn’t take any more and slowly pulled Yun’s fingers from her pussy. She turned around and wrapped her arms and legs around Yun’s petite frame.

“Thank you, baby,” she said, kissing her deeply. “I love you.”

“I love you,” Yun replied as they drifted to sleep in each other’s arms.

* * * *

Over the next few months, Jessica focused on her relationship with Yun, and as a result kept her distance from her mother and brother, at least emotionally. She emailed her brother, Dan every couple of weeks and her mother a little less frequently. It was a conscious decision to not only dial down the rate of communication with them, but also the subjects she wrote about. She was quite sure her mother could sense this as she limited her topics to those a mother would discuss with her daughter as opposed to a sexual partner. Even though Jessica indulged Dan with the occasional steamy email (she would never be able to resist teasing her brother), she made it clear that she was “working through some stuff” and needed the space emotionally to figure things out. As a result, her relationship with Yun had blossomed; when they talked about the future, they talked about a future together. Yun had grown into a confident, young woman able to stand on her own, which made it all the hotter when she submitted to Jessica in the bedroom.

However, deep down Jessica remained conflicted about her relationship with her mother, and more broadly, about the emotions she felt when she submitted to her. Could she learn to be submissive to her mother while dominant over her brother and Yun? Why did it feel so good to submit when she knew she loved to be in the dominant position? Jessica needed to talk to someone about this, but who? That was when she thought of Diane, the woman she had met at the “sorority” party. She needed to talk to someone who understood what she was going through. Jessica had felt a connection with Diane; perhaps she could help. She called and left a cryptic voicemail. Diane called back and they decided to meet.

The next day after lunch, Jessica went to the agreed upon location – a bench outside the library. It was a beautiful, spring day with a slight breeze and the smell of blooming flowers in the air. A few minutes after Jessica had sat down, Diane came out of the library and walked over to where she was sitting.

Jessica stood as the young woman approached and offered her hand. “Hey, thanks for meeting me.”

Diane took her hand and squeezed warmly, a wide smile on her face. “I was happy to get your message,” she replied. “You said you needed some advice; is there something wrong?”

Jessica had been thinking about how much to tell Diane – who, for all intents and purposes – was a stranger. But, for some reason she felt she could trust her. She wouldn’t tell her the whole story – that would be a bridge too far – but she did feel she was safe to open up to Diane.

“I’d like your advice,” she began. “Remember when I said I was in a relationship with three people – an older woman, and a guy and girl my age?”

“Yes, of course,” Diane replied, unsure where this was going.

“Well, something happened a few months ago when I was home for the holidays. When I was with the older woman, she…I allowed her to…be in control. Except it wasn’t something I wanted; I just allowed it to happen without warning and I don’t know why.”

“Did you enjoy it?” Diane asked, intrigued.

Jessica looked up into the sky as if searching for the right answer. “At the time I was confused. Then as she told me what to do, making me…do things, I surrendered to her. It was a little scary to not be the one in charge, but it was also incredibly freeing…to let someone else be in charge of my pleasure.” She leaned forward and whispered in a low voice. “I came so hard that night; it was like canlı casino the first time I took a dominant role – it was amazing, just in a different way. The next morning I was so confused and I kind of have been ever since.”

“Have you been with this woman since that night?”

Jessica shook her head. “I’ve only been with my girlfriend here.”

“How are things with her?”

Jessica smiled in response. “Wonderful. She is submissive to me in bed but she is an independent, intelligent woman. I couldn’t be happier with where our relationship is…the problem is that outside of that, I’m not sure who I am, sexually I mean. I feel like I need to learn how to be a true dominant, but I also can’t shake the feeling I had when I wasn’t in control. There’s so much I don’t know about the lifestyle, about myself, about what I truly want.”

Diane had been listening with great interest. Jessica was truly remarkable in every way – passionate, intelligent, and gorgeous. Perhaps she could help this girl…and herself.

“I have an idea,” Diane said. “After graduation, I’m staying in town. I just bought a house – my family is loaded – and I’m moving in next month. One thing that I’ve discovered over the last couple years with my sisterhood is that I love living the D/s lifestyle. I’ve been thinking of finding someone to live with me, as my submissive.” Diane let the sentence hang in the air as she read Jessica’s eyes. “Stay with me this summer. I’ll train you. You’ll learn something about yourself that you can then take to your relationships when the summer’s over.”

Jessica listened in stunned silence. Could she go through with it? Would Yun understand? Her mom? Ever since she had met Diane that night at the party, she wondered what it would be like to surrender to her; there was something magnetic, intoxicating about her.

Diane could see the apprehension on Jessica’s face. “I know it’s a lot to think about. It would just be for the summer. You could get a job in the area. I’ll be expanding my business from home as soon as I graduate anyways. Think about it, talk it over with your girlfriend, and call me,” Diane stood, “when you’re ready to talk.”

Jessica remained seated at the table lost in thought. She closed her eyes and tried to figure out what she wanted. Coming to a decision, she got up and went back to her dorm room to wait for Yun to return from class.

* * * *

Almost everything was packed in boxes that were stacked to one side of the dorm room. The last of the final exams had been taken earlier that afternoon; all that was left was to say goodbye for the summer. After dinner in town and a walk around campus in the warm spring air, Yun and Jessica returned to their dorm.

The sexual tension between the two young women was palpable. They hadn’t had sex the last four nights as they engaged instead in an orgy of all-night studying, exams, and afternoon naps. All through dinner, Jessica fantasized about what she was going to do to Yun (and what she wanted Yun to do to her). As soon as they reached the car in the restaurant parking lot, Jessica gently pushed Yun back against the car door and kissed her with a passion that took even Jessica by surprise.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all night,” Jessica said as their foreheads touched.

A middle-aged couple walked by and stared, causing Jessica and Yun to chuckle. Feeling mischievous, Jessica pulled Yun to her for another kiss as she watched them pass by, their eyes never straying.

“Let’s go,” Jessica whispered, “I can’t wait anymore.”

As Jessica pulled the car out of the parking lot, she said, “Take off your panties and touch yourself.”

Without hesitation, Yun hiked up her long, flowing skirt and pulled off her pink panties, handing them to her lover. As Yun began to touch herself, Jessica inhaled deeply.

