Benim Isim De Zor

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Benim İşim de ZorMerhaba ben selin bahçelievler lisesi 10. Sınıfta okuyorum. Etrafımda kaşar bir kız olarak tanınıyorum aslında hemen hemen her kız gıbı tacıze ugramak benımde hosuma gıdıyor. O gün serkana(çıktığım çocuk)sözüm olduğu için onların evine gitmiştim bursa escort fakat beklemedıgım bır olayla yuzyuze gelmıstım serkan yanına gökhan diye bir arkadasını almıs benı evınde gökhanla bırlıkte beklıyormus. Gittiğimde serkan bana hiç bişey söylememi ve hemen soyunmam bursa escort bayan gerektıgını soylemıstı bende her zaman kı gıbı dedıgını yaptım altımda kırmızı tangam ve ben serkan ıle gökhanın hızmetındeydım artık serkan benı yatak odasına gotururken kalca delıgıme escort bursa parmagını sokmustu bıle gökhan ise göğuslerımı sahıplenmıstı cok tahrık olmustum. Serkan benı sonunda yataga atarak ustume cıkmıs ve am delıgımı zorlarken bende gökhana saxso yapıyordum. Biz serkanla aynı anda bosaldık fakat gökhan henuz bosalmamıstı. Burada görev bana dusuyordu bu sefer gökhan am delıgımı zorladı bırkaç gel-gitten sonra sonunda oda bosalmıstı ve benımde gorevım bıttıgı ıcın huzurla eve gıdebılırdım…

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A New Life Ch. 02

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It was a couple of weeks before I had the opportunity to meet Howard without others being there, Joan joined me on our Friday night out and despite his eager looks in my direction I could not offer or show any encouragement.

The following weekend my children were away on holiday with their aunty and uncle from their Dad’s side of the family, Uncle Harry had picked them up on Friday tea time and they would not return for a week.

Joan and I met up as usual and strolled to the pub, our chat was comfortable and the half pints of beer were refreshing and delicious. Most of the usual regulars were in and were soon to be joined by Howard and his mates who took up a table near ours. Their chat was the usual mix of bawdy and earthy comments about the weekend to come as pints were swiftly consumed and the night went on.

Sometime later one of them overheard Joan talking about how much rest I would be able to catch up on while the children were away, he remarked something about how Betty would be sneaking a man or two in then! Everyone laughed at that, even me!

While I was at the bar getting more drinks Howard approached on a similar mission, when the barman was away fetching clean glasses he whispered asking me if it was alright to call round later. I smiled and told him that would be nice, but somewhere after eleven o’clock.

Joan and I wandered home at our usual ten o’clock and it was with a shaky and excited hand that I unlocked my door and let myself in. The house was tidy, as it always was, but the hands on my living room clock stubbornly refused to complete their circular journey quickly enough. I had a small glass of sherry, I closed all the curtains, I inspected my attire…the illegal bahis button up dress was on again.

I tried watching television but gave in to another small glass of sherry, the minute hand on the clock had eventually moved round beyond half past the hour. I paced the room, I inspected the kitchen to make sure there were no unwashed dishes. What the hell did that matter I wondered to myself?

Eventually there was a soft knock on the front door, I almost tripped in my haste to get there. There stood Howard with his lovely mischievous grin, I moved aside to let him in, quickly locking the door.

We kissed softly but with urgent passion, we moved to the living room and fell sprawling on the large sofa. The kisses became deeper, tongues flickered and teased, his hands and fingers found my breasts. He kneaded, shaped and squeezed and then uncovered them. I watched as he once again unbuttoned my dress, this time all six buttons at once, the two halves were parted.

His breath was sharp against my face as he feasted his eyes on my body, large full tits encased in a white lacy bra, dark and thick nipples visible as they protruded through the thin fabric. My lush growth of black pubic hair, like a shadow inside the white panties and my legs eager and open.

My arms were removed from the dress and it lay like a blanket beneath us, he unclipped and removed my bra. His fingers teased and pulled on my sensitive nipples, I held his head as he sucked and nipped making them even harder. His fingertip used the moisture his mouth had left as a lubricant to excite me further.

Urgency was obvious as a hand descended beneath the elastic of my panties, my spread legs a sign of my urgency too. Labia illegal bahis siteleri distended, wetness seeping, fingers inside creating more desire, as soon as Howard touched my blood filled clitoris I came, shuddering and begging to be fucked.

He knelt above me, unbuttoning his shirt and removing it. He stood to remove his jeans, removing a package from a pocket first, then underpants, obviously a gentleman in the making his socks came off as well!

The small package was opened in the corner of my eye, my gaze was drawn to the stiff column of cock that would soon be inside me. Howard smiled at me and asked if I was ready as he rolled a condom down his shaft, in answer I reached for it and drew him down.

He sucked on my engorged nipple as he slowly fed the tip of his cock between my swollen and soaking cunt lips. Oh my god it felt good, sparks flew around my mind as he fucked me slowly and gently. My husband had been gentle in making love, now I was aroused by raw passion.

Howard’s hands ranged and roved, on my tits and nipples, under my bottom and cupping me as he drove onwards with his stiff young cock. I don’t know how many definite orgasms I had, it just felt as if I was coming or on the edge for the whole time.

We kissed constantly, then he pulled his mouth away to tell me he was coming, his thrusts became hard and even deeper, then I knew I was coming too, the spasms in my cunt spreading into my whole body.

We shuddered together as his sweet juices filled the condom, I wrapped my legs around him not wanting the withdrawal of the cock that had made me so happy and satiated.

Minutes later…reality. Howard’s softened cock slipped from me, he giggled and canlı bahis siteleri said it was time to get rid of the used condom. I lay legs still spread and my breath ragged, I could not remember directing him to the bathroom but I heard the toilet flush.

He returned to the room, staring and smiling. He said he didn’t need to leave just yet, living with his parents had advantages. Could we go to bed? Oh yes! I did say my old alarm clock would be set for five o’clock, I did not want any witnesses to my visitor

We climbed into a bed with blankets and sheets torn back, each naked, each kissing and gently biting the other. Howard was above me, my jet black curly hair spread over the pillow, his hands pinioned my arms wide as he sucked my nipples again.

He said he would show me something new…his tongue slurped and licked gently down my body, he reached my navel and my hands grasped for his head. My cunt was boiling over with expectation as he slowly descended, his fingers spread my lips to expose my clitoris to his gaze and tongue.

Rockets exploded in my head and I convulsed and moaned as his tongue slid over my most sensitive part. His tonguing slowed as he allowed me to calm a little, instinct telling me to trust him as he cupped my still firm buttocks and raised my hips.

He had another condom ready, and rolled it over his glistening shaft.

It slid in easily with the excitement and lubrication of the previous fuck, Howard held my legs high and really gave me a hard fuck this time.

His mouth was on my tits again, my nipples were standing hard and proud.

Then a hand under my bottom, no both hands, lifting me so he can drive deeper and harder, one hand reaching further, a finger sliding into my bum, new, nice, mind exploding, orgasm like never before.

Holding, cuddling, morning blow job before he had to go. Soon I would find out I could not trust him, but my first threesome was to follow.

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Hot Sex in the Sun and Nude Tanning Ch. 02

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The sun is so hot on my bare ass. I’m lying here right now on my tummy, typing…beads of sweat running down between my ass cheeks, then to my pussy where my sweat feels even hotter.

Its only 20 degrees outside, but I’m under a dome that covers the pool and the surrounding deck. It lets the tanning rays through and it’s hot as hell under here. Brilliant sunshine…not a cloud in the sky. The dome retracts in the summertime.

I love being horny when I write this stuff.

That works pretty well, because I’m horny ALL the time.

That’s Blue’s fault. She makes me want to be SUCH a hot slut for her. Sometimes, she comes out here (always just as naked as me) to “make sure I’m properly covered with oil.” Oh yeah…she takes care of that.

The oil gets super-hot lying in the sun. She dribbles it on my skin…it’s so hot, it almost burns me. She spreads it all over my back, then my legs. When she gets to the back of my thighs,

I spread my legs for her and she slides her fingertips along my inner thighs, getting oh-so-close to my pussy…but without touching it.

She knows what she’s doing to me…she loves to caress my inner thighs and watch my orchid pussy swell and start to drip.

She giggles sweetly canlı bahis and dribbles the hot oil between my ass cheeks, letting it drip right on the opening to my ass. She lays the oil aside and uses one finger to play with my ass. I raise my ass in the air with my legs spread, whimpering for her to fuck my ass with her finger.

She purrs back at me and slides her finger around my opening…I raise my ass more, begging her to fuck my ass.

Sometimes, she will not, because she knows just fucking my ass will make me cum, and she wants to save that for later.

Later…when she’ll lie under me and fuck my ass real hard, making me cum all over her.

Ooooohhhhh, my baby loves that because I cum a whole LOT. We both do. (but we’re not squirters.)

Sometimes after I cum, she doesnt stop fucking my ass…she just keeps at me, knowing I’ll cum again and even more cum will flow all over her pretty body…

Then, I get to decide…shall I lay myself on her body in all my cum and slide myself all over her, my thigh against her pussy and driving her insane, OR shall I lick up a mouthful of my cum and savagely kiss her, sharing my cum with her while my tongue fucks her mouth and my cum dribbles down her cheeks?

I bahis siteleri have to lie here in the sun with my legs spread apart, oil and sweat glistening on my darkly-tanned body, and think about this some more…

My pussy is throbbing soooooooo hard. But, it does that most of the time, doesn’t it? It COULD be the small bullet vibrator I have deep inside my pussy…

It has a wireless remote control and its turned off now. I’m not a good typist anyway…if that thing were working on me, vibrating against the walls of my pussy, I couldn’t type at all.

Blue likes to joke about my bad typing. She types about a zillion words per minute…unless my face is buried between her luscious thighs. Sooner or later, she gives up, sets her computer aside, grabs my hair and leans back with her legs spread for me…

…then, I really have my way with her pretty pussy.

It makes me horny as hell to be just as slutty as I can be for Blue…

I LOVE being her hot woman…the woman who gets to make her cum, screaming like hell…

Yes, I would do ANYTHING in bed (or wherever we happen to be ) that she’d like me to do. I’m not sure why, but doing THAT makes ME cum. And we both cum a LOT…sometimes, all over bahis şirketleri each other.

When I’m sucking her pussy and I make her cum, sometimes, I don’t stop at all…I just keep devouring her and making her cum over and over and over…until she either passes out or sits up and pulls her pussy away from me, pointing her finger at me and saying, “No Sunny! No more! You’re going to kill me!”

Then she flops backward onto the mattress and I hold her against me and smother her lips with kisses.

In public, it depends upon where we’re going, but I love to dress as hotly as I can when I’m with her. I love to wear my loose-fitting skirts as short as possible. They don’t completely cover my ass…sometimes, Blue will walk with me with her hand around me and under my skirt, resting on my hip.

That leaves…let’s see…half of my ass exposed.

I don’t care. It excites my pussy to DEATH for Blue to show me off…to take possession of me, showing the world to whom I belong. FUCK! That makes me wet!

Then, when we’re in private, Blue licks all my juices from my inner thighs, then gives my smooth pussy a very good tongue-fucking!

Oh fuck! That’s all I can write for now….have to turn this vibrator up on high…I’m already shaking. In about 15 seconds, my body will be in total spasm and I’ll be screaming through a violent orgasm….

Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,


Copyright 2016 Sunny Johansen

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The Two Cherries

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Author’s Note: This is my first actual submission of any real kind. I write quite a bit, but it’s usually done just to keep my thoughts from becoming a jumbled mess. This story was actually inspired by a conversation I had with my girlfriend. It was written for her, with her in mind, but it’s the first story I’ve ever attempted. Although I’ve read many better written stories from this site and since I rather liked writing this, I wanted to share.

If you like it, let me know. If you don’t, well… let me know that, too.

Thanks, and enjoy!



I’m not sure what night it was. Friday. Saturday. It really doesn’t matter. She came over to my house like any other weekend night when she wants to get away from that feeling of someone looking over her shoulder. Her roommate Like she has her very own ‘over-watch’. It started as a fairly normal evening for us… she has her shots of vodka, I with my White Russians. We talk. Sometimes it’s pretty deep, other times it’s just about whatever inane topic that comes to mind. But tonight, I decided it best that I stayed a little more sober than usual. And for what I had planned, the last thing I needed was a case of the ‘whiskey-dick’. I wanted ’round two’ finished in a place that was new to her. So, it was with that third drink that I decided it time to slow down and not cross over from buzzed to drunk.

We decided to move things inside while the shots kept flowing along with the conversation. And that’s when I see it. That first clue that lets me know when conversation needs to stop and ‘other’ things need to happen. That look of total relaxation and inhibition.

I love dancing with her, so I reach for her hand to pull her to me. We both naturally go to that dancing position we learned in our ballroom dance lessons and just start swaying to the music. As I let go of her hand to cup the side of her face, I lean in to whisper something in her ear that only she will ever hear from my lips. I kiss her cheek, then her neck, and then as I look into her eyes, I kiss her lips softly until she opens them for something much more passionate.

Our incessant and oh so wet kissing turns into a full-blown make out session, reminiscent of two teenagers afraid to take that next step and continue past ‘first base’. HOWEVER, our teenage years are behind us and I am far from afraid to advance past ‘first base’ at a full gallop. I break off our kiss long enough to ask her to unbuckle my pants. She then removes her own canlı bahis as I kick mine aside along with my shirt. Realizing that I can’t leave a job undone, I unbutton her shirt and kiss her again as I slide it over her shoulders with her bra following shortly.

