Desparate Times

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John tried not to make the stairs creak as he made his way up to bed. It had gone midnight and his wife had gone up nearly two hours ago.

Opening the door to their room, he saw the light from the phone in her hand.

“You and your games. Sweety Crush is it?” he asked.

“Level 19.” she said, without looking away from the screen.

He took off his clothes, letting them fall in the same place as hers on the landing and climbed into bed.

“Fancy a cuddle love?” he asked, rubbing his penis against her leg where he had lifted her nightdress.

“Get off, y’dirty bugger!” she said, turning over, away from him.

His penis was hard. Despite a few attempts, it still didn’t push far enough between his wife’s ample thighs to make it to the opening of her vagina. Too soft. Too short.

“I said, GET OFF!”

He rolled back to his side and slid his hand under the duvet.

Stroking the tip of his cock, he started to drift away to his tried and tested fantasies. The things he loved. Things that made him climax every time. What would it be tonight?

Dogging at the beach, five minutes down the road from where he lives? That fantasy always got him hard.

Usually, it was the woman next door, Heather, waiting with the window güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri down in their 2011 Volvo which they always kept immaculately clean on their drive. In this fantasy, she was always wearing lingerie and a fur coat. Of course, the fur coat was held open as he crossed the car park for a look through her window. Her breasts would be on full show. Big and round with erect nipples. Her lingerie would be silk or satin. Something with lace around the edges. Her vagina would be shaven, or at least trimmed.

He regularly checked their washing line in the summer. The fence between their back gardens was high but there were gaps. Some days she would put her washed underwear on the line. It was usually functional. High waisted, made from polyester. But every now and again, there would be some smaller items. Lacy, thin or sheer material. He often thought about what she looked like wearing them.

“You playin’ with yourself… again?” his wife snapped over her shoulder.

He didn’t reply. Just got up and went downstairs, taking the pile of clothes on the landing floor on his way.

He threw the clothes in the hamper next to the washing machine. Just before closing the lid, he noticed her underwear, balled up in her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tights. They usually helped.

He tapped in the PIN code on the tablet on the kitchen table and it opened at the last browser window he had been using.

Reading the description of the woman in the photographs, he started to uncurl his wife’s underwear from her tights. The gusset was still moist and the cotton, which used to be white, was stained yellow with urine.

‘Kath from London likes to have her hubby watch as she gets fucked by younger, well-hung men’ it said in the description below Kath’s picture. It could have been anybody’s picture. It was only showing her from her shoulders to her feet. She was wearing a see-through camisole top which didn’t hide her long, saggy breasts, hanging down over her ample stomache. And heels. Her heels were black and shiny. But that was it, she wasn’t wearing anything else. Her dark brown nipples didn’t register on the sheer material of the camisole, serving instead to point towards the prize John always went for.

He scrolled down the page for more pictures as he pressed the urine soaked underwear against his mouth.

Eventually, he found what he was looking for.

‘Kath from London’ güvenilir bahis şirketleri was sitting on a kitchen bench with no underwear and her chubby thighs spread wide. Her plump vagina was on full show with her labia peeking out from the folds of her shaven lips. John inhaled the scent of his wife’s gusset and put his hand around his erect penis.

His tongue found the cotton and he could taste his wife’s piss in the wet fabric. As his fist got faster, he sucked the urine from the underwear that had been nestled against his wife’s plump, bushy vagina only two hours earlier.

It wasn’t long before he felt that familiar warmth spreading through his legs and abdomen, and he knew he was close.

The routine was always the same.

He dropped her pants down, ready to catch the mess, the cotton gusset cupped in his hand, millimetres from the glistening opening of his penis, ready to soak it all up.

Trying to keep his voice down, he took one last look at Kath from London and grunted as a thick pool of warm, white semen flooded over the stained cotton gusset of his wife’s underwear. Jerking in his fist, jet after jet erupted, covering more and more of her discarded pants. As his climax subsided and he relaxed his grip, one last drop oozed out. He mopped it up in the shiny polyester and tossed them over at the laundry hamper.

That’s what he needed, he thought to himself. Somewhere he could find a good supply of used underwear to masturbate into. Or someone willing to donate it regularly. Opening up a new browser tab, he started his search.

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Deployment Sexting

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She wanted to make the pictures sexy, but wasn’t sure where to start. As she stood in the kitchen, wiping the last of the dishes and starting the dishwasher, sexy was feeling like a bit of a stretch. To help, she grabbed a bottle of wine from the top rack, stretching up on her tiptoes to grab it. It was a cheap red, but she needed a little extra help loosening up. Popping the cork, she contemplated a glass, and then took a swig straight from the bottle. The wine flowed warmly into her mouth, slightly dry but with bold flavor, and leaving a lingering warmth. Drinking straight from the bottom felt primitive, but powerful. She took another swallow. Grabbing something from the fridge, she walked up the stairs and wondered just what she should wear.

Sorting through the clothes, she selected a sheer lace black bra, black thong, and thigh-high stockings. Over that, she put on a red dress. She then stripped the coverlets off the bed, leaving just the soft purple blanket on white sheets. To warm up, she set the camera to delay and practiced a couple poses. First, she stood with her hands clasped behind her back, chin tilted up with a dreamlike innocent expression. Next she faced away from the camera, head tilted back to shyly peek at the camera as it snapped. After another swig at the bottle, she decided to let it catch one of her drinking. With the bottle to her lips and one leg on the bed to let the dress ride up, her other hand pulled down on the bodice of the dress to expose more breast.

After that, she turned on the video camera, and holding it to her face she said a quick hello. “I hope you watch this Charles, and it turns you on. I hope you get a huge hard-on, and stroke it till you blow your load all over yourself. I really wish I could be the one to suck you, and then swallow all your delicious cum in my mouth, or else take it all in my pussy. But you’d better enjoy this video, cause who knows if canlı bahis you’ll get another!” With that, she blew it a kiss before setting it down on the drawer and stripping off the dress while the camera recorded.

As the dress hit the floor, she turned a slow circle for the camera’s benefit, running her hands up and down her body. Her husband always adored her tight body and big breasts, clamoring for pictures while he was deployed, and tonight she wouldn’t disappoint. Laying back on the bed, she took another swallow of wine, feeling the buzz ride through her belly and down between her legs.

On the bed, she rubbed her nipples through the lace bra and felt them harden. Similarly, she then ran her hands down her belly and on either side of the thong, feeling her lips swelling and engorging with blood. For a little while she just enjoyed the feel of her fingers on her skin, and imagined Charles’s skillful hands on her body. Reaching over to the bedside, she pulled out the glass dildo and vibe. She rubbed it up and down on her pussy for a little while, spreading her legs towards the camera. She then stripped the panties off, leaving only the bra and stockings.

Hanna then grabbed the vibe and let it play with her body. Licking the glass penis, she spread her legs a bit wider. With two fingers, she spread her pussy lips open for the camera, and then slowly inserted the dildo. It filled her pussy nicely, though not as nicely as a true dick. If only it were a little bigger, she mused. Slowly cooing to herself, she let the vibe run over her clit as she began pumping the dildo in and out of her cunt. For the fun of her audience, she then rolled over, the dildo still inside, and got up on all fours with her ass to the camera.

Holding the dildo at an angle, she braced with her left hand and fucked herself with the glass rod, letting the camera catch all the wetworks. As she got closer, she imagined bahis siteleri Charles’s hard dick thrusting into her, his strong hands grabbing her hips and his thrusts bouncing her body. Burying her face in the mattress and moaning, she rubbed the vibe hard against her clit while her other hand continued the penetration. The alcohol from the wine, vibrations tingling her pussy, firm dick stretching her cunt, and naughty position all helped her achieve her first orgasm despite the camera, and she let herself moan in pleasure. Rather than high-pitched like she’d heard in trashy motels, her genuine orgasm gasps were just that- more breathy and then quiet yelps almost as if she were in pain.

As much as she enjoyed the orgasm, it didn’t quite satisfy her completely. Still craving a little more inside her, she put the glass dildo back on the bedside table and pulled out the cucumber.

Ever since Charles’s wrote her an erotic Santa story, she wondered just how big her pussy could take. Sitting up on the bed, she undid her bra. Then holding the cucumber in her other hand, she had another swallow of wine. It was about halfway empty, she thought bemusedly. She definitely wouldn’t be doing this if she were sober.