“Fuck, I love your scent. Don’t come,” Jessica ordered, “I want to take care of you myself.”

Yun kept her eyes on Jessica as she let her fingers caress her inner thighs, slowly making their way to her sex, which was already tingling in anticipation. She slowly circled her clit as she attempted to keep her heightened state of arousal at the edge, but not over it.

Jessica glanced over when they reached a stoplight. “Baby, that’s so hot,” she said as she reached over and caressed the side of Yun’s face. Yun was seconds from coming when they reached kaçak casino their dorm. She reluctantly pulled her skirt over her exposed pussy and followed Jessica upstairs.

As soon as they were inside their room, Jessica pushed Yun against the door and kissed her, sucking her tongue between her lips. “You were so good, baby,” Jessica whispered. “I know you wanted to come.”

“Yes,” Yun gasped as Jessica kissed, licked, and nibbled on her neck.

“I won’t make you wait any longer,” Jessica said as she pulled Yun’s skirt to her ankles and kneeled in front of her.

Yun leaned back against the door as Jessica licked and sucked on her outer lips. She shuddered as Jessica’s mouth covered her aroused clit; she let out a cry when Jessica’s tongue circled her in a steady rhythm that seemed to be in time with her heartbeat. She felt a tingling sensation in her toes and fingers as her breaths became deeper and more erratic, her muscles tensing as her orgasm approached. Jessica grabbed her ass and put Yun’s legs on her shoulders, supporting her weight as she lifted Yun’s feet off the ground. Placing her hands on the two chest drawers that were on either side of the door for support, Yun felt the last of her resolve melt away as her mind and body became one in an explosion of sensations. Not able to hold it in, she moaned loudly, knowing full well their neighbors would hear her.

Jessica licked her way up Yun’s body, removing the remainder of her clothing as they kissed softly, Yun’s body still quivering in post-orgasmic bliss. Stepping back toward their twin beds, which they had been pushed together months earlier, Jessica laid back as Yun followed. Jessica watched silently as her lover removed her skirt and panties, then her blouse and bra. She could see the mixture of love and lust in Yun’s eyes as she took Jessica’s foot into her hands and planted kisses along the arch, heel, and toes. Yun licked and kissed Jessica’s other foot in a gesture of worship that made Jessica feel cherished and loved.

When Yun finally reached her destination, Jessica spread her legs and held them to her chest, giving Yun full access. “Make me come, baby.”

Jessica moaned through clenched teeth as Yun licked the length of her sex – from her puckered hole to her swollen clit. She licked again, this time applying a little more pressure.

“Oh!” Jessica moaned.

Another lick.


Yun continued her rhythm, trailing her tongue the length of Jessica’s sex as she slowly inserted two slender fingers inside while simultaneously flicking her tongue over her clit.

“That feels so good; fuck me,” Jessica ordered in a hoarse voice, “fuck me with fingers, baby.”

Jessica felt the pressure of Yun’s small fingers pushing down in a steady rhythm, just like she taught her to do. God, she loved how Yun made love to her. As she felt Yun suck in her button in a steady rhythm, Jessica could feel her orgasm coming on.

“Faster,” she whispered, “I’m so close.”

Little moans escaped Yun’s mouth as she doubled her efforts, her free hand pinching Jessica’s hard nipples as he fucked her lover deep and hard until Jessica screamed in orgasmic abandon. Jessica held Yun as she ground her pussy against her face, riding out one orgasm that quickly led to another.

“Oh, fuck! I’m coming again…shit!”

Yun stayed in Jessica’s clit as she writhed in ecstasy. She didn’t stop plunging her fingers into Jessica until she finally took hold of Yun’s hand and slowly eased her out, Jessica’s body shuddering as her pussy released Yun’s fingers. Jessica pulled Yun to her and wrapped her arms and legs around her naked body.

“You make me feel so good, baby. I’m going to miss you.” She kissed her softly on the lips.”

Yun could feel her eyes well up. “You won’t forget about me…about us…”

“Shh, of course not.” Jessica looked into Yun’s eyes. “I love you, but I need to to do this; for me and for us.” She kissed her again. “There are things I need to learn about myself before I can truly commit to you and to this life. I think Diane can help me. You understand?”

Yun did understand. She understood that, besides her immediate family, Jessica had become the most important person in her life; she understood that her sexuality – her sexual satisfaction – was tied to her ability to please Jessica; she understood that when she dreamed of her future, Jessica was in it.

She nodded, kissing Jessica fully on the lips, tasting her, devouring her as if she had to save up this kiss for all the kisses they wouldn’t have over the coming months. “I understand…and I love you.”

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Andie in Wonderland

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I don’t know why it is but if you’re a person living alone all during the year, whatever family you have suddenly feels sorry for you at Thanksgiving and wants to invite you for dinner.

I had been living alone for many years. I had a very nice luxury apartment in New York City overlooking the lights of the West Side and had been able to earn my living comfortably as a freelance writer. Nevertheless, my bother Dan, who lived out at the end of Long Island with his family, felt sorry for me and invited me to join them for Thanksgiving dinner. Naturally I felt obligated to accept and told him I would bring the wine.

But also I was looking forward to seeing Andie again. Andie was their daughter, now 19 and enrolled as a drama major at New York University. I had invited Andie to visit me at my apartment when she first started school at the age of 18, and that encounter was described in an earlier story here, “Caught in the Rain.” As a result of that encounter, Andie and I had become “special friends” during most of her first school year. Now, she was in her second year, but I had seen her only once since the semester started.

The usual greetings were exchanged when I arrived at their home. Handing Dan the wine, I looked around. “Where’s my favorite niece?” I asked.

“Oh she’s up in that stupid treehouse of hers in the back yard,” Dan’s wife Gloria replied. “I don’t know what she sees in that place. It’s just a shack in a tree, but she says she likes it because it’s nice and quiet so she can read. She even ran an outdoor extension up to it so she could have a space heater there.”

I laughed. Dan had built the 12-foot square treehouse for Andie when she had been only 13, and she certainly had gotten a lot of use out of it over the years. It was her favorite place to be, apparently because of the privacy and quiet, away from her three brothers.

