Big Race Pt. A – Hitch

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This is just a one off story that is off to the side of another series I am writing about the guy who takes first place in the race described here. No one in this story is someone you know, they are all made up. All the cars are made up, the people, the animals. This is fiction. It is for fun. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do.

Please vote and comment to let me know how you feel about the story. Your comments help me get better and votes help me understand those that don’t comment.


There is a long stretch of road, about 250 miles, between Sidney, Montana at the North Dakota border and Lewiston, Montana around the middle of the state. In between, there is a whole bunch of nothing at all. Oh sure, there are a couple towns with a horse, maybe a filling station, a convenience store OR a motel. None have any two of those. It is also a whole bunch of nothing to look at and a prime candidate for white line fever. I thought about just stopping in Sidney, bite the bullet and get an extra hotel and lose my hundred dollar deposit on the hotel in Lewiston. It was 9PM when I pulled into Sidney, about three hours behind where I wanted to be. I was in the middle of a cross country road rally. A test of endurance and planning. It had started in Boston and you had to hit certain checkpoints. I had just left Sidney, perhaps thirty miles outside of town when I saw a motorcycle happily burning by the side of the road. About 20 yards further down the road was a chick in jeans, chaps, tee shirt and leather vest, with long black hair and a pack, hitch hiking. I pulled off and stopped and she just climbed in, throwing her pack in the back seat.

“Thanks for stopping, sugar. Let’s book,” she said.

“You don’t want to know where I’m going?” I asked.

“Next stop on this road is Lewiston, over two hundred miles from here. There are no turnoffs and nowhere else to stop.” she said. “Besides, that ass hole that owns the bike could roll up any time. This thing looks fast, punch it.”

I was a little flabbergasted but shit, I was three hours behind, putting me an hour behind my sponsored slot. It was desired that I finish between third and tenth. I was in fourth before the blowout that cost me three hours. Now I was in twelfth place.

“Look babe, I’ll make it worth your while, if you just go, go, go,” she said.

“Buckle up,” I said and didn’t move until she did. I didn’t peel out, useless waste of tires, but inside a mile I was up to one hundred forty. She grabbed her bag and pulled out what looked like a dress and some ankle boots. Then she tossed it back and pulled off her shirt. I swerved just a bit in shock and she looked over at me.

“Keep your eyes on the road sweetheart,” she said, “You can look and touch later.”

The radar detector went off about twenty miles further down the road and I slowed to seventy five while she removed her chaps, boots and jeans. Then she slipped the dress over her head and unbuckled long enough to get everything in place, then buckled back up. Suddenly, there was a hot young sexpot in my car and I pushed back up to one forty as the radar was lost in the distance. I popped the extendable spoilers and pushed up to one fifty-five.

“Damn, nice car. Where you headed?” she asked.

“Seattle, eventually,” I said.

“Oh yeah, the road rally, that’s this week.” she said. “What place you pulling?” I could see someone ahead, running fast as well.

“Looks like I will be in eleventh when I pass that guy.” I said, “Fucking blew a tire earlier. I was in fourth at the time.” I pushed the engine a bit harder, getting close to red line, until I was at 160. “Looks like 160 is it.” I didn’t turn or blink, “I’m Buck, Buck Lewis. What’s your name?”

“They call me Mae, like Mae West,” she said, “But when we get to your overnight, if you say you’ll take me with you, you can call me Will, like in sure will.”

“That’s a bargain,” I said, “I’ll take you with me, you put out, do what I want, when we stop.”

“You bet honey,” she said, “Damn, you’re catching it pretty good.”

I backed off the engine to 150. The yellow Impala in front of us wasn’t doing more than 125 and I rolled past easily. I checked my gas, Still close to target, within tolerance. Oil pressure was still good, engine heat not bad. “Nice, first time I ran her that close to redline, she’s doing good. Nice to see my work has paid off.”

“Did you do the engine?” she asked.

“I bored it out, added a performance package, squeezed out and extra five horsepower.” I said.

“Nice, your hands don’t look like a grease monkey’s,” she observed.

“I use a special mixture to clean my hands. It removes excess skin and dirt. Then when I slip my fingers into your pussy there won’t be any grease left behind.” I said.

“Ooo, a wicked man,” she said, “I like it.” she yawned and shook her head, “If you don’t mind, I am going to nap a bit, I’ve been up for almost twenty hours. I’ll wake up when you slow down, I sleep light.”

“Go ahead,” I reached back and got a Dr. Pepper and drank it for the caffeine. The three hour drive took about two, mostly because I had to slow for another speed trap. She sat up, “Well, only two hours bahis firmaları behind schedule and I passed another. So, I am in tenth. I can pass a few more and head for Great Falls, the next check point, or pull in for sleep now. We have the mountain passes to go, and then Washington state which is notorious for terrible roads, hard passing and wild fires this time of year. I am also two hours behind on sleep schedule. Stop or go on?”

“I’d say go on,” she said. “You shooting for first place or are you sponsored for a ranking?”

“Sponsored,” I said, “I can get in the race back to Virginia if I place higher than 3rd and lower than 11th.”

“I’d say go for sure then,” she said. So I did. I rolled straight on through and picked up speed to 130 on the run to Great Falls. We made it in about forty minutes. “Damn, the way you drive has me fucking hot as hell,” she said, “the car and your skill make those corners feel like butter on your skin. Feel,” she said and pulled my hand to her wet panties. “Find a hotel and fuck me, baby. It was so exciting, I need some cock inside me.”

I went to the checkpoint and the hotel. I checked in, took a copy of my check in to the check point room and did the biz, then headed to our room, way in the back and grabbed our stuff and went inside. She proceeded me and I grabbed her around the waist and lifted her. “Do you need the bathroom?” I asked and she nodded yes. I carried her in there, her back against me and made her wait while I peed, then I let her go and jammed my cock in mouth. “suck it bitch,” I said and started jamming myself in and out of her throat. She wiped and pulled her panties off instead of up. I grabbed her tits and pulled her to her feet. I pulled off the dress and grabbed her pussy, jamming three fingers into her. My other hand went to her ass and I pushed a single finger in there, then lifted her and carried her to the bed. I set her down and kissed her hard, then pinched her nipple hard as my fingers stroked her cunt. “You are a hot bitch. I’m going to enjoy this,” I said and pushed her head to my cock. “Get me wet.”

She drooled, spit and sucked my cock until I pulled her off and turned her ass to me. I bent her forward and pushed against her ass, “Oh god, slow baby, you’re big,” she said, her sphincter slowly relaxing.

“Open up baby, big dog’s coming in,” I said and when my head popped in, I just pushed until I was balls deep.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking fuck that ass!” she said as my fingers stroked, the heal of my hand pressed her clit and I began to stroke in and out of her ass. She was on her tiptoes and lost the touch of her toes, so I moved forward and let her put her feet on the bed. Her big tits were hanging there, so I grabbed one and squeezed it hard. She groaned and I started pistoning harder and concentrated on her G spot with my finger. “Yes, shit, fuck, damn, I’m gonna cum baby. Dump your seed in my ass your fucking beast. Fuck me hard and make a deposit. Oh, ughn, yes, cumming!”

Her ass started spasming around my cock and I lost it. I was at the edge one moment and the next I was spurting huge gobs of cum in her ass. When I was done, I pushed her down on the bed on her belly and said, “Don’t move.” I looked at the clock and called the main desk. “I need a wake up call for 6AM.” I said, “and send me three sandwiches, ham or roast beef, chips and milk with them. Send some kind of desert too.” I hung up and went back to the bed, “Roll over and show me your body.” I said with a slap to her ass. She had a fine looking ass and hot legs. Her pussy was bald and her tits were decent. She had a tattoo of a tiger head on her left shoulder and a yellow jacked on her right shoulder blade. I grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her to me. I kissed her. “You’re damn fine looking. I am going to keep you for a while. Now, food should be here soon. I don’t dress for peons delivering food. That occasionally leads to someone coming in. If that happens, you will do exactly what I say, when I say it. If not, you’ll still do what I say when I say it. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” she said, “I don’t have to call you master or daddy or anything stupid like that?”

“No, if you are out of line I will simply spank you.” I said, “adding master ain’t going to help you. Buck or baby or sir are acceptable. Also fucker works, though not mother fucker.” there was a knock on the door, “Now spread out so he or she can see you.”

“God yes, Buck,” she said and struck a sexy ass pose on the bed, dripping ass and pussy showing.

I opened the door and a lady was there with a tray of sandwiches. She looked a little shocked at my nudity but didn’t turn away, “Your sandwiches, sir,” she said and scoped out my cock.

“I will need at least six towels,” I said, “Go get them.”

“Yes sir, right away sir,” she turned to go.

“Just bring them in when you return,” I ordered.

“Of course sir,” she said and moved off. I let the door close.

“Do you have a see through nightgown or robe in that bag?” I asked Mae.

“I have a red wrap and a see through kind of bra,” she said.

“Put them on quick,” I said and she jumped to it. “Now to the table.” She moved to the table kaçak iddaa and I sat down as well as the door opened and the maid entered. “Put them next to the bed. What is your name?”

“I am Inez,” she said.

“You are related to the night manager?” I asked.

“He is the operator of the hotel,” she said, “I am his wife.” she had moved back toward the table and the door. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Yes, there is,” I said and stood up. I moved to her and continued, “I see that your husband has good taste. You are a very beautiful woman, Inez.” I was well inside her personal space and she simply stood. “Isn’t Mae beautiful as well?”

“Tha… thank you,” she said and looked at Mae, “yes, she is very beautiful as well.”

“But that isn’t what you want to look at, is it, Inez?” I asked and she shook her head and looked down at my cock. I was starting to rise up a bit as she watched. “If you take off your top, it will get bigger.”

“I shouldn’t,” she said and started to turn. I took her hand and placed it on my slowly growing member. She stopped and wrapped her fingers around it.

“Exciting isn’t it,” I said and she nodded. I ran my hand over her arm and she began to slowly pump. “It needs some lubrication, I’m sure Mae’s pussy is still soaking. Get some pussy juice from her and rub it on my my cock, Inez.” Mae had stood at my gesture and spread her wrap and legs. Inez reached and opened Mae’s pussy receiving a great deal of moisture which she spread on my cock “Mae is going to undress you now, Inez. Then I am going to give you what you want. But first, you have to say please,” I said as I moved my mouth inches from hers. She looked at me, at Mae, down at the half erect cock in her hands.

She looked back and said, “Please,” in a whispery breath and I kissed her. Mae took off her clothes to reveal a young, sexy woman with a fine body and dripping pussy.

“Sit on the bed and take me in your mouth,” I said and she scrambled to obey, “Mae, latch the door.” Inez took me in her mouth. She was not the best cock sucker, but she had enthusiasm. “Oh, you are a slut aren’t you?” I asked as she pushed me into her throat and she nodded. I pulled her off my cock and took her mouth with mine. I laid her back and spread her legs, her stockings and heels tucked up and apart. I slapped her ass and pushed into her. She groaned as I began to fuck her, each stroke in a slam, each pull back slow. “You are going to learn to lick pussy like every good slut now,” I said and her eyes went wide.

“I cannot do that,” she said and I pulled out. She whined, “I don’t have attraction to girls.”

“Then you can go,” I said as her gaping pussy stared at me.

“Please, don’t send me away,” she said.

“Then you will do what I say,” I replied.

She turned to Mae, “Let me eat your pussy please.”

I shoved back inside her as Mae straddled her face. We fucked her for about a half hour until she brought Mae to an orgasm and I pulled out and dumped my cum in Mae’s mouth. She swallowed and kissed me. I got to taste some of my cum on her mouth. I pulled Inez to her feet and we all moved to the table where I had her kneel beside me.

“You have a wonderful pussy,” I said, “Why are you fucking me instead of your husband?”

“He is a wimp,” she said, “He has a tiny cock, grovels for the guests. He is not a man. I need a man, with a monster cock like yours and someone who can command me. Take me with you. I will service you both. I will be the perfect cum slut for you both.”

