20 Years of Foreplay Ch. 07

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I have never before or since experienced an hour and half that took so long to get over with. I could barely touch my cheeseburger at the Hard Rock, since my stomach had turned to royal gelatin. The anticipation of Jenna’s plan for later in the evening had all of my senses on high alert. I must have noticed every single attractive woman in the place (and there were plenty), wanting to undress and devour each one. By the time we paid the check and stepped outside to catch a cab, I was so horny that something as minor as my Cousin Denise’s hand on my shoulder almost caused me to cream my jeans.

Denise hadn’t changed out of her skirt, but she had put on some stretchy black pants underneath it, and now wore a tight pink t-shirt with some sort of rainbow design on the front. Her ample breasts pushed the shirt out to its limits, and out of sheer physical pain I finally had to stop looking at them.

Her best friend Jenna didn’t help matters with her outfit: a shiny blue dress that ended just beneath her marvelous ass cheeks and sported a front “U” that dipped almost to her navel, her small bra-less tits clearly outlined under thin strips of satin. Sleek white high heels completed the look. What really nailed me, though, were the stockings. She couldn’t have known that I had a thing for stockings and garters; heck, I barely knew it myself. The white, slightly opaque hose looked as though it didn’t go much further up than the hem of her dress, and if there was indeed a garter belt and, oh, say, a matching thong up there I was in serious trouble. The greatest sexual night of my life might well turn out to last 45 seconds.

Discussion during dinner was mostly between the girls, and I honestly couldn’t remember more than a few words of it if I tried. My mind was elsewhere: mainly underneath the table and underneath a couple of skirts. I do recall Jenna looking smolderingly at my cousin a few times, when Denise wasn’t paying attention, and then catching my eye. What exactly was going on under that mop of curly black hair?

I could only imagine, but I could imagine quite a bit. I knew she was attracted to Denise, and something told me Jenna might have even been with a woman before. So there we sat, both lusting after my cousin’s body, and neither in a position to just come out and say something.

But Jenna did have a plan. Had she told Denise yet? I made a point of getting up to go the bathroom at least a half dozen times, so as to give them plenty of time alone. As I made my way back to the table the final time, I was treated to a sight that made me want to find another excuse to go a few more times: Jenna had shifted in her chair to lean over and talk to my Cousin, and her blue dress had ridden up when she crossed her legs. There it was: a white garter, tracing a line from the top band of the lacy stockings, up her milky white thigh and disappearing into Eden. I wanted to see the rest of the scene so bad that I almost forgot that a few short hours earlier my head was buried between those thighs, licking her moist pussy on the toilet.

Now in the back seat of the cab, I somehow wound up in the “hump seat” between the two girls. Jenna was tucked up close on my right side, and Denise didn’t have much room on my left, so both girls’ legs were touching mine. I knew that Jenna noticed the bulge in my pants, but I still felt uneasy about Denise seeing it, so my hands were folded in my lap. Mixing with Jenna’s familiar scent was the sweet and fruity perfume my cousin wore, which seemed awfully familiar. Then I remembered that this was the same whiff I had gotten upon opening her panty drawer a year before.

One of Denise’s spectacular tits was brushing against my arm, and I looked over at Jenna, noting the sly, mischievous smile on her face, even though she kept staring at the road ahead. Undoubtedly she knew what I was thinking, though even she didn’t have a dirty enough mind to comprehend the entirety of it.

When we got out at The Excalibur, I made sure I followed Denise out her side. This allowed me a quick glimpse of her shapely ass in the jean skirt. I wondered if she was still wearing the pink panties from earlier in the day, or canlı bahis if her pussy was covered only by the black stretch pants. I couldn’t decide which was sexier, since they both sounded pretty good.

We parted ways at the hotel room doors once again, only this time Jenna came into my room with me. Denise gave us a slight smile and said, “Have fun, you kids,” but otherwise gave no indication that Jenna had talked to her about tonight at all.

“Oh, you know we will,” Jenna responded, closing the door and hooking the Do Not Disturb sign into place.

Before I could ask the burning question – what had she told my Cousin – Jenna had me up against the wall, her hands fumbling with my belt.

“I want you on the bed, without pants, mister. Right now!”

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered obediently, helping her get them off and losing my shoes. She was certainly wasting no time getting this going. I glanced quickly over at the adjoining door to Denise’s room and noticed that it was still open a crack from earlier.

“Now,” Jenna ordered, “get on the bed and lie on your back. And get those boxers OFF!”

I did as I was told, my cock springing free and standing at 90 degrees to the rest of me. Jenna slipped off her heels and tiptoed around the room, turning off lamps and producing two candles from her purse. After lighting them both and placing one on the bedside table, the other near the TV, she switched my little portable boombox on and found some R&B station. Not my favorite, but I wasn’t about to complain. Though the corners of the room were now in shadow, there was plenty of light to see what I needed to see. She came over to the bed and stood next to it with her back to me.