“Can I go and see her?” I asked.

“Of course. Tell her dinner will be at six, but she ought to be down here by five,” Gloria replied.

I walked out through the kitchen door to the backyard. The treehouse had been built about 15 feet up in a large old chestnut tree. You had to get to it by climbing a rope ladder, and when the ladder was up, that was supposed to be an indication that Andie did not want any visitors. But the ladder was down now, so I climbed it.

The treehouse had a three-foot deck casino siteleri around it, so I crawled along the deck to the one door, which was sort of shut but partially ajar. I wanted to surprise her, so I kept quiet as I gently pushed it open.

But the surprise was on me. Her father had furnished her treehouse comfortably with some old furniture they had in the garage, so it had a small table with four chairs around it and a bottle of wine, two glasses and a box of Kleenex on top, a settee, a lamp, a heater and a magazine rack. Andie was lying face up on the settee and propped up with some large soft pillows. Her eyes were closed and a book was open but face down on her stomach. She appeared to be wearing some kind of a little girl white-and-blue pinafore. Then I remembered that it was her “Alice in Wonderland” outfit that her father had purchased for her 16th birthday, since Alice in Wonderland had been her favorite book. And with her shoulder-length natural blonde hair and her blue eyes, she really did look like an Alice in Wonderland. It seemed strange that she would be wearing the dress now, at the age of 19.

But what was more unexpected was the unusual activity in which she was engaged. The skirt of her fluffy white dress had been pulled up to her waist, her white panties with the blue ribbon trim had been pulled down to her ankles, and her slender forefinger was slowly sliding in and out of the little blonde tuft between her thighs. She was masturbating.

She had once told me on a visit to my apartment in New York that when she was younger, she often used to masturbate thinking of me—which I found to be very erotic. I wondered if she was thinking of me now?

Obviously this was one of life’s rare voyeur moments to be enjoyed, so I remained as quiet as I could until she finished. And that was easy to tell: her body started trembling, and she moaned softly until she apparently came. Finally, after a minute, she reached over, took a Kleenex from the box and wiped herself. But she made no move to pull her panties up, so I thought it was time I made my move.

“That must be some book,” I said, getting up and walking in.

She quickly sat up and swung her legs around to the floor. “Don’t you ever knock?!” she asked indignantly.

“I didn’t think it was necessary, and as it turned out, it afforded me the opportunity of watching one of canlı casino the prettiest sights I’ve ever seen: Alice in Wonderland masturbating.”

“Well at least I’m glad it was you rather than some other member of my family. It’s not like you haven’t seen me masturbate before,” she said with a smile.

“That’s right I have. You should have locked your door.”

“There’s no lock on it. Plus no one but me ever comes up here.”

I looked around. “It’s very cozy.”

She took my momentary distraction to quickly pull her panties up. “You won’t tell daddy, will you?”

I smiled at her. “I think you can buy my silence with the proper tender. And you’ve got the tender to do it.”

“In that case, would you like a glass of wine? We could call it my Mad Tea Party.”

I sat at the table. “Who came to the Mad Tea Party?

She sat opposite me and poured two glasses of wine. “I think the Mad Hatter was there—among others.”

“Then I’ll be the Mad Hatter—as long as you can guarantee that I’ll come again.”

She smiled. “I think I can guarantee that you’ll come.” She raised her glass, and we clinked them together. “Cheers, I said “Who were you thinking of when you were doing it?”

“You only asked that because I once told you that I used to think of you when I did it.”

“You’re right.”

“Well, I have a boyfriend now, so I was thinking of him. Sorry.”

“That explains why you haven’t visited me recently. You’re getting your sex somewhere else.”

“You’re right. But he’s not here. So I guess I’ll have to make do with you.”

“I wouldn’t mind that.”

“The family wants me back in by five, so that doesn’t leave us much time. So would you like to start off with a blowjob, Mr. Hatter?”

“Yes, I think that would be quite nice, Alice.”

“Then stand up, come over here, and unzip your pants.”

I stood up and did as she suggested. She took it out and put it in her mouth. She had the most talented swirling tongue I had ever known and a suction level equivalent to a good vacuum cleaner.

“I could easily come in your mouth,” I groaned. “But I don’t want to do that. I want to have the opportunity of fucking Alice in Wonderland, which is something I’ve never done before.”

She took it out. “That’s a shame. I was hoping you would come in my mouth so I also could play Little Miss Muffet—eating kaçak casino her curds and whey.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Always the actress,” I said.

“Where do you want to do it?” she asked, looking around.

“Well, the settee looks a little short for the missionary position, and this table looks a little uncomfortable for your back, so how about I sit on the settee, and you straddle me.”

“I can do that,” she replied. “Should I take off all my clothes?”

“No, just your panties. I told you: I like the idea of fucking Alice in Wonderland.”

Smiling, she lifted up her skirt, pushed her panties down to her white low-heel shoes, then kicked them off.

With my dick still standing at attention, I sat on the settee, and she moved over to straddle me. Gently I eased my cock in past her little blonde curls. “Now go up and down slowly until I come inside you,” I suggested.

She did as I suggested, and closing my eyes, I did as I had promised, coming deep inside of her. She felt both warm and wet at the same time, and I could feel the muscles of her lower lips milking me of every drop. Finally, she leaned in and wrapped her arms about my neck. “I wish I was naked,” she murmured, “Like I was in front of the window in your apartment—with all of New York watching us fuck. That was SO sexy.”

“You’re right about that. I’m getting another erection just thinking about it.”

“Save it for tonight.” Gently, she disengaged herself, and I could see that she had come as well.

“Why? What’s happening tonight?”

“You’ll find out. You don’t go back until tomorrow, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Then maybe you’ll have a nighttime visitor—after everyone else is asleep.”

“I would like that, and if you sneak into my bedroom tonight, I’d like to talk to Miss Muffet about her tuffet.”

“I’m sure she would like that. But I guess we had better go in now. The bird you stuffed here is done.”

“How do you know that?”

She lifted her skirt. “The juice is running down my leg.”

And what a beautiful sight that was.

“I’m going to leave my panties here,” she said. “Is that all right?”

“It’s very all right.”