I looked over at Mae and she shrugged, she didn’t care either way. I looked down at her, “I tell you what. I have a wake up call at six o’clock. You come in the room at 6:05 with breakfast. Scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, milk, pancakes and a big glass of pineapple juice, for all three of us. Be packed and ready to go. Wear something that shows off your assets, I really like legs and asses. We’ll eat and I’ll take you with me until I get bored or you displease me.”

“I will be here,” she said, “And I will keep you and Mae excited for a long time, Buck.”

“Go now, we are going to sleep,” I said.

“Of course, Buck,” she said and came to me I kissed her gently.

“Tell your husband no. You only fuck when I say it is okay.” I said as she left. We finished the sandwiches and I called and left a message on a voice drop. “I have one for you, a submissive, pretty. Spokane, tomorrow around 11-12, the usual spot. Wait for me, I will be in a rush. Have cash.”

“You’re going to sell her?” asked Mae.

“Technically, I’m only renting her out. If she is really good, they’ll give her back in a week. Otherwise, they’ll keep her and train her to be really good.” I said. “Don’t worry, you are not on the current type list. Beside, I want to use you a lot. We have about five hours, sleep or get fucked first?”

“You’re driving, whichever you want,” she said, the perfect answer.

“Then come lay with me. I need the sleep.” I said and we lay down, “Have you ever considered a long term relationship with someone you barely know?”

“Not until now,” she said, fudging just a bit.

“Stay in the bed until I wake up, baby,” I said. And kaçak bahis I went to sleep. It took me years of working on it to be able to do that.


I woke at fifteen minutes before six. She was still laying next to me, holding me. I lay her over on her back and stroked her pussy for five minutes until she got juicy then rubbed some saliva on my cock and mounted her. Her eyes flew open as I started fucking her. Her hands were above her head grasped in my left hand. “Good morning, my bitch.” I said and kissed her hard, jamming my tongue inside her. She rolled with me and I pulled up one of her legs and fucked her hard. “You’ve been good. Where you want me to cum, pussy or mouth?”

“Cum in my pussy baby, fuck my pussy, god what a way to wake up,” she said, “fuck me baby, you feel so good.”

“You want it in your pussy, you got to cum first, that’s the rule. Otherwise, I use your mouth,” I said.

“Let me grab the headboard, then pull my other leg up too,” she said.

I released her arms and she grabbed the headboard. I pulled her right leg up and started pounding her G spot with my strokes. “Yes, you are hot. I’m going to enjoy doing this for a long time,” I said as I felt her pussy constrict around me. She jerked and came, trapped in place by my body and her position.

“God, cumming baby, use me, use me to make you cum, fuck me!!!” she cried and I splurged into her pussy, my head pressed against her cervix. “Damn, damn, damn!!!” She came again. I pulled from her and sucked her pussy, pulled my cum into my mouth then sharing it with her. “Oh fuck that’s sexy.” she said, “and you taste better than any man ever.”

“Tell me,” I said, “Do you have stockings, shoes and panties for that outfit?”

“I do, baby. Want me to wear them today?” she asked.

“No, tonight though, you will. We are ten hours from the finish line and I am back in fourth place.” I said, “So, tonight, we’ll go get a couple steaks or seafood. I have a finish line hotel reservation, the Hilton. I’m going to fuck you until you pass out.”

“Ooo, that sounds good, The toy is here,” she said.

Inez wheeled the cart in and closed the door. She was wearing a miniskirt and tube top with a small jacket over the top. Three inch heels lifted her and shaped her legs. “Come here.” I said and she came over. I turned to Mae, “go eat, baby.”

Inez stood next to the bed quivering, “Is this outfit good, Buck? I wanted to be sexy for you.”

I stood up and pulled the jacket off her shoulders but left it on her arms. I bared her breasts and pinched her nipples at which she groaned. I pushed her skirt up to see she was wearing panty hose, no panties and a small hole torn to access her sex. I shoved my fingers in her. She was soaked. “You want me?”

“Yes, Buck, I want you,” she said and looked over at Mae, “I want you both.”

I turned her face to me and said, “Then suck me until I cum.”

She took it well this morning. I don’t know if she was just off her stride last night or what, but today, she did a good job. I pulled her hips closer and fingered her as she sucked me. She came and I tasted her. A few minutes later, I pushed into her throat and she choked, her throat squeezing my cock head. I did it a few more times and came in her mouth. “Share that cum,” I said and she started to head toward Mae, “With me.” I said and she stopped and came back. I kissed her and took most of what she had left. “Good, go eat.” I looked at Mae and made a kiss mouth then nodded toward Inez.

Mae stood and intercepted her, looking over her breasts, “You are cute. Good morning, my little toy.” she said then kissed Inez and drove her tongue into Inez’s mouth. Mae looked at me, “Do I get to play with her while you drive, baby?”

“Maybe a little, Mae,” I said as I walked to the table. I ate. When I was done I said, “Let’s go, bitches?”

Minutes later, still smelling of sex, I was checked out, hit the checkpoint and then we were on the road. Fifth place, someone left before me. No worries. The girls started in the backseat, I didn’t watch, but the commentary was good. Mae made Inez eat her to three orgasms then Mae fingered Inez to an orgasm and ate her to another before Inez was exhausted. Evidently she’d stayed up all night making sure she handled the instructions correctly. It was a shame, but she’d be happy with a dominant man who didn’t give a shit if she was married or not. And, for some reason, that seemed to be a line for me.

I pulled in and filled the tank with gas and hit highway 200. I ran the averages to Missoula, running close to a hundred miles per hour. A good portion was mountain roads and I made the girls remain buckled for that portion. We passed Missoula at about two hours forty minutes. I was running about a half hour ahead. I needed another half hour before Spokane to account for the stop. I had expected to hit Spokane at the five hour mark, we rolled in about four hours fifteen minutes. I hit a drive through and got us all burgers and fries then pulled in to a lot at the edge of town next to a van. We ate and I stretched. Inez came out with me while Mae waited in the car. I peeked in the van, then motioned for Inez to come with me. I opened the back and had her sit on the little stool. I hooked her arms in the ties, then her legs. I pulled he jacket off and opened the crotch on her panty hose more, finally revealing her tits.

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Discovering Her Cum Fetish

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


I get a text from the ex, “Am I bad at giving blowjobs?”

Weird question. The erotic memories flood back. She was always generous on the fellatio end of the relationship. But things didn’t work out between us.

“Of course not”, was my reply. Followed by, “Why?”

“Well this guy I’m dating usually stops me mid head to fuck me instead”, goes the response from her.

Interesting sharing of information, I thought. But now I’m curious as to where this conversation is going. I opt to console her.

“You’re actually really good at it. I still think about the first time you made me cum in your mouth.”

“When was that?” she types.

“Well you know, that time after watching the Stanley cup playoffs on tv? You took me to the bed room. We fucked and to finish me off, i laid on my back and watched you suck and stroke me. Then like a porno I got to see my white cum spurt onto your pink tongue.”

A bit of a pause. Did I get too vulgar and turned her off?

“Yeah, I remember that now. That was fun.” she replied.

I’m getting aroused now. So I press on, “You know near the end of our time, you gave me a lot of head. You are pretty good at it.”

She’s knows she’s got me hooked on chatting with her now. She continues with “I do enjoy it with you. But this guy I’m seeing doesn’t like it much. I made him cum the other day and he tasted sour. I just spat it out”

Poor guy I thought. I guess he’s missing out on some great blowjobs. You see, towards the end of our relationship, her medications were interfering with her achieving orgasms.

So at the end of our fuck sessions, she would ask to suck on my cock while she used her vibrator to get off. Picture her on her back, vibrator between her legs, and me kneeling by her head while she nursed on my cock. Often I would try to time my ejaculation with hers as best as I could. Sometimes i came in her mouth, but it doesn’t look as erotic as in pornos. Sometimes I would just pull out and spray my load over her lips. When she does orgasm, I would watch her face shudder in ecstasy, licking canlı bahis and tasting my semen on her frosted mouth.

And that’s how she loved swallowing my load.

But I was always too shy to ask for a facial. Getting head was a good thing, and I didn’t want to get called out for being a porno pervert. But since we’re broken up, and time has passed, I took a chance.

“Would you like to see if I still taste good?”, I typed back. “And at the same time practice your blowjob skills?”

A long pause now. The triple dotted text display feels like an eternity. “Will you give me pointers on giving head?”, was her reply.

Yes! Here we go. “I’m glad to help you out with that if you want. But I have a favor to ask though.” I gambled, “Would you let me record a facial on you?”

“Like how porn stars do it in the movies?” She typed. “I never knew you liked that kind of stuff.”

“Now I’m asking to do it. I want to see how you look with my load on your face.” I demanded.

An even longer pause. “Ok. When do you want to do it?” Was the reply.

We chatted more. She confessed that she has a BDSM fantasy. She wants to be tied up and dominated. Its all new to me and after a lengthy chat we arranged for a date at her place.

The days leading up to the date was excruciating. Its going to be my first time and if it was unimpressive, it could be my last time. I did the no nut November thing for the week, while wrestling with constant erotic thoughts. Like how I’m going to seduce her, acts I’m going to perform satisfy her, techniques to bring her to orgasm, what position she should be in while we record her taking my load. My thoughts at work centered on planning D day. I sent her a list of props to prepare, if she wanted me to fulfill her BDSM fantasy.

So the time arrives, and I knock on her door. A muffled, “It’s not locked. Just cum in.” was heard.

Don’t mind if I do. I entered, looked around the kitchen. Sure enough, the items I asked for are on the counter. I looked in the fridge, and sure enough, the things are there too. I gathered bahis siteleri the props and went upstairs to her room.

She was dressed in black laced lingerie and finishing up her makeup as I walked in. She smiled and approached me. It felt awkward. Its been a while since we’ve seen each other. We embraced and gave each other an awkward kiss. My awkward erection is pressed between us. She smiles and bents down, pulling my pants.

“Oh I missed you!” She admires my released cock. “Oh and he’s already dripping precum!” She elegantly holds my penis with both hands and guides my into her mouth. My ecstasy. She gives me a quick suck and a quick lick of the juice on my tip.

I cup her face with my hands and guide her up. I don’t say anything and roughly turn her around. Push her to the cold wall, and pull her hands behind. My foot forces her to stand with her legs apart. She gasps in excitement. I grab the ball of twine she bought. The rough abrasive kind, and tie her hands together. Once bound, I press my cock her hands so she can have a feel. Her fingers attempt to caress it. I breathe heavily behind her ear, kiss the nape of her neck and give a bite with my teeth before pulling away.

I find a pillow and throw it on the floor. “On your knees, woman”, I commanded.

She obeys and stays there. Eyes obediently on my cock. Her lips parted. She looks so gorgeous I thought. I feel my foreskin roll back, I’m so hard. I want to do more prepping but I can’t help myself. I bring myself to her mouth and she eagerly leans to meet me. She’s talked about getting mouth fucked with her recent partner. Here’s my turn to give that to her. I hold her head and begin thrusting my cock in her face. Throat pumping sounds is heard, I let go of her head and she continues to bob on my member. She is deep throating me like a porn star.

I stop this act and pull away, bending down to give her a deep kiss on her mouth. Tasting my salty juice on her. “Good girl. Thats a very good girl”, I complimented.

I searched around, found a blindfold and put it over her eyes. Then reached bahis şirketleri down a felt her wet quim. I have her stand up and her legs parted. She can’t see so I have her lean onto the wall. Now I kneel down and its my turn to taste her juice. I start with gentle laps on her pussy lips before lapping at her hole. Then I trace my tongue from her pussy to her clit, as firm as my tongue can. My fingers part her buttocks and fingers tease her anus.

Next I have her sit on a chair. Legs parted. I grabbed a steel knive and dip it in heated water. With the warmed handle end I teased her thighs and slowly make my way to her clit. As she’s getting teased, I kiss her breasts and nipples.

A few minutes of that and I switch to a chilled glass bottle of coke. It was something I saw in a movie, and I thought to try it out. She shrikes blindly at the cold sensation and I continued to tease her mound. Bottle slowly entering her.

Now I have her kneel back on the pillow on the floor. Unable to see, her mouth and tongue eagerly waits for my cock. But I don’t give it to her yet. I take a soft silk scarf and slip it between her legs, brushing against her engorged vagina. She screams, “Fuck! That feels good.”