As much as I love to kiss this woman, I find myself unable to resist ravishing her body. While still kissing her, as if 30 minutes isn’t enough, I gently nudge her onto her stomach on my bed where I continue to kiss her, moving to the back of her neck, then further down her back to one of the loveliest of asses I’ve ever seen. And from the very first time I’d taken her from behind and seen her beautifully puckered hole, my tongue has been drawn to it. That is one of the ‘cherries’ I plan to take right now… me having never tongued someone’s ass. She knows what I want and she’s decided to let me have it.

I spread her ass so I have full access. Gently, I use my tongue to lick around the edges. I tease her with it almost to the point of misery until even I can take no more. Using the point of my tongue, I use more pressure and start licking the very center and then I go back to circling the edges. I then use the flat of my tongue to lick just below her hole and then stopping to lick at the center once again.

Although I am nowhere near done pleasuring my love’s ass, I get the feeling that her pussy is feeling left out of the fun. I reach for our new glass toy that just seems to know the right spot to hit. Finding that it needs no lubrication other than her own, I slid it in until I know it’s hitting just right.

Acting on its own, my tongue can’t help but find its way back to her uncharted territory. Licking it with increased fervor while the glass rod is sliding in and out. And then, as if reading my mind, wondering if she REALLY likes what I’m doing, I hear her say, ‘Don’t stop, baby!’ Unable to ignore such a request, I continue. But, only for another minute or two, for I have other plans.

Hearing a slight whimper from her when I do stop almost makes me resume my fun… well, ‘our’ fun. But, just almost. It’s then that I reach for the smallest of my three plugs and the lube. Having applied a very large amount of the slippery stuff on both the plug and her hole, I gently ease in just the tip. I wait a moment and ease a bit more in so she can get used to something going in the opposite direction. All the while not forgetting the glass toy still lodged inside her pussy, I slide it in and out in time with the long, slender plug… eventually bahis siteleri sliding it all the way home.

I find myself kissing my way back up towards her neck and kiss her amazing lips. I want to make sure she’s doing ok. With a nod that she is, I reach for the plug and gently ease it out… but, not all the way just yet. Teasingly, I thrust it in and out for another minute or two before removing it.

It’s then that I decide it’s time for the plug that’s one size up. After once again applying a generous helping of lube, I ease just the tip of the larger plug into her slowly loosening hole. She understands that if it gets gets too much to bare, that it’s ok to stop. But, she’s doing good. I continue to ease in the rest of the larger plug. Again, slowly and with a gentle in and out until I have it in all the way.

After having filled one hole with the plug and the other with a toy, I feel an extreme urge to fill another that has only had my tongue as of yet. With the plug still inside her, and having handed the toy over to her capable hands, I nudge her onto her back where our mouths meet to make love with our tongues like only lovers do.

Now, I am a Cancer. Which means that, more often than not, I’d rather make love than fuck. But, not now. At this moment, what I want is to fuck the one hole that has yet to be occupied. And right now, my Scorpio girlfriend is of the same mind.

With barely a nudge, she knows exactly what I want and moves across the bed so that her head is hanging off the edge. On instinct, she moves the glass toy into her pussy which slides in easily. Now that two of her holes are filled, I grab both sides of her head so I can fill yet another. Her lips part knowingly, allowing my cock to enter her mouth. I slide in and out slowly at first, but soon I get caught up with how good her tongue feels and start fucking her face with abandon… gagging her at times and only pulling out to make sure she is getting air.

As I continue to skull-fuck her, I see the sway of her tits and the motion of her hand fucking her own pussy. I need to slow down, because knowing that she also has a plug in her ass, preparing it for the cock that is now in her mouth, is proving to be too much. I pull my cock out of her mouth to tease her by rubbing it around her lips before putting it back in just past the tip. I ask her to massage it with her tongue while sucking on it with enough pressure to make Hoover jealous. This eventually does become too much as I can’t help but shoot a massive bahis şirketleri load into her waiting mouth.

Tasting my cum, the plug in her ass, and the toy fucking her pussy has also sent her over the edge, causing her to cum with spasms that seem to go on for over a full minute. And seeing her cum as hard as she did, has only made me ready to replace the plug in her ass with something much better. I busted one cherry when she let me lick her ass. It was time to bust another by fucking her ass with my cock.

I roll her back onto her stomach and begin to pull the plug out a little at a time. For a moment, I begin to fuck her ass with the plug eventually leaving it in at its widest point, allowing her hole to relax again to prepare for something bigger.

Removing the plug altogether, I reach for only the lube this time. Remembering to apply a large amount to my cock, I apply even more to her ass, using my finger to push some inside. Even adding a second finger to give it one final stretch. I take a deep breath as I ask if she’s ready. With a breathy ‘Uh huh’, I remove my fingers and place my cock at her opening. Reminding her to relax, I push through and stop. Waiting for her to adjust to something larger than what was just there. Having been given the ok, I press forward just a little more and wait. I can feel her pulsing around me… tightening and then relaxing. Again and again. With a final ok, I push forward until her ass has completely engulfed my cock.

I understand that popping an anal cherry requires extreme patience if there’s to be any sort of pleasure. So again, I wait for another ok before I start moving. She gives it, and I begin to stroke my cock back and forth, using her anus to milk even more cum from me.

Although I’ve picked up the tempo at her urging, I’ve found that moving in and out slowly can give just as much pleasure as a hard fucking. This is no exception as I realize that I’m about to cum for that rare second time. I take one final plunge as I push my cock in to the hilt, filling her ass and giving her something she’s never had… an anal creampie. And as I’m completely overwhelmed by the amazing gift my girlfriend has given me, I can’t help pull out and replace my cock with my mouth. Sucking out what cum I could and licking her hole as it constricts back to its original tightness.

As I collapse by her side holding her to me, my thoughts turn to something else as I drift off to a sweet oblivion… will she reach for the toy I bought for her that she likes to call ‘Eve’, short for ‘Evil’? From the very first time that I got to ‘know’ her, she must always have one last orgasm before sleep, regardless of how many she’s has with me. Because this woman is insatiable! And I love her for it!!!

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A Country Visit

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Big Tits

This is a work of fiction very, very loosely based on a few facts. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


When I was 21, I was sent to a country town to help out at the branch while a guy was on holidays, and I had been booked in at the old local pub, which only had rooms on the first floor, along with communal toilets and showers. My room was at the end of the hallway, and the rooms had two entrances, one from the hallway, and the other from a verandah, which ran around the top of the courtyard, so that all the rooms were connected by the verandah.

The first night that I got there from work, I turned on the main light, and the small light near the handbasin, and opened the nearby small window and the verandah doors to let some air in, and then went and had a shower. I got into the habit of coming back from a shower, with just a towel around me, and I would dry off and toss the towel away as soon as I got into my room, and just walk around nude, and tonight, being in a strange place, I looked out the window into the courtyard below, and carefully checked out the verandah, while drying my body, and looked at myself in the old, cracked wall mirror. I turned off the lights, before I hopped into bed in the nude. I was pretty tired, because I had been awake for the last 36 hours, and I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I was dreaming… I had to be… I could feel this lovely warmth on my penis, and it seemed to be moving up and down my shaft… but NO… as I slowly returned to semi-consciousness, and revelled in the feeling of the warm mouth and tongue that was doing such a wonderful job on my cock. I realized that one of my hands was already resting on the head of the cocksucker, and I clenched my fingers as though I was doing it in my sleep, and opened my eyes just a little, and saw a blonde head of hair… and smelled a female’s perfume. I moved my other hand very slowly and carefully into position, and as I placed it on her head, I bucked my hips and thrust my 9 inch cock up into her mouth, and started to give her mouth the proper fucking it deserved. Of course, she realized that I had woken up, but resolutely continued with her task, and it wasn’t long before I shot load after load of my cum into her mouth and down her throat as she greedily swallowed every drop, and kept her face down… and I was asleep again in seconds…

When I woke in the morning, I wasn’t sure if that had really happened, or if it had been a very vivid dream, as I hadn’t been getting any real sex for a while. Mrs Palmer and her 5 daughters were the only sex that I had enjoyed for a few months, but I do know that I felt refreshed from the much-needed sleep that I’d had, and my cock felt pretty normal, so I crossed my fingers and hoped to meet a sexy blonde at breakfast that would be my willing sexual partner for the next few weeks while I was in town. I was a bit late for breakfast, and I started chatting to Rita, the redheaded cook, who was a nice looking 35 year old 36C busty lady with long legs, and a trim arse.

“I’m sorry I slept in… I was very tired,” I said to her.

“Oh, that’s alright, Jack,” she said. “It’s a pity that you missed seeing Kathy. She thinks that you’re very handsome,” she giggled.

“Is Kathy a blonde?” I asked her hopefully.

No, she’s a brunette… why do you ask?”

“Oh, no particular reason,” I lied to her. Damn!

“By the way, the manager canlı bahis said that they will be replacing the cracked mirror in your room today,” she said, as she walked off into the kitchen.

That night, I turned on the lights, and opened the window and the verandah door, and I returned from the showers about 7pm, with just a towel around me, looked at myself in the new mirror, admiring the hang of my cock, turning this way and that, and I had just about finished drying myself with the towel in front of my body, when a teen-aged girl wearing cotton pyjamas, suddenly appeared near the open door. She was about 18 or 19, with dark hair, a nice set of perky 34B boobs, and a very nice arse as well, and she said, “I’m Kathy.”

To say that I was surprised is an understatement, but what surprised me most was the completely automatic reaction of my cock, which immediately rose to full mast position without any conscious thought on my part, making a very obvious tent in the towel as I looked at her. She just gaped at my towel-covered cock and said, ” I think I’d better go” and turned and was out the door onto the verandah before I could say a word.

I waited until she had moved away from the door, and then I moved over to see where the hell she had come from, and I saw that she had walked to a room diagonally opposite from mine. I turned the main light off, and got up on a chair, and looked over the top of the door so that she couldn’t see me. Now I could see right into her room, and saw that she now lying on her bed, and looking in my direction. I moved over to where my handbasin and small window were, and turning my back to her, I deliberately moved my towel so that she could see my naked bum and made out as though I was drying myself for a couple of minutes, never looking in her direction, before I moved away.

I got into my “spy” position, to see that she had come out onto the verandah in front of her room, and knelt down behind the railing to look over at me, and it looked like she had one hand down the front of her pyjamas touching herself up.

Aha… so now that I knew she was perving on me, I decided to put on a show for her, so for the next 30 minutes or so, I went backwards and forwards in front of the small window, and past the open verandah door, and carefully draped myself with the towel in such a way that she could see my hips and bum, but couldn’t see my penis at all in the light, and I moved my arms in such a way, that it looked as though I was jerking myself off. I even went out onto the verandah where there wasn’t much light when I was completely nude with my cock poking out in front of me and walked around out there, before deciding to have another shower and go to bed.

I took my room key and made my way to the shower room, and went into the shower cubicle. I turned the water on, and just relaxed, and soaped my face and body, and was washing the soap off my face when I felt a naked full-breasted female body pressed firmly into my back, with both of her arms around my waist pulling me back into her, and with her hands cupping the head of my cock, and jerking on my erection.

“Did I walk into the wrong shower room?” I quietly asked.

“No, this is the men’s shower room, and I know how you’ve been tormenting that poor innocent young girl… you motherfucking teaser… you and that big monster cock of yours… you sex maniac… you pussyfucker,” she whispered softly into my ear. “I saw everything bahis siteleri that happened in your room, and unless you let me suck you off right now, I’ll tell everyone how you tried to seduce her… you sexual pervert… and then (as she squeezed the head of my cock)… how you held me down and forced that big monster cock of yours with it’s big mushroom-head right up my poor little pussy and how you nearly fucked the life out of me, and how you fucked and raped my little pussy repeatedly… you sex-crazed animal… and then… you forced your big monster cock right up my arse and blew your hot cum right up into my bowels, and you raped me there too… you monster-cocked fucker… you big monster-cocked sex-crazed fucking animal … do you get the message? You DO understand what I’m saying, don’t you?” she hissed, as she kept jerking on my cock.

She grabbed my hand and frantically pushed three of my fingers up into her, and in and out of her shuddering wet pussy hole, while I quickly washed the soap off my face and out of my eyes with my other hand, and turned around to face this sex-hungry female. I saw that it was Rita, the pretty, red haired cook… just a little on the plump side, which I didn’t mind at all… with her very nice arse, a completely hairless pussy, and a fantastic set of perky breasts, (my favorite part of the female anatomy) with large nipples that stood out about half an inch or more from her body … just as I liked them.

I eagerly grabbed her full nippled breast, which was what I really enjoyed playing with most, figuring that she wouldn’t be about to object when she wanted me to fuck her, as I bent my head and suckled hard on her, which made her gasp a little. I slid my free hand down her belly, and played with her little man at the front of her pussy, while my fingers on the hand that she was controlling, were almost in perpetual motion madly fucking her pussy. She gripped my cock harder and wanked me faster, causing me to grunt, “OK, I promise to do whatever you want me to… I’ll push my cock into whatever hole you want me to fuck… until you tell me to stop… OK?”

I turned the water off, stepped out of the cubicle, and grabbed my towel to dry my body, but she wasn’t having any of that, as she dropped to her knees and practically gulped my 9 inch cock down her throat, and started to suck me with abandon.