During the Thanksgiving dinner, when no one else was noticing, Andie, on the other side of the table gave me a demonstration of how well she could lick and suck a drumstick. A little later, with the creamed onions, she smiled at me when some of it ran down her chin.

Several hours later, when Little Miss Muffet, clad in her white silk pajamas, came to my room, I enjoyed that little tuffet of hers for dessert.


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College Days Ch. 07

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Brady knew he was getting looks and he really wished he’d had time to change into his civilian clothes. He settled into his seat on the plane and waited for things to get going. Unconsciously, his hand reached up and touched his hair. He wondered if he would ever get used to how bristly short it was.

Brady patted his front pocket just to feel the reassuring bulk of folded letters from Ezra. He couldn’t wait to see his boyfriend again. Letters were great, so were phone calls. Skype chat was a miracle. But none of that compared to actually holding Ezra in his arms, kissing those soft lips. He had to stop his train of thought there. As tempting as it was to mentally go over all the things he wanted to do to Ezra, he knew it would only make the plane ride feel even longer.

A man settled in the seat beside Brady. He was older, Brady guessed in his seventies. He was grinning at Brady and held up his cap, which said he was an Army veteran. “Thanks for your service,” the old man said. He held up a shaking hand and Brady shook it.

“And thanks for yours,” he replied.

The man’s name was Barney and the conversation flowed easily and before Brady knew it, half the flight had passed. He once again thought about Ezra and touched the letters in his pocket. He’d missed part of what Barney had been saying and was forced to ask the old man to repeat himself.

Barney chuckled. “Oh, I know that look. Got a girl waiting back home?”

Brady cleared his throat. He didn’t really know how to respond. He didn’t want to spend the rest of the flight in awkwardness. “Uh…actually,” Brady said. He cleared his throat again. “His name is Ezra.”

Barney did a slightly comical double take and Brady braced himself. Barney laughed a bit. “Don’t look so scared, son, I’m not one of those people.” He patted Brady on the shoulder. “I’m too old to be prejudiced. Hell, my memory’s bad enough as it is without having to remember who I hate and who I don’t.”

Brady let out a sigh of relief. “Thanks,” he said.

“Besides, I’d be a hypocrite if I judged you.” Barney reached into his wallet and held out a photo. Brady took it from Barney’s shaking, liver spotted hand.

The photograph was in black and white and the corners were worn out. It showed a younger Barney standing next to a stunning African American woman in a wedding dress. They were smiling and it was obvious they were completely in love.

Brady handed the picture back. “Her name is Rebecca. We’ve been married nearly fifty years. I’m actually on my way to meet her. We just had a grandson and a granddaughter born a thousand miles apart in the same week!”

Brady casino oyna smiled. “Congratulations.”

Barney beamed with pride, but then took on a serious tone. “Look, son. There was a time when people told me and Rebecca that our love was wrong and unnatural. People told us we were an abomination and that we were sick. But you know what? They have no right to do that. When you see some of the things I’ve seen…well, you learn what’s important in life. You love this boy?”

Brady nodded. “Yes, sir,” he said confidently.

Barney nodded. “Then you don’t let anyone tell you that your love is wrong. They don’t know shit.”


Ezra groaned at his alarm clock. He’d been having the nicest dream about Brady and he didn’t want to wake up. He went through his waking up ritual. He yawned, stretched, and pulled at the hem of the T-shirt he was sleeping in.

He’d started wearing Brady’s shirts to sleep in, even though they always got bunched up at some point in the middle of the night. It was just one of the small things that had helped him make it through the separation. Initially, he’d found that it didn’t take much for him to start crying, but over time, he’d gotten stronger. He kept himself distracted and sure enough the days got easier, but it was still hard. He looked forward to letters and phone calls, those helped too, but he desperately missed Brady’s touch.

As his drowsiness wore off, he remembered what day it was and why he was waking up so early on his Saturday off work.

Brady was coming home.

He jumped out of bed and took a quick shower. He didn’t know why he was rushing. He had plenty of time, but for some reason he felt like it would go faster if he rushed. He took a long time deciding what to wear. He knew that it didn’t really matter. Brady had never cared about how he dressed, but he wanted to look nice. He pulled out his best pair of jeans and a simple black T-shirt. He spent a few minutes messing with his hair but he was still ready to leave an hour before he had planned to.

He tried to distract himself with breakfast, but he was too excited to waste time. Even though he knew he’d still end up waiting at the airport, he grabbed his wallet and keys. As he left and was locking the apartment, Ezra heard Myles’ door opening. “Good morning,” his neighbor said.

“Hey,” Ezra replied. He turned to see that Myles was dressed in a loose T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. “Are you and Derek still training for the marathon?”

Myles nodded. “Yeah, it’s three weeks away. Wait, isn’t Brady getting home today?”

Ezra grinned. “I’m going to pick him up!”

“Awesome,” canlı casino Myles said. “Well, I’ll let you go. Derek’s probably waiting.

Ezra waved and headed down the stairs. Once his feet were on the ground, he ran full speed to his car. It had been too long and he was more than ready to see Brady again.


Brady waved goodbye to Barney and slung his backpack over his shoulder. He could barely hold back the excitement as he scanned the crowd. His eyes met Ezra’s and suddenly the busy airport felt empty. He broke into a light jog and dropped his backpack as soon as he felt Ezra in his arms. He held his lover close. It was better than in his dreams. He tilted Ezra’s chin up and just stared for a moment, taking it all in. He kissed Ezra, not caring about the tears that Ezra had on his cheeks. It didn’t matter.

“Fucking faggots,” someone shouted.

Brady raised his middle finger, not bothering to break the kiss or even look at the person who had tried to ruin their moment. Whoever it was wasn’t worth it. He wasn’t going to let anything get in the way.


Ezra grinned the entire ride home. He was just so happy to have his Brady back. They kissed at every red light and hand holding progressed to more intimate touches. Ezra wasn’t sure how they managed to make it through the apartment door before tearing at each other’s clothes.

Brady was fast and demanding. Ezra’s shirt was gone as soon as the door was shut. His hands were all over Ezra’s back as their tongues danced. One of his hands roamed to Ezra’s nipple and a light pinch had Ezra arching his back and moaning with need. Brady bent down and left his mark on Ezra’s neck as they stumbled back to the bedroom. Brady grinned wickedly, gently shoved Ezra on to the bed, and attacked Ezra’s zipper. He pulled away Ezra’s pants and his cock jumped when he saw his boyfriend wasn’t wearing underwear.