Finally I slip her favourite dildo between her legs, tickling her clit. From her behind, I work my fingers in her cunt, until she shakes and shudders in orgasm.

Once she catches her breath, I untie her hands and her blindfold. She’s still on her knees and she opens her eyes to my cock and balls at her face. I’m past horny now, so I stroke my cock at her. “Stick out your tongue” I said and I squeeze out a big drip of precum onto her tongue.

I find my phone and turn on the camera to selfie mode. She takes it and begins filming whats to come next. She smiles at the camera and looks up at me as I masterbated. I lovingly hold her chin with one hand and stroked with the other. Pretty soon the first load blobs onto her top lip, she closes her eyes and my next squirt over her forehead, and a final load blankets her nose. I sigh at the final release. She looks over at the selfie camera and admires our work. She is beautifully covered with my sperm, mouth to chin. Pearly drops driping down her neck.

She hands me the phone and I hand her a towel. And this begins our erotic adventures.

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First Time for Rick

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


The senior student raced home and let himself into the house (his parents and older sister were at work). He changed into a polo and lightweight pants, clean socks and loafers and jumped back on his bicycle and rode to the Parkside Motel.

Unit twelve she’d said and it had been left unlocked.

Rick Brown took his bicycle inside and shut the door and turned on the TV and went looking for food.

Thirty minutes later substitute teacher Holly Spicer arrived and closed the door. Removing her sunglasses and tossing her carry bag on to the floor she said hi to Rick who was eating ice cream and watching an old Western on TV.


“When we made this arrangement I forget to ask about experience. You have done this before I take it?”


“Oh no. What experience have you had?” she asked the 18-year old.

“A couple of girls sucked me off at my birthday party a few weeks ago and I have my fingers into my aunt’s pussy two weekends ago.”

Holly sighed. “And you call that experience?”

“I bet you weren’t born with a dick up you?”

She laughed and said good reply.

Rick said, “When you grabbed my ass and asked would I like to come visit you I said yes because I wanted to get experience.”

“Another good answer,” Holly said, locking the door. She began pulling off her top and told him to turn off TV and get undressed.

“How much do I take off?”


He rubbed his chest and said removing everything would make him feel embarrassed.

“You should that thought about that before you accepted my proposal.”

“Well at that point all I could think about was tits and cunt. Will you remove everything?”

“Yes,” Holly said, casting aside her bra.

“Jesus look at how big your nipples are.”

“I know how big they are. Is your dick stiff yet?”

“No but it is erecting after I copped that look at your tits.”

At last they were nude, standing facing each other.


He said, “You haven’t grown any hair on your pussy. One of the girls I fingered had heap of dark black and smelly hair.”

Holly looked with satisfaction at the impressive size of his outstretched dick and then she read his face and said, “Now what?”

“Where’s the condom?”

She said he didn’t need one and he said he did so because he had no idea about how safe she was she probably she didn’t know either.

Holly said crossly she thought he wasn’t experienced.

“We have been taught sex hygiene at school. That’s why we go to school, to get an education. Although you teach history you should know that.”

Holly said yes he was quite correct and went to her carry-bag and dug into her handbag to retrieve a condom.

“I suppose you were taught how to roll these on at school?” she said sarcastically.

“Yeah,” Rick said, surprising her. “The girls were sent out and Mrs Hartford gave us guys a condom each but two Catholic boys refused to take theirs so she sent them outside. We then had to stand in a line and move up one at the time and roll our condom on to a greasy round piece of wood on a stand she had clamped to her desk. We weren’t allowed to keep our condoms.”

“Good god,” Holly said, walking up to Rick. “Here I’ll roll it on for you while you play with my breasts.”

“Don’t you approve of them being called tits?”

“I’ll put it on you while you play with my tits.”

“Won’t you require um foreplay?”

“No my strange conversation with you has made me quite moist.”

When Holly positioned herself on the sofa with one leg bent down on the floor and the other was thrown along the sofa, Rick looked at her big fat cunt approvingly and said, “Well that’s the biggest one I’ve even seen. You could almost drive a truck into it.”

Far from looking charmed by that comment, Holly sighed and said, “Please get on with it.”

She steered Rick in and soon she was fitted snugly around him.

“Do you jerk off?”

“No,” he said, embarrassed.


“Okay I do but please don’t tell my mom.”

“I don’t know your mom and won’t meet her unless you die during your disjointed effort of attempting to fuck me.”

“Oh sorry for my inexperience.”

“Thanks for saying that. Now just imagine my cunt is your fingers around your dick. Now you move in and out of me, using just hip thrust, and that action will move your dick up and down inside me.”


Rick moved twice and then froze and then went red about the face and chest.

“S-sorry. I’ve f-finished. I’ve just come.”

“No you haven’t finished. Lick my tits and suck my tongue while you resume thrusting and I’ll push back at you. The truth is at your age you probably can come at least six times per session of uninterrupted fucking.”

“Jesus can I?”

“Yes,” she said, whacking his ass. “Get going.”

Rick went home and had to push his bike up the Symonds Street hill that normally he pedaled up without too much effort. He was bushed.

“Hi mom,” he called, taking the passage to avoid going into the kitchen. “Make me a sandwich.”

“Get it yourself you lazy brat,” güvenilir bahis she said.

“I had detention… had to do 10-laps of the track so I’m sweaty… need a shower and to change.”

“I saw you cycle in and you weren’t in school clothes?”

“Oh it was casual dress day for er the top ten students in my class.”

“Oh darling, you have made top-ten. I’ll make you two lovely sandwiches.”

“Thanks mom, you’re top shelf.”

Rick checked his penis in the shower. No it didn’t appear ready to fall off as a result of excessive use. God Miss Spicer really had stamina and now he knew women really did sweat, or at least one woman did. He felt his balls and groaned, “Oh the pain. That bitch ground me dry.”

She was lovely though in helping him to achieve his first fuck. And then five more before he called time. Wow being into a fully-grown set of tits had been fantastic. It was a pity she’d told him she didn’t wish to have sex with him again, that she’d find someone more experienced. He didn’t offer names.

As he soaped his very redden dick gently, Rick wondered why he’d thought the big tits had been fantastic. They were still skin and fat like small tits. He guessed it was an emotional thing, like why do some girls give you a hard-on just by looking at them whereas others seem incapable of stirring your limp dick? . He couldn’t believe the way Miss Spicer had tightened around his dick when she was ready to come, just using her cunt muscles.

Holy fuck.

She’d been very good really, even giving him explicit instructions on how to lick and suck pussy and what to do with a couple of fingers.

Walking out to the kitchen, showered and freshly dressed, Rick wondered whom could he fuck now that Miss Spicer was no longer available to him. He saw his mom bent over the over attending to dinner and noticed the white flesh above her stocking tops and his dick tiredly stirred and began to erect itself. He reached into his sweat pants and pulled it straight so that it would be less noticeable and almost gasped; his dick wanted to stroke into his mom.

Gee how nauseating.

Eating his sandwiches Rick looked at his mom and thought if his mom was sexually unattractive to him what about Dylan, his sister? Yeah she had three years on him and he’d heard she was sexually active. He hoped that rumor meant she was active with guys, not girls. She rarely brought a guy home. He concluded it would be a great idea to fuck her till she was sick of him and them and he could ask her to steer her friends his way, putting in some good words about him.

Two nights later Rick noticed his sister head off from watching TV, probably to the bathroom. He gave her a couple of minutes to get on to the john and be piddling and then went after her. If she were caught piddling she’d be so embarrassed she would freeze and listen to his proposition.

Rick went into the bathroom to find Dylan crouched on the bathroom floor with her panties tossed in front of her and she had her whole hand up her cunt.


“Eeek, get out of here you creep. Get out, get fucking out of here,” she yelled.

He scuttled back to the TV room, not opening his mouth except to suck in extra oxygen.

Dylan returned to the TV room. By then his mom was checking on the roast and his dad was fetching drinks.

Rick cowed as Dylan approached him.

She grabbed him and hugged him.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you like that darling, it was shock at having my privacy violated.”


He said shyly, “God I couldn’t believe you can get your entire hand up… er… it?”

“Christ Rick please don’t tell mom or dad.”

This was it. He pounced. “I won’t if you let me fuck you.”

“No way you creep. No fucking way,” she hissed and then appeared to think of something.

“You have had experience I take it?”

“No I’ve never fucked a female,” he lied.

“Then who or what have you fucked?”

“Only my hand.”


“Dylan I feel if I scored with you that would give me the confidence to go out and fuck into new territory.”

“Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, imagine what fantastic service you would be doing for me?”

“Okay deal, one fuck and you keep your mouth shut about me fisting.”

“Oh is that what it’s called?”

“God you don’t know anything?”

Rick smarted over than wildly inaccurate claim. He snorted and said the deal was five fucks. Dylan looked mad and said no way, three. He agreed and they slapped hands to indicate that was a done deal.

Fucking your sister is more difficult that one might think. With a mother always on the prowl and a father capable of hearing through walls, it was a matter of when and where meaning location; Rick knew where to put it. The smartest way to have it worked out would be to ask Dylan.


She said their father would be taking their mother to a Rotary Club dinner on Monday evening.

“Okay by me. Is Monday clear of your monthly cycle?”

Dylan eyed him and decided not to create a scene over that and said yes.


She said in Rick’s bed türkçe bahis because she didn’t want her bed messed up and the room smelling like a brothel. She knew he’d ask how did she know what a brothel smelt like.

“How do you know what a brothel smells like?”

She said creatively, “Because I work in one to boost my spending money.”

Rick was absolutely floored and still hadn’t said anything when their father came in with the drinks.

One Monday night when their parents left Rick jumped up and said, “Come on.”

Dylan said to sit down and keep watching TV. “Give mom at least ten minutes to remember she’s left something behind.”

Six minutes later they heard the car come up the drive and Patti raced in and called out, “I’d forgotten my comb and lipstick.”

“Have a good time mom,” Dylan said in a honeyed voice.

“Thank you darling and what about you Rick,” his mom called, returning along the passage.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“And the same goes for you young man.”

They heard the car go off and Dylan said, “Come on but leave the light on here just in case.”

“Have you got condoms?” he asked.

“Why are you asking me?”

He stopped walking and said it was the women’s responsibility wasn’t it?

“Jesus Rick, don’t you know anything. Grab some of dad’s.”

“There might not be large enough.”

“Ha-ha,” Dylan chortled and said he wouldn’t need them with her because she knew where she’d been and as Rick had never been in a pussy he’d be clean.

Rick swallowed now knowing what his gran always said was true: that if you lie you get caught out.

He walked into his bedroom and said, “What now?”

“You undress me, talking to me gently… I mean saying nice things about the color of my bra, you like my perfume and I have a really neat figure, that kind of thing.”

Rick unbuttoned her shirt and got it off and then said, “I don’t know what color this bra is?”

Dylan sighed.

Then Rick said, “Which perfume do I talk about, the stuff you spray on or the smelly perfume coming from between your legs?”

Dylan sighed very heavily and said forget it.

“I’ve goofed haven’t I?”

She just sighed.

“You have great tits… um the best I’ve ever seen although I haven’t seen many although I see them when watching DVDs.”

“Why thank you. That’s a real comment. I’d like you to be a bit rough but don’t really hurt me and don’t mark me.”

“Can I kiss you now?”


“And suck your tongue?”

“Yes but who told you about that?”

Rick lied: “One of the guys was talking about it.”

They kissed and petted and Dylan appeared surprised he got her worked up. He removed his shirt. She unbuckled and unzipped him and dropped his pants and then bent to pull down his briefs and in doing so came face to face with his erection.

“Jesus how come you have a dick this big?”

“Dunno it just grew.”

The greatly impressed Dylan asked if she could suck it and was told yes, that she was welcome to really slurp it.

After she tired of that, surprised that her virgin brother hadn’t already shot a load, Dylan pulled Rick on to his bed and then introduced him to a sixty-nine. It excited him to be licking her and sucking her flaps while at the same time feeling her mouth acting like a cunt on his dick. He came, hugely.

“You asshole,” spluttered Dylan and yelled for one of the towels she’d brought into the bedroom.

“What did I do wrong?”