“Oh my god, I think that you’ve done this before, haven’t you?” I groaned. “I won’t last very long at this rate, but so we won’t run the risk of being disturbed let’s get comfortable and go to your room,” I suggested.

“OK, come into my room,” she said, and I looked into the hallway to make sure that the coast was clear, and she grabbed my cock to lead me to her room, which was right next to mine?

How the hell could she have seen what was happening in my room, I thought to myself, because I was absolutely sure that no-one had been outside my room on the verandah. As if she read my mind, after she shut her door, she grinned at me, and said, “Besides Kathy telling me all about what she saw of you last night, and how your cock was a big monster, I could see for myself tonight. Here, have a look at this,” and she went to a large photo hanging on her wall, and pushed it to one side, and I could clearly see everything in my room!!!

“Crikey, you’ve got one of those two-way mirrors that you can see through,” I said, as I realized she had seen everything that I had been doing bahis şirketleri earlier in my room, when I had been doing a tease for that girl!!!

“You perved on me, you wonderful piece of sexy cunt on two legs, and because you did that, I will have to fuck every hole in your body… at least twice, or maybe 3 times… or maybe more,” I said laughingly, as she dragged me to her bed and took my cock down her throat again, and started working her tongue magic on me, which sort of, seemed to be familiar in some way.

I started to cup her lovely big breasts, and gently squeeze her nipples between my fingers… which made my cock feel as though it had got 2 inches bigger… and also got me extremely horny. I took my cock out of her mouth as I said, “Let me try this”, and I got her to lay down and straddled her upper body, with my wet cock up between her breasts, and got her to push her breasts and engorged nipples towards the middle of her chest. My cock was now touching her big nipples all the time, and so I breastnipple fucked her, with her nipples and breasts pressed hard against my cock, and she seemed to be enjoying it.

With my balls rubbing on her chest, her nipples and breasts in constant contact with my cock, and with my cock going into her mouth at the top of each stroke, it wasn’t very long before I could feel my balls start to churn, and I held her head firmly and ploughed my cock right up into her hot mouth, and I felt as though I was in heaven, as I blew all of the hot cum I had in my balls down her throat.

“That would be the best breastnipple fuck I’ve ever had in my life… considering that it was the first time I’ve ever tried it… and it was fucking awesome,” I said, as I lay down to rest, while she licked along the underside of my cock, and grabbed my hand and pushed as many fingers as she could fit right up her pussy, and she shuddered into continuous mind-blowing orgasms, one after another, as she virtually fucked herself with my fingers, and I just laid back and enjoyed how she was getting herself off with my fingers in her pussy.

With her other hand on my cock, and her tongue licking my cock, I came back to life very quickly, and I pushed her down on her bed and spread her legs and let my cock find it’s own way into her very wet pussy, as she started shivering into more orgasms as soon as I entered her. I climbed up onto and into her body and enjoyed the lushness of her full nippled breasts pushing into my chest for a few minutes, before I started to gently slide my whole 9 inches in and out of her pussy and up into her wetness, which was very exciting to me, encountering nothing but firmness and warmth, until the head of my cock was met by the mouth of her womb, and finally slid into it, when I gave an extra push into her. I relished that wonderful sensation when my cock was completely inside her snatch, and she giggled with satisfaction as I began to pump my cock in and out of her.

“Come on big boy, you sex maniac, you big monster-cocked sex crazed motherfucker, you sex pervert, shove that big monster cock of yours right up me and fuck me, and rape my poor little pussy, before you stick your big monster cock right up my other hole and ravish my poor little arsehole.” (Wow…I think I may have struck gold here…she had to be a fucking nympho!!!) I looked over her head at her dressing table, and saw some familiar (?) looking blonde hair over there… where had I seen that hair before? Of course, last night… or early this morning… (as the penny dropped)… when this redhead that I was going to fuck until she cried “Uncle” was wearing a blonde wig and had sucked me off… hahahaha… and she’d called ME a pervert?…

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Becoming Julie’s Governess Ch. 02

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Ball Gag

[This story will likely be more enjoyable if you have already read the first chapter, but it does stand by itself. If you are offended by spanking and similar punishments, as well as bodily functions, you should not proceed further. All characters are 18 or over.]

Susan was finding the experience of substituting service as Julie’s governess very satisfying in comparison to her previous responsibility as governess for Julie’s daughters Lesley and Joyce. Julie was in her early 40s and the girls were 20 and 18, respectively. Susan had just celeb rated her 30th birthday and had expected that she would be looking for a new position.

Instead, she had been surprised when the girls’ mother had opened up to her and confessed that she felt she needed a governess like Susan to take charge of her. Julie said that with her husband away most of the time, she had become disorganized and needed someone to get her back into good shape, both mentally and physically.

It also came out that Julie expected that Susan would employ the traditional methods of governesses that included corporal punishment as well as embarrassment and humiliation. Julie told Susan that she would likely need to be spanked and humiliated at times.

Susan recognized now that Julie clearly possessed strong submissive tendencies, made clearer when Julie asked if she might be rewarded for good behavior with the privilege of serving the governess sexually. While Susan was bi, she found the prospect of dominating an older woman extremely exciting and the mere thought stirred her deepest cravings.

She began by giving Julie a spanking in front of her daughters and then making Julie wear control panties with a crotch slit through which Julie would have to excrete. Julie was shown how this worked and performed well when sitting on the toilet to pee and then to have a bowel movement until the second piece of her movement caught on the edge of the slit and resulted in Julie’s shamefully pooping in her panties, as she put it, apologizing through tears for her clumsiness.

The girls had been disciplined by Susan during their years growing up but had come to admire and love Susan, because the governess had been a source of good advice and even sexual education as they matured. Susan, for example, had calmed them during the stress of having their first periods and had carefully demonstrated to them how to insert tampons and otherwise observe good menstrual hygiene.

She had been equally helpful in advising them about boyfriends and even how to deal with teachers who seemed to be difficult. Now Lesley was away at college and Joyce was 18 and ready to start in the fall. Susan decided that it was time for Julie and her to get together with some of Susan’s governess colleagues and their charges.

Susan had been one of the initiators of a group called Not Your Usual Nannies, which brought together women of her approximate age who had entered this line of work intent on serving as guides to girls with either absent, working, or otherwise unavailable mothers. For example, while Julie had intended nothing but the best for her daughters, she was working a great deal of the time and was disorganized as well at home, so she found she needed the support Susan provided in effectively bringing up the girls.

So, the governess contacted two of her friends in the group who were employed in similar situations. Lori was an attractive 30-year-old who was serving as governess to a woman a bit older than Julie, as Deborah was almost 50. Deborah was a widow whose children were grown and did not live near her.

She had met Lori at a community event and found her to be open. She confided that she felt she needed someone living in her household who would take charge both of the household and her. Lori had been a governess for several families with children already and welcomed this different assignment.

Helene had been hired as a governess in a somewhat different situation. She had met an older woman, Jeannette, at an alumnae program connected with the school they both had attended. Jeannette began to discuss how her son, Robert, still lived at home although he was in his mid-30s and only worked part-time. He apparently was not yet able to support himself and continued to live with her despite her urging him to find a job that would allow him to get his own place.

“He has not matured, I’m afraid,” Jeannette confided, “and I need some help. He is quite submissive in that I do require him to behave while at home and he is spanked when he fails to comply with my rules. I would like a governess like you to take charge of him on my behalf and put some backbone in him, while continuing to discipline him as you feel necessary.

When Helene came to Jeannette’s home, she was not very surprised to find Robert wearing short pants and a school blazer, looking for all the world like a pupil at a traditional prep school. He seemed both needy and resentful. His mother, however, clearly could dominate him and she informed him that Helene canlı bahis would now be in charge of him.

He reacted by scowling and saying it was unfair to have a woman younger than he was being in charge of him. Jeannette told him that she had already made her decision and that he had better get used to it quickly. She said that Jeannette would be living with them and would be supervising him in all respects before he left for his part-time work and when he returned. He would abide by a strict schedule and would not attempt to avoid coming home on time.

Helene could see that Robert was growing more and more upset with the new regime Jeannette was describing and he finally had what Helen regarded as a tantrum and said it was unfair and he would not be part of it. Jeannette reached out, took him by the scruff of the neck, and told him he would be punished right then and there.

She turned to Helene and told her he needed a good solid spanking right then. Helene realized this was when she had to show that she could handle this challenge. She took hold of Robert by the hand as Jeannette released her grip and told him she hoped this would not be necessary once he realized she was there to help as well as discipline him.

Robert was surprised when she sat down and pulled him right across her lap. Fortunately, Helene thought, she was wearing a nice tweed skirt that came down to her knees. She managed to undo Robert’s belt and then the button and zipper of his short pants, and yank those down, exposing his “tighty-whitey” boys’ underpants.

In her mind, she realized that Robert was still functioning as a juvenile in many ways although he was in his mid-30s. She slowly slipped the underpants down and now gazed upon his bare bottom. She could see faint stripes on it, from when Jeannette had obviously whipped or even caned him.

As he continued to protest his treatment, she began to spank his bottom cheeks alternately and gradually increased both the intensity and the tempo of the spanks. She was surprised that he began to moan and then cry quite soon but Jeannette said loudly that he tended to do that in the hope of ending punishment.

Helene also was not shocked that she felt Robert becoming erect while over her lap. She was experienced in giving spankings, although mostly to girls, but she knew that she was also getting wet in her panties from feeling his erection. She completed the spanking as Robert was sobbing and promising he would be good and mind her.

So, both Lori and Helene told Susan they would be happy to come over to Julie’s home that Saturday with their charges. Susan arranged the living room and prepared both tea and coffee, as well as having picked up some wonderful pastries at a nearby bakery.

Lori and Deborah arrived first, and Susan noticed that Deborah was dressed in a far more girlish outfit of a short skirt, white blouse, low socks, and brown oxfords than was appropriate for a woman who was almost 50. Soon thereafter, Helene rang the bell and she and Robert joined the group. Robert was wearing his usual blazer and short pants as that had been required by his mother except when he was going to work.

Deborah and Robert, as well as Julie, looked both resentful and confused, probably because they were unsure about what would transpire during this get-together. Susan explained quite efficiently the purpose of the occasion. “You three,” she began, pointing in turn to Julie, Deborah, and Robert, “have been found to need governesses to take charge of you to get your lives in proper order. You already know that your governess will be working with you to improve both your behavior and your self-confidence, along with your hygiene. You are all older than your governesses, so I understand that that fact itself creates an embarrassing situation for you.

“We, the governesses, do agree on certain things,” she emphasized now, “so you should know that we will only embarrass you to correct you and to educate you. Two of you, in fact, have entered into this relationship voluntarily, while the third was forced into it by a parent. The regime will adjust to your individual needs but be very comparable for each of you.”

Susan now asked each of her colleagues to describe the behavior of their charges. Lori said that Deborah had been compliant in general but did at times insist on doing things at a slow pace that Lori felt showed some resistance. Helene said that while Robert had shown outright resistance to her assuming her position, he had generally done what she ordered. She added, however, that he did continue to criticize her, perhaps in the hope of diminishing her authority, getting her to allow him more independence, or convincing his mother to dismiss her.

Then Susan said that although Julie had in general done what she was told to do, she was forgetful and sometimes seemed to show annoyance even at Susan’s simplest directions.

She had discussed the agenda with Lori and Helene in advance, and so her next statement came as no surprise bahis siteleri to them.

“All three of you are now going to be spanked at the same time and in front of all of us,” she said firmly, “so that you learn to respond much more positively to our directions in future.”

The three submissives were surprised at the turn this get-together had taken so quickly, so were unprepared to resist in the face of three very self-assured and commanding women.

Susan proceeded to send Julie to Helene’s lap, Robert to Lori’s, and she beckoned Deborah to lie across her own skirted lap. The three governesses were dressed similarly in smart separates, with seamed hose and pumps. Each had done their hair in an up style, so there was both attractiveness and severity in their appearance.

When the governesses had positioned the three across their laps, each began to spank. Had anyone else been in Julie’s home, they would have heard the sound of three hands slapping bare bottoms. Robert especially had felt embarrassed at being bared in front of all these women and this had subdued his tendency to try to stop the spanking from proceeding.

Deborah realized that she was the oldest and was ashamed that her bottom was both large and flabby. She also saw that Robert would be able to see her dark and plenteous pubic hair when she moved her legs during her spanking. However, Robert was by then too focused on the pain he was enduring from Lori’s strong hand to pay much mind to the bared posteriors of both Julie and Deborah.

Julie was amazed that she had not been cringing at her bottom being bared in front of these strangers. In fact, she realized that the experience was exciting her, and she hoped she would not leave wet spots on Helene’s skirt. For her part, Helene enjoyed the chance to punish a woman for a change after her experience in sometimes having to drag Robert across her lap for punishment. She had recently taken to making him bend over the end of the sofa for the cane, largely so she did not have to have him on her lap, trying to get off it.

Once the three spankings had concluded, and sobs were audible from all of the three, Susan sent each to a corner of the room. Deborah and Julie were told to keep their skirts up and panties down at their knees; Robert was ordered to leave his short pants and his underpants at his ankles. Then they were further taken aback when she said that rather than displaying their red bottoms, all three would face into the room away from the corner, so the governesses would be viewing the pudenda of the two women and Robert’s erect cock.

Deborah was most ashamed of her pubic hair being on display and began to weep softly. Julie felt her trimmed mons was attractive, so she was calm. Robert was embarrassed by his prominent erection even though he thought his eight-inch tool was something to be proud of.