Again facing the camera, she got up on her knees on the bed as if she were about to straddle Santa. Pouring some lube on the cucumber, she rubbed it up and down the green shaft. She had cleaned and scrubbed the cucumber downstairs in the kitchen, and now she imagined it was hard man-flesh.

She then braced the cucumber on the bed with one fist, and spread her pussy lips again with the other. It rested firmly between her legs, pressing against the walls of her pussy. With mini-bounces, she slowly flounced herself down, impaling herself deeper upon the produce. As the first inch widened itself on her body, she was able to pin it in place and grab the vibe again. Though she wanted to, she bahis şirketleri kinda got stuck right there with it not fully into her. But she kept bouncing, feeling it stretch her even further, and she clenched and relaxed with kiegels around the firmness. Soon her pussy was so engorged and stretched she felt the pressure through to her anus, and she felt an even bigger orgasm building. “Oh my god…unhh… oh FUCK CHARLES!!” she gasped as the swollen cucumber filled her pussy and she imagined riding her husband’s huge cock. Arching her body back, her whole body quivered with pleasure as the orgasm took over.

Collapsing on the bed, she slowly pulled the cucumber out. It was soaked with her juices, and her vagina lay gaping open. At least she wasn’t leaking cum from her husband’s favorite orifice. But she lay in a sheen of sweat and needed a shower. Slowly rolling out of bed, she sauntered over to the camera, pausing briefly with the camera at pussy level before lowering down to blow the video camera a kiss and turn it off. Hanna then grabbed the picture camera, the bottle of wine, and walked into the bathroom.

Her very last picture would be the best, she decided. Already giving him an amazing show, she would end it with a picture he could stare at for hours. Setting the camera timer, she pointed it at the tub. Then, while standing in the tub, she poured the rest of the wine into her mouth, letting it overflow down her chin, throat, breasts, and belly. The dark red wine rivulets stood in stark contrast to her pale skin, pouring over the curves of her breasts and running down her thighs. Shining red rubies of liquid caught in her faint cunt-hairs as the camera went “click”.

As the last drop of wine hung on the lip of the bottle, she opened her mouth eagerly for it. Swallowing it down, she then ran the tub, rinsed it with warm water, and then filled it to settle comfortably into the hot water for a bath. Mmmm… so relaxing. Of course it had been hard to set up all those pictures and video angles, she thought. Maybe next time she needed one of her girlfriends to hold the camera for Charles’s deployment sex pictures…

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Dee’s Anniversary Massage

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This evening is our 29th anniversary of the day we met and I have begun preparing for our evening. I have about 10 vanilla scented candles lit and spread around the room, a table is set up with a blanket covering it and two small pillows on each end to prop your feet and head. The stereo is set up with mood music, a tape of waves softly hitting the shore and a soft ringing in the background. The ringing turns out to be a clamp on a yacht mast clanging with the movement of the waves. A bottle of warming body oil is handy on the table.

When you arrive home, I take you by the hand and guide you down stairs. Upon entering the room, I lead you to the table and you sigh softly and ask “Am I in trouble?” I nod as we begin to kiss passionately. I start to unbutton your blouse and then remove it gently . Unbuttoning and unzipping your slacks, I guide them down over your thighs and calves and pull them off over your ankles.

I remove your socks and then work on getting your panties down, I can clearly see your soft muff surrounded by creamy white skin. I reach behind you and unhook your bra, revealing two very brown puffy nipples on your small white breasts.

You stand before me completely naked, exposing a very sweet 34B 26 37 figure. We stand kissing and caressing for several minutes and then I assist you up on the table. I have you lay on your stomach first, and don’t miss the playful lifting of your ass to tease me. The roundness of your ass is highlighted by the way I’ve gotten your head and feet slightly elevated, keeping the small of your back down.

I grab the remote and turn on the mood music, the waves slapping the shore softly and the soft ringing is relaxing you. I kiss you and tell you to relax, while I’m pouring some oil in my hands. I move down to your feet and begin rubbing my fingers over your toes, moving between them and also rubbing and slightly squeezing them. I massage bahis firmaları up around your feet and ankles, kneading them till I hear soft sighs coming from the other end of the table.

Massaging more oil into your calves, kneading and squeezing and rubbing the length of them, has made you more at ease. I can feel the tension subsiding in the muscles of your legs as I begin bending and flexing your toes, ankles and knees.

As I begin to pour oil on your thighs, your ass rises slightly, and I can actually see your pussy. You like to tease me by grinding your hips, exposing then hiding your pussy. I massage your thighs, and pay special attention to that hot spot, where the legs and the ass meet. You, in turn, raise your ass each time I massage that area, and to my surprise, pull your ass cheeks apart.

While you aren’t into anal sex, you have, on occasion, allowed me to finger fuck your ass. I pour on another good amount of oil, caressing your ass cheeks and casually sliding my fingers down between them and down into your pussy lips.

You love the kneading of your ass cheeks, and have little resistance to me running circles around your ass hole with my well oiled fingers. When I press into your ass, you raise your hips to meet me, and that allows me to thrust completely into you. I hear a slight moan, but I continue to pump my finger slowly in and out of your asshole. When I feel you getting close…I pull out.

I pour on more oil, and continue caressing your ass cheeks, sliding precariously down your ass to your pussy. I continue to rub softly along your pussy lips, and paying close attention to your hardening clit. It doesn’t take very long and I realize you’ve gotten your legs open about halfway, allowing access to your magic button. Once again, when I feel you gyrating and your breathing getting labored….I pull back.

Dee looks back and says “You are driving kaçak iddaa me crazy when you stop like that.” I step back away from the table for a moment, and watch as Dee slowly begins rubbing her pussy. Running circles around her button and then dipping into her slit with her fingers is hot. When it appears she’s enjoying herself a bit too much, I step up and stop her, then, pour more oil onto her back and shoulders and continue with the massage.

I work you over pretty good from the small of your back to the shoulders, then up around your neck. Dee loves to have her neck licked, fondled and rubbed, and I could hear her moaning softly as I worked there. After a good rub down of your sides, paying close attention to the sides of your breasts and back down towards your hips…I ask you to roll over.

You lie on your back and I can see your nipples have become swollen from the warmth of your body laying on them. I pour some oil on your stomach, working it down to your muff and up through your shoulders. On your back, I am able to rub your breasts and pussy at the same time. Your nipples have shrunk to about 1/4th their size and your legs are starting to open slightly at my touch.

I kiss you as I apply more oil to you chest, rubbing right up around your neck, and then returning the distance over your stomach and down to you pussy. Your tongue is very warm as it darts in and out of my mouth, and I mimic this action with my fingers in your slit. Your breathing has become labored, and I feel your hand as it touches your pussy lips.

With your legs wide open, we are both fingering your pussy, taking turns diving in and out. With your left hand, you cup your breast, making it stand up, and you feed it to me. I lick circles around your nipple, and lick and suck it, as you squeeze and feed it to me.

I can feel your fingers rubbing your clit, I lower my hand to your asshole and begin kaçak bahis to push my finger into it. As you rub your pussy, I’m finger fucking your asshole and I can feel you tightening up. I place my thumb in your slit and keep pressuring your asshole with my finger, you rub your clit and then it happens…..

Your ass is gyrating trying to keep up with my thrusts, your rubbing your clit, and your are trying to maintain some control. Gasping and panting, I can feel that first wave of your orgasm. Under your breath your crying “Oh God! Oh God! I’m coming! I’m coming!” I put my finger from my left hand into your mouth, so you can suck it while you get fucked.

You pull my hand from your ass, and I see you pushing the full palm of your hand onto your clit, this is the way you get the most from your orgasms…pressing hard on your button and touching your sweet wet opening as you come. Your legs flail around, nearly causing you to fall from the table, while we continue to kiss deeply and I alternately finger fuck your mouth. I continue to caress your well oiled body.

With one last thrust, I push 2 fingers into your pussy. Rubbing vigorously on the front wall of your pussy, it drives you absolutely wild, and when done right, produces another orgasm very quickly…and today was no exception. As you come, you push my wet fingers away, press hard again against your clit and tense up uncontrollably. This time, the pleasure is so intense, you can’t help but sob from the release.