“You shoot into the mouth of a slut but not into the mouth of a lady,” she contended.

“Well what’s the beef then? You told me you worked as a prostitute to earn more spending money.”

Dylan sighed and said that had been a lie to tease him. She continued spitting.

They had sex but it wasn’t very good because she was such a moaner and lay as inert like a pillow while believing she was contributing to having sex. She was surprised, although greatly relieved, when her brother said just the one bout of sex was enough. He’d keep to his side of the bargain.

“Have you decided you don’t like having sex?” she asked and Rick just shrugged.

“Well it doesn’t surprise me the way you jump about with all that panting and licking and attempting to drive your dick through to my backbone. You didn’t have a chance of experiencing the wonders of placid sexual togetherness.


She went off and Rick opened all the windows and tied a knot at the top of his condom. He had plans to drop it on to a nasty classmate’s seat at school next day. She was such a mean-minded and disruptive bitch.

As for Dylan. She continued on happily with her latest boyfriend who was unhurried when having sex, his dick was thin and they often fell asleep when they were doing it. In comparison she thought her brother would never hold on to a girl for long because he was wound-up like a jack-in-a-box and would appear bent on driving her through the bed headboard.

* * *

After his disappointing time with his sister, Rick lost most of his interest in dating females for sex. He much preferred hanging out with güvenilir bahis siteleri the guys watching cool cars go by and congregating in video game parlors ignoring no smoking signs and popping any pill that was handed around.

He assumed he was in the period he’d read about called misspent youth.

The females he dated were in his age group and it was his luck to strike lethargic females who didn’t wish to be stirred up too emotionally, didn’t suck and complained he was too big, that he might stretch them.

He contention why did they think elasticity was built into their cunt didn’t go down well and the reaction was even worse when he’d pressed on, “Well if you think my dick is too big for your pussy you best allow me to shove it up your butt.”

He failed to understand why he was accused of being uncooperative, arrogant and insensitive and absolutely disgusting.

Rick would always remember that summer before he went to college because of the wild parties, hanging out with the guys and gaining the reputation for having the fastest fingers and reactions of anyone at his favorite video game parlor. It was the sex that would become forgettable that summer. He knew hot females around his age with fast-moving butts existed but it appeared other guys had gotten in ahead of him

He left for college feeling he’d yet to experience his first thrilling fuck.

In his sophomore year, a dark-headed beauty call Jodi Marsh invited Rick home for Spring Break. His mom told him to accept because they were having the house renovated and she’d rather have him out of the way instead of being a nuisance and telling the plasters and painters what to do and to work faster.

Jodi’s mom was away for the first two days, conducting a leadership training course for a bunch of church people and Rick was happy about her absence, not liking the sound of a holier than thou mom telling him to get his feet off the sofa.

Charlie the father was okay. He ran a hardware business and initially Rick thought Charlie hadn’t taken to him, which was a shame, but they were watching TV together just before dining on pizza when Rick said, “Would you like me to fetch you a beer Mr Marsh?”

“Yes please son. Do you drink beer?”

“God dad he’s a complete pisshead, usually last man standing if there’s still beer to be drunk.”

“Oh ho,” Charlie said. “Go get ’em Rick. Say why don’t you call me Charlie?”

Well that had things looking good and Rick noticed Charlie hadn’t scolded his daughter for taking the Lord’ name in vain. It looked like Charlie was okay; pity about his wife.

Hot-pussy Jodi was riding Cowgirl but flopped off.

“What’s wrong?”

“That’s mom’s car coming up the driveway. She’ll check on me. She doesn’t mind me having sex but if she thinks I’m sleeping with you she’ll ball me out.”

“Well keep your eyes open so if she checks in here she’ll see you’re not sleeping.”

“Oh funny boy. Good night.”

It was Charlie who was balled out for being drunk asleep in front of TV.

“The kitchen is in such a mess.”

“Rick and I did the dishes.”

But that was not good enough for the shrew. She yelled, “Well the refuse has not been put out, there are finger marks on the glass door of the cooker, the extractor was not used when whatever you were cooking was burnt and the cat hasn’t been fed. I’m very disappointed in you Charlie.”

“Well you shouldn’t have married me.”

“Well you’re not that bad. Go to bed. I’ll sleep in the guestroom.”

“Aw Pearl, I was really looking forward to getting it.”

“Well too bad. You are being punished.”

Rick turned over and thought who’d want to marry that woman, any woman in fact?

Light burst into the bedroom and Rick fluttered his eyes open.

“Hi Rick, I’m Jodi’s mom. Call me Pearl.”

“Good morning Mrs um Pearl.”

“Oooh Jodi had told me you were quite well-mannered. What are you staring at?”

“Your breasts.”

Jesus he didn’t know why he’d said that. Well she appeared to have a great body.

“Um because so many women have breasts the size of tennis balls. Yours are big enough to make you look all woman.”

She appeared dumbfounded. So he recklessly too advantage.

“Come closer and give me a feel.”

She shuffled forward a few steps but stopped short of him.

He reached out a hand.

She hesitated.

Rick balled his fingers and waggled them.

Staring at him and appearing almost in a trance, she moved forward, placing a breast into his palm. He squeezed and she breathed, “Oh god.”

He withdrew his hand and said, “I really didn’t think you would do it.”

“I surprised myself. I must be insane. If you ask to touch my pussy I’ll kill you.”

He laughed and she smiled expansively.

“Breakfast is almost ready,” she said and left without looking at him again.

The others were in the kitchen that, he had to admit, did look cleaner and tidier than he’d seen it before. Charlie said hi and Jodi gave his cheek a peck, just like she would her er grandfather. So she wouldn’t mind if he tried to ball her rather interesting mother?

He knew not to try to answer that thought.

“Well it’s 9:10 on a Saturday morning,” Pearl said brightly. “Charlie you have tee-off at golf in two hours so how do you other two intend spending quality time with me?”

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First Time MMF

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Reading through the articles posted and felt I should post my own first experience having a MMF threesome with my girlfriend and my good friend.

It was a weekend, started out pretty usual way, hit the gym for an hour workout back home and into the shower. When I got out of the shower there was a text from an old buddy who had moved a couple hours drive away. He was going to be down and wanted to “play”.

I told him I’d be home and asked how he felt about maybe having another person present, my gf. He reluctantly agreed as nerves were getting the best of him.

From there I started prepping her. She had no idea I was bi and no clue he was going to coming over that night.

We hung around doing odd things and on several attempts from her to play… After running about for a few errands and a quick bite to eat, we arrived home and I suggested she have a glass of wine and take a nice warm shower.

I poured the wine, she got undressed and threw a robe over her. I sat and chatted with her outside the shower talking dirty and playing a little with her nipples and pussy.

My buddy would be down in about five minutes, doors unlocked, all the lights off he was instructed to quietly get undressed and lay on the far side of our king sized bed.

I poured two glasses.

I heard him come in while she was still illegal bahis in the shower. Asked her if she wanted a refill of her wine, she agreed. I went in the bedroom and made sure visibility was as close to zero as possible. I handed him a glass and ran my hand along the stiffening shaft and told him to be quiet and still.

I heard her come out of the shower, grabbed the other glass of wine and took it her. She stood, water droplets glistening off her body, in the shower drying herself. I put the glass of wine down, slide over to her and started to kiss her and slide my fingers down to her warm clean pussy. Slipping my fingers all over the outside of her lips and clit, rubbing softly while she let her body glide over them.

I slipped a finger inside her pussy, already wet now … sliding it in and out getting her warmer and wetter – then I slipped three in and pumped her pussy with my palm hitting her clit… as she began to moan, I pulled away and said let’s go to the bedroom.

Very inclined to follow me, I actually turned back and grabbed her wine glass letting her lead. We walked into the dark room and she layed down on the bed – dark enough not to see anything, you don’t realize how well you know your own home. I put the wine down on the nightstand, disrobed and layed next to her . . kissing her and sliding my fingers illegal bahis siteleri again to her wet pulsating pussy. I motioned for my buddy to move over closer and as he did he slipped his fingers next to mine and she gasped … surprised to find another man in bed with us I asked if she was okay with it . . . she told him not to stop …

After a few minutes of us playing with her pussy, my buddy got up and knelt next to her face. His cock is a little longer than me and wider. He took his cock in his hand and slipped it to her mouth. I watched her slowly take the head of his cock into her mouth, grabbing it with her hand and working the head in further.

With her eyes closed and mouth full of his now fully erect cock, I moved closer and put my face next to hers . . I grabbed the base of his cock and pulled it from her mouth and slipped it into my own … after sucking on him for only a few moments, he withdrew his cock and I asked if she was okay with this… she said it’s the hottest thing she’s ever seen before, grabbed his cock with hand and shoved it back into my mouth – she was stroking his cock while he pumped it in my mouth.

I then got up, slipped my own cock into her mouth and instructed him to eat her pussy. A nice clean, wet pussy where she loves having her pussy tongued and licked for hours.

I canlı bahis siteleri watched as my cock went in and out of her mouth and his tongue darted in her pussy, over the lips and over her clit … her moaning growing and growing until she came all over his face… He knelt between her legs and slowly worked his cock inside her.

After a few minutes I layed on my back and instructed her to 69 me. She readily climbed up and planted her pussy on my face. I had no need to say anything to my buddy, who worked his way over, placed his cock at the outside of her pussy and slowly worked it between her pussy and my lips.

I grabbed the base of his cock and helped him work it in her pussy while I licked and sucked on her clit, alternating between easting pussy and sucking cock was so erotic.

He began thrusting harder and deeper while she’d remove my cock from her mouth and tell him to fuck her pussy, fuck it harder …

He didn’t cum inside her and I purposely stopped what I was doing and started to get up. I layed next to her on the end of the bed and had him place his stiff cock between us, where we both began going up and down his shaft, taking his cock head in our mouths until he exploded in her mouth.

They both did the same to me and I came so hard my cum slashed from his mouth to hers.

We’ve done this now three times with him, better every time.

Now, she’s looking for a woman to have a MFF experience or a bi couple. All I know is, the echos of her telling him to fuck her go through my head over and over as her moans from the orgasm follow…

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Bigger is Better…

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Jennifer Sizemore was a nymphomaniac in training; a size queen that craved big dick. It wasn’t always that way.

Jenny was an all-American girl in high school. A petite 5’2″ and barely 100 pounds dripping wet, she was a district winning gymnast and cheerleader at Highland Park High School in Dallas. She had dated the football team’s starting QB and was one of the most popular kids in school.

Raised in a devoutly religious family, Jenny was a “good girl” in school. She remained a virgin until her senior prom when she finally gave in and let her boyfriend make love to her. Of course they had fooled around, she had even sucked his penis, although the thought of him cumming in her mouth was repulsive. To finish the job, she jerked him off into a towel. The stud QB had a bit of a quick trigger, and his six inches did little to satisfy Jenny on prom night.

She attended Oklahoma University, only too glad to say sayonara to her boyfriend who accepted a Division III scholarship to Podunk U in East South Central Nowhere. She gave up gymnastics in college when the coach tried to feel her up during tryouts; seems Jenny’s lithe gymnast body had matured nicely, her perky breasts just too much for the coach to ignore.

Jenny didn’t mind, between her school work and joining a prestigious sorority, her social calendar stayed busy. During sorority pledge week, the pledge master had forced the girls to watch an all night marathon of XXX films. Jenny had never seen porn and the non-stop sexual action had her feeling things she had never before experienced. She was mesmerized by the big dicks each of the male actors sported. The women seemed to have non-stop orgasms, a thrill Jenny had never enjoyed.

She blossomed into an extremely attractive young woman and men were somewhat intimidated by the diminutive fireplug. She dated little, her few sexual encounters always leaving her unsatisfied. During a fraternity rush party her junior year, Jenny had a few too many glasses of party punch and ended up upstairs with a boy from another school. The boy was very aggressive and had Jenny’s shirt off and her bra undone before Jenny could blink an eye.

“Stop it,” Jenny screamed, as the frat boy worked his horny hands up under her short skirt.

“Come on babe, I know you want some of this,” the drunken coed slurred as he unzipped his jeans and freed his rapidly hardening member.