While the three charges stood before their governesses, with pussies and cock on show, Susan poured tea for her two colleagues and herself and passed the plate of pastries around and the three chatted quietly among themselves. The three standing in the corners soon realized that they were only being stared at by each other and that made the scene less shameful because they were all in the same situation.

Robert was not attracted to the two older women and they regarded him as unworthy of their interest, despite his rather large penis. For his part, Robert already had designs on his own governess, Helene, who dressed very smartly and whose skirts were short enough to make him get an erection constantly in her presence. He hated having to admit to himself that she likely would scorn any advances made by him. In his eyes, both Lori and Susan were also very enticing, but he assumed they would be similarly uninterested in getting it on with him.

After the governesses had enjoyed their refreshments, Susan told Julie, Deborah, and Robert that it was time for them to be inspected. She had them get down on their knees next to each other on the sofa. Three red bottoms now faced the three dominant women.

Susan next announced that they would have their temperatures taken. All three had been reintroduced to the ignominious taking of temperatures rectally. Susan provided the governesses with plastic gloves, rectal thermometers and passed around a jar of vaseline for them to use as lube. She observed that Helene had donned her glove, put a dab of lube on her finger, and carefully inserted her finger deep into Robert’s anal opening, while Lori merely dabbed a bit of lube on the thermometer tip and slipped it between Deborah’s massive cheeks. For her part, Susan did rub a bit of vaseline around and in Julie’s anus, but then smoothly slid the thermometer into her submissive’s rectum.

The three women did add to the shame felt by their charges as they commented on how cute the three bottoms looked with thermometers poking out of their “hiney holes.” When Robert protested, saying that he knew there was nothing physically wrong with him, and threatened bahis şirketleri to remove the thermometer, Helene removed a small black rod from her handbag and stood behind him quickly. She proceeded to give him three hard strokes across his bottom around the thermometer. He let out three screams as the cuts hurt over his already scarlet bottom.

Then when three minutes had elapsed, the governesses simultaneously removed the thermometers and read them. Everyone’s temperature was normal, but Lori showed Susan and Helene the thermometer tip she had taken from Deborah’s bottom. It had visible traces of brown smudges on the first few inches.

“Deborah,” Lori then intoned, standing behind the older woman, “you should be ashamed to have such a dirty bottom. You left doody on the thermometer. Do you need to make a poopoo?”

As she heard Deborah begin to sob out of the extreme embarrassment Lori had caused her, she very quietly told her governess that yes, she needed to do “Number Two.”

“Is there a potty available we can use?” Lori asked Susan in an even tone, as Deborah continued to become as red in the face as on her bottom.

“Yes,” Susan said with a smile, “I’ll get it for you.”

She soon returned with a pink-colored child’s potty decorated with some grinning animal figures.

Lori told Deborah to stand up and then the governess placed the potty in the middle of the room. She pointed to the potty and then directed Deborah to sit on it “and do your business.”

“In front of everyone?” Deborah plaintively queried Lori.

“If you don’t do what you’re told,” Lori warned, “I will have you squat and do it on newspaper. Being able to use a potty is a privilege and a part of your toilet training.”

She then mentioned to Susan and Helene, and certainly in a voice that Robert and Julie could hear, that to train Deborah to wipe properly and not stain her panties, she had been having her use a child’s potty and then present her bottom to Lori to be wiped clean.

“We’re also adjusting her diet so that she produces firmer movements,” Lori added, somewhat gratuitously but knowing Deborah would be further shamed by the disclosure of her most private matters.

Deborah sat on the potty and all heard a loud ping when her pee stream hit the bottom of the potty, followed by two plops as she defecated into the plastic object.

“Are you finished?” Lori asked evenly.

When a very soft yes was heard from Deborah, Lori told her to get up, turn round, and bend over with her legs spread so that Lori could wipe her. This was humiliating since Lori showed the soiled toilet paper to the governesses each time she wiped. The first time there was quite a lot of light brown shit on the tissue and the paper became cleaner with each successive wipe.

Finally, Lori told her charge that she could pull up her panties “like a big girl now.”

Deborah reach down and pulled the large white briefs up and looked at Lori for permission to lower her skirt. Lori smiled at the deference and nodded to her that she could complete recovery of her clothing.

Susan and Helene then said that Julie and Robert could also pull their underpants up and lower in one case her skirt and in the other, pull up his short pants. Lori and Helene noticed that Julie was wearing rather edgy pink-and-blue patterned bikini panties. They asked Susan if Julie had been given permission to wear those clearly sexy panties.

While Julie cringed at hearing her choice of panties discussed, Susan responded with a grin that she liked to allow Julie to let her personality show—”I don’t mean that she should flash her panties,” she quickly added—but that when Julie misbehaved, “I may have her wear little girly undies with bunnies or ducks on them.”

Lori decided that it was probably time for her to make Deborah feel very childish by making her wear that kind of little girls’ panties. The 50-year-old was already prone to wearing quite unstylish “granny panties” even though she did not look like a woman entering her 50s and still got her period.

Helene took Robert aside and whispered in his ear that he had embarrassed her by complaining about the temperature-taking and that he was going to have to be disciplined now for that. She added that he would be wise to cooperate, or he would wind out being very unhappy.

Robert was sufficiently fazed by her warning that he looked very ashen now.

Helene spoke quietly to Susan. Susan then announced that because one person, Robert, had made his governess look bad by defying her during the temperature-taking, he would be disciplined now.

Susan very sharply pointed to a red dot on the floor at the side of her desk and said loudly, “Robert, you will go stand on that dot on the floor, which we call the naughty spot. It is where bad boys and girls get to wait for their punishment when they have misbehaved. You will take off your pants and pull your underpants down and off.”

Robert was in a state of partial shock at how strict these governesses were when gathered as a group. He had been getting himself accustomed to accepting Helene’s rule over him and now he was amazed at how seriously what he had regarded as token resistance was being treated.

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A Cougar is Born

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Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

I hope my naughty writing gives you as much pleasure to read as it gave me to write.



Being married to a military man isn’t easy unless you are married to one like mine. My husband Doug is all business when he’s in uniform, the man takes his duty seriously. But when he is on leave, the bad boy is released, and Doug can be a very bad boy. I found this out early into our marriage. After only two years of wedded bliss, he told me he wanted to share me with other men.

We were on vacation, at the time, at a popular military resort in Hawaii, the Hale Koa. So were several of the other pilots in Doug’s squadron. These men were like brothers to my husband and we spent hours together hiking and frolicking in the magical clear blue water. We also spent a lot of time partying together. The third night we were there, Doug brought one of our friends back to our room. Thirty minutes later, I was being fucked while my husband watched. I would like to say I hesitated before spreading my legs, but I didn’t. I wanted what my husband asked, I just hadn’t known it. After that, inviting other men into our bed became a way of life, so did my secret persona.

And that’s why I have spent the last twenty years living in two realities. One minute I’m a proper officer’s wife waving the red white and blue and the next I’m a cock hungry slut looking for her next fuck. And I’m doing it with my husband’s approval, no I’m doing it with his encouragement. This makes me one lucky woman and the best part is I’m smart enough to know it.

In the past two decades my lovers have been as diverse as the United Nations, but they have all had one thing in common, they have been age-appropriate. That was until my husband’s last deployment. Doug and I have an agreement when he’s gone, I can do what I want if I tell him every detail, which seems fair, if you know what I mean.

Doug had been gone about a month when I met the young man that turned me into a cougar and I mean COUGAR and everything that word implies. It was July in Virginia Beach and I had decided to spend a day sunning on the public beach. I could have gone to the military beach, but I didn’t feel like running into anyone I knew.

I enjoy male attention, I don’t deny that, so with men on my mind I prepared myself carefully. I chose a skimpy emerald green bikini. The color matched my eyes and the suit accentuated all the hours I spend at the gym. Despite being close to fifty, my body is tight and curvy. Over my suit I tossed on a sheer coverup in white. Then I pulled my thick blond hair back into a messy bun and slipped on a pair of white flip flops. Grabbing my beach chair and a small blue tote, I headed out the door.

It was only a three-block walk to the beach from the bungalow style house Doug and I were renting. The older home was in disrepair but it’s proximity to the coastline made a broken water heater and a lukewarm air-conditioner worth the aggravation. The walk was short, but the heat made it feel longer and I had worked up a sweat by the time I reached the sand. With some relief, I found a spot near the water. Setting my bag and beach chair down, I pulled my coverup off and slipped out of my sandals. The sand was warm between my blue painted toes and I wiggled them as I stared out at the rolling waves with a contented sigh. Just looking at the ocean makes me feel happy.

After a brief pause, I slowly walked towards the surf. The salty water felt cool against my sun-heated skin and without any more delay, I dove into a wave. I swam a few yards out and then flipped over on my back and floated for a few minutes. After, I had sufficiently cooled down, I swam back in and headed towards my chair with water dripping down my body.

As I neared my belongings a group of young men walked down the beach carrying coolers, chairs, and an assortment of large bags. One of them was even carrying a tent. They looked to be in their early twenties and were laughing and joking amongst themselves. When they saw me approaching, they grew silent and grinned at one another. The boys were all wearing board shorts and were trim with well-developed muscles and they were all checking me out as they passed me.

I shot them a sideways grin as I grabbed my turquoise beach towel and began toweling off. While I was drying off, I noticed one of the young men turning around. He was tall and had short dark-brown hair and he gave me a little wave as he walked backwards smiling. A few feet later, the four young men stopped walking and began setting up what looked like a campsite.

First, they opened a pop-up tent that was large enough to sleep four or five people. Next to the tent they sat up a folding table on which they placed a speaker. Immediately I could hear the faint notes of what sounded like reggae drifting down the beach. They were still setting up, when I stopped watching the group.

I pulled a trashy paperback book canlı bahis from my beach bag, sat down in my beach chair and began reading. Pretty soon I was lost in the world of heaving bosoms and rakish pirates. Romance novels turn me on. I’m not proud of this, but it’s true and I felt my nipples harden and moisture began to gather between my legs as I read about a young woman’s surrender to a dangerous man.

The book was making me want to stroke myself, so I closed it and placed it back in my bag. Casually I looked around the beach. The place had filled up while I had been reading and I decided to go for a walk. I stood, released my bun and shook out my still damp hair. Then I walked barefoot towards the surf. When I got to the water, I turned and began walking down the beach, slowly.

I love beach glass. My house is filled with jars of every color waiting to be turned into jewelry or glued to a flowerpot. So, as I walked, I mostly looked down hoping to catch a glimpse of the worn glass. Every so often I stopped, bent over and picked up a shell or other treasure I had spotted and examined it.

I was squatting down looking at a sand dollar when I heard a male voice speaking. “Find something interesting?”

Pushing my hair out of my face, I looked up. Standing in front of me was the young man that had waved to me earlier. He was smiling, and he had dimples on each side of his mouth. Gently I lifted the fragile sand dollar and placed it in the palm of my hand. I stood as I spoke, “A sand dollar…it’s perfect.” Because I’m only 4 feet, 11 inches tall, I lifted my hand to show him.

“Perfect.” The way he said the word caught my attention. His low-voice didn’t sound like he was discussing seashells and I tilted my head back and gave him a sexy smile. “I’m James…” By anybody’s standards, the boy was a hunk, that was the truth. But he was also young, very young and despite being attracted to him, I decided to keep things light.

Moving back slightly, I said, “Hi, James, I’m Kim.” He stepped a little closer. Even though his eyes were hidden by aviator style Ray-Bans, I knew he was staring at my body and more to the point I could feel myself responding.

Teasingly he said, “I wanted to say, hi; I noticed you the minute I got here.” He let his words hang in the air.

“You did…Why is that?” I heard myself flirting and I cringed inwardly. Sometimes, I just can’t help myself.

“A gorgeous woman alone on the beach…” He said it like it was a no-brainer.

“Thank-you…that’s very sweet of you.”

“I’m not being sweet, it’s the truth. You’re gorgeous.” I was flattered. Who wouldn’t have been?

Again, I felt him studying me. His boldness surprised me and I felt myself blush. I also felt tendrils of sexual desire growing deep inside of me. “Well, you’re not bad eye-candy yourself.” I laughed a little self-consciously. He looked barely legal.

My comment pleased him and it was obvious when he spoke, “Glad you think so…why don’t I walk you back?” The boy wasn’t wasting any time.

“We could do that…”

“Great!” He stepped back, and I turned and began walking in the direction I had come. James stayed by my side. The boy was easy to talk to and we chatted the entire walk. James was on summer break from the University of Texas in Austin. He and his buddies were in Virginia Beach for a week. Then it was back to college.

When we came to his “campsite,” James stopped. “Come meet my friends…hey everybody, this is Kim, Kim this is everybody.”

“I’m Sebastian.” The tall blond man speaking was another hottie and just like James his body was chiseled. That’s Kevin.” Sebastian motioned to a handsome young Asian man sitting in a beach chair. “Aaron is swimming.” Sebastian then pointed towards the water where a man was rapidly swimming through the rough surf.

“Nice to meet y’all.” I returned both their waves. Sebastian gave me a once over and then turned and entered the interior of the large tent.

“Hey, you want a beer?” James motioned towards a large blue cooler.

“I, Uh…”

“Oh come on, have a seat and join us.” He sounded so excited as he spoke and that made me want to stay. But, I wasn’t completely sure and I hesitated, “So?” James looked at me expectantly and I felt myself relenting.

