Country Life Ch. 02

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When Inga and I came to the house from our first encounter we met my mother. She looked at me searchingly, smiled but said nothing.

Did she know already? Did she know that her friend Inga had turned me into a man? I became beet red in my face and fled to my room.

Dinner was trying. I thought that everyone was looking suspiciously at me. When I happened to meet Inga’s eyes she smiled at me and I thought that everybody wondered why. Remarks from my sisters suddenly had an underlying meaning. Of course it was nothing, only my bad conscience.

After dinner I overheard Inga and my mother.

“You were right of course. I could tell right away that you had introduced him,” mother said. “How was it, did he behave himself?”

“Oh, yes he really did. A little scared to begin with but only shortly. Then he did what he should. He came fast of course but that we will take care of. But actually I got two orgasms. He is good at licking, a natural I would say. It’s so good with these young men; they do what you tell them to do.”

“So he will be all right then. No problems? Does he want to do it again?” Mother asked.

“Oh yes, he will, no doubt. He took me twice this afternoon. He recovered fast. And he has an impressive cock. Not overly long perhaps, but fat. He stretched me real nice. And he is not fully grown yet, remember. He will be grand. I would think twice before taking him up my ass then.”

“Well, you are not thinking about that, are you?” Mother giggled.

“Well, you never know,” Inga broke into laughter. “But no, that’s too early.”

Well, this time I at least partly understood what they were talking about. Me. And that I hadn’t made a fool of myself filled my chest with joy. I felt that urge in my loins again.

We spent the evening us usual, talking and reading. Now and then I felt that Inga looked at me and when I looked up she smiled at me.

I went out in the garden and walked around in the warm summer night feeling happy.

“Are you feeling well? You seem to be so restless to night,” I suddenly heard Inga behind me.

I turned and there she was, alone. I smiled broadly.

“Oh, I feel so great. I love you. I am so happy,” I blurted out, blushing.

“Well, it makes me happy too. Everything is all right then?” she said and smiled sweetly when she turned and left.

The next day went on as usual. At the bathe I watched all the naked females with great interest and of course especially Inga. But also my mother and my sisters. The urge in my loins was very demanding.

Before dinner I met Inga walking on her own in the garden. I looked at her with what she must have interpreted as begging in my eyes.

“Aren’t you feeling well? Or is it just that you would like to have me again but don’t know how to ask? I told you just to let me know. Well, there is no time before dinner. Why don’t you come to my bedroom when it’s quiet in the house? I’ll be waiting for you. But be careful,” she said and patted my cheek.

The evening dragged by. But eventually I heard her saying good night to my parents. I went to my bedroom when my sisters went to theirs. I sat on my bed waiting. It felt like an eternity until I heard my parents go upstairs.

I waited another fifteen minutes before I sneaked out of my room and went to the other side of the house where Inga stayed in the blue guest room.

Her door wasn’t closed shut and I could push it open without making any noise.

Inga was waiting for me. She had put on a thin bathrobe. When she rose to meet me she got the light behind her. The robe became see-through and revealed her curvy body.

I soon forgot the robe when she hugged me and kissed me on the mouth. She forced her tongue inside and played with my tongue. Suddenly she left me but only to shut and lock the door. She turned around and let her robe slide down to the floor.

She looked marvelous in the dim light that created shadows on her body. She stood still for a while before she came close to me again. She helped me undress. She caressed my upper body but touched my cock only lightly. It stood at full attention anyhow.

She went over to the bed and lay down.

“Come, caress me, kiss me, lick me,” she said hoarsely. “I have longed for this the whole evening. I want to have your tongue in my pussy. Make me come.”

I instantly knew what to do. I stood on the side of the bed and started to kiss her body. Soon her nipple was in my mouth and I sucked it. She moaned instantly. I went down on her and kissed her pussy. When I started to lick along her slit she grabbed my cock and balls and held them in a firm grip. It was arousing until she squeezed a little too hard but she quickly loosened her grip.

She got an orgasm quickly. I wasn’t fully aware of it because she muffled her moans and cries with a pillow. But I noticed how she bucked at my tongue and my nose got a blow. She pushed me away and that was how I understood that she was through.

“Oh, my dear boy, did I hurt you? Let me see,” she whispered and took my face in her canlı bahis hands and kissed my nose. “I didn’t mean to hurt you but you licked me so good that I lost control when I came.”

“Oh it’s nothing,” I said being the strong man. But my nose hurt.

But the pain was soon forgotten.

“Come, lie down on the bed. I want to show you another way to fuck,” she said in her direct manner.

She moved over and had me lie down beside her. She started to kiss my body but soon she straddled me standing on her knees.

She took my cock in her hand behind her ass and lifted herself slightly so she could stroke the cock through her slit. She did that a number of times and started to moan again. Suddenly she held the cock still and lowered herself onto it. Little by little she impaled herself on my cock until she sat down on me. I was inside her pussy to the hilt.

I looked up at her amazing body hovering over me. Her breasts looked marvelous seen from underneath. Her broad hips and her thighs spread wide. At the top of the upturned V were her dark triangle and her pussy that so nicely accommodated my cock. It felt great.

She sat still for a while looking at me and stroking my face and upper body with her hands. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts. She wanted to be fondled. Then she slowly raised herself until I nearly slid out of her. She reversed and sat down again smilingly looking in my eyes. She did that a few times then rested. I felt the pussy contract around my cock. It felt fantastic.

“I want to come with you inside me. I have to make sure you don’t get there too quickly,” she giggled. “Watch me.”

She kept on for quite a while thrusting up and down a few times then rest, squeezing my cock. She panted heavily.

Suddenly she didn’t stop. She kept on thrusting and increased the tempo and shortened the strokes. I felt my loins tingle and let go of her breasts and held her hips instead. She immediately stopped and sat down but she didn’t squeeze this time. She was motionless until I had calmed as well.

“How do you like that,” she whispered. “Want to come?”

She resumed her thrusts and this time she used a slow steady rhythm sitting down deep every time. Her moaning started again and got heavier for each thrust. I felt something rush out through my cock and into her. After the first spasm she sat down hard and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. I spurt a few more times. But she wasn’t finished yet. She fucked with quick hard thrusts until she cried out and sat down on me.

She collapsed on top of me and rolled us over on the side.

She watched me and smiled when she saw that I had recovered.

“Well, how was that? I liked riding your cock. Are you satisfied? I certainly am.”

“Yes, oh yes, thank you,” was all I could say.

The next morning I woke up late. My nose was a little sore and swollen but I felt great.

At breakfast Inga smiled.

“What has happen to your nose? It’s a bit swollen. Does it hurt?” She giggled.

After breakfast she sneaked up behind me.

“Are you horny again? I am. Do you want to enter my pussy? Meet me after lunch at the little meadow behind the birch-tree grove. I will teach you how to do it standing up.” She laughed throatily and was gone.

Time went slowly that day. Lunch seemed to be an eternity away. I drifted around thinking of Inga and my cock was half erect most of the time.

Over lunch Inga ignored me. At the end she winked at me and whispered “thirty minutes” when she passed me.

I came to the meadow just in time. I didn’t see Inga so I walked around until I heard her call on me. I found her behind some bushes sitting with crossed legs on a fallen tree-trunk. She was already naked.

“Take your clothes off. I want to see you walk with that stiff cock dangling in front of you” she yelled and laughed.

I had to do as she said although I felt uncomfortable. But the sight of her made me willing to do anything.

When I came close she parted her thighs and sat on the trunk with spread legs, feet supporting her on the ground.

“Kneel and lick me,” she commanded.

I knelt in front of her and licked up along her inner thighs to her open pussy. When she felt my tongue in her slit she lifted her pelvis and bucked. I found out that she moaned higher when I licked at the top of her slit and when I buried my tongue in her pussy so I concentrated my efforts to these two activities. She liked it. She bucked wildly with short movements and started to whine. That was a new sound and I startled and stopped licking.

“No, don’t stop. Lick me. I am going to come. Lick me,” she cried out. I resumed licking and her whining got higher until she cried out, shuddered and clasped her thighs around my head.

Her thighs held my head in a firm grip until she had calmed down. Then she released me, pulled my head up to her level and kissed my lips.

She searched for my cock with her hand and jacked it a few times to test its hardness.

“Now, let’s fuck,” she said. “Today bahis siteleri you are going to take me from behind and we will stand up, well partly anyway. Stand back, will you.”

She pushed me away a few paces, then turned and leaned over supporting herself on the trunk. Her full ass was exposed to me and her curvy body was at its best when she was slightly bent forward. The sun was behind me and shone directly into the crack of her ass. Her puffy lips glistened of moistness and there was a brown puckered hole. She wriggled her ass a few times.

I took the few paces forward and placed my hands on her hips. She looked over her shoulder and smiled broadly.

“Now, place your cock at my pussy. Make sure you take the right entrance. I don’t want that fat cock in my ass, at least not today. Let me help you.”

I felt her hand on my cock. It came from between her thighs and guided my cock to her pussy entrance. She held it there.

“Come on then, push. Don’t you want to come into my pussy? Push, boy, push,” she giggled.

I pushed and slid easily in. With a few thrusts I was buried in full in her, my balls pressed against her ass.

“Fuck me, long and steady strokes,” she instructed.

It was a new and incredible feeling to fuck her from behind. She moved under me to adjust height and angle and I held her hips and found a rhythm. She bucked back at me and met my thrusts with a little jerk that made me to bottom out in her. She moaned of pleasure every time.

I felt the tingling in my loins and remembered. I stopped deep in her holding her hips tight. She understood and took my hands and pulled them to her breasts. She wanted to be fondled.

After a while I resumed fucking her. She took my hand and put it over her pussy slit. She did circling motions with her hand over mine. I tried to caress her on my own and again found that she liked to be touched where her pussy lips met. I could feel a little knob at the place.

She moaned highly and soon her whining began. I understood that she was close and so was I. With one hand squeezing her hip and the other on her pussy my body quickened the pace and shortened the strokes. Her whine reached a high pitch tune and when I started to spurt into her she cried out several times and her body shook. Her pussy muscles flexed hard around my cock.

I stood buried deep in her pussy holding her hips. She raised her upper body and wrapped my arms around her waist. She turned her head and kissed my cheek.

“That was real good,” she said without mock. She looked truly happy. “I never thought you could control yourself like that. You gave me one hell of an orgasm.”

“It was so fantastic. I was so deep inside you. I really liked it. Can we do it again?” I said, meaning could we do it some other time.

“Oh, yes of course. I didn’t know you were able so soon. It makes me very happy,” she exclaimed. “But let’s try out a variation called doggie style. Come.”

She took my hand and led me a few paces to a spot with soft grass. She got down on all fours and spread her legs.

Her bottom was full with round cheeks. In between her puffy lips showed. She was invitingly open and I got hard just from looking at her great ass.

I knelt behind her and moved close. The tip of my cock touched her slippery crack. I felt a hole and placed my cock there and started to push.

“Oh, no. You are not allowed in my ass. Not now. I want you in my pussy. Push it down,” Inga cried out nearly bursting of laughter.