“Unzip me,” she ordered.

I reached over and lowered the zipper on the back of her dress, noticing that my hand was trembling. The curve of her bare back gave way to the top band of a thong, not white as I had imagined, but pink. She shimmied out of the dress and climbed onto the bed, putting one foot on either side of me and standing over me in all her glory. The stockings whispered softly when she moved her thighs, and the garters framed the pink triangle of her panties, which now betrayed a small wet spot at the apex.

“Now, Thom,” Jenna purred, “you are not allowed, under any circumstances, to touch me until I give you permission. Do you understand?”

I nodded.

“And if you’re a good boy, you’ll get your surprise. Don’t you want your surprise?”

I gulped and nodded again. Jenna began to sway in time to the music. As her hips swung from side to side, her hands ran up and down her torso, briefly covering her perky pink nipples, then sliding down her hips, occasionally fingering the garter or the band of her thong. Slowly, her movements were bringing her downward toward my pelvis, bending her knees until her crotch was within inches of my crimson cockhead.

Instinctively I reached to grab my shaft; to at least stroke some of the pre-cum out of it that was building up, but Jenna’s voice stopped me.

“Nuh uh, young man. You are not to touch yourself either – until I tell you to.”

Wow. Now that was going to be difficult. My cock was already straining, aching to be stroked.

She snaked back up to a standing position and stepped forward about a foot. The wet spot on her panties was now directly over my head. Dancing her way down again, she stopped with her panties inches from my nose.

“Sniff it, Thom. Sniff my wet pussy.”

I could see the outline of her fat clit under the fabric. The wet spot had definitely grown as well. I lifted my nose to her panties and inhaled the sweet aroma of her fully aroused pussy.

I must have moaned with delight.

“Smell good?” she asked.

“Oh my god, yes,” I muttered.

“Now take a lick,” she demanded.

I extended my tongue and touched it to the wet spot, lingering for a second to soak in some of her juices. I moaned again.

“Taste familiar?” she whispered.

“Yes,” I muttered again.

“It should,” she breathed. “It should taste like the pussy you ate out this afternoon…and, it should taste like your cousin’s sweet cunt, too.”

Then bahis siteleri it hit me.

She was wearing Denise’s panties. The same pair my cousin was wearing that afternoon when I had seen her lying on her bed. Damn, this was too much. I moved to get my mouth on those juices again but Jenna moved away.

“No, no, no…not until I say.”

She stood up and turned around, still standing over me, but facing away.

She looked down at my cock. “And how is the rest of you doing with all this excitement, hmmm?”

I was ready to beg her to let me touch it.

“It looks like the taste of two pussies has gotten little Thom aroused,” Jenna mused. “You may now touch my legs, and only my legs.”

My hands moved to her stocking-covered feet, then slid upwards over her smooth calves. She bent down slightly, allowing my hands to roam inside her thighs and over the garter straps. I wanted to get to her crotch but I knew she wouldn’t allow me to go that far yet.

“That’s enough.” She stood back up, and with her ass directly above me, began tracking small circles around my cock with her toes, eventually touching my ball sack lightly and then rubbing her foot up one side of my shaft and down the other. That small bit of friction sent lightning bolts through me, and though it was the absolute last thing I wanted to do, I knew I was going to cum.

Looking up at my cousin’s panties wedged in the crack of Jenna’s ass and feeling her stocking feet on my cock was just too much to bear, and involuntary jets of white spunk began shooting out of my cock as waves of somewhat guilty pleasure rolled through me.

“No, no, no! You bad, bad boy!” Jenna scolded. “Did I tell you that you could cum yet?”

I just grunted, and she quickly dropped to her knees and straddled my stomach, her hand finally grasping my twitching dick and catching some of the milky fluid.

“Stay in there!” she yelled, trying to shove the cum back into my dick hole. “For shame, Thom,” she said, glancing back at me. “This won’t do at all. I’m not through with you yet. Sooooo….we’re just gonna have to get you ready again.”

I don’t think I had gotten ready again so fast in my life, and it wasn’t simply due to those twice-worn pink panties that were now offered up inches from my face. Jenna went to work on my sticky cock with her usual expert style, and if I ever did lose any of my erection it wasn’t much or for very long.

Figuring that all rules were off, I reached up and slipped a finger under the thong where it sloped down into the crack of her ass and slid it out and to the side, revealing that tantalizing clean asshole I’d been envisioning.