“Okay,” I laughed a little, “but no beer…I’ll fall asleep if I drink in the sun.” It wasn’t my plan to hook-up with James, not at all. But, I didn’t see anything wrong with enjoying the younger man’s attention a little longer.

His smile grew and he bent over bringing his face closer to mine, “Good deal,” he practically growled as he spoke. “Come with me…I want to show you something.” He motioned towards the tent and walked towards the entrance. Quickly I looked back and forth for anyone I might know. I didn’t need to be seen by someone associated with the military crawling into a tent with a younger man. There wasn’t anyone I recognized. James held the flap open and I stepped under bahis siteleri his arm and into the interior.

“Wow!” I looked around the large tent. To one side was a full-size pallet made of brightly colored tapestries and a few pillows. On the other side was Sebastian. He was seated on more tapestries and was holding a blue-glass bong. He released a large cloud of sweet-smelling smoke, coughed a little and sat the bong down on a low folding table next to him.

“You like?” James asked motioning around the comfy-looking space.

Removing my sunglasses, I laughed and replied, “Y’all look ready for a party.”

“That’s the plan.” Sebastian stood and with a leer added, “I’ll give you some privacy.”

“You don’t have to go…”

Sebastian kinda smirked and left before I could finish my sentence. I felt a little ridiculous. I was old enough to be their mom.

“You want a hit?” James removed his Ray-Bans and arched his eyebrows. His eyes were dark blue and surrounded by impossibly long black lashes.

“I haven’t smoked pot in ages.” I didn’t say no and James took my response as a yes.

James flopped down next to the table and invitingly patted the cloth-covered ground across from him. I paused for a moment and studied him. He could have been a male model and I briefly imagined what his touch would feel like. Shaking the image of us fucking out of my mind, I sat cross-legged in front of James.

He picked up the bong and a red lighter off the table and handed them to me, “Ladies first.”

I took the glass bong and brought it to my lips. I lit the green herb and took a deep inhale. Immediately I began coughing. Laughing at my distress, James took the bong and began taking a long drag. He didn’t cough. We passed the bong back and forth until the bowl only contained ash. Immediately I felt a sense of well-being and my body began to relax.

Giggles rose in me and I blurted out, “I’m so stoned.”

“You’re so hot.” James seemed to grow larger as he again spoke, “Kim, I want you…bad.” The way he said the word, “bad” made my heart speed up.

“I’m old enough to be your mother.”

“You don’t look like my Mom.” His eyes were directed at my size B breasts and I felt my dark- pink nipples tighten.

I don’t know why but his response made me laugh out loud and James joined in. After a few seconds of laughter, I regained my composure, or at least I tried. The weed was making it difficult. Still grinning I said, “How old are you James?”

“Twenty-one.” At least he was old enough to buy alcohol. But at forty-seven, I was twenty-six years older and that difference was intimidating. I mean, I know I’m attractive but I’m not twenty.

“What are you doing chasing a woman my age?” I was genuinely curious.

“You’re the fantasy…I’ve always wanted to bang an older woman.” He was practically vibrating with desire and that’s what sealed the deal. Being wanted is what turns me on most.

“I don’t know…” It was obvious my resistance was nonexistent and James scooted a little closer.

“I want to kiss you…touch you…”

“I’ve never been with someone so much younger than me…”

“And I’ve never been with someone your age…” As he spoke, James took my face in his hand and stared directly into my green eyes. “I want you.” Then he leaned over and kissed my full lips lightly.

It was too much. I wanted this boy and I wanted him bad. Without thought, my arms encircled his neck and I pulled him closer. James let out a small guttural sound and pulled me closer. Then he began consuming me with deep kisses. The boy knew what he was doing and I moaned softly as his mouth explored mine.

He pulled back. His blue eyes were heated looking as he took my hand and stood pulling me up with him. “Come on…” He looked over at the pallet.

I froze. We were on a public beach. Not to mention, one of his friends could appear anytime. “What about…” I motioned to the tent’s opening.

James cut me off before I could finish, “Don’t worry about them, they won’t bother us.”

I just stood there staring at the make-shift bed as if I were trying to make a decision. My behavior was silly, we both knew I wasn’t going anywhere, I was too horny.

“I want to taste you.” His voice was low as he spoke.

He couldn’t have said anything more effective. Immediately, I felt my labia swelling as I imagined James’s face buried between my tanned thighs. Maybe it was the pot that lowered my inhibitions. Maybe it was the fact I’m a slut. Either way, I was far too aroused to say no to what he was offering.

“You’re really turning me on.” My voice was throaty sounding with excitement. I wanted to fuck this boy with every fiber of my being and I wanted to fuck him now.

“I want to see you naked…”

I cut him off before he could finish, “Why don’t you sit down…I’ll strip for you.” James didn’t hesitate. He took a seat on the pallet and looked at me with expectation. I moved closer to bahis şirketleri the pallet and turned my back to him. Then to the beat of a reggae tune, I slightly shook my full ass as I untied my top and let it drop to the ground. Turning back around, I continued swaying to the music.

“Perfect…now the bottoms.”

I felt so sexy as I hooked my thumbs into the sides of my bikini bottoms and turned back around. Bending over, I began wiggling out of the green material. I know my ass is exceptional, men always comment on my bubble butt and I pushed my hips back. I then dropped my bottoms and stood back up with my rounded hips still rocking.

“Wow!” James’s reaction was what I was hoping for and I shook my hips a little more for him. “Turn around…I want to see your pussy.”

Still swaying to the island music, I turned around and presented myself for inspection. His face reflected the passion I was feeling as he slowly looked me over. His gaze stopped on my mound. My pussy was bare except for the gold loop that pierced my outer labia. My small lips started swelling as James continued examining me and I stepped towards him.

“Get over here.” James didn’t have to ask twice. With a nervous look towards the tent’s flap I joined James on the pallet. Without delay, he removed his red-colored board shorts. Seven inches of hard cock sprung forward. Then he launched himself at me. James pushed me down and started kissing me as if he would never stop. Then his seeking mouth began to wander. Beginning at my neck, he nipped and nibbled his way down my nude body. Every so often, he whispered, “You’re so sexy.”

My breasts were aching from his attention and I arched my back as his mouth worked its way down my flat stomach. When he got to my mound, he paused and looked up to me and with a crooked grin and said, “I love eating pussy.” When he said that, I melted. My legs fell open and I lifted my hips. “Mmmmm…you smell so sweet.” James pushed his face between my legs and inhaled deeply. Moisture was dripping from me by this time and I moaned softly, “Please.”

James grabbed both of my tanned thighs and pushed my knees into the air and then he began licking. He might have only been twenty-one, but the boy knew his way around a pussy. With my knees up in the air, he had access to every inch of me and he took full advantage of the position I was in. He plunged his tongue deep into my folds until he couldn’t go any deeper. Wiggling his tongue around, he lapped at my juices. I could smell my own scent as he began to suckle my outer lips.

Pretty soon, I was groaning and whimpering in his firm grasp. Grabbing the back of his head, I ground against his face. He pulled his head up. His face was shiny with my flavor as he looked me in the eye and asked, “You like that?”

He sounded both boyish and sexy all at once and I immediately responded, “Oh my God, yes…you’re fucking amazing.”

His eyes narrowed as he released my legs and moved up my body. It was like he couldn’t stop himself and that thought thrilled me. He grabbed me by my hair and began to kiss me deeply. He tasted like me and that made me grab his broad shoulders and pull him closer with a sigh.

With out warning, he released me and slid back between my thighs. Then he began to run his tongue lightly between my folds. The boy was insatiable and my body was on fire. My rigid clit was aching to be touched, and I grabbed the back of his head while I pressed my hips up. “Please.” I was pleading. I needed to cum.

Tentatively, his tongue began to inch upward. I let out a moan that was louder than I meant, and I looked towards the flap. But then James began twirling my clit with his tongue and I soon forgot all about his friends. Unconsciously my hand moved to my perky breasts. As James continued playing with my most sensitive spot, I began pulling on my engorged nipples.

Over-and-over he licked my throbbing nub. A twisting began deep inside of me as electrical currents raced through my body. My hips started bucking and James grabbed my full cheeks firmly and held me tightly. Continuing to contort in his hands, I felt myself nearing orgasm.

“Yes…yes…yes.” Words flew my mouth as the pressure between my legs grew. I was trying to be quiet, I truly was. But it wasn’t possible, the boy was just too good. I hoped the reggae music blaring outside provided cover.

James started striking the underside of my clit rapidly with his tongue and I was lost. Small sounds of pleasure pored from me as I continued grinding against his face. Soon, I was at the point of no return. My back arched and my eyes closed as I felt a jolt of intense pleasure. That jolt was followed by waves of release radiating through me as I climaxed with a shriek.

“No…no…no…stop!” I tried to wiggle out of James’s grasp but his grip was too strong. He gave my clit one more lick. It was too much. “Stop! I’m too sensitive now.”

James released me and looked up. His angular face was covered in my orgasm and he was grinning like he had just won a competition. “I told you I love eating pussy.” He again grinned at me proudly.

Lying back on the pallet I replied, “If I gave you a Yelp review…it would be five stars.”

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Diary of a Cock Sucker Ch. 22

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Chapter 22.

In which our hero enjoys an afternoon delight.

It is Sunday afternoon and the last lap of the race has just started. Two of my teammates are behind me and we are in the lead group of twenty or so. Our sprinter is the last in line. My job is to keep us near but not at the front until we are within the last mile before the finish line. My legs are beyond burning as the pace of the race has been brutal. But we have a chance to win if we can stay with this group for this last lap. My legs feel numb, but there are still seven miles to go in the race, and then six, and five. Finally we are on the last mile and the real race begins. The other teams and riders weave back and forth with clear gaps in front of me opening and closing. My objective now is to accelerate through a gap so that the sprinter can be launched with a clear path to the finish line. But it must be the correct gap. Choose too early and we will be overtaken by others, too late and the sprinter won’t be able to accelerate fast enough to reach the line for the win. So I bide my time, allowing gaps to open and close, my two teammates locked on my wheel, trusting me implicitly. All I can see are male hips in front of me, all working frantically to pump on pedals. I wait until I judge the distance to the line at two hundred yards and give it everything I have, accelerating through a gap that has opened. We break free and I continue for another fifty yards when I pull off out of the way. My two teammates rocket by me and my job is over; I can coast to the finish, completely spent from the effort. It is impossible to see who actually wins in the confusion of weaving bikes and straining riders. But eventually I see a familiar jersey with arms raised high in a victory salute and know that we have won. Later over a beer we reprise the race, each of us contributing our perspective. I love my teammates and the sport of bicycle racing. It is great fun when we win and less fun when we do not. But it is always fun. And how else can one enjoy so much fun while at the same time enduring so much painful effort.

I finally get home, shower, have some food, and take a desperately needed nap. I expect Thad to arrive around six and so a well-deserved refresh is in order. As always after a tiring ride and some food, I quickly and easily fall asleep. I am fortunate today in that I am not plagued by leg cramps and I sleep soundly for two hours. I waken, groggy from the sleep and the effort, and hungry again. In my late twenties I have retained a skeletal bicycle racing physique, due principally to the calories burned and the starvation diet, both necessary to maintain the power to weight of elite riders. So my hunger is quenched by a chocolate flavored coffee and some fruit and the anticipation of what is to come tonight, several hours alone with Thad the magnificent, eighteen years old and tirelessly erect and full.

Thad arrives a few minutes early and we greet warmly. I am finishing my coffee and fruit and I describe my day and the bicycle race. My companion is interested and asks questions about the details of bicycle racing. He then tells me about his big game the day before. Alas they lost, Thad playing wide receiver and having little to do with the outcome, much to his dismay. But he is philosophical about both his role and the relative skills of his team. And of course he will soon leave behind high school with no expectation of a college sports career. I suggest that he consider taking up bicycle riding as both an excellent exercise and something that he may enjoy. We discuss the requirements in general terms and I offer my assistance in a getting started effort.

Soon enough I finish my refreshment and we have the evening before us. There is no point in coquetry and so I suggest that we retire to bed. Thad ascents immediately and as he turns, I see that my invitation is precisely what he had in mind, his arousal more than evident. We move to the bedroom and both of us undress. There is nothing that either of us has not seen and so this proceeds with little awkwardness. But each time I see him I am struck that he is even more breathtakingly beautiful than I remembered. And the current vision does not disappoint. I see that he is aroused as he undresses, more or less without embarrassment, and as he stands there in front of me fully erect I am almost speechless with admiration and desire. We are on opposite sides of the bed looking at each other and without words, we enter the bed together. This occasion and the leisure of several hours mean that there is no fear of an early completion spoiling the fun. In fact, my entire objective is to enjoy him to the fullest, and on this occasion that means his departure with completely empty balls.

We embrace with mutual erections between us, each stabbing the other in the belly. We spend some time touching, stroking, and caressing of limbs and hips. By more or less unspoken agreement, the cocks are off limits for the moment although clearly not forgotten as his probing against me makes his interest all too casino oyna clear and my own remains in a similar state of arousal. The touching and cuddling do much to evaporate any tension or awkwardness and soon enough we both arrive at a state of relaxation. We are both hard and our cocks touch more than occasionally as we lay together. I reach my hand down can gather both of the organs, squeezing them together. The touch of my cock on his is electrifying and I clench as we rub. I feel Thad stiffen and jerk as the two cocks rub together. It is sublime to lie here like this with our two cocks rubbing together, my shaft rubbing on top of his, his on top of mine, and rolling them around each other. I glance at Thad and find him staring down at our cocks, mesmerized by the sight. And to be sure the vision and the sensation of the two cocks rubbing together is electrifying.