After a couple of minutes to get yourself settled down, I roll you back to your stomach, and finish with a well deserved and relaxing back massage. Using the last of the oil, I rub your neck and shoulders, spend several minutes on the small of your back and then rub your ass. You elevate your ass so I can see and rub that area where the legs meet the ass…SEXY HOT! I finish off by rubbing down your thighs, calves and ankles, and then spend a few minutes caressing your feet and toes.

You’ve relaxed so much, you’ve fallen asleep on the table. I decide to leave you there, for now, and maybe just go up and warm up some more oil.

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Desire Fulfilled

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Copyright 2004 by ‘JollyRancher’ (all rights reserved)

This is a story about the night a wife helped her husband realize a long-held but unspoken desire.

If you are underage, or if it is illegal for you to read such material, please exit now. If not, read on and enjoy!

How many times, during thirty years of marriage, had I felt myself to be the luckiest man on earth? I am married to a woman who has never lost her zest for life or her interest in all things sexual. Our sex life has run the gamut of things that a man and woman can experience in the marriage bed… and lots of other spots as well. Neither of us has ever felt the call to be unfaithful to the other. I know in my heart that I could never find another who could satisfy me the way she does and I would not consider placing what I have in jeopardy to find out.

Even though we are grandparents several times over, the fire still burns in both of us. In that regard, an old saying comes to mind, growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

Sunday nites are our favorite times for relaxing and indulging ourselves with each other. Grandkids have all been visited, their parents are preparing to go to work the next day and the chance of being interrupted is slim.

Last Sunday evening began, as is our custom, with a leisurely bath together in the oversize tub that is one of the few luxuries that we have. The events that followed, though, will be forever imbedded in my mind! A desire that had lived in my dreams for many years… thought about, read about, even visualized in movies and on the web… but never spoken… was finally realized that night, thanks to a wife that knew without having asked.

Since the kids left home, there are no closed doors in our house and we spend a great deal of time wearing nothing at all. Even in the bathroom there is no need for modesty, we just don’t give such things much thought. Sometimes she will just come in and watch and visit as I shower and shave, something that most folks would not even think of, and I will do the same with her. One of my favorite things is to watch as she shaves her pussy. Sometimes that will result in a rise from even an old man’s cock. Of course, she watches as I shave my cock, balls and ass too. We discovered many years ago that keeping our pubic areas smooth, front and back, made for a much more pleasant experience. There is no place on either of our bodies that have not felt a tongue licking and invading.

After our relaxing bath and a quick trip under the shower, we spent a while drying each other with big, fluffy towels… an erotic experience in itself if you have never done that. Then I watched intently as she quickly and expertly shaved her pussy smooth and rubbed in some lotion. When she was finished and stepped away from the vanity, I reached for the razor to do the same to myself but before I could pick it up, she laid her hand on top of mine. “I want to do it FOR you tonight” she said, and picked up the washcloth, another towel, the razor and shaving cream and walked toward the bed. Instantly my cock began to thicken as I followed her. This was a relatively rare thing but something that I absolutely loved when she was in the mood. I wish I had thought of it first!

While she was placing the towel on the bed, I went to the dining room and returned with two heavy table chairs. The towel was half on the bed with the other half hanging down and I situated the chairs on either side with the fronts touching the bed. One of the damp towels was spread on the floor to protect the carpet. This arrangement was familiar as we often used it if we shaved each other and occasionally when oral sex was on the menu as neither of us is able to hold our legs up and back for very long. Sometimes getting old forces one to adapt.

I climbed on the bed, laid down on my back, then scooted until my ass was hanging off of the bed about eight or ten inches. With my feet on the chairs, my legs were held up and spread open, leaving my entire crotch available to her but since my back was supported it was quite comfortable.

First the wet washcloth, then cool feeling of the shave cream being spread over my cock, balls and ass served to further awaken my cock. She seemed to spend more time than usual spreading the cream around, especially on my balls and then around my asshole. I am sure that she felt my body give a little shudder as she circled around my hole with the pad of her finger several times, then tickle the very opening lightly with her fingernail. I pushed out with my sphincter muscle, hoping she would take the hint and slip her finger inside me but she pulled it away and stood up, calling me a naughty boy and disappeared into the bathroom to wash the cream from her hands so she could hold the razor.

Men, if you have never let your partner shave your private parts, you are missing one of the most pleasurable half-hour experiences on the planet! The feeling of her holding and moving your canlı bahis cock and balls around with one hand and sensation of the razor gliding over your skin is divine.

After my cock and balls were clean and smooth, I raised my legs up farther so she could shave between my cheeks. It is always a little strange to feel the razor moving in that narrow furrow, especially when it nears your asshole as there is a danger of nicks in that area… but she completed the task with no problem.

Soon I was clean and dry and as smooth as the day I was born. The first touch of her tongue on my balls was like an electric shock… so smooth and so warm! Almost instantly, it was gone and as she stood up from kneeling between my legs she crooked her finger and said “come with me.” As we walked back into the bathroom, I suspected what she was up to and my suspicion was confirmed when she opened the cabinet door and removed the red rubber bag.

An enema is something that we also enjoy from time to time and consider them as foreplay. An enema administered as a part of erotic foreplay feels much different than one received for medical purposes. As she filled the bag with two quarts of warm water, I assumed the position… kneeling on the floor with my chest resting on the toilet seat. I jumped a little at the invasion of her slickened finger and then it was replaced with the nozzle and the sensation of the warm water flowing inside me. Her admonition to not go away as she walked out was hardly necessary.

By the time she returned, the bag was nearly empty and I had about reached my limit. I squeezed down as tightly as I could when she removed the nozzle, then turned and raised the lid and sat down. Since we had eaten a lite breakfast and a late lunch, there was very little in my lower intestines and the water came out practically clear. If you have never done it, even expelling an enema can be an erotic act! While I waited for the remainder of the water to come out, she refilled the bag about half way, sort of a final rinse. When that was accomplished she cleaned everything up and replaced the bag and walked out again. Sometimes it takes fifteen or twenty minutes for the entire enema to be expelled and while I waited on the toilet I could hear her in the bedroom moving some things around.

When I was satisfied that I was clean and empty, I washed the area again and walked into the bedroom. The chairs and towels were still in place and a tube of KY and a glove rested on one of the chairs. On the bed were the two big bed pillows stacked about where my head would rest and on the other chair stood her big, lighted makeup mirror. She patted the towel that was laying on the bed so I crawled back up and assumed my previous position, only this time, if I raised my head some more I could see between my legs… see my entire crotch lighted and framed in the mirror.

“Last time you spent a couple of hours licking and sucking my pussy and making love to me, now it’s my turn.” She knows how much I enjoy having her fingers in my ass but that is something that she has to be in the mood for so I seldom ask. She also knows that I can nearly always BE in the mood, so when the urge strikes her, she just does it. The most intense orgasms I have ever experienced have been as a result of her rubbing my prostate while sucking my cock.

It was difficult to believe that, after all these years, she had found something new. It’s not like we had never made love in front of a mirror, but I had never watched, close up and personal, as she fingered my ass and sucked my cock.

Then that wonderful tongue returned to my balls, lapping and prodding and causing some most delightful feelings. Although her head blocked my view, it was obvious when she sucked one of my balls inside her mouth. The view of my hard cock was not obstructed and I saw drops of precum bubble out and drip down as she sucked first one and then the other of my balls in her warm mouth, rolling them around inside then pulling back till they popped out. Having my balls pulled on is something else that I enjoy very much.

After a few minutes of that delicious torture, she resumed lapping at my balls again, starting at the base of my sack and moving up between them to the top. The interesting thing was that each time she started to lap, the starting point was lower down and I could feel the tip of her tongue following the little seam up and then between my balls. On about the tenth lap, the starting point had reached the rim of my asshole… and the next one started at the very center!

Although we both enjoy rimming and being rimmed, it is not something we do very often, maybe it wouldn’t be so special if we did. This time, the tongue did not follow the seam up to my balls, but began to circle around and around that sensitive opening… lightly at first, then more and more insistent. Slowly but surely the sphincter began to relax and surrender to her prodding tongue, allowing more and more bahis siteleri of it to slip inside. Again, men, if you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it… there is no other feeling in the world quite like it!