Ezra turned slightly pink. “I wanted it to go faster…” he admitted.

Brady kissed Ezra. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you, t-too.” The last word trailed off into a gasp of pleasure as Brady’s mouth descended on his throbbing erection. Brady put a hand on Ezra’s stomach to steady his lover who was writhing with pleasure. He reached up, brushing his fingers against Ezra’s soft lips. His angel still knew what to do and sucked on Brady’s fingers with an obvious neediness.

Brady pressed his saliva slickened middle finger into Ezra’s tight opening. Ezra cried out and Brady had to pull his mouth away from Ezra’s cock. He wasn’t ready for his angel to cum just yet. Ezra whimpered at his denied orgasm, but his disappointment didn’t last long kaçak casino as Brady added a second finger.

“I missed you,” he whispered, his voice slightly strained from the effort of slamming himself on Brady’s fingers.

“You ready for me?” Brady asked.

“Not yet,” Ezra replied. “I miss your taste.” He scooted away from Brady’s fingers and dropped to his knees. He pulled at Brady’s zipper and Brady’s erection sprung out. He moaned as soon as the head touched his tongue. He took as much of Brady’s cock as he could, looking up at Brady the whole time.

Brady knew he couldn’t wait much longer. He reached for the drawer of the bedside table, glad to find the lube was in the same place as always. He returned Ezra to the bed and they kissed while Brady worked his belt lose. Once his pants dropped he poured a good amount of lube into his palm and worked it on to his cock. He closed the top and dropped the container to the floor, kissing Ezra again. He found Ezra’s entrance and pressed inside. He groaned a bit at the tightness and rested his forehead against Ezra’s. “You alright, baby?” he whispered.

“Yes. I missed you.”

“I missed you too.”



Ezra wrapped his arms around Brady’s neck and his legs around Brady’s hips. “Make love to me, please.”

Brady kissed Ezra’s forehead. “I’ve been looking forward to this, angel.”

Brady’s movements were slow at first, giving Ezra time to adjust. Brady rested his forehead against Ezra’s again and smiled when he heard the soft moan that meant he’d hit the spot. He felt the slight sting of Ezra’s nails digging into his shoulders and he loved it. He balanced on his palms, thrusting harder and faster.

Ezra’s tears of joy clung to his thick eyelashes like dew. Ezra’s moans were the most beautiful thing Brady had ever heard and hearing them again after being separated made every lonely moment worth it for Brady. He kissed Ezra once more and held his angel tight as Ezra’s moans got louder and his body writhed with his oncoming orgasm. Brady felt Ezra’s channel tighten around his cock and a spurt of warm cum coated their stomachs. Brady emptied his seed into Ezra’s spasming tunnel and collapsed on top of his lover.

After a moment, the settled in to a more comfortable position and held each other for a long time. Neither of them wanted to move. Brady kissed the top of Ezra’s head as his boyfriend caught his breath.

“Worth the wait?” Brady asked.

Ezra laughed. “Yeah, definitely.” He sighed and looked up at Brady. “I’m so glad we’re together again. I missed you so much. I saved all you letters. I even kept all the voicemails you left so I could listen to them when I missed you.” Ezra blushed a bit at the admission, but he knew that Brady would never laugh at him.

Brady held Ezra a little tighter. “I’m so lucky to have you.”

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Evening Spar

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And with an elegant flurry of Marianne’s sparring blade, Roselyne again finds herself disarmed, and tripped up, fallen on her rump on the plush mat beneath the pair.

“Come now, Madam Auvrey, you make it seem as though you’re losing on purpose.” Marianne snickers, bringing the blunt edge of the blade down, the dulled tip resting over Roselyne’s sternum. In reply, the woman offers a pout, and a little grumble.

“I apologise if you think it that way, Madam Leroux.” Roselyne speaks shortly following her little huff.

“Ah, Madame Auvrey, be careful how you address me after our bouts, hm?” The woman grins, her free hand offering a waggle of her index finger, as she tuts in teasing disappointment.

“Oui, right… Pardon my tongue, Ma Reine…” Roselyne bows her head to the side, averting her gaze from the woman atop her. This, however, is not allowed to continue, the cool touch of the metal on that blunted arm touches the loser’s chin, pointing her face up towards her dueling partner.

“As you should know well by now, dear subject… My pardon comes at a price.”

“Oui, Ma Reine…” Roselyne squeaks again, the presence of the frigid steel now being highlighted by the contrasting temperature, and reddened appearance of a blush on the woman’s cheeks. Finally, the blade is set aside, and Marianne lowers her form atop of the other woman. She settles on her midriff, hands setting each on a breast, offering casino oyna a gentle little push.

“Lay back.” She speaks, her tone soft, but her words sharp. “And bring your hands together above your head.” Roselyne, unsurprisingly, complies, her eyes closing as her breathing grows more unsteady. She lays back, guided by the pressure of those hands against her chest, before her hands make their way up above her head, the lush carpets dancing along her arms before her fingers draw together, arms outstretched along the floor. “Tres bien, Ma Fleur… Now, would you like to close your eyes, or need I use your shirt?” Marianne offers a deceitfully innocent smile with that remark of hers, and again, Roselyne does as she is asked. Her eyes fall closed, cheeks pulsing in the heat of the moment, before a pair of lips come down and meet the woman’s in a deep kiss, both parties letting out content sighs. “Good girl…” Marianne coos into her ear, brushing a digit along her cheek. “And are you ready for your duty, then, Ma fleur?”

“Oui, Ma Reine.” The obedient woman replies, her lips slowly parting to let her warm breaths into the air. Within but a few moments, the path of those breaths is disrupted, and Roselyne’s lips contact another, lower pair of lips on her partner.

“Tres bien…” That voice from above lets out in a relaxed breath, before those luscious netherlips begin grinding along their conquered partner’s face. “Tres, canlı casino tres bien…” She continues, the woman’s hands appearing to Roselyne as the woman’s right settles on her breast, whilst the left gently brushes through her hair. Marianne’s muscular thighs tense around Roselyne’s head, securing her firmly as the woman’s powerful hips continue to grind, and tease at those lips, meeting her subject’s obedient tongue as it laps at her.