Her hand came out between her legs and guided my cock to the pussy entrance. I pushed and slipped all the way in with one thrust. She was open and slippery inside.

I fucked her the way she had taught me with long deep strokes. I felt no need to take a break. It felt like I could fuck for ever.

Inga really liked my stamina. She moaned and whined. She met my thrusts with enthusiasm. She bucked back at me with force and I felt that I hit her inner bottom now and then.

Suddenly she cried out and pressed back at me. Her body shook and shuddered. Her cry was a high pitch tune that slowly dropped until she got quiet. I grabbed her breasts and fondled them.

She pressed back at me preventing me to thrust into her. Suddenly she moved a little forward. I lost my grip on her breasts and instead grabbed her hips and moved a little inside her to test. She moved a little back. I thrust a little harder and she met me.

Soon I was banging her like before. But this time she didn’t meet me as hard. Instead she squeezed my cock with her inner muscles. I had to use more force to push inside and also to withdraw.

I searched for her pussy top and caressed her. She started to whine again and squeezed me real hard. I felt something build up inside me and soon the familiar tingling in my loins announced that I was about to come.

All I wanted now was to explode inside her. It was my own pleasure that took over. My thrusts got rapid and short and she squeezed me hard. When I came she cried out loud and collapsed forward with me on top of her bahis şirketleri back.

“Oh, you brute, are you going to crush me,” she giggled underneath me and I rolled off her.

“Well, I must say, that was really something,” she said lying on her back smiling at me. She looked so pleased and happy. “Come, kiss me.”

I knelt beside her and kissed her mouth. She kissed back, a long soft kiss. I found her breasts and caressed them lightly and tweaked her nipples between my thumb and fingers. I stroked down her stomach and to her pussy. It felt steaming hot and a spasm went through her body when I stroked through her slit.

“Oh no, no more of that. We have had enough for now. I have had enough. It was fantastic. The best fuck I have had for a long time. Thank you,” she said softly and pushed my hands away.

She rose, looked at me and smiled. “You are a real man now. I think you have got the hang of it. Now you need training to be real good. We have to see to that, haven’t we?”

“Well, it’s time to go back home. Otherwise they will start a searching party for me,” she giggled. “You go first and I will follow in a while. See you at the afternoon bathe.”

I found my clothes and dressed. When I turned to thank Inga she was still naked and looked adorable. She turned around and leaned over the tree trunk and moved her feet and wriggled her hips. She teased me. I ran forward and put my hands on her ass cheeks and squeezed them.

She laughed throatily. “No, get going,” she said.

I was too late to bathe with Lena, the maid. Only my sisters were at the lake when I got there. They looked me over and asked where I had been. Their bodies certainly interested me but my cock was spent. I noticed how small their pussies looked compared with Inga’s.

My mother and Inga came to swim. They chatted and giggled when they came. My mother looked at me and smiled. Inga winked.

That evening I felt tired and spent. I didn’t try to talk to Inga and she didn’t make any suggestions to me. I went to bed early and dreamt about Inga.

I woke up early, very early, and felt horny. I remembered what Inga had said that she was available anytime I wanted to fuck her. I rose and sneaked away to her room.

Her door wasn’t locked and I quietly went inside. She was lying on her back with only a thin sheet for cover. Her curvy body was clearly outlined.

I tiptoed to her bed and very carefully lifted the sheet off her body. She squirmed but didn’t wake up. She slept in the nude.

I softly kissed her breasts and a nipple and then rested my chin on her soft belly. She suddenly woke up.

“Who is it . . .? Oh, it’s you, Anders. Well, I said anytime, didn’t I? But five o’clock in the morning? Isn’t that a bit early? Why don’t you go back to your bed and we will have a good fuck in the morning,” she murmured sleepily. “What are you doing? Stop that. Oh, no, don’t stop. Go on, yes, yes,” she said, her tone shifting from sleepiness to excitement.

I had moved south and started to lick her the way I now had learnt that she liked. I had easy access since she already was naked and on her back with parted legs. I knelt on the bed and she tugged at my pajama bottoms. I paused for a second to get rid of them.

She cried out when my tongue came back to her pussy. She searched for my cock and fondled it. Then she took my balls and held them in a steady soft grip.

She moaned already and soon her low whine started. I was fully erect from her grip on my balls.

“No, stop that and come into my pussy. I want this cock in me now, come on, hurry,” she suddenly demanded.

After all, to enter her pussy was what I had come for so I quickly got in position and was ready to enter.

“Wait, put this under my ass,” Inga ordered and gave me one of her cushions. She lifted her hips and helped me put the cushion under her.

“Yes, now enter me,” she sighed expectantly. “Let’s try this,” she added and lifted her spread legs high up in the air.

She was wide open. Her pussy was gaping at me and I easily found my way into her. She was easy to enter but not as wet as last time. It took me a few thrusts to be fully inside her. I started to thrust in my steady rhythm.

She surprised me again. She put her legs over my shoulders which slightly held back my movements. But her hips lifted at the same time and allowed me to penetrate her real deep. It felt very good. I thrust in her and could hear that she liked it. When she came I felt her inner muscles contract around my cock and that made me come as well.

She let her legs slide down and locked them around my waist. She held me close for a long time before she let me loose.

“That was good. I like to wake up like that, but rather a little later. Now be a good boy and go back to your own bed. I need my beauty sleep. But thanks for coming. I guess you dreamed about me. I like that,” she said and sounded sleepy.

I felt so happy when I went back to my room. I feel asleep and dreamt about Inga and her lovely body.

In the morning the weather was exceptionally warm. Inga and mother sat in the garden directly after breakfast chatting and laughing. I wandered around feeling happy. I felt no urge in my loins. I was satisfied for the time being.

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Bi With My Best Friend

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I was separated from my wife of 8 years and called my best friend Lester to ask if I could stay there for a few days. He, of course, said yes.

I showed up with my stuff and a case of beer. After he got me settled in the spare room we cracked a couple of cold ones. He told me how sorry he was that my marriage was in such trouble and I told him I appreciated it.

We drank a few brews and then he asked if I wanted to go in the jacuzzi, to which I answered yes. We got into the tub and just shot the shit for a while. At this point I should back up a bit. I had known I was bisexual for a number of years. However, it had been quite a while, in fact, about 15 years since I’d had sex with a guy. I never thought about Lester as a sexual partner before but had had sex with a guy who was part of our circle of friends many years earlier. I had never thought that Lester might know about this until he said; “I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a long time, is it true that you and Mike had sex once? I was flabbergasted! bahis firmaları It was true but didn’t want to admit it. Apparently Les could see the truth on my face and he said; “It’s alright, I’ve known for a long time.” I didn’t know what to do at this point, so I just said that it was something that happened when we were about 19 (20 years earlier) and that I was a bit ashamed of it.

Lester got up and went in the house causing me to think he was disgusted. He came back with another beer for us both. When he got back in the hot tub he said “It’s alright, I never thought I could stand the idea but my girlfriend wants to see me with another guy and I just called her, she’s on her way over.” I immediately asked him what he was thinking about and he replied that: “She wants to watch and we’re friends so if you’re willing, why not?

I just fell silent but started getting a hard-on because his girlfriend, Tammy was a real babe. she is about 5’6″ 125# with nice round tits! we didn’t talk for a while and then Tammy came kaçak iddaa into the back yard where the hot tub is. She took off her dress to reveal a really sexy bikini underneath. She slid into the bubbling water and said; “so, Brent, I hear you like to suck cock, Lester wants to and I want to watch you guys do it.” At this Lester sat on the edge of the tub and, with his hard-on pointing straight up asked me to come over and suck it. I did just that. His cock is shorter than mine but much thicker. I slowly took his purple head in my mouth and looked over at Tammy. She was busily fingering herself and exclaiming how much this turned her on. I continued to make love to my best friends cock, taking the beautiful thing in as deep as I could while he moaned how nice it felt. After about 10 minutes he grabbed the back of my head and started humping my mouth. Soon he filled my mouth with 4 long spurts of his cum. I swallowed as much as I could but some trickled down my chin. Tammy came over to me and kissed me, licking up the excess and kaçak bahis commenting on how sexy that was. then she told Lester to go down on me. I was in heaven! He had never sucked a cock before but it was the very best bj I’d ever had. I soon couldn’t take any more an unloaded in his mouth.

We then went to his bedroom and continued the fun. Tammy was so hot from watching us and she laid down on the bed and was fingering herself furiously. she soon came with a huge scream, she has such a hot body! Lester and I were both hard again at this point and he got her on her knees and started plowing her pussy from behind. I crawled under her so that her and me were in a 69 and I was licking her pussy and his balls and watching his cock slide in and out of her. This was so hot but since we’d both cum it lasted for about 30 minutes. Lester came in her and I licked the hot cum as it oozed out of her swollen pussy. She got up and he took my cock in his mouth I unloaded 6 long spurts into his mouth and as it leaked out all around his lips, Tammy helped me lick it up.

This was so incredible. We spent the rest of the weekend doing everything two guys and a girl can do, including a double penetration. But…that’s another story.

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Bi-curious Ch. 14

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Chapter 14: Sharon’s Fantasy

As told by Sharon

The tears were flowing as we flew over the house leaving our two best friends behind. Tom was holding me telling me all that we would be doing this weekend. We were on our way to live out my fantasy but, the fantasy was to be with Lynn and Dave not Sandy and Dale. I had to admit that sex with Sandy and Dale was not that bad of an idea. Tom and I love them both very much.

The bed and breakfast came into view. It is the only open field that doesn’t have crops in it. I could see the four of them waiting for us. We were all waving before we ever touched down. We finally got out and were engulfed in a four way hug. John and Tina kissed us and went to leave. Tom had his arm around Sandy and Dale was holding me as we waved goodbye to John and Tina. Then we turned and were able to give each other a proper kiss.

They led us out to the car and Sandy drove which left Dale and I in the back seat. Dale and I were kissing and soon I had his cock out and he had his hand under my dress playing with my pussy. We were so into each I didn’t realize where we were until Sandy stopped and said, “Well we’re here.”

I finally looked around and saw the two cabins and it was everything in my fantasy, except the people involved. It wasn’t Dave and Lynn but we were here with two people we did love just not the same way. Sandy led the way and took us to the first cabin. Dale’s cock was still out and Sandy’s dress was off as soon as she stepped into the cabin. I was naked soon after. The guys were undressing as I looked around. The cabin was beautiful. There was a full kitchen and a separate bedroom with a full bath. There was a large room off the kitchen that had a fireplace. If I took a picture of my fantasy and gave it to a builder it could not have been better.

I walked to the door naked and looked out. Dale came up behind me and gave me a gentle push. I was suddenly standing naked in the woods. I looked and Dale was just as naked as I was. I couldn’t believe I was at last naked in the woods. Dale took my hand and said he was going to show me around. We got to the moss area that Tom and Dave told us about. Dale stopped and I looked up through the trees at the sky. I didn’t realize that as I was looking up Dale was laying me down. It wasn’t until I felt the moss on my back I noticed I was laying down with Dale beside me.