As I continued to moan in appreciation, I heard the unmistakable sound of a hand being inserted in a surgical glove, then the click of the KY tube being opened. As soon as her tongue was removed from my ass I felt a smooth, slick finger begin to rub around the opening. “Hey, are you forgetting something”… and indeed I had! I raised my head a little and there in the mirror was the image of her finger as it circled my asshole. The rim was already engorged and swollen from her previous ministrations and I watched in fascination as her finger stopped right in the center and began to push inside.

I hadn’t realized how much I had missed that, as it had been several months since the previous time. It was strange to watch, as well as feel, her finger slowly slide inside until it was completely buried in me. It moved around gently inside me as she searched for, and then found, her objective… my prostate. A couple of gentle rubs and the finger was sliding out and I was missing it already. The click of the KY tube being opened again, then I saw it pressed up tight against my asshole and felt a strange coolness inside me as the tube was squeezed and a generous portion was injected into my rectum.

Her finger immediately replaced the tube at my ass and slid effortlessly back in. Then she began a slow in and out motion, fucking my ass with her finger. I watched as the skin alternately pushed in with her finger then pulled back with it, as if trying to keep if from escaping. After several in and out strokes I saw her place a second finger along side the first and in they both went. Just a little additional feeling of being stretched out and damn how I loved it. As both of her fingers went all the way in I felt her start rubbing them back and forth over my prostate, as was her custom when she played there and the next thing I expected was for her to take my cock in her mouth. Instead, she looked me in the eyes and with a smile said, “just lean back and close your eyes and enjoy the feeling.”

Instead of just massaging my prostate as she usually did, I felt something very different. She was apparently rotating her fingers around inside me, feeling all over inside my rectum. Then she started the in and out thing again, fucking my ass with both fingers and I could feel my hole getting looser as she worked. Suddenly there was the sensation of being stretched open even more and I knew that she had included a third finger… something that I had always hoped she would do but had never asked for, in fear that she would think that too far out. I could feel the drops of precum falling from cock on to my belly and I knew it wouldn’t take much for me to blow the biggest load of my life. I was torn between wanting her to take me in her mouth and wanting her to continue stretching my ass.

It was only a matter of a few minutes till the small amount of discomfort that I had felt turned into a blazing lust for more. Even when she had used her vibrator on me, the feeling was no where near the same and I realized that I was actually humping my ass into her hand in an effort to get them farther inside me. I couldn’t resist looking again and when I opened my eyes I was staring straight into hers…”mmmm, I think daddy likes this” she said, with a sparkle in her eyes. And indeed I did! As I laid my head back down I wondered if my secret desire was going to be realized.

I tried to concentrate on relaxing as much as possible and took a deep breath. As I exhaled fully is seemed that the sphincter opened up even more than it ever had and the friction of her fingers was considerably reduced. When that happened, I felt them being removed and a feeling of emptiness came over me… but not for long. Again I felt the KY tube against my hole and more of the slick lube being squeezed in. Then the fingers returned and I was amazed that my hole had closed up so quickly, as she had to stretch it open again. I tried the deep breathing thing again but it didn’t seem to work as well this time as the pressure seemed even more intense than before. I started humping gently against her hand again, hoping that would help, and it did a little but I still couldn’t figure it out. All of a sudden the light came on in my head….

I rose up and looked in the mirror and saw the reason…her thumb was pressed against the seam below my balls, but the rest of her hand was in my ass! I couldn’t help but stare in amazement at my asshole stretched tight around her hand. As she slowly slipped it out about half way, then pushed back in I know she saw the tears in my eyes. “Just relax baby, we’re almost there. I know how much you have wanted this, but I was always afraid of hurting you. I have done a little research and now I know that it’s ok.”

I laid back down and closed my eyes bahis şirketleri and gave myself up to the moment. It seemed almost as if time had stopped and my whole being was centered in my ass. A dream comes true!

As her hand slipped in and out of me, it was difficult to tell just how far in it was until her thumb bottomed out against the outside and I can’t tell you if it was ten minutes or half an hour but then I was aware that she had taken my balls in her other hand and was kneading them and pulling gently. Then something changed. I had grown accustomed to feeling her thumb as she went all the way in and then I couldn’t feel it anymore.

Now the feeling of pressure and of being stretched open was greater than ever and I knew that she had folded her thumb into the palm of her hand… and the moment of truth was upon me! Each time she pushed into me, I would stretch open to a certain point but could go no farther, no matter how much I wanted it to. So close… I am so close but I don’t think I can do it!

It seemed that my hole would open up no more, yet the pressure was relentless… continually backing off a little, then in again to the limit. I was afraid that she would think that I was really in distress and stop because I felt the pressure diminish as she pulled back a little, then I felt her other hand encircle both of my balls. She began pulling hard on them, harder than she had ever done, and I couldn’t help but arch my back up, pushing with my legs till my ass was completely off the bed. I was at the point of yelling “uncle”, our safe word, when she suddenly released my balls.

Instantly the tension in my body was relieved and as I slumped back down on the bed I felt a sudden sharp pain in my ass then an incredible fullness such as I have never known. The pain was gone in an instant, replaced by sensations that cannot be fully described. Then the pressure began to mount again, only from the inside! She had apparently read the right information during her research as she did not pull her hand out, but rather just let it rest against the sphincter with just a little tension and as predicted; my body began to slowly push it out. Another little pain as the widest part came out then relief… and a feeling of loneliness.

I opened my eyes and looked at her and I could see some concern on her face but before she could ask anything I uttered one word that said it all…PLEASE.

This time there was only the amazing feeling of my hole stretching around her hand and the wonderful, tremendous pressure as it slid in and my asshole settled around her wrist. The pressure inside became even greater as she slowly pushed a little farther in. I rose up again… I had to look! It was a sight that I never dared dream of seeing… my own asshole stretched tight around my wife’s forearm, the glove completely out of sight!

Yet another strange sensation that I couldn’t quite figure out, then I realized that she was wiggling her fingers gently inside me as she slowly pulled back until the end of the glove was visible and my hole was being stretched again by the wide part of her hand. Wider and wider it dilated until I thought her hand was going to slip out, but no, it was sliding back in very slowly. I watched with rapt attention as the glove disappeared from sight, then a little more and a little more of her arm until it was at least three or four inches farther in.

At that point it felt as if her hand had reached a barrier inside me that prevented further penetration. Then I felt the fingers moving around again and watched as she changed the angle of her arm and suddenly it felt as if my insides had just opened up and I couldn’t believe that even more of her forearm disappeared inside me so easily. Thank goodness that she had small hands that allowed her to negotiate the first rectal curve and actually enter my colon.

“I am glad that you didn’t hide all that fisting information very well. I found a lot of interesting stuff on your side of the computer.” At least now I knew how she learned what to do, and she had learned very well.

Her arm retreated a couple of inches and I watched as she squeezed the remainder of the KY from the tube onto her arm, covering it up to her elbow. Then it advanced again to its previous point and a little more. Then back an inch, and then in an inch and a half. She was literally fucking me with her arm! It was impossible to determine which was more intense… my asshole dilating a little more with each inward progression or those maddening fingers working their way farther and farther up inside my belly.

My neck and back were killing me, but I just had to keep watching! I had to know! Soon my patience was rewarded as I saw the last inch of her forearm disappear. She had done it; she had ACTUALLY gotten her hand and arm inside me. The experience was far better than I had dreamed it would be, never had I felt so fulfilled, and so submissive, as I surrendered myself completely.

When I collapsed back onto the pillows my whole body seemed to completely relax. It was a curious contrast though, to feel the erotic tension in my cock and balls and ass, yet feel entirely drained every where else.

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Better Than A Ticket

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I sigh deeply, looking out from the front door at my car in the driveway. “It’s going to be a long drive home,” I whisper under my breath.

“Are you sure that you don’t want to stay here tonight Jessica?” Gloria asked. “I’m sure that Greg can fix up the sofa bed for you.”

“No thanks,” I say. “I really do need to get home, and it’s my fault that I stayed so long anyway. Just promise me that your next party won’t last so late.”

“Sure, I promise,” chuckles Gloria sarcastically. “Anything you say.”