“No I don’t…” Jenny froze as the frat boy’s cock came into view. His dick was very large, instantly reminding Jenny of the porn movies she had seen during sorority pledge week. The big boner dwarfed her high school boyfriend’s wee wienie and Jenny suddenly felt the urge to grab the boy’s tool.

“Yea, that’s it baby,” the boy cooed as Jenny wrapped her petite hands around his massive girth, “Chicks can’t resist my Johnson.”

Jenny attacked the boys cock with insatiable passion, licking and sucking his dick like a woman possessed until he exploded in her mouth.

“Damn, babe, I’ve never seen a girl go to town like that,” the frat boy exclaimed, collapsing back onto the clothes strewn bed, his slowly deflating member still glistening from her oral assault.

Even as she enjoyed the salty taste of her first cum, Jenny was instantly embarrassed. What had come over her? She quickly gathered her shirt and bra, hurriedly leaving the filthy room. When she got back to her dorm room, she stripped naked, jumped in bed, and fingered her pussy furiously, thinking of the boy’s big dick as she had her first ever orgasm.

Jenny kept her new infatuation a secret. She ordered a large red vibrating dildo off the internet, and when she craved a big dick, she practiced deepthroating “Big Red”. In time, she learned to take the massive dildo’s full length in her tight pussy, several minutes of deep penetration sure to coax a mind blowing orgasm. She dated several guys throughout her college years; unfortunately she never met anyone to measure up to the anonymous frat boy or to Big Red.

After graduation, Jenny landed a great job in Chicago working for a prestigious advertising firm. She became engaged to a young lawyer named Brad, became involved in several charities, and slowly lost her attachment to Big Red. Brad had a rather average dick but Jenny convinced herself that average was OK. Brad was conservative, stable, had a good job, and her family liked him; everything a woman could or rather should want.

Periodically she would see a guy’s bulge in a tight pair of jeans or bike shorts and she would fantasize about the guy’s big dick, her pussy tingling and wet. Big Red was nice, but she had never enjoyed a real man’s steely flesh buried ball deep in her horny twat. Dreams of big dicked studs punctuated her nights, awaking drenched in sweat, her panties a wet and sticky mess. On these occasions, she found solace in her secret shoe box buried in the back of her closet; Big Red was always ready to stuff her horny twat and relieve her sexual tensions. And Big Red was low maintenance; spare batteries güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and a bottle of lube had him ready to rock her world till the wee morning hours.

One of Jenny’s favorite charities was Habitat for Humanity. She loved working with her hands, building houses for the underprivileged. Brad thought the idea a bit stupid; working under the blazing summer sun to build a house for a lazy welfare case. Jenny enjoyed working on her tan and admiring the hard bodied shirtless construction workers, muscles bulging as they hammered and sawed. She also loved the admiring looks and whistles the carpenters directed her way, dressed in a pair of tight cutoffs and clinging belly shirt as she sweated alongside the blue collar men.

Jenny made fast friends with a pretty blonde named Samantha on one of the Habitat projects. Samantha was everything Jenny was not; tall, well endowed, and very self assured. It wasn’t unusual for Samantha to show up on site in a pair of high heeled fuck me pumps, a dangerously short mini-skirt and a tube top two sizes too small. She didn’t do much work, but she was a real motivational mascot for the hard working men.

Jenny and Samantha would take breaks together and gossip quietly about the talent on the project, rating the men and giggling about their perceived pros and cons. One Friday evening, a new construction foreman arrived on site and Jenny was instantly smitten. He was tall, dark, and handsome, with a killer six pack and strong, muscular legs.

On their first break, Jenny approached Samantha, “What do you think of the new foreman? He’s just dreamy, isn’t he?”

“And hung like a horse,” Samantha laughed, seeing the look of surprise on Jenny’s face.

“Excuse me,” Jenny started, one of the few times she could remember being shocked at Samantha’s always outrageous behavior.

“Don’t worry honey, I haven’t fucked him or anything. He’s my twin brother. We shared a bathroom as kids and that boy never learned to lock the door. I can’t tell you how many times I walked in on him feeding the ducks, choking the chicken, beating his meat, or whatever silly euphemism the boys are using today for good old masturbation.”

“He’s your twin brother? Now that you mention it, I can sorta see the resemblance,” Jenny replied, her mind racing to process the news of the foreman’s oversized endowment.

“Based on that wild look in your eyes and your drooling mouth, I think it’s the news of his forbidden fruit that has your interest peaked. You like your boys big, do you Jenny?”

“Well, I, ummm, never really thought about,” Jenny lied. “It’s not the size, it’s what a man does with it, right?”

“Spoken like a woman that’s never enjoyed a pussy full of extra large man meat,” Samantha giggled. “Do yourself a favor sweetie, before you marry that prim and proper lawyer boy, try a real man on for size.”

As the break ended, Jenny found herself drawn to Samantha’s brother. She watched him closely and tried to imagine what lie buried inside his faded blue Levis. As the work bell sounded ending the work day, Jenny headed home to safe and secure Brad, fighting off visions of the foreman jerking his big cock as Samantha peeked through the cracked bathroom door enjoying the nightly show.

Checking her voice mails, Jenny sadly learned Brad had to fly out of town for work, ruining her weekend plans. After several glasses of white wine, curiosity got the better of her and she dialed the Habitat for Humanity work line, volunteering to work on Saturday. Lying in bed, it took all her restraint to keep her fingers off her wet pussy, her mind flipping between visions of her first big cock in college, her best friend Big Red, and the mystery of the foreman’s secret package.

She awoke early on Saturday, dressed in a pair of lycra bike shorts and a skin tight halter top and headed to the construction site. She checked the posting board to find her responsibilities for the day and was shocked to see she was paired with the new site foreman, helping to install drywall in the upstairs bedroom. Was it blind luck or did Samantha have something to do with today’s pairings? Regardless, Jenny was looking forward to some quality one-on-one time with Samantha’s twin brother.

She made her way upstairs and found the foreman on a ladder, taping seams, a pair of cut-off denim shorts and a tool belt his only clothes in the already sweltering summer heat. “Hi, I’m Jenny. I guess we are working together today.”

“Glad to meet you, Jenny. I’m Scott, Scott Peterman. This ladder is a little rickety, would you mind holding it steady while I finish up here.”

Only too glad to get the awkward moment of introductions out of the way, Jenny took firm hold of the ladder and forced herself to look every direction but up. Scott’s shorts were very revealing, and Jenny wasn’t sure she was ready for visually confirmation of Scott’s rumored endowment. As Scott completed his task and made his way down the ladder, he brushed up against güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Jenny. Her heart skipped a beat as she felt Scott’s big bulge rub against her buttocks. Was that really him or something hanging off his tool belt, like a giant Maglite flashlight, she wondered?

“Sorry,” Scott remarked. “It gets kinda tight on these job sites.”

The rest of the day was uneventful. Scott turned out to be a really nice guy and the two chatted comfortably as they worked. Jenny had numerous opportunities to admire Scott’s amazing body and took furtive glances at his crotch, imagining she could make out the outline of his magnificent tool as it swayed beneath his sweaty denim shorts.

As the day reached an end, Scott asked innocently about Jenny’s Sunday plans.

“No plans really,” Jenny replied. “My, uhh friend was unexpectedly called out of town. We were planning to go the beach, so maybe I’ll go work on my tan.”

“The beach huh,” Scott responded. “One of my buddies owns a ski boat and we are planning to go out on the lake tomorrow. You want to tag along?”

Jenny’s pulse raced. The thought of Scott in a wet pair of swim trunks, his big swinging dick barely concealed under the thin nylon made her pussy instantly wet.

“Sure, that sounds like fun.” She couldn’t believe she agreed to a “date” with Scott. Brad would totally freak-out. Oh hell, she thought, what Brad doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

They made plans to meet at the boat ramp on Sunday morning and Scott hugged Jenny goodbye, his concealed weapon leaving a lasting impression as it was squeezed tightly against Jenny’s exposed belly. On the drive home, Jenny couldn’t resist and fingered her dripping snatch as she tried to picture the big dick that only recently had been a thin swatch of denim away from rubbing against her horny body.

That night, Big Red came out of hiding and Jenny fucked herself senseless, the old cravings rekindled. A forgotten passion burned deep inside and she ordered the XXX channel on cable, watching well endowed porn stars fuck eager little starlets for the first time since her sorority initiation. Maybe Samantha was right; before she married Brad, she should try some big dicked adventure. Jenny fell asleep, a satisfied smile on her face, Big Red slowly humming, buried deep in her insatiable pussy.

Scott met his two buddies at the boat ramp early the next morning. “Hey guys, we may have some fresh tuna to initiate today. My sister Sam has been doing some recruiting and she scouted a little hottie with a thing for well endowed men. Jenny is a petite brunette, an ex-gymnast with a smoking hot body and the cutest little smile. She’s in her mid twenties but I swear she doesn’t look a day over 18.”

“Where did you meet her?” Marcus enquired, a slim, attractive black man with a striking resemblance to Denzell Washington.

“She’s volunteering on that Habitat for Humanity project I’m working on.”

“A charitable little slut infatuated with your big tool, huh?” Richie joked, a cross between Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High and an NFL offensive lineman.

“Oh I gave her a pretty good show yesterday on the construction site. She may be a little shy, but she never backed down. I’ll bet that girl frigged herself good last night after the tease I put her through. It must have been 95 degrees, but she was smuggling the cutest little raisins under her skimpy top. We may have to take it kinda slow with her, but mark my word, she’ll be begging for it before the days over. Just follow my lead boys.”

“A little bait and switch?” Marcus joked.

“You mean bait and snatch,” Richie interjected.

“Easy there boys,” Scott continued. “We’ll do a little skiing then you drop us off at Paradise Island. I’ll prime the pump then you two show up and join the party. I’ll have her ready to fuck the entire Chicago Bears after 30 minutes alone with me.”

Jenny arrived and the boys exchanged appreciative glances with Scott. Sam may have been the biggest tease in the Midwest, but she sure could scout talent.

“Hey Jenny,” Scott announced, “I want you to meet my buddies. This is Marcus, but everybody calls him Boomerang.”

“Boomerang? Are you from Australia?” Jenny asked, immediately put at ease by Marcus striking good looks and athletic body.

“Something like that,” Scott joked. “This is Richie but we all call him Beercan.”

“Beercan, huh?” Jenny smirked, “I guess you enjoy your brews.”

“Actually no,” Richie replied, “I don’t drink.”

Jenny was puzzled by his response, but seeing the three strapping young men in their baggy swim trunks had her libido working overtime and she was in no mood for intellectual riddles. As the boys loaded the boat, Jenny took off her t-shirt and shorts, revealing her tight little body and pert b-cup tits in a tiny yellow string bikini.

“Whooeee,” Beercan whistled. “That’s a hot little suit. You may have a tough time keeping that on.”

Never a big flirt, Jenny’s güvenilir bahis şirketleri wild side was taking over, “Who said I was planning on keeping it on?” she giggled, instantly embarrassment.

“I mean when you’re skiing,” Beercan replied, trying to diffuse the awkward situation while reaching down to adjust his already stiffening dick.

“Oh, of course,” Jenny replied, turning a bright red. “I’m not much of a skier. I’ll probably just lounge around and soak up some rays.”

Trying to change the subject quickly, Jenny noticed the name painted on the ski boat and asked, “So why did you call the boat BDC?”

The boys all chuckled and Boomerang answered, “It’s kinda a secret club. We could tell you, but we would have to kill you.”

“For the uninitiated, let’s just call it the Boating and Diving Club,” Scott responded, giving his pals a stern look.

“Diving? So you guys are divers too?” Jenny asked.

“You could say that,” Richie smirked, turning to his buddies and whispering “Muff divers, that is.”

As the boat was heading out to open waters, Jenny turned to Scott, “It seems like everybody has a nickname. What do the guys call you?”

“Northpole,” Scott replied.

“Why Northpole?” Jenny asked.

“I’ll show you later,” Scott remarked. Covering his tracks, he added, “You know, I’m very giving, kinda like Santa Claus.”