Dale and I had picked up where we were in the car. I was stroking his cock and he was playing with my pussy. Then I had to stop him. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, I wanted so badly to just have him roll over and fuck me right there but Lynn’s words came back to me. I told Dale, “I’m sorry and I’ll make it up to you if it takes all weekend but this has been a fantasy of mine for a very long time. I just want the first time to to be to be with Tom. Can you understand that. I know it is not Tom’s fantasy and he and Sandy are most likely fucking already but for me it just you know.”

Dale kissed me and said, “Don’t say another word I’ll have him here in no time. Now don’t move stay right there this is the best place for your fantasy.”

Dale jumped up and was off like a shot. It couldn’t have more than 2 minutes and they were back. Sandy led Tom over to me and asked, “You don’t mind if Dale and I share in your fantasy. We just want to watch a true fantasy come to life. Then we may want to join you.” We all laughed and Sandy stepped back and it was just Tom and I.

Everything disappeared except the moss on my back, Tom laying over me and the trees and sky above. It was just as I saw it in my mind. Tom was stroking my naked body there in the woods out in the open. We kissed and kissed some more. Slowly he got on top of me and I lifted my legs around him. Slowly ever so slowly his cock slid into me. This man I have been married to for over ten years was fucking me and it was like the very first time. I started cuming as soon as I felt him in me. I always close my eyes when I cum but this time I couldn’t. I wanted to see and feel every detail. the trees, the sky, the moss and Tom above me fucking me, giving me my greatest fantasy.

My eyes came back to settle on Tom above me. He smiled and winked and that started my orgasm all over again. I was riding the waves as Tom shoved in and out of me. Just as I was coming down Tom went off and started filling my pussy and I was off again. The next thing I knew Tom’s cock was lying on my leg and he was laying next to me stroking me and asked, “Was it all you hoped for?” I pulled him to me and we kissed and rolled over and over on the moss.

Now that my fantasy had been fulfilled I was totally open to anything and anyone. I reached up to Dale and said, “I do believe I own you something.”

I was pulling him down to me when Sandy got down between my legs and said, “I can’t have my husband fucking a messy pussy now can I.” She got between my legs and started licking all my husbands cream from my pussy. Dale brought his cock to my mouth. As Dale slips his cock into my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri mouth Tom is pushing his cock into Sandy’s pussy. It was my fantasy times three.

I was the first to set off the chain reaction. After all it was my fantasy and Sandy did start eating me first and I just lost it out there. I screamed my orgasm but kept pumping Dales cock with my hand. I just got my mouth back on him when he went off. I guess it was all the teasing in the car and all. As Tom watched Dale filling my mouth he went off deep in Sandy’s pussy. It seems he was just ready to slip it to Sandy when Dale went to get him so he was more than ready for Sandy’s pussy and seeing Dale pushed him over the edge. Sandy had watched my husband fuck me and then went down on me. She and Tom were already to get it on before so she was primed. When Ton shot off deep in her pussy she went flying and came with the rest of us. Soon we were all laying on the moss. I had Dale on one side and Tom on the other and Sandy between my legs, the weekend could not have started any better. I had my arms around Dale and Tom and held Sandy tight with my legs and said, “I love all of you so much right now. Thank you for giving me this. It was all I had hoped and more.”

We all lay there for a while and I was the center of six hands and three mouths. I felt like the goddess of the woods being worshiped by my all my woodland creatures. That alone was enough to send me over the edge once again. When I was able to think again I asked, “So is there any other fantasies we can make happen this weekend.”

Sandy pulled me to my feet. She said, “If I understand your fantasy there is one more thing to make it complete.” I thought I had just had everything there was but knew what she meant when she took my hand and we took off running. Other than the sexual part of my fantasy I wanted to run wild and free and naked through the woods. We ran through the wood and swung on wines. We ran near the edge of the woods past open fields with crops. We ran down by the lake and wadded in the water. Sandy caught me and we kissed and rolled around on the grass by the lake. It was the most fantastic day of my life and all I could think is I have to share this with Lynn.

We made it back to the cabin and Tom and Dale were siting outside drinking a beer. The stakes were on the grill and everything was ready for that night. I went and kissed Tom like I have never kissed him before. Then I went and sat on Dale’s lap. I kissed him and said, “The only thing left is to get this beautiful cock of yours in my pussy.”

Dale held me tight and kissed me and whispered in my ear, “You and I have all night together.”

Tom brought me a wine cooler and went to join Sandy. We all ate on the wooden table between the two cabins. I still couldn’t believe we were all sitting naked in the open in the woods. The air started to get chilly and Dale said, “It’s our time now.” He led me into the cabin after bidding good night to our spouses. He started the fire and we were soon on the floor in front of the fire kissing. It was the first time Dale and I had been alone all day.

Dale was laying across in front of the fire and I was laying back against his chest. He was stroking my tits and we talked. We had both admitted our love for each other before. We knew we had the whole night together and didn’t want to just jump in to the sex. I was nice just being alone together. I told Dale, “It is so beautiful up here and today has been one of the best in my life. I wish I could come here anytime I wanted. I’d like to come here alone. I’d like to bring Lynn here. It would be good for all of us to get together here, I’d spend so much time here it is just so beautiful here”

Dale was lightly stroking my tits and said, “That shouldn’t be a problem. I’m very close to the owner and I know he will let you use it anytime you want. I understand he is building two more cabins down by the lake. The owner said they would be far enough away that you couldn’t see them but close enough you could walk to them.”

I looked up at Dale and asked, “Do you really think he would let me come here anytime I wanted. I know Tom will pay what ever he is asking, do you think he would.”

Dale was biting his lip to keep from laughing and I knew he was holding something back. I sat up and playfully started slapping him asking what he was holding back.

He was laughing now and kept saying, “I can’t say anything I promised.”

I rolled him on his back and sat on his chest. I was smacking his face with my tits and said, “If you expect to get these tits in you mouth or that cock of yours in my pussy you’d better tell me.”

Sex is a great motivator and Dale was laughing so hard he almost rolled me off him. Finally he said, “There won’t be a problem because I’m going to be fucking the owner all night.”

Suddenly it hit me and I froze. Dale saw me freeze and held me and lowered me to the floor. I didn’t know what to say. I looked in Dale’s eyes and asked, “This is all…”

Dale güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri smiled and finished for me, “Yours, yes and a hundred acres around it. These two cabins sit in the middle so no one can build around you. The other two cabins are for when we all come here together. Tom made me promise not to tell you.”

Still not believing I sat back down with Dale and he held me while it all sank in. I said, “I own this cabin we’re going to be fucking in all night?” He nodded. Then I asked, “And I own the woods we were all fucking in today?” Again he nodded.

I pulled him to his feet and led him to the door. I opened to door and the sun had just gone down and it was dark. The night air was cold but I didn’t care. I pulled Dale outside with me. We could see the lights in Sandy’s cabin with Tom. Dale came up behind me and put his warm arms around me and said, “I’ll show it all to you tomorrow. Now come back inside it is cold out here.”

I turned and kissed him and before he led me back inside I thought, “I am the goddess of these woods.”

Dale led me to the door and I led him right to the bedroom and threw him on the bed. I jumped on him and his cock was deep in my pussy. I knew it should be Tom I was thanking but since I’m not supposed to know that yet I had to fuck someone and Dale was it. I rode him hard and fast. I was cuming as soon as we hit the bed but my orgasms were more from the whole situation than the cock in my pussy. Dale blasted off in my pussy and I was off again but this time it had everything to do with the cock in my pussy.

I fell on the bed next to Dale. I was kissing all over his face saying, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” I knew it should be Tom but he would get the same when he finally told me. I sat up in the bed and teasingly said, “You and Sandy can use my cabin anytime I’m not here.” Then I thought for a moment and said, “Hell, you can use my cabin anytime I am here.” Then I dove down and took his half hard cock in my mouth. It wasn’t half hard for long and this time he was on top pounding away at my pussy.

Dale gave me a nice slow loving fuck and it brought my attention back to the fact I was with him tonight. We were kissing and hugging as he slid in and out of me. Together we built to a wondrous orgasm. When he filled my pussy a second time I knew it was him filling me and my orgasm was just for and because of him. It wasn’t a mind blowing orgasm but it was a very intense loving orgasm that left me breathless.

Dale snugged up behind me holding me in his arms and was soon asleep. I couldn’t sleep with so many things going through my head. First was my gift from Tom that I hadn’t gotten yet. Then the guilt of taking away from mine and Dales time by fucking Tom through him. It was the thought of Dale’s loving fuck that was just us two that finally let me go to sleep.

The next morning I was woken by Sandy eating my pussy. I expected Tom to be fucking her from behind but he was just standing there watching. When my eyes opened Tom said, “You were right that did wake her up. Now that you are awake come here I want to show you something.”

I was still groggy from going to sleep so late, last night had not begun to enter my thoughts yet. Tom took me to the door. He went down the two steps and turned and picked me up in his arms. He carried me out to the edge of the clearing around the cabins and set me down. Last night came flooding back as I looked around the woods. I didn’t have to pretend for long Tom waved his hand and said, “Everything you see here is yours. Since Dale let the cat out of the bag last night I thought I should give it to you.”

I guess I was more excited than I thought. Sandy and Tom must have heard me scream. I pulled Tom to me and said, “Of all the things in the world you could have given me this is the best and the last thing I expected.” Then looking back to Sandy and Dale I said, “If you two don’t mind I’m going to take my husband inside and thank him properly.”

Sandy came over and kissed me and whispered to me, “Why don’t you take him back to the clearing with all the moss and thank him right, in the open, in the woods, in your woods.”

I kissed Sandy again and was dripping just thinking about it. I took Tom’s hand and we ran to the area we had fucked yesterday. Tom watched as I danced around the clearing. I came over and jumped into his arms and kissed him saying over and over. “thank you, thank you.” He lay me back on the moss and was laying over me. I pulled him to me and whispered, “This is going to be the best thank you fuck you’ve ever had,”

Tom kissed my lips then my tits and said, “Alone with you here, it already is.”

He slowly slid his cock into me and we started slow. I kept kissing him with little kisses all over every where I could get to. He started picking up the pace and we were both soon yelling our pleasure for the whole woods to hear. He came in me and I thought I had lost my mind. He lay over me as I came down and was stroking my hair.

We güvenilir bahis şirketleri lay there for the longest time just looking in each other’s eyes. I didn’t even realize his cock was still deep in my pussy. He slowly pulled his cock from me and stood up. He reached his hand down to me and said, “We should be getting back since we came to your cabins to be with our friends. I’m sure Dale will show you all there is, he has been helping me with this deal. If you’re lucky he’ll show you all the good places to get fucked in these woods.”

I stood next to Tom and kissed him saying, “I hope he does more than just show them to me.” We both laughed and headed back to the cabin.