I unlock my car and get in. I sigh again, wondering if maybe I should take Gloria’s offer and crash there for the night. I shake my head and put the key in the ignition. Thinking about sleeping in your own bed really gets you motivated, and now the ride home didn’t seem as bad as it did.

As I pull out of the driveway and head out, my mind went through the events that happened at the party. It was a pretty good party; there were tons of people there. Greg and Gloria sure do know a lot of interesting people. I thought about Kyle, one of the men that I chatted with tonight, and thought that he was a nice enough guy. Very clean cut, good job, really cute, and so polite. “So polite he didn’t ask me to come home with him tonight,” I say out loud.

I drank plenty of wine tonight, and the only thing that does is make me hot. I start thinking about Kyle, and him kissing my neck, his hands exploring my body. My breath becomes shallow, and I feel my nipples tingle. I shake the thought out of my head, and concentrate on the highway in front of me.

“Looks like another night with Silver,” I say, grinning at the thought. “He always pulls through for me.” Silver is my vibrator, eight inches long and powerful. I slowly squirm in my seat, and decide to take a short cut.

I usually take my short cut during the day when the traffic is bad. It is a small farm-to-market road that has a high speed limit. It’s mostly deserted by this time of the night, and probably doesn’t have any speed traps on it right now. I take the exit and turn off. As my foot pushes the gas further, my mind wonders to how I will use Silver tonight.

When I am really horny, I try to make it as slow as possible, teasing myself. Of course it doesn’t last long, because I have no self-control, but sometimes I can make it last about 45 minutes. Other times, when I just want to cum hard and fast, I just turn Silver on as high as he will going and rub him on my clit until I cum.

As my mind wonders, I take my right hand off the wheel and move it up my skirt to the crotch of my panties. I grin as I think what a good idea it was to shave my pussy tonight before I left for the party. I love the way my pussy feels after it is shaved — so smooth, and it makes me more wet and hot when it is shaved. I slowly rub my panties more, and move them a little to the side so I can slide my finger up my bare slit, feeling the wetness that has slipped out. I feel my nipples harden as my breath becomes shallow. Just when I start thinking about pulling over and cumming really quick, red lights catch my eye from the rearview mirror.

“Shit!” I yell, snatching my hand off of my pussy. I slowly pull over and put on my hazards.

I curse myself silently as I wait for the cop to come to my window. Why didn’t I just take the highway home? How can I be so stupid? My hot date with Silver doesn’t seem as important now, and I feel any kind of desire to cum fade away. I really can’t afford the ticket, and I know I was doing close to 80 miles an hour in a 60.

And shit! I have been drinking tonight too! I know I’m not drunk. “Drunk enough to rub your pussy while you were driving, slut,” I say to myself. I cannot believe this is happening to me!

I look out my side mirror and see him finally get out of his car. He is a big man, about 6’2″ tall and about 220 pounds. I’m trying to think of a good story as to why I am driving so fast as I roll down my window.

“Good evening officer,” I say as sweet as I can. “Is there a problem?”

“More like good morning, ma’am,” he says roughly. “You do know it’s almost 3 in the morning?”

I sigh and nod, looking down and said, “I was at a friends house and didn’t keep track of the time.”

“Is that so?” he says. “Well, I need your license and registration, and we will get this over and you can go home. How about that?”

“Yes sir, anything you say.” I hand him my driver’s license and insurance card, roll up my window, and watch him go back to his cruiser. Now that I know that I will be back on the road and heading home soon, I start thinking about Silver again. I also notice that my pussy is still a little wet from my hand being there only a few minutes ago, and I tell myself as soon as I pull away, my panties are coming off and I am going to ride my fingers all the way home.

The knocking on the window startles me, and I jump. I quickly roll down the window.

“Ma’am, please step out of the car,” he says harshly. I stumble out of the car, scared güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that maybe I had some kind of warrant out and he was taking me to jail.

“Please put your hands on the hood” I hear him say. I am shaking hard now; I’ve never been to jail. “What did I do? Oh my God!” I think to myself, “he smelled the wine on my breath.” I’m quickly thinking of what to say to get myself out of this situation as I place my hands on the hood of my car.

Before I can get a word in, I feel his hands start patting me down. He starts up at my shoulders, around my back, slowly moving to my chest where I feel him give my breasts a hard squeeze. I’m so nervous, that I hardly realize that his hands are staying there longer than they should, giving them another squeeze.

He moves down my hips and starts patting my ass and goes down my knees. I feel his hands slide up one of my legs and under my dress. I feel it slowly move up to my inner thigh and gasp when I suddenly feel his thumb hit the crotch of my panties. I gasp hard when I see that his thumb is still on my panties, slowly rubbing and probing my crotch. I suddenly realize what he is doing and I start to shake uncontrollably, feeling the tears build up in my eyes. Even though I am scared to death, I start feeling the heat begin to build up inside me.

“You know I clocked you going 90 in a 60 zone,” the cop says, pressing his thumb harder on my panties. “That’s a pretty high ticket.”

“Yes sir,” I whimper, trembling.

“Now, do you really need something like that to go on your record?”

“Ohhh, n-n-no sir.” I gasp, suddenly realizing that my payment was going to be here rather than in a courtroom.

“What exactly would you do to keep this ticket off of your record?” He asks, removing his thumb from my crotch.

My head is spinning, and I want to scream “Nothing!” but I feel my hips move down a little to find his thumb again, and I whisper “Anything S-s-sir.”

“Good, because I think that you will enjoy this much more than a ticket.” He says in a low voice. He slowly puts his hand on my back and bends me over where my chest is laying flat against the hood.

I am breathing heavily and my heart is beating a mile a minute. The tears are still flowing from my eyes. I feel his hands come around me and grab my wrists, where he puts them behind my back and handcuffs me. I start panicking, and whimper out loud, but oddly, I feel the wetness on my panties begin to grow and my pussy starts throbbing. I then feel his hand lift the back of my skirt over my hips. My ass is fully exposed now, and my knees start to shake. I feel his hands move down between my legs, and force my thighs wider apart.

“My goodness,” he says, “look how wet your panties are getting. Only slut’s panties get wet like this when they get off on a cheap ticket.”

I feel the blood rush to my face, embarrassed at his nasty comment, and how totally exposed I am to him right now. No matter how awful the comment was, those words make me light-headed as much as his hands on me, and I moan softly and spread my legs wider for him. I feel his fingers move onto my panties and start to rub slowly. I hear him talking more about how soaked they are getting from my hot pussy, but I am only paying attention to his fingers and to the passion that my pussy is building on.

I moan louder and start grinding my pussy onto his hand. He asks me how much I want him to take my panties off, and before I know what I am doing, I am begging him to take them off and to touch my pussy. I am sobbing loudly now, I want it so badly. He is getting off on my need to feel his hands on my bare pussy, and keeps working my panties harder now. I know by now his fingers are wet even through my panties are still on.

I finally feel his fingers move into the waist of my panties and slowly slide them down to my ankles. As soon as the cool night air hits my hot wet pussy, I almost cum right there. I am so hot at this time that I am grinding my pussy out towards nothing, hoping a stronger wind will hit my wet pussy.

I feel him behind me, watching me suffer. I also hear his breath become harder as he softly chuckles at my desperate attempt to cum from the soft breeze that is teasing my pussy. I feel his forefinger and thumb move onto my swollen lips and feel them spread my lips open wide. I am totally losing it right now, and move my ass from side to side to get him to touch my throbbing clit. I feel a hard slap on my ass.

“Don’t you fucking move slut!”

The slap on my ass makes me even hotter, but I stop moving, and feel his fingers spread my lips open again. I feel his other hand put two fingers on each side of my clit, which is pulsing so hard, I know that he can see it. I feel his fingers close around my clit and pinch it hard.

I am moaning so loudly now, begging him between gasps to let me cum. I feel his two fingers slowly rubbing my clit in circles. Slow at first, than faster, then slow again, teasing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me with every movement. My pussy is so wet now; I can feel my juices dampen my thighs. He is totally teasing me and loving every minute of it! And even though there is nothing in the world that I want more right now then to cum on his fingers, I love every minute of it.

I feel his fingers work my hard clit faster and faster. I feel the rhythm of it and feel myself almost at the edge of cumming. Right when I get to that threshold of my orgasm, and my moans become louder, his hand suddenly leaves my pussy. I feel my clit about to explode as the waves of my lost orgasm dies down.