Jenny lathered on the sunscreen and kicked back on the tail of the boat to sunbathe. The boys took turns skiing. Each of them was very talented and impressed Jenny with their athletic skills. As much as she enjoyed watching them ski, her favorite moment came as each of them climbed out of the water, soaking wet, the thin nylon of their baggie trunks doing little to conceal the fat outlines of their big dicks. Had she hit the jackpot or what? Each of the boys seemed overly well endowed, certainly larger than any of the men she had ever been with and she had yet to see any of them hard.

After several runs, Scott mentioned he was getting hungry. Jenny had packed a picnic basket and Scott recommended they hit a secluded little beach he knew to enjoy their lunch. Richie and Marcus dropped the two near the shore and headed back out for a few more runs.

As Scott and Jenny splashed ashore, Marcus waved goodbye and shouted, “Save some for us,” as he grabbed his crotch with a knowing squeeze.

As they sped off, Richie turned to Marcus, “I think that little slut has plenty to go around. If its big dick she wants, she came to the right place. Did you see the way she was oogling our crotches? I thought she was gonna cum just lying there.”

Scott cracked open a cold beer and offered one to Jenny. “Do you want me to put some lotion on your back? It’s looking a little red.”

As Scott’s strong, practiced hands spread the suntan lotion on Jenny’s back, she began to melt. All the sexual excitement building since yesterday was bubbling to the surface.

“You know,” Scott began, ready to make his move, “This island is completly secluded. If you want to sunbath nude, nobody is going to see.”

Before she could respond, he stood up and announced, “Personally, I hate tan lines,” as he whipped off his wet trunks and slowly jogged toward the water.

Jenny sat up, mesmerized by Scott’s big, fleshy cock, swaying back and forth as he ran into the surf. It was beautiful. Even soft, it was much bigger than Brad’s hardest boner. His ball sack hung low and two enormous nuts bounced freely as he dove into the water.

As Scott resurfaced, he shouted, “Come on in, the water is fantastic.”

Jenny hesitated briefly, but as the thought of Scott’s big, beautiful package faded from view, she decided what the fuck, stood up, removed her bikini top and joined Scott in the water.

As she swam out near Scott, he remarked, “You have a fantastic body, Jenny. You must have men beating down your door.”

The only beating Jenny could picture was Scott beating his big dick as he jerked off in front of his sister Sam. “Not really,” Jenny replied, “I’ve had a pretty conservative sex life.”

Scott swam up close and hugged her, his rapidly hardening cock poking Jenny between the legs, “Well it’s about time for that to change.”

Jenny didn’t even try to resist, she reached down and grasped Scott’s pulsating cock, her hand barely reaching around his quickly expanding circumference. With her free hand, she grabbed Scott’s head and pulled his mouth against hers, her tongue exploring his as their bodies entwined.

“I want to fuck your big cock,” Jenny exhaled, unable to believe the filth her normally conservative mouth was spewing.

“Oh you will, baby, you will,” Scott replied, as he took her hand and swam back to shore. He picked Jenny’s small frame up and carried her to the waiting beach towel, fully aware the boys would be parked offshore watching the action through binoculars. Laying her down, he kissed his way down her wet body, pulled off her bikini bottoms, and buried his talented tongue between her horny pussy lips. Within minutes Jenny was squirming uncontrollably, Scott’s tongue taking her where only Big Red had previously ventured; the edge of orgasm.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed, “You’re driving me insane. Come here, I have to get my lips wrapped around that fantastic cock of yours.”

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Ember’s Toys

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Ember is a beautiful voluptuous woman, shorter than me at about 5′ 5″ with milky skin, bluish eyes that change to hazel or green with her mood, and long dark brown hair. After several children her B cup breasts have enlarged to a distracting D cup, and her hips flare out provocatively. Now in her thirties, she still has a great ass and legs, and smooth, soft skin. In short, she is most certainly my type – a curvy sex kitten that makes me hard when I see or think of her.

I like to think she has a hidden slutty side that I only see when I am lucky enough to get one of her professional blow jobs (she definitely knows what to do with a dick in her mouth) or when she occasionally completely abandons any pretense of propriety when absolutely turned on and becomes a wanton slut, just begging to be fucked. This is rare, as she is truly a lady most times. This is a part of her that I am privileged to see – exclusive to me.

Several years older, I am 6′ 1″, with a lanky build, blonde hair, and blue eyes. I have what is considered an about average penis, about 5″ long and maybe 1 1/2″ thick and probably like most men, wish I had something more.

After we had been together for a couple of years, she introduced a small egg or bullet vibrator to our bedroom experience, and despite my initial bruised ego, I realized that it was a fantastic enhancement for her pleasure. The bullet vibrator remained part of our foreplay routine for some time, making Ember moist and ready to clench down on me tightly afterward, and with it caught between us it would transmit delightful sensations.

Over the years we have gone to a couple of sex shops and even a sex toy trade show and we purchased replacements when the bullet died: a top rated bullet and a g-spot massager, both of which didn’t quite live up to their billing in satisfying Ember. Her main stimulation casino oyna to orgasm was clitoral, but I was looking for something to satisfy her with penetrative sex as well.

We ended up buying a 6″ realistic suction cup dildo only somewhat larger and thicker than I. When we got it home we tried it out; naked, Ember slowly lowered herself onto the dildo attached to a chair as I watched her wet pussy grip around its shaft. She then gave me one of her amazing blow-jobs, taking my throbbing cock between her lips. I think that I came almost immediately, and we soon transitioned to the floor for some one-on-one.

The dildo didn’t come out again for a week or two. It surprised me when it did; Ember and I had missionary style sex sometime later, I quickly blew my load inside her, and frustrated, she said “Fuck my pussy with the dildo and finish me!” I immediately grabbed it from the nightstand drawer and slid it fully into her glistening vagina as she laid sprawled back on our bed, legs open to receive it. As its balls bumped her clit, she moaned and my limp dick had suddenly regained its turgidity, and I pulled out the dildo, threw it aside, and thrust my cock into her hot slit. I hammered away until she bit her lip, grabbed the sheets, and moaned as her pussy clamped down on my hard pole, her beautiful breasts bobbing with my thrusts as she had an orgasm.

She is so hot, that watching her dress or undress, or when when she leaned over during household chores my eyes stared at her deep cleavage or round ass, wanting to take her, then and there.

I had to go out of town for work so beforehand I bought a rabbit type vibrator, a vibrating cock ring, and an angled mount for suction cup toys. Ember wasn’t overly impressed with my purchases at the time, although if I could keep from cumming right away, the vibrating cock ring provided slot oyna an improvement, massaging her needy clit as she rode my pole, grinding her juicy vagina against it until she shuddered and fell forward on top of me.

The dildo did get occasional use in our sessions, sometimes “warming” up Ember with a quick fucking while I teased her clit with my tongue. In fact, oral sex on Ember has been almost the only way I could be certain to elicit a really good moaning orgasm from her, and when she permitted it I would engage in a good tongue lashing before fucking her. She would usually follow up by straddling me and grinding her sensitive clitoris into my pelvic bone while I would grab her round ass or hips and enjoy her soft breasts swaying against my chest or nibbling a hard nipple in my mouth. This was one of our favourite positions – she enjoyed the sensations and taking some control, and I loved the access to the various erotic parts of her soft body, the amazing view of her breasts and her face concentrating as she rode, and the feel of her dominating me from on top. Ember rarely dominated in bed, and although it excited me tremendously when she did.

She didn’t actually use the rabbit until I was away and convinced her to send me naughty pictures. It quickly became a favourite of hers after that, as I had hoped, as the clitoral stimulation met her needs. The pictures blew my mind (and my load) all selfies featuring her in lingerie sucking or fucking her toys.

We had enjoyed our first dildo very much, but Ember had mentioned before that while it was very realistic in feel, it was somewhat too soft, and would be better if more rigid. As I had previously told her that I would love to see her play with a thicker dildo, I thought this might be a good opportunity to buy myself a birthday present. Some internet research turned up an canlı casino siteleri 8″ dildo, with a 1.75″ girth. I ordered the vibrating version as reviews described it as more rigid due to the mechanism inside. It arrived with some lube and I hid it away for my birthday. That evening after being out, we went to bed, where I revealed our new friend.

Ember examined it closely. I wondered what she would think; it was much thicker than our other dildo, thicker than I thought it would be, and I was worried what her reaction might be. However, she took it very much in stride, and said, “You will just have to get me very excited and wet tonight before I try it.” I made sure that I gave my maximum effort with my tongue and fingers to prepare her. When her pussy was glistening wet, I also lubed the dildo and slowly pressed the large head of this new cock against her vagina. She pushed back against its bulk and the head slid in; she moaned.

Encouraged, I continued to insert the large dildo into her wet pussy very gradually, turning on the vibration and watching her squeeze tightly around it and hearing her moan with pleasure. Finally, it was in all the way to the balls, and I began to thrust it in and out carefully so as not to hurt her. She was still making sexy whimpers and grabbed my raging hard cock in her hand, so I moved to lay beside her as she stroked me, licking her clitoris gently as the large dildo slid in and out, vibrating softly. She bucked her hips, riding the large dick, clearly enjoying the experience. She orgasm-ed quickly and intensely, gasping with pleasure, clamping her legs around my head, the dildo buried inside of her, and she quivered until she could regain control. I removed the cock slowly as she moaned from the tantalizing friction, and then slid my own cock into her wet pussy. It closed around me and I made love to her, quickly finishing myself.

Since that time, our large friend joins us from time to time, sometimes to carry on after I’ve left off, and sometimes as a complement to our fun. The other toys also make appearances, depending on the mood.

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Move over Aquaman, Superman is Here

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Most erotic stories start off with a description of the participants. The woman is described with lovely, if not large, breasts. She has a trim figure and cute ass. The man is described as tall, muscular, and well-endowed. Most of the time that is not reality, particularly so in my situation. The woman in our story, my wife of multiple decades, has large breasts, but they sag with age. Also, despite surgery years ago she is still significantly overweight. There is no cute ass, but multiple surgical scars.

As an aside I seriously considered divorce, but it was just too darn expensive. I will spare the details, but with alimony, child support, tax consequences, insurance, I worked out I would have 60% of my usual income. I live in a nice house, nothing fancy, but a divorce would meaning in cramped apartment paying more in rent than I do now in a mortgage. I like living in a nice house and besides my wife makes a great meatloaf.

Me, the man in our story, is of average height and average elsewhere. While I work out three times a week, muscular is not the first, second, or even third adjective one would use to describe my body. I am no male model, but have aged fairly well. Think a sixty year old version of Alex Trebek.

Because of her appearance, I am just not sexually attracted to my wife. What to do if not a divorce? I spent time on various porn sites. Besides reading stories, and chatting, I looked at many profiles. Most women claim size doesn’t matter, but if a woman has pictures of a naked guys in her profile, they are usually rugged looking men with big cocks. They don’t look like me, a middle-aged guy with a middle sized penis. I get it Aquaman beats Alex Trebek any day.

Like me, most average guys wish that had more than what Mother Nature canlı bahis gave them. All guys want the size and stamina of a porn star. Sometimes I wrote stories. In one story because of a bicycling accident I’m rendered temporarily impotent. In order to have satisfying sex with female colleague, I try a male strapon with great success. Years of an unsatisfying sex with m wife, with much nervousness, I actually bought a male strapon. I could make love to my wife without worrying that my dick was so turned off at what the eyes saw.

Testing the equipment:

There was a delay in shipping. For days and days I had to make sure I was home to get the mail from the box up the street. Our adult children still stop frequently, I didn’t want anyone to open the package up but myself. Finally, it arrived and I hid the package. It wasn’t until days later, when my wife was out of the house, I could examine and try on my purchase. I wanted to test the equipment and be comfortable with it before putting it in use. Guys are like that with new tools.

My supersize cock was purple. I did not remember ordering purple. I later checked the website that was the only color my model was sold in. I figured out the snaps and put it on. It was far more comfortable than I had expected. Naked except for my purple appendage I walked around the house. I strutted. I took a few pictures. I couldn’t wait to take it for a test drive.

“Oh My”

Late one Friday afternoon I secreted my new toy in the bathroom off the bedroom. That evening, my wife and I had some wine and watched a movie. After the movie, as is our routine, my wife went back to the bedroom, dressed in something than her usual ugly nightshirt, and lit some candles.