Sandy and Dale didn’t waist their time. It seems they were talking about each other’s night and got so worked up they were fucking on the table outside when we got back. They were so in to it they didn’t even know we were there. Tom and I just watched. Dale was fucking his wife hard and fast. Finally he gave that last shove, he moaned, she screamed and fell limp while Dale’s cock pumped load after load into her. Once they were spent Tom and I both clapped.

I walked over and was patting Dale’s ass and kissed Sandy and said, “You two can fuck in my woods anytime, that was beautiful.”

They broke apart and sat down. I sat next to Dale and asked, “So are you going to take me and show me all the places to fuck in my woods?”

He had one of my tits in each hand and said, “I was hoping to do more than just show you.”

I pulled him into me with his hands still on my tits and kissed him and said, “I was counting on it.”

Sandy pulled herself away from Tom’s grasp on her body and said, “Before you two go off fucking in the woods how about some breakfast? The way she is looking at you, you’ll need the energy.” We all laughed and I went with Sandy to help fix breakfast.

The guys sat outside and talked and had their coffee. Sandy and I compared notes on each others husband last night. I told Sandy, “I feel bad about using Dale when I was thinking about thanking Tom. I hope he wasn’t hurt.”

Sandy kissed me lightly as she walked by and said, “He knew but he loves you and like he told me, he was the one getting fucked so it was fine by him. You guys will have your time together today and if I know you you’ll make it up to him. Just leave some for me. This afternoon I want both my lovers as I’m sure you do.”

I kissed her and said, “If I wear him out I’ll double team you with my husband and you’ll still have two of your lovers.”

She seemed a bit shocked and so was I but we let it pass. We brought the food out to the guys. We had a good breakfast, I was all over Dale. I felt I needed to make up for last night. Sandy and Tom were all over each other too and as far as I know neither had anything to make up for. So maybe I just wanted to be all over Dale. I know I was loving his attentions.

Dale took my hand and said it was time for my tour. We left Sandy and Tom behind and headed out into the woods. I didn’t think it would take three hours to see the property but with all the fucking and sucking I had planned it just might. The woods were dense and in a very short time we were out of sight of the cabin. It surprised me how fast it happened but the smoke from the fireplace was the only way to know there was even a cabin there.

For the next 20 minutes or so all we did was walk naked through the woods holding hands. We would stop once in a while to kiss and a little stroking. Since I was now a property owner Dale was telling me about the town and the area. What it was like living there year round and about some of my neighbors. We came to the field of crops where Sandy and I went running. Dale told me the guy that had this farm was very nice. I looked at him and he said, “Not that nice.”

We walked along the fence a ways and came up on another moss clearing. It wasn’t long and I was on my back on the moss with Dale’s cock deep in my pussy. We had a good motion going and were both getting close when Dale said, “There are several of the areas all over the woods.” That was it and I went off like a rocket. Right behind me Dale came and we held each other as Dale pumped into me and we both came back down.

Dale had filled me a lot. As we lay on the moss petting I asked Dale, “You don’t want me dripping all over my woods do you?” In no time we were in a 69. Dale never went totally soft but he didn’t get hard in my mouth either. Sometimes I like that. That didn’t stop him from bringing me two very nice orgasms before he lay down next to me.

As he held me I said, “You have no idea what it means to me that two of the men I love put this together for me. Does Lynn know about this?” Dale was stroking my tits and said, “No, they don’t know yet. Tom thought you would like to tell them. They also have a 99 year lease from you on the cabin we are in. Scott’s children will be bringing their fuck toys up here.”

I threw my arm around him and kissed him saying, “I can’t believe this is all happening.” Jumping up and reaching to pull Dale up I say, “Show me more.” Off we go again with our arms around each other, I’m stroking his cock. His hand will go from my ass then up around me to play with my tits. He pointed out this and that. It was all so beautiful and so much to take in.

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Bi Sisters Take Control Ch. 01

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My wife Molly is 26 and I am 28, we have been married for 3 years and own a gift shop in a small town. Weekends are busier than midweek so we employ a girl of 18 years who is in her first year at college, her name is Lisa. She is a lovely girl about 5’ 6” with lovely blue eyes and long blonde hair, which she wears in a ponytail, she has an infectious smile and a pleasant manner, which endears her to all who know her.

My wife caught Lisa teasing me one day, that evening she said, “You know Bob I think Lisa fancies you.”

“I think you are wrong Molly, she was just having a bit of fun.”

“Well Bob I have noticed a few times lately how she tends to act somewhat provocatively towards you when she thinks I am not looking. Like last Sunday when I was in the storeroom and came out quietly and saw her bending over giving you a great view of her pert little ass while she supposedly rearranging some items on the bottom of the center stand.”

“I hope you’re not jealous of her?”

“No Bob, but be honest I have seen the way you look at her sometimes, you do fancy her don’t you?”

“Well yes I can’t deny that she is very attractive and I guess she is trying out her charms on men to see if she can attract them. I bet you were like that at her age.”

Molly smiled and said, “Yes being honest I had a crush on an older man who was a friend of dad’s I used to imagine him making love to me, it’s just a natural part of growing up I guess.”

At this point the phone rang ending the conversation.

Three weeks later on Sunday afternoon things were fairly quiet and Molly told Lisa to go and tidy up the storeroom. Ten minutes later Molly went quietly to the storeroom to see how Lisa was getting on.

Returning to the shop she put up the closed sign and locked the door and whispering told me that Lisa was masturbating with a candle, to be quiet and follow her. Returning to the storeroom she walked in and said, “Lisa, what do you think you are doing?”

Lisa was taken completely by surprise no doubt being lost in her sexual fantasy and started to pull the candle from her hole.

“Leave that candle where it is you little slut.”

Lisa sat frozen for a moment then said, “Please don’t tell my parent’s or anyone about this, PLEASE, I am really sorry.”

Then Molly called to me, “Come in here Bob and see what Lisa has been doing.”

I walked in and said in a voice feigning surprise, “Lisa what are you doing with that candle?”

Lisa began to whimper and said, “Please let me get up and go home I am truly sorry.”

“Well Lisa we won’t tell anyone about this little sexual act of masturbation but only if you agree to my proposition.”

Lisa immediately said, “I will agree to anything you and Bob want, I feel so embarrassed can I please remove the candle?”

“No you may not, first tell me who it was you were fantasising about, was it BOB?”

Lisa seemed realise it would be better to be truthful and said, “Yes Molly.”

“See I told you she fancied you Bob.”

“Well Lisa in return for not telling anyone about this would you like to let Bob make your fantasy become a reality while I watch and perhaps participate? I fancy you just as much as Bob does. If you agree then this afternoons events will be our little secret.”

Hearing Molly tell Lisa she fancied her as much as me surprised me, I never knew she had lesbian tendencies.

Lisa looked down and said meekly “Yes.”

“Good girl Lisa, canlı bahis I am sure you won’t regret your decision. Well lets get started shall we I bet your young pussy is longing to be filled properly with a real cock instead of a candle.”

Lisa now seemed to relax and appeared to be unconcerned about having been caught masturbating saying; “I have never been penetrated by a cock before Molly I’m still a virgin.”

Hearing this Molly looked at me and said, “You are lucky Bob aren’t you, a virgin pussy at last.”

The reason for this comment was that when we got married Molly and I had talked about our previous experience relating to sex, she had already lost her cherry to a previous boyfriend before we met, and the other girls I had dated had all lost their virginity before I met and had sex with them. I could not believe my luck that I was now presented with the chance to deflower this lovely sweet young virgin.

Molly knelt in front of Lisa and put her hands on her knees and spread her legs wide, she took the candle in her hand and began to move it in and out of Lisa’s cunt.

“Do you like that Lisa does it feel really nice?”

“Yes,” Lisa murmured in a sultry voice.

“Get you clothes off Bob then you can undress this lovely sweet girl so we can both see how beautiful she looks naked.”

I stripped and saw Lisa staring at my half erect cock, was it fear or excitement I saw in her eyes I wondered.

Molly pulled the candle from Lisa’s cunt and told Lisa to stand up, she stood and I removed her blouse and then her bra revealing her lovely small pear shaped breasts. Molly who was also undressing said, “They’re gorgeous Lisa, I can hardly wait to suck them.”

I removed her skirt and she now stood in just her white cotton panties white socks and brown leather shoes, she looked so sexy and delectable as I walked behind her and cupped her breasts in my hands and squeezed them making her moan.

Molly knelt in front of Lisa and hooked her fingers in the elastic of her panties and pulled them over her hips and down her legs, Lisa stepped from them and Molly put them to her nose and sniffed them, she then held them up to Lisa and said, “What a lovely aroma you have.”

Now that her panties had been removed I pulled my partly erect cock up into the upright position and then nestled it in the crease of her lovely ass cheeks pulling her back against me as I held her tits and rubbed my finger over her already swollen nipples making her moan as her nipples became fully erect.

Molly pushed Lisa’s legs wider apart and kissed her mound. She then pushed a finger up Lisa’s hole and felt inside her, pulling her finger out she put it in her mouth and sucked the juices off it.

“Mmmm you taste so sweet Lisa, I know Bob will enjoy the taste when he feasts on your lovely cunt.”

Watching Molly perform this act with another female turned me on more; I felt Lisa press her ass back against my cock as it swelled more in anticipation of what lay ahead, it was obvious that she was now enjoying being stripped and being prepared for me to deflower her.

“Is she nice and wet Molly?”

“She is very very wet Bob, let me watch her suck your cock now then I can watch her being deflowered by your big cock.”

I walked in front of Lisa as Molly told her to kneel, she did as asked and Molly said, “Have you ever sucked a man’s cock before?”

“No never, Bob’s is the first one I have ever seen.”

Lisa was looking at my tool bahis siteleri the purple head swollen with desire.

Molly said, “ Do you like how it looks?”

“It looks so big Molly but it makes me feel so excited knowing that I am about to lose my virginity to Bob.”

“Put your hand round the shaft and lick the tip then take it in your mouth and suck on it while you move your hand back and forth on the shaft.”

Lisa took hold of my shaft making my cock jerk, she seemed surprised never having seen a cock before let alone held one, and now she was about to learn about using her tongue and mouth to service her first cock.

I moaned as she began to lick the head and after licking all over the tip she opened her mouth and took it inside and began to suck on it as she also began to jack my shaft.

“Does it feel good Bob having a sweet little virgin sucking you cock knowing that soon you are going to penetrate her, take her cherry and make her into a woman?”

It feels fantastic Molly she is a quick learner but I think I would like to show her how much more pleasure she can give a man by allowing him to use her mouth like he does her pussy.”

“Go for it Bob, let me watch the little slut getting her first face fuck.”

I wondered what Lisa was thinking listening to Molly and I as she sucked and slurped on her first cock. I knew that after today Molly and I would share her many times and teach her the things that would make her into a real enjoyable fuck toy for us both.

I reached out and put my hands on either side of her head and held her still. Then I began to push my cock into her mouth a little deeper, pulling back and thrusting deeper with each inward stroke as I began to fuck her sweet face.