“No!” I scream, and break down into pathetic sobs, as my soaking pussy throbs painfully, grasping on to nothing. “Please let me cum.” I whimper between my deep sobs.

But he doesn’t answer me. I hear him moving behind me, and then feel something hard and solid touch my pussy lips. I feel it move around the lips of my pussy and tease my tender, swollen clit. The thing then leaves my pussy and I see him come around and show me what he was using to play with my pussy. It’s his Billy club! He puts it in front of my face.

“Lick it slut,” he grunts. “Get it ready for your cunt.”

I do so eagerly and taste my pussy juice on it. I grow more excited and start sucking the tip of it like it was a big cock. I put it deeper and deeper into my mouth, sucking it hard and long. After he watches me seduce his club for a little bit, he rips it from my mouth. I feel him move behind me again. I am nervous about what he is going to do with me with the club. It was so big and hard. I don’t think that I ever had something that big inside me before. Though I am scared, I shiver with excitement at the thought and lift my ass higher so I will be more exposed for him.

“You horny bitch,” he says, watching my hips move back and forth. I feel his hand spread my pussy lips open and feel the tip of the club against my pussy. I feel him pressing the club harder against my pussy; twisting it a little to work its way into me. It is so big and hard; it takes awhile for him to put the tip in.

It’s hurting so bad that I scream when it first enters, but I try to relax and open my pussy wider for him. I’m so hot right now; I need it inside me, no matter what. After a while of steady pressure on it, it finally slides in deeper and smoother. His strokes become longer and slower. With each stroke, I feel him going deeper and deeper inside me. I feel my juices freely flowing down my thighs now, and I am slowly pushing my hips back as the club enters me deeper.

“Oh my God, it feels so good!” I have never felt anything like this before. My head is spinning, and I almost scream in ecstasy as I feel one of his fingers enter my asshole as he fucks me with his club.

“There you go you nasty slut,” he grunts. “Ride that club long and slow. Ride it bitch.”

I don’t know how deep it is going into me, and I don’t care. It feels so good right now, that if he can get all of it inside me, then I want it all inside me. I feel it stretching my pussy, and it feels so good. As his talking becomes dirtier, his strokes become faster and harder.

I am totally riding this club right now, slamming myself back onto it with each stroke. I am riding toward the biggest orgasm I probably ever had. My moans turn into screams, and my hips start to buck. I start feeling an orgasm build, and right when I know I am about to cum, everything stops.

I scream in agony as I feel the solid club deep in my quivering pussy stop moving. He leaves it deep in me as I slowly moan and cry for my second lost orgasm of the night. My pussy squeezes hard on the long club deep in me, hoping to ride out at least a little orgasm, before he rips it out of me. But no such luck…my pussy dies down, and is now again a throbbing, hot, wet cunt that is silently begging to cum, and will not stop throbbing or aching until it does.

“Don’t you dare let go of that club, slut!” I hear him say between heavy breaths. “There is one more member of this party coming, and he will be the one to take it out of you. If you lose it, you will be punished.”

My breath stops, as my pussy tightens hard around the club. Now the job seems harder since I know that I can’t let go of it. It’s so smooth and round, and my pussy is so wet right now that if I even cough, it would surely slide out. “And what is this about another member coming?” I wonder. “How much longer is he going to torture me before he lets me cum? Or is he even going to let me cum?”

I hear him go to his car and get on the radio. I hear him saying something about ‘a live one’ and ‘having a little fun.’ He gets off the radio and I see him walking back to me. As he is doing so, I see him unzipping his pants.

I am still bent over on the hood, handcuffed. I silently hope that he is going to take the club out of my dripping pussy and fuck me hard and long, but no. He grabs my güvenilir bahis şirketleri hair and turns me around. I’m still bent over and my quivering pussy is holding onto that club for dear life.

“Suck it you dirty cunt,” he says as I am faced toward his hard cock.

I open my mouth greedily and take it in. Rubbing my tongue up and down his shaft, I suck hard and long. I feel his hand on the back of my head as he slowly pumps his cock into my mouth. I work on his cock hard and fast, tasting his pre-cum on my tongue, and hearing his low moans between each thrust deep into the back of my mouth. I feel him press up against my throat, his grip tightens on my hair, and him pushing deeper, breaking through my throat and sliding further. I accidentally gag as he deep throats me and that makes him more excited as he pumps my throat harder.

I’m still working on his cock when I hear another car pull up. I want to stop and turn to see who it is, but the cop has a tight hold on my hair, and I am honestly too scared to move. I continue to suck his cock as eagerly as I was when I started.

“Evening Fred,” the new cop says “What do we got here?”

Fred’s rhythm does not stop as he is working my throat with his cock as he talks to his friend. He starts talking about me and about how much I didn’t want a ticket, and how much of a hot slut I am. I hear teh second cop walk closer up behind me, and mentioned how hot my bald pussy looks with the club shoved deep inside it.

“The club is keeping her pussy company until you came along to replace it George.” Fred grunts between each stroke into my mouth.

I realize that it is another cop that has pulled up and he is now talking to the one who has his cock in my mouth. Fred’s rhythm does not stop as he is working my throat with his cock as he talks to George. Fred is talking about me and about how much I didn’t want a ticket, and how much of a hot slut I am.

I hear George walk closer up behind me, and mentioned how hot my bald pussy looks with the club shoved deep inside it.

I feel George’s hand touch the billy club and begin to feel it start pumping my pussy again. This causes me to suck on Fred’s cock harder and deeper. I muffle a moan through his hard cock, and start rocking myself back onto the club.

I suddenly feel the club slip out of my soaking pussy, replaced by fingers. I feel them slip in and out of me, moving around in my pussy. I feel George’s other hand move to my swollen pussy lips, and give them a hard pinch. I flinch at the touch, but do not slow down my rhythm on the cock that is in my mouth.

“Yep, she is a hot little slut, isn’t she?” I hear George say, still working my pussy with his fingers.

Fred just moans in reply and starts pumping my mouth faster. I hear George unzip his pants behind me and suddenly feel his hard cock play with my swollen slit. I feel him flick my tender clit with the head of his cock, and my hips start squirming. I hear him softly chuckle and then moan deeply as I feel his hard cock slowly slip inside my pussy.

I moan in thanks and start rocking my hips back to his large cock. My pussy squeezes, trying to pull him deeper into me. I feel George’s hands squeeze my ass cheeks hard as he start thrusting his cock harder and deeper inside me. I am getting it from both ends now, and soon, the rhythm starts so that I am getting both cocks in me as deep as they can be at the same time.

Oh…it feels so good. Fred lifts my dress further up and lifts my bra up so my tits fall out. I feel his hands on them, pulling and pinching my nipples hard. George reaches down around me to hold my pussy lips open so I can feel his swollen balls slam up against my tender clit with each thrust in me. The heat is building fast in me as I feel these cocks in me, and these hands on me. My knees are about to give out, and these two men are suddenly holding me up as they fuck me from both ends.

I feel both cock heads throb and go bigger in my throat and pussy, and my body stiffens as I feel myself cumming. I give out a muffled scream through the cock that is in my mouth as I cum all over the throbbing cock that is pumping me deep in my pussy. As I am riding out my orgasm, I feel the hand that is on my head grab my hair tightly as I feel hot cum hit the back of my throat. I swallow greedily and milk the cumming cock dry as I feel the cock in my pussy swell more, then suddenly I feel a gush of hot cum squirt deep into my pussy. With each stroke that the cock makes in my pussy, more cum squirts deeper in me. I cum again, squeezing my pussy muscle tight against George’s quivering cock.

I feel the handcuffs being unlocked from my wrists as both cocks drain the last of their cum inside me. I feel George’s cock slowly slide out of my quivering, tender pussy, replaced by his hand, rubbing me, slowly calming my pussy down. I feel a hand grab my hair and gently pull my still sucking mouth off of the softening cock.

I am stood up slowly, my knees shaking. Fred holds me up as George reaches down and pulls my panties up, giving my ass cheek a little kiss before covering it. Cop

pulls my bra down over my sore tits, and straightens my dress.

“Better than a ticket, eh?” Fred chuckles as he slips his hand again up between my legs to give my used pussy a final pinch.