“I do so adore our sessions, Ma Fleur… But someday you will have to get better, oui?” The woman atop remarks, and her partner offers a meek nod – At least as much of one as she can with those thighs locked around her head, and her tongue focused still on pleasuring the woman above her. “Magnifique…” Marianne coos, reassured that her primary task of training Roselyne was not forgotten, though she would certainly miss this treatment if she were ever to become the master. However, this was not yet the case, and she was on top, and she would enjoy every moment of it.

Marianne’s left hand, previously brushing through Roselyne’s hair, now curls her fingers into those locks, holding firmly as her legs tense, the domineering figure saddled atop the loser’s face tenses her torso, before finally a heavy, hearty moan spills into the training space, her lubricant starting to flow more freely as more is produced in her arousal. She lets more and more sounds of her pleasure free into the space, kaçak casino her hips rocking on that desperate little tongue between her legs. Roselyne herself was quite an expert in the trade, her tongue not only focusing attention on the woman’s tunnels and her outer lips, giving gentle suckles to her trainer’s hood to draw out her little love button, to which she nips and laps to spike her dearest friend’s pleasure, before returning to her vagina.

“Ah… Never one t-to disappoint, Ma Fleur, non?” Marianne asks, knowing that she will get no verbal reply, but still certainly an oral one. The woman continues working, and working at her conquorer’s sex, pulling more and more moans from her until finally she hits her peak – Those tunnels tensing, and gripping against that tongue working in her tunnels.

“P-erfect! M-on Fluer!” Marianne calls in her ecstasy, eyelids fluttering as she rides out that peak atop Roselyne’s face, who contently laps up that nectar, the added touches of pleasure serving to prolong Marianne’s climax just that little bit longer, before the tensing thighs loosen, then release the head between them, Marianne crawling back and settling back on the girl’s midriff.

“Always a pleasure to train you, Madam Auvrey…” Marianne lets out in a quiet sigh, leaning her head down and licking some of the excess juices off of her partner’s face, pressing a sloppy kiss to her lips and holding it until she needs to catch a breath, finally retreating and leaning back.

“Ah… The pleasure is all mine, Madam Leroux…” Roselyne pants quietly, recovering from the shortage of breath between those thighs.

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And Here We Are Ch. 05

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Shayna was completely naked, and she scrambled to pull the blanket up to cover her chubby little body. Sadly, this was the first ever attempt at modesty I had ever seen from her. I may have made her mine on Friday night, but that was alone. Her friends were now going to see me demonstrate that Shayna is an example of how not to be. I was frank with her, but not yet showing how badly she was about to be humiliated.

“It’s my own fault. I trusted you and thought you had grown up a little after Friday night. You’re lucky I don’t give up on things. You’re unlucky you live under my roof.”

Shayna remained quiet. Even after I buttfucked her on Friday night, she was still able to speak. She kept choking on her words, and after a few attempts just stopped trying. Her façade may have been broken on Friday night. But as long as she could maintain the illusion of control and power in front of the other girls, she would keep pushing my boundaries. In fact, I think she might have wanted to be caught. She just was too stupid to realize what that meant.

As the girls re-entered the room, they had the same trouble articulating anything that Shayna experienced. But unlike Shayna, they seemed to grasp the situation and recognize that Shayna needed to shape up. It wasn’t like I was making up arbitrary rules on the fly. I told them yesterday what I expected, and I laid out what their responsibilities and obligations would be. They were wising up pretty quickly. The same could not be said for their amoral little friend.

I told the girls to sit on the bed, and they quietly obeyed. There would be no questions, and the looks on their faces suggested that they may have agreed with the way I was about to take action. I grabbed a small chair from the room and told Shayna to come over to me as I placed my foot up on top of it.

Shayna looked completely shell-shocked while at the same time frantically thinking about what she could do. She went to the dresser as if to get some clothes to cover herself and protect her from the humiliation. Not today.

“No. You come here right now young lady. She stopped in her tracks and gingerly marched towards me. When she got in front of me, her posture shrank and she wouldn’t make eye contact with me. I let the uneasiness and dread fill the room before I gently guided my hand under her chin to lift her head so she was face to face with me. There was genuine fear in her eyes, maybe even more so than when she realized I was going to bugger her. I let the theatricality build before I quickly hoisted her up and onto my knee.

When her belly landed on my leg it knocked the wind out of her slightly. I let her catch her breath before I began her session. I was going to demonstrate my power over her with both words and actions.

“Shayna, can you tell your friends why you are over my knee?” I needed to break her down in front of the people that fueled her, and mind games were my only way to do that effectively. She fumbled her words and stuttered through her response.

“Um uhhh I’ve been a bad girl Mr. Braxton.” I started rubbing her large rump before continuing. She flinched and began to shiver a little.

“What have you done that makes you a bad girl?” She quickly answered.

“I skipped church sir.” She wanted this to be over and she thought leaving details out what help her cause.

“What else?” I knew how to dish it right back.

“Please don’t make me say it sir…” This was big. I found out how I could shame this girl and spark some reform. Maybe then Shayna would start to grow.

“… um I uhhhh, was pleasuring myself sir.” She began to sniff and choke up, and I could feel her heart rate increase. The water works were about to follow.

I decided to use the same technique I used on Jasmine. That is, when I landed a blow, I would roughly squeeze the cheek I struck. That would really drive the point home. I glanced up to see how the girls were reacting. They looked stressed, but not horrified. I don’t think they had ever seen Shayna in such a submissive and compromising position.

Before I began, I decided to study Shayna’s behind. She had that large, round butt like Jasmine. Her cheeks were the lightest shade of pink, the last remaining physical reminder of her punishment from Friday. Her bruises had healed enough to make her tan lines much more noticeable. She had the same jiggle when it brushed with anything, and it was meaty but less tight than Jasmine’s. And unlike my stepdaughter, she didn’t even pretend to keep herself in any kind of shape. She was more thickly built, but she had the tiniest bits of cellulite manifesting on the back of her thighs. I used my thumb and index finger to slightly spread her cheeks to get a look at her rectum. She hiccupped and I could tell she was mortified. As she dangled over my knee, she began to shiver from the open window. It was November after all.