Looking down at my cock moving slowly back and forth in Lisa’s mouth made such an erotic picture. I pushed my cock deeper wondering if she could manage to take it all into her mouth and feel my tip in her throat. As the tip reached the entrance to her throat I slowed my thrust she began to gag as she felt it trying to gain access to her throat. I pulled my cock from her mouth and allowed her to recover.

“Good girl Lisa, don’t worry about gagging on my cock you will soon learn how to take it all in mouth and feel the swollen tip in your throat with a little bit of training. But now I want to take your cherry, to experience the pleasure of you tight virgin sheath.

“Let me lay under her and as you take her doggy style I can lick and tease her clitty while I play with her lovely tits.”

So Molly lay on the floor and Lisa straddled her, I watched as Molly put her hands on Lisa’s ass cheeks and pulled her down so she could now lick her clit. Then I looked at her cunt, her outer lips were already open from all the previous sexual activity the lovely pink interior was wet and I knew that soon I would enjoy that wetness as I plunged into depths of her cunt and felt the heat of her desire.

But first I wanted to treat myself. I knelt and planted a kiss on her open lips and licked all around her opening, she was moaning with pleasure now with two tongues servicing her. I pushed my tongue into her ring and began to fuck her hole with it this elicited more moans of pleasure from her.

I took my mouth away and said, “Your nectar is so sweet Lisa, so tasty.”

I then pushed a finger into her cunt hole and felt inside her, pushing it deeper I met the resistance of her hymen, my cock jerked as I thought how nice bahis şirketleri it was going to be for me breaking it and plundering the depths of her cunt.

I now positioned myself with my cock head pressed to her opening, she began to moan louder now as my big swollen tip opened it wider and wider and eventually entered her. I wanted her to like being fucked and did not want to make her fear the next time, so I pushed my cock slowly deeper up her hot wet cunt until she gave a little cry and her body jerked as my tip pressed against her hymen.

“Relax Lisa, it may be a little painful when I break your hymen, but that will quickly fade away and then you can enjoy the real pleasure that a woman desires when she is wet and wanting, the feeling of a man’s cock filling her aching void as he fucks her to orgasm.”

“Are you ready Lisa?”

“Yes,” she replied her voice quavering a little.

Pulling my cock back down so only the tip was inside her, with one quick thrust I rammed my big tool into her, I felt it tear the barrier that tried to deny it access into the depths of her cunt. She gave a sharp cry and then moaned loudly as I held my cock buried to the hilt her sheath wrapped tightly around it as I allowed her to adjust to the girth of it while she experienced the feeling of fullness deep inside her for the very first time.

“Lisa surprised us both when she said, “Lick my clit Molly while Bob fucks me for the first time, I’m ready now Bob.”

Molly hearing Lisa said, “Seems our little slut is eager now to have her fantasy fulfilled, fuck her hard Bob.”

I began to ride her tight young cunt with long slow movements building up a little speed as I felt her sheath relax a little more as it adjusted to my invading tool. Lisa moaned and made little mewing sounds as Molly’s tongue worked it’s magic on her clit and my cock plundered the depths of her cunt.

Suddenly Lisa cried out as I felt her sheath begin to ripple along my shaft, it began to milk me as her first cock induced orgasm arrived. I plunged my cock all the way up her and fucked her deep with short sharp movements for a few moments before my cock erupted and filled the depths of her cunt with it’s first load of cum.

Later after we had showered we sat talking and Molly asked Lisa something I had not even given any thought about, was she on the pill. She told us that she was, her mother had put her on it when she turned sixteen as a precaution as she did not want her to get pregnant.

“How come that you have never had sex with a boy then,” Molly asked her.

Lisa blushed and said looking down at the floor, “I always wanted to lose my virginity with an older man with experience rather than to a young guy.”

“Is that why you were acting the way you were with Bob when you started working here?”

Once more she kept looking down when she said quietly, “I liked Bob the first time I saw him when he interviewed me for the job, and yes I was trying to seduce him.”

I wondered if Lisa was just shy with the newness of our relationship or if she was a submissive person and made a mental note of the things she had told us.

As she was leaving Molly said, “Aren’t you going to give Bob and I kiss goodbye?”

This seemed to please Lisa, she kissed Molly and then came over to me, placing her arms around my neck she pressed her lips to mine and gave me a great big hug as we kissed.

Releasing me she smiled and said, “I really am glad it was you who took my cherry.”

As she walked out to her car I called out to her and said, “See you next weekend Lisa.”

She turned and waved as she called back, “I can hardly wait.”

To be continued…

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Dinner for Two

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Chapter 1

It was Friday evening about 7:30. I was sitting at an elegant table in an elegant restaurant opposite a very inelegant man, Alex by name. I was on a second date with him, and wondering what the hell I was doing there. This guy, although cute, was egotistical and boring. All he could talk about was his hobbies, his work, his mother, his car, his amateur hockey league, his…you get the picture. I don’t think in two evenings together he asked me more than 2 or 3 questions about myself.

We were drinking martinis, and I was trying to get drunk so I could stand him. I kept my eyes looking at him, nodding and smiling as though actually listening, but in reality I was off in my own fantasy world, imagining myself on a beach in Martinique, lounging topless, surrounded by beautiful boys and drinking sweet concoctions with little umbrellas in them. It was a dreamy state I was in…


when the back of my brain registered that word. I thought maybe I had heard wrong, so I tried to tune back in…

“whose husband had no idea what he’d gotten himself into, but over time he became more accepting and even got to like. So then they went south for a year because he got transferred…

“Alex, stop” I said.

He looked shocked, and I said,

“Did you say the word kinky, or did I imagine it?”

He started to blush, and he stammered,

“Weren’t you listening to me?”

“Alex, I’ve been pretending to be listening to you for 2 dates. Now, did you or did you not say the word kinky?”

He started to get huffy and said,

“Yes, what of it?”

“Well, it’s not a word I would ever have expected to pass your lips. What were you talking about?”

“My sister and her husband. She’s been a bit kinky since she was a teen. My parents have done everything to try to get her on the straight and narrow, but to no avail. I have just learned to tolerate her.”

He stopped talking and I stopped talking. He got nervous from the silence.

“What?” he whined.

“Well, this is not exactly something I tell men on a second date, but I have an interest in kinky.”

“Really,” he said quietly, “what do you mean by an interest?”

“OK, to be blunt, I like kinky sex. I’m a dom, and I love to meet subs.”

“What are doms and subs?” he asked.

I spent a few minutes explaining dom/sub to him. He showed a surprising interest. When I finished, he said

“you know, and this is something I’ve never told anyone, but I like feeling submissive. I like doing what someone orders me to do. It makes me feel guided and loved. I think I got this from my sister, who used to order me around all the time.”

“Well,” I said, “this is an interesting turn of affairs. What about risky? Do you like risky?”

He said “if you mean hang gliding or bungee jumping, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hell no, I’m too much of a coward.”

“No,” I said in an annoyed voice, “risky SEX.”

Well, I could have pushed him over with a feather. He was speechless. He kept opening his mouth, but nothing came out.

“Linda, I don’t understand how we got on this subject, but it’s making me uncomfortable. Can we talk about something else?”

“No,” I said, “We will talk about this because I want to.”

His look changed to a puppy dog expression, and he said

“Of course, Linda, whatever you want is what I want.”

I was getting a little wet between the legs. My mind started going at full tilt.

“Alex, I want to play a game with you, and I expect you to cooperate.”

He was getting the hang of this very quickly.

“Yes, Linda, whatever you say.”

“I want you to go into the men’s room, enter the handicapped stall, remove all your clothes, keep your shoes on, hang your clothes on the hook on the back of the door, and sit down on the lowered lid of the commode. When the men’s room is empty except for you, knock twice on the wall. I’ll be outside waiting. Can you do that?”

“Yes, I believe I can” he said.

He got up and walked to the back of the restaurant. He entered the men’s room. I got up from my seat, and walked slowly back there. The men’s and women’s rooms were next to each other. I stood near enough to both to make it appear that I was waiting for someone who was in there. One man entered the men’s room, another left. Then a few minutes later the first man came out. I heard two faint knocks from inside, and after looking around to make sure I was not seen, I entered the men’s room.

Chapter 2

The men’s room was very clean (I knew it would be, as this was a very fancy restaurant). It was also large, larger than necessary, but that was consistent with the elegance outside. My panties were very wet at this point. I was quite excited about the riskiness of what we were doing. I was glad I was wearing a skirt. Pants would be showing the wetness.

I walked up to the handicapped stall, and opened the door. I entered, closed it quickly, and locked it. Clothes were hanging from the 2 hooks on the back of the door. I turned. Alex was sitting on the commode lid as instructed, naked, legs spread, a nice erection pointing at me.

Next to Alex was…surprise…another man, standing with his back against the wall, naked, stroking his erection, and smirking at me.

I didn’t know what was going on, but I thought there was a chance I might like it. I wasn’t about to admit it right away.

“Who the hell are you?” I said.

“I’m Buck, you know, as in buck naked.”

He grinned, but never stopped stroking.

I turned to Alex.

“Where did you find güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri him, and what is he doing here?”

Alex was his submissive self.

“I’m so sorry, Linda. I wasn’t completely honest. I have kinky desires that I didn’t share with you. I won’t tell you where Buck came from, but I will tell you that one of my favorite kinds of sex play is watching.”

A very interesting turn of events, Ollie. There was much more to Alex than I had imagined. I was getting wetter by the second. Being watched was even more exciting to me than dom/sub. I looked from Alex to Buck, and back, and then I pulled my skirt down to the floor, and slipped my soaked panties off, and put them over the grab bar. My short blouse exposed all. Buck and Alex looked me over, and both hard-ons got harder. Buck looked at my soaked panties and said

“I see you are enjoying this more than you will admit.”

I said nothing.

The door to the men’s room opened. I put my finger up to my lip indicating silence. We heard a man unzip, and piss shooting into the urinal. He rezipped, washed his hands, and was gone.

I said to Alex,

“watch and be entertained.”

I squatted down in front of Buck, removed his hand from his dick, and put my mouth over it. I put my hands behind his ass, and pulled him slightly away from the wall. I licked and sucked and deep throated. Buck was humming a song I didn’t recognize, and from the corner of my eye I could see that Alex was pumping away at his cock, and watching intently.

I removed my right hand from Buck’s ass, and placed it on my cunt. I began to stroke my clit and lips, although I knew I’d need to be careful not to come too fast. I was so hot you could have fried an egg on me.

The door opened again, and it sounded like multiple feet I never removed my mouth from Buck’s dick, but I stopped moving. We all sort of froze.

“I can’t believe that goal. Was that goalie blind?”

These 2 guys had been watching the game in the bar area. They unzipped and piss began to flow. I would have laughed if my mouth wasn’t full. I imagined opening the door, walking out naked from the waist down, walking up to the 2 men, and asking if I could be of assistance. HAHA.

They washed up and left. I removed my mouth from Buck’s cock, and said

“wanna fuck?”

He didn’t miss a beat, and said

“why not?”