Thad moves his hand to our two cocks and displaces mine. He squeezes the cocks together and I thrust my hips, fucking my cock against his. He brings his other hand down and wraps both around our two cocks. We both thrust our hips, our cocks held in place by his hands, rubbing together. We both begin to lubricate and leak and as the juice gets smeared over our organs, the sensations become voluptuous. I slide my hand under his hip and at the same time roll on my back so that he is on top of me straddling my hips. I displace his hands with my own and wrap fingers around each of the shafts. I rub the cocks together, the sweet spot on mine caressing the underside of his shaft, lubricated by our leaking juice. I feel his cock stiffen while we rub together.

And to be sure, my own stiffens as it is difficult to see how this could be more pleasurable. I rub the hard cocks back and forth across each other, holding each shaft with my fingers. I am looking down at the two cocks rubbing, my breath almost taken away at the beauty of the vision; the two cocks rock hard, jutting out from our flat bellies, his balls laying on mine. I look up at him and his eyes are closed, the look on his face one of beatific ecstasy. I press the cock shafts together more firmly and rub them together, aided by the now abundant lubrication. Thad begins to shake, his hips trembling. I look up at him and his face is twitching, his approaching climax more than apparent. I tell him to tell me when he is going to cum, and at the same time, I rub our cocks together harder and faster. I look up at him and see the muscles in his face and neck working, the pleasure of all of this fully upon him. He is straddling my hips and so we are in close contact. I can feel him shaking with pleasure. His hips tremble and I hear him gasp that he is going to shoot. And at that instant I feel his organ give a great lurch and I see a blast of semen burst out of the tip of his cock and fly up in the air. The semen lands on my face and hair and my chest. This is followed immediately by a second powerful burst of semen. This also splashes on my face and chest. And then a third and fourth and fifth, each diminishing only very slightly in volume and force and each splashing on my face and chest. I wrap my hand around his cock shaft and pump vigorously on it to which Thad responds with a series of oh, oh, oh. Through the semen blotting my eyes, I watch his cock as I pump on it with my hand, a small puddle of semen forming on my belly under the head of his cock. Eventually his ejaculation ends and I am covered with his cum from my hips to the head of the bed.

I look up at him and his face is twitching in the aftermath of his great climax. To be sure, it was spectacular to watch, his beautiful organ spewing out powerful bursts of semen in great spasms. I reach up and wipe the semen out of my eyes. I press his cock against my belly and rub it in the semen on my skin. He murmurs in pleasure as I press down hard on the shaft, squeezing the last of the semen and pleasure from his organ. Eventually his shaking fully subsides and he rolls off of me, lying next to me on the bed on his side. I look down and see his full but no longer rigid organ pulsing. He is breathing hard from the great effort, the huge climax clearly taking a toll. I reach for a towel and attempt some measure of cleanup, wiping off the deposits of semen from my hair, face, chest, my hands, and my own cock, still firm and covered in his juice. I roll over on my side and face him. We embrace warmly and entangle arms and legs to increase body contact. His breathing gradually slows and eventually there are great exhalations of post climax bliss.

We are both still full, he apparently never deflating although he has lost the rigidity of his pre-climax erection. And I am hard as I have not climaxed. I would have done so had the cock rubbing continued for a few more minutes. He inquires and I relate this reassuring information to him. We lay closely locked together for some time, exchanging the odd question and answer but mostly just enjoying the intimacy of the moment, a pleasant change from the non-intimacy of my usual anonymous male sex engagements. I slide my hands over his canlı casino shoulders and back and his ass cheeks. I marvel again at the beauty of his body, slim but with a strong musculature subtly evident under the smooth skin. My own cock is hard and pressed against his belly. I occasionally clench against him as I am fully aroused. Eventually he pushes back a bit to provide some space between us and moves his hand down, wrapping his fingers around my cock shaft. The touch of his fingers on my organ is wonderful and I murmur in pleasure as he grips my shaft.

He rolls me onto my back and moves his head down to rest on my chest. My cock is rock hard, just in front of his face. He teases my cock with his fingertips, watching it quiver in arousal. This goes on for some time, his leg draped over mine and his head resting on my chest watching my cock and the effects of his fingers and hand caressing and stroking. He slides his hand down between my legs and grips my balls, squeezing them and rolling them in his fingers. My abandoned cock jerks in the air as I clench. I watch as he lifts his head and I feel his lips on the head of my cock. He performs a long tender kiss of his lips on the lips of the tip of my cock. I strain my hips up as he licks the very tip of my cock, parting the delicate lips of the opening, stabbing with the tip of his tongue. I groan in pleasure and I am straining my cock as hard as I can. He slides his lips over the head and the sensation of warm velvet on my cock is overwhelming.

I moan and strain my hips for more. He holds me there, the head of my cock in his mouth. I remind myself that he is eighteen and that almost certainly; this is the first time that he has had a cock in his mouth. This is all new and experimental to him. But the sensations for me are voluptuous. He slides his lips slowly up and down, mostly on the head of my cock. He has his hand holding my balls and he occasionally squeezes and rolls them in his fingers. His lips are so soft and caressing that it is absolutely maddening. I want to grab his head and fuck my cock brutally into his mouth. It takes all of my mental discipline to lay there and let him experiment and enjoy himself. But I provide unceasing encouragement by my moans and sighs of pleasure, heartfelt and sincere, and I reinforce my pleasure by increasingly urgent thrusting of my hips.

He takes his mouth off of my cock and lets me bob in the air for some minutes, watching the shaft just in front of him. Occasionally he leans forward and licks or does a brief suck on the head, and occasionally grips the shaft and pumps for a few moments. But his interest is one that I share, to watch an aroused cock of another in all its glory, to watch the pleasure expressed in the straining and clenching, to compare the reaction to one’s own organ. In short, to enjoy that elemental maleness, the hard cock in all its many manifestations.

He returns his mouth to my cock, the interval contributing only minimally to cooling off my arousal. This time he does not stop at the head of my cock, his lips continuing down the shaft until I feel friction on the head of my organ. He has most of my cock in his mouth, holding me there, letting my cock soak in a paradise of erotic bliss. I am slowly straining my hips upward and as I do so, he moves his head up and down in rhythm, holding my rock hard cock in his mouth. He puts his hand back on my balls and squeezes, eliciting a moan of pleasure from me. I dig my heels into the bed and strain as his hand lazily caresses and teases my balls. I want more than anything in the world to cum in his mouth, and I would do so if he applied just a bit more pressure on the shaft of my cock. We remain there for a long time with my cock soaking in his mouth, his caressing of my balls continuing. I begin moaning in a mix of pleasure and despair, wanting desperately to climax. I feel his lips slide up the shaft of my cock and the sensation is voluptuously pleasurable. Before he can withdraw completely off of my cock, I begin thrusting my hips, frantic to reach a climax. My hips are trembling and my taut belly shaking with pent up desire. I gasp out a heartfelt plea that he let me cum, and thrust my hips in wild abandon. I feel his lips press on my shaft just below the head. The sensation of pleasure erupts into a wild surging joyous crescendo of ecstasy and I burst my ejaculation into his mouth with a loud roaring groan. I cum and cum, squirt after gut wrenching squirt as my climax goes on in a tidal wave of pleasure, my semen filling his mouth.

We remain there for long minutes, me on my back, completely spent from the intensity of my climax in his mouth. And he content to repose on my cock as it slowly deflates after my eruption in his mouth. I move my hand down and caress his head, my breathing slowly returning to normal. Eventually he withdraws and slides his head up to mine. We look at each other and I realize that his mouth is full of my cum. It occurs to me that he does not know quite what to do, spit it out, swallow, or something else. I reach my hand out and press kaçak casino the palm on his cheek, drawing him to me. He does so, looking at me until our lips touch. We kiss, just touching at first, but then more fully and I part his lips with my tongue. I hear him moan as my tongue enters his mouth and I taste the semen, my semen, my cum in his mouth. We kiss voluptuously and at length, the semen flowing back and forth between us, both of us swallowing. And then it is over and we both lay back, both of us enjoying the post-climax moment. I hear him say that that was incredible, and I realize that I have shepherded a novice into the world of fellow travelers. I reach out and squeeze his hand in recognition and reassure him that it was indeed incredible.

We have something to drink and a pee and after a bit, we return to the bed. I have some porn films and we agree to watch one. The monitor is mounted on the wall at the end of the bed and I start the film and sit up in bed, leaning back against the headboard. I have Thad sit in front of me between my parted legs, his back pressing on my chest. I reach around him and press him back against me as we watch the film. It is a gay porn film and the performers are attractive, well endowed, and very hard. We watch a thrilling 69 act and it is only a minute before Thad has returned to a state of rigidity that more than equals the performers on the screen. This is precisely what I had in mind and I reach around him and stroke and caress his wonderful cock.

I wrap my fingers around the shaft and slowly pump up and down on it. As he has climaxed once, I feel some freedom in handling his organ without fear of a premature completion. I caress his inner thighs and his belly, mesmerized by the duality of the beautiful smooth skin with the firm musculature beneath. Of course his cock is no less captivating; long and smooth with the beautiful mushroom shaped head. I tease my fingertips over the head of his cock, stroking the sweet spot, teasing it again and again before wrapping my hand around the shaft. I squeeze the shaft gently and then more firmly before pumping up and down on it. It is electrifying to watch his cock, rock hard, jutting up from his hard flat belly. While I caress and stroke his cock, I move my other hand from caressing his belly and slide it under his balls, gently lifting and squeezing them in the palm of my hand. I find myself caught between the dual ambitions of playing with his organs and bringing his pleasure to the point of watching him ejaculate again.

We continue watching the film as I play with my companion, at leisure to explore and enjoy his lovely body. He emits the occasional murmur of pleasure and his cock stiffens and clenches with increasing frequency. The film evolves to the cock sucking pair engaging in a frantic fucking, one of the pair on his knees and the other riding him with great energy and enthusiasm, both sets of balls flying and slapping as the coupling continues. The fellow on the bottom is vigorously pumping his hard cock and as Thad and I watch, he comes to a frenetic climax, his semen jetting out of his cock while all the while his partner continues the energetic driving of his cock into the welcoming asshole. We watch the semen stream out of the cock while the fellow’s asshole is being hammered, and Thad, with a great sigh, observes that that is so lovely. And indeed it is.

I continue pumping on Thad’s cock, now with more energy. He is rock hard in my hand. I want to suck on his cock but I think I will have the opportunity to do that at my leisure later. For now, it is lovely to fondle and caress this wonderful organ. And I want to watch him ejaculate again, watch as he comes to a huge spurting climax, and watch the semen jet out in front of him. Both from my manipulation of his organs and aided by the stimulation of the films, I conclude that that outcome is not long in arriving. He is rock hard in my hand and I can feel him shaking. I have him enclosed between my thighs with my arms wrapped around him. I am pumping on his cock, now fully aroused and leaking juice. I use this as lubricant and smear it over the head of his cock. Each time I do this, I receive a heartfelt moan of pleasure from him. He is rocking his hips and I conclude that his climax is just a moment or two away. I press his organ between my fingertips and alternate rolling the shaft and pumping, rolling and pumping, rolling and pumping with my fingers on the shaft. I feel him lean back against me, his entire body trembling. I whisper into his ear that I want him to do it, to squirt for me, that I want to watch his cock shoot his cum. He groans, his hips rock and tremble violently and then a great gasp from him. I wrap my hand around the shaft below the head and begin pumping hard and fast. This continues for just a few seconds and be cums, great jets of semen bursting out of the end of his cock. The semen flies through the air and lands on the towel under us. I continue pumping on his shaft and he spews out four and then five and then six jets of cum. I squeeze his cock shaft in my hand and slowly pump, the last of his ejaculation forming a small pool under the head of his cock. He leans back into me sighing in pleasure, his body only slowly subsiding from the intensity of his shattering climax.

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Good Fortune Ch. 06

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Anna stirred and took a deep breath. The smell of lovemaking was still strong; she didn’t think she’d closed her eyes long, certainly less than an hour. She was on her side with an arm and a leg propped on her friend Paula’s body. She could feel the softness of Paula against her thigh and calf, arm and hand, and along her chest and body. Paula was definitely in shape, but she didn’t have the more firm toned feel of Diana. Diana was draped over Paula from the other side. As Anna sorted out the sensations, she was pretty sure that she felt Diana’s hand resting on her arm, and their knees were bumping.

Anna smiled as she remembered the wild toy play that brought them each to multiple orgasms and had so exhausted them. Anna felt that familiar warmth of excitement begin to grow in her groin again as the proximity of her beautiful friends began renewing her desire. She opened her eyes and the sight of the naked flesh caused the breath to momentarily catch in her chest. Paula’s was the most tanned of the three friends and her full chest was gradually rising and falling right in front of Anna’s eyes. Anna lifted her head to catch a glimpse of Diana. She saw Diana’s hand draped over her arm leading back to the upper part of her side, the swell of her hips discernible over Paula’s body. Her bobbed blonde hair fell over her face and pillow mixing with Paula’s longer brunette hair.

With a sigh Anna gingerly pushed herself up and rolled over and off the bed. Her dresser, and the now unruly assortment of toys, was on the other side. She padded to the other side of the bed. A few toys were actually on the bed next to Diana and most of the rest that had been used were on the floor. She was determined that her evening’s sexual exploits were not yet finished, but a shower was in order . . . and cleaning a few toys for reuse seemed highly appropriate. She looked around then picked up Diana’s strapon (which she’d been using), Paula’s new double-ended dildo (which had been used on her), and one of Paula’s larger dildos (which Diana had been using).

Anna entered the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower, letting it warm as she filled the sink with sudsy water with which to wash the toys. With the toys soaking in the sink she stepped into the shower and sighed her content at the liquid comfort. She was still lathering her hair when she thought she heard a liquid plunk and saw a shadow pass on the other side of the shower curtain. A few moments later she heard the toilet flush and gave out a squeal of surprise as the water changed from hot to sauna hot.

The curtain shifted as a hand pulled back the far end. Diana’s head peered around the edge and one foot was already stepping in as Diana asked, “Do you mind some company?”

Diana knew Anna well enough to know there was no problem with that. Anna gave her friend a big smile and beckoned her in. Anna was just sticking her head under the shower to rinse her hair when she felt Diana’s hands intertwine with her own in her hair. A moment later she felt Diana’s body pressed closely against hers and she smiled with pleasure. As she continued to run her hands through her hair she felt Diana run a soft washcloth around her body. Having her back and butt rubbed felt absolutely glorious especially as it pressed her body closely against her friend’s. Then Diana stepped away and she felt the washcloth against her chest and abdomen. The other hand was also active rubbing around her arm, her side, her breast . . . she felt her nipples grow and become more sensitive to the stimulation. She opened her eyes as Diana moved the washcloth down to rub Anna’s shaved pussy. Anna trapped the arm there as she stepped in close and gave Diana a tender open-mouthed kiss. With one hand on the back of Diana’s head and the other on Diana’s firm ass, she began slowly spinning a half circle until Diana was now under the main flow of the shower.

Anna reached down and grabbed the shampoo. On her way back up with it she couldn’t resist stopping for a moment to lick one of Diana’s pink nipples. She stood the rest of the way up, squirted shampoo liberally into her hand, then reached her hands up to rub them through Diana’s hair. She lifted her head (before the shampoo had a chance to drip down) and gave Diana a deep kiss as she continued to caress Diana’s head. Their bodies felt so wonderful pressed together in the wetness of the shower. Just when she thought it couldn’t feel any better she felt the warmth and softness of another body press in behind her. With her eyes still closed as she kissed Diana she nearly swooned sandwiched between her beautiful friends.

She finally broke off the kiss with Diana and reached down to pick up the washcloth from a ledge in the shower. She turned around and smiled at Paula. Paula smiled back and said, “I hope I’m not interrupting?”

Anna whispered back, “Not at all. You can’t believe how good it feels to stand between your two beautiful, naked, wet friends in the shower. Only you’re not very wet yet. I’m almost finished,” she continued as she rubbed down her legs. “You can step in; get some water.” She hugged her friend and touched lips for a gentle kiss as she carefully spun a second friend in closer to the shower. When Anna casino oyna opened her eyes again she saw that Diana had finished rinsing her hair and starting on the rest of her body. Anna handed the washcloth to Paula with a wink, “Here. Why don’t you give Diana a hand.”

Paula eagerly turned to Diana. She was a little too eager for she overbalanced as she reached toward her friend and ended falling against her. Paula’s body pushed Diana against the shower wall, nearly hitting Diana’s head against the showerhead on the way. Diana gave out a squeal as she pressed against the cold-feeling wall. “There, there,” Paula comforted, “Let Paula warm you up.” And with that Paula wrapped her hands around her friend and gave her a passionate kiss, the water flowing over them. They quickly ran out of breath and parted to pant for air.

Anna grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her. She made sure more towels were set out for her friends. She stepped to the sink and noticed that most of the toys that they had used were now in the sink . . . maybe all of them. She set a hand towel on the counter and began washing and rinsing the toys, setting them on the towel to dry. As she went through them she heard the continue splashing of water over her friends, the occasional squeak of a foot moving on the shower floor, gentle murmurings, and a few decidedly sexual groans as intimate contact was made in the process of washing.

Anna heard the water turn off and watched the shower carefully in the bathroom mirror as the curtain opened and her naked friends stepped out. She happened to be washing one of Paula’s larger dildos at the moment, so when she caught Paula’s eye she brought the dildo suggestively to her mouth and slowly sucked it in. The evocative gesture quickly turned hilarious as Anna began sputtering soap out of her mouth since she’d forgotten to rinse the dildo first. Paula burst out in laughter quickly joined by Diana as she figured out what had happened. Anna rinsed the dildo then lowered her head so she could rub some of the taste off her tongue onto her towel.

She removed the towel as she used it to begin drying her hair, stepping into the less humid bedroom for a moment. She flattened down her mousy brown hair and rewrapped the towel around her as she went to the linen closet for fresh sheets. As she began on one corner of the bed, she found Diana similarly clad on the opposite side aiding her efforts. They soon had the new sheets on with an extra towel under the sheets in the still-moist middle section of the bed.

When the sheets were set Diana circled around to her friend. She was stepping in for a hug as she said, “You know, at work sometimes, it’s all I can do to keep my hands off of you and Paula. Do you remember the staff meeting last Tuesday, when I was reporting last month’s progress, and I couldn’t remember a few of the figures?” Anna nodded yes, with a creeping smile. “Well, I had just looked around the table, and of course you and Paula were there, and I suddenly imagined you fucking Paula with that strapon and my mind flew right out the window.” Anna giggled in her friend’s arms. “Of course now I’ve actually gotten to see you fucking Paula with the strapon and that was so much better than my imagination.” She pecked Anna on the lips.

“I’ve been wondering . . .” Diana said as she eyed Anna speculatively. “You’re so petite, but you’ve got such a sexual appetite. Did you know when I pushed that double-headed dildo in you that I got this much in?” She stepped back and indicated the distance with her fingers. “I’ve been wondering how much you can take, or that you’re willing to take. She stepped over to the dresser with one arm around Anna. “I want to see if you can take this.” Diana held up Paula’s thickest dildo and looked at her friend.

Anna shrugged her shoulders noncommittally. “Not all at once. I think we should work up to it, but the one’s you’ve already taken are almost that big. I want to try it too. I don’t know . . . it’s almost like being violated, but in a willing way. Something that large taking you.”

Anna shrugged again. “I’ve thought about trying something that large . . . but only theoretically. We can try.” She batted her eyes at Diana, “Be gentle with me.” They both giggled. Their giggle hushed quickly as they kissed again. Their towels were soon on the floor as their hands began roaming each other’s bodies.

Diana stepped back. “I’ll go get a couple toys from the bathroom if you want to choose a couple from the selection still on the dresser.” Diana stepped out as Anna rummaged through the selection. Anna found the two largest, second thoughts quickly giving way to her adventurous spirit. She thought that Diana was probably getting one they’d used earlier that evening, which was pretty big, and the two-headed dildo, which was also pretty big, but by far the longest.

Diana stepped back in again. Anna looked up reflectively, “Is Paula alright?”

Diana chuckled. “She’s fine. She’ll be back in a minute.” Diana wrapped her arms around Anna, still clutching the toys in her hands. She guided Anna onto the bed with her. She rolled over on top of Anna then continued the roll so that Anna was on top of her. She lay kitty-corner across the bed canlı casino as she gave Anna a long, sensuous kiss. The toys dropped to her side as her hands began caressing Anna’s shoulders, back and derriere. After a minute she pulled back, though it was hard to do with Anna eagerly returning their kiss. “Anna, honey. I love kissing you, but would you be a sweetheart and switch ends so that I can give your pussy some loving attention?”

Anna pecked her friend once more then readily adjusted her body to a 69 position with Diana. She also loved kissing Diana, but the view on this end was fabulous as well. The first time the friends had become lovers Diana’s pussy hair was trimmed a uniformly short length. Since then Diana had shaved her pussy and Anna was enthralled with beauty of those . . . well, pouty lips. She smiled to herself as she leaned forward and gave Diana’s clit a soft kiss. She shivered briefly as felt Diana’s lips close over and suck slickly her own clit.

Anna reached for one of big dildos (not the gigantic one yet) that that was on the bed. She set it back on the bed between Diana’s legs, then leaning forward she licked wetly up and down Diana’s pussy lips. She felt Diana hum appreciatively while sucking over her own clit and the additional vibration sent a fresh wave of shivers down her spine. Anna poked her tongue as far as she could into Diana’s love hole and tasted the strong flavor of Diana’s arousal. She followed up quickly with a finger to test and see how wet Diana’s pussy was. Outcome: it was getting wet, but wasn’t wet enough yet. She thought it likely that her own pussy was moistening rapidly as she squeezed her eyes closed when Diana flicked the tip of her tongue over Anna’s clit.

She reached for the dildo in front of her pausing distractedly along the way, opening her mouth over Diana’s clit. She concentrated long enough to grip the dildo and bring it up to her mouth. Anna shivered in enjoyment yet again while she opened her mouth wide to engulf the dildo to dampen it. She tried hard not to swallow so she could cover it slickly as quickly as possible. She vaguely thought that she’d never given head to a guy with a head this big before and she was in for some serious stretching if she had one this size, and another even bigger pushed in her pussy. She gave Diana’s clit another quick suck while testing her pussy again for wetness: better. Anna was running out of concentration and patience so she used the fingers of one hand to spread Diana’s pussy lips while grabbing the dildo firmly in the other hand poising the head right at the entrance. Anna gasped as Diana sucked more powerfully on her own clit, once again losing focus for a moment. When she reopened her eyes (she didn’t remember shutting them) she saw the dildo poised – – she decided to dip it on her tongue once more quickly, then brought it down and slowly and steadily inserted it into Diana’s hole. It was Diana’s turn to gasp at the sensation of the large dildo penetrating her pussy hole.

Paula had finally come into the room. She was mesmerized by the site of her two friends performing 69 on each other and decided not interrupt. She distractedly reached down to play with herself and was stymied as she realized she couldn’t rub her pussy while the strapon was attached. It had taken her a few minutes to figure out how it worked and mostly to adjust the straps to her body. Then there may have been a couple minutes pressing her bottom against the counter while the anal plug provided strong stimulation. Paula stood by the door looking down for a moment and decided to grab the cock in her hand and begin yanking it up and down. Yeah. She wasn’t going to come anytime soon doing that, but stimulation to both her cunt and ass was very enjoyable.

Paula watched as Anna inserted the dildo into Diana’s cunt. Diana’s head arched back with a gasp, then she returned to suck Anna’s clit with renewed vigor. Diana was feeling around with one hand to find the dildo she had set down, and with the other hand she was inserting a finger into Anna’s pussy. Paula could see that Diana’s finger came back wet, and Diana barely hesitated before beginning to insert the dildo in Anna’s hole. Diana pushed and pulled it, in an inch, back a half inch, in an inch back a half inch, and systematically inserted it until she could push it in no further. Anna’s whole body stiffened with the sensation and she stopped doing anything else but feeling the dildo fill her cunt.

Paula saw the other dildo, the big dildo, sitting next to Diana and knew what Diana wanted to do next. She knew from experience that as good as it felt a person couldn’t do much else after playing with it. Plus, the strapon being a size or two smaller wouldn’t feel nearly as impressive after the large dildo. It was time to get involved.

Paula crept onto the bed near Diana’s head. She positioned her knees to either side of Diana’s head, and placed a hand over Diana’s hand so she could help guide it back out of Anna’s now dripping wet pussy. Diana momentarily lost focus as a particularly strong wave of pleasure coursed through her body. With the dildo finally out Paula positioned the strapon cock behind Anna’s pussy and with a thrust of her hips, and Diana’s help, kaçak casino the strapon cock slid smoothly in. As it entered Paula leaned forward and made sure that her breasts rested fully on Anna’s back. With one hand she reached around Anna’s chest and gently kneaded and caressed one of those cute pert breasts. Paula gave a few thrusts, adjusted her knees, thrust again, moved the hand on which she was resting much of her weight, and then finding her balance she began rhythmically pumping in and out of Anna.

Paula felt Anna shiver beneath her. She could see Anna trying to use the dildo on Diana, but she would thrust once or twice, then stop as her concentration faltered, then try again. Paula could feel the hair from Diana’s head brushing against her thighs and knew that Diana was working Anna’s clit for all she was worth. She felt Anna’s body shiver beneath her and Anna let out a strident “Ohh” of pleasure. It wasn’t too many thrusts later that Anna’s began uttering “Yes” over and over under her breath which changed only moments later to a long drawn out “Ooh” which quickly grew in volume. Paula was so turned on by Anna’s approach to her climax that she began thrusting with as much force as she could, Anna’s body bouncing hard against her hips with each thrust. Anna finally screamed out, “Yes. Yes, oh, yesss,” and her whole body convulsed under Paula.

Paula and Diana both knew from experience that Anna wasn’t one to stop the torture of continued sexual stimulation after the first orgasm, so unabated they continued to provoke their friend. Paula wasn’t concerned about being too rough at this point and held Anna tightly against herself as she rocketed her hips back and forth.

Diana could barely keep her lips on Anna’s jouncing clit. She intensified Anna’s pleasure by humming almost continually onto Anna’s clit. Diana was enraptured by the sight of Paula thrusting the strapon cock into Anna right in front of her eyes. It was such a turn on. Moisture from Anna’s pussy was dripping onto her face. She amused herself by realizing that with the strapon cock you didn’t have the slapping noise of a guy’s balls with each thrust. Diana clamped her mouth as firmly as she could over Anna’s clit again and pushed her tongue over the tip of the clit as hard and fast as she could. Despite the last very intense orgasm she had a feeling that Anna’s next one would be even bigger.

Anna didn’t even try to please Diana anymore. She couldn’t. The pleasure was so intense. The cock pumping. Paula’s hand cupping her breast, squeezing it. Paula’s boobs pressed against her back. Paula’s hips slamming against her butt. Diana under her. Diana’s breasts pressed against her abdomen. Hands on her thighs. The wonderful mouth on her clit. And the cock. Oh, the cock. Filling her, assaulting her over and over. She couldn’t take it anymore. Her whole body flushed with heat like fire. Then the convulsions, one intense wave of ecstasy coursing through her after another. The voice screaming (was it hers): “Yes,” “Ohh,” “Diana,” “Yes,” “Oh, Paula,” “Fuck me,” “I love that,” “Give it to me.” And then the endless scream and the moisture dripping between her legs. Paula laughing with delight on top of her. Diana, under her seemed to be surprised by something as she sputtered some incredulous remark.

Diana had never experienced anything like this before. She’d been dripping wet before, and she’d seen her friends dripping wet before. But this time her face was absolutely covered with wetness as it poured from Anna’s last climax. The cock didn’t even sound like it was meeting any resistance as it squelched in and out of the wetness.

Paula couldn’t believe the sensation of fucking her friend beneath her: it felt so good. She wasn’t sure if it was the strapon, or the incredible scents that her friends were giving off, or the sheer sensuality of three naked bodies pressing against each other . . . probably a combination . . . but she was incredibly close to cumming. Anna had slumped beneath her with the incredible intensity of her last orgasm. Paula pulled out and climbed off. She looked down at Diana and laughed when she saw Anna’s pussy juices covering her face. She reached to the floor quickly and got a towel for Diana to wipe her face on, then with a shoving motion told Diana to roll over on top of Anna.

Diana twisted her body while Paula pushed and soon Anna was on the bottom of the 69 with Diana. Paula wasted no time in snuggling up behind Diana’s rump. Anna was still in breathless wonder after her recent orgasms and wasn’t much help with the insertion, but at least the dildo had already been dropped to the side in forgetfulness. Paula reached down with her hand and guided the soaking cock into Diana’s pussy. Diana groaned in pleasure and had enough concentration to still give Anna’s clit a few licks. This revived Anna enough to realize what was going on. She grabbed Diana’s butt and lifted her mouth to Diana’s clit in a long, strong sucking motion; Diana gasped at this. Paula had meanwhile found her best position (resting her weight on her other hand this time) and was beginning to thrust into Diana. She didn’t bother starting out slow this time – – she was too close to orgasm herself to even think about going slow. And she was pretty sure that Diana was as worked up as she. She was right. Diana’s breath quickly became a ragged pant as Anna’s tongue and the thrusting strapon quickly pushed her toward orgasm.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Going At It With Liz Ch. 02

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Part 2 of First time with Liz, if you haven’t read part 1, you might want to read it before going to this part.


The next day was very hot: 35 degrees Celsius and so, we decided to work on our tan, laying outside on our towels, side by side, in our new micro-suits. We’d both put some oil on, just to help a little and smeared it on each other, teasing while doing so. We’d brush a nipple, rake our nails down each other’s back, smear the oil a bit too close to the mound.

Liz’s tan was working better than mine, making her skin an even more inviting color. But a tan with a tan line was never much fun so I was hesitating. I knew the neighbours were off to work and like all cute new neighbourhoods around town, those guys wouldn’t be back before the end of the afternoon and it was around lunch…. But I couldn’t know if Liz was going to join the fun or find an excuse to go inside.

“Ok, whatever, fuck that shit” Liz looks at me, surprised, trying to know what had got that comment and with that, I just took my top off. It felt weird and kind of nice to be topless outside in the bright sun since I’d never done it but, having Liz’s eyes on my tits was working me more than I’d thought.

I started rubbing my breasts with oil, making them shiny with it.

“Alli, let me help you out with that” she took the bottle from my hands, rubbing the oil on her hands, then putting those on my breasts. She started by slowly circling around my nipples, never touching them and taking her own sweet time which was pretty much killing me. My nipples were very hard now and my pussy was creaming so much that I thought it’d be leaking any moment.

“Fuck Liz, just do something with my tits, I can’t take your tease anymore” My order startles her, but she does as I ask. Well, better than what I asked since she just starts to suck them in her mouth. Not slowy but fast and strong, making me moan.

She stops, all too soon, sliding our wet bodies together until were kissing eagerly.

“Come on, let’s go take a shower.” Liz gets up, offers me her hand and pulls me to my feet before we head for the bathroom.


Another really nice thing about Liz’s place is her HUGE bathtub. See, not only is it REALLY big, it also happens to have jets in it. She starts the bath and with that, we both strip of the little fabric we have on. And when I say strip, it’s really like a strip show.

I reach at the back of my neck and undo that knot, then slide my hands back on my front to slide on my tits before reaching back and untying the one in the back. I turn so Liz can see my back. I hook my thumbs on the sides of the thong and I bent to slide it off my legs, giving her a very nice view of my Brazilian-shaved pussy and ass.

By the time I’d discard my clothes and get back up, her front is pressed to my back, and her arms are circling my waist. She whispers huskily in my ear.

“Instead for showing yourself off, why don’t you come over so we can play?”

I turned my head to kiss her. Our lips meet in a hungry kiss, our tongues fighting, savouring each other’s taste. One of her hand was now on my right tit, tweaking the nipple while the other one is sliding casino siteleri over my mound, down into my very wet slit, coating it with my juices and bringing them back up.

“Suck them clean Alli.” Not only did I suck them, but I also lick them clean of my juices.

“Take that suit off, sugar, and get your ass in that bath or else we’ll just never go” She makes short work of her suit, closes the water, sits in it, closing her eyes, sliding in it with a moan and pushes the button for the jets.

I walk up to the tub, put my feet on each side of her lap and sit on it, getting yet another moan from her. I kiss her again and she arches her back, pushing her tits on me.

” Nah ha, wash before playtime” I chuckle and she groans her disagreement but still complies. We wash each other’s hair, soap EVERY inch of skin and like I’d promised, now that the cleaning is done, let the playtime begin.

“Hey Liz, check it out” I knelt on the side of the tub, lifting my hips and leaning back, my hands grabbing the side.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oooooooooh fuck” the jet was hitting my clit and I was breathing fast in no time. I could see Liz beside me. She was whimpering and both our bodies were tense, fighting to stay still and keep the jets on our clits. The pleasure was so intense, it was almost painful. It was overloading and we were making our best to stay there and build up the pleasure instead of letting go to cool down for a moment.

Both our pussies were creaming like crazy and just hearing Liz besides me was turning me on incredibly. It wasn’t long before the both of us were screaming for release.

“I’m gonna cum. Oh shit. Uh, uh, uuuuuuuuuuuh” hearing her words just got me over the edge and I came right afterwards, both of us sliding back into the tub, our skin sweaty and our breaths harsh. My stomach made an unhappy growl and made both of us laughs.

“Alli, let’s go grab some lunch, we’ve got some fruits, cheese and bread, that good?”

“Sure” With that we stepped out of the tub, dried each other, put some baggy t-shits on and went downstairs to eat.


“Sugar, you want a peach?” I looked away from the fridge, waiting for her answer.

“Sure, take out the cheese and the bread too.”

Which is what I did, I set some grapes, strawberries and a peach on the counter along with the bread and the cheese.

“Ok, I think we’ll be fine with that.” Liz took some plates out, laid them on the counter. I took the grapes and strawberries, cut a piece of cheese and a few slices of baguette. She did the same but took the peach instead. We took our plates, walked to the table to sit to face each other and started eating our fruits eagerly.

“Gee, I never would’ve thought I was THAT hungry” I chuckle

“Well, it’s not like we haven’t been doing nothing either” and with that Liz took a bite in her juicy peach. Of course, it started dripping down her chin, her neck down her collarbone, down the valley of her breasts.

“Let me clean that up for you sugar” I got up, went around the table, crouched beside her and started licking the juices from her between her tits, though I took great care in not touching them. I licked canlı casino my way up her chest all the way to her mouth and by doing so, I was getting up to finally sit on her lap. I made a loud peck on her lips and drew back with a smile.

“Now Liz, be a good girl and don’t make a mess.” I slid my hands down the front of her shirt to her mound and into her slit, going back and forth with my finger, then retreating.

“I don’t usually play with my toys and food while I eat, so be nice and I’ll play with you after.”

“But momy, I want to play noooooooow.” She said, half laughing, looking straight into my eyes so I could see how turned on she was.

“Nah ha, eat now” and with that I left to go back to my plate. We ate in silence and I glanced now and then to see Liz’s tits through her shirt and smell my own arousal. Eating like that was a real turn on, trying to see who would give up first.

Liz finished her plate first, got up and leaned far too much to get her dishes, giving me a good view of her pretty tits. Just after she’d left I took my own things to bring them in the kitchen to wash and put in the dishwasher.

“Alli, could you sit on the counter for me?” I looked at me curiously but got on the counter, my legs closed tightly together. She put my hands on either side of my knees, opening them and walking in that space. She bit my earlobe and whispered.

“Now I’ m gonna eat your pussy and since I was such a good girl during lunch, you’re going to do the same and be a good girl to and not say a thing while I lap your cunt, suck on your clit and finger fuck your little virgin hole, got it?”

I was so shocked by her dirty words, I could only nod before she smiled and crouched, her face now right in front of my cunt. She kissed the inner tights, and breathed right on my pussy, which made me jerk in surprise. She smiled and went to work.

She lapped at my cunt, going up and down, giving me time to get used to the feeling. After a few of those, she started to put her tongue in my hole, making me gasp at the new sensation, then biting my lip immediately, remembering her previous

orders. She didn’t seem to notice and just continued her work.

I could see one of her shoulders moving which probably meant she was touching herself while working on me. I threw my head back and bit harder on my lip; she’d started sucking on my clit and with one of her hands had started to finger-fuck me.

But she was really working me fast towards climax now and I couldn’t stay silent anymore. I whimpered. She pulled back right after while I was still breathing fast and was still very horny since she hadn’t let me come.

“I told you not to talk. Now what am I going to do about that hun? Oh, I know, you’re gonna watch me come. How’s that Alli?” She smiled devilishly, reached for the bottom of the shirt and pulled it over her head.

Now totally naked, she laid down on the cool floor of the kitchen, opening her legs wide and started to work on her clit, doing furious circles to get her off fast.

I was clutching my legs tight now, trying to get off. But it only made matters worse. Liz was moaning loudly on the floor now and I could tell kaçak casino she was really close. Her pussy juice was dripping on the floor and her back was arched, her hard nipples pointing up, her eyes closed.

Her moaning grew louder, her circles around her clit more urgent and she went over the edge. She laid there for a moment, her breathing coming back to normal and opening her eyes again, looking at me.

“Your turn now” She got up, walked straight to me and kissed directly went to my clit, sucking it hard. My hands were tweaking my nipples and it wasn’t long before I got my release.

We both looked at each other and smiled lazily.

“We really made a mess didn’t we?” There was cunt juice on the floor, on the counter, smeared on both of us.

“Yeah, let’s clean it up” Liz took her T-shirt and put it on, then went to get some towels and cleaned everything.

“Liz? Do you have Popsicles?

“Yeah, course I do, why?

“I know a wicked thing we could do with those.

“Alright, let me go get one”. She ran to the basement and came back with a raspberry flavoured one.

“Give me that and go outside, lay down on one of the chairs and wait for me” After she left, I discarded the shirt, folded it and put it on the table, unwrapped the Popsicle and joined her.

“Now open your legs for me sugar” She did so I started to run the Popsicle between her tits, on her nipples, down her stomach, dipped it at her navel and down until her cunt. My tongue followed the path the Popsicle made, cleaning everything very slowly and with great care. I wanted to surprised her so I didn’t ran it in her slit; I just pushed it in her hole, gently.

“OH FUCK, OH MY GOD, OH SHIT” Still I pushed it deeper into her. It was probably the first time she had something that deep and it being so cold, it was probably quite special to have that there.

I started to lap at the juices that were flowing from her hole, her own sweet cream and Popsicle raspberry juice. It tasted so good, I swear I could’ve just stayed there all day just lapping but Liz was getting work up really fast. She was screaming how good it felt in her, screaming it louder and louder as she got closer.

“Come on Sugar; give me all your sweet cream. Come for me baby” And she did just as I asked, she came, really hard. Her juices were pouring and I couldn’t keep up. When she finally set down, I pulled out what was left of the Popsicle and took my own sweet time to finish it.

“Liked that?

“Fuck that was amazing. Now give me the rest of that thing, I want to know what it tastes like with my juices on it.” Which I did and I watched her carefully, appreciating the fact that I was the one who’d put that satisfied grin on my best friend’s face.

“God, I’ll need to try that on you one day. “She said, making it sound like a bet, like a contest to see who would make the other climax first. I chuckled.

“I won’t be the one to stop you from doing that for sure”

“Good, then be ready for some serious action there”

“You can jump me anytime you want sugar” And with that we went back to our lawn chairs, putting some oil on our naked bodies since we still had a few hours to go before her neighbours would be back from work. But really…. with neighbours that awesome, I wouldn’t be the one to care if they saw us.

I mean, come on, with neighbours that awesome, who would actually care?

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