I got to work. As I pounded her ass, she did an admirable job keeping quiet, casino siteleri but I could feel and hear her weeping quietly. As I approached 40 swats, I started see to see my hand imprinted on both of her cheeks. I was striking the same exact spots, so I continued because I wanted her to be reminded of who owned her ass in this house.

I passed 60 and that’s when she finally started squealing. Tiny, cute little shrieks that were clearly not what she wanted to let out. I got to 90, and she broke down sobbing. I patted her rump and told her that she was almost done with her first portion of her punishment. She started kicking and panicking but I shushed her and tightened her up so she was calmer. As I continued that process, I looked up to see how the other four were seeing it. They were HOT. AND. BOTHERED. I could tell that they were trying their hardest to not show any emotion, but they were not fooling anyone.

“Jasmine, can you bring me the paddle?” Jasmine quickly retrieved the wooden board and Shayna was resigned to her fate. At this point how much worse could it get for her? I then gave her a few taps so she could get an idea of what she was dealing with. I couldn’t tell if she was flinching or hiccupping, but it wasn’t really important.

Shayna continued to scream as I made the last 10 smacks. Once I finished, she almost fell off my leg. I repositioned her as she blubbered and sobbed. I stuck my hand between her legs and spread her legs a little, to which she slightly resisted ineffectively. I then purposely brushed her labia, and she trembled in shame. I heard her whisper, “please no, please no.” I’m not sure if she was talking to herself or to me, but it proved my hypothesis true.

On a primal level, I knew Shayna wanted this feeling, this submission to my authority. She already had her fluids dripping down her legs and onto my knee. She was the most promiscuous of the girls and her bodily response to her last punishment proved she was easy to turn on. But if there was anything that superceded her sexual appetite, it was her self-image and desire to always have control or the upper hand. There was no more obvious example of her complete and udder loss of those things then being manually stimulated by her friend’s stepfather (I may as well have been her de facto stepfather by this point too) while the people she spent the most time with watched.

If this was the way that Shayna was going to fall in line, so be it. Manipulating the manipulator using their own habits against them was extremely effective in my past experiences. So I knew what I was going to do, but first I was going to address the audience. Robin and Leah were watching intently, almost as if they couldn’t believe it but still wanted to see it. Jasmine was fidgeting all over the place trying to avoid eye contact with anyone in the room. And even Heidi had a look of curiosity that came from the understanding that her friend had to pay the price for her actions.

“Ladies, I know how uncomfortable this is for all of you. I know how wrong you must think this all is. Maybe you’re right to think that. But I have done things to bail you out of trouble too many times, and I have a simple set of demands for living under this roof when I’m paying the bills and taking responsibility for your actions. Shayna still doesn’t respect that. If she did she would have made sure to get up for church, and she never would have gone into my room and taken something out of there. I really thought she had grown up a little after Friday night, but it’s obvious that isn’t the case. So I’m going to do what I think is most effective to control the behavior of one of my dependents.”

As I gave my little speech, Shayna continued to quietly sob while over my knee. I think she had an idea of what was going to happen, but she was too afraid to even try anything funny in fear of making it worse. So I continued, addressing her directly.

“Shayna, I laid out simple rules for what I expected from you if you were going to live here. These rules are not hard to follow, you knew exactly what they were, and you understood that if you didn’t want to follow them you could leave without consequence. You decided to stay, and you decided to break my rules even after I rewarded you with an invitation to my office party. You took something that belonged to my wife from my room and pleasured yourself with it after skipping church when I told you yesterday it was mandatory in this house. You’ve brought this on yourself and I hope after this you’ll start to follow the rules.”

In between sniffs and sobs she managed a meek “forgive me sir”. I told her that I would forgive her when I saw a real change in her behavior, and with that I slowly began to tickle her clit. As she began to moan quietly, I plunged my middle finger into her vagina. She started to kick like she was swimming, and then she gasped for air like she was drowning. She was trying her hardest to stop her body from responding canlı casino or revealing it to her friends, so to drive the point home I whispered to her, “if you cum so help me…”. I didn’t actually have a consequence to that, but taking her power was what these girls needed to see.

I looked up to see what they were doing before I got back to work. They looked like they had that same struggle Shayna was having, that their bodies were responding to a position their mind would find terrifying and humiliating. I think it was safe to say that sexuality was predominant aspect of these girls’ perceptions, values, desires and fears. The fact that they haven’t gone to school with the opposite sex for years I’m sure fostered that curiosity. Regardless, they seemed very aware of what was happening and even if they didn’t understand it, they respected that in my house you follow my (completely reasonable) set of rules.

I began to stroke her pussy lips with my index finger while I massaged her clit with my middle. She thrashed and convulsed in both pleasure and pain, and she was lucky I was able to get a firm grip on her love handles because if she could’ve seriously hurt herself if she had fallen to the floor. She moaned and she gasped and she cried all at the same time, and I after about 3 minutes I could tell she was getting close to climaxing. But she was so terrified of defying my orders that she finally started to crack.

“AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! SIR! SIR! P-PLEASE MAY I CUM SIR?! PLEASE! I NEED TO! I CAN’T!” There was no way this was an act. She had been stripped down, both figuratively and literally, and her whole aura of invincibility and defiance had been destroyed. I knew it was only a matter of time before she super soaked the room, but I wanted to squeeze every last ounce of stress and panic out of Shayna.

“Don’t you dare!” I continued to feverishly manipulate her sex. I wasn’t particularly worried that this was ever going to be an issue with any of the other four girls, but if there was even a small chance of that happening I was willing to bet it was gone now. As she got closer to bursting, the desperation was more than apparent.