I turned to Alex and said

“do you just like to watch, or do you have the guts to participate?”

Alex looked his usual fearful self.

“How?” he asked.

“I’m going to bend over so Buck can skewer me from the back, and while I’m bent over, what say I give you a blow job you won’t forget?”

“OK” was all Alex could say.

I bent over Alex and took his ample erection in my mouth. Buck came away from güvenilir bahis şirketleri the wall, got behind me, and touched the tip of his cock to my sopping pussy. He didn’t plunge, he just teased. I liked that. He found my clit with the tip of his dick, and using his hand to guide his cock, he rubbed the head against my clit, around and around. We were both soaked. I was moving my ass up and down. And I had sucked Alex’s cock all the way in, and was opening and closing my throat over it.

This was too much for me. I had engaged in lots of kink before, but nothing nearly as exciting as this.

I pulled my mouth off of Alex, and said

“Buck, if you don’t want to miss some volcanic action, get your cock inside of me. Now!”

I put my mouth back on Alex, and moved up and down rapidly. Buck plunged in to the hilt. We were all groaning softly when the door opened again.

Talk about coitus interruptus!! We stopped in mid plunge/suck/moan. I was too turned on to find this funny. This guy took his time, and I was ready to kill him. I was ready to get up, whip the door open, grab his ass, and pull him inside with us. But there really wasn’t enough room, and I knew it was my extreme arousal talking.

Finally, he washed and left. We resumed where we had left off. Building and building. Alex was lifting his ass off the commode to push into my mouth. Buck was, well, bucking. I was beyond redemption. Uncontrollable high voltage was rising inside me. I matched Alex and Buck move for move. I couldn’t hold back anymore, and exploded. I stifled a scream and just squeeked as quietly as possible. Buck plunged one last time and with a growl came hard. Alex was holding on to the commode for dear life, and came in my mouth with so much cum that it was dripping out of the sides of my mouth.

I know I wanted to fall to the floor from weakness, and I suspect Buck did too, but it was not exactly the kind of place where you’d want to sit on the floor. So we all maintained our positions until all the coming had subsided. I removed my mouth, and Buck removed his cock. I stood up. All 3 of us were spent.

I said “Let’s get dressed and get out of here.”

We used toilet tissue to wipe down. I couldn’t bear to put my wet panties back on, so I put on my skirt and discarded the panties in the corner. Might give someone a thrill. We dressed quickly.

“So Buck, I don’t know where you came from, but it was a pleasure meeting you.”

He laughed softly.

“Oh, believe me, the feeling is mutual.”

I opened the stall door, and said

“Alex, you go out first, and knock on the outside of the men’s room door when the coast is clear.”

He left, and shortly we heard a knock. I turned and gave Buck a quick kiss on the lips, and left. He stayed behind. Since I didn’t understand anything that had gone on, I didn’t question this.

I opened the men’s room door and exited. I didn’t see Alex, but looking over at our table, I saw he had resumed his seat, and was sipping his martini. I walked over, sat down opposite him, picked up my drink, and said

“So Alex, tell me more about your mother…”

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Angela White

The pool underneath Lucy slowly grew as she stood drIpping wet after stepping out of the shower. She looked herself up and down in the full length mirror on her bathroom door and quickly wrapped a towel around her lower half. She hated the way her legs looked, thick and milky white. She always admired the women she saw in jeans adds with their thin legs and “perfect” heart shaped asses. She looked at her full breasts, cupping them in her hands and squeezing them tightly. She tugged gently at her nipple ring and shivered at the twinge of pain that ran down her spine. She would never have imagined herself with a piercing, but she was certainly glad Kris had convinced her to get it. They had been friends for such a long time, spending every day together, but she had never thought of him as anything more. She remembered the night they had spent together, playing it over and over again in her head.

Turning slowly she looked at herself in the mirror again, this time over her shoulder. Her eyes fell to her love handles and her heart sank. She turned away. Drying herself off quickly with a towel, she stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. She fell back onto the bed, loving the way the soft down comforter enveloped her as she dropped into it. Starring at the ceiling, she couldn’t get the image of Kris’s face out of her mind.

She remembered everything about that night. They had been at a house party and she had had way too much to drink. That last thing she remembered was having a Tequila drinking contest. Then she was opening her eyes, in a strange bed. Panicking she rolled over and saw Kris fast asleep. Her heart had been racing, what had happened? This was her best friend, had she ruined their friendship by pushing herself on him? Had he taken advantage of her when she was passed out? She couldn’t remember anything. She had racked her mind trying to come up with the answers. Laying there in what she assumed was his bed, fearing the worst, she still couldn’t help but wonder.

“What is he wearing underneath the covers?”. She had never seen him naked, but had always thought about it. She gently slid the comforter down from his chest, exposing his matching nipple rings, then his muscular stomach. She had stopped when she reached his hips, not knowing if she dared go any farther. He moaned deeply, and her hand shot back bahis firmaları from him. He moaned again, scratched his chest and dropped his hand to his side. Summoning up all her courage she reached for the covers, grabbing them tightly, and slowly slid them down to expose what lay underneath.

Laying in her bed, remembering him, she put her hands on her breasts and massaged them gently. They felt warm and soft in her hands, her nipples hardening and becoming more and more sensitive. Her breasts began to tingle slightly, and she pinched at her nipples. The tingling increased and spread down, over her stomach, and down even further to groin. She let one of her hands slide down, following the soft contours of her body, to rest between her thighs. Her pussy was warm to her touch, and as she slipped a finger between her pussy lips she could feel how wet she was. She parted her lips with two fingers and slid her middle finger a little deeper inside, moaning slightly and tilting her hips. She couldn’t believe how wet she was. Pulling her finger out she brought it to her mouth and tasted her sweet juices. She sucked her finger, sliding it in and out of her mouth, picturing Kris’s perfect body.

As the covers slowly came away from his body, Lucy couldn’t believe her eyes. Every centimetre that she uncovered she kept expecting him to stop her. Finally, she tossed the covers off of him and uttered a low, almost inaudible moan. There he was, out in the open. She had never expected anything like this, and she could hardly resist reaching out to touch him, to know that it was real and not just a dream. He moaned again and she quickly withdrew back to her side of the bed.

Her dripping wet finger slid from her mouth with a wet sucking sound. She rubbed her wet finger against her nipple making it even harder, then quickly thrust it back inside her. She rubber her clit slowly, and her whole body grow warm. She tingled with anticipation. Her hips began to thrust upwards as she felt the explosion growing inside her.

Peeking over her shoulder, she could see that he was still asleep, and that he was still uncovered. She licked her lips looking at his manhood, imagining what it would look like when it was hard. As she stared at him she could see it slowly getting bigger. She blinked, and it shrunk to its original size. The next thing kaçak iddaa she knew, the tip of her finger was resting at the base of his cock, a tingle running up her spine as her finger ran up his shaft. When she reached the head she moaned and arched her back, almost cumming with the anticipation of what was to come. He mumbled something and put a hand on his dick, rubbing himself gently. Lucy could only watch transfixed.

Her one finger was sliding in and out of her pussy so fast now she could feel a cramp coming on in her forearm. She slowed to a gentle pace, and inserted another finger alongside the one already deep inside her. The extra girth almost put her over the edge. Her other hand tugged at her nipple ring, the pain holding her back from cumming, she loved it.

Kris stroked himself slowly. Lucy couldn’t believe what she was seeing. He was growing right before her eyes. She had never seen a man that big before. She had always loved the feeling of a big dick stretching her out. She needed to feel him inside her, NOW! She grabbed his cock with both hands and began to stroke it. He moaned pleasurably, and moved his hips. She felt it get even bigger in her hands.

“Lucy?” He had asked, half asleep, “is that you?” She didn’t answer him, but instead rolled on top of him and began to kiss him. Kris didn’t resist, he pulled her even closer to him, the feeling of his strong arms around her made the kiss even more passionate. She reached between her legs and grabbed his warm, throbbing, pole guiding it between her dripping wet lips. His eyes closed in ecstasy as she slid down his cock until it was buried deep inside her. “What are you doi…” She put a finger to his lips before he could finish.

“Shh,” she whispered, “don’t talk.”

Thinking of him inside her made her explode, grinding her hips against the palm of her hand. The butt of her hand rubbing against her clit. She screamed in ecstasy, running her hands through her long hair, and pulling it as she came. Every part of her body was so sensitive now that as she ran her hand over her face and down her neck, she could feel every nerve ending. As her fingers danced over her nipples she felt a tremor in pussy, squeezing her fingers tightly. She slid her fingers slowly in and out of her, fucking herself gently. Her body twitching as they went in and out, her kaçak bahis eyes rolling back into her head as she came again. Pulling her fingers out. she felt empty as she squeezed down on nothing. She lay there, staring at the ceiling, as her orgasm faded.

She had begun to fuck him slowly, sliding up and down his enormous rod, he felt so good. She watched his face, his eyes were closed, but she could tell by the look on his face that she was doing it just right. She took his hands and put them on her bouncing tits, he squeezed them tight and held them. Suddenly she felt his body jerk, and saw his mouth open, she knew he was going to cum. She slowed herself down, but it was too late. His hands tightened on her breasts, squeezing them so tightly she winced. Then she felt it, he pushed his hips up so that he was as deep inside her as he could be, and held himself there, lifting her completely off the bed. The first burst of jizz was amazing, she felt it as it exploded out of him, filling her up. She clamped down on him, and now she could feel every movement as more cum exploded into her, thrusting his hips with each burst. When he stopped cumming, she felt him relax, lowering her back down to the bed. He rolled her off of him, and they lay beside each other. She watched as he grew flaccid, his penis glistened with her juices. A shiver ran down her spine as cream oozed from between her legs and between her cheeks. She suddenly felt very naked, and pulled the covers over her, to hide her shame. Seconds later she heard snoring from the other side of the bed. Looking over she saw Kris, mouth half open, covered in sweat, sleeping.

Staring at the ceiling, she touched herself gently, and her body shuddered. She hadn’t had an orgasm like that in a long time. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Are you all done in there?” Kris asked. She couldn’t believe that she was laying in his bed, letting her juices drip onto his sheets.

“Just getting dressed, hang on a second!” she answered. Jumping up from the bed, she threw on her clothes which were crumpled up in a pile on the floor next to the bed. She looked back at the bed, her body was imprinted on the sheets in sweat, and she smelled like smoke, and beer. She opened the door to see Kris smiling back at her.

“How are you feeling this morning?” He asked her. “That must have been some hot shower, you’re all red and sweaty.”

She looked at her feet, “Thanks for taking care of me last night.”

“My pleasure,” he said, “I had a good time. I haven’t slept that well in a long time.”

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Midnight Desire Pt. 03

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Upon midnight Brenda, Marion, Bill and John slowly removed their clothes. This was the first time the top floor pool/sauna complex of their apartment block was used for the purpose of exhibiting, golden showering, masturbating and getting off.

Brenda laid on one of the deck chairs. She was the first to golden shower herself. Marion quickly laid beside her on the wide deck chair to golden shower Brenda and herself.