A few minutes later, I went into the bathroom bahis siteleri off the bedroom and slid my appendage on. As I stepped through the door, my wife exclaimed, “Oh my.” In the candlelight she thought it was the real me. She was most excited. Once under the sheets she discovered the truth. She did not freak out. We kissed and I fondled her. She enjoyed my attention on her large boobs. After a while my fingers went southward. First under panties and then with the panties off, I teased her clit and fingered her pussy. She soon lost her negligee as well. While she enjoys my fingers, I knew she was thinking about how my new purchase would feel.

I positioned her on the edge of the bed. I stood by the bed and put the head of the new me at her entrance, with her hand guiding me, slowly pushed in. The response was most favorable. A good squeal. I pushed on, slowly. Another half inch went it. She was feeling good, but scared. I pushed on another inch. She like what she felt so far, but said not to go any further. I was only a third of the way in. A snap popped. That was the sign we were done for the evening.

“I didn’t know the dress code”

About two weeks later, there was another evening with wine and a movie. I wasn’t particularly in the mood. After the movie, my wife went onto to bed. I fed the cat etc. and came to bed a few minutes later. Under the sheets, my wife was naked, and brilliant conversationalist that I am, said the obvious, “you’re naked.” To which my wife jokingly replied, “I didn’t know the dress code.”

She pulled out our purple friend from the bedside dresser. I put the purple me on. She stroked “me” as we kissed. I think it turned her on. I teased and licked her nipples. This went on for a while, sensing she was getting bahis şirketleri anxious my fingers drew southward. I teased her clit and began fingering her. I teased her some. She was quite wet with anticipation of something new.

Again, I put her on the edge. (Being as fat as she hasn’t been on top this century). I stood up facing her. The pretend me goes in, just an inch if that. Then, slowly forward, pause, forward, pause, forward and finally all the way in. My purple cock is all the way in. My wife was making “oohs” and “ahhs” I hadn’t heard since Clinton was President. I moved out, then back in. Slowly at first, but soon we had a normal rhythm.

We fucked like a real couple. She suggested doggy style. I declined, both because I didn’t want to be looking at the enormous ass, but also because I afraid, that with weight shifting on the bed, I could get serious hurt. We just continued with our rhythm, but then I give an extra vigorous thrust. She asked to stop. The next day she was sore really sore. I felt guilty.

Don’t forget the lube.

We agreed some lube was needed. Again I wait and wait for a package to arrive. It does but we have houseguests, so another week goes by. Finally, another Friday, without houseguests, rolls around. On went my purple appendage. The foreplay was much the same as before. The preliminaries were much the same as before. It felts weird to rub lube on my pretend dick, but I ignored the feeling. This time it didn’t take nearly as long to go all the way in. Now that she knows what to expect and things are slipperier, my wife was not afraid. She just laid back and enjoyed the experience. I was a porn star. I was Superman.

We were having a great time. Still, as I was making love to my wife with the pretend me, I wished I was looking at a Lois Lane instead of a before picture for a diet plan (actually most before diet pictures are even better looking than my wife). I wondered if my dick, unencumbered, will ever see the inside of a pussy again.

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Forced Twins Ch. 03

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And ChinkyNobody emerges from the fog, dishing out another Literotica story, while also pursuing many other creative projects.

Sorry. Been busy. I’m always making some creative project. This week, just been neglecting Forced Twins and had a few other things to get to.

But I can still make up petty excuses as to why I wasn’t working on Forced Twins. Skip this writer’s foreword if you want, but stick around if you’re cool enough.

First, I know people and try being realistic. It’s why Tae-wan was going to kill himself. Imagine if you had a beautiful sister who suddenly became “hot” to you, all because a bitch and her minions in school uniforms made your sister have sex with you and vice versa. The same happened during the Rape of Nanking. Japanese soldiers making family do things to each other that might feel good in the loins but make you shameful and guilty later. Your sweet mom might feel great while a gun and bayonet is aimed at your head, but there’s going to be sickening disgust somewhere.

Even if Tae-wan did have consensual sex with his sister, he wouldn’t just be ready to rip his own clothes off before diving into her wonderful warmth. Nope.

With these incest things, I think the brother would try being responsible if his sister was the one pressuring him for sex. Remember, if anything goes bad, such as Tae-hee starting to hate her brother, he can’t get into too much trouble if he was denying her any chance he could.

And I have a bunch of sisters and all the bonds I shared with awesome members of the “female persuasion” is always going to be more meaningful than my bonds with any bros of this world. So, I’m less willing to drop my pants and be a horny beast. There’s got to be a difference between lust and love.

I believe Tae-wan will warm up to his sister, like you warm up to a stranger after becoming their friend. Over time, that person loves you as much as Family Guy loves cutaways. And you love them back.

Tae-wan’s suicide idea: Come on. A bitch had footage(two videos of him having sex with his twin) and could expose their secret at any moment, like an unpredictable nuclear strike. So, there’s that AND your sister pressuring you to bang, which is what caused the mess in the first place. Doubt anyone could be a sister-banger and not commit suicide.

This story is as realistic as I try making it.

Don’t hate me. Or do. I don’t care. I just love what I do.

Didn’t know how to continue the story before, but I promise it won’t go unfinished.

And incest is a slow burn. An infinite birthday candle will take some time to burn alive that skyscraper-sized tower of humans super-glued to each other. No one will go, “Well, just woke up. Time to keep banging my sister and pretend the whole thing wasn’t forced, while there’s a bitch named Nam-yi who will use the forced incest, sex tape against us.”


Chill. And just know I got this. You just can’t be raw dogging your sis with no regret or restraint when you were forced to have sex with her, so you’ll be furious and suicidal and not wanting anything to do with her. You still love her.

Alright. Close all your tabs, except this one. Read on.

(and chapter longer to make up for being late *inserts another parenthesis set* despite me having no actual posting schedule. No incest included. Mainly posting this to let anyone who loves this story know I will continue it, and let them at least read another chapter of it. Next chapter will feature the female Park twin.

“Why so suddenly?” Chon Song-ju said to free spin Tae-wan as she held the love letter he wrote her, the two eighteen-year olds at school.

Tae-wan flashed her an confident smirk before saying, “Because I can do a lot of sudden things for you.”

Heat flowed through Song-ju’s cheeks.

She brought her hand to her chest.

Standing in the school hall in front of Song-ju, Tae-wan tried stopping his trembling fingers.

He had to bend Song-ju over a school desk and blast his cum into her pussy. If he did that, the last person who took his cum would no longer be his sister.

It would be a girl who was not related to him.

The incest-induced dread had given Tae-wan more confidence than a cult leader on a social media website. It was as if he could have sex with any girl he chose.

Once you have sex with your sister, all the other girls seem to have no barriers preventing you from slipping into their pussy.

Funny, what it takes to get girls.

Song-ju moved the love letter into her pocket, intending on reading it later.

“Wow. But I appreciate what you did for me. Kim Nam-yi is a-” Song-ju started saying.

“A bitch. And you need to be mine.” Tae-wan said before gripping the girl’s shirt.

He tugged her into the empty classroom nearby, all that without her consent. But it’s not like she would’ve resisted him anyway.

When his hand closed the door, a coursing, sweltering energy making him seem less like himself, Tae-wan slammed Song-ju against the wall, not caring if he made impaled her body with pain.

What Tae-wan did care about was claiming the bitch who had her back against the wall, marking her by letting cum explode from his cock and into her wet pussy.

Wet pussies made his mind fill with the time he had taken his sister’s anal virginity in the shower yesterday.

That made Tae-wan have a deeper urge to replace sex with Tae-hee with sex with Song-ju.

He needed to drive his powerful cock inside Song-ju. He longed for her warmth as much as falsely accused man longs to have his name cleared.

With Nam-yi possessing footage displaying Tae-wan having sex with his sister, the boy might as well have been in prison.

Pupils dilated, frenzied lust trembled throughout both teens’ bodies.

A boy willing to dominate with his hard, throbbing member he needed to unleash.

A girl-a new girlfriend-with a waiting, wet pussy.

A closed classroom door unlocked.

Tae-wan grabbed the back of Song-ju’s head, gripped her long, black hair hard.

“Tae-wan, wow! I didn’t know you were so-“

The boy mashed the girl’s lips against his.

He did that hard too.

That erupting lust continued trembling through Tae-wan as he retained the brutal kiss.

The bitch’s breasts smashed against Tae-wan’s chest when he yanked her against him.

They kissed like two actors rehearsing in a bad American comedy movie.

The aroma emerging from Song-ju’s hair had a strawberry’s scent.

It made Tae-wan more lustful, made him hurl his clothed erection against the bitch’s leg, the sister-fucker like an animal.

But Song-ju was not his sister.

She was free pussy.

Her own clothed pussy made contact with Tae-wan’s leg as he humped at her leg.

Song-ju broke the kiss, released an loud moan before wrapping her arms around Tae-wan’s neck.

He slammed his palm against her cheek.

“Don’t fucking hug me,” he said in a voice burdened with seething rage.

He pinned bonus veren siteler Song-ju’s arms to her sides, crashed his palm and fingers against her head, forced the bitch onto her knees.

“Take my cock out,” he said as a demand.

Tae-wan was no longer squeezed into an agenda by Nam-yi.

He had his beautiful, new girlfriend on her knees, about to take his cock out and please him.

The heated thrill rushing through Tae-wan was more immense than his domineering actions.

They weren’t in anyone hall window peepers’ views, but Tae-wan would not be in agony if they were. Free pussy in class with no care who sees is more important than worrying about your schoolmates catching you have sex with a girl as she’s bent over a desk.

Tae-wan intended on bending Song-ju over at some point.

Now, he had to focus on having a sweet, warm mouth sliding saliva against his cock.

As Tae-wan unbuttoned his white school dress shirt, Song-ju worked at freeing his cock from the boy’s pants and underwear.

Song-ju’s eyes widened when she trained her eyes on the free cock.

It throbbed in front of her face, already seeming as if it would erupt with cum. Tae-wan fought the urge to stroke his suffering member. Instead, he finished removing the shirt from his body before dropping it.

Tae-wan thrust back and forth, letting his cock jab the bitch’s face before retreating and starting the process over.

“Suck. It.” Tae-wan said, hitting Song-ju’s head with four fingers.

Each time Tae-wan throbbed, the more his urge deepened to be inside Song-ju.

It was torture.

After one last cock-against-face jab, Song-ju took inches of Tae-wan’s cock into her mouth at an slow pace. Her eyes formed wet tears. Wet, like her neglected pussy.

“Fucking whore.” Tae-wan said, wishing he could direct those words to Nam-yi.

Song-ju gagged, but she did not yank her head back to free her mouth from the powerful, saliva-soaked cock inside it.

She was a true pleaser.

On her knees, determined to continue deep-throating Tae-wan, Song-ju moved her head back and forth with long strokes.

She took the cock like a champion, which made Tae-wan grin.

Song-ju moved her head back and forth at an quicker rate, as if Tae-wan had a gun aimed at her head.

The bitch’s sucking, her movements made Tae-wan’s teeth chatter as an orgasm shook through him.

“You… fucking…” Tae-wan said as he hurled cum into Song-ju’s mouth, letting it splash against her throat’s walls.

Song-ju fell back on her ass after pulling her mouth from the cock, swallowing the thick, cum load.

Her palms against the floor, saliva dripped off her chin an obscene display that would’ve left her father crying in grief if he seen it.

Mr. Chon, your daughter will make a wonderful whore.

His shoes removed, Tae-wan stroked himself quick, aware he won’t be finished until he hurled his cum into the pussy jackpot.

Song-ju stared, as if she was a slave waiting for instructions.


What made it more perfect was the fact it wouldn’t be Tae-wan’s sister pissing out his cum.

“Stand up. Hurry!” Tae-wan said as the classroom door remained unlocked, while Song-ju remained in view of some windows looking into the hall.

Song-ju stood.

Tae-wan stepped to the spot in front of her, squeezed her arms before turning her.

Song-ju’s back turned, Tae-wan said, “See my desk next to the window? I’m going to fuck you over it.”

Heat coursing deneme bonusu veren siteler through him with an intense viciousness, Tae-wan’s excited hands moved to Song-ju’s panties the boy couldn’t see, took them off while the girl’s shoes remained on.