“PLEASE SIR PLEASE, UHHHH UHHHHH, PLEASE LET ME CUM! I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY! JUST MAKE IT STOP! JUST LET ME FINISH! AH AH AHHHHHH!” Like a pot of tea, she screamed at the top of her lungs as the pressure became too great. I used my thumb to press down on her asshole, but I knew I wouldn’t need to penetrate it.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AHHHHHH!!” She combined moaning, wailing, begging and shrieking all into one powerful noise that I had never heard before. She sprayed hot thick cum all over my hand. I could tell that the other girls didn’t know about this little feature Shayna possessed, and were about 90% mortified and probably 10% hot and bothered. As Shayna furiously tried to catch her breath, I readjusted her one final time over my knee so she could breathe easier. No easy task given how much work Shayna needed getting fit. But once she was finally as composed as she could make herself, her crying had reached truly embarrassing levels. Her face was puffy, she was in pain, her own libido had been used against her, and a part of her was elated at the feeling she had just experienced.

As she tried to get out an apology, I addressed the room. “I can give you whatever you ask of me if you work hard on yourselves and improve. Respect is earned, but you’ll have mine if you do your part around here. Shayna’s behavior is unacceptable, but I’m hoping now that she’s learned how to act like a lady and respect the man who has given her a home.” I gently patted Shayna’s hand imprinted bottom and she grimaced and squeaked. I asked the other girls to leave the room. They obediently shuffled out as Jasmine told them that they were going downstairs to watch TV. As I observed the looks on their faces, I noticed some perplexed faces that also had a real level of understanding. It was totally oxymoronic, but it’s just what I saw. Jasmine was last and we exchanged another look of semi-telepathy. She knew how to manage her group, and she was learning how to be a leader. She shot me the smallest smirk. Maybe Shayna was that friend that you love but who you also can’t stand a lot of the time. It was certainly a reasonable theory.

As she shut the door behind her, I laid down the law.

“If anything like this ever happens again, I’m not going to punish you. I’m not going to humiliate. I’m not going to CARE about you. I’m going to kick you out. You may have a huge house, but you and I know both know you don’t think that’s your home. You drive me nuts. You’re disrespectful, dishonest, and destructive. But you need me, they want you here, and I know kicking you out is not the right thing to do for you. But I’m done. I bought your load of shit Friday night. It’s over. So you have to decide right now if you think you are ever going to do this again. If you think you can’t respect me, I’ll drive you home and make sure kaçak casino someone is there to stay with you. I know you’re going to screw up again, but if you stay I’m going to MAKE you improve. This is your last chance. Your clever and confident and you can be successful at whatever you want if you set your mind to it. But you have to grow up right now. So what’s it going to be?”

As Shayna continued to breathe heavily, she thought of what to say. She looked as far over her shoulder as she could and decided.

“P-Please don’t kick me out Mr. Braxton. I’ll listen. I’ll obey you now.”

I had heard this before. “Why should I believe you?”

I’m not sure she had an adequate rebuttal, and she continued to lightly sob. Like I said, I could be a pushover. I think that something has changed. If this didn’t motivate her to adjust, nothing would. I’d give her one more chance and cut bait if it came to it. Many people would condemn my actions but I had done more than enough for this girl and stuck my neck out with no gratitude. I gave the ultimatum to the naked girl suspended over my knee.

“When we walk out of this room, you obey every word I say. You will make more mistakes, and I guarantee you will be in this exact same position again. It’s going to take time before you meet my expectations. If you had just missed church, I would not have fingered you into submission and humiliated you like that. But it’s time to grow up. You will get dressed, we will go downstairs, and we will start your next chapter. Every day after school you will complete your chores exactly as I want them. You will let me know how you’re doing in school, we will chart out a plan for your future, and we will instill in you proper values. And you’ll have a home.”

Shayna had finally stopped crying and answered honestly.



She spoke up with a balance of her confidence and some newly found conscientiousness. “I want a home Mr. Braxton. I’ll do whatever it takes.” I responded with one more playful pat on the ass before I lifted her off my knee and back on to the ground.

“Thank you sir. Just never do that to me again.” She chuckled during her proclamation, but I needed to learn from my own mistakes. I bought this last time. So I kept my steely resolve as I stared down at her. She took the hint and adjusted her stance.

“What I mean is I’ll behave now sir.” Now that was more like it. I tossed her one of her bags and told her dinner was in an hour. The old Shayna probably would have told me what she wanted, at least downstairs in front of her friends. But her body language and expression was at least convincing enough. We’ll see if her demeanor matches up downstairs with the way it is now. But there was still one matter to settle.

“Before I forget, you aren’t going to school tomorrow.”

Shayna was shocked. “May I ask why sir?”

I explained what was going to happen. “Your lit professor has been abusing Heidi for almost a year. She’s extremely scared and I had to basically pry this out of her. I’m going to the police tomorrow, and then I’m going to the school. Jasmine, Robin and Leah are going to go to the school as to not tip him off. You are going to recover from your spanking tonight, and you are going to stick with Heidi tomorrow like white on rice. She needs help and to know that her support system can overcome this evil man. Do you think you can do exactly what I’m asking?”

Shayna seemed to have to fight her urge to say the first thing that came into her head. She worked hard to get her next thought out.

“I’ll do whatever you ask of me. I want to help. He smacks my ass in the hall sometimes. I guess I need to work on self-discipline because I always laugh when he does it. I know I can be a little slutty. I’ll work on it for you sir. But if I had known what he was doing I would have told the police myself.”

As unserious as Shayna could be with just about everything, she could take herself very seriously at times, so to hear any level of self-deprecation and introspection was welcome. I then remembered what Jasmine had told me about the locked room in the professor’s house.

“Have you seen anything odd at Heidi’s? Because Jasmine said we’d need tangible evidence to get him and she said there was a creepy room that was always locked.”

“Now that you mention it, I know what she’s talking about. I don’t know what’s in it though. Before we go tomorrow to the police let me try and get Heidi to tell me. It might sound hard to believe but she trusts me.”

I halfheartedly laughed and told her to just tread lightly. During our talk she had changed into a hoodie and pajama pants. She winced at the pain of brushing anything against big round bottom. She did something I didn’t want to see, but I gave her a pass given the circumstances and under the condition she was helpful to me tomorrow.

“You forgot panties young lady.” She got that ‘deer in the headlights’ look and rifled through her bag looking for something that would pass for underwear. I laughed and told her to relax. She must’ve thought it was a trick because she kept searching frantically.

“You get a pass tonight Shayna.”

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