The men soon added their piss fountains to the kissing and masturbating lesbian women. Then both smiling ladies allowed hot thick semen to splash over their pretty faces. The babes cum swapped for their male admirers.

This venue was perfect for fun and frivolity. Their new masturbation den was both secluded and secure. Brenda, the feisty and rebellious landlady, began to think how she could make money from this private location. She pondered on creating an exclusive business men’s and women’s retreat in the heart of the city. Marion’s balcony was not used again for exhibiting.

John’s wife arrived home from a business trip. She could smell the scent of a woman on him. Their sex life and dried up years ago. Suddenly she became more than interested in what he was up to while she was away. ‘Have you been womanising in my absence?’ she demanded.

He loved his wife as much as he loved sex and always answered her truthfully. ‘Yes’ he admitted, remembering they enjoyed a foursome with another couple on more than one occasion in the past.

‘Was it that nice thing living above us, who talks to you?’

‘Yes’ he replied.

‘The landlady is another good looker. Did you fuck her too?’

‘Yes’ he replied.

‘I can’t live in this block knowing you prefer those sluts instead of me. I’m moving out. You can stick with me or stay here.’

John advised Brenda they were moving güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri out. He appeared at the masturbation den one last time, where the girls took turns at deep cock sucking him before offering their pussies to fuck all he wanted. He thou rally enjoyed his final engagement as a player.

Next morning the cleaner reported he found pools of urine under a poolside deck chair. Brenda proudly replied. ‘I did that and it may not be the only time. This is my property and I can do what I like.’

The senior gentleman promptly said he would rather work for someone else and put in his notice.

The following midnight Brenda golden showered Marion and Bill with carefree abandon and insisted that her playmates make her cum first. After that moonlit evening of debauchery, Brenda announced she was going to advertise for the position of apartment cleaner.

‘We need a cleaner and handyman to be John’s replacement.’ The landlady advised, ‘The three of us will conduct the job interviews and advise applicants of job requirements. If we find someone suitable I will sack the handyman and pay the new employee to fill both positions.’

The first three applicants lacked sex appeal. The fourth stunned the girls and Bill. It was Freddy, Marion’s ex boyfriend, the man who introduced her to exhibitionism and water sports. Here was the man responsible for the relocation of the masturbation den from Marion’s balcony to the pool and sauna complex.

Bill was speechless. Brenda thought for a moment then uttered. ‘We will do this interview. It might just work out if we all agree.’

Marion always loved the feel of Freddy’s athletic physique but she couldn’t handle the way he took photos and videos of their sex and displayed them online. Freddy was well built, tall and lean with short black güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hair. His fit appearance made him a suitable candidate as long as Marion could tolerate his behaviour.

The players acknowledged Freddy was a natural voyeur by the way he gazed upon Marion’s balcony with a telescope in a similar way as Bill had done when gazing into Marion’s balcony. The pretty green-eyed blonde felt a rush of excitement with the prospect of once again exhibiting for her former lover. She agreed to let him in on the condition he curtailed the pic and vid posting.

Freddy was fascinated to learn about the masturbation den and Brenda’s plans for it. He explained that he secretly kept and eye on Marion’s masturbating with a telescope from the time they separated. The reason for his voyeurism was because he simply loved watching her masturbate.

Bill asserted, ‘You’re not the only one. Any man would.’ Brenda smiled at the idea of herself and Marion performing for men who would pay well for the privilege.

Brenda invited her former tenant to the masturbation den that evening. The peeping Tom from over the street watched in awe as the naked players golden showered themselves by the pool. The happy piss soaked exhibitionists invited Freddy to shower them for his debut performance.

Marion spread he legs and parted her pussy lips with her red nail fingers and masturbated just for Freddy. It felt like old times for both of them as Freddy positioned his cock head at her pussy lips then purposefully slipped inside. Bill and Brenda cold see they were happy and comfortable to be fucking again.

Bill gestured by circling his cock head around Brenda’s pussy lips, ‘Let’s join them?’ Masturbation acts were forgotten. Tonight Marion welcomed Freddy back to her body with sensual, deep güvenilir bahis şirketleri and glorious fucking. Brenda and Bill could feel the passion.

The next day Freddy was working for Brenda as the new apartment cleaner, handyman and security guard. His first job was washing piss and cum from deck chairs and floor tiles. A rule of the masturbation des was: No piss or cum in the pool as the pool would have to be emptied and cleaned out every time.

His second job was to rewire the security access to the pool/sauna complex so only residents or special quests could gain access. Freddy took to his job with gusto and Brenda payed him insider wages as part of her future plans for the masturbation den.

The sauna room was newly completed. Residents could now use it and the pool anytime up to 11pm. There was another room beside the sauna currently being used as the handyman equipment store. Brenda had grand ideas of converting this room into a porn theatre for future VIP guests.

For the first time the players tried the sauna. The seats and floor were made from stylish timber. There was a deep bath for five or six adults. On the walls were pleasant pictures of the countryside and seaside. At midnight Freddy trialled the new coded security door to the complex and soon the players were stripping beside the pool to enter the sauna naked.

The boys slipped into the bath and felt the invigorating bubbles on their naked arses as the girls started masturbating with spread legs draping over each other. Freddy and Bill watched intently from the water as the girls took delight in exhibiting in the new surroundings. The boys sneaked up to them and started fingering the wide open babes.

Sounds of sex filled the steamy room as the perverts dutifully finger fucked the sirens until they unreservedly started cumming in each others arms. The horny guys stroked their big cocks for the fuck loving girls to admire before delivering creamy loads over their boobs and faces.

The players celebrated the first sex scene in the sauna by opening a bottle of champagne and relaxing, on the deck chairs, under the moon and stars.

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Michelle’s Bath Time

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She took a breath as she exited out of the Internet and closed down her laptop. Pushing it to the side she laid back on her bed feeling incredibly horny having just finished reading several erotic stories about girls being fucked and sucked in all different positions. Without much thought her hand slowly slid down her smooth tummy and into her panties. Feeling the moisture she parted her legs and idly stroked her smooth shaved pussy occasionally pinching her sensitive little clit sending electric sparks throughout her whole body.

Michelle was a stunning young woman. At only 18 years of age she had the most curvaceous body with 36C breasts, a slim waist and flared hips followed by long beautiful legs. Her breasts and legs were her best features after her thick beautiful white blonde locks flowing down to her shoulders topped off by sparkling bright blue sweet innocent eyes.

Despite her beauty and amazing body she rarely dated, unable to find the man of her dreams for which she searched, leaving her an, often horny, young virgin having never gotten further than kissing a boy. She was left with pleasuring herself to satisfy canlı bahis her needs. This too left her quite frustrated for no matter how good her own fingers slipping into her young pussy felt she had never been able to bring herself fully to orgasm. deep

After another ten minutes of gentle caresses followed by furious rubbing and fingering her cunt she gave up, still unable to cum. She looked around her bedroom out of boredom wondering what she could do now. Her parents had gone out of town for the weekend leaving her alone for the first time. While it was fun at first she was quickly getting tired of being alone with nothing to do. She decided maybe a warm soak in a Jacuzzi bath would make her feel better and would allow her to wash away the precum wetness which coated her pussy, thighs, and fingers. She walked into her parent’s bathroom and began to run the water lighting several candles for a more sensuous atmosphere.

Quickly undressing she turned the jets to full blast and sank happily into the warm relaxing water. Enjoying the steam and bubbles her mind wandered from subject to subject drifting in and out of sleep. Finally bahis siteleri after about an hour she decided to finish up and go to bed early. She decided to quickly shave her legs and reached for the razor and cream of her mothers.

Lathering up one leg she propped her foot onto the edge of the tub and began to shave off the stubble of hairs. With her foot still on the edge she reached again for the bottle of shaving cream. As she leaned forward her open pussy came into brief contact with the hard spray of the massaging jets. Ohhhh she let out a loud yelp feeling the most amazing sensations shoot through her body as she jerked away from the jet. Breathing hard her mind raced with what she had just felt. Although it had been sudden and scared her she realized what an amazing thing she had just felt. She wondered what would happen if she tried that again. After thinking for several minutes she decided what could it hurt to try. She slowly eased back over to the side placing one leg over the side with her other foot up on the ledge as well. Nervously she scooted sideways into the powerful stream of water.

The feelings bahis şirketleri were amazing. It hit her all at once making her head spin and her pussy tingle. The feelings were so strong she fought the urge to retreat from the harsh invasion on her young innocent pussy, but the pleasure held her in place. The sensations began to wash over her body in waves each one more intense than the previous one. She closed her eyes and leaned back on her hands giving herself up completely to the new sensations she was being exposed to. It took her little time before she felt a flutter in her stomach and a tingle that started in her toes and quickly shot through her entire body. OH MY GOD she screamed the feeling getting stronger and stronger as her whole body exploded into an intense spasming orgasm….her first orgasm ever.

Finally after not being able to take it any longer she moved out of the jet stream her mind still spinning and feeling dizzy. Gasping for breath she sank back into the water trying to realize what she had just done and experienced. Lightly her fingertips brushed against her clit too sensitive to even be touched. After several minutes her breathing returned to normal and she stood up on shaky legs and got out of the tub. That night Michelle fell into bed exhausted and happier than she had ever been having finally reached her first orgasm of many to cum.

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Bi 3-way

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I went to a charity benefit at a local club put on by some tired, old celebrities. The show was tacky, with extra glitter and lots of ‘air kisses’. I was with my flatmate Karen, and afterwards we went across the road to a nightclub. I hadn’t been there for years and it was still the same. After an hour talking, we were both kind of lost and a little bored. I went to the toilet and ran into an old friend, Jason. He and his boyfriend were in the lounge having a quiet drink, he asked us to join them, and we did after watching a mediocre drag show.

A friend of Jason’s introduced himself to me, his eyes slowly roving up and down my body. His name was Michael, and he became instantly protective as I talked to the others. It made me shitty, but flattered as well. He was very gay, and kept trying to determine where I stood with it. As the night passed on, he asked me back to his place for a joint, and after a few hesitations I agreed—so long as Karen could join us. I didn’t feel like going anywhere with him on my own. We jumped in a taxi for a quick trip across town to his apartment.

Mike was about ten years older than me, but his body still looked good on his tall frame. His dark eyes matched his curly hair, giving him the look of a cheeky rogue. The three of us were already fairly drunk, and the addition of a couple of joints had us really relaxed. Whenever Karen left the room or nodded off, Michael would try to kiss and touch me, whispering that he wanted to suck my cock. I’d brought Karen along so this couldn’t happen and now I was slowly regretting it the more I got turned on.

As Michael started to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri slide his hand down the front of my jeans I looked over to see that Karen was fast asleep. We kissed and cuddled for a while as he continued to rub my crotch. Slowly kissing around my face, his stubble tickled with every touch. Making his way to my ear he once again whispered how much he’d like to suck my cock. By now I was completely hard; the wetness was pouring out of me as he undid the top button and lowered my zipper.