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Amca Kızıylaa…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Merhaba arkadaşlar bu siteyi keşfedeli daha bi kaç gün oldu. ve başımdan geçen tamamıyle gerçek bi olayı sizlerle paylaşmak istedim. Kendim den bahsetmiycem ama 22 yaşında ve kendimce yakışıklı birisiyim. Başımdan geçen olaysa yaz tatilinde istanbuldan konya ya tatile gelen ve lise öğrencisi olan amca kızımla aramda geçen yakınlaşmadan ibaret.Amca kızım 18 yaşında liseyi yeni bitirdi harika bi vucudu var ama ben o güne kadar hiç böyle bişey düşünmemiştim. Konya ya geldiği zaman onu benim gezdirmeme söylediler evden istemeyerek te olsa kabul ettim. ve konya yı gezdirmeye başladım. çarşı pazar eğlence yerleri felan derken benim her zaman gittiğim biraz sıra dışı olan bi kafe vardı amca kızımı oraya götürdüm. Bu kafenin özelliği herkesin öpüşmesidir. O andan itibaren amca kızına karşı bi yakınlık hissettim kendimde ve ona baktım çevresine ataşehir escort bayan bakınıyor sanki beni buraya neden getirdin dercesine beni süzüyordu bende onu öpmek istercesine bakıyordum. Neyse şurdan burdan derken bizimki buraya hep öpüşenlermi gelir dedi bende evet dedim. E biz niye burdayız dedi? Bende yok bişey görmeni istedim sadece dedim öylesine ama utandım başımı öne eğdim.İşte o an amca kızı başımı kaldırdı ve gözlerime baktı beni bi öptü ölecek gibiydim. Belli ki ilk defa öpüşüyordu. aslında istediğim olmuştu ve ellerim gögüslerinde gidip geliyordu bir anda elimi eteğinin altına soktum ve o an gözlerime baktı ama ben devam ettim. Amı çok sulanmıştı ve ben boynunu yalama başladıkça kendinden geçiyordu. sonra çay içmeye başladık be benim ki hazıroldaydı. Daha fazla duramadım kafenin tuvaletine gittim maltepe escort bayan ve 31 çekip rahatladım.Bana nerden geldiğimi sordu tuvalletten dedim. Ne yaptın dedi? Anlamıştı ne yaptığımı ve ona söyledim. Ve bana benimde ihtiyacım var buna dedi ama kafede olmazdı. Onu işyerime götürdüm. Zaten hafta sonuydu ve kimse yoktu. İş yerine girer girmez öpüşmeye başladık ve onu soymaya başladım oda beni soydu üzerinde siyah sütyen ve tangası kaldı sadece bende boxırla kaldım. Elini tutup benim kini verdim yüzü çok kötüydü ama oynamaya başlayıncaa hoşuna gitti. Ben hemen gögüslerine yumuldum ve yavaşça aşağıya kayıp amını yaladım. Yanıyor ve çeşme gibi su geliyordu..Sonra o titreyerek boşaldı. Benimkini ağzına vermek istedim ama almadı. Boşalmam gerek dedim sen cafede yaptın dedi. Bende öpmeye devam ettim elim amındaydı kadıköy escort bayan hep parmağımı içine sokmak istediğim an çok bağırdı ve bana bakire olduğunu söyledi. Ben de arkadan istedim vermek istemedi ama dayanamadı o da benim gibi.. Kremi olup olmadığını sordum cantasından getirdi. Önce onu masanın üstüne domalttım. Sonra götünü ve benim askeri yağldım. Ufak bi kaç deneme den sonra çok zor olacağını ve canı yanacağını anlayınca vazgeçti. Gidelim dedi ben olmaz çok istiyorum bunu dedim ve ikna ettim. Bu sefer koltuğa domalttım bunu ve sert bi şekilde girdim bağırdı. Bütün işhanı toparlanırdı ama allahtan günlerden pazar ve kimse yoktu:-)) Neyse ben yavaş yavaş gidip geldikçe o da alıştı buna ve daha sert daha hızlı demeye başladı bende kökledikçe kökledim. ikimizde çığlık çığlığa boşaldık. ve yere yığıldık. Bana çok hoşuna gittiğini söyledi ama yolda yürüyemedi koluma girdi. Bunu bi sır olarak saklamam gerektiğini ve tekrar istemem halinde ise ya istanbula onu ziyarete gitmemi yada gelecek yazı bekledi. Ben istanbula gidemiycem ama yazı dört gözle bekliyorum. Bu sefer onu bekar evine götürüp eğer amından sikicem…Gönderen: konya_liyim

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Evet şimdi anlatçağım hikaye bir sene önce olmuştu ama öncelikle ekliyim burda çoğu hikaye bence sallama ama bu anlatçağım olay doğrudur bir sene önce 18 yaşındayken yaz idi ogünlerde iyice azmıştım bir gün annemle havuza gitçektik annemin arkadaşı sema teyzeyi çağırdığınıda duydum havuza ve sevindim çünkü sema teyze beni delirtiyordu çok seksiydi hep onu düşünüp 31 çekiyordum son zamanlarda sema teyze 40 yaşında iki çocuk annesi kızıl 165 boylarında balık etli yaşına rağmen güzel bir kadındı neyse günlerden pazartesiydi sabah 9 da arabamızla çıktık yola sema teyzeyide aldık evinden 10 gibi havuzdaydık ben gittim deniz şortumu giydim şezlonga oturdum fazlada kalabalık değildi havuz ogün hava bir açıp bir kapadığı için sonra annemlerin geldiğini görüm yanıma doğru sema teyze mavi bir bikini giymişti görür görmez zaten sikim dimdik olmuştu geldiler oturdular yanıma benim aklım sema teyzedeydi fazla geçmeden üçümüz havuza girdik işte havuzda sohbet ederken filan sema teyzenin ayağı bir 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geçmeliydi bende üstünü öıkarmaya başladım hemen bikiniyi çıkardım o kocaman müthiş memeleri ortaya çıktı onları hafifçe öpmeye başladım oda hoşlanmıştı derken sema teyzede benim şortumu indirdi sikimi elinle alarak ağzına yerleştirdi eğilerek daracık yerde başladı bir fahişe gibi saksoya inanılmazdı zevkten kuduruyordum bir yandan elinle taşağımı sıvazlarken bir yandanda dilinle sikimi okşuyordu sonra yeter dedim kaldırdım sema teyzeyi altınıda çıkardım hafif kıllı amı çıktı ortaya nasıl yapçaz dedi heyecanla çok dardı domaltığ sokamazdım çünkü aklıma hemen kucağıma almak maltepe escort bayan geldi biraz eğildim kucağıma aldım sema teyzeyi oda gülüyordu hoşlanmıştı ve zevke gelmişti yavaşça sikimi götüne yerleştirdim sonrada zıplatmaya başladım tabi sema teyzede inlemeye başladı ahhhhhh evetttttt gibi sesler çıkarıyordu memeleri sağa sola çapıyordu ohızla aynı andada öpüşüyorduk biraz sonra boşalmam geldi hızla indirdim sema teyzeyi içine olmasın diye eğildi oda memelerinden aşağı 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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Elhan Ve Anne