Tae-wan tossed the wet panties.

He rubbed his arousal-soaked fingers together before slamming his right hand against Song-ju, making the bitch flinch.

“Please, hurry up and fuck me.” Song-ju said before Tae-wan lifted the back of her pleated, school skirt.

Song-ju’s arousal dripped onto the floor.

“You really are a nasty whore. Okay.” Tae-wan said.

Tae-wan grabbed his cock, stroked it twice, slipped it into Song-ju’s dripping wet pussy without much effort.

“Wow. You’re wet.” Tae-wan said, his bitch’s wetness hugging his cock.

Between pants, Song-ju said, “Yeah. And make me cum, baby.”

Tae-wan slammed his left hand against Song-ju’s left hip, the wetness from Tae-wan’s fingers meeting soft skin.

With a slow movement, Tae-wan moved his cock out Song-ju.

He gave a hard thrust.

Song-ju jerked forward after Tae-wan’s hips slapped her ass.

“You’re so HUGE!” Song-ju said with glee.

Tae-wan cherished the warm wetness hugging what he had inside the bitch in front of him. He gripped her arms as he pounded in and out her with no mercy.

The room filled with a heavy scent as the pair fucked.

Tae-wan brought his gaze to his desk near the window.

He took a step forward, causing Song-ju to walk forward, too. Tae-wan yanked on her long hair while saying, “To the desk, my bitch.”

“Anything-” Song-ju said before her pussy squirted a bit. “-for you.”

Still banging each other, Tae-wan and Song-ju took steps towards Tae-wan’s desk, letting more students and staff have the power to look at them through the windows attached to the hall outside the classroom.

But what mattered was the cock ramming into and out the Song-ju.

“Good girl.” Tae-wan said when Song-ju reached the spot near the domineering boy’s desk.

It was more fun than being forced to have sex with your sister.

Tae-wan, stopped thrusting. His cock inside Song-ju, the boy said, “Okay. Move my desk into the aisle. Let’s give them a good show.”

Tae-wan turned his head to a window attached to the hall.

A boy stared past the window, his hand covering his mouth as he made eye contact with Tae-wan.

Tae-wan winked.

When Song-ju brought Tae-wan’s desk into the space between his row and the neighboring one, the boy pressed against Song-ju’s back, let her clothed breasts mash against the desk’s wooden surface as Tae-wan bent her over.

After gripping Song-ju’s hips, Tae-wan twerked his own hips back and forth. He let the girl continue experiencing the cock that left his own sister addicted.

“KEEP FUCKING ME, PLEASE!” Song-ju screamed when Tae-wan increased his speed.

Each time Tae-wan’s hips collided with her ass, Song-ju squirted a bit more arousal-induced wetness from her pussy.

Tae-wan forced his bitch’s slim arms around her back.

Tae-wan savored each moment when he met Song-ju’s warm ass again.

“Fuck.” Tae-wan said as pressure built inside his addicting cock. “TAKE MY CUM!”

“OKAY, BABY!” Song-ju screamed the moment before Tae-wan’s cock erupted inside her.

Heated cum launching inside Song-ju, coating her warm walls, filling that jackpot pussy, Tae-wan laughed with glee before Song-ju squirted.

Her pussy juice sprayed onto Tae-wan, splashed against his legs while the bent over bitch screamed.

Taking heavy breaths, Tae-wan helped Song-ju stand straight after pulling out.

He turned her around, gave her a sweet kiss that made him forget the fact he was a sister-fucker.

The boy near the window gave a thumbs-up.

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Bi-Virgin No More

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I finally lost my bi-virginity to a very sexy married couple I met online. It was quite an experience. I was a little nervous about meeting with them – this was my first bi encounter. I went to their house out in the country. We talked for a while and drank some beer and wine, then the wife sat next to me on the couch and started kissing me while the husband watched. I slipped my hand into her shirt to feel her breasts. She had no bra on and nice tits.

We were kissing pretty heavily and she started rubbing my crotch, feeling my hard cock through my jeans. After a few minutes she suggested, or rather ordered, a move to the bedroom. I followed her with the husband walking behind me. In the bedroom, she ordered me to strip. I fumbled at my clothes and finally got them off – I was so nervous I was almost shaking. She pulled me to the bed and told me to lie on my back, which I did. She then tied my hands to the bedposts. She had removed most of her clothes to reveal a pair of black leather güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri panties. I looked down to see that her husband had removed his clothes also. I have never really seen a naked man close up before. He was a little shorter than me , well-built, in his mid 20’s, dark blond hair. His cock was almost fully erect (I think) maybe about a half-inch bigger than mine and about the same width.

The wife, Cynthia, climbed over my face and started rubbing her leather-clad pussy on me. I could smell the sweet aroma of her cunt but couldn’t get to it. It was exquisite torture. As she was doing this and taunting me, I felt a hand grab my cock and start to stroke up and down. The husband, Jerry, soon got my cock to full attention. As she climbed off me to reposition, I caught a brief glimpse of Jerry stroking my cock – he was kneeling between my legs and I could see his growing cock between his legs. I felt his lips kiss the head and then slide down the shaft. Just güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri as he did that, Cynthia shoved one of her nipples into my mouth – which I sucked eagerly. Meanwhile, as I sucked her tit, Cynthia had removed her panties. Soon she climbed back on top of me and ground her pussy into my face. I lapped at it, finding her clit and listening to her moans of pleasure. She told me I was a good slave for licking her cunt so good. My cock was rock hard as Jerry was sucking it and deep throating me – just the thought of another man sucking my cock got me so turned on. I focused on Cynthia’s cunt to keep myself from cumming too soon.

After Cynthia finally came on my face, they switched positions – Cynthia sucking my cock and Jerry moving up to my face to give me my first taste of cock! I wish my hands were free so I could stroke it as I sucked on it but he straddled my chest and leaned forward to bring his cock to my mouth. My lips opened and I licked güvenilir bahis şirketleri the head tasting his pre-cum as he slid it past my lips. It was softer than I imagined and yet hard at the same time. He slid it deeper into my mouth and I curled my lips around to try to keep my teeth from biting it. It felt wonderful in my mouth – better than I could imagine. He started stroking in and out faster; I could feel his balls slapping my chin as he fucked my mouth. I wanted him to cum, I was moaning, I was close to cumming also as Cynthia was sucking my cock. Normally, I could last much longer but this new experience was driving me over the edge. I wanted him to cum first so I licked the head of his cock as he withdrew it and drove it back into my mouth. Suddenly, he pulled out and started stroking it right in front on my face. He was going to cum! I opened my mouth for my first taste of semen. I wanted to watch it erupted but I was afraid of getting in my eyes so I kind of squinted at it. About 10 -15 strokes later, he shot his load on me. It struck my forehead and cheek first then the next shot landed right in my open mouth. I savored the taste of it for a minute before swallowing it. His orgasm triggered mine and I felt Cynthia’s mouth on my cock as she swallowed my cum…

(To be continued)

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During Class

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Back row of science class in high school, two seniors (both just turned 18) were looking as innocent as possible sitting next to each other. Fortunately their teacher was the very blind and rather scattered Mrs. Newmark. Also, fortunately, the desks were large black two-seaters that pretty much obscured everything that anyone could do. Right now the large desk, and Patricia’s oversized sweatshirt, was obscuring the fact that Steve was feeling her up. The class was rather small so there was no one in the back row with them since there were only three desks in each row and Chad and Amanda were skipping. So no one at all knew what they were up to.

Steve squeezed her breasts, loving the fact that they were doing this while class was going on and no one even knew… yeah there were definite perks to being a senior in Mrs. Newark’s class and having one hell of a kinky girlfriend.

“So is it in there?” he whispered in her ear, his breath and lips tickling her.

Turning her head slightly towards him she whispered back, “Why don’t you reach down there and see…”

Slouching so that her hips were forwards towards the edge of the seat, Patricia smiled wickedly as Steve’s hand slid up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties and he caressed her upper thighs before reaching into her bare pussy; smiling as his fingers came into contact with the rubber. Quietly he scooted his chair closer to hers to make it easier to play with her body.

Reaching over, she slid her hand down his loose jeans, grabbing hold of his rock hard dick as he began to slide the toy out of her pussy before pushing it back canlı bahis in. Her pussy was already very juicy and wet, he could feel its slickness every time his fingers brushed against her swollen lips. They loved to play during class, knowing that if they got caught they’d be in soooo much trouble… it just turned them on even more.

Both of them looked straight forward, all of their movements hidden under the large black table as the teacher droned on and on. Under the table though, Patricia’s hand was gliding up and down Steve’s dick, caressing and twisting. For a few moments it slid down the base and she began cupping and squeezing on his balls, making him bite his lip as he tried not to moan. Using one finger, she pushed back to the sensitive spot just under his balls and in front of his anus, rubbing it firmly. Out of the corner of her eye she could see his dick jerk.

For his part, Steve was getting more and more turned on by Patricia’s experienced hand; he began twisting the toy inside her, back and forth as he sawed it in and out of her pussy. He longed to be able to plunge his own dick inside her, or at least watch as her pink dildo moved in and out of her tight hole. Rubbing one of his fingers in her slick folds, still playing with the dildo, he pushed his lubricated finger against her asshole and began to press in.

Patricia’s hand moved back to his dick as he pressed his finger into her tight ass, her body clamping down around the invaders. Squeezing his swollen shaft tightly, her fingers rubbed up against the soft head of his dick, teasing the sensitive top.

As the bahis siteleri teacher assigned a reading and sat down at her desk to grade papers, Patricia and Steve scooted closer together, their heads bending as if they were sharing a book. Really though, they were just indulging even more, taking the opportunity to use both of their hands on each other. His slid up her shirt, playing with her tits and tugging on her nipples, while she now had one hand on his dick and one on his balls; squeezing and rubbing. After a few moments he moved both his hands down to her crotch; inserting a second finger into her tight ass and using his other hand to move the dildo more firmly in and out of her heated pussy.

Filled up and horny, Patricia closed her eyes and squeezed down on his questing fingers in her ass, grinding her pussy against the invading dildo and the palm of his hand against her clit. Biting her lip, she squeezed his dick hard and managed to remain quiet as she came; shaking a little but mostly just breathing more heavily than usual. A couple people glanced back, but only saw her and Steve leaning over their book… perhaps one or two of them guessed that something might be going on, but it wasn’t like they were going to say anything.

She sighed with pleasure as her orgasm wound down and his fingers withdrew from her ass. Taking the dildo from her pussy, Steve began to work the bigger thing into her ass, watching her expression change to pleasured discomfort as her tight ass opened up for the toy. He pumped it in and out of her back door a few times as his own dick throbbed, wishing it was inside bahis şirketleri one of those holes. But her hand was almost as good, it moved up and down rapidly while her other hand squeezed his aching balls. Gripping him hard from the sensitive head all the way to his base, she pressed her hand in on his groin.

“I’m going to cum…” he whispered in her ear, shoving the toy deeper into her ass.

Glancing up to where the teacher had her head bent close to the paper she was grading, Patricia swiftly leaned down and took him into her mouth, sucking him down as far as she could go. Steve jerked a little, shoving the toy completely into her tight hole and making her moan with the slight burning pain; her muffled moan vibrated along his ready dick and his hands pressed down on her head as he came. Her hand continued to work his balls over as her tongue lashed against his dick, doing for him what her other hand had been. Spurt after spurt erupted into her mouth, her hand tugging on his balls and milking him dry.

Not very long afterwards, Patricia was sitting back up, her mouth filled with the bittersweet taste of Steve’s cum. Although he was satisfied for the moment, he continued to toy with the dildo in her ass… working it in and out of the tight hole. Patricia squirmed as he moved the toy inside her, her ass was still burning a little from the earlier deep thrust.

Later, after class, they would hurry to the bathroom where he’d pound her pussy up against the stall, fucking her had while his hand thrust the toy in and out of her ass. Nothing turned them on more than playing with each other during science class.

As his dick softened inside her pussy, the cool stall against her back while he continued to twist the toy in her sore ass, he said, “Tomorrow let’s try a vibrator.”

Patricia’s eyes lit up.

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