“No hands yet, mister,” Jenna gurgled, pulling her lips off of my cock just long enough to scold me. She did help me out by scooting her ass back so that she was practically sitting on my face. I didn’t need my hands for this. The thong was still pulled to the side, and I went straight for her puckered asshole with my tongue, rimming around the edge until everything softened up and I could get the tip of my tongue inside. I was totally unfamiliar with this orifice, and never thought I’d be putting my tongue on one, but damn if she didn’t taste amazing. The subtle hint of my Cousin’s perfume on those panties made it very easy to feel as though I was tasting her ass as well.

As if on cue, I caught a movement out of my left eye, and realized that if I pushed back against the headboard a little, I could see into the mirror on the wall to my left. My luck was such that the part of room this revealed was the adjoining door and the desk chair next to it. As I watched, the door was pushed open and my Cousin Denise tiptoed into the room, saw the chair and sat down silently. She must have felt that since she couldn’t see my face, she was safe from me knowing she was there.

She was barefoot, wearing an over-sized white t-shirt and the black stretch pants from earlier. The jean skirt was gone, however. She had curled up in the desk chair with her knees bent and her feet resting on the seat. What struck me, however, was the look of amazement on her face. She was totally engrossed in the sight bahis şirketleri of Jenna working my cock over with her mouth. What an amazing turn-on it was to know that my gorgeous cousin was watching my bare cock in its most glorious state! It was hard to tell if she was amazed by the girth of my shaft or the act itself.

I was having a hard time deciding if I should look at Denise or bury my nose in Jenna’s ass, so I settled for a little of both. I wormed my tongue down to where the panties still covered her pussy and slid it under the soft fabric, finding her folds to be sopping wet. I briefly wondered if Denise knew these were her panties I was devouring. Probably not. I also didn’t know if the two girls were making eye contact at all, which I felt was information that I really needed.

I was lasting longer this time, most likely due to sheer lack of sensitivity after all the friction that was going on deep in Jenna’s mouth. After a while I looked over at the mirror again, only to see that Denise’s hands had disappeared between her thighs. Was she actually going to do it, right here?

Her tongue was peeking out of one side of her mouth and twitching, as though mimicking Jenna’s movements on my cock. She was learning how to give a blow job, all right, and it was turning her on. And this new boyfriend of hers was the one who was going to benefit the most.

I looked on as she lowered her bare feet to the floor and slowly spread her ankles apart. Not too far, but far enough so that her thighs parted about six inches. This allowed her to get a hand down between her legs, and she started rubbing the outside of the stretch pants in earnest.

Absolutely too good to be true; my cousin stroking herself while watching me get sucked off! I was in heaven. After a few seconds, her hand slid under the waistband of the stretch pants, and I knew she was directly stroking her clit. I wondered again whether there were panties under there, getting wet and getting in the way.

Jenna’s voice interrupted me. “Keep licking that pussy, mister. Don’t stop.”

I tore my eyes from my cousin and went back to work on Jenna’s swollen lips. She was moaning with pleasure and grinding her pussy down onto my mouth. The final glance I risked into the mirror found Denise opening and closing her brown eyes slowly, and I caught a slight shudder as she made herself cum, looking at my engorged cock in her friend’s expert care. Removing her hand from her pants, she raised her legs back up and curled up in the chair once again.

“You’ve been a good boy, Thom. For the most part. Are you ready for your reward?” Jenna purred, still stroking my shaft with her right hand.

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered. She raised her torso up and scooted forward, positioning herself directly above my swollen member.

“Get ready,” Jenna whispered.

‘Wow. I’m actually going to have sex,’ I thought, and that was all I had time to think before she slid her panties fully aside and lowered her pussy onto my pole, engulfing my cock in the most wonderful envelope I could have imagined. I forgot all about my cousin as my eyes rolled back into my head out of pure ecstasy. It was like sliding into a warm, tight glove, and when I opened my eyes and saw Jenna’s toned back, the soft silk of the garter belt, her white stocking-encased legs to either side of me, and her meaty ass bouncing on my cock, I couldn’t help shooting a second, almost painful load right inside her.

As the greedy jets spasmed out of my cock deep into her cunt, I looked over at the chair and saw that Denise was now gone. I was sort of glad she hadn’t been around to see how short my first time ended up being. I preferred to have her thinking I was in here plowing Denise for hours on end, actually.

Jenna climbed off of me at last and my ruined cock slumped to the side. That would be it for a while.

Well, about two hours, to be exact.

That was how long Jenna slept beside me, still wearing the thong and the stockings, before she got horny again and climbed back on top of me, facing me this time, and rode me gently until she came, her breath coming in short bursts. I didn’t cum a third time, but it didn’t matter. I was really beginning to like this sex thing, and I had just gotten one step closer to experiencing it with the only girl I really wanted, and was still sure I could never have.

To Be Continued…

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