Who was I to argue? He got on his knees, his mouth going straight to my cock. Any guy will tell you what a wonderful feeling it is to be blown, and I was enjoying every moment of it. I kicked my shoes off as he tugged off my jeans and boxers. Lifting my legs he kissed and sucked my balls before going lower to rim my arsehole. This was a new experience for me, and it nearly sent me over the top. While I don’t think I could ever reciprocate, the feeling of having a tongue caressing your hole is simply amazing. It was the first time someone had done this to me and I loved it.

As I took my shirt off Michael quickly removed his clothes, revealing a beautiful hairy chest and an amazing set of cock and balls. They were huge; I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. While my scrotum usually keeps my balls firmly tucked up to my body, his was full and hanging low. I reached out and was stunned by the weight in my hand. I could have blown my load just playing with his egg-sized nuts. His cock was just as hefty, the circumcision mark completely invisible. The doctor must have taken extra güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri care with this wondrous piece of meat.

Michael spat into his right hand and started to stroke his dick. I was mesmerised by the fluid motion of his actions. While my foreskin allows movement and stimulation as it slides back and forth over my cock-head, I could see why circumcised guys needed extra lubricant to prevent damage to their weapon.

Standing before me, I wrapped my hand around his dick and placed it in my mouth. I could smell his musky masculinity as I worked it in and out. Considering his size, it was easy to fit most of it in my mouth because he was still only slightly hard. I worked my left hand along his length in time with my mouth. I forget how long I blew him. My jaw was getting sore from being held open too long, I simply couldn’t relax. As I tired, I began to gag a bit, thinking now I know what it feels like to be a woman. His cock was still only partially hard. My hand jerked him off to the rhythm of my bobbing head as he unexpectedly shot a load down my throat. It happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to react as he thrust hard with his flow.

As I let his cock drop from my mouth I heard movement over the other side of the room. Swallowing and wiping his excess cum from my lips, I saw Karen sitting there fully awake with a hand up her skirt; her underwear pulled aside as she played with her dripping cunt. She smiled before telling us how disgusting she thought we were, but the more she watched, the more it turned her on, and she couldn’t resist touching herself.

I güvenilir bahis şirketleri went into the kitchen and found us some beers. When I returned to the lounge room Karen had removed the rest of her clothes and was sitting next to Michael. I overheard him saying that he’d never fucked a woman before and didn’t know if he could. I was still packing a semi as I handed Karen a beer. She took a swig, smiled again, and grabbed my cock as I gave Michael his beer. Putting hers down, Karen took me with both her hands and guided me to her mouth. Michael came behind me and parted my cheeks, once again licking my arse. I was in heaven. Here I was thinking about what a crappy night I was having, and now I had two people pleasuring me without censor.

Michael replaced Karen’s mouth with his as I bent down and started tonguing her snatch. She was so wet, her smell, poles apart from Michael’s. She reached down to frig herself as I sucked on her labia—occasionally dropping down to lick at her puckered arsehole. I’d never intended to do it and now I couldn’t help myself. It seemed so natural, that rippling sensations travelled the length of my body as I felt my groin tightening. Thrusting into Michael’s mouth I came so hard my legs clenched and I had to roll over as a cramp stabbed into my thighs.

To my surprise, Michael lent between Karen’s legs and dripped my load onto her snatch as he massaged it in with his tongue. The renewed sensation was too much for her as she arched her back and shuddered into orgasm on Michael’s face.

We all got up tired and sweaty. The smell of spent sex was everywhere as we refreshed ourselves with our forgotten beers. Michael explained that he could only get hard by using a cock ring, but everything had happened so fast he didn’t have time to get it. Looking at his limp dick I could only imagine how big it would get, and thanked the Lord that he hadn’t tried to fuck me with it.

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Convince Me

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I was running late to my meeting with my English professor. He had told me he’d really liked my last short story- which happened to be about my first time- and wanted to discuss it further with me. The assignment had been to write about something personal and something sexual, a confession of sorts. And so, I wrote about my first time with George, the kid who lived next door. As can be expected, it left much to be desired. I had fooled around since then, but had never been as fulfilled as some of my friends had claimed to be.

I was running late, which was not unusual for me, because I couldn’t decide on what to wear. See, I had a bit of a crush on him. He was in his late 30s and had gorgeous brown hair and green eyes that you could get lost in. He was divorced, and it was a popular rumor his wife had cheated on him. Since then, he’d been single. Of course, we students didn’t know the ins and outs of his personal life, but we all assumed it had been a long time since he’d been laid judging from the harsh grades we constantly received.

When I finally arrived, he was standing impatiently behind the podium, leaning into it in a non-intentionally seductive way. I couldn’t help but think he looked adorable. He, however, was not as pleased with me.

“You are fifteen minutes late.”

“I know. I’m really sorry Prof-“

“Let’s begin. I have somewhere else in about twenty minutes. I wanted to tell you that I was really impressed by your paper. However, I think that you have some work to do to improve your overall performance.”

At this point, I was ready to turn back around and go back to sleep. He had given me an “A” on the assignment. What more did I possibly have to do?

“Tell me about this George. Do you still see him?”

This question really caught me off guard. I was expecting him to lecture me on the importance of prepositions or word choice. Here he was asking me about my goofy and disastrous first time.

“Um. I guess I see him sometimes when I go home on break but we rarely talk. It was awkward after…”

I bit my lip. George was not a favorite topic of mine and it was utterly mine blowing and disturbing to be having this conversation with my hot professor.

“Tell canlı bahis me, have you had a lot more experience after to improve your attitude towards sex? In your paper you call it ‘frivolous’.”

Now the conversation was taking an even more bizarre turn.

“I’ve had more experience but I wouldn’t say a lot more. I do think it’s frivolous, though.”

He smirked a little and, to my surprise, scanned my body with his lingering eyes. His bold move made me uncomfortable but, at the same time, enthralled me.

“My dear, that just means you haven’t had a good experience. Sex is anything but frivolous, though. I assure you of that.”

We stood in silence for a few minutes, examining each other. I was about to thank him for his criticism and leave when all of a sudden his arms were around me, pulling my body into his.

“I know this is wrong but I can’t stand it anymore. Say no and I’ll try to stop. I will stop. But say yes and I will show you just how great it can be.”

There I was, wetter than I’ve ever been in my entire life, in the arms of the professor I’d fantasized about from morning til night. There was no question in my mind I wanted to go through with this. I didn’t care about the consequences, I didn’t care about the fact we didn’t have a condom, and I really didn’t care that he was my professor.

I said nothing but I leant into his hard dick with my butt, making him groan with pleasure.

“Jesus,” he muttered into my ear.

We stood like this for a few minutes until he spun me around and pushed me against his desk.

“Prepare to be fucked like you never have been before and never will be again.”

Then he started undressing, his eyes never leaving mine. I made a motion to take off my top but he stopped me, saying he wanted to do it himself.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this. You have no idea. In class I’d forget what I was talking about whenever I stole a glimpse of you. So many times I’d have to sit down to hide my boner. You know how I go to the bathroom at least once a class? That’s so I can jerk off to the thought of you.”

My pussy got wetter and wetter just imagining him in the bathroom, pumping his own dick, thinking bahis siteleri of me. And I thought of how many times I would lay awake in my dorm room, pleasuring myself at the thought of him.

Once he was completely naked, he made his way over to my quivering body. At his touch, I shuddered with pleasure.

“Professor, please. Please, fuck me.”

He started fondling my breasts before taking off my sweater. I wasn’t wearing a bra since I didn’t have the time to throw one on in my hurry. He stared at my bare tits for a few minutes before yanking down my skirt. I was only wearing thong panties underneath, which he easily discarded. I stood before him in my nakedness, shaking with anticipation. I glanced down at his growing rod and felt myself get hot with pleasure.


“God, yes,” I said, panting.

He started to nibble at my nipples, making my body arch to his mouth. His hands roamed all over, finally lingering over my soaking cunt. His tongue was down my throat, his hand caressing my mound. Finally, he plunged a finger deep in my hole. He kept dabbing it in and out. His other hand found my ass. He was kneading the flesh there, causing a whole new sensation I’d never felt before. He stopped kissing me to suck on his finger. He looked at me and smiled, then went right back to kissing me. His hand found my ass again and this time he stuck his sucked finger into it deep and hard. I moaned and gasped but the sound was lost into his mouth. It hurt a little, but the general sensation was way too great. His other finger worked furiously into my pussy. He inserted two more fingers. I could feel the sensation coming that I was about to have an orgasm when he decided to stop.

“Not yet,” he moaned into my ear.

I brought my hand down to his prick and rubbed hard so he’d change his mind.

“Fuuuuuck,” he groaned, leaning into my body. “That feels amazing.”

We stood a few minutes like this, me getting him off.

Then, without warning, he let out an inhuman groan and leant his entire body into me.

“I can’t take it anymore!” he bellowed, knocking my hand away.

He grabbed both my wrists and pushed my arms down so that I was leaning against his desk.

With bahis şirketleri one quick movement, he thrusted his dick into me, grunting as he worked it deeper inside.

“Oh, yeah,” he whispered into my hair. “So good.”

I could only sigh back, feeling an orgasm coming closer and closer.

“Shit, yeah,” he screamed, thrusting himself in and out and in and out of my oozing pussy.

“Cum for me, baby,” I cried. “I’m gonna cum; I want us to cum together!”

“Oh, baby, I’m close, I’m close,” he sobbed, tearing into me even harder.

I rubbed his ass with my hands and even dared to stick a finger in.

“Oh, GOD!” he cried. “Oh yeah, baby, please! Harder!”

So I started fucking his tight ass with my finger as he fucked my tight pussy.

I began to feel like it couldn’t go on anymore or I’d pass out when I began to have the greatest orgasm of my life. I could feel the tightness in his balls and knew he was about to cum, too, which sent my orgasm over the hill.

“Fuck, I’m cummiiiiiiing!” he screamed, working his dick ferociously into my cunt.

“Me, too, baby!” I cried back.

His cum shot into me at full speed. I had never ever been so filled up before.

“Yeah, shoot your big load into me baby. Give me more!”

I clenched my pussy on his still hard dick and managed to extract even more of his precious goo.

“I can’t stop!” he moaned, still humping me like there was no tomorrow.

Another mind shattering orgasm rocked through my body.

Finally, he pumped his seed into me for the last time.

“Baby, that was… amazing…” he said as he started putting his clothes back on.

I smiled back at him as I worked my thong back on. “Yes, it sure was.”

“Has your opinion changed? Have I succeeded?”

I strutted over to him and put my arms around his waist. “Fuck yes, you have. But I do think I might need a little more convincing later on tonight…”

He smiled at me. “Yes, well you can meet me back here when I’m done with my meeting. I think you’ll be convinced after that. I’ll have a lot more time to convince you.”

I smiled at him as he left the classroom. I glanced around, realizing every time I came in here for class I’d be reminded of our amazing fuck session. I reached down to my pussy which was still wet from both of our juices. I thought that I might even have to convince myself… maybe sometimes even during class.

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