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Arkadaşım “yabancı el ” çok hoş balık ettli bir kızdı güzel kızların yanında sakin uslu ama seksi ve performanslı bir bir kızdı.bir süre takıldım ama annesinin bana karşı ilgisini görünce ister istemez kızın nazlarından ve cinsel tecrübesizliğinden yıldım ve annesine yöneldim.Yabancı el çok tecrübesiz ama mereklı hatta tatlı ama annnsi çok tattlı hoş bir minyon olan nadide bakire sayılabilecek kız gibi ama annnesi azmış azmış bakıyordu.bir iki aynı ortamda şaka yollu kocasının elinden ataşehir escort bayan alıp dansa kaldırdım. annnesi bana kızdı ters tepki verdi. Kabuğuma çekildim. Bir süre sonra beni arayarak yaptıklarımım ulu orta olmasının sorun olduğunu kocasının ve çevredekilerin dikkatini çektiğini istediğim takdirde benimle çıkabileceğini belirtti. Ben utanma yüzünden redddettim.Yüz yüze konuşmamız sona erdi118 den telefonumu öğrenmiş ve beni aradıÇok iyi bir partner olduğunu maltepe escort bayan sorun yapmayacagını söyledi.çıkmak istediğini belirtti bense kızını söylediğimde önemli olmadığını kızının eş bile değiştirdiğiniş söyledi. Hayret ettim.İnanamadımnAradan 6 ay gibi bir süre geçti. Bir daha düğünde karşılaştık.Ben evli olan serap ile dans ettim ve oynaştım.laz buna sinir oldu. Serap benim evli sevgilimimdir.kocası bile bilir Ama evli ve çocuklu olduğundan bana karşı eziktir. kadıköy escort bayan Kıskanır söyleyemez..Evli serapla ilişkimizi her kes bilir .Düğün boyu el ele nişanlı gibi gezdik. Bu arada laz yanımızda oturmakta idi.Evli serabı bakire kız gibi gezdirdim elinden tutarak o gece; ama serap elmasın bana ilğisini bildiğinden sorun çıkarttı seraba boşanırsa alacagımı boşanmazsa talipli çok olduğunu söyledim. Serap beni def etti Sinirden elmasa yöneldim arasıdan dans eder gibi sürdürdüm hatta kızı babasının yanında kolay gelsin dedi.cesaret aldımkocası da durumu çaktı ve derhal ankaraya gidiyoruz dedi. bense kızınıarayarak annesi ile çıkmak istediğimi belirttim. Gerisi bilahare anlatılacak ama kızı annesine beni ayarlamaktan ve serabın elinden almaktan memnun annnesi sikik ve mutluGönderen: av.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

TeyzemLe Hayatımın Gecesi..!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Slm ben 17 yaşında yakışıklı bir erkeğim.Bu olay geçen sene yazlığımızda geçti.Teyzem 20 yaşında(annemin amcasının kızı) süper fizikli, sexsi bacaklı ve dekolte giyinen biridir.Temmuz ayında biz hep ailece yazlığımıza giderim.Zaten teyzemi ne zamandan beri arzuluyorum.Birgün mesaj çekti.Canının sıkkın olduğunu ve benim yanıma gelceğini söyledi.Bende hemen kabul ettim.Zaten o da istiyordu.Neyse akşam 9 gibi teyzem geldi.O mini eteği beni çıldırttı zaten.Hemen yukarı çıkıp ataşehir escort bayan terlediğini üstünü çıkarcağını söyledi.Bende tamam dedim.Arkasından gittim.Tam teyzem o müthiş südyenini çıkarırken içeriye daldım.Hiç tepki vermedi.Gögüsleri,amı,götü herşey meydandaydı.Bende bakakaldım.Sonra bana burda ne işi olduğunu sordu.Bende annemin kitabının burda olduğunu söyledim.Neyse akşam beraber ailece yemek yedik.Bizim yazlık 3 katlı idi.Annemlerle babamlar maltepe escort bayan dışarıya çıktılar.Bende teyzemle yalnız kaldım.Teyzem hemen yatacağını ve yorgun olduğunu söyledi.Bende tamam dedim.Neyse o yattı.Bende yanına geldim.”Beraber yatalım özledim seni” deyince güldü.Yanına sokuldum.Örtüyü açınca geceliğinden taşan o süper bacakları azdırdı beni.Sonra yanağından öpmeye başladım hemen uyardı beni.Bende teyzeme deli gibi yattığımı rahatsız olabileceğini kadıköy escort bayan söyledim.Teyzem kabul etti.Gece ilk olarak bacaklarını okşamaya başladım.Gözleri kapalıydı ama zevkten inliyodu.Sonra götünü döndü.Ben hemen bastırdım.Ellerimle memelerini okşuyordum.Donunu çıkardım ve üstüne çıktım.Amına sokup sokup çıkarıyodum.O ise zevkten ölüyodu .Çok ses çıkardığı için bir iki tane tokat attım.Ama nafileydi.Süper inliyordu ve ortalık döl yağmuru olmuştu.Üstüme aldım ve hoplatmaya başladım.Memeleri süper sallanıyordu.Baya bi siktim.Sonra götünü döndürdüm.Bana götümden sikilmek istemediğini söyledi ama ben dinlermiyim?Hemen delikten soktum ama onun canı çok acıyordu.Neyse o da sonunda alıştı.Ve hemen hemen onu iki haftada bir sikiyorum.Size de iyi sikişlerGönderen: darbeli

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Yengem Beni Bastan Cikardi

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Yengem yengem olali her zaman ilgimi cekmisti.3-4 tane yengem olmasina ragmen bir tek özlem yengeme karsi cok kuvvetli cinsel iliskiye girme istegi icindeydim. Su an ben 26 ve o ise 40 yaslarinda, yani bir kadinin cinsellikte tam zirvede oldugu yaslar. Yengem o guzel dolgun memeleri ve bastan cikarici seksi yuzuyle beni yillardir adeta buyulemisti. Senelerdir zor sabrediyordum. 2 cocugu vardi ama giyimi, surdugu boyalar, saclari ve dolgun memeleriyle adeta beni miknatis gibi kendine cekiyordu. Kafama koymustum, bir gun cocuklari okulda ve kendi evde yalnizken evlerine herhangi bir konu bulup ziyarete gitmeliydim. Enistem de isyerinde fakat aksam gelene kadar isimi coktan bitirecegimi dusunuyordum. O gun geldi catti, kapinin zilini caldim. ataşehir escort bayan Yengem beni karsisinda gorunce cok sasirdi. Onun heyecanlanmasi, kafamdaki dusunceler, kuvvetli ve sehvetli duygularim, beni de mahvetmisti ve elim ayagim titriyordu. Iceri buyur etti sonunda. Hayrola serhat dedi, bu saatte senin iste olman gerekmiyormuydu?diye sordu. kendisi de ayni zamanda bi lisede psikoloji hocasi oldugu icin derdimi onun en iyi bildigi konudan vurmaya calisarak anlatacagimi dusundum. Yenge dedim, ben sana hastayim muptelayim der demez, boynuna yapistim ve dilimi hafifce cikararak ve sicak nefesimle onu tahrik etmeye baslayarak opmeye basladim. O da seks moduna girmek uzereydi. Hafifce dilimi boynunda omzunda, maltepe escort bayan ve en son dudaklarina goturunce artik seks moduna girmisti. Uzerindeki rengarenk bluzu yavasca siyirmis, disardan yillardir sehvetle baktigim memelerine simdi fiziken dokunarak bizzat yalayarak bu zevki tatma serefini kazanmis oluyordum. 10 dakika boyunca sadece goguslerini yalayip amini parmakladim. O da gozleri tavana dogru ahh sesleriyle tahrik olmus kendini akintiya coktan kaptirmisti. Bu 10dk nin sonunda ben o iri ve dolgun memeleri emmeye doyamamistim ve daha onceden dusledigim fantezilerden birini gerceklestirmeye karar verdim. Evde cikolata sosu olup olmadigini sordum. Ne talihliydim ki var dedi ama ne yapicagimi anlamamisti. kadıköy escort bayan bu kadar da fantezi sahibi oldugumu bilmiyordu. sicak cikolata sosunu memelerinin ve aminin uzerine sikmaya basladim. ve o tadina doyum olmayan memeler ve ami simdi cikolata sosuyla bir baska tat kazanmisti. Hayatimda boyle bir zevki ilk defa tadiyordum cunku bu an yillardir dusledigim bir andi. Lafi fazla uzatmiyorum. Ikimiz de kendimizi kaybettik ve ben amini yalamaya ve sikimi amina sokup cikarmaya basladim. Amindan zevk suyu aktikca sikimi iyice cikarip tekrar iyice sokmaya basladim. Sonra onu ustume aldim. ve adeta kucagimda ziplatmaya basladim. genis kalca ve gotune saplattikcabu iliski farkli boyutlarda bize farkli zevkler yasatmaya basladi. 2-3 kere farkli pozisyonlarda özlem yengeme bosaldiktan sonra banyo yaparken de kuvete yattim ve o da kucagimda yatti. benim alet tekrar havalandi ve bir de son kez arkasindan amina yarragimi daldirip memelerinin uzerinden elimi cekmeden son kez siktim ve biraktim. bu ani ve gunu ikimiz de unutamiyoruz….Gönderen: